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Why not date that guy instead?

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“Hey Sakura! Is it true that you’re dating Mikoshiba?”
Sakura choked on her drink. Seo slapped her, a bit too forcefully, on the back

“No” Sakura coughed out, attempting to catch her breath. She had been wondering why this girl was being really nice to her out of the blue today. “Why would you think that?”

“Oh well some of the other girls and I were trying to get him to go with us to get ice cream after
school today but he said he had to go somewhere with you so we thought…”

“Huh?” Sakura didn’t have any plans with him. Nozaki had to meet with Ken-san today after school so they weren’t going to work on manga stuff until later in the evening. He must be using her as an excuse to get out of this. It'd be nice if he would have given her a heads up if she was gonna do this, again. She’d get him for that later.
“We aren’t a couple or anyth-”

“Hey why don’t you date that guy Chiyo?” Seo interjected, taking another bite of her bread, “That be much better than you just fawning over Mr. Tall and Dense. I think-”

“Yuziki Please! Not this again.” Sakura squealed “Anyway, No! It’s not like that! Mikorin and I aren’t going on a date or anything. Friends. I mean we are good friends that’s all...”

“Is that so? Well I guess that’s fine then.” The girl said, seemingly satisfied and got up from her seat “Thanks Sakura-san. Bye-Bye!”

Sakura waited until the girl was out of earshot “Geez Yuzuki why did you have to say that?” she whined, turning to face her. “You’ve been saying stuff like that for a while now and it’s making things weird…”

“I don’t know? I guess I think you guys would be cute. Plus, as I’ve been telling you for weeks now, I just think he’s better looking than that Nozaki guy. You and Mikoshiba hang out a lot and he probably likes you anyway. I see you staring at him pretty often you know. It’s pretty funny. Have you not noticed how he looks at you sometim- hey, why is your face getting so red?”


“Mikoshiba-kun!” called multiple voices in unison.
Sakura looked up from her phone to see four girls surrounding her friend in the courtyard.
This scene wasn’t exactly anything new. Not at all really. He often had a horde of his fans somewhere nearby. She couldn’t really hear what he was saying but it was probably something he’d regret in 30 seconds because the girls started squealing. The boy was sparkling as usual, that much she could tell.

What nonsense is he spewing at them this time? Sakura asked herself.
Wait why am I hiding? She thought as she found herself crouched behind a nearby bench. Whatever I just want to see what he’s going to-

“Why are we hiding?” Came Seo’s voice suddenly right beside her, startling Sakura.
“Yuzuki when did you-”
“What are you lookin- Oh!” She grinned “You’re watching him huh? Ha! I knew that yo-”
“W-What’s with the- no it’s not like that I was just... He was- I’m not” her cheeks were red now which only encouraged her mischievous friend.

She started to get up from behind their spot “Hey let’s go make a scene like one I saw on tv the other day it’ll be hilarious! We could tell them to back off because he’s yours and-” Sakura yanked her back down.
“N-No don’t be silly! Mikorin’s not- we aren’t- We are just friends! I won’t just go out there and...” she attempted to explain.

“Ah come on it’ll be fun!”

“Fun? No!” Sakura said, waving her hands in front of her. “Listen, the only reason I’m feeling weird now is because of what you’ve been saying about…” She trailed off and looked back over toward Mikorin and his little crowd.
I mean that’s it right? It’s not as if I actually like him or anything. She’s just been putting thoughts in my head. Yeah that’s all this is.

Seo opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted by a commotion behind them.
Kashima had just entered the courtyard with her usual crowd of admirers in tow.
It didn’t take long for Mikorin’s small group to gravitate towards her too.

“Well, he’s no Kashima-kun.” Sakura said. She covered her mouth to suppress a giggle.
Mikorin, however, was looking quite bewildered due to the sudden abandonment of his little fanclub.
“Yep.” Seo said as she stood up “Now go get him!” she said, pushing Sakura from behind the bench. Before she could protest Seo was already sprinting off to god knows where.

“Geez” Sakura sighed, dusting off her skirt.
She looked up to see Mikorin had moved underneath a nearby tree, face in his hands. She found that her heart started beating faster. “It’s just Mikorin. Why am I nervous?” she mumbled to herself as she walked over to him.

“Hey Mikorin! You’re no match for the Prince huh?” she teased, tilting her head.
“S-Shut up!” he said peeking through his hands.

“Ah come on Mikorin” Sakura said, poking him in the side causing him to jump back.

“Don’t do that!”

She gasped dramatically “Mikorin, you wouldn’t happen to be...ticklish?”

“What? You know I am! I mean… uh of course I’m not! Hey stay back! I mean it! Liste- Sakura!”


“You did that on purpose!”
“I didn’t, I swear!” Sakura said, stifling a laugh.
She hadn’t meant to chase him only to have him trip and fall, she really hadn’t. However, he did look pretty adorable sitting there pouting like that.

“I’ll get you back for this.” He said eyes narrow as he got up and brushed off some grass from his pants.

“Oh yeah?”

“Y-yeah!” he replied and stuck his tongue out and then picked up all his school supplies from the ground.

What? Is he a kid? She used to find his at times childish personality irritating. Not anymore though, almost everything the boy did at this point was endearing to her. She wasn’t sure when exactly that started happening...

“You’re so cute Mikorin” Sakura said and was surprised the words had actually come out of her mouth. She immediately felt her face heat up, her chest tightened.
Did I really just say that out loud? This isn’t the first time I’ve thought that but still...

“What?” He shrieked “Don’t call me cute!”



“You like Mikoshiba.” Nozaki said, arms crossed in sitting at his desk.

“What? No! I mean...” Sakura felt her face heat up.

“No I can tell. I write shoujo manga I can pick up on this type of thing.”

“Huh?! Are you serious? Nevermind.”

“When did it start?” he asked excitedly, picking up his notepad and pencil.

“I don’t know” she said and put her face in her hands.

“I think you’d make a good couple.”


“Yes. He’s adorable, and despite what he’ll admit he’s really sweet”

“Sounds like you want to date him.” Sakura deadpanned.

“Hmmm” He was looking a bit too thoughtful at that statement.