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there's no innuendos, it's exactly what you think.

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In Kara's defense, she was really horny, even before Lena joined in.


She was just in the middle of getting herself off when the call for Supergirl came in. They have a sudden half-hour window to break into the bad guy's lair and gain intel — yada yada yada, Kara doesn't really care about the details. She just wants to be in and out, so she can get back to what she was doing before she was so rudely interrupted.


(Look, she was stuck in the Phantom Zone for a long time. There isn't really any time for masturbation between hiding from the Phantoms and trying to figure out a way to escape. She has needs, and it's been a while since she's taken care of them.)


It starts with a simple joke.


It's one of Lena's first missions with the Superfriends. With her position at LuthorCorp dissolved, she's been brought onto the team full-time. Her primary role is experimenting on new weapons and technology to help them on their missions.


And, well, running tech support.


She is the natural choice, with Alex being Sentinel and Kelly becoming Guardian. While Lena is perfectly capable of taking care of herself, she still does best in the Tower, bossing the team around and letting her intellect run the mission.


And, well, she just couldn't help but make a joke about putting the comms on. Kara knows this, logically.


"This is Lena, here to assist you in all your needs," a very sultry voice speaks out. It takes Kara by surprise for a moment. She knows it's meant to be innocent. Lena can't possibly know the predicament she's in, how her sugary voice makes the pulsing of her center only get more intense.


"Hello?" Lena's comes back. "Are you there, Supergirl?"


"Er, yes," Kara replies, stuttering a little in her stupor. "I'm here."


"So, what were you doing when you got the mission call?" Lena asks.


Kara blinks as she tries not to think about the vibrator at her bedside. She feels guilty, for some reason. It's ridiculous, because she's a young woman with healthy sexual needs, and it's not like she planned on Lena doing a sexy voice over the comms literally right after.


"Nothing much," Kara says, trying to keep her voice as light and casual as she can. "Just laying in bed."


Kara's blood runs a few degrees cooler as she dreads the next question; the inevitable inquiry on why she was in bed at 3pm in the afternoon.


("Yeah, I was in the middle of getting myself off with a brand new vibrator," she would have to answer. "I was so eager to try it out after the whole Phantom Zone debacle because my fingers just weren't doing the trick at the moment and then Brainy called me, leaving me miserable and horny.")


The question never comes.


"Sounds relaxing," Lena says calmly. "I was enjoying a nice afternoon myself."


Kara's knees grow a little weaker with every word she says. She doesn't think she's ever gotten off just from a voice, but she feels like she could combust at any moment. Every bit of this feels so wrong, but truly, Kara was probably only a few seconds from coming when the bad guy decided to ruin her life and leave his lair unattended.


Goddamn Supergirl responsibilities. It's the bane of her existence at this moment.


"I've managed to pull up your cameras," Lena announces. "Now, let's see if we can bring that computer back to life."


Kara stops, realizing there's a computer in front of her. She barely even recalls getting here, but her mission-mind is on autodrive. Thankfully. Or else nothing would get done, probably.


"Do you need to me to — "


" — Looks like it's off," Lena interrupts. "We're going to need to boot it up."


It's a very innocent and seemingly unsexy sentence, but something within Kara quivers anyway. She bites her bottom lip as she tries to hold in a gasp or a moan or whatever else her treacherous mouth is begging to let out.


Kara tries very, very hard not to think about earlier, when she was sprawled out on the bed, her hand pressed against — 


"Why don't you go ahead and press the button lightly?" Lena suggests.




Kara's brain stops.


"What?" she squeaks out.


"Just lightly tap on the button," Lena repeats. "A few taps should be enough to get it to turn on."


Oh, Kara suddenly doesn't think that getting turned on is much of an issue anymore. That's covered, no doubt about it.




"Yes," Lena replies. "The power button."


Oh, wait. The computer.


Lena's talking about the computer.


Kara clears her throat a little, trying to break herself back into reality. She taps on the computer lightly, stroking it like she was stroking her own just earlier — 


Right, right, back to reality.


She presses the power button lightly, just enough for it to click.


Nothing happens.


"It didn't turn on," Kara says, trying to keep her voice steady. It still comes out a little too high-pitched for her taste.


Lena tsks. It sends delicious goosebumps up Kara's spine. "Well," she drawls. "That's a shame. Now, try to press a little harder. Maybe tap a few times."


Kara lets out a small, short hum as she imagines things she really shouldn't be imagining while on the comms during a mission. Nonetheless, she tries the things that Lena suggests. She presses a little. Taps. Runs her fingers along and around.


The computer still doesn't turn on.


"Harder," Lena says eagerly. "Just a little harder." Kara's breath gets a little ragged, but she presses the button...


The computer lights up!


"Wonderful work, Supergirl," Lena drawls, and the words go straight to Kara's clit. She's imagined Lena saying something along those lines, in that tone, for years. She can't help but be affected, and the reality of it sounds even better to her ears.


"Rao," Kara exhales.


"What's that?"


Kara bites her lip again. It's going to go raw at this rate of abuse. "Er, nothing. Just... What's next?"


"I need you to give it to me," Lena says next and — oh my Rao, does this girl know what she's even saying? She couldn't sound dirtier even if she tried. "Just stick the device in the hole."


Kara holds out the USB shakily, struggling to put it in. It takes a few tries.


"Having trouble there, Supergirl?" Lena asks, almost sounding smug. Kara just wishes she could be there in person so she can wipe that smirk off her face (because she just knows Lena is definitely smirking at her current inability to plug in a USB).


Kara finally manages to get the USB in. It's normal. No one gets a USB in on the first try — except Lena, because she's perfect. It's like they're designed to infuriate people. It's normal. It's not because Kara is shaking and her underwear is soaked. It's completely normal to have trouble with the USB.


"I'm doing just fine, thank you very much," Kara replies with determination.


"You're very welcome."


Goodness gracious!


The blood in Kara's veins sings at Lena's self-assured cockiness. She finds it super hot on a normal day, and that feeling is magnified by ten-thousand suns when she's already hot and bothered. This is not good. Whoever decided that Lena should be running tech support is now her biggest enemy and she will never forgive them.


"Now, where were we?" Lena all but purrs. "Oh, right. The faster you come, the better."


Kara yelps. How could she not? Lena just said — 


"There's some really important information in there," she continues. "The faster you get it onto the USB and come back, the fast we can get the info to take this guy down."


Right. Right. Of course, that's what she meant.


"Faster," Lena almost whispers. The noise tickles Kara's ears and her eyes roll back a little at how it makes her skin dance. "Faster."


"I'm not sure I can go any faster," Kara chokes out. It's so hard to not imagine that their situation is different and Lena is saying these things in an entirely different context. In a bedroom, for example. Or on a couch. Or the kitchen counter. She's not picky.


"Not even for me?"


Kara can picture her pouting face. "I don't know," she manages to get out. "You're the tech genius. If you have any tips..."


"I have plenty of tips," Lena teases, — Oh my Rao, that was definitely teasing, there's no hiding it, Kara's going to die — "but none of them are relevant to this particular situation."


Kara whimpers.


It slips out of her mouth before she can control it.


"What was that, Supergirl?"


"Nothing," Kara answers a little too quickly. This is so bad; she's in the middle of a super important mission, on comms with her best friend, who is just having an innocent conversation, unaware of how close to the edge Kara actually is. With nothing to do as this stupid USB is stuck collecting data, it's excruciatingly at the forefront of her mind.


"If you say so," Lena quips back. "Now, are you sure you can't go any faster?"


"No," Kara grinds out.


"Oh, if only I could come," Lena says, her voice like honey. "If I came, you'd be so much more satisfied with my performance."


Goodness, this has to be on purpose. The voice is just too much. Kara's eyes harshly shut as she tries to focus on something else. Dead puppies. That time she got fired. William. Literally every unsexy thing in the world that can hopefully get the pulsing between her legs to cease so she can carry on this mission in peace.


Nothing works.


"Lena, I can promise that your performance is just fine," Kara says slowly. She understands how it only adds fuel to the fire, but that's a fire that's only on her side. She's safe.


"I'm only here to please you," Lena responds eagerly. "As long as you'll let me."


("Oh, I'd let you all night long," Kara desperately wants to respond.)


"Oh! Oh!" Lena cries out in a way that reminds Kara too much of a delicious cry of pleasure. "That's it!"


Kara literally brings up her hand so she can bite down on her knuckle. She can't wait to get home, knowing how Lena Luthor sounds when she says that.


"Supergirl!" she moans out again! "You're so close!"


Yes, I really am, she thinks as she groans against her knuckle. If only she could carefully sneak a hand down to press against her clit, she'd be flying high soon enough. But, while on recorded cams, that's too risky, this is all too risky, and she moves to grip the table as her legs are about to give out and — 




The way her suit rubs against her is wonderful. She's never really noticed it before, but the way the skin-tight material is rough and pressed against her crotch is exactly what she needs. She's never been more grateful to the switch to pants; a skirt would've never provided this kind of relief. She wiggles her legs a little, letting the friction do the work as she grips on the table with one hand, biting down on her knuckles to keep her from crying out with the other.


She's so close. She's never been so affected by just a voice — a voice that's unintentionally dirty talking at that — but it's been enough to drag her to the edge. She can feel the heat in her belly build and build. She's so close to bursting, to feeling the euphoria of that old-familiar white-hot burning feeling that hasn't consumed her body since she first got sent to the Phantom Zone.


"You're so close!" Lena encourages, as Kara gasps out, her hand flying out of her mouth because she can't breathe and she uses both hands to grip the table like her life depends on it. The wood shifts under her strength and in the back of her mind, she's terrified it might give out, but she can't be bothered to think about that too much right now.


"Release!" Lena cries out suddenly. "You're there! Just release and come!"


"Yes!" Kara screams out, creating two distinct hand-shaped patterns into the table.


"Now, Supergirl!"


Kara's so close. She lets out a breathy moan, unable to hold it in anymore. Just a little further, just one more word from Lena — 


"Will you two stop already?" Alex's voice pitches in and it's like a dose of cold water over her. "Everyone can hear you."


The heat that was just beginning to blossom from her core throughout her body suddenly shrinks and retreats back to her lower belly as her eyes fly open, reality setting in with a sinking feeling. Kara suddenly feels a very different kind of heat, one that lights her face bright red with embarrassment. Her eyes are face-to-face with the blinking screen, showing that the data transfer is finished.


Lena had been talking about the data transfer, she has to remind herself. She was only seconds away from having the orgasm of her life during an innocent conversation where the other party was absolutely clueless of what she was doing, while her sister, her boss, and her closest friends were all listening.


If the universe suddenly decided to open a portal that sucked her back into the dark and cold void of the Phantom Zone, she'd welcome it with open arms at this moment.


"Stop what?" Lena asks all-too-innocently.


"You know exactly what I'm talking about," Alex snaps. "Whatever your intentions, I'll remind you we're on an important mission."


Kara can only imagine Lena's doe eyes as she says, "I assure you, I have no intentions."


It's in that moment that Kara knows, with startling clarity, that she knows exactly what she's been doing. Everything Lena's said in the past ten minutes has been careful and deliberate.


"They're awfully enthusiastic about this data," Brainy pitches in.


"That's not what they were enthusiastic about," Alex mutters.


"I told you we should've turned the comms off and let them figure it out," J'onn's voice echoes in the background.


Kara almost feels mortified.


Her horniness still is all-consuming.


(In her defense, she was literally seconds away from an orgasm. She's allowed to be mildly upset.)


When they're all back in the Tower after the mission, the blood in Kara's veins is a little cooler. The heat has dissipated, for the most part, but the want is still simmering beneath the surface. She's a bit more level headed, which makes her have half the mind to turn a little red every time she looks at her sister.


Who heard the entire thing.


Everyone in this room heard Lena teasing Kara not-so-subtly. And Kara completely getting lost in it.


Luckily, no one mentions the ordeal. Lena doesn't even make another innuendo, though she does send her a little wink that makes her knees go weak when the meeting disbands.


Kara spends what feels like an eternity going over what she's going to say to Lena. She debates denying that she was affected, and was, in fact, very enthusiastic about the data they were collecting. So enthusiastic that she almost turned a desk to dust in her excitement.


Even in her head, that lie sounds unbelievably fake. Yet, she can't quite bring herself to say the entire truth.


("Lena, your voice is the hottest thing in the universe," she'd say if she was brave. "So, yes, hearing you egging me on over the comms like that was enough to get me off."


Then, ideally, this confession would be followed with Lena replying, "Well, let's head back to your place so you can find out how hot I am in the flesh."


So what if dream-Lena is quoting a bad lesbian porno? Kara can see real Lena saying it, so it's justified!)


She settles for the middle ground.


"That was not cool," Kara mumbles when she and Lena are left alone in the Tower as the team busies themselves with their own work. "You messed with me when I was vulnerable."


Lena's smile is devilish. "I'm sure you were." Kara sends her a deathly glare. "Consider this an apology."


She holds up three small little earbuds, not unlike the ones they use for comms. Her smirk says she really isn't sorry, and Kara isn't sure if this is more teasing or some kind of joke. "What is it?"


"What does it look like they are?" Lena asks, raising her eyebrows a little, the smirk still gracing her lips. "They're comms. They go in your ears."


Lena's hands come up to her face and delicately, with precision, Lena places a comm in one ear, and then the other. Kara is frozen as her fingers trail along her skin — the sides of her face, the lobes and the sensitive tips of her ears, then an index finger dragging softly across her cheek.


"Like that," Lena whispers, next to her ear. They're close. So close. If Kara leans in just a little...


But it's short-lived, because Lena steps away, ripping all contact between their bodies. Kara mourns it.


Lena's still holding the third earbud.


"What's that?" Kara asks breathily, heartbeat racing out of control.


Lena tenderly places it within Kara's hand. "Consider it a surprise," she answers vaguely. "You'll know what it's for when the time comes."


Something about the way she says it that makes Kara nod shakily, clutching the mystery earbud-looking item in her hand.


"Now, turn these on in an hour," Lena demands as she taps on Kara's ear lightly.


Kara blinks. "An hour? But the mission is over, I'll be at home — "


"Exactly," Lena replies. "Fun little fact about these comms: We're the only two on them. Purely recreational."


Kara's mouth drops open as the breath leaves her lungs. Kara's going to combust. She's sure of it. Any moment now, she's going to wake up wet and wanting because there's no way that this is real — 


"Now, be a good girl, Supergirl," Lena whispers huskily, leaning in a little. "Go get yourself comfortable. I'll be ready on the hour, I expect you to be as well."


Kara's never flown home faster.

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The excitement bubbles under Kara's skin as she awaits the end of the hour.


It might have been the longest hour of her life. The anticipation is killing her — along with the doubt and anxiety and soul-crushing fear that maybe she's somehow epically misread the entire situation. That she and Lena aren't about to cross that fine line between friendship and...something more.


Kara really hopes she didn't misread the whole thing. Desperately. The aching between her legs needs release and if nothing happens when the time hits, Kara might turn into a murderer.


(It was incredibly difficult not to put her toy to use the moment she got home. She was dying inside. She's never felt so unfulfilled, as if an outside force is dragging her in all directions like she's a rubber band but refusing to snap.


It took almost all of her willpower to not even sneak her hands down. It probably would only take a few strokes with some dedicated thoughts about the earlier incident — Rao, Lena's voice in her ear — for her to come undone. But she resists the temptation.


Kara suspects whatever Lena may have planned will be well worth the wait. Letting that rubber band snap in those moments with her instead of by her own hand would make it that much better.)


So, the hour moves slowly. Her getting home took far less than a minute, so there wasn't any commute time to waste the hour. She took a shower — a very cold one — and took the time to wash her skin thoroughly from the mission soot. She paced around the apartment a bit. Ate some cookies. The usual.


(Kara doesn't know what to expect, exactly. She's pretty sure that Lena intends to use the comms, but she put on a cute outfit and nice lacy underwear just in case.)


She did inspect the third earpiece-looking device for a while. Up close, it looked a lot less like an earpiece, but Kara still couldn't place her finger on what it was. Her current mind assumes some kind of mini vibrator — perhaps a Lena Luthor invention. There doesn't seem to be any way to turn it on, though.


Kara ends up turning the comms on five minutes early. It's not that she expects Lena to be there right away, but she just can't wait.


"You're early," Lena comments almost the second Kara turns the comms on. "I thought you might be."


Kara immediately feels her body turn alert at the voice. Whatever Lena did to her earlier in the day may as well have had a permanent effect. She has a feeling that if they keep this up, Lena's voice is just going to make her horny on the spot like some kind of Pavlovian response.


"I just didn't want to be late," Kara answers earnestly. Mainly because she really wants this to happen, and sooner rather than later, please.


"Such a good girl," Lena purrs and Kara feels a throb of warmth in her lower belly. "You could never break the rules, could you, Supergirl?"


"I break the rules!" Kara defends.


Lena laughs lightly. "Only when it's for the greater good."


"What was earlier, then?" she challenges. While almost getting off from Lena's meddling during a mission had been exhilarating, it wasn't exactly prime Supergirl behavior.


"That," Lena drawls incredibly slowly, her voice as sexy as can be, "was definitely for the greater good."


"How so?"


"Well, Supergirl needs to be able to focus on important missions," Lena explains, as if she's talking about some kind of business plan. Like this is all perfectly logical. "It's hard to pay attention to anything when you're feeling so needy. What if there was a life to save? I was doing a public service by trying to get you off during some boring data transfer."


Another throb. Kara groans lightly.


The memory of it is one thing. Lena directly addressing and admitting to it is another.


"That's sound logic," she breathes it.


"I thought so."


"I do have one question," Kara says innocently. At the sound of silence, she continues, "What did you mean by 'release'?"


"That was the part that almost did you in?" Lena asks, amused. Kara doesn't dignify that with a response. "Release the USB and come back to the Tower."


"No one says 'release' the USB; it's 'eject'," Kara retorts.


"You don't eject with a climax," Lena replies. Then, after a thoughtful moment, she amends, "Or maybe you do. Do you?"


Kara fumbles her words. "I don't, generally."




"How did you know?" Kara asks next. She doesn't have to clarify what exactly she's talking about. Lena understands immediately.


"You were flushed when you came in. Vitals were showing an increased heartbeat, which spiked when I spoke. And the bed comment? A little on the nose, Kara."


"So, your first thought was to make it worse?"


"My first thought was to make you come," Lena corrects. "And I was very nearly successful. You would've, if you had been quiet. We would've gotten away with it."


Kara lets out a quick huff and groans at the statement.


"So, as a punishment, you're going to be silent now," Lena orders. "No moans, cries, or even heavy breathing."


Oh, so they're playing games? Kara can do that.


"Only if you hold nothing back," Kara fires back before she can think about it. She doesn't regret the demand, though. She knows hearing Lena come undone would be the sexiest thing she will ever hear.


"Deal," Lena responds. And then she lets out a slow, low moan.


"Rao," Kara gasps at the sound, feeling her clit jump.


"Now, now, what did I say?" Lena taunts. "If I hear any more sounds other than answers to my questions, I'll stop."


"Lena," Kara warns, "I've been stopped twice today. If you keep me away from coming one more time — "


"I have every intention of giving you all the tools you need to have a wonderful, fulfilling time," Lena assures. "Speaking of... Have that little device?"


"I do," Kara answers, holding up the small earpiece-looking device. "Let me guess... An especially small bullet vibrator?"


"Of sorts," Lena answers vaguely. There's a moment where she instructs Kara on how to place it, and then they're situated and ready to go. "It keeps track of your vitals down there," she explains. "All hot and bothered already, aren't you?"


Kara gulps. "It's been a long day."


"Well, good thing I'm here to assist you now," Lena responds, voice silky and a preview of the things to come.


Yeah. Good thing.


Kara bites her lip. "Oh, you liked that," Lena notices. "You didn't even make a sound. Good girl."


There's something about Lena calling her 'good girl' that does something unexpected each and every time. There's something about pet names that generally turns Kara off, but that coming from Lena's mouth...


"You know, I've always pegged you to be a bottom," Kara admits slowly.


"And I always thought you'd be the one pegging me," Lena retorts. The image flashes in Kara's head and she feels more wetness coat her fingers as she places the device. Lena's thought about this before.


"You can't just say things like that," Kara whines, trying really hard not to make it sound like a pleasurable whine. It's a complaining whine, for sure.


Lena chuckles. "That's the whole point. It wouldn't be such a fun game if I didn't tease you a little."


"I thought we would be going with innuendos, not — "


"Innuendos aren't needed in a private line. I can talk about how much I want you to peg me without hiding it."


Kara bites down on the flesh of her inner mouth to avoid making a sound at that. "Maybe later," she responds steadily. "I'm a bit busy right now."


"Are you now?"


"Y — "


Suddenly, there's a click and her entire body begins vibrating.


Kara can't think. It's the most delicious feeling she's ever felt. Whatever Lena's experimental vibrator is, it's doing things to her she didn't think possible. The vibrations are intense against her clit that it's almost far too much and she's rising and holy mother of all things living


The rubber band snaps.


She comes harder than she can ever remember. Her hips shoot off the bed and the trembling begins in her thighs, rippling through her body along with a burning heat that overcomes her. She has half a mind to throw a hand over her mouth, even though she's already been screaming and has already lost the game. It doesn't do much to muffle her cries as her body spasms at the intensity of her all-consuming orgasm, so she sticks a couple fingers in her mouth and sucks like her life depends on it. It works; the energy put into her moans is repurposed into biting down hard on her fingers.


Kara comes down from her high after what feels like an eternity, feeling glorious, yet ashamed at the same time. She's never come so fast in her life. All it took were a few strokes, Lena's voice, and, what? Ten seconds of the best vibrator she's ever experienced?


"Did you just come?" Lena asks joyfully. She knows she just did. Kara can picture the stupid smug smirk and raised eyebrow she's wearing as she says it, and resists the urge to groan.


She takes a second to regain her voice. Her entire body is still reeling from that. "It caught me by surprise!" she defends.


"It's okay," Lena assures, still sounding like she's grinning as wide as the Cheshire cat. "I'll allow it; this prototype is pretty unexpected. And I did start at the highest setting."


"Good," Kara exhales. "I'm gonna need a minute."


"That epic, huh?"


"I'm seeing stars," she answers. "I think it may have taken 'mind-blowing' to a whole new literal level."


"Feeling better now that you've come?" Lena asks.




"Good, maybe you'll be better at being quiet for the next round."


"So, we're continuing the game?"


"Of course," Lena responds. "We still have to practice for comms after that terrible failure, Supergirl."


"Are you seriously looking to perfect our phone sex for when we're on mission?" Kara asks incredulously.


"It's not like I have plans to ravish you with innuendos through a radio," Lena defends. "It's just best to be prepared."


Kara groans at the hypothetical of this happening in the future. That Lena has the power to make her go down on her knees just from some careful wording in her comms. She could be an unsuspecting victim at any time.


"That's your last allowed sound," Lena interrupts. "Ready to get back on mission, Supergirl?"


Kara doesn't think she'll ever be ready. She nods.


"If you're nodding, I can't see you," Lena points out. "Unfortunately."


"Oh! Yes."


"Good girl," she replies. Kara feels another surge of warmth that makes her toes curl, and that's before the vibrator turns on again.


When the vibrating starts, it's more subtle. It's almost excruciating how it barely seems to scratch any itches. It's almost like a slow hum, bringing her blood to a slow simmer rather than a boil. Kara closes her eyes, trying to get lost in the feeling. Rolls her hips, trying to chase more.


"You know, Brainy put me in charge of your suit repairs and upgrades," Lena converses casually, like she's not torturing Kara right now.


Kara takes a couple deep breaths before replying, "You're a good fit. I'm sure your upgrades will be perfect."


"I'm sure they will be," Lena responds, very self-assured. "But I was thinking of maybe adding this device to the suit."


"This device?"


"Yes," Lena says, not clarifying anything at all. "I think it could be incredibly useful."


"How so?" Kara asks, trying to drag a little more information. The second word comes out a little high pitched when the vibration turns up a level.


"Hmm, don't think I didn't notice you using the friction of your suit earlier," Lena explains. "I wanted to help you beyond the commentary."




Lena's talking about the vibrator.


Lena's talking about the vibrator being added to the suit.


Kara's toes curl. Her fingers dig into her thigh.


"I see you're a fan of the idea," Lena laughs.


"Yes," Kara grinds out. "Aren't you supposed to be loud right now?"


"I'm a little more focused on you, but if it really matters..." Lena lets out a slow purr, which morphs into a groan. Kara's eyes roll back and she bites the inside of her mouth to prevent a returning noise. "Was that sufficient, Supergirl?"


"More than — "


The vibrations turn up. Kara gulps down a strangled gasp. She gets the feeling that things will only get harder from here, so she sneaks a hand to her mouth, ready to cover it if needed.


"So, how about that data from earlier?" Lena continues casually as Kara is dying inside. "I've been looking it over."


"W-what did you find?" Kara asks.


"Not much," Lena answers with disappointment. "I've been rubbing through it so fast."


Ah, back to the innuendos.


"I think it's meant to be, 'scrubbing through it'," Kara points at through her teeth, the idea of Lena touching herself making the heat in her body spread.


"Just go with it."


The vibrations turn up. Kara screams, "Oh — !"


"What was that, Supergirl?"


Kara thinks fast. "Oh, yes, I'll go along with it!" she fixes.


"Good girl," Lena whispers. "I've been rubbing the data in and out... In and out... I'm feeling so used. Are you feeling used, Supergirl?"


Considering that doesn't even make any sense, "Yes."




"We were so close to something better, earlier, I can feel it," Lena whines softly. "There's just something here that's begging to be released, don't you think?"


"Yes," Kara breathes out. She's getting close to the edge. Her breathing is getting more and more erratic and she's struggling to say more than a sentence.


Of course, Lena plays around with that fact.


"What's begging to be released?"


"The data," Kara grinds out, trying to stay steady. The vibrator is making that increasingly difficult.


"No, we all know about the data," Lena clarifies. "But what kind of data?"


This is evil. Kara is being expected to think of something clever while in this predicament. Lena, knowing, lowers the vibrations, which makes things even worse.


"I'm waiting for your thoughts, Supergirl."


"The data..." she starts slowly, unable to think properly, "the data is probably something small. But powerful. And...purple?"


Lena stifles a laugh. "Purple?"


"My favourite vibrator is purple," Kara admits, her voice suddenly sure. "I want to use it on you."


"Oh," Lena whimpers quietly. Kara relishes in the fact that this is the first genuine sound that Lena has made this whole time. She's been reserved and controlled this whole time, completely focused on Kara's pleasure and Kara's pleasure alone. Kara doesn't even think she's been touching herself.


"It was the first toy I really liked," Kara narrates. She's at a torturous point of being simulated, but the vibrations aren't enough to hurtle her to an orgasm. "I actually bought a completely different toy, and they threw in the purple vibrator for free."


Lena is quiet.


"I think you would like it," Kara continues, "along with my fingers."


Another small cry from Lena. She's quiet, as if she's trying to hold it in.


"Louder," Kara instructs. "The deal was that you're supposed to be loud. You certainly should be loud when I use my tongue."


"Fuck," Lena whispers filthily. "What's a girl gotta do to make that happen?"


"Turn the vibrations up and let me come," Kara demands. "I'll do my best to be quiet. I want you to scream."


"Shit," Lena breathes. Kara doesn't need super-tech with vitals analysis to know that Lena is super turned on by this. There's a little bit of shuffling and then a buzzing sound. "Hold on a minute. Let me catch up," she begs.


"Okay," Kara agrees stupidly. It's going to be super hard not coming immediately just at the fact she knows that Lena is using a vibrator currently. Lena's next moan makes it even worse.


"Talk," Lena requests helplessly.


Talking will be really hard when Kara's busy biting on her knuckles to keep from moaning. She drags her hand away a moment just to say, "Lena, I've wanted to go down on you for as long as I've known you."


Lena moans at that.


"All those times having lunch in your office, I wondered what it'd be like to have you sprawled on the chair," Kara continues. "You'd be trying to work and I'd be busy sucking."


"Oh God," Lena gasps.


"And you're right," Kara adds. "I would peg you. I have this pink one that makes me think of you every time I use it."


"Kara," she whines. "Kara, I need you."


And for the first time in the day, Kara has a moment of striking clarity.


"You have me," she assures her. "You have me, as long as you want me."


"Kara, I'm close," Lena says in between small cries of pleasure. The vibrator on Kara suddenly grows back to its previous intensity. Kara gasps and Lena snaps, "Quiet," before her words are drowned out by her own moans.


"Lena," Kara gasps out, "I'm... I'm — "


Kara sticks the side of her hand in her mouth, as it's the only thing that proven to make her quiet. She bites down, hard, as the climb to the edge becomes too intense to do anything else. "Kara — !" Lena screams out and that's all it takes.


"Kara, Kara, Kara!" Lena is pleading as Kara lets the orgasm flow through her. She cries out through her hand as an intense pleasure grows from her clit to spread throughout her entire body, forcing it into intense tremors. Lena's chanting and moaning only prolongs the feeling, and Kara's mind is blissfully numb as she arches her back and lifts her hips.


"Kara, I'm coming!" Lena screams and Kara feels the white-hot heat spread across her body again. Lena cries out in bursts and Kara hasn't heard a better sound in her life.


Kara's entire body feels like pudding when she finally comes down. The only things going back and forth between them are harsh breaths as they regain their composure from the intensity of their orgasms.


"Wow," Kara mumbles after a couple minutes. "Wow."


If she thought that first orgasm was the best one she's ever had, she was wrong. Nothing compares to the high she just felt, coming just around the same time as Lena. The teeth marks around her knuckles are deep, stinging a little; but Kara can't help but feel proud at how well she managed to keep the noises in.


"How long would it take you to fly to my place?" Lena asks breathily.


Kara feels her clit pulse again — already? — at the thought of them doing this in person. If she didn't desperately need to regain her senses after everything, she'd be flying there already, throwing Lena onto her bed, and licking the cum right off of her.


"Give me a minute," Kara regretfully answers. "Then I'll be there."


Lena laughs. "Good, because after that atrocious attempt of trying to be quiet, I think this comms arrangement isn't going to work so well."