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A Campione from Zero

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The White whale and Sloth were dead. The subjugation unity already left it was finally done the archbishop of Sloth Peltelgeuse Romane-Conti was slain.
Subaru was making his way in the forest [ it's pretty silent now still it's finally over I'm free from these hell's loops!] He thought with joy now he could go on and think of a future with those he loved.
[ It's too silent where are the birds? The battle with Sloth was intense but it shouldn't have scared all of them off.] He noted.
Dread crept on his spine he knew that feeling, he knew it far too well damn it.Killing intent filled the forest.
[ Move Move now idiot or you'll die!] He yelled frantically in his mind. He threw himself on the side just in time to avoid being impaled.
Helpness hit him.[ Why now when I finally won.!]

" How amusing to think thou would be able to dodge this attack abomination"
A figure shrouded in shadow boomed.
Ice crept on the floor , tree withered life sucked from them by this very figure presence.
[Death] has descended onto this World.


[What ? Who is that ? A witch cultist ? Some survived damn it.] Subaru thought his mind going on overdrive.
[ And yet that feeling I never felt it before while still being alive. The tree withered, he's the reason the forest is empty isn't he? My chance to win are way too slim the knights are gone. I need more information and loop again.] Subaru thought grimly.
" Who are you ?! Why are you targeting me ?" He yelled.
[ Abomination thou had escaped from my grasp far too many times, this one has descended to rectify this mistake. Thou should be honored and quietly surrender your life.] A skeleton shrouded by darkness slowly made his way in the clearing power radiating from his form the very space bending around him.
[As for my identity this should be a given my presence denotes my divinity.]

Subaru recoiled with shock.[ That's the grim reaper isn't it there's nothing nothing nothing I can do. It's over isn't it? ] He thought, fear and a silver of relief warred within him for if he died here he knew that he wouldn't return by death.

[Thou seems to have realised thy position. Rejoice mortal thy life will the first this one shall reap in this world a honor an abomination such as you do not deserve and yet shall receive.]
[Death] boomed his scythe slowly rising.

[ Huh wait the first, what a strange way to phrase it? Does that mean that he'll kill other people? what about the villager?] Subaru slowly stood up this single thought filling him with determination.
" After I die will you kill others?" He spoke while pointing at said figure with his finger.
[ Thou can stand while in this one presence how surprising.]
" Stop with this Thou business and answer my question damn it !" Subaru yelled with all his might.
[ Why should one such as I care about the lives of ants? I am Death to reap life as I please is my right] Death spoke amused.

[ Damn it damn it I can't allow this! After all I sacrificed to save them I refuse to let it end like that! No it will not end like that.] Subaru decided [ It's a fool errand but that never stopped me before did it?]

[Thou has chosen to resist , very well do entertain me abomination.]

A shadow appeared on his left once again he threw himself on the side to avoid being impaled.

[I have no weapon damn it what should I do think ] Subaru suddenly moved on the side guided by his instinct[ Don't think too much he's still there]

A scythe once again slowly moved toward him; its owner in no hurry to kill the worm before him, after all shall die in time.

[A scythe huh that may work If I get the angle right then] Grim determination filled Subaru.

As the scythe moved to reap his life Subaru threw himself toward it instead of dodging.
It was a foolish move and a suicidal one.
By throwing himself on the scythe he managed to change its direction.It was one chance out of a million. Natsuki Subaru was cut in half. The scythe made his way toward its wielder cutting through his core.

A god was slain.
Natsuki Subaru died.


All around the World a wave of power was felt.

A middle aged man overlooking a coliseum turned his head toward the east a feral grin on his face.

A young man making his way in a snow covered landscape turned east , nodded and continued his route.

All around the world heads snapped toward the East in fear and awe , reverence and trepidation. All acknowledging that a mortal accomplished the impossible. A God was slain.
The Third Campione was born.



Once again Natsuki Subaru triumphed over death.

In a different realm sat the overseer of the circle of usurpation.The All giving woman observed the child before her.

Using a piece of a god, to time and time again defy death. All to save the one he loved, trapped in a circle of doom with no one to understand his struggle, truly a tragic hero.
That one was without a doubt worthy of being her child, she nodded.

"I have decided I Pandora, the all giving woman, the witch who brought forward all evils of this world and a shred of hope, claim this child as my newest son !".

"By the black art I and Epimetheus left behind, this is a sacred birth of an illegitimate child, shrouded in darkness, born of a fool and a witch. A secret of usurpation only made possible through the sacrifice of a God."

"I grant you my blessing's , so that you may be reborn as the new God-slayer, King of Kings,a Campione."

A spike of fear ran through Subaru half awake as he was; he could still feel that something within him changed.

"Fear not my child for now on you shall be free of Fate, death shall no longer haunt your very step for you have slain it. Go walk tall my dear and never forget that your Mother will always be on your side."

His eyes opened to witness a radiant smile, the All giving woman happily waved goodbye to her youngest son.


Subaru stirred from his sleep after a while his eyes opened.
"It was quite a strange dream I had hee , actually winning against someone in a fight how laughable all I did was losing since I came in this world."
But still something changed. He could feel it deep down that nothing would be the same.
"I have to quickly change its well past morning Ram is going to scold me again!"
He started changing and stopped in surprise.
[My scars are gone, the Wolgarm’s bite and Elsa's strike disappeared. ]
" Did Felix heal me ? Damn I knew that he was The greatest healer in Lugnica but still that's impressive."He marveled.
He quickly changed clothes and left his room.


[ I defeated Sloth then what happened, huh my memory is foggy] A spike of fear ran in his back [ Did I die, what happened next ? Damn how far did I go back ?]
He kept walking absentmindedly.
[How strange Rem should have woken me up already. It's strangely silent, well it's past noon I think but still where is everyone ? Movement I need to know how far I went back]
" Nee-san, wait for me" he yelled while waving.
"I'm sorry I didn't wake up but still ignoring me like that. That's a bit harsh don't you think ?" He joked.
Ram turned and looked at him in shock ,her eyes wide open.

" Are you alright Nee-san ?" [This never happened before , I didn't return by death then. I need to know what happened after Sloth died.]
" Forgive me for my rudeness Subaru-sama Ram didn't wake you up to avoid bothering you. Ram shall accept any punishment for her transgression" She bowed deeply.
[ Huh what happened really, did I wake up in the wrong world or what ?]
" Nee-san what are you talking stop joking come on !"
Ram kept her head down without answering.
[ Seriously what ?I need to know I need to fix this.]
" Ram what happened , after Sloth died my memory is foggy?" He asked seriously, his slanted eyes shining with determination.
" Subaru-sama seems to have forgotten his act. Ram shall guide you to the dining room where Roswall-sama awaits you along with a meal. If that is your wish?" Ram spoke slowly while still bowing.
[ Think Subaru Roswall definitely know what happened and a meal wouldn't hurt] [ How strange i never realised how hungry I was then again I did skip dinner and breakfast.]
" Drop the sama nee-san that's weird" he asked" a meal wouldn't hurt please lead the way"
"Understood" Ram stood up and started walking.


[ That’s weird she was never this profesional even when I was still a guest. No dig at my expense she didn't even call me Barusu. Perhaps finally accomplishing a hero worthy act made her respect me ?] The thought didn't warm his heart like it would have just a month ago. [ That's what i wanted right? To be recognised as a hero to be respected and loved by the people of this mansion.A true Isekai hero. And yet now All I feel is apprehension.]

Subaru walked down the hall deep in thought.
He jolted [ I know that feeling it's coming from this door isn't it? Huh it must be Beatrice.] He thought absentmindedly . Subaru reached for the doorknob turning it without thinking.

Once again Natsuki Subaru entered [the Forbidden Library].


She could feel it , that enormous magic power moving around the mansion, it was like the sun blinding her and yet no light reached her eyes.
" To think that boy would do the impossible, how laughable I suppose." She sighed.


Truly she did not care about the world. There was a time where she awaited with anticipation the future , the day when [They] will finally appear.
Now all she wants is for it to end and yet.
" Perhaps it's really him he always found her door with no trouble.And now he accomplished the impossible. A Campione is without a doubt worthy of the [Forbidden Library] I suppose." Hope burned within her , finally after 400 year she could end her contract.


Now she awaits for him to meet her again , soon her contract will end. Beatrice hoped.
The door opened.




Shelves upon shelves filled with countless books, knowledge lost to the ages. The Forbidden Library is a place containing the Witch of Greed knowledge protected by the artificial Great spirit Beatrice.
Subaru entered this place once again to meet its guardian.
[ Beako isn't in her seat] he noted.[ Now where is she? ]
"Betty right here I suppose." A blonde little girl announced right under his nose. Subaru looked down, finally noticing the Great spirit.
" There you are Beako , sorry you're so small I didn't see you there !" He said joyously.


Beatrice looked at him intensely then slowly shook her head.
" Betty has a more important thing to concern her with , will you listen to Betty , I suppose?" She asked uncertainty.
" Of course I'll listen to you Beako what's wrong?" Subaru answered worried by her sudden attitude. [Did I wake up in the Twilight zone or what everyone suddenly changed.]
" Are you Betty's [They] ? I suppose." She asked with hope glittering in her eyes.
[What is she talking about now ?] Subaru thought, confused by the sudden turn of event while he was questioning himself light slowly left Beatrice eyes.


" So it wasn't you after all I suppose. Betty still has one last request if you're not Betty's [They] then will you kill me ?" She asked eyes dead, light leaving them along her last hope.
" Now wait a minute Beatrice I didn't answer you yet! Please explain it to me. I was never the brightest light bulb you see! Talk to me ... please Beatrice." Subaru yelled, panic filled his eyes as Beatrice words dawned upon him.
[They that's a far too vague term what can it mean Betty's They. Think Subaru someone belonging to her ? Who could it be ? No it's obviously her contractor right ? ] He thought frantically.
" Beatrice" Subaru talked slowly " why do you want to form a contract with me ?"
Like a flame light slowly entered Beatrice's eyes.

" Betty's Mother left her to guard the Library. Betty waited for 400 year patiently, diligently for [ They] to come. Betty must surrender the Forbidden Library to [They]. To fulfill her contract to Mother.That's why Betty waited for so long holding on a blank gospel who wouldn't answer her. Waiting and praying for it to end !! Answer are you Betty's They ?" She yelled with tears in her eyes.

" I...I Beatrice [They] could be anyone, " Subaru answered at last.
" That's not what Betty wants to hear, this is not the answer I waited for !!" She yelled.
" You spent 400 year patiently to fulfill a task with literally no good answer. Never leaving this place trapped from space and time all for a woman who left you behind." Subaru trailed off suddenly he chuckled.
" Is Betty's suffering amusing to you I suppose ?" She cried.
" No it's just that in the end both of us are pretty similar living according to the words of other. [ A closed room with no light days spent playing and ignoring the world while worried parents watched him. No achievement being recognised as his own no matter what he did he was Always that person’s son]
How funny both of us trapped ourselves in a room distracted from the outside world by books waiting for someone , anyone to drag us out Subaru thought with tears in his eyes.

"Living for others is painful and oh so empty isn't it Beatrice ? '' Subaru said, his eyes slowly shining with determination.
" That's why you should live for yourself Beatrice !! Choose yourself who is that [They]!" He yelled.
"And if you are okay with a clueless broke man and an idiot with no worth then ... Choose me Beatrice !" He declared with his hand reaching toward her.


Was it really alright to take that boy's hand one who declared that he wasn't [ They]. The one who told her to live. For 400 year she waited for someone who'll never come isn't it fine to end it now. That foolish boy who told her to make him [ They] . Surely no one would fault Betty for her choice , no one would have the right to that's why slowly she extended her hand to reach him. Finally after what felt like an eternity she held that boy no Subaru's hand and asked : "Will you be Betty's They ?"

And so the Fool answered " Of course Beatrice !"


After 400 year the Great spirit Beatrice formed a contract with the Campione Natsuki Subaru.




Something was strange, the atmosphere of the mansion changed completely.
Emilia was studying in her study; she needed to learn more in order to become a worthy candidate for the throne.
And yet she was quite morose; no one had talked to her in the past day; the twins' maids and Roswall avoided her.


Oh they were as polite as always and yet the way they carried themselves was tense.
No one told her what happened to Subaru, she knew that he returned victorious. A hero who slayed the White whale and the archbishop of Sloth. A friend she didn't deserve. Still she was glad to have one friend in this World who saw as Emilia and not the Witch of Envy.

A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.
" You can enter." Emilia said.
" Rem apologise for bothering you Emilia-sama, Roswall-sama summon you to his study." Rem answered.

" Very well I shall meet him lead the way Rem." Emilia slowly stood up feeling hopeful she would finally get answers. After a short walk she entered Roswal's study.He was seating solemnly his face devoid of his usual makeup.
" Emilia-sama I'm happy to have you join us please take a seat." He gestured to the chair in front of him.


She took a seat.
" Emilia-sama what do you know of Campione ?" Roswal asked seriously, his eyes never leaving her.
" Hum I studied their story and the current Campione of course." She answered " Why this question ?"
" Indeed why are you asking Lia such an obvious question? I hope you're not trying to involve my daughter with them huh?" Puck talked in a menacing way.
" I fear that it is too late after all Emilia-sama is already acquitted quite intimately with one" Roswal answered with no fear.
" Eh that's impossible I never met the Gladiator king or the Spirit King " She exclaimed in surprise.


" Yesterday a Campione was born in Lugnica this Campione ascended upon slaying the Death God and is now the Third Campione of this era." Roswal announced slowly.
" This Campione's name is Natsuki Subaru the very same boy who work in this mansion." Roswal finally declared.

"Ehhhhhhhhhh?!" Emilia exclaimed in shock.
" That weak boy killed a God , impossible !" Declared Puck.
" This is indeed the truth Natsuki Subaru has accomplished the impossible and now outrank us all, do hold your tongue spirit , as for now you are no match for him." Roswal declared.
What will happen now she thought worriedly.

Their tears dried after the moment both shared. They still held each other tightly.

" By the way Beatrice do you know what happened ?"

" You're truly hopeless, Subaru's Betty shall help you, after all you are her contractor now I suppose."
She stood up from his knee and made her way toward the bookshelves.

" Do you need help Beako?" Subaru asked
" No need Betty knows every book in this library , I suppose."
" You're really amazing heh Beako."

"Betty has been living here for 400 years it's natural to know such a thing I suppose." She turned her head answering while blushing.[ How cute Beako really adorable isn't she.] He thought fondly.

" Here it is come here I suppose"
" What am I supposed to see ? I still don't know how to read Yi script ya know ?" Subaru answered jokingly.
" This shall no longer be a problem Betty's Subaru can speak and read any existing language now , I suppose."
" Hey now what are you talking about ?" He approached slowly and looked up her shoulder to read.
[ I can read it ! Wow I got better quite quickly !] Subaru thought happily [ Now what's written there let's see. Campione's History]
" Hey Beako what's a Campione ? " Subaru spoke distractedly.
" This is what Betty's Subaru is now I suppose." Beatrice said. She then opened the book and start reading a verse

" A Campione—a Godslayer—is a supreme ruler.
Since he can kill a celestial being, he can therefore call on the sacrosanct, divine powers wielded by the gods.
A Campione—a Godslayer—is a lord.
Since the power to kill a deity is in his hands, he therefore looms over all mortals on Earth.
A Campione—a Godslayer—is a devil.
Since for all mortals who live in the world, none can assume a power to match his!"


" This is what Betty's Subaru became when he killed the impossible I suppose."
[A devil I'm not that awful to deserve that title right ?]
" Beatrice what in the world are you…" Looking at her he stopped speaking her eyes were serious not a ounce of mockery shined in her eye.


" Subaru do you remember fighting an impossible enemy I suppose ?" She questioned him.
[An Impossible enemy , a skeleton shrouded by darkness ,death creeping on him] he jolted
" I ... I remember meeting a figure calling himself Death but …" He trailed off.
" Do you remember killing him and dying, I suppose ? " She continued.
" I do " he answered tiredly. The feeling of death is not easily forgotten.
" The being you slayed was a Heretic God born of myth, you killed a god and usurped his power, I suppose."
" Now wait a minute you are not making sense a God how can someone as weak as me kill a God I can't even kill a Wolgarm ..." He interrupted her bitterly.


" Betty shall explain slowly then. Heretic Gods are Gods who rebelled against their legend and descended in this world from the realm of immortality. These Gods create disaster upon descending, for example a God of war descend cause war to start a Sun God burns his surroundings. These Gods cannot be armed by mortal magic or normal means. Only a divine power can harm a god." She explained seriously.
" Wait a divine power ? How did I kill one then?" Subaru exclaimed.


" Betty getting there, sometimes through luck and foolishness a mortal manages to slay a god. Upon slaying their foe the All-giving woman adopts these fools as her children granting them comprehension of any language, bones of steel, enormous magic reserve superior by a thousand times to the greatest mortal mage and immunity to any mortal magic. And yet Their greatest gift is without a doubt the authorities, divine power usurped from their foes. These authorities can match a god power.Do you understand now I suppose?" She asked upon finishing her tirade.


" No mortal will be able to match you, only Gods and your fellow Campione can harm you now. Your words are law, you outrank everyone in this country, you are a Supreme King now , I suppose." Beatrice announced.

[A Supreme King, a God slayer don't make me laugh ! After all this time when I gave up on getting any power. When I finally accepted my powerlessness now I get to be overpowered] he thought bitterly.
[Wait a minute what about Rbd?] Suddenly Subaru turned toward Beatrice.
" Beako I ......several time in the past I returned by death!" He yelled his eyes tightly shut waiting for pain that would not come.



"What is Betty's Subaru talking about I suppose ?" Beatrice asked worriedly about her contractor's sudden change of attitude.

Like a puppet whose strings were cut Subaru no longer moved.[ I'm free, free finally !]

" Is Betty's Subaru alright, what's the matter ?"the blonde loli asked again her concern for her contractor growing quickly.

" Beako I since I came in this world I died several time The Guthunter gutted me, the Wolgarm’s curse killed me, Rem crushed my head, Ram slit my throat , Betelgeuse killed me , Puck froze me alive ..I .. died time and time again in this place...." Subaru started vigorously then trailed off.

[ I can really talk about it, how strange I can't feel the pain or trauma. Why is that my thoughts are so clear? That shouldn't be possible right?] Uncertain of how He should feel Subaru was lost. Not noticing Beatrice growing horror.

" You died in this mansion and Betty didn't help you ?" Beatrice started tearing up , she truly was slothful. She left her contractor that boy who reached time and time to her die.

Subaru noticed at last Beatrice question.
" No no no you saved me, it was thanks to you that I managed to save the people of this mansion. Without your help I would not have discovered the curse. I would have been stuck in this loop.That's why I thank you from the bottom of my heart Beatrice !" He exclaimed while moving to hug her. " Without the amazing Beako I wouldn't be here. That's why please cheer up Beako." He smiled softly at her.

After a while , hugging each other Beatrice tears ceased. Slowly she turned toward him.
" Betty doesn't understand something, why are you still here , I suppose ?" She asked confused by her contractor's action.
" You died here , the very habitant of this mansion killed you. Why didn't you run away? Betty is concerned for her contractor's mental health I suppose." Beatrice announced looking straight at her speechless contractor.

" I did try to run away after meeting the White whale. I wanted to elope with Rem and leave this hell behind. Rem encouraged me to face them head on. And now here I am." He answered her thoughtfully.

"That's not what Betty means dying to save someone you barely know that's pure folly, I suppose." Betty trailed off. " Betty doesn't understand why Subaru didn't run away after dying for the half elf or after dying in this mansion." She asked him seriously, wanting to understand her contractor’s mind.


[ Why ? Because she was kind to me ? Still dying thrice for someone you barely know staying in a hell mansion to save those who never cared. That's weird why did I do that? Why didn't I mourn the loss of my life? Surely I didn't resent my parents this much to instantly discard the thought of going back to them?] Subaru was completely lost his own action, impossible to make sense of. By becoming a Campione his body and mind were healed , he was now bereft of his inhuman low self esteem and his distorted sense of worth.As such his action made no sense to him.
" I don't know.....I don't know" he answered at last , defeated.


" What does Betty's Subaru wants to do now I suppose ?" Betty questioned him. " Betty contract is free to do as he please no one will be able to stop now, I suppose."
" I ... I don’t know... No, I think that I want to leave this place ? I don’t know" Subaru answered unsure why did he died so many for the sake of those who didn't care a wit for him. No dying for someone even if you love them can be done once, twice no more than that. One can only sacrifice so much before love fades away.


Subaru's stomach growled, interrupting his thought.
" Ah I'm hungry I should have followed Ram to eat something before coming here !" Subaru exclaimed while clutching his stomach.
" Very well Betty shall lead her contractor to the dining room I suppose." Beatrice announced before opening her crossing door.
The Campione and the Great spirit entered the dining room while holding each other's hands.

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A clown sat in his study happily humming. All of the previous events followed his gospel.
[ Soon teacher I shall meeet you agaiin.] The Magrave thought joyously.

[Natsuki Subaru must have finished Sloth subjugation by now. Truly to think that worthless boy rewind would be this powerful. Ah well no need to fear , his only worth lays in his power , manipulating him would be a given.]

A wave of power crashed his thought train , the world shuddered for a Heretic god descended.
[ Damn it why now?! When Everything was going so well ]

Death descended upon this World only to be slain.
Natsuki Subaru became a Campione.




[The situation can still be salvaged. I still have both the puppet and Rem in my grasp using his feelings for those two I can still manipulate him.]
A light suddenly shined within the [Book of wisdom].

[ Teacher heard my plea and came to my aid, how magnificent] with renovated hope Roswal strided toward his Gospel eager to know his Teacher's instruction.
[ Let's see , Impossible ! Why are the pages blank] In panic he quickly turned the page and the whole book was blank. One cannot chain a Campione the future predicted by the Gospel was shattered upon Subaru ascension.


[ All my work is gone, 400 year of sacrifice lost. Everything is over. I shall never see the Teacher again.] Roswal thought despair overwhelmed him. His life work was destroyed before his life; his determination burned out upon witnessing the empty book , only an empty husk was left.



Subaru finished eating, he was alone save for Beatrice he had yet to encounter any resident of the mansion.
[ Roswal isn't here , hah damn it. At least Beako explained the situation to me. Well no matter let's return]

"Hey Beako, I want to try something, let's go into the forest." Subaru spoke while facing his partner.
" What does Betty's Subaru want to try I suppose ?" She asked, distracted.


" I want to try the authority thingy. If I want to be prepared I must learn to summon them." Subaru answered promptly.
Both made their ways towards the forest. Upon arriving in a clearing far away from the mansion both stopped.

Subaru turned toward Beatrice.
" I have no idea what I'm supposed to do ? Any idea Beako?" He asked his partner.

" In fact Betty's Subaru should just concentrate deeply and he'll discover his authority."
" Only one ?"

" Generally upon killing a God a Campione usurps one authority in rare cases they get more than one, I suppose."
" I see, well it's time to meditate I guess."


[Well now let's see. Feel Subaru feel.]
After a few minutes concentrating Subaru felt a power rising.The knowledge of the authorities he possessed jumping to his mind.
" Yes! I finally got it" he yelled excitedly.

" Betty's Subaru did well I suppose."

" Guess what Beako, I got not one but two authorities ! I have [Death's shroud] and [ Dominion of Life]" Subaru told her.
" That's impressive what can they do I suppose ?" The blonde asked him.

"[ Dominion of life] this gives me the ability to impose or undo death used at its maximum it generate a one hit kill attack. It got a cool down of one week thought

[ Death Shroud] allows me to hide my presence from all that lives."
Subaru answered puzzled by something he asked his companion.

" By the way Beako the long chant is necessary or what ? The other spells I heard were not that long."
" An authority is far more potent than mortal magic , the chant reflects it and is necessary I suppose. In fact these two authorities are impressive for your first kill." Beako answered

" Haha I got lucky this time." [ That must be the luckiest I got since coming in this world] Subaru thought.
Unknown to him it was his high compatibility with death ,as someone who died numerous time, that granted him two authorities.

" I want to try Dominion of life a bit but a week cool down that's a bit too much"

" Betty's Subaru could practice mortal magic, your gate is now healed I suppose." The loli declared.
" You're right let's try now! " Subaru perked up.




After a few hours spent practicing magic with Beatrice, Subaru made his way to the dining room.
Once again only his companion accompanied him.
After a hearty meal Subaru went to his room to sleep.


Subaru thought about the past
[ Many things don't add up like Roswal always leaving before an attack happens, the fact that no guard guards the village. The mansion has the twins and Beako , I guess that's enough. When Rem died from the curse he was calm like he excepted it.] [ From the beginning Roswal was strange his get-up and disastrous makeup non wistanding]

Subaru was deep in thought, his situation seeming more and more strange.
[ Ah no choice, I 'll speak to Ros-chi tomorrow. For now let's sleep.]

Subaru changed his cloth and was going to sleep before a knock on the door interrupted him.
" Yes who is it? "

" It's Betty I suppose."

" Beatrice what are you doing there ?"

Beatrice stood before him wearing a nightgown with her hair down, she looked embarrassed before gathering herself. She spoke up.

" Subaru is Betty's contractor it's normal for them to not be separated Betty will sleep with Subaru for now I suppose." The loli declared face red from shame.

[ Ehe ] Subaru thought in shock before looking at the spirit. Her eyes were begging him to accept. She was worried that upon waking up her contract would be nothing but a dream. She didn't wish to go back to those days of loneliness ever again.

After a while Subaru spoke .
" Come here then Beako the bed wide enough for both of us." He gestured to the empty space on the bed .

Beatrice smiled in relief and made her way toward her contractor. She jumped on the bed and started hugging him.

" Good night Beako " Subaru smiled softly.

" Good night Subaru." She answered her smile rivaling the sun.

The pair fell asleep in each other's arms.



[ Yosh! Today I'm going to get answers from Ros-chi] Subaru , though determined while pumping his fists.

" What is Betty's Subaru thinking about I suppose? Beatrice asked, surprised by her contractor pose.
" I'll finally get answer from Roswal Today!" Subaru declared.

" Does Subaru's Betty need to come with you, I suppose ?" The Great spirit spoke questiontedly.

" No need Beako , It will be quick."

" Fine Betty will wait for you in the Library I suppose." The loli declared turning to make her way toward her room.

" Thanks Beako"
Subaru made his way toward Roswal's study.

Roswal sat in his study last night events hollowed him; he no longer had the will to move. A knock interrupted his thought. He did not answer for nothing mattered anymore.

Subaru knocked many times on the door he was getting tired of receiving no answer.
After a while he pressed the doorknob the door was opened.

Subaru entered and looked around the room annoyed. He found Roswal sitting on his seat, his face betraying no emotion.
" Why didn't you answer ?"

Roswal's mind was going at miles per minutes.

[ Nothing matter I will never reunite with my teacher. It's better to die at the hands of someone I wronged at least.] Light shined in Roswal eyes.


" Subaru-kun I knew of your Rewind since the beginning. I sent Elsa to kill Emilia in order for you to meet her and bring you back. I knew of Sloth attack and purposely left. All thanks to this single book " Roswal declared while showing a black book to Subaru bewildered face.

" A gospel ?! You were a witch cultist ! " Subaru yelled in shock.

" No the [Book of wisdom] is vastly superior to the Gospel. This book was created by my teacher, the Witch of Greed Echidna after all" Roswal enounced slowly.

" You knew ........What ..... Why are telling me this now ?? You..." Subaru asked, shocked by the truth revealed before his eyes .

" It doesn't matter anymore. Nothing does anymore." Roswal declared his tone filled by despair.

" It doesn't matter you ... YOU ! How dare you !!" Subaru yelled fury clouding his mind.

Roswal thought derisively that he deserved it. He was currently being crushed by a Campione wrath.

[ How amusing what an amazing way to go ] the clown thought at last.
His legs snapped under the pressure ,the mansion trembled under the God slayer wrath.

" Was it a game to you ?! All I suffered under your roof , I died !! I died damn it because of your machination ! My life was worth so little in your eyes!!!" Subaru yelled furiously . He didn't notice the effect his wrath had on his surrounding.

Space bends around him the entire focus of his rage was on the ground he could no longer stand his bones crushed under the pressure.

" You damn Clown you could have spared them so much pain had you decided to do your damn job!! All you did was hide and let others do your work and for what!! To follow a damned book you useless Witch cultist ! " Subaru yelled his rage fuelling the pressure around him.

Beatrice was concerned she left her contractor to talk with the margrave. Yet from her spot in the Library she could feel the mansion trembling.
She tried to connect her door to Roswal's study in vain. The pressure around the study stopped her efforts.

She thought about the only one thing left to do: connect her door to Subaru’s room.
She jumped from her seat and ran toward the study.

[ Please let Betty arrive in time.]

Around the mansion the resident's lives were stopped for none could move or breath.

Primal fear filled their mind advising them to hide, make themselves small to avoid the wrath of a vastly superior being.

Emilia shook as she was on the ground unmoving she didn't understand what was happening. [ What's that feeling a God descending ???! No, I should have felt him descending before the pressure hit the mansion. That means that is a Campione doing. ] Fear clouded her mind. [Only Subaru is here but that's impossible Subaru is a good boy! Impossible , impossible, impossible, impossible.]

She laid on the ground dumbfounded her mind glitching.

Elsewhere a blue haired oni was shaking her instinct as an oni urging her to bow , to hide from this presence and yet her heart pleaded to her , to go help her hero. [ Subaru-kun wouldn't do that without any reason something happened ,he must need help.!] Her mind desesperatly cried , her body stood unmoving.

Ram laid on the ground being the weakest physically, she could not stand the pressure and fainted.

All around the Mathers territory the Campione's wrath was felt.

Beatrice burst into the study in panic.

" Subaru .......SUBARU YOU MUST CALM DOWN , I SUPPOSE ! " Beatrice yelled desperately.
With an impressive jump she caught her contractor in her arms in a bid to wake him up.

Subaru was still furious, his mind not computing. Suddenly he felt small hands reaching to him.
Turning his head he saw his Beako crying this woke him from his stupor.

" Beatrice ? ... You what's wrong ?" Subaru asked shook.

" Subaru must calm down , look around you I suppose! " Beatrice declared.
Slowly Subaru turned his head. The study was trashed; it looked like the aftermath of a hurricane passage.

" I .... I did that?" Subaru asked no one in particular, dazed.

" Betty's Subaru should follow his partner , I suppose." Beatrice declared while extending her hand to Subaru.

Subaru took her hand.


The pair disappeared into the Forbidden Library.



" He knew , he knew from the beginning Beako he manipulated me since the beginning.!!!" Subaru cried tears leaking from his eyes. He was sitting on the ground using the Library shelves as support.

Beatrice did not know how to comfort her partner; she hugged him slowly, making circle on his back.

Both stayed in this position for a long time.


" Beatrice I must leave this place. I can't stay here any longer. Will you come with me? " Subaru asked

" Of course Subaru's Betty will always follow him, I suppose!" The Great spirit declared determinedly.


After his disastrous meeting with Roswal, Subaru made preparations to leave the mansion .
All its inhabitants except Beatrice avoided him without a doubt still scared by his loss of temper. In the forest he was considering his option.

[ I have Pastrache and the villager from Alram gave me a wagon. It should be enough. With the wages I saved I can buy supply from the village. Thought they were rather eager to just give me stuff.] Subaru thought amused by the villagers' actions.

The resident of Alram treated Subaru with respect and kindness even before his ascension. Their attitude didn't change much they were even more respectful of him.To them he could do no wrong.


" Hey Beako you said that the Forbidden Library can be tied to wherever you want right? "Subaru asked his twin tailed companion.

" In fact Betty can tie the Library in the wagon like Subaru is thinking , I suppose." Betty answered thoughtfully.

Subaru took her in his arms and started twirling her.

" Beako is amazing, truly I couldn't have asked for a better companion !". He exclaimed with stars in his eyes.

[ With this we don't need to go to the inn. Simply tying the Library to the wagon saves us a lot of trouble. We can sleep in a dry covered place!] Subaru thought happily.

After twirling her a little more he put her down.
" Thanks a lot Beako" He added.

" Betty is an Amazing spirit, it's nothing I suppose." Betty answered , blushing happy from her contractor's praises.

A shadow approached the pair . Subaru recognised this person, it was Rem.



There she stood before him, the one who brought him to his lowest, the one who exalted him to his highest point.
The one who destroyed his trust and painfully killed him. The one who died for him.

The only one who believed him when no one did.
[Rem] was looking at him with regret and sorrow.

He was leaving her behind and she knew it.

He did not know what to think [ How does one forgive murder? How can I forgive her for killing me? How can I thank her for dying to save me?]

" Subaru-sama no Subaru-kun here take that with you at least" Rem spoke determinedly while handing a pouch to Subaru.

"What is in there Rem?"Subaru asked , receiving the pouch it was quite heavy

" That is the reward for slaying the White whale"
" There was a reward for it ?!" Subaru exclaimed in surprise.

" Indeed this beast roamed the World for centuries and many wished for its death. As such a heavy bounty was placed on it." Rem answered.


" Heavy you say , huh those are holy gold coins!" Subaru yelled, holding a bag filled to the brim with holy gold coin.

" Indeed there are at least 2000 holy gold coins, it should be enough for Subaru-kun to travel for a while." Rem answered with renewed vigor.

" But why did they send us a reward? I thought that it wasn't included in our deal with Crush right?"

" Subaru-sama played a central role in slaying this beast. It is normal for him to receive this reward." Rem answered.
Translation they were originally going to deny him the reward due to him being the follower of a half elf , after his ascension they sent him the full sum out of fear.

Rem was looking at Subaru with tears in her eyes. Her hero was leaving her and there was nothing she could do. For a moment she thought selfishly that she should have ran away with him when he asked.

[ Ah really how awkward I cannot stay here for any longer. Still it's Rem that's why...I can't leave her like that and she deserve an answer at least.]

" Rem I since I came in this World I was only manipulated by those surrounding me I had an awful time. Still you truly marked my life." Subaru started[ For the better and the worst.]
" That's why Rem I will be back when I reach the answer I seek! I swear I will be back for you!" Subaru exclaimed while grasping her shoulder, his slanted eyes shining with determination.

The blue haired maid was speechless tears falling from her eyes. Perhaps her hero wasn't going to abandon her.

" Subaru-kun Rem loves you from the bottom of her heart! Rem will wait for Subaru-kun she swears , that's why please come back for Rem!"
Rem wept those words coming from the depth of her heart.

Subaru knew these words to be true, he himself was tearing up.
[ I don't know if I'm making the right choice and yet for now I wish to be free.] Still he couldn't give up on Rem this girl so different from the first iteration he met. Without her he would not have found the courage to stand up.

In the afternoon a wagon led by a familiar earth dragon. Subaru and Beatrice left Roswal's mansion. A blue haired maid alone wished them safe travel.



A twin-tailed nun sat in a carriage lost in thought.

On the road she reminisced.
[" Do you understand, meat bag ? I need you to become a companion of the third Campione no matter what. Give yourself to him if you must. Your talents as a Hime miko should spike his interest at least." The monster spoke while holding her face slowly caressing her cheek , fear clouded her mind.
"For the duration of this mission I will release your restriction , you will be able to eat by yourself. No one will supervise you but don't get ahead of yourself meat bag you will never escape from me." ]
Mama's words haunted her.

She was scared , to approach a Campione with the intention of spying on him was suicide.
Yet hope burned within her.

Perhaps she'll finally earn her freedom. For now she must prepare herself to face a God slayer.


Her name was Melty of the three eye tribe and today she was still trapped.




[Once she was whole, now her days of glory long behind her.
Nine sins all hers in the past now fragmented in the hands of worthless mortals.
All that was left of her was her vainglory.
It should have been easy , recovering her pieces should have been a child's play. And yet now Pride and Sloth are being by a Campione of all thing. ]
She thought while gritting her teeth.


[ No matter Greed , Lust ,Gluttony, Melancholy and Wrath already belong to her , her beloved archbishops. Envy sealed in a bid to restrain her.] She smiled in Joy.

[Only the Campione is a troublesome one. Had she been whole crushing that usurper would have been a matter of seconds. Summoning another to take care of him is a possibility. For now let's observe with little luck that one won't last long. Campione always fall in battle before a God or one of their kin.] The thought brings joy to her.


Soon she shall be whole again a Fallen Goddess no more.

Chapter Text

After a week on the road a strange sight greeted the duo. A young woman wearing a nun outfit was sitting on the ground. She stood up abruptly only to trip on her dress and greet the floor again.

After a new attempt to stand the nun tripped on air seemingly and fell.


[Oi oi she fell again. A clumsy nun , hee when I finally stopped believing in this world being an Isekai and I met a character like that.
What is next a group of fallen exorcist trying to use her power for themselves. ] Subaru jokingly thought little did he know that he was right on this point.

"So what are you doing alone on the road miss?" He asked the downed nun while giving her a hand , helping her stand up.

" Oh Thank you" she replied happily smiling."I'm on a sacred quest assigned to me by the Church of Volcanica."

" The Church of Volcanica ?" Subaru asked distractedly [ Huh I felt something strange when I touched her hand. I must have imagined it].
The silent Great spirit observing the scene chose to intervene.

" In fact this church worships the divine dragon Volcanica; it is the main religion approved in this country, I suppose." The blonde loli answered his query.

" Indeed our mission is to spread the church teaching to the world!"

Melty could no longer feel Subaru Campione reserve due to Death's shroud. Yet she was quite certain that the one who stood before her was the Campione she was searching for.

[He fits the description Black hair is rare in Lugnica. It must be him] the nun thought with trepidation.[ I must make a good impression] this thought filled her with apprehension.

Standing straighter the nun presented herself.

" I am Melty. It is a pleasure to meet you Subaru-sama."

" Huh how do you know my name? " Subaru exclaimed, surprised.

" You are quite famous and few match your description black hair and black na... slanted eyes are quite rare in Lugnica." The nun corrected herself with hast.

[ She was totally going to say nasty eyes wasn't she] Subaru thought to himself.

[ Nice going Melty what kind of good impression is that?!] Melty thought in panic fearing that this slip of tongue would cost her her mission.

Subaru noticing the nun inner turmoil took pity on her.

" Ah no matter it's the truth. My name is Natsuki Subaru. It's nice to meet you Melty. Thought you didn't answer my question." Subaru spoke while thinking that the situation felt strange.

" Ah my mission is to offer my service to you, the third Campione." Melty answered at last.

" What?" Subaru was confused.

" Betty's Subaru seems confused. It is to be accepted Betty shall enlighten you I suppose." Beatrice started" Subaru became a Campione in this country where no Campione rule , after ascending you left in hast your previous lodging .This country higher up must be scared about your reaction and decided to sent a peace offering, I suppose.``

" A peace offering ?" Subaru asked, still confused.

" Indeed , in fact that would be the nun over there I suppose. Thought her utility has yet to be asserted." Betty suddenly turned toward the silent girl in askance.

" I am skilled in healing and possess [Spirit Vision] and um I also possess [ Disaster purification]" the nun hasty announced recognising the Great spirit inquiry.

" What is this? A job interview ?" Subaru muttered.

" This one is quite useful in fact , few possess these talents she'll be useful in Betty's Subaru future clash with god I suppose" the loli declared determining that the nun could be a good ally.

" Beako I got no idea about what [ Spirit vision] or [ Disaster purification ] are. A description would be appreciated."

" Ah allow me to describe my ability then ! " The nun exclaimed with renewed vigor. [ Interest is good for me] she thought.

"Disaster purification allows me to destroy any curse I can even affect divine curse to a far lesser extent. Spirit vision allows me to discern a Heretic god presence and origin " the nun described her ability. " I can also heal your wound as I am a Water magician."

" Oh ? Like Felix then "
" My healing is far lesser than sir Argile one, I fear." She answered meekly.

" Still those are good abilities. You want to " serve" under me what does that imply ? Why would you do that?" Subaru fired his question in succession, his intense gaze fixing the nun.

[What could she win from this? Sure the Church sent her that doesn't mean I should trust that easily. I got betrayed enough time already.] The thought had him narrowing his already slanted eyes giving an even more intense look.

Seeing this Melty gulped and involuntary took a step back. [ Ah scary! No wait this is your chance you can't afford to fail! ] The thought of the horrible fate that awaited her at Mama’s hands gave her enough courage to answer.


" To serve a Campione is an honor" she started only to be interrupted.

" An honor How so ?" Subaru asked. Truly he could not understand this mindset. Getting the Campione's treatment mystified him.

" By slaying Heretic god you preserve this World’s order. As a resident of this world and a nun it is my duty to assist you in your fight against those calamities." The nun finished her spiel with vigor, her eyes shining with determination.

[ Huh phrased like that it makes sense. Still once burned twice shy. Trusting her that easily would be stupid of me. These Church guys obviously want something from me. In all isekai or medieval settings these guys are corrupted as hell.] Subaru thought. Once again he was right in this case. After all, Lust's agent infiltrated the Dragon church.

" Beako what do you think?" Subaru asked his partner, being unable to come to a decision.


" Betty thinks that this nun can be a good ally. Betty's Subaru needs more retainers. That one could be a good pick."

" Retainer you say. That's strange for me you know?"

" Betty's Subaru is now a King to have more serve under you is necessary , I suppose"
The Great spirit noted.
" Betty will do her best to assist you in any case still against an Heretic god all advantages are appreciated. That girl could give you priceless information about the foe you will face."


" Ah true, knowledge is key. " Subaru nodded ."Well then Melty I welcome you aboard " he declared while extending his hands toward the nun intending to give her a handshake.

" Truly I thank you deeply for this chance!" The nun declared after bowing low.

[ Ah oh awkward] He thought while lowering his hand.

[ Well I got a new party member I guess.]




As Beatrice predicted the Sage council was in great turmoil.

A Campione was born in this country protected by the [Divine Dragon] Volcanica.

None knew the right course of action to take currently the country does not possess the Dragon God protection as such many were eager for the Royal selection to end.

Protection against Gods and Campione offered by the pact was priceless after all.

And now against all thought possible a Campione was born.

Moreover it was a strange foreign boy who in the matter of days changed his reputation from a useless fool to a legendary hero who slayed the White whale and Sloth and now a Campione.

" Truly none could anticipate that boy's action even before his ascension that one is truly a Campione."

" Indeed and yet the most concerning matter is the course of action the boy took after becoming a God slayer."

At that the council went deep in thought .

That boy who declared his support to the half elf and did the impossible for her, left after becoming a Campione.

Many feared what could have led to this situation.

Did the half devil charm this boy who upon ascension found himself free from her spell?

This question weighed heavily on the mind of the council.

And yet none knew what to do. This country was never ruled by a Campione protected as they were by the [ Divine Dragon] no Campione was born in Lugnica in centuries.

Should they try to get on the Campione good grace or prioritise recovering the pact with the [ Divine Dragon] it was quite a delicate situation.

" Still we cannot afford to antagonise Subaru-sama"
At that many nodded.

" The Church already took action and sent an envoy and peace offering to him."

" What did they send?".

" A talented Hime miko to serve under him. Currently the third Campione possesses only one retainer, the Great spirit he contracted. To send an agent to curry his favor may be a good course of action."

After that the debate restarted with no conclusion achieved.



A certain Mauve haired merchant was panicking.
After all it was her knight who humiliated the new Campione.

[ Ah how awful there's nothing I can do about it everyone already knows.]

While it was known that The Best knight and the newest Campione collaborated to take down Sloth many were hesitant about the nature of these two relationships.

As such some feared to associate with the Hoshin trading company whose leader's knight humiliated the newborn Campione.

Many feared retribution.

Trade was diminishing.

And there was nothing she could do.

[ Ah truly what an awful situation if only I could find Natsuki-sama to diffuse these rumors. And yet he left the Mathers Household far too quickly. I need more time and him to resurface for my agents to find him.] Anastasia thought while biting her finger.


All she could do now was run damage control.

Till she finds the Campione in question.



A certain healer was fearing for his life.
He did try to brainwash the newest Campione while healing his gate after all.

His lady could feel his fear , yet he could not give her an answer.

How could he ? Hah he was truly worthless. His action could bring upon his lady destruction.

All he could now was pray.


She was prideful and such was to be accepted. After all the world was for her enjoyment.

And yet even at the height of her pride she could not antagonise a Campione.

Those who defied fate itself and did the impossible. Those people were far greater than herself.

Even she could admit to it.

And yet that foolish half elf wasted an amazing opportunity.

Had she responded to the boy feeling for her she could have won the crown in a matter of seconds

A Campione backing was nothing to scoff at.

Yet the Campione in question left a few days after his ascension.

After doing the impossible thrice , twice for that half devil sake.

[ What in the world could that imbecile have done?]
The baroness could only shake her head at her fellow competitor.



Reinhard was conflicted. All his life he was feared and revered.

As a demigod able to use [Divine possession] he was without a doubt the strongest mortal.

And here laid the problem. Even with all the power he possessed and a direct connection to a God he was still a mortal.

Unable to confront a Campione or a Heretic god for long.
Oh he could put quite a fight but could he win that was the question.

Imagine his surprise when he learned that Subaru, the boy who approached him with no fear or reverence became a Campione.

[In hindsight that was obvious. A Campione does not possess common sense. Subaru was like that since the beginning.] The Sword saint mused.


In Lugnica a wind of unease blew.

After the loss of the pact fear reigned in the mind of many of its inhabitants.

The descent of an Heretic god created a wave of panic countrywide, all felt the shock of power born from [ Death] 's descent.

Many prayed for the Divine Dragon to come to their rescue.
Only for the Heretic God to be slain moments later.

At the beginning most thought that the Divine Dragon heard their plea and rescued them.

Only for the wave of power announcing the Birth of a Campione to crash their hope.

The identity of said Campione did not reassure them.

The Boy seeking retribution for the wrong committed against him was thought to be a given to most.

After all wasn't he beat an inch away from his life? Insulted and mocked ?

Uncertainty plagged the mind of Lugnica people.


In Alram thought said concern were not shared by the villagers.

All held their hero in high esteem. For him to succeed at the impossible wasn't that surprising.

To them he was an angel who rescued them from a terrible death, at the hand of madbeast for their children and from the Archbishop of Sloth for the whole village.

They wished him all safe travel within their hearts.

Subaru and his companion continued their journey with no destination in mind.

[ Perhaps going only forwards isn't a good course of action. Still I don't know where to go. No place calls to me.]

While thinking about a destination he reminisced about the past.
[ I wanted to run to Kararagi with Rem. Perhaps I should visit there. I miss Japan and their culture is supposedly similar to it. Hoshin was definitely japanese.]

After a few minutes Subaru made his mind and turned toward his companion.

" Hey Beako if I want to go to say Kararagi would it pose a problem? " He asked.
" Betty's Subaru can go anywhere he wants. Kararagi don't possess a Campione , their military power lay in their ninja. At the exception of [Admirer] who is said to rival the current Sword saint there is no one of renown, I suppose."

[ Ninja it's really like japon then] Subaru thought excited till the rest of the sentence hit him.

" Wait, someone who rivals Reinhardt won't that be a problem?"

" Um Subaru-sama as a Campione, this shinobi can not do you any harm. He is said to specialize in curse and yin magic , his magic will not be able to affect you in any way." The nun shyly answered.

" Yin magic you say that's interesting. It'll be cool to meet him then." Subaru mused while his two companions were trading looks.

"Betty's Subaru cannot be stopped in his travels though it'll be better to release Death's shroud when you reach the frontier like you will not be stopped. In fact they'll be honored to have you in their country I suppose." The Great spirit noted.

As a Campione who has yet to claim any nation as his own Natsuki Subaru is a person of great interest to any country with no protection against Gods like Kararagi or Vollachia.

" Then let's make way to Kararagi !" Subaru announced joyously.

Their destination decided the three slowly made their way towards the greatest trading hub in the world.

Chapter Text

On the road a green clothed merchant was travelling.

His life was unexpectedly saved by the one who would become a Campione.

Yet he still needed to sell the excess oil he had lest he fell into debt.

Thus he was making his way towards Kararagi unaware of the misfortune that would befell him.


In The Great spirit of wind exploration dwelling a group of fools were adventuring.

Reize was among those fools. In order to seize vengeance against the Witch cult she must gain more power.

The Great spirit dwelling was without a doubt a place where her desire could be fulfilled.

The young oni noticed a certain shiny ball on a pedestal.

[ How strange it looks like a jewel] the oni slowly approached the pedestal.

Upon touching it her mind shut down, an incredible Bloodlust took control of her.

Where a brown haired blue eyed oni once stood, a white haired woman wearing a black kimono now remained.

The great spirit of wind exploration Zarestia's Hoshi no tama was stolen.


Subaru was making way toward Kararagi after a few days on the road. A strange sight greeted him once again.

A dragon carriage was left alone on the road. An earth dragon was anxiously looking around.

Subaru urged Pastrache to slow down.

[ How strange ] Subaru thought he was slowly looking around trying to determine the cause of this scene.

Beatrice removed her head from the wagon half of her was in the Forbidden Library along with Melty.

She was in the process of teaching more useful magic to the young nun. When she felt the wagon stop, she chose to contact her contractor.

" Subaru what's wrong , I suppose."

" Ah well there's an empty wagon in the road in front of us. Also I feel like I saw this earth dragon before" Subaru muttered the last part.

" Bandit must have accosted the one before us, be careful I suppose."

" Um, is there something wrong?" The nun asked from within the enclosure of the Forbidden Library.

" Nothing I'm going to check" Subaru jumped from his seat slowly approaching the cart.

[ Really it seems familiar. Ah that earth dragon is Furufu! That's Otto's earth dragon !] Subaru pleased he mentaly did a fist pump.[ Wait where's Otto then?]

While Subaru was deep in thought. Rustle could be heard from the forest around them.

Numerous people jumped from the side road. Slowly encircling the Subaru.

" Leave your belonging and all the money you own if you wants to live!" The bandit presumed leader announced.

[ Really what a typical speech . Bandits that's cliche as hell . Wait , they must have done something to Otto.] Subaru thought annoyed.

" Really you don't want to do that." Subaru declared.

" Hahahaha what can you do alone boy? You are encircled quietly leave your belongings behind lest we rough you out."


Subaru was annoyed and so in a fit of quick thinking he released his hold on [Death's shroud]. In an instant all those before him could feel the power unleashed.

Subaru slowly used his magic reserve to pressure the bandits before him.

Said bandits were regretting their life choice. They ambushed a Campione of all things they were done for. Slowly they all fell on the ground.

" Well now you're going to quietly answer all of my question got it?" Subaru approached the bandits who could only nod feebly in response.


Otto was despairing he was captured by the Witch cult recently and now he was caught by Bandits. His luck was truly abysmal. He was tied to a rock in said cave via rope.

Slowly from the cave he was kept in he could hear footsteps. Thinking that his captors came back Otto pretended to be asleep.

" Yo Otto how are you?"

[ Huh I know this voice] Otto thought slowly he opened his eyes only to be greeted by the sight of a familiar black haired young man.

" Heeeeeh Natsuki-san ? What are you doing here?"

" Saving you again I guess" Subaru answered he was cutting the rope holding Otto back with a knife.

" There you're free now!"
The merchant thought that his luck was truly the strangest.


" So that's how it is. You need to sell all that oil good luck with that."

" That's a bit harsh don't you think ?!"

The group was sitting around a campfire. A pot of soup was currently on the fire slowly cooking.

The nun turned toward the newest addition to their group in curiosity , eager to know who this young man who could address the Campione so casually.

" You are going to Kararagi too, so why don't you travel with us?" Subaru asked the merchant.

At that Otto hesitated , Natsuki-san was his benefactor yet he was also a Campione trouble would certainly follow him. At the same time traveling with a Campione would ensure his safety. After a small debate he came to a decision.

" It would be an honor to accompany you Natsuki-sama."

"Ah drop the sama Otto it feels weird ! '' Subaru exclaimed the sudden amount of respect he was addressed with never stopped from being strange to him.

Seeing the looks of confusion from his two companions Subaru chose to quench their curiosity.

" This is Otto a merchant. He may look like a con artist but he's a good guy! He helped me get in time to save Emilia from Sloth."

" A con artist that's a bit too much don't you think ?!"

" If he helped Subaru before Betty has no problem with him I suppose."

" Ah welcome to the group Otto- san" the nun spoke up in greeting.

" Otto this is the Great spirit Beatrice, my cute partner and over there this is Melty Pristis a nun from the Dragon Church." Subaru presented his companions to the merchant.

A small scream hit him. Pastrache did not like to be sidelined.

" Oh the beautiful dragon over there is Pastrache, my loyal companion." The dragon seemed satisfied by the presentation.

" Ah nice to meet you both." Otto was a bit shaken to think that small blonde girl was a great spirit, how unexpected.

" Well that settles it, let's eat now!"
The group ate the soup while the two earth dragons were fed appa.

The night was spent slowly trading stories of the past.

Before long the group retired within the confines of the Forbidden Library to spend the night.


Finally after one more week of travel the Group reached Banan. One of the ten great cities of Kararagi.

The group made its way towards the checkpost . Upon reaching it Subaru stopped using Death’s Shroud letting the people around them feel the Campione's power.

The people present parted ways letting Subaru’s group reach the post without waiting in line. All bowed low, not wishing to turn the Campione’s attention towards them.

The guards were also in the same position; none moved till Subaru’s wagon was in front of them. Then the eldest guard spoke up.

« It is an honor to welcome you in Kararagi your highness »

[Ah that still weird me out everytime.] Subaru thought.

«Ah well it’s nice to visit Kararagi. I heard many tales about this country. Out of curiosity I came here to visit.» He declared .

The people around him were greatly affected by this declaration. Did the King wish to claim Kararagi as his own ? Such thoughts crossed their minds. Still a Campione was illogical thus they could not decipher the intention behind his words.

Meanwhile Subaru’ companions slowly came out of the carriage causing more questions to spring in their minds.
Subaru’s turned toward them, gesturing them to approach. Once they stood in front of the guards he presented them.

« Those are my companions, the nun Melty and the great spirit Beatrice. We’re here together. Oh before I forget Otto there is with me too. '' Subaru spoke the last part like an afterthought.

The merchant who prefered to stand in the back was shocked by this. He did not wish to be noticed thus he stood at the end of the line. All the people in front of him turned to look at him.
[Why Natsuki-san WHYYYYYY ?] Otto despaired.

The group was easily let go ; no check was imposed on them. People feared Campione far too much to dare refuse him entry.

In Banan unease ran. The Great spirit Zarestia left her dwelling. Many feared the destruction the most beautiful shinigami would bring upon the city .

In an unspecified building a certain shinobi was gearing himself to fight the Great spirit if the need arose.

Only for another shinobi to suddenly burst in the room.

" Has there been any change ?" The demihuman asked.

" The whereabouts of the Great spirit are still unknown. But another important matter has happened."

" What is it?" [ Admirer] questioned his fellow shinobi.

"The third Campione has entered Banan." The masked shinobi spoke fear in his tone.

This new development would without a doubt shake the city.


In an inn near the entry of the city Subaru was unaware of the storm brewing in the city.

He was currently enjoying a japanese stilled meal.

[ Sashimi it's been a while since I had those. Really the whole town is making me nostalgic.] Sorrow filled him Subaru was reminiscing all things he left behind in japan.

Noticing her contractor state Beatrice approached him and sat in his lap.

" Betty is here with you , there is no need for you to feel this sad, I suppose."

" Ah thank you Beako you're being really cute right now!"

" Betty is Always cute Betty's Subaru should pay more attention to his partner , I suppose." The loli turned her face red from embarrassment , a pleased smile on her face.

Melty was also eating and enjoying the taste of this exotic meal.

Otto wasn't with them; he chose to directly try his luck and sell his cargo the fastest possible .

Soon they would be interrupted by an unexpected visitor.


"So it's there huh." A white haired woman was looking at the inn where the group was residing.

She could clearly feel the Godslayer power from where she stood.

The woman in question was unnaturally beautiful , donning a white kimono she was quite the sight, people around her found their gaze gravitating towards her.

" Still I really need help, well no matter let's go."

Her name was Zarestia and to recover her light ball she needed the Campione assistance.


A knock on the door stopped Subaru in track he was getting ready to sleep. Sporting a kimono he slowly turned toward the window where the noise emanated from.

[ That's starting to feel like a horror movie . Well I got no choice then] he thought.

" Come in! "

The window opened , from there emerged a beautiful lady

[ That's the most beautiful woman I saw since coming into this world.She almost put Emilia to shame.] The thought of the half elf saddened him. As such he quickly focused on his guest.

" Well who are you and what do you want Miss?"

" I am the great spirit of wind exploration Zarestia and I request your help in recovering my light ball Campione-sama." The now identified Zarestia bowed respectfully.

[ Huh that's not how I expected it to go] Subaru thought ruefully usually his meeting with a transcendental beautiful woman ended with him fighting for his life.


Beatrice upon hearing noise hurried in her contractor's room. Only to be greeted by the sight of Zarestia and Subaru seated around a small table facing each other.

Beatrice could feel that the intruder was a powerful and old spirit as such her guard was up.

" Who is this I suppose?"

" Ah Beako that's Zarestia. She's "

" Zarestia !???!" The loli interrupted her contractor.

" Yes ? She's here to request help. Apparently they stole something from her."

" Subaru, that one before you is one of the four Great spirits and the oldest spirit in the world she's dangerous I suppose !"

" Indeed I am one of the oldest being in the current world. Campione-sama who is that young spirit over there?"

" That's Beatrice my partner."

" I see , as I was saying my light ball was stolen from my dwelling As such I respectfully ask for your help in recovering my belonging."

" Ha I don't mind helping you but what's a light ball?" Subaru asked while scratching his head.

" It's a jewel that contains most of my power, this one before you barely possesses the silver of what I am. That's why recovering it is vital for me."

" Ah it's like a Hoshi no tama then " Subaru nodded to himself.
Not noticing his partner growing horror.

" Wha who could have stolen such a thing from you I suppose??" The young spirit asked befuddled.

" A group of humans visited my dwelling and got lucky enough to survive. One of them touched my light ball only to be swallowed by its power."

" Swallowed?" Subaru muttered in confusion.

" That's bad, that means that a mortal currently possess most of Zarestia power I suppose."

" Indeed and I know not of what this human design is . I cannot recover my light ball alone ."

" I see then I will help you! We'll find the thief and recover your light ball I swear." Subaru exclaimed determined to recover the light ball before the thief caused trouble.

" For now the thief has yet to make his presence known. It's better to rest and gather information tomorrow I suppose." The blonde loli announced at last.

Both Subaru and Zarestia turned toward her.

" I have no objection with this course of action." The great wind spirit declared.

" If both of you think like that then let's wait tomorrow."

After this decision the group chose to sleep in order to save energy for tomorrow would be without a doubt hectic.

" I asked for two futon Zarestia you can take one while I share the other one with Beatrice."

Beatrice slept with Subaru since the two formed a contract that's why Subaru requested two futons. One for him and one for Beatrice.

" Betty don't mind I suppose." The great spirit quickly hopped in a futon gesturing to her contractor to follow her.

Subaru followed her. After a minute of hesitation Zarestia chose to take the offer and lay in the spare futon.

" Well then good night everyone."

" Good night I suppose"

" Good night."

Tomorrow a great upheaval awaited them. For now they could rest.

The next morning a certain ninja would greet them having been chosen to guide the Campione in Banan.

Chapter Text

After a good night of sleep. The groups slowly prepared themselves.

Upon finishing they made their way towards the common room to get breakfast.

Melty had a good night of sleep. It's been a long while since she felt this refreshed.

Mama's agents were not watching her as such she felt free.

No longer she has to check behind her shoulder each time she goes out in fear of angering her jailors.

With a spring in her steps she was on her way to get breakfast.

It was only when she reached the door that she felt a great power. It seemed like the Wind was in there.

Slowly she opened the door only to be meet with a new addition to their group.

A beautiful woman was sitting next to her liege and Beatrice-sama.

She could clearly feel that this person was a powerful great spirit. [ Eh ? What happened last night ?] She was confused.


Otto returned last night after a day of trying to sell his ware.

He wasn't the only one surprised with this new addition. [ I only left for one night. What in the world happened ?] Otto thought.

A new Great spirit joined them.


" Well everybody, as you noticed someone joined us. Zarestia over ther.."


"ZARESTIA ??!!!!!" Melty and Otto yelled in choir.

" Wow Tia you must be pretty famous if people always get that reaction after hearing your name." Subaru said a bit annoyed to be interrupted.

" Tia? Well I am indeed famous I am the most beautiful shinigami after all !" The Great spirit exclaimed with pride , puffing her chest.

" That's your nickname now Zarestia is a bit too long ya know?" He answered the spirit question.

Zarestia nodded, not all that bothered.


Melty and Otto were still trying to recover their bearing. Watching the scene before them they could only shake their heads. Campione were truly unbelievable.

" As I was saying, Tia over there asked for my help and I agreed. She'll be with us till the situation has been resolved." He declared leaving no room for refusal, his eyes shining with determination.

" Aaahhh Natsuki-san you're truly are a troublesome person." Otto said slowly, shaking his head with an almost fond smile.

" Betty has agreed to help already I suppose." The silent till now loli spoke up.

All the group turned toward the nun who had yet to speak.

Melty took a step back, intimidated by the stares sent her ways. Two great spirits and a Campione staring at her was way too intense for the priestess.

" Ah I have no problem with this!." The nun exclaimed while throwing her arms in surrender with a nervous smile on her face.


The group sat in a circle all were deep in thought the urgency of the current situation dawning on them.

" So that's the situation huh? " Otto spoke slowly trying to make sense of the situation.

" Indeed It's quite troublesome in fact in the worst case the city could be turned into a Battlefield I suppose." Beatrice added her grain of salt.

" Arr that's frustrating without knowing who's the thief and where he is we can't do much ! " Subaru exclaimed, frustrated.

[ Waiting for the thief to show up and create chaos is an awful strategy. Think Subaru, if you suddenly gained the power of a great spirit what would you do?] He went deep in thought.

Melty slowly raised her hand , she had an idea and wished to help.

" Um?"

Subaru turned towards the nervous nun.

" On Melty ? If you have an idea speak up !" Subaru urged her.

She took a deep breath.

"Well that person currently holds Zarestia-sama's power So his mana must have been overwritten by hers right? We could try to scry the thief using Zarestia-sama mana signature. That could lead us to the thief......" She trailed off at the end intimidated by the intense gaze on her.

" That could work I suppose. I am not well versed in scrying but with your [ Spirit Vision] that will make the job easier. Good idea nun you outdid yourself I suppose." The great spirit praised the shy priestess.

Melty was blushing, happy with being praised by her pseudo teacher.

" I shall gladly donate you a bit of mana. Catching the thief take precedence." Zarestia nodded.


" Wait a minute you lost me there, what's scrying ?" Subaru asked confused by the terms used.

" It's a ritual used to track a person using their unique mana signature. But to use it you need a bit of the mana's target I suppose." The blonde loli enlightened her contractor.

" Oh? That's like coupling a GPS with a tracker then." Subaru spoke nodding his head. He was the only one understanding his comparaison.


" If you understand it's fine I suppose." Betty slowly shook her head. She wished to understand her contractor's speech.


" Still we need to inform the Town's authorities. If the worst happen Banan will need to be evacuated. " Otto spoke up serious for once.


" You're right. Melty , Beatrice try to find the thief. Zarestia stay with them. Otto you'll come with me we need to inform them." Subaru took commands swiftly living up to his leader role.

They all nodded.

Their meeting was interrupted by a knock on the door.

[Ah what now?] Subaru thought irritated.

" Yes enter." He said harshly.

Upon hearing his reply the servant girl lamented at her fate. Why did she agree to attend a Campione again ?

" My apologies" she entered the room and bowed deeply.

" Well what do you want? " Subaru asked a bit less harshly, noticing the girl fear.

[ Great going Subaru. What's with you scarring innocent people haahh] he sighed

" Your guide has arrived "

" My guide? I don't remember asking for one?" Subaru asked confused.

" Natsuki-san you told the guard that you wanted to visit Banan. Of course they 'll send someone to guide you!" Otto spoke exasperated.

" Ah make sense then. Well let him come, he could help us with the situation." Subaru commanded.

" I'll send for him." The servant quickly left bowing once again before closing the door.


A moment later a certain shinobi entered the room.


[ Aaah well time to face the music.] The ninja braced himself.

He entered the room and bowed deeply.

" I am Halibel. I was chosen to guide you during your stay in Banan my lord." The ninja presented himself .

" Oh Nice to meet you then Halibel." Subaru replied swiftly.

" Wait Halibel Betty heard that name before I suppose." The blonde loli muttered.

" Um Beatrice-sama, that man would be Admirer the greatest ninja of Kararagi. " Melty answered the blonde untold question.


" Oh ! You're that super ninja then!" Subaru exclaimed remembering the discussion he shared with his companions on the road.

Otto was slowly shaking his head a Campione, two great spirits and now one of the strongest mortals were before him.
[ Ah what am I doing here again]


[ That guy can match Reinhard then . Let's be more wary around him. Banan sending a ninja for a guide is a bit weird. Rather than a guide he must be there to watch me or stop me if they think I'm going too far. Well that's to be excepted no way those government people would have been happy to see me there] Subaru thought derisively he was gazing at the ninja the whole time.

After a while he finally noticed the newcomer position.

" Ah you can stop bowing now. Actually We need your help for something." Subaru addressed the silent shinobi.

" I shall gladly assist you in any way you require." He replied swiftly.

" Zarestia over there lost her light ball and we need to recover it before the thief attacks the town" Subaru declared .

The shinobi observed the white haired woman who seemed to be the Great spirit he geared himself to fight just the night before.
[ Aaah as expected of a Campione that's going to be a troublesome day isn't it?] He thought to himself.

" Betty's Subaru should explain the situation more clearly I suppose." The loli declared.

" Ah well then it's like that." Subaru sighed tired of explanation and wishing to finally act.


" Even before your arrival Zarestia-sama's departure from her dwelling was noticed. The city's ninja are already geared up to fight. Still we shall assist you in this matter. Banan does possess a few Hime miko. They should make your endeavor in tracking the thief easier." Halibel explained..

" Well that makes our job easier. Then Hal-san go alert the town authority about it . We shall go seek these priestesses." Subaru commanded

" Betty's Subaru forgot to ask something in fact ,where are these priestesses I suppose?" Beatrice corrected her contractor oversight.

" Ahh I knew I was forgetting something." Subaru muttered.

" The Priestesses reside in the temple at the southernmost point of the town. You can't miss it" the ninja spoke amusement coloring his tone.

" South huh we should find it easily then"

" Natsuki-san, I can bring you there. I already visited that part of the town." Otto spoke up.

" Oh you're there Otto I forgot about you." Subaru replied while scratching his head.

" That's too harsh Natsuki-san ?!"

" Well then you'll guide us there thanks Otto!" Subaru spoke without a care.

The group parted ways.

Subaru , Melty , Zarestia and Beatrice guided by Otto quickly reached the shrine.

" Oh, it makes me nostalgic. It looks like the shrine back at home." Subaru exclaimed.

Before them stood a seemingly japanese shrine like. After traversing an impressive amount of stairs they reached the shrine courtyard.

The priestesses stood at the front in line having felt the Campione arrival.

In sinc they all bowed.

" We welcome you in Banan shrine Natsuki-sama"

" That's some impressive synchronization here." Subaru declared.

" Thank you for your warm welcome . Still I'm here on urgent business." He spoke up.

" Very well then please follow me" the head priestess straightened herself and gestured toward the shrine.


The Head Priestess led them to the temple main room.

Gesturing for them to sit. Refreshments were brought by other miko.

"Ah I'm here because I am in need of your skills , no need for refreshment." Subaru spoke.

" In what way could we assist you?" The miko asked her surprise, denoted by the slight widening of her eyes.

" We need you to localise Zarestia’s light ball." Subaru declared while gesturing towards Tia.

" .... The Great spirit light ball was stolen ?????!" The head priestess replied incredulous.

She already knew what a light ball was due to her education as a priestess.

Yet to think Zarestia’s light ball could be stolen. That was truly unthinkable..

The Head Priestess quickly regained her composure. The gravity of the situation dawning on her she gestured to the miko at the back.

" Ready the divination room. We shall start a Divination immediately." She declared.

Subaru nodded satisfied by the miko reaction.

The head priestess turned toward them.

" Please Zarestia-sama would you follow us in the ritual room?" She respectfully asked the Great spirit.

" Of course." Zarestia nodded .

" Betty shall also join the ritual along with the nun over there I suppose." The loli announced.

" Heh? Me too?!" The nun exclaimed she believed that her service would not be required. The head priestess was a better and more experienced hime miko after all.

" Of course Melty, your help is needed! " Subaru spoke up.

The Head priestess seeing this spectacle could only agree to the Campione s will. A great spirit help would be appreciated and the nun is without a doubt a talented hime miko she was a Campione retainer after all.


" Very well then Beatrice sama , Melty-sama follow me please." She demanded.

She turned toward Subaru and bowed deeply.

" Natsuki-sama until the ritual is completed you cannot enter the divination room I fear. Your power would disturb the ritual. To accommodate you the remaining priestess shall entertain you and your friend until we finish if that is not a problem." She finished her tirade.

" I understand then I'll wait for you to finish." Subaru nodded.

The group following the Head priestess departed only Otto Subaru and a few miko were left.

" Ahhh why I must stay with you alone Otto" Subaru complained.

" Natsuki-san be patient. And that's way too harsh." Otto replied, used to his friend antics.

They would remain in this room waiting for a while.

During their wait Halibel would join them having finished reporting the situation to the higher up.


" Ahhhh that's too much we spent a day here!" Subaru complained.

He was being served dinner. And yet the ritual had yet to be finished.

Thus his patience was diminishing rapidly.

Halibel and Otto silently ate, enjoying the meal served before them. High class dishes were numerous and perfectly executed. Only the best would be served to a Campione.

" Natsuki-sama, a divination ritual is a hard thing to execute and locating a being possessing the Wind power is a hard matter. The thief could be constantly moving using Zarestia-sama power thus making him even more hard to find." The ninja explained trying to calm the agitated Campione.

" Natsuki-san if you interrupt them now it would have been all for nothing." The merchant spoke.

" Ahh fine !" Subaru muttered petulantly.


After a few minutes a miko would interrupt them the ritual had finally concluded.




They all gathered in the ritual room. The room was wide enough to accommodate their groups; many more miko were sitting in the back exhausted by the ritual. Melty was among them.

Zarestia and Beatrice looked perfectly fine.

" Good job everyone !" Subaru praised his companions

" That's only natural I suppose." The loli declared proudly.

" You don't want me to praise you then?" Subaru titled his head.

At that the great spirit face morphed to shock then reddened.

" Betty did a Wonderful job and she deserves much praise. In fact Subaru should praise Betty far more I suppose" she announced pointing her finger at him.

" You truly are too cute!!" Subaru yelled and hugged her. He twirled her a few times before putting her down.

Beatrice seemed pleased by this development, her smile radiant.

The head priestess chose to speak up.

"Now that the ritual has been concluded we can follow the thief path directly. He seems to hide near the mountain. " The head priestess gestured towards the glowing map.

At the center of the room a map of Kararagi was displayed , the map was in 3 dimensions, surprising Subaru.
[It looks like an Hologram very science fy] He thought in wonder
On the map a dot was shining indicating the thief's position.

To the audience surprise the dot started to move rapidly zooming at high speed it traversed the mountain its destination : Banan.

" Hey, doesn't it look like the dot coming towards us? '' Subaru asked the shocked group.

" Damn it at this rate the thief will reach the shrine in a few minutes! " Halibel declared.

" Hey is there any protection for the shrine ?" Subaru asked the Priestess.

" There's a few barriers but they won't last long enough! " She replied

" I see well then.." Subaru muttered and quickly exited the shrine. Just in time to witness the Fake spirit crashing in front of him.

The sounds of broken glass reached him. The outer barrier had shattered upon impact.


Seeing the situation Subaru quickly released his hold on his mana .

" Ur Shamak! " Chain of shadow appeared and quickly tried to tie down the faker.

Only to be dodged at the last minute by the fake Zarestia.

Subaru finally got a good look at the thief said thief donned a black kimono and looked like a mirror image of Zarestia.

[ Huh?? She looks like Tia did absorbing the light ball change the thief apparence too ?! Must be it. Damn it she dodged. I need to catch her to recover the light ball without breaking it!] He thought furiously readying himself for another attack.


[ If the chain won't work then !]

" Ur Shamak ! " This time a Net of shadow appeared and caught the thief.


" Yes!" Subaru yelled fist pumping.

Only for the net to be torn to shred by the wind.

" No ! Why you?! Stay put, damn it!"

The faker didn't seem to hear his words. Reize or whatever was left of her fractured mind was concentrating on locating Tia by defeating her and absorbing her; she'd be whole and unstoppable.

As such in her madness she ignored the Campione before her . Had she been aware she would not have committed such an act.

The rest of the group finally reached Subaru , Otto and Melty choose to remain in the shrine.

Reise zoomed on Tia and sprung towards her only to be stopped by a kunai. She retreated back.

[ Admirer ] entered the fight. Quickly Halibel used his clone technique five of him surrounded the Faker.


" Huh, multi-clonage ?! Really what's this Naruto?" Subaru yelled in shock.

In the meantime Beatrice finally reached her contractor her short legs unable to follow the other speed.

" Betty's Subaru should be more aware of his surroundings I suppose." The loli scolded him.

" Ah sorry Beako, I didn't mean to leave you behind, my body moved on his own." He replied.

Tia attacked the thief, the wind closed on the Faker Beatrice wasted no time and casted her spell.

" Ur Minya! I suppose"

Crystal reached toward the thief only to be met with a wind barrier . Halibel’s clones jumped on the thief ; the Faker dodged one attack only to be caught in two .

The figure's bleeding increased scratch started to litter her body.

" We need to catch her ! " Subaru yelled.

" Got it !" Tia replied she jumped along with Halibel both attacking in a flurry.

[ Damn it they're too fast I can't attack without hurting them! Wait if she can predict magic in advance then!] Subaru thought of an idea springing in his mind.

Subaru Quickly activated death Shroud not to hide himself but his next attack.

Using Shamak he wove numerous nets.

Before him the combat was still raging and the Faker was slowly getting cornered.
As such she released an impressive wave of power blowing away her opponent.


Subaru took the chance and moved his net. Without the faker's notice the net caught the thief.


Said thief struggled in vain this time Subaru weaved numerous nets and added more binding at the same time. Tied in a shadow cocon the thief was finally caught.


Halibel and Tia looked quite worse for wear, scratch and tear littered their body though both were standing up like their injury did not affect them.

Halibel even started to smoke using his kisuru.

Melty and Otto who choose to remain in the shrine were in comparaison untouched.


The shrine lawn was destroyed. The tile flew during the fight. Many craters littered the ground . It looked like a Natural disaster had crossed the shrine.

" Huh, how are we supposed to recover the light ball now??" Subaru asked his winded companions.


" Allow me " Tia declared she made way towards the faker.

Suddenly Tia's hand plunged in Reise's chest. She removed her hand, having caught her gem.


Finally Zarestia recovered her light ball. And yet her face was quite grim.

For once she'd fuse with it again she'd lose her ability to think.

She may only hold a silver of her power in this body yet her mind fully belonged to her.

She'd miss these people. She barely knew them for a day and yet she felt like she belonged with them.

She was treated by them as a person not a natural disaster. Though it may be because Campione were far worse than her.

Thus she was quite sad.

Subaru noticed his companion unexpected sorrow.[ I thought she'd be happy after recovering her light ball weird]

" What's wrong Tia?" Subaru asked.

" Now that I recovered my light ball I shall fuse with it "

" Yes what's the problem?" He asked her

" Betty's Subaru is really clueless. I suppose. Zarestia is the great shinigami for a reason. Recovering her light ball will surely affect her behavior I suppose " the blonde explained.

" Is it true Tia ? " Subaru turned towards her, his voice wavering.

" Yes my light ball is tainted by bloodlust left from the betrayal I suffered long ago. Fusing with it will make me lose my mind to it." She replied sadly.

At that the whole courtyard fell silent .
Their faces were all grim at the prospect of seeing this childish spirit become a bloodthirsty Monster.

Melty gathered her courage not wishing to see the one she bonded with loose herself.


" Allow me to try to purify it at least." Melty exclaimed she was determined. At last she could be useful, something she didn't do since the beginning of this debacle.

" You don't have the Mana for it nun.Your [Disaster purification] won't hold long enough I suppose."

[ Wait if it's just mana then!] An idea came to Subaru's mind. He spoke up.

" Hey Beako can't I just give her mana then?"
The blonde loli was surprised then quickly fell in deep thought.


" Subaru mana is too potent. If Betty takes some from you then Transfer to the nun it should work then I suppose." She answered at last.

Zarestia who stood silent till then perked up. Hope filled her that after eons her mind and her power would fully belong to her once more.

" It's worth a try don't you think Tia?" He asked his silent comrade.

" Sure Su-san I want to try ." Zarestia answered hopeful.


Melty could feel herself trembling, it was straining; her knees were going to buckle.

With Beatrice regulating the flow of mana Melty only had to concentrate on the task at hands.

Still millenia of wrath would not go down quietly.

Still she soldiered on she could feel the taint dissipating slowly at a crawling rate.

She did not know how long it took her.

At dawn the Great spirit light ball was fully cleansed from Wrath.

After eons Zarestia was truly free.


After a long night Subaru and his companions returned to the inn, spent.
Halibel returned to report the events to Banan government .
They were all tired, even Otto who did not fight was drained by the experience.

Upon reaching their room they all fell asleep immediately.

Unaware of the legend spreading in town.

In Banan a new legend was sung.

A Campione , A ninja , A great spirit and a Hime miko allied to save the great spirit of Wind exploration Zarestia from her curse.

After a millennia the Great spirit of wind exploration was freed from wrath. No longer would she indiscriminately slaughter her way in Kararagi.
The most beautiful Shinigami was no more.

Banan was saved from future conflict with Zarestia.

The wave of power emanating from the fight was felt by all the citizen yet the fight did not reach the city and was contained in the shrine ,

Thus its inhabitants were extremely grateful.

The story would spread to all Kararagi before soon reaching a certain Mauve haired merchant's ears .

But that is a story of another day.


For now Subaru and his companions were resting in peace.

Chapter Text

After spending most of the morning sleeping the group ate lunch and then went to finally visit the city.
Subaru was enjoying Banan festive mood.

In the same pattern as japanese festival, numerous stands were lined up on either side of the street.

Food , games , and other miscellaneous items were sold.

[ It looks like a summer festival. I missed this] Subaru mused.

He noticed people looking at him. They gave his group a wide berth.

[ At least they're not kneeling.] He thought exasperated.

" People still act weirdly around me huh.." he muttered.

" They are not scared of you Subaru-sama they are merely showing you respect" Melty strongly insisted.

"Su-san is considered as a benevolent Campione after all !" Tia exclaimed.

" Benevolent ?" Subaru questioned.

" Indeed you did not destroy Lugnica for the insult they dealt to you, like the other would have I suppose." The loli explained.

" Yeah and Su-san didn't destroy Banan in Yesterday fight. Those are proof enough that you're a good one!" Zarestia continued.

""" That's why people are not running away from you"""
" I suppose" Beatrice added .

" Well that's good for me I guess?" Subaru asked himself while scratching his head.

" By the way where's Otto ?" Subaru suddenly noticed the green merchant's absence.

" Oh Otto-san went to drink I think? He said that he needed it after last night" Melty answered meekly.

" Huh as expected of Otto disappearing for that" Subaru lightly joked.

" Well let's enjoy ourselves !" Subaru yelled cheerfully fist pumping.

" Yes !" Tia yelled joyously.

Melty and Beatrice were sharing a look while smiling fondly.

The next hour was spent flirting from stand to stand trying numerous speciality.

" Look Beako, I won you a plush! " Subaru showed his partner the prize he just won from an archery stand.

" Betty is not a child I suppose!" She yelled embarrassed.

" You don't want it?" Subaru asked her sadly.

" No ! In fact This belongs to Betty now I suppose! " The loli exclaimed quickly, taking the plush in Subaru arms.

" That's the first gift Subaru gave to Betty, it's precious now I suppose." The blonde explained shyly, a pleased smile on her face.


[ Cute!! Too cute !] Subaru took an arrow straight to his heart.

After moving weirdly he suddenly hugged Beatrice tightly.

" Don't worry Beako, that's only the first one of a long series !" He exclaimed.

Beatrice was embarrassed. Her face was red , fume started to emerge from her ears. Still a radiant smile slowly appeared on her face.

[ Betty certainly chose well in fact I chose the best I suppose] She thought happily.

Zarestia and Melty looked warmly at this scene.

During their wandering Halibel joined them.

" Oh Hal-san how are you?" Subaru asked the ninja .

" I'm fine Subaru-sama. I'm here to guide through Banan. That's my job after all." Halibel responded calmly.

" Well then I'm counting on you !" Subaru declared.

At that the ninja nodded.

" Well let's make way, there are more to see. The main attractions of the festival will start soon after all." He explained.

" What are the people celebrating I wonder?" Melty asked shyly.

" They're celebrating Subaru-sama victory," Halibel spoke amused.

" Eeehhhhh ?! " Subaru yelled in shock.

" These people have good discernement I suppose !" Beatrice exclaimed, happy to see her contractor being recognised.

" Hahahahaha" Subaru laughed awkwardly.

The group was led by Halibel for the rest of the day.

They saw all of Banan landmark its peculiar architectural style was making Subaru nostalgic.

He kept looking around him feeling that if he took another turn his parents would be there to greet him.

He lagged behind the group. Tia was excitedly moving around dragging Halibel with her.

The ninja was trying to curb her excitement in fear that she'd accidentally destroy something.

Melty was happily laughing looking at this scene.

Thus He was wistful thinking of the past without anyone the wiser ,only to be interrupted by a small hand holding his.

Beatrice having felt her contractor sadness, she chose to snap him out of it.

" Betty will always be here with you I suppose.!"she declared.

" Ahhh thank you Beatrice, really thank you " he told her tearful.

After a minute of comradery shared between these two who knew intimately loneliness they rejoined the others.


Meanwhile Otto was sitting in a bar nursing a drink. Yesterday events shook him greatly , thus he chose to reevaluate his situation.

[ Why did I follow Natsuki-san to confront a Great spirit again ? ] He thought derisively.

[ I wished to help him. I was worried about leaving him. He always manages to find himself in trouble After all.] He complained in his mind.

[ Still Campione or not he is my friend that's why I took this course of action.] He sighed in defeat.

He succeeded in selling his oil. No longer would he fear falling in debt now.

He should without a doubt return to Lugnica quickly.
Perhaps prepare himself to acquire merchandise from Banan to sell back home.

And yet a question weighed on his mind.

What about Natsuki-san ?

His musings were interrupted by someone sitting in front of him.

He looked up only to be met by a Mauve haired merchant.

Anastasia Hoshin was sitting in front of him.


After weeks Anastasia finally managed to track down Natsuki Subaru.

The news of his arrival in Banan quickly spread to the whole country of Kararagi.

She quickly made way to Banan, having been in the city closest to it.

She just arrived at noon today to learn about last night's event.

In one day Natsuki Subaru made history.

He was now known as the hero of Banan.

And had according to the local contracted the Great spirit of wind exploration.

Fearing to approach the Campione directly, she chose to use an intermediary.

Her contacts told her of the merchant who arrived along with Subaru-sama and was his friend.

Said merchant was also seen in a bar far from the Campione's entourage.

He was the perfect way to contact Natsuki-sama.

Thus she was here in this bar followed by her knight.

Anastasia quickly prayed and began the negotiation.


Otto was on guard, there was only one thing a corporation owner like Anastasia Hoshin would only want from him.

Access to Natsuki Subaru.

Behind her stood the best knight.

" Anastasia Hoshin ceo of Hoshin trading company , dragon candidate." He spoke

" Otto Suwen unsuccessful merchant who managed to earn a Campione friendship. You first met Natsuki Subaru after being saved by him from Sloth." She replied not willing to back down.

" Well Hoshin-sama what do you want from me?" He asked, already suspecting the answer.

" I wish to contact Natsuki-sama through you Otto-san." She responded respectfully the one before her had the ear of a Campione after all.

" I see and why did you not directly send an envoy to him? Do you fear reprisal for your knight action?" Otto asked, turning towards the silent knight behind his mistress.

At that Anastasia flinched.

Otto didn't hide the distaste in his voice. Perhaps Julius Euclius was trying to protect Natsuki-san from reprisal by other knight yet he still beat his best friend to an inch of his life.

He could just have defeated him quickly without making a spectacle of his beating.

Natsuki-san and Julius Euclius collaborated to take down Sloth, thus Otto calmed down a bit.

[ Natsuki-san must have forgiven him, he's too kind after all] he thought exasperated.

[ Still for Anastasia Hoshin to move her business must have been greatly affected.] He thought shrewdly.

" Well if you wish to contact Natsuki-san you should do it directly." He spoke at last.

Anastasia looked a bit panicked.

Otto stood up from his seat , his buzz was destroyed by the one in front of him.

He chose to return to the inn and rejoin his friends.

" Well then have a nice evening" he told her while leaving.


Subaru and Beatrice were looking with wide eyes at the spectacle before them.

The main attractions of the festival was the circus currently performing at the city square..

Magic was flying in the air, fireworks like flowers appeared in the sky.

Nonetheless to say Tia and Melty were also looking intently at the spectacle before them.

A light green haired young man appeared on the scene juggling with Blades. He was fearless, balancing over 20 blades in the air.

Upon seeing him recognition shone in Melty's eyes. Before her, her childhood friend Tiga stood.

He seemed to have recognised her too judging by the slight widening of his eyes upon seeing her.

Tiga continued his spectacle after that with extreme precision.

Melty was filled with dread.


The group returned at the inn Halibel parted with them.

They ate a hearty meal during said meal Otto joined them looking a bit frustrated.

Subaru noticed that Melty was strangely quiet.

" Ah Otto you're there !" Subaru exclaimed.

Otto looked like he wanted to tell him something before stopping himself.

[ Did something happen?] Subaru was starting to frown seeing his friend's strange mood.

[ Melty and now Otto what did I miss, damn it?]

Tia chose to shime in.

" Ah green boy, come eat with us, the food is pretty great!" The great spirit yelled.
She was happily enjoying meals after meals. It had been centuries since she could appreciate such good food.

Before the betrayal she suffered, humans used to leave her offering of the highest quality.

Upon becoming the most beautiful shinigami such offering did not appear anymore, people were far too scared of her.

Thus she happily smiled.

" Green boy ?! My name is Otto Zarestia-sama !" Otto replied energicatly.

This reassured Subaru.

" Well Otto she's right come eat with us !" He agreed with Tia's statement food first , he'll learn of the problem later.

Otto sighed and sat with them. He started to eat, he would explain what happened this evening later.

For now the group ate in peace.


All gathered in Subaru’s room, his room being the grandest of the inn there was more than enough of place.

They sat in a circle with Beatrice in Subaru's lap.

" Well now Melty, Otto what's wrong ?" Subaru asked at his two downturned companions.

" Eh?! Me too?" Melty exclaimed in surprise she did not think that her inner turmoil was this apparent.

Otto turned to Melty in askance.

After a minute he chose to answer.

" Anastasia Hoshin wishes to meet you." He declared.

" Anastasia huh?" Subaru deeply scowled at that.

He may have forgiven Julius but not his mistress.
He still remembered how she scammed him and mocked him at his lowest.

Thus he did not have a good impression of her.
In fact he disliked her.

Seeing his friend scowl Otto choose to elaborate.

" She approached me with her knight in the bar I was in. She must have used her connection to track us down" Otto speculated.

Subaru scowl deepened.

Seeing her contractor mood Beatrice was confused.

" What did this Anastasia Hoshin and her knight did to Subaru I suppose?" she asked her contractor.

Hearing this, Subaru started to hug her tightly. She noticed a peculiar expression appearing on his face, one that she saw only once before , when her contractor explained to her his numerous deaths.

Seeing this expression, Beatrice face turned murderous.

" Betty will kill them if they hurt Betty's Subaru, don't worry I suppose" she declared.

In her mind she was already plotting these murderers' deaths.

Seeing the young spirit's murderous intent Zarestia spoke up.

" Don't worry Su-san I 'll kill them!" She declared cheerfully.
After all she'd happily murder any who hurt her friends.

If these people hurt Su-san in the past it must have been before his ascension. And now they were trying to contact him? Ha! Tia would violently murder them for this.

The two Great spirits' murderous intent filled the room.

Melty was starting to tremble.

Seeing this Subaru chose to interrupt.

" Ah no need that's fine!" He yelled , still a part of him was happy at the concern shown by his companions.

[ Aah, truly being surrounded by good friends is great] He thought tearfully.

" That's different from back then. Now neither of them can hurt me. Anyway I already forgave Julius!" He explained trying to calm his companions.

His words were being examined by his friend intently.

What did Anastasia Hoshin to one Natsuki Subaru ?

For him to not forgive her it must have been grave.

Such thoughts traversed all his companions' minds.

Beatrice changed her target to one Anastasia Hoshin.

[ Hurting Betty's Subaru is not something Betty will forgive !] She came to the conclusion that this woman must have killed her contractor in the past which wasn't exactly false.

" What did Anastasia Hoshin do to you If I may? Julius Euclius' slight against you is well known but...." Melty trailed off.

She was surprised that her kind Lord would ressent the dragon candidate and not her knight.

Subaru hesitated a bit before answering.

" She used me and conned me in the past when I was at my lowest , though she certainly doesn't remember it ..." He replied derisively his anger making itself present at the end.

" And what did her knight do to Su-san ?" Zarestia asked.

" Oh he challenged me to a duel and beat the shit out of me in front of everyone important in Lugnica." He waved off the humiliation he suffered at Julius' hands like it was nothing.

At this everyone in the room scowled even Melty.

The knight master pair would not be received well by anyone here.

After a few minutes Subaru spoke again.

" Melty, what's wrong ? You looked sad after we came back from the show." Subaru asked the nun.

" Ahhh that" she spoke softly.

" One of the performers , I recognised him it was my childhood friend. It's been so long since we saw each other so I was a bit sad.." she explained, trying to hide her nervousness.

" Oh if that's the problem let's go to the circus tomorrow to meet him then !" Subaru announced.

" Yeah that'll be nice" Melty answered wistfully.

Tiga could compromise her cover but not all that much. He was her friend and she did miss him.

After this tiring exchange the group went to bed.

In his shared room with Beatrice, Subaru chose to answer his partner untold question.

" Anastasia Hoshin didn't kill me well directly. She... to defeat Sloth I went to all the candidate to plead for help. Rem , Ram , Emilia and the villager they all died to him in a previous loop. That's why I seeked help from the other camp. They all mocked me and refused to help me Anastasia Hoshin included." He explained bitterly he still remembered the feeling of being utterly powerless to be used and insulted like he was less than a human.

For all of his cooperation with Crush he was still weary of her except Emilia and Felt he didn't trust the candidate.

Priscilla Barielle and Anastasia Hoshin were certainly no friend of his.

Crush he would give respect at least.

Beatrice pulled him from his thought by taking his hand.

" Betty's Subaru will never be treated like this again in fact Betty will make them pay I suppose"

" No need for that Beako " he spoke softly.

" Betty's Subaru is far too kind." She sighed.

" What about the knight ?" She asked

" Ah well Julius did kill me." He started only to be interrupted.

" He killed you!?" Beatrice hissed muder intent was written on her face.

She was reviewing in her mind the most vicious curse she knew. That knight was going to pay!

" Wait a minute Beatrice ! He did it because I asked!" He explained upon seeing his partner planning murder.

" Peltelgeuse possessed me after I killed him so I asked him to kill me.... I didn't want to become a monster." He whispered the last part.

At this Beatrice expression immediately softened.

" Betty understands , still if these two do anything Betty will make them pay I suppose !" She declared her intent to protect her contractor.


Subaru smiled softly.

" Thank you Beatrice I'm glad that you chose me." He told her.

Beatrice blushed.

" Betty is happy that Subaru chose her too I suppose " she whispered softly.

Both exchanged soft smiles.

They went to sleep holding on each other tightly.


After a good breakfast the group moved to seek the circus.

Melty looked a bit nervous but it was covered by her excitement.

This brought a smile to Subaru's face.

[ Having a childhood friend is nice huh.] He thought wistfully.He had never been the most popular , making friends was hard for him.

Otto followed them at a more sedate pace.

Beatrice held Subaru's hand.

Zarestia was looking around excitedly.

The festival was still ,this morning, going on more calmly.

Numerous stands were opened, along with some rare food stands. Most would open in the afternoon.

The group reached the circus tent.

Melty stopped and hesitated; she didn't know what to say.

Subaru strode in directly and yelled.

" Good morning I want to see Melty's friend!!"

At that Betty and Otto facepalmed.

Melty was too shocked to react.

While Zarestia was nodding in approval that was the best way to garner someone's attention to her.

After a few minutes of bewilderment on both sides.

A young man approached them.

Green haired and green haired he was dressed in purple it was Tiga.

The youth looked hopeful and intimidated to be called by a Campione.

"I am Tiga. It is a pleasure to meet you all "he bowed.

Subaru waved him off.

"No need for that ! Come on Melty wanted to see you!" He exclaimed.

Melty was blushing hard.

Tiga looked at Melty and blushed.

[ Oooh so there was more to that childhood friend story] Subaru grinned.

" Well then I'll leave you to talk together !" Subaru declared.

Melty panicked a bit.

" Don't worry Melty we won't be far!"

" That's not the problem Subaru-sama !" Melty complained.

Well the group exited the tent leaving the two childhood friends to catch back together.

Subaru turned to Otto.

" Oi Otto where do you think we could find Hal-san?" He asked.

" No need to ask Natsuki-san, the one observing us has already heard you and will call him." Otto explained.

Subaru nodded it made sense, that must be how Halibel found them Yesterday.

[ It makes sense that they sent ninjas to watch my going, but that's a bit insulting.] Subaru thought a bit annoyed.

" Humpf those fools should trust Betty's Subaru more I suppose" the Great spirit announced, also annoyed at the lack of trust her contractor received.

Zarestia looked a bit lost.

" Should we kill them?" She asked


Otto , Subaru and Beatrice answered all at the same time a bit exasperated.

Meanwhile Melty and Tiga were speaking of the past fondly.

After an hour Melty chose to regain the group.

She found them sitting near the tent on the terrace of a restaurant.

Halibel had joined them.

Subaru had called him to discuss one Anastasia Hoshin.

If she believed she could manipulate him or get info from him freely she was sorely mistaken.

Subaru was determined he would never be humiliated in such a way.

He was using the ninja informant network to uncover where and why Anastasia Hoshin was here.


He discovered that his duel with Julius deeply hurt her business and that she wanted to do damage control.

Thus she seaked him.

This greatly annoyed him.

[ That fox always looks after her interest. Damn her trying to use me again.] He thought darkly.

[ Still I forgave Julius , but her? That's another matter. I'll get Julius' name clean at least. If she asks for anything she'll greet the ground.] He thought viciously planning to humiliate the candidate the moment she committed a missteps.

Beatrice was thinking the same.

Zarestia feeling the mood also shifted to a more aggressive way of thinking. You can destroy someone without killing them After all.

Otto and Halibel looked at each other trading weary looks.

It looked like Anastasia Hoshin was going to regret steeping in Banan.

Melty approached them only to be stopped in track by the ominous atmosphere surrounding them.

[ What happened in one hour?!] She yelled in her mind tearfully.


The brooding mood was stopped by Melty's arrival.


Tiga had actually followed her waiting to know more about the Campione Melty was working under.

He approached Subaru.

" May I speak with you a moment Natsuki-sama ?" He asked respectfully.

" Oh? Of course!" He stood up and Beatrice did the same.

Subaru looked surprised by her movement.

" Betty is Subaru's partner. It's normal to be with him all time I suppose.!" She defended herself.

" Of course Beatrice you can come too!" Subaru replied cheerfully.

Beatrice nodded pleased.

Tiga could only agree he can not oppose a Great spirit and a Campione after all, Divine protection of insensitivity or not he'd die.

" Well then let's go !" Subaru exclaimed.

Tiga nodded and led them behind the tent.

Melty looked on worriedly.


" Well now what did you want to ask?" Subaru demanded

" I wished to assert what kind of person you were. I was worried for Melty " Tiga admitted.

" Ah I see that's normal then. Still don't worry Melty, a friend of mine I'd never hurt her." Subaru declared seriously.

His eyes shined with resolve for all he was betrayed time and time by those he thought to be his friends he'd never do the same.

Seeing this Tiga breathed a sigh of relief.

" Thank you for putting my fear to rest." He replied.

" You must have been friends with her for a long while then huh?" Subaru asked the greenhead.

" Yes, after I met her 10 years ago in Gusteko we became great friends." He explained.

" Ah that's great then! I envy you a bit I always wanted a childhood friend !" Subaru joked.

[ Gusteko ? That's a bit weird. How did she end up in Lugnica then?] Subaru thought curiously.

He exchanged a quick look with Beatrice confirming his suspicion.

Something was amiss.

Still he discussed with Tiga some more before parting with him and slowly returned to his friends.

" Beako what do you think?"

" That's suspicious. In fact in Gusteko people worship Oddglass fanatically for Melty to join the Divine Dragon Church. That's strange I suppose." The loli explained deep in thought.

She did feel the nun mana while teaching her.
The girl had no ill will toward her contractor though she felt afraid.

That girl was constantly afraid of something.

Some part of her Always remained wary like she was waiting for the other shoes to drop.

Beatrice explained this fact to Subaru.

Subaru was frowning.

[ The church was suspicious after all]

Subaru spoke with determination.

" If they try something I'll Crush them."

Beatrice nodded.

The duo picked up their pace and rejoined the group.


Upon returning to their inn Subaru received a letter from one Anastasia Hoshin.

He sat with Beatrice in his lap.

Both quickly read the letter and scowled.

Anastasia Hoshin had invited Subaru and his companions to dinner tonight.

Subaru handed the letter to Otto.

" Huh that's a famous restaurant she's not sparing any expense." He muttered.

"Is it?"

" Yes, Natsuki-san, that Restaurant is the best of Banan. They also possess rooms where their client can conclude business trade in secret." Otto explained.

It was also a famous place everyone would know if Subaru answered Anastasia's invitation.

A perfect place for rumors to spread.

" Tch" Subaru clicked his tongue.

" We'll go but certainly not in time. Let's make her wait one hour at last." He muttered.

" Betty approve I suppose!" Beatrice quickly exclaimed happy at her contractor decision.

A Supreme King could do as he pleases.

"Well we need formal clothes .. huh!?" Subaru asked and stopped himself feeling Zarestia and Beatrice intense gaze even Melty had perked up.

""" Of course!""" The three of them replied.


[ I brought this upon myself !] Subaru thought amused.

" Well then let's go shopping after lunch!" He declared.

Otto sighed. [ Do I have to come?] Still his meeting with Hoshin grated him. Thus he chose to accompany the group.


After an afternoon of shopping guided by Otto and Halibel to the best shop Subaru was tired.

They all choose numerous kimonos.

He happily helped Beatrice make her choice.

Melty helped Zarestia.

Otto chose for himself.

And all of them conspired against him to put him in the most majestic kimono they could find.

Surprisingly he did not spend all that much; only 10 holy gold coins were lost.

The owner of the shop was all too happy with him.

Having a Campione shopping in his store had suddenly raised his reputation by a wide margin.

Thus he gave the Campione a discount.

[ Well at last I have formal clothes now.] Subaru thought happily.

The group sat in a cafe and enjoyed themselves.

There were still two hour left before dinner.

They chose to take a break and enjoy their time.

Fully planning to arrive fashionably late.


Anastasia Hoshin was worried, she has been waiting for more than one hour now.

And yet Natsuki Subaru had yet to arrive.

Had the Campione chosen to ignore her ?

She was desperately trying to hide her nervousness.

Her knight sitting besides her looked just as worried as her.

Finally Subaru and his group choose to appear.

They all donned kimono.

Subaru in black with orange flame spreading in a psychedelic pattern.

Beatrice in sky blue and white cloud pattern.

Melty in purple with light purple flowers dotting her kimono.

And Zarestia in green with white blowing wind pattern .

They made quite the picture , overwhelming power emanated from the Campione and the two Great spirits.

Otto was in the back donning a green kimono.

Anastasia was left speechless; she quickly snapped out of it.

" Welcome Natsuki-sama , Zarestia-sama, Beatrice-sama" she greeted the most important guest.

Melty and Otto having less social standing than her she did not address them.

" It's nice to see you again Julius!" Subaru declared.

Purposely ignoring the mauve merchant.

This sentence spread quickly to the whole restaurant.

It seemed that Natsuki Subaru held no ill will towards Julius Euclius.

Anastasia breathed a small sigh of relief.

Subaru sat followed by his friends.


He spent the whole meeting ignoring Anastasia.

In fact his whole group followed suit.

This frustrated Anastasia but there was nothing she could do.

Her knight also noticed but held his tongue.

Anastasia spent the whole night feeling lesser than a human , left powerless.


Julius Euclius was considered a friend by one Natsuki Subaru.

The Third Campione held no ill will towards the Best knight.

Such rumors quickly spread being fueled by Anastasia.

Yet the guest could still notice that Natsuki Subaru did not care or consider Anastasia Hoshin.

The Hoshin trading company was no longer in the red and recovered most of its clientele.

Most but not all.

The more savvy person noticed the disdain the third Campione held for Anastasia Hoshin.

Thus they choose to stop any business with her.


Beatrice was still pouting ignoring the mauve merchant was good for her but not enough.

She truly wanted to curse them during the dinner.

Her contractor stare stopped her in track.

[ Aaaah Betty's Subaru is far too kind] she sighed.

[ But that's what makes him Subaru I suppose.] She thought fondly.

The fox's utterly downed face toward the end of the meal ameliorated her mood.

[ That girl must still pay for conning and insulting Betty's Subaru when he needed her help I suppose.] Beatrice nodded.

Subaru found her in this position.

" What are you thinking about Beako ?"

" Betty's Subaru I suppose " She answered absentmindedly.

" Beako you're too adorable !" Subaru shouted and twirled her.

Beatrice happily smiled at this development.

The group spent one more week in Banan.

Subaru wanted to see more of Kararagi thus the group departed.

Two more people joined their group.

Zarestia chose to follow them happy to belong in this group.

Otto chose to gather more merchandise from Kararagi other cities , to sell back home.

Lastly Halibel joined them.

He was being ordered as the best shinobi of Kararagi to follow the Campione during his country wide trip.

Subaru smiled, happy to have more companions.

Unaware of the storm that would soon hit them.

Chapter Text

Campione held Humanity Hope in their grasp and yet so few of them lived up to it.

Most evoked fear by their very presence.

Thus the world was quite shocked by one Natsuki Subaru.

Not only did he forgive the one who humiliated him he also proved himself to be quite the hero.

The white whale and the archbishop of Sloth he slayed before his ascension. Such acts were truly miraculous considering the state of the world.

The archbishop of sins were on the par of Divine Ancestor after all.

Their pseudo Authority could affect anyone, despite their divine protection, they were unstoppable. All of them also possessed a form of immortality.

The young Campione had defeated the oldest of the four Great spirits in defense of Banan.

Thus the world breathed a small sigh of relief.

A small one, for Campione was still , no matter how kind , a Tyrant.

He had yet to unleash a Campione true wrath, for now at least.

Subaru was truly enjoying himself. Alongside his friends he visited all the great cities of Kararagi.

He was now on his last stop, Fusumi, a city where white sakura bloom surrounded by mountains.

The sight gave Subaru a stop.

[This place is perfect for Hanami] He thought in awe.

Beatrice was also amazed by the sight before her; she was currently holding Subaru’s hand.

" Fusumi is popular thanks to these white sakura flower. But they are not the main attraction of the city. " the shinobi explained.

" What is it then ? " Subaru asked distractedly.

" Its main attraction is its hot water source " Halibel started to explain only to be interrupted.

" Onsen ?!! Here !? " Subaru yelled excitedly.

" Natsuki-san don’t yell so loud let Halibel-san finish " Otto scolded , the gaze of all the people present in this clearing were turned towards them.

The presence of Admirer made a few people take a double take.

It was well known that the ninja was accompanying the third Campione in his travels around Kararagi.

Many connected the dots and paled.

Natsuki Subaru was described as a Black haired and Black eyed young man just like the one before them.

" Oh come on Otto you’re excited too after hearing this right ?! " Subaru spoke lightly, his eyes focusing on the green merchant.

[Even in a Kimono Otto stays in green. Ah well who cares. Onsen, there are really onsen here ! I’m glad that I made this trip !] Subaru happily thought, his vacation in Kararagi was truly great.

The country had numerous beautiful sights , and japanese culture was truly predominant here, something that he deeply missed.

Beatrice squeezed her contractor’s hand.

These bouts of sadness he was prone to worried her.

Each time they happened she made sure to remind her contractor of her presence.

[In fact Betty will never leave her contractor .] She thought seriously.

When she took his hands she sealed her fate.

No matter what she had to overcome.

Be it Gods or Demons Beatrice would stand steadfast at her contractor side such was her oath.

Such was the depth of her loyalty.

Zarestia looked at the scene with confused eyes.

In their travels they had already visited public baths.

She did not understand what made these ones so special . Thus she chose to ask.

" What’s so special about these Onsen anyway ? "

Subaru turned towards her with stars in his eyes.

Before he started his explanation, utterly biased towards japanese onsen , Halibel chose to answer.

" The water from these baths come directly from the Geyser and mountain. These baths possess much more healing and rejuvenating properties than other baths, that’s why Fusumi is especially popular in that domain. " The ninja finished his explanation while smoking from his pipe.

Zarestia's eyes were shining with amazement. She had enjoyed the previous bath but now she was told that the one here was even more amazing.

She looked ready to dive in the nearest body of water.

Seeing this Melty chuckled nervously.

Though her companion noticed the shine in her eyes.

She too was excited by the prospect.

Following Natsuki Subaru gave her the opportunity to enjoy the world, something she could not do in the past.

The past few weeks spent travelling were to her one of the best moments in her life.

Yet she knew that this happiness would not last forever.

She dreaded the time when she would be ordered by Mama to betray Subaru-sama.

Either Mama’s plan would succeed and she would be once again chained to her.

Forced to use her evil eyes at the will of the archbishop.

Or she would survive to endure whatever punishment Subaru-sama would enforce upon her for her betrayals.

Either way no Happy ending would await her or so she believed.

She did not use her eyes power on anyone in this group.

She had touched the hand of Subaru when she met him for the first time , only for her power to be immediately repelled.

Beatrice and Zarestia were Great spirits had she tried to betwich them they would have noticed on the spot.

Beatrice, as young for a spirit as she was , still directly took mana from a Campione.

Spirit being composed of mana, the potency of Subaru’s mana due to its divinity gave her an important edge on others spirits.

She could now match her nii-chan in a fight and still have the mana to spare.

The limits she had imposed on herself were no longer needed in the few months she was contracted to Subaru; she had gathered Thrice more mana than in the 400 years she lived.

A Campione was truly a mana reservoir of the highest order.

The divinity in Subaru’s mana also protected Beatrice from all mortal’s curse.

Anyhow, using Melty’s evil eye on her would have been a waste of time.

Melty also avoided touching Halibel and Otto, she had a good excuse for it.

A nun such as her could not impuntly touch other mens.

Especially when she was sent as an offering to a Campione.

Thus Melty had yet to commit any act that would be seen as betrayal against Natsuki Subaru.

Beatrice looked at Melty intensely.

[The nun's emotions are all over the place, I suppose. To jump from excitement and happiness to dread and deep rooted fear is strange in fact] Beatrice analysed the nun emotions critically.

Since their meeting with Tiga, Subaru had asked her to monitor Melty in secret.

He believed that the girl was being pressured by the Church to act as a spy , explaining her fear of him.

Yet the fear Beatrice felt was not directed at her contractor.

Beatrice exchanged a quick look with Subaru to inform him of the situation.

Subaru nodded and chose to change the subject not wishing to let Melty ruminate in sorrow and fear.

" Well let’s find an inn everybody ! " He declared energicaly.

Subaru was concerned by Melty regardless of her statue as a potential spy he still considered her a friend, he wished to help her.

[People should not have to live in fear like this] He thought stubbornly while being led to a prestigious inn by Halibel.

High in the mountain she watched.

From her perch she could feel something nagging at her senses .

The huntress' instinct was agitated; she chose to head them.

A worthy prey had appeared.

After checking at the inn the group made their way to try the famous onsen.

Beatrice had to be separated from her contractor, something she did not like.

Since having contracted him she seedomly left his side.

[Betty is a great spirit she has seen more than many in this world. Why would she need to leave her contractor I suppose] She pouted.

Had it not been for Subaru’s frantics dissuasion she would never leave his side.

[Betty’s Subaru is such a child I suppose] She thought irronicaly.

Melty looked at the sullen spirit nervously.

Zarestia had already left them behind jumping excitedly in the water.

" Come on Beatrice-sama let’s enjoy ourselves Subaru-sama would be disappointed if you did not appreciate the Onsen he held in such esteem " She tried to appeal to Beatrice’s love for Subaru.

It was a success Beatrice looked at Melty and then nodded.

" You have a point, nun very well Betty shall enter these Onsen I suppose " the loli declared.

Melty smiled hearing this.

Both entered the bath joining a happily humming Zarestia.

Meanwhile Subaru was also enjoying his bath.

[Aaaah I feel ten years younger] Subaru happily sighed.

Otto was also thoroughly enjoying the experience.

[It was worth following Natsuki-san only for this] He thought joyously.

The aches and the trouble he felt melted away.

Halibel was drinking sake while enjoying a peaceful moment ; he did not regret following Subaru.

He had been thankful for his rescue of Banan.

Had the third Campione not intervened Halibel doubted that he could have defeated Reise who possessed at that time all of Zarestia's power.

Banan would have been most likely destroyed in the ensuing fight.

Halibel was very grateful , during his travels he also took note of Natsuki Subaru's behavior.

The young King was truly a kind one.

A King he did not mind serving.

It made him wonder at the future.

Once Subaru would leave Kararagi ; that was a fact , for all he enjoyed Kararagi the Campione had no intention to rule it at least for now.

What would he do ?

Should he keep following the young King ?

Such thought weighed on his mind.

[Ah well let’s enjoy the moment] He came to the decision to think about it later.

The time when he’ll have to choose will come but it won’t be today.

Halibel happily sipped his sake.


After a good dinner japanese style once again Subaru and his companion went to sleep.

The following morning , they made their way towards the mountains.

Beatrice wished to observe the Geysers curious at their appearance; she had only learned of their existence through books and wished to deepen her knowledge.

Zarestia had been curious at the source of water that alimented all the onsen.

Thus following the two Great spirits' wishes to satiate their curiosity they made way to the mountains minus Otto.

The merchant had chosen to evaluate Fusumi market and determine which product would fetch a good price in Lugnica.

" That Otto always thinks of work, he doesn’t know how to take vacations, " Subaru complained.

Zarestia nodded.

The rest of the group wondered if they needed to explain to the Campione that a merchant's work was never finished only to choose to remain silent.

They had shared looks and came to the conclusion to let Otto handle it.

In Fusumi market Otto sneezed.

" Why do I feel like Natsuki-san will cause me trouble ? " He muttered.

Back in the mountains the group was watching the Geyser in awe.

Beatrice was looking at the rising water with bright eyes.

She also tooks notes.

After leaving the Mathers mansion she started to keep a diary where she wrote about her travels and the sights she encountered.

No books had prepared her for the wonder of the outside world.

She happily hummed and added another check to her checklist of views she wished to witness.

It was a concept Subaru had introduced to her.

With these « checklists » she had a clear image of what she wanted to do in the future.

After contracting Subaru her time that was frozen for four centuries restarted.

And with it she now looked forward to tomorrow while savouring the present.

Yet Beatrice knew that even if the events in her checklist could not be realised as long as she remained by her contractor’s side she would be happy.

The group spent the whole morning happily exploring the mountains unaware of the one spying on them.

The huntress looked with interest at the group before her.

Two great spirits , a hime miko , a ninja and a seemingly normal young man.

And yet despite not feeling anything from him her instinct was screaming.

That one before her was a worthy prey.

She chose to head to her instinct and fired her bows unleashing torrents of arrows towards the unsuspecting group.

Subaru felt that something was wrong. He immediately served to the left taking Beatrice with him.

Halibel ninja instinct saved him from becoming minced meat.

Zarestia caught Melty and dodged.

All of them escaped the arrows.

Only for more to appear.

Subaru with Beatrice help quickly unleashed a barrier.

Said barrier protected them for a time only to be shattered.

The Huntress was happily watching the scene; her instinct had not wronged her, the ones before her were strong.

Melty had never been the most physically apt person thus receiving an arrow in the gut did not surprise her she could feel herself blacking out.

At the feel of the arrow she had known that the one they were facing was a god.

This led her to lament at her failure why as an Hime mike had she not felt this god presence before.

Truly she was only a burden, her liege scream had startled her.

Yet she had already lost too much blood.

Melty Pristis Died.

Subaru was enraged as he witnessed his friend being taken down before him he unleashed his power removing Death Shroud.

Beatrice was still trying in vain to heal Melty Halibel was injured, even him could not dodge every shot.

Subaru unleashed his authority to the pleasure of the Heretic goddess attacking him.
“ I am the ruler of death by my will all before me shall perish by my power all that live shall die”

Subaru intoned the chant to activate Death Dominion

Said goddess stood at 2 meter tall bronze skinned ; she looked like an amazon.


She was wielding a great bow.


Zarestia took Halibel and Beatrice with her and escaped; she knew that now they were only a burden for the Campione.


Leaving Melty behind regretfully for she knew that it was too late to save her even Beatrice with a Campione’s mana could not heal her.


The Goddess of the Hunt arrow always felled their prey when they connected.

Halibel was lucky enough to not have been hit by said arrows only by projectiles released from the impact of the arrows on the mountain.


The Goddess no longer bothered them.

Her attention was entirely focused on the Campione.

" This one knew thou was a worthy prey!!" She yelled bloodfirstlyly.

Subaru Quickly created a new barrier.

Tanking the arrow of the Goddess before him.

The Goddess approached him immediately after.

The barrier shattered.

Subaru unleashed [Death dominion] full power.

The Goddess readied her bow attacking.

Both hit connected.

Natsuki Subaru died alongside the unnamed goddess



In the boundary between life and death a lavender haired woman looked at her youngest son with a troubled face.

She needed to come to a decision.

He did slay the goddess even at the cost of his life.

He could return to life earning a new authority yet his companion would still be dead.

Or he could use the authority he gained upon entering this world from the original sin and turn time back, undoing his victory.


After a timeless moment in doubt the Goddess chose to wake up her son and let him be the one who chose his path.


Subaru woke up startled.

[ I died again didn't I? But where am I?] He thought nervously thinking that he was once again in the Witch grasp.

Yet mist surrounded him.

Grey filled this place.

No shadow hand of Darkness swallowed him.


" Are you quite alright my son?" A young woman's voice asked him.

[ Huh?! That's new?] He thought, shocked.

He turned toward the voice.


He was facing a twin tailed young girl.


A girl of thirteen years old stood before him. Her lavender hair was tied in twin tails ;her green eyes were focused on him.


The All giving woman observed her son with joy she spent so little time with her children, though the circumstances were special.


" Who are you?" Subaru asked with trepidation.


" I am the All giving woman and the mother of Campione you can call me Mama!" She exclaimed happily.


"Huh?! '' Subaru processed her words.


" I politely decline ; I already have a mother!" Subaru declared and bowed in apologies.

The one before him brought him back to life and helped immensely after all.


The mother of Campione smiled softly at the sight.

" No need for that, you are my child after all" she spoke softly.


Subaru looked at her again this time more critically her timeless eyes were without a doubt a sign of her immortality.


[ Still why is she so young??] He thought; confused.

The Goddess pouted upon hearing these thoughts.

She relented and chose to go to the heart of the matter; their time together was limited after all.


" My son, you must choose : return to the living in this time or return to the past." She announced seriously.

Subaru looked hesitantly.

" What does it change?" He asked at least.

" If you return now you will be granted a new authority from the Goddess you just slayed. Yet your friend the Hime miko will remain dead." She explained.

" What about Melty?! Death dominion should be able to bring her back right?" He asked more hesitantly ; he felt guilty about Melty's death had he been faster, more prepared she would not have died.

" The Hime miko body was destroyed in your fight. The Great spirit of the wind saved your companions all except the young priestess survived." She announced sadly knowing the impact these words would have on her son.

Subaru looked like he had been struck; he paled rapidly upon hearing those news.

Still part of him was relieved that the other survived.

Without a body he could not use Death dominion.

Without it he can't bring her back from the Death.

Subaru started despairing.

" Wait!? I can return to the past right?!" The sentence she previously uttered filled him with hope.

She looked at him seriously.

" Indeed you can return to death before the nun's death yet you will have to face the Goddess of the Hunt once again , you will not retain the authority you just gained. Your Triumph is not assured. Choose wisely" she concluded, already knowing her son's answer.


That child of her was kind after all.

Subaru eyes shined with determination.

He had already decided.

" I chose to return to death !" He announced.

He then asked with more hesitation.

" Why can I still Return to death ?"

She smiled sadly.

" What you call Return by death is an authority , a piece of a fallen Goddess you obtained upon entering this world." She answered.

" Why did it choose me?" He muttered he was thankful for the power he obtained still Rbd was a nightmare come to life.

" It was due to your compatibility with Pride and your otherworlder statue" she replied.

" I see?" He murmured.

The Space around him started to blur.

He was returning to the world of living.

Knowing that Subaru yelled one last thing.

" Thank you for saving me !! Haha-ue!" He spoke with gratitude.

He was met with a radiant smile.



Natsuki Subaru returned by death

Chapter Text

Subaru woke up with a start.

He looked around.


[ That's an inn room, it looks like I'm still in Fusumi judging by the white sakura I can see from the window.] He noted.


The room he was given was a grand one with an impeccable view on Fusumi sakura trees.


Petals fluttered from the tree in a hypnotic pattern.


Subaru started to move only to wake up Beatrice.

" What is Betty's Subaru doing waking Betty like that I suppose." She mumbled.

Subaru looked at her feeling guilty.

" Sorry Beako, you can go back to sleep." He apologised.

It was indeed very early the sun was barely starting to show itself.

Beatrice turned toward Subaru upon seeing the look on his face she chose to wake up.

Subaru did not know it but his eyes showed his inner turmoil.

Fury, hatred along with a slight hint of madness shone within his slanted eyes.

This worried Beatrice who now could feel her contractor's emotion.

" What's wrong I suppose?" She asked worriedly.


Subaru looked at her silently before his shoulders started trembling.

" Beako I .... I" he started.

Only for Beatrice to wrap her arms around him.

Slowly she rubbed circles on his back.

" Betty's Subaru is fine Betty is with him there is no need to fear whatever hurt you we shall Triumph over it I suppose" she declared full of confidence.

She had realised that Subaru must have returned by death.

Guilt weighed her yet she started to think more thoroughly.

Only a Campione or a God could have killed her contractor.

The two other Campione in the World were far away in others countries and were known to rarely leave their territory.

This meant that a God must have killed Subaru.

[ God or not Betty will not let her contractor die this time I suppose !] She thought ,determined.

Subaru had calmed down while Beatrice was swearing violent retribution to the one who hurt her contractor.

[ I need to gather the others we need to prepare quickly. Still it's nice staying like this.] Subaru thought with fondness.

Contracting Beatrice was turning to be the best decision of his life.

[ This time I'll protect them all!] He swore.

Beatrice and Subaru burned with determination.


Subaru found his companions in the inn dining room that they were given.

Being a Campione he was given a private dining room for him and his companions.


Otto had already left.


Melty , Zarestia and Halibel were already seated.


Upon seeing the look on Subaru's face they all tensed.

Noticing his companions' apprehension , Subaru calmed down a bit.

He sat with Beatrice on his lap.

The Great spirit was stone faced yet her willpower could be felt.

It was like a flaming aura of fury was surrounding her.

They sat in silence until Subaru chose to speak up.

" A God will descend in the mountain surrounding Fusumi." Subaru announced ,seriously.

Halibel and Zarestia tensed , Melty paled.

" A Goddess actually , she wields a Great bow and keeps talking about worthy prey. Any idea about who it could be?" He asked his companion.

Halibel fell deep in thought.

" That must be the Huntress of the West." He explained.

" She used to be worshipped widely by the tribe that inhabited the Great waste before Hoshin founded Kararagi."

Subaru looked at Halibel confused.

" After Hoshin founded Kararagi business and innovation were valued highly whereas in the past the main resource for the people of the waste was Hunting. She is still worshipped but she is no longer seen as a central figure."Halibel finished his explanation.

Subaru fell in thought.

" Perhaps her lack of worship made her rebel from her legend and descend" Subaru muttered.

Before adopting a determined face.

" No matter her reason , I must defeat her." He spoke sincerely.

[ She killed Melty and almost killed the others. I can't hold back.] He thought furiously.

The others had noticed his furry, only Beatrice knew the truth behind it.

The others assumed that the natural antagonism between God and Campione was at play.

" By the way how did you know this Su-san ?" Zarestia suddenly shimmed.


Subaru was startled at this.

Beatrice held his hand.

[ I can talk about Rbd now but would telling them the truth be for the best?] Subaru thought confused.


" I ... saw her in a vision; I was fighting her in the mountains." He answered at last , while clenching his fist.

The memory of Melty's death still haunted him.

" She ambushed us when we went to see the geyser." He explained.

Everyone tensed at that , suddenly the hatred displayed by the Campione made sense.

Whatever happened must have been deadly.

After all no one in this group except Subaru could match a God.



Under Subaru order Halibel went to warn Fusumi authorities. Zarestia went with him.

Melty tried to use her Spirit Vision to gather more information about their enemy.

Her eyes were glazed; she was accessing the memory of the Void.

Beatrice looked deep in thought as she entered the Forbidden Library to gather books about the Goddess.

Subaru was pacing impatiently.

[ She is gonna attack us this afternoon , if I don't go to the mountain will she attack the city to find me?] Subaru thought worriedly.

While Subaru was panicking Melty woke up.


She breathed and then turned towards Subaru.

" The Huntress of the West stalks the dark in search of prey worthy of her attention."

"Huh?" Subaru muttered.

Beatrice returned from the Library carrying multiple books.

" Why is Betty's Subaru looking like this ,I suppose ?" She asked, amused by her contractor antics.


Subaru was surprised not by Melty's words but by the tone she used.

" Sorry , sorry you just sounded like you were telling me a video game prophecy or something."Subaru apologised.


"" Video game? "" The nun and the Great spirit asked bewildered.

" It's a game from my hometown," Subaru explained.

Both still looked confused.

" Forget it , Betty has found the book we need I suppose."

" Oh there is really everything in your Library , Beako is an amazing super Librarian !" Subaru praised the loli.

Beatrice blushed, a pleased smile appeared on her face.

" Subaru's Betty is right I suppose." She replied.

Beatrice then took a book from the pile she had gathered, opening it she pointed at a passage.

" The Goddess has a shrine in the mountain of Fusumi that's why she descended there I suppose." Beatrice explained.


" I see, " Subaru answered grimly.


" Since she is the Huntress she must possess an authority that allow her to hide in addition to her bow I suppose."

" I was hiding my presence and she still found me she must have an authority that allow her to discern people nature or something." Subaru's mind was going a mile a minute.


" Hum. She also possesses an authority to create traps from what I saw." Melty added while twirling her finger.

[ So she has her bow, the ability to hide and render people hiding from her useless, she can also trap people. No wonder she ambushed us like that, that's her speciality.] Subaru thought irritated.


" Well now let's plan," Subaru spoke up.


The preparation had been made.

Alone in the mountain Subaru made way toward the one he swore to slay.

This time he made sure that the other would be safe.

He did not wish to see anyone else die.

Reminiscing what his plan was, Subaru took a deep breath.

And released his hold on Death Shroud.

Immediately he could feel the air charging with power.

His power filled the clearing where he had been attacked the first time.


" Come out, I know you are there!!" Subaru shouted.

The Goddess appeared , her honour would not let her ignore such a challenge.

" Godslayer thy arrogance shall be thy downfall!" She declared proudly.

" Right back at you!" Subaru yelled back.

He quickly unleashed his magic.

" Al minya!"

The entire space between him and the Goddess was filled by crystals.

In less than a second said crystals attacked the Goddess.

Said Goddess readied her bow and matched each crystal with an arrow.

Meanwhile Subaru activated Death Shroud and hid part of the crystal.

Upon the authority activation numerous crystals disappeared from view though Subaru could still feel them.

The Huntress did not notice such an act since the crystals were far too numerous.

Tired of this she readied her bow once again and released an arrow who destroyed the whole clearing where they were fighting.

Subaru had anticipated her action and had deployed a barrier before this happened.

The barrier held mostly.

Subaru only received a few scratches.


" I thought Hunting needed patience. '' He taunted his opponent.

" This one doesn't need to use such a thing faced against one as weak as you God slayer." The Goddess humpfed.


" Use your authority Godslayer !!" She bellowed in irritation.


" Well if you ask so kindly" He replied while preparing to activate Death dominion.

The Goddess zoomed on him.

Subaru recited his aria.

“ I am the ruler of death by my will all before me shall perish by my power all that live shall die"

At the last second the Goddess reared back her instinct warning her of her death.


Death dominion was activated ; a black mist concentrated in an orb that attacked the Goddess.

Her arm touched by the smoke started to dissipate in one move the Goddess cut off her arm and reared back.

" A terrifying power Indeed thou must have slain a powerful God a shame that this Huntress instinct are more honed that thou thought." She told him sincerely.

" Thou are a new Godslayer thy authority has already been used thou shall die her!" She declared.

A Hunting knife appeared in her hand; she could no longer use her bow having lost her arm.

She made way toward a silent and unmoving Subaru.

[ Not now soon ] He thought with anticipation.

The knife was raised.

Crystals impaled the Goddess.

" How ?" She asked, confused her breath halted.

" I hid these in the beginning of our fight." Subaru answered.

The Goddess blinked and then started to laugh.

Subaru frowned and readied himself to fight believing that his surprise attack was not enough.

" Thou have decided to trap this Goddess The Huntress of the West. Thou are truly a fool!!" She told him amused.

Her face got more somber.

" And yet thy foolishness has led you to victory. This one has lost. How curious." She continued more soberly.

" What is thy name?" She asked seriously.

" I am Natsuki Subaru !" He replied just as seriously.

" Very well take this one authority till we fight again Godslayer"

The Goddess faded from view.

A golden orb entered Subaru's body.

The third Campione had triumphed.


Subaru returned to Fusumi ; people parted ways upon seeing him.

All the city of Fusumi had felt the fight between the Godslayer and the Huntress.


[ Aah that still hurt a bit] Subaru complained.

He had numerous bruises , scratches littered his body, he was tired.

[ At least this time no one died, not even me.] Subaru thought more happily.

As he limped back Zarestia barged in the street.

She quickly reached Subaru. She watched him intently.

" Oh Tia, what are you.....!?" Subaru asked and was interrupted by Zarestia grabbing him and carrying him bridal style.


Subaru blushed deep red and sputtered.

" Don't worry Su-san !! I 'll get you to a healer quickly" Zarestia declared.

" I'm fiiiiiiiine!!???!" Subaru yelled while Zarestia carried him at top speed.

The people of Fusumi looked on, too shocked by this spectacle to move.

After looking at one another they shook their heads and returned to their lives.



Subaru had reached his room at an impressive time thanks to Zarestia. She had put him down at his request when they had reached the inn due to him not wishing to be more embarrassed.

Zarestia did not understand from where steamed Subaru embarrassment.

His face was still deep red.

Beatrice upon seeing her contractor jumped on him and hugged him tightly

" Subaru !!!" She had yelled in happiness.

“ Betty’s Subaru should not leave his partner behind, I suppose!” she told him seriously, upon seeing him wince she started to heal him.

Her contract with him being soulbound, it allowed her to bypass the Campione magic resistance and heal him directly.

Subaru had learned this in the past when they had been experimenting with magic.

He had been overjoyed that he did not need to kiss someone to be healed.

[That would have been awkward as hell] Subaru thought while his wounds were being healed he breathed a sigh his wound had been bothering him more than he had shown despite them being benign.

The fight and the stress had exhausted him.

Melty breathed a sigh of relief along with Otto and Halibel.

Otto had returned from his market analysis only to be met with dire news.

A Goddess had descended and Natsuki Subaru went to confront her alone.

He had spent the whole afternoon pacing nervously fearing for the worst.

Seeing his friend alive had removed an important weight from his shoulder.

Halibel had also been worried he had wished to follow Subaru in battle along with the two Great spirits.

Yet despite their demands the Godslayer did not bulge and refused their help.

This had frustrated them.

To see him safe and sound was truly relieving.



Subaru slept.

Once again he found himself in a place surrounded by mist.

" Mama is happy that you choose to visit!" An energetic voice resounded in the empty space.

[ Mama wait? There is only one person I know that calls herself like that.] Subaru shrugged.

" Haha-ue!"

The All giving woman smiled happily hearing his reply.

" Wait, did I die again??!" He realised.

" No you did not die, my son. You have triumphed over the Huntress of the West, an impressive feat." She praised her son.

Subaru breathed a sigh of relief.

" Wait, why am I here then?" He muttered.

" You received a new authority that allowed me to contact you " the purple haired Goddess explained.

" Oh ? So each time I kill a God I get to meet you?" Subaru asked his head tilted.

" Indeed!" The All giving woman smiled.

" Not a bad bonus at all!" Subaru replied.

The Goddess happily hummed then adopted a more serious complexion.

Upon seeing this Subaru unconsciously straightened up.

" Trouble Is brewing in the east" She told him.

" Wait the east, that's Lugnica !" Subaru exclaimed.

" Is a God going to descend ?" He asked ; worried for the friend he left there.

" No, not for now at last. It is the root of sins movement you should be worried about." Sge explained.

" The Root of sins? A God?" He asked unsurely.

" A Fallen Goddess" she corrected.

" Wait what?"

" This Goddess has lost most of her power. She is verging on the point to become a Divine ancestor yet she is a cunning one. Be wary of her movement, my son."

Subaru gulped and nodded.

" I will," He answered with determination.

Seeing this the All giving woman smiled.

Around them space started to shudder.

Subaru was waking up.

" Good luck my son till we meet again"


In the Mathers territory in a place called Sanctuary.

Rem prayed.

They had been trapped for two weeks now.

Emilia could not complete the trials yet she was the only one who qualified for them.

This led to unrest among the population.

People were divided between those who wished for the liberation of the Sanctuary and those who wished to stay trapped.


Rations were running out.

Fights were breaking out.

Rem prayed for her hero.

The letter she had sent must have reached him now she thought.



Subaru was still resting when a Messenger seeked him.

A letter addressed to him from Lugnica now sat in his hand.


Upon reading it his face darkened.

The Great spirit who sat in his lap had her face darken at the news.


Subaru looked up from his letter and addressed his companions.

" We are returning to Lugnica" He commanded his tone leaving no room for objection.

His fists were clenched.

[ I'm coming to help. Hold on Rem!] Subaru thought burning with determination.

His companion made no comment and prepared themselves for their imminent departure.

Chapter Text

Subaru's somber mood had affected the whole group. Zarestia didn't object or even ask why they were in such a hurry. Everyone merely started to pack their belongings.

They decided to leave Fusumi as quickly as possible. Something that the employee of the inn reported to the higherup.

That had alarmed the resident of the city who believed that the King had been displeased by his stay.

They had after all been planning a festival to celebrate his victory over the Huntress of the West. The Campione sudden wish for departure was a bad sign.

People had started to panic right there and then after hearing of Subaru's decision.

It had taken Halibel personally going to meet them to reassure the higher up that nothing had been wrong. Who had to in turn assure the population that nothing was amiss.

Still this had led them to lose a day something that Subaru had been unhappy with.

Beatrice also scowled next to him for a different reason.

She knew that the maid had been considered as someone precious by Subaru but not to the extent that he'd drop everything to reach her.

[ Betty isn't jealous at all I suppose.] The spirit pouted.

Subaru was also annoyed for another reason.

[ That letter must have taken time to reach me, damn it that meant that the situation must have changed. Damn it I'm worried for Rem.] He cursed in his mind.

" Still how did it end up like this..?" He muttered.

" That must have been Roswal doing I suppose." Beatrice answered.

Subaru turned toward her in surprise something that didn't went unnoticed by her.

" Did you forget about Betty I suppose ?!" The loli asked petulantly.

Currently the group stayed in their inn room. Tomorrow they would depart for Lugnica.

" I'd never forget you, Beako! I was just lost in thought I swear. Forgive me?" He asked the petulant spirit.

" Betty shall generously forgive you I suppose " She replied while huffing.

She then sobered up.

" The Sanctuary is a place where many half-bloods live. They are trapped by the barrier.If they were to traverse it their mind would be broken. This place is directly under Roswal's control I suppose." The loli elaborated.

Subaru titled his head.

" If they are trapped then why didn't they try to break the barrier earlier? You speak as if they stayed there for centuries or something ?" He demanded.

" The barrier has indeed been standing for centuries. 400 years to be exact. As for the people there they choose to remain trapped to avoid persecution I suppose."


" I see....." He murmured.

[ According to Rem, Roswal had them evacuated there due to a threat. Still they had been trapped there for a month and only Emilia could pass these "trials" to free them.] He remembered the letter Rem had sent him pleading for help.

His fists clenched.

" Beako what are the trials?" He asked seriously.

Beatrice hesitated.

Subaru lightly frowned.

" Betty's ..... mother tomb lay in the Sanctuary in fact the trials are something she created. Only by passing the three of them would the barrier b e shattered I suppose." She answered with a bleak tone.

Subaru approached the loli and lifted her only to hug her.


" I'm sorry, Beako. Thank you for telling me." He thanked the blonde with all his might.


[ Talking about her mother is still difficult for her huh. Aaaah still what a troublesome situation.]

The duo remained in each other's embrace for a long time. In order to forget the matters that pressured them.

Returning to her mother’s tomb perturbed Beatrice,Rem's unexpected call for help weighed on their mind.

Still as long as they had each other they believed that they would be fine. Regardless of the future that awaited them.


Finally morning had come.

The group had quickly departed. Even Otto had cut short his business and went with them.

[ I could have gotten so many good deals.] He lamented.

[ Still I managed to gather a good cargo that should sell pretty well in Lugnica. I'm mostly worried about Natsuki-san. What could have angered him so much?] The merchant thought drifted toward his friend's sudden change of attitude.

[ Aahh well I hope nothing dire happened.]

They had quickly reached the frontier in less than a month. In fact It had barely taken them a week.

People had quickly parted ways upon seeing them arrive.

No one had the gall to impose a check on the pissed off Campione.

Subaru had gotten more irritated the longer it took to reach their destination.

Beatrice had tried and succeeded in curbing most of his anger.

It reached the point where Zarestia had proposed to carry them through the sky with her wind to reach their destination quicker something Subaru had immediately agreed with.

" Why is Su-san so impatient to reach Lugnica ?" She had asked curiously.

" Rem needs me." Subaru declared with determination.

Tia nodded hearing this.

Later she had asked Beatrice who this Rem was.

" That one Subaru's lover I suppose." The loli had answered.

" Why did he not take her with him then?" Tia questioned.

" Betty's Subaru needed space after he became a Campione and the blue maid would not have left her sister behind I suppose."

" He should just have taken both sisters with him then , Su-san is too kind at times really. A Campione should just take what he wants." Zarestia nodded.

" Betty agrees Subaru is far too kind in fact he shouldn't return to that place I suppose." She murmure darkly.

Beatrice had yet to forget that the people of the mansion had killed her contractor many times.
In fact even the blue oni had done so.

And yet Subaru had forgiven them.

During his travels he had decided to leave the bygone gone.

He would not forget the previous slights he had received at the hands of his tormentors. As long they did not act against him again he would not seek vengeance.

[ Do no harm but take no shit.] Subaru had decided to live by this saying.

He had acquired quite the vengeful streak.

Though Puck and Roswal remained in his shit list along with Priscilla. He had at least taken some form of revenge against Anastasia.

Julius he had forgiven after he helped him. That and the only time he killed him was when he was asked to.

[ What was Roswal thinking; taking Emilia-tan to that place !] Subaru cursed the clown.

[ Damn it I really hope I'll arrive in time!]


In the Sanctuary patience was running thin.

People were starting to come to blows.

The land of Sanctuary was almost barren; few things grew there. Thus rations were rare and had almost run out.

Even with Rem and Ram bringing food through carriage it had not been enough.

Most villagers of Alram were trapped there all they were told was that if they were to traverse the barrier their mind would break.


Only those sure of their family line could exit the Sanctuary. Or so they were told that was why the twin oni could leave as they please.

Only Emilia could pass the trials.

Something that had not reassured anyone.

People had been hopefull at the begining ,they wanted to believe that they would be freed quickly. Yet they remained here for months.

Truly the half elf was not one you could put your trust on; these thoughts traversed their minds.

After Natsuki Subaru had departed the Mathers mansion in a hurry ; rumors had run wild.

Most believed that the young Campione had been charmed by the half witch in order to make him obedient.

The Half-witch had needed a champion to lead her campaign.

The hero she had enchanted had taken down both the White whale and the archbishop of Sloth before slaying a God.

After ascending the man had found himself freed from her charm or so it was believed.

The fact that the man had immediately left the country for Kararagi had cemented this opinion.

Yet people still feared retribution, most did not want to bring a Campione's wrath upon themselves if they were to harm the half elf.

After all, the third Campione had not taken any action against her or denounced in any way.

Still the people of Alram knew that Subaru did not hate Emilia. Yet they could not bring themselves to trust her.

Seeing the situation get progressively worse Rem had sent a letter in secret. Pleading Subaru to come free them.

She believed in her hero ability to perform miracle.

Roswal's gospel no longer functioned.

Yet in a fit of madness he had chosen to follow the instruction he had remembered.

This had led him to force the people of Alram in the Sanctuary and trap Emilia there.

Roswal was now bedriden waiting for the main character to make an appearance.

[ Teacher won't discard me. Surely ,surely Subaru will appear to save the puppet. And then this time I will succeed in chaining him.] He thought desperately.

His eyes shined with madness.

Something that anyone would have realised had the man chosen to voice his thoughts.

To try to chain a Campione was after all seen as the height of folly.


Emilia was looking at the wall before her. She was resting in a small house far away from the village after having once again failed to conquer the trials.

Her eyes were empty , she was feeling utterly lost.

Since she had entered this place Puck had not answered her call.

She had desperately tried time and time again to reach him in vain.

She was now utterly alone.

The villager hated her. Roswal looked at her with barely hidden contempt.

Ram and Rem were distant.

No one asked how she was.

No one ...

She was utterly alone for the first time in a long time.

Her mind drifted toward her friend.

One of the few person who treated her like a normal girl and not a walking calamity.

[ Subaru..... Where is Subaru now?] She wondered.

If Subaru had been here then surely everything would have been alright.

[ Subaru ... Subaru ..... Will Subaru come to help me again ?]

[ Even if it was my fault? Even if I was the one who threw him away?]

Frost and snow thawed at her mind. The temperature around her drastically lowered.

Once again scenes that she never lived through filtered in her mind.

[ No no no I don't want to remember. I don't want to remember.] She yelled in her mind while holding her head.

" Remember .... Remember. What am I trying to remember again? " She muttered to no one.

The mental block had once again surged to prevent her from remembering and to protect Emilia's mind from shattering.

She had taken the first trial so many times that she could not remember the first time she entered the tomb.

She had tried over one hundred times.

To the point that Ryuzu and even Garfiel , had started to pity her.

At the beginning Garfield had tried to stop her from reaching the tomb he was against the liberation of the Sanctuary ,after her many failures , he stopped.

Rather he started to escort her toward the tomb to prevent people from attacking her.

The people resentment , Puck abandoning her, it was too much for the half elf to support.

Her mind was on the verge of breaking.

It was only thanks to Rem's intervention that she was able to stay this long without snapping.

The maid told her that she had sent a letter requesting Subaru for help.

Hope had surged within Emilia after hearing this.

Surely , Subaru would come to save them.

He'd succeed compared to her. After all, he did the impossible so many times already.

The barrier would not be able to block a Godslayer.

Soon they would be freed.

She just needed to hold on a little longer.

Just a little longer.

[ Soon , soon it'll be over....] She thought desperately. Her eyes remained empty.


Meanwhile Subaru and his companions had finally crossed the frontier.

They were now within Lugnica territory.

It had merely taken Subaru's unleashed mana to pass the outpost.

No one wished to put themselves between a Campione and their target. People who did that tended to die within the minute.

An alert had been sent to the Sage council via a communication mirror that the Third Campione had returned from Kararagi pissed off.

This led to an emergency meeting where once again the Sage council could not come to a decision.

In fact they had been wishing for Subaru to remain in Kararagi.

That would have saved them from the headache.

Reinhard had been sent to greet Subaru and determine his intention.

These two shared a friendly relation thus sending the Sword saint to meet the Third Campione had been voted at the unanimity.


It was upon starting to set their campement for the night that Subaru noticed.

Subaru looked at Halibel and blinked.

[ Wait a minute.....? Shouldn't Hal-san remain in Kararagi ? What is he doing here?]

Halibel noticed Subaru staring at him.

" Is something wrong?" He asked the bewildered Campione.

" Why are you still here, we're in Lugnica now ?" He blurted out.

Halibel scratched his head.

" Well even if my mission is finished I'd rather continue to follow you if you may Subaru-sama." He explained.

Subaru started blankly at him.
Before shaking his head.

" I don't mind but are you sure? Staying with me is dangerous ya know?" He answered dryly.

" Then I'll live through interesting times at least." The ninja joked.

" Aaaaaah if it's like that then...." He sighed in defeat.

" Welcome to the party Halibel !" Subaru declared.

" I'm glad to be here." Halibel answered jokingly.

People around them smiled.

They failed to notice the green merchant's face darkening sightly.

[ I should come to a decision soon too....] Otto sighed.


Even after they crossed the frontier Zarestia continued to carry them through the sky.

Something that had alarmed those who had seen them.

This led to the local knight approaching them each time they landed to rest for the night.

A look at the pissed off Campione had them bowing in apologies and leaving immediately.

A brave soul had asked Melty where they were going.

Since she was a nun of the Holy Dragon Church and a fellow Lugnican she was seen as someone reliable

Between the two Great spirits and the legendary ninja only the Hime miko was seen as approachable among Subaru's companions.

Once again Otto had been overlooked.

She had with Beatrice's permission told them of their lord's wish to reach the Mathers territory the fastest possible.

After that no one bothered them.

After a week the group had finally reached the Sanctuary.

Chapter Text

Subaru reached the Mathers territory; they were now in Costuul a great city within Roswal land.

[ Only one stop left tomorrow finally we'll reach the mansion.] He thought agitated finally he'll reach them.

On the way strange rumors reached their ears the people of the city were agitated and it wasn't due to the Campione arrival. Subaru had made sure to hide his presence. They described the Margrave frantics action with fear.

" The Margrave was strange these days..... He stopped working and reaching to the other nobles under him." A merchant they met in the market of Consul had told them in a hushed whisper.

" And What's so weird about that?" Subaru asked confused Beatrice was next to him holding his hand.

[ Ros-chi was always an eccentric one. Him not doing his job can't be that weird.] He thought dismissively.

" Despite his eccentricities, Mathers-sama is known as one of the most powerful men in Lugnica; he is the founder of the political party of the country. He is also one of the reasons why this country is still standing. For him to suddenly seclude himself in such a way.... That's troubling." The merchant thought worriedly the matter had truly troubled the residents of the Mathers territory.

" Huh to think Roswal was such a big deal, how funny..." Subaru shook his head bitterly.

[ So that's why that bastard thought he could get away with anything.] Subaru grimaced, remembering his last meeting with the Margrave.

[ That went horribly. Damn it I thought that Ros-chi gave up his stupid plan after I became a Campione but no.... Apparently he decided to annoy me again.] His blood was boiling , thinking of the way the clown had tried to bind him left him feeling an impressive amount of bloodlust.

That startled the merchant in front of him before Subaru reined it in. Beatrice looked at him worriedly and grasped his hand strongly. That had snapped Subaru out of his murderous thoughts.

" Sorry, sorry..." Subaru apologised sheepishly to both Beatrice and the poor merchant.

" Betty isn't scared at all so it's fine I suppose." The loli proudly ; reassuring her contractor.

" No need, young man as I was saying our lord doing and the Campione return are worrying us..... That's bad for business." The merchant shook his head in sadness.

" The Campione return?" Subaru asked curiously.

" Indeed the Third Campione has returned to Lugnica." The man announced ominously.

People around them looked troubled.

" Well, the third Campione has shown himself as an honorable man. He is the hero that brought down the White whale and the archbishop of Sloth." One trailed off.

" Indeed his fight in Banan and Fusumi has shown that he cares about the people." A woman in the back commented.

" That and the lord have triumphed over another God. He now boast another authority." One spoke unasily.

The people around them nodded.

" We can't do much anyway...... By the Divine Dragon mercy let's pray that no disaster strikes the country." The woman started praying and many actually followed suit.

Subaru looked weirded out.

[ Eeeeh I didn't know that it was such a big deal.] He thought sheepishly.

" Su-san we're done!" Zarestia yelled, interrupting Subaru train of thoughts.

" Ah! Subaru-sama I have finished gathering supplies." Melty elaborated shyly.

" Good job you two!" Subaru responded unbothered by the people's shock around them.

Subaru turned toward the group; their faces started to pale rapidly.

" Well then thank you see ya!" Subaru declared and left the speechless inhabitant of Consul.

" Betty, thank you too I suppose." The Great spirit announced.

Subaru rejoined the group with a light jog.

" That young man was......." The merchant thanked the Dragon that he didn't start insulting the Godslayer in front of him unknowingly ; it would have been a disaster.

The group could now see the mansion, they had passed a strangely silent Alram village.

[Then again with all the residents in the Sanctuary noise would have been suspicious.]Subaru thought grimly.

Subaru quickly left the carriage Pastrache neighed behind him in surprise.

" Sorry Pastrache ?! I didn't mean to scare you!" Subaru continued his stride toward the mansion while apologising to the poor earth dragon.

Subaru stood before the mansion’s imposing door.

He took a breath and knocked.

[ I hope Rem is alright.] Subaru's heart was beating fast in his chest; he was excited about finally being reunited with Rem.

The door opened.

" Rem I'm...... Huh ?!" Subaru exclaimed in surprise.

Before him stood a maid that he had never seen in the past.

The blond maid quickly bowed, realising that the one before her was a Campione.

" My apologies, Rem is currently in the Sanctuary and not available; Natsuki-sama." Frederica quickly explained.

" I see.." Subaru muttered disheartened.

" Who are you?" He asked, remembering his manners.

The maid smiled and once again bowed.

" I am Frederica a maid under Lord Roswal employ it is an honor to meet you my Lord." She announced respectfully.

" It's nice to meet you, then I am Natsuki Subaru !" He presented himself out of formality.

" Betty's Subaru shouldn't leave her behind I suppose!" The loli complained she was out of breath; she had finally reached her contractor after his unexpected dash.

Halibel and Zarestia were following behind at a more sedate pace.

Behind them Otto and Melty had remained in the carriage and were led here by their respective Earth dragons.

" Su-san is it the right place ?" Tia asked curiously seeing Subaru disappointment.

" Yes." Subaru answered promptly.

" Perhaps we should make our way towards the Sanctuary now." Subaru wondered.

" Subaru-sama, perhaps we should gather more information before leaving." Halibel suggested.

" He's right Natsuki-san, we can't rush in blindly. The situation must have changed since Miss Rem sent her letter." Otto elaborated with a sigh.


Subaru reluctantly nodded.

" Then Frederica explains what has happened since I left for Kararagi." Subaru demanded his eyes shined with such will that Frederica took step back.

" Very well." She bowed and led them toward a room suitable for a meeting.

" Never been there in the past." Subaru noted in surprise.

He was along with his companions seated in a circle; Frederica was currently serving them tea.

Subaru was nervously tapping his finger on the table.

Frederica noticed and quickly finished serving them before straightening herself.

" The people currently trapped in the Sanctuary are slowly starving.." She started her explanation.

" Ah?! Why!!?!" Before being interrupted by Subaru cry of indignation.

Frederica hesitated before restarting her speech.

" The land there is poor and the people living there along with the villagers of Alram have already consumed all the remaining rations. Even with Rem and Ram bringing more food via carriage it's still not enough." She announced sorberly.

" Emilia-sama is the only one who can take the trials and free the people trapped there. She still has yet to succeed. People are getting agitated and fights are starting to become frequent between the resident and the villager." She finished grimly.

[ That's worse than I thought.] Subaru clenched his fists furious.

" Otto." He spoke up.

" Eh me? Yes!" Otto answered, startled at being called now.

" Take a few Holy gold coins and go buy supplies for the Sanctuary. Take my carriage and any other you can find there. Halibel , Melty help him." Subaru ordered.

""" Very well.""" They quickly agreed to Subaru's order.

" Zarestia , Beatrice, both of you are coming with me." Subaru stood up.

" We're leaving now." He declared loudly.

The two Great spirits nodded in agreement.


Within the dream castle Echidna was frowning as limited as she was; she could still feel the living sun of mana approaching the Sanctuary.

" A Campione here.... How fascinating." Her lips quirked in a small pleased smile.

To her Campiones were truly the most fascinating existence in the world.

Those who overthrew fate truly had the most interesting tale.

Even her authority could not predict their acts.

And now such a being was approaching her resting place.

[ How interesting indeed.] She thought excitedly.

Meanwhile Subaru was now standing in front of the barrier.

" I can feel something right there, how strange." He complained.

" Betty can feel it that's the barrier around the Sanctuary I suppose." Beatrice nodded at Subaru's assessment.

" Let's go then." Subaru started moving toward the barrier only for it to flicker ; once he passed the threshold it returned.

" Huh?! That wasn't my doing." Subaru exclaimed, confused.

Beatrice looked just as confused as him.

" Try to pass again, Su-san." Tia suggested seriously.

Once again ,before Subaru reached the barrier , it disappeared only to reappear once he passed.

" It seems that someone controls this barrier. It's most likely that person who retracted the barrier so that Su-san's magic resistance didn't shatter it." Zarestia explained seriously.

Subaru turned toward Beatrice in shock and askance. She shook her head, even her did not know how such a thing was possible.

Subaru frowned.

" If I want to destroy it I must find the one who controls this damned barrier then." Subaru shook his head even more determined than before.


After entering the Sanctuary Subaru and his spirits companions looked around searching for people.

" Subaru-kun?" A small murmur reached his ears.

[ That voice.....] Subaru turned his head toward the sound in a flash.

" Rem?" He asked softly, fearing that he was wrong.

Before his eyes stood Rem, she looked exactly the same , the same Rem he left behind months ago.

Without realising it Subaru feets guided him toward the blue maid.

In a second he embraced her, he promptly deepened the hug. Rem was shocked but immediately followed suit.

Beatrice looked at the scene with a small frown. While she was satisfied by her contractor's happiness she couldn't help but feel a little jealous. Zarestia looked at the scene curiously she had never seen the Campione act in such way in the past after all.

" Subaru-kun , Subaru-kun.." Rem tearfully repeated his name.

" Rem, I'm back." Subaru smiled softly at her.

Rem blinked before smiling.

" Welcome back Subaru-kun !" She declared with a radiant smile.

The smile they shared was filled with love and nostalgia.

It may have been a month since they had parted and yet it had felt like an eternity to them.

The Sanctuary needed to be liberated , Time was running out.

But for now both chose to enjoy each other's presence.


" Hey, who are ya ?! And how did you find this place!" A youthful voice interrupted their reunion.

Subaru reluctantly extracted himself from the hug he shared with Rem to face the source of that voice.

Before him stood a blonde young boy with a scar on his forehead.

One Rem recognised judging by the frown on her face.

" Garfiel don't interrupt Rem's reunion with Subaru-kun!" The maid scolded the boy harshly.

" Wait Subaru ? My magnificent self heard that name before." The now named Garfiel muttered trying to Remember where he heard the name before.

" Wait Garf-bou that man over there is not one you can insult." Shima appeared behind him.

" What are you talking about Grandma?" Garfiel asked, surprised.

Shima turned toward Subaru and bowed deeply.

" It is an honor to welcome you to this Sanctuary Campione-sama." She honestly greeted him.

Shima then slowly stood up and turned toward the two Great spirits.

" It is also an honor to welcome two Great spirits to this place." She once again bowed though less deeply than toward Subaru.

Rem looked startled hearing this. Drunk on the joy of being reunited by Subaru she had not noticed the ones accompanying him.

Subaru sighed.

" Rem this is Beatrice, you already know her. The Great spirit over there is Zarestia." He presented his companions promptly.

Beatrice humpfed at being finally remembered.

Silence rang in the clearing , people were looking at them with various levels of shock.

"""" Zarestia ???!!!!"""" They all yelled in sync even the seemingly calm half elf that Garfiel had called Grandma.

" I'm having a feeling of deja vu right there." Subaru mused; amused by the sudden synchronisation between the Sanctuary residents and Rem.

Their scream had not been left unheard ,reaching the ears of a certain half elf.


[ What's that noise?] Emilia had woken up hearing the commotion outside.

She got up from her bed. Today she had not tried to undertake the trials and had chosen to rest in her small hut. She had been lying on her bed absentmindedly until voices had reached her ears.

Emilia clothed herself and exited the small home dazedly.

Her steps were unsteady , she followed the voices and finally reached their source.

Before her stood a familiar black haired man.

" Subaru is that you...? " Emilia muttered in surprise.

" Emilia-tan ?" Subaru asked, shocked by the half elf's disheveled appearance.

Tears started to gatter in Emilia's eyes.

" It’s really you!" She replied happily while quickly reaching Subaru.

In one move she hugged him tightly.

[ I forgot how strong she was really. ] Subaru winced.

[ Thanks Haha-ue for giving me bones of steel.] He thanked God or in this case his divine mother that his bones were now reinforced lest they would have shattered by the half elf’s strength.

Subaru returned the hug strongly.

" I'm glad that you're okay Emilia-tan." Subaru whispered in her hair.


Tears started to fall from her eyes.

" It must have been hard you did you're best Emilia-tan." Subaru consoled the sorrowful girl.

Emilia choked a sob before she started truly crying.

Subaru held her the whole time.


After Emilia calmed down , Shima guided Subaru toward a small hut. Rem had taken Emilia with her and departed to her hut reluctantly; both had wished to remain with him longer. Garfiel had disappeared while Emilia had been crying.

Subaru had frowned in annoyance, wishing to quickly destroy the barrier and be done with it only for Shima to suggest another course of action.

"It is late, it would be better if you were to rest.You can confront Roswal-sama tomorrow." She answered respectfully.

" Roswal-sama is currently injured and cannot leave his residence. He cannot move, he shall be here tomorrow that is certain" She pointed out.

Subaru sighed as he looked toward both Zarestia and Beatrice.

" What do you think ?" He asked, wishing to hear their mind before making a decision.

The spirits shared a look before turning toward him.

" Betty's Subaru should rest I suppose." Beatrice exclaimed.

Zarestia nodded in agreement.

" The magician won't run away Su-san and even if he did we can always catch him easily later. The people of the Sanctuary have been waiting for a few months ; one more day won't change much." Zarestia explained her point.

" Both of you are right I guess...." Subaru muttered petulantly.

He turned toward Shima.

" Please lead us to a place to rest." He asked the half elf.

Shima nodded.


The next morning it was snowing, a light layer of snow was starting to cover the ground. It was cold.

Subaru entered the hut that housed a recovering Roswal L Mathers. Shadows hung on the walls ominously. Only the fireplace lit the piece. On a bed Roswal L Mathers laid; he was covered by bandages from head to toes.

The most concerning matter wasn’t the state of his body but the madness that shone brilliantly in his eyes.

Subaru looked at him warily.

[Steel yourself Subaru. You’re far stronger now!] Subaru reassured himself and fully stepped in the room.

" Ah you’re finally here but Subaru-kun it's already too late." The Margrave spoke amused on his face as a twisted smile was making its way.

" Too late ...? What are you talking about?!" Subaru demanded.

" Indeed I have already set the stage." He declared with a smile full of malice.

" This afternoon both the Great rabbit and assassin shall attack. The assassins shall target the mansion and the Great rabbit shall aim for this very place. Can you protect both Suuuubbbbaruuu-kuun?" The clown stretched his name in amusement.

“How saddening is it that Ram returned to the mansion while you were speaking with Emilia-sama right?” Roswal's smile deepened.

[That bastard!!]Subaru swore viciously.

He frowned before mocking the bedridden Lord.

" Or I could just destroy that damned grave, ya know? Can you stop me now magician ?" Subaru asked sarcastically.

“No grave no barrier. After that I can just evacuate everyone to the mansion with Tia’s help. Really that’s no problem for me.” Subaru finished his explanation with a sharp smile on his face.

Roswal stopped smiling.

“The Great Rabbit shall reach this place in less than one hour. Can you realllyy succeed in so little time? Also the assassins are going to strike very soon. Your window of action is limited. What will you do now Subaru-kuuun?” Roswal asked morbidly, curious.

Subaru frowned.

“I can.” He declared resolutely.

“We’ll see how many times you’ll redo before you accept my deal.” Roswal taunted Subaru.

“I’ll never accept anything from you.” Subaru spat the last word with disdain.

[Better safe than sorry.]He thought before using his mana. Subaru imposed a few curses that Beatrice taught him upon Roswal. Roswal gasped in pain.

“With this you won’t be able to intervene.” Subaru told him bluntly. He looked one last time at the pained clown before leaving.


Subaru exited the small home that housed Roswal, filled with determination and furry.

Snow had piled up on the ground Subaru barely spared a thought for the weather. He quickly made way toward the hut that housed his friends. Both spirits had chosen to remain there while Subaru spoke with the clown.

" Beatrice, Zarestia I need your help." Subaru announced his slanted eyes shined with an ungodly amount of fury.

The Great rabbit , that damned barrier , the assassins in the mansion.

All would be dealt with, all would be destroyed.

Chapter Text

Melty was standing next to a carriage unsure of what to do. Furufu was next to her eating grass.

Otto had led them to a nearby village to get supplies for the inhabitants of the Sanctuary.

He was currently haggling for a better price since they were buying a ton.

Enough to feed two villages.

Halibel was charging the carriage with what they had already bought. The blond maid Frederica was helping him; she was quite strong, Melty noted. She was able to carry many barrels on her own far more than what Melty could.

[ That one isn't human I think.] Melty concluded.

This left her alone since she couldn't carry much or anything at all without tripping. She sighed in sadness. Truly she had wished to help more.

[ What could have happened to evacuate a whole village?] She wondered absentmindedly.

[ Subaru-sama seems to care deeply for this Rem, for her to be left behind is strange. Wasn't he rumored to love Emilia-sama ?] She was confused by this turn of event.

[ Then again Subaru-sama never spoke of her. Perhaps they had a fall out..?] She concluded though she was still unsatisfied by the lack of knowledge she held on this subject.

The only thing that could make the greatest Mage in Lugnica evacuate his land should be the Witch cult and its archbishops or so Melty believed.

A shudder ran on her spine. Thinking about the Witch cult only made her remember her situation.

[ Is Mama involved ? Did she make a move due to Subaru-sama's attachment to Emilia-sama ?] Fearfully she looked behind her just in case. Speaking about the devil tend to make it appear after all.

She breathed a sigh of relief seeing that there was nothing behind her.

[ I pray that everything will be alright. May no evil bar our path.] She sincerely prayed that her Lord would succeed in his endeavor.

" Melty-san we have finished." Otto called the lone nun.

Melty looked up from her prayers and nodded quickly.

Seeing that she was listening, Otto continued.

" We still need to gather more. They didn't have much supplies here so we need to go to another village to purchase the rest." He explained.

" We should split up to bring one carriage back." Halibel suggested while twirling his pipe in his hand.

Otto looked thoughtful before nodding slowly.

" That may be for the best." He mused.

" Frederica-san and Melty-san, would you go back to the mansion ? We'll gather more supplies and rejoin Natsuki-san in the Sanctuary tomorrow." He declared seriously.

" Very well." Frederica agreed and bowed lightly.

" I understand." Melty promptly nodded.

Halibel took a breath and stopped smoking.

He looked at Frederica consideringly before accepting Otto's suggestion.

The group split up.

Upon returning to the mansion Melty would meet a certain pink oni awaiting them.


Emilia woke up feeling refreshed; she finally had a good night of rest after weeks of nightmares. Subaru had come to the Sanctuary now they would be freed.

With a smile on her face Emilia happily hummed a song under her breath and prepared herself for the day.

Donning a lavender dress she ate the breakfast Rem left on the table for her and exited her small home with a spring in her step.

Unaware of Subaru's turmoil.

Meanwhile Subaru had called an emergency meeting with Beatrice and Zarestia to determine how to proceed.

" Someone needs to return to the mansion..." Subaru muttered he frowned deeply while remembering Roswaal's words.

" What about the Great rabbit shouldn't we evacuate the Sanctuary first I wonder?" Beatrice asked, a little lost.

The depth of Roswaal's madness was dawning on her to challenge a Campione in such fashion was sucidary really. Beatrice could only shake her head in sorrow at her old friend's stupidity.


" I can kill it with my new authority." Subaru declared seriously.

" What is Su-san's new authority ? You never told us what you received from your victory against The Huntress of the West." Zarestia asked curiously.

Subaru looked at her in surprise. In his haste to reunite with Rem he had forgotten to inform his companions of his new authority.

" It's called [ The Bow of the west] with it I can kill any prey as long as I hit them. The Great rabbit despite having many body is still one entity right?" He asked to confirm this tidbit of information.

The two Great spirits promptly nodded.

" Yes it is in fact one Mabeast." Beatrice assured him.

Subaru nodded in satisfaction.

" Then with his many bodies it only makes it easier to aim. " Subaru smiled viciously.

Beatrice had almost taken a step back after being faced with this smile.

Before she shook herself out of her stupor.

Zarestia looked in thought.

" Then I'll go to the Mansion Su-san." Zarestia announced.

Subaru frowned , troubled.

" Are you sure?" He asked in concern.

" A Great spirit like me shall destroy those assassins with ease." She proudly declared, Zarestia puffed her chest to illustrate her claim.

She looked every inch of the prideful spirit she was.

Seeing this display Subaru chuckled in amusement.

His eyes shined with mirth; he relaxed part of the tension born out of the situation leaving him.

" Then I'll count on you Tia." He declared a small smile appearing on his face.

Zarestia smiled back at him radiantly.

"I won't fail you!" She replied in turn.

Beatrice coughed to disperse this atmosphere. She was jealous of the trust Subaru accorded to Zarestia.

With a pout on her face she interrupted this heartwarming moment.

" Betty shall remain with Subaru to assist him." She declared petulantly.

Subaru's eyes widened in surprise.

" Of course you will. Thank you for your help Beako!" He happily replied.

Beatrice had a small pleased smile on her face. Her jealousy was forgotten.

Yet now was not the time to share such moments. Time was dwindling fast.

Zarestia departed to the mansion taking the air.

" She's fast." Subaru commented in admiration seeing the spirit take flight and disappear in less than a second.

Subaru shook himself out of it and turned to Beatrice.

" Let's go. We have much to do." He declared seriously.

Beatrice only nodded in answer.

It was at this moment that Emilia stumbled upon them.

Subaru quickly explained the situation hiding nothing from her.

The fact that Roswaal had been the one who orchestrated the situation was a hard pill to swallow for the young woman.

Still she believed Subaru. That's why she accompanied him to reassure the villagers that the nightmare was over. Despite the threat of the Great rabbit looming on them.

Meanwhile Rem had remained at a distance from Subaru watching him go wistfully.

Roswaal had ordered her to not interfere.

It was with a heavy heart full of faith for her hero that Rem prayed for his success. Despite the odds she knew that Subaru would triumph.


The villagers of Alram slowly woke up and went on their days. The mood was heavy; they were tired of being trapped in this place. Being forced to share housing with half blood had been trying to them. But the lack of supplies was truly starting to wear on them.

Despite rationing as much as they could and cutting down the number of meals they had they were starving. The elders had stopped eating to give their share to the children. Even then most went without a single meal for many days.


They were losing hope that's why the sight of the cheerful Emilia only filled them with bitterness.

Before some of them could express their displeasure they were stopped by the sight of an approaching young man.

Natsuki Subaru stood before them.

This left them speechless before the adults could react, the children already moved.

""""" Subaru oniichan!!"""” They all yelled while jumping on him. They hugged him with all their might.

Subaru was surprised by this but quickly snapped out of it.

" Hiya how are you all? Missed me?" Subaru jokingly asked with a smile on his face.

Only for Petra to start tearing up.

[ Ah damn it wrong move Subaru wrong move.] He quickly moved to hug the little girl all the while letting the other children on the ground cling on him.

He smiled softly to dispel their sadness.

" I missed all of you too." He admitted quietly before wiping Petra's tears.

" I'm back to free you all." Subaru proclaimed loudly for every villager to hear him.

His voice shook the villagers out of their stupor and slowly after the meaning of this sentence dawned on them hope was rekindled within them.

" Today I shall break the barrier. Tomorrow we shall leave for Alram!" He declared. His voice resonated within the Sanctuary and filled all those who heard him with burning hope.

" That's why there's no need for you to cry Petra." Subaru addressed the silent Petra gently.

Her tears had thankfully stopped only for a bright red blush to appear on her face awed by her hero coolness

[ Why is her face so red?] Subaru though in confusion.

Meanwhile Beatrice was looking at him and huffed in displeasure.

[ Betty's Subaru only belongs to Betty.] She thought miffed at the girl held within her contractor arms.

Emilia stood in the background silently, a small part of her was jealous at the trust the villagers displayed towards Subaru. She quickly squashed that small voice that asked why people didn't trust her like that and looked at Subaru with admiration.

[ Subaru is really amazing isn't he?] She sighed partly in defeat and partly relieved that everything would be alright.

After separating with Emilia and the villagers Subaru searched for the core of the barrier with a saddened Beatrice.

[ I didn't see Rem. I hope she's alright...] Subaru thought worriedly of the missing blue oni.

[ The villagers told me that they saw her earlier. She should be fine even if she returns to the Mansion , Zarestia is there.] Subaru reassured himself and chose to focus on his current task.

Beatrice had led Subaru to the Witch grave after a few turns they were met with a strange sight where a giant blue crystal lay. Inside of it a small pink haired half elf rested.

Beatrice looked saddened at the sight of her friend's corpse. Still she powered through.

" This is the core of the barrier I suppose." She announced sadly.

[ Lewes....] She thought sorrowfully of her friend that met her end so early.

Subaru nodded seriously, Beatrice's mood had affected him. That's why he spared a prayer for the sacrificed half elf that had been his partner's friend before moving to destroy the barrier.

Before he could touch the crystal he was interrupted by the deafening sound of an explosion.

" What are you doing ?!!!!!" A voice shouted behind him. One Subaru recognised.

Garfiel had come in order to prevent him from breaking the barrier despite Shima warning. He was accompanied by many Lewes clones.

Seeing this many versions of the half elf used as the core Subaru was confused.
[ Clones huh that's a bit too science fie for this world.] He concluded.

Before turning back his attention toward the crystal in front of him.

Garfiel was incensed at being ignored and moved to attack Subaru, only to be stopped by a barrier. Beatrice glared at the boy furiously.

" Betty won't let you touch her contractor I suppose !" The Great spirit declared. Intent on proving that claim, many Minya crystals appeared and launched themselves at the blond boy.

Subaru was concentrating on destroying the barrier. He ignored what happened in the background; only the crystal in front of him existed.

Yet each time he used his magic to shatter it the barrier flickered and disappeared only to reappear after he stopped his attempt.

[ That's starting to get on my nerves.] Subaru thought , ticked off.

He decided to use his authority as a last resort since the damned barrier wouldn't shatter.

" I am the ruler of death by my will all before me shall perish by my power all that live shall die" He declared.

Upon the black mist touching it the crystal shattered ,the barrier followed suit.

Accidently a half elf girl opened her eyes for the first time in centuries. Lewes Meyer came back to life before a bewildered Beatrice.

" Where am I ? Beatrice-sama is that you..?" The confused pinked groggily asked.

Beatrice teared up and threw herself at Lewes. Hugging her friend for the first time in a long while.

" Lewes .... Lewes..." She hiccuped in happiness.

Lewes hugged her back and traced circles on her back to calm her.

" I'm here Beatrice-sama." She answered her friend's plea with a simple affirmation.

Beatrice hugged her tighter.

Subaru looked at the scene with surprise.

" That wasn't in the plan. Oh well that's a good surprise." He mused watching Beatrice reunion with Lewes.

Garfiel had been knocked out cold by Beatrice earlier. He laid on the ground surrounded by the downed clones.

With no limit on the mana she could use Beatrice was an opponent to be feared. Something Garfiel experienced firsthand.

In a vast clearing a lone white haired woman sat on a table enjoying her tea.

While Subaru was working on destroying the barrier. Echidna watched him intently.

" What an interesting choice you have made, Beatrice." She smiled in satisfaction.

" What makes you so happy, Echidna ?" Minerva asked while tapping her feet annoyed. She appeared next to the table; she looked at the greedy witch with a frown on her face.

For her Campiones were natural disasters and to be near one was bad news. There was nothing to be happy about being next to one.

She ignored the fact that she caused more disasters than most Godslayer due to her obsession with healing those in front of her at the cost of the world.

Campione, as insane as they were didn't try to destroy the world over a scratch , well most of them.

" It's quite an unexpected turn of events don't you think?" Echidna cheerfully asked as she took a sip of her favorite tea while humming.

Minerva grimaced in answer.

" Of course you'll be happy in this situation, he destroyed our expectations." She muttered in defeat.

" Indeed." Echidna smiled softly.

She had been retracting the barrier as she spoke to avoid it being destroyed. All the while she made preparations to inhabit one of the Lewes clones' bodies.

Echidna's eyes widened, feeling Subaru's mana skyrocketing. Minerva turned toward her in distress.

" Quick! He's gonna use his authority !" Minerva yelled in fright.

Echidna nodded still shocked and quickened the process.

As Subaru intoned his aria. Echidna transferred her consciousness to a clone in a record time.

The barrier shattered.

Echidna breathed for the first time in this timeline. The newly named Omega quickly disappeared from the Campione's view.

Subaru was far too concentrated on Beatrice to notice the clone departure.


After separating with Beatrice, Subaru made way to take care of the approaching calamity.

The Great rabbit was ,according to Roswaal, going to attack them.

After reaching a suitable perch Subaru stopped walking. He concentrated on his new authority.

" None shall escape from my grasp my arrows shall render my prey for I am the Hunter." He intoned his new aria with severity. A bow materialised in his hand.

On a cliff overlooking the Sanctuary , Subaru stood still bow ready.

All he could see before him was a vast expense of white.

Only for the white scenery to be filled with red speck.

The Great rabbit had reached the Sanctuary.

Subaru breathed once, twice to steady himself.

The snow made it harder to spot the rabbit. Yet their sheer number made them an easy target.

An arrow was released.

Followed by a torrent of them.

One arrow hitting a rabbit was enough for it to meet its death. The curse spread through the link that the rabbits shared killing them on the spot.

The Great rabbit breathed its last.

" That was far easier than I thought." Subaru muttered in surprise.

[ If it was the me before becoming a Campione I would probably be eaten alive or something.] A shudder ran on his spine. The thought of being eaten alive filled him with dread.

In this timeline Subaru avoided such a cruel fate.


In the Mathers mansion a confrontation was taking place. It was an exaggeration to call it a fight since one participant dominated the other completely.

Elsa had been tossed in the air many times, she was once again thrown at the forest at high speed. All her bones shattered on impact only to be healed just in time for her to be launched in the air again.

Zarestia was annoyed. Originally she had planned to rought the assasin up and tie it to leave its sentence to Subaru. Only for that pest to constantly regenerate.

She cut the damned woman's limbs many times over only for them to reform. Miffed, she started to play at throwing the assassin in the air and watched her crash at the ground.


Melty was in the mansion with the two maids. The arrival of the Great spirit had originally surprised them and the knowledge of the oncoming assassin had put them on edge. But now it seemed ridiculous to consider the assassin a threat.

The sound of bones breaking reached them.

Melty whimpered.

She started to pray for Elsa's soul.

The two maids were also deadly pale.

Zarestia was truly not to be underestimated.

Elsa was once again launched up.

It was upon such a scene that Otto and Halibel stumbled on.

" What.....?!!!" Otto could only yell in confusion.

Zarestia turned toward him and waved her hand.

" Oh you're finally back!" She happily told him.

Only for the sound of Elsa crashing down to reach Otto's ears, his face drastically paling.

Halibel looked at the scene critically before analysing the downed assassin.

" That's the Gut hunter." He announced with a brow raised.

" No clue. I'm wrapping it up ; no need to fear." Zarestia replied bluntly.

Elsa was thrown at the forest ground again, a resounding impact sound reached them.

" Hope she's finally out. That annoying pest just won't faint." She clicked her tongue in annoyance.

Otto could only stand speechless.

Halibel sighed.

" Let me take of it." He declared while making way to the assassin.

Zarestia shrugged.

She then turned toward Otto.

" What's wrong?" She asked curious about what could have caused the merchant's pale complexion.

Otto bite back a whimper.


After finally getting rid of all the obstacles Subaru had reunited with Emilia.

Wishing to rest he had entered Emilia's isolated home. Beatrice had remained with the now alive Lewes to help her adjust to her new life.

Both were sitting facing each other in silence.

"Emilia, why do you need to win the Royal selection ?" Subaru suddenly asked.

Despite the events of the Sanctuary now being concluded Subaru needed to take care of one last matter: Roswaal's fate.

Emilia looked at him in shame before taking a breath to steady herself.

"To free the elves in Elior forest I need the Dragon's blood...." She muttered in sadness.

[ Free the elves.???] Subaru thought bewildered.

Seeing his look of confusion Emilia elaborated.

" A century ago Elior Forest was attacked and the elves living there were frozen, including myself...." She trailed off.

Subaru urged her to continue with his eyes.

" Puck unfroze me but according to him it costed a good part of his mana so he couldn't unfreeze the other. I wish to free the remaining elves from ice, that's why I joined the competition." Emilia finished her explanation, she looked at her lap in shame.

Now after the Trial she knew that she was the one who froze them. After Subaru shattered the barrier strangely the block on her memories also shattered. Leaving her to remember her past. Emilia was deeply shaken by those revelations. Still she put it aside and concentrated on Subaru. After all, as long as she remained with him everything would be alright. She had no need to think.

She had been nothing more than a frightened child that lashed at the world yet it was still her duty to free those she condemned.

She didn't wish to look at Subaru disappointed face.

[ He's disgusted with me isn't he ? Originally he wanted to help me gain the throne while I just wanted the Dragon's blood. He went through all this trouble for a selfish brat] She thought sadly.

" Emilia-tan please lift your head." Subaru asked gently but firmly.

Emilia hesitantly followed his instruction.

Subaru was looking at her with gentle eyes.
No sign of disgust or hatred were present.

Seeing this Emilia unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

" I swear that I'll help you free them." Subaru swore his slanted eyes shining with determination.

Emilia blushed a little being the focus of such a gaze. Still she was happy, unaware of her fragile mind breaking apart slowly. The mindset of leaving everything to Subaru now rooted within her.


After finally separating with Emilia Subaru made way toward the hut that housed Roswaal.

By then the Margrave was already aware of his loss. Subaru's resounding victory left him speechless.

He had truly believed that he would succeed. Sadly for him Subaru had triumphed over him in one try. No redo was needed for the Campione to crush him. God Slayers were truly not to be underestimated.

Subaru opened the door with a calm expression on his face.

Seeing Roswaal's defeated face made him feel jubilant. He had outwitted the damned Clown this time.

A malicious smile on his face as he turned to face Roswaal.

The Margrave flinched which only made Subaru's smile deepen.

" Did you know of the authorities I possess?" He asked lightly.

Roswaal looked up at him in confusion.

" As long as a body is left I can actually bring people back from the dead." Subaru stated calmly his smile only deepened seeing Roswal's face rapidly paling.

" No.. you mean..?! " Roswal stuttered in realisation.

" No....NO!!" Only to yell in despair when Subaru's words dawned on him.

All this time he could have brought back his Teacher to life. Had he just remained a friend to one Natsuki Subaru rather than try to chain him.

Had he just negotiated with him he would have been reunited with Echidna already and yet , he destroyed that avenue with his schemes.

He was the one who put an end to his own ambition.

Seeing Roswaal mounting horror, Subaru slowly approached him.

Only when he stood right in front of him did he stop.

With ease Subaru cast a powerful curse that Beatrice taught him.

A curse meant to destroy one gate and make the use of magic beyond them.

With his Campione reserve Subaru easily cast the curse while making sure to overpower it; there was no way in hell he was letting Roswaal off the hook.

Roswaal gate was now useless. The greatest Mage of Lugnica was no more.

" Enjoy being powerless for the rest of your life bastard !!" Subaru smiled jubilantly as he condemned Roswaal to a life without magic.

With the curse placed on his gate Roswaal would now never be able to use magic again.

Along with a curse on his soul that Beatrice judiciously taught Subaru to prevent Roswaal from body hopping he was now stuck in a body without magic for the rest of his life.

Once the direness of his situation hit him Roswaal's mind crumbled. Had he been less scrupulous he could have resurrected his teacher and enjoy a life with her. Yet his mistake had cost him everything in the end


Roswal L Mathers was no more, only a shell of a man was left.

Chapter Text

It was a strangely calm morning considering what happened the day before.

Subaru woke up feeling refreshed, he had slept on the floor of the small house Emilia called home due to the lack of bed.

[ I just can’t sleep next to Emilia-tan like that.] He blushed remembering the Half elf ‘s words, she had wished to share her bed with him believing that both of them could fit in it to Subaru’s growing embarrassment. In the end he slept on the floor to her disappointment.

" Haaaa." Subaru sighed as he started to stretch.

Despite the less than comfortable accommodation Subaru felt better than he had for a few weeks. When he first received Rem's distress call right after his fight with the Huntress he had been left in a bad headspace fearing the worst and that this time Return by death wouldn't be enough to save those he cherished.

He smiled softly, now he could be at peace. The last few weeks had been tense , he could finally relax after so long.

" Good morning Subaru !" Emilia greeted him with a wide smile.

She quickly reached him and hugged him tightly to Subaru's bewilderment.

[ Is she really......?! Emilia-tan is hugging me!!!] Subaru's mind was going overdrive.

" Ugh?! Emilia-tan..?" He muttered in shock.

" Yes Subaru ~ ? " She answered while deepening the hug.

Subaru blushed dark red.

" You're just hugging me a tiny bit too tightly...." He told her uncertainty.

Emilia looked at him and pouted.

" I reaaallly missed you you know !" She replied petulantly.

[ So cute ! ] An arrow went straight through Subaru's heart.

Despite being still uncertain about his feelings for the half elf she was a beautiful young woman. One who was clearly in his strike range.

" We should get breakfast and leave. The villagers are waiting." He declared firmly.

Emilia’s pout deepened but seeing his serious face she let him go reluctantly.

They ate a quick breakfast and left to meet the villagers of Arlam.


Meanwhile in another house within the Sanctuary Beatrice woke up feeling a bit lost.


Beatrice had spent the night glued to Lewes still reeling at her friend's sudden resurrection. Thus for the first time in months she had not slept next to her beloved contractor.

This made her feel quite guilty, still Lewes needed someone to stay with her. The two friends had spent the night catching up ;thus they were still tired despite the morning sun rising.

On a side note Shima had recovered Garfiel after the beatdown he received at Beatrice’s hands and healed his wounds. In the end the young boy's pride was left deeply wounded.

She had been disappointed by her grandson's foolishness. To challenge a Campione and a Great spirit on his own was pure stupidity. Shima could only shake her head and sigh in relief that Garfiel had not been pulverised.

While the villagers of Arlam had rejoiced at the liberation of the Sanctuary its residents were left fearing for their future.

The Sanctuary ,despite being to some a prison, had been their safe haven. They were now left bereft of its protection. The people of Arlam were euphoric, the Sanctuary residents hopeless.


The residents of Arlam gathered at the village place. All shared relieved smiles their nightmare had finally come to an end. They were free , soon they would regain their home.

Subaru accompanied by Emilia strode in. Surrounded by the happy villagers he could only smile at them in response.

Beatrice along with Lewes join them a few minutes later.

Emilia looked at Subaru in askance.

" She should be here soon...." He muttered in answer.

" She...?" Emilia asked, confused.

The sound of the wind blowing interrupted her.

Zarestia had arrived.

She slowly descended along with a dozen empty carriages.

" I'm here Su-san !" She happily waved at Subaru.

Subaru smiled at her in relief.

He cleared his throat and turned to face the crowd.

" Good morning everyone ! Today we shall regain Arlam village! " He declared loudly.

He was answered by the cheers of the crowd.

The residents of the Sanctuary looked at them full of bitterness.

" Zarestia here shall transport us there! We'll fly to the village by boarding those carriages! " He continued his speech.

Learning the identity of the beautiful white haired woman left them speechless.


""""Zarestia......??!!!!""" Yells of surprise erupted.

Subaru scratched his head and chuckled a little.

" Really why does everyone react like that?" He shook his head amused.

Beatrice deadpanned.

" Of course normal people would react in such a way while being confronted by the oldest spirit in the world. I suppose that Betty shouldn't be surprised at her contractor's lack of common sense." She sighed in exasperation.

Next to her Lewes looked at the spirit with wide eyes.

Incredulous looks were shared between the villagers and the residents before Zarestia interrupted them.

" Well are we going ?" She asked bored.

" Yep we are! Before that though..." Subaru turned toward Shima.

" Catch !" He declared while throwing a small crystal at the clone.


The bewildered half elf caught it.

" What is this...?" She asked, confused.

" A barrier crystal to replace the one I broke." Subaru answered lightly.

" Eh?!" Shima exclaimed, shocked.

"Well, with this barrier everyone that lives here can leave as they please the half blood won’t be trapped. This barrier will also hide your village and protect it from attack. No one will find its location now. It's a powerful one since I made it." He explained.

Shima's hands trembled. Examining the crystal she held within her hands she could feel the absurd amount of mana it contained. Such a barrier outclassed the one Echidna had created.


Relief filled her, the villagers would not be left to brave the world on their own.

She bowed deeply.

" Thank you Subaru-sama."She told him with a tone filled with gratitude.

Tears of relief filled the eyes of the residents. They wouldn't suffer from the Sanctuary liberation.

In a display of synchronisation they all bowed at the same time.

"""""" Thank you Subaru-sama !""""" They chorused in unison.


Subaru scratched his cheek embarrassed, to him giving a remplacement for what he broke was a given. He didn't expect them to be grateful after what he did.

" It's fine...." He muttered embarrassed

Emilia chuckled a little hearing him.

Beatrice smiled softly in pride ; her contractor was truly a kind one.

Subaru loudly cleared his throat.

" Please board the carriage we need to go." He declared loudly.

The people of Arlam nodded and moved towards the carriage.

When everyone was boarded Zarestia started to levitate the carriage.

" Let's go." Subaru commanded.

Zarestia nodded and took to the sky carrying all of them with her wind.

Roswaal along with Rem were left behind. Subaru had wanted the blue maid to accompany them yet she had refused, not willing to leave her Lord alone.

Subaru had been annoyed and feeling a bit hurt at her refusal still he ended up agreeing with her. In his current state Roswaal couldn't hurt anyone.

With a heavy heart Rem watched them leave.



After an hour of travel the village appeared on sight.

Zarestia started to lower them on the ground seeing that they had reached their destination.

" Thank you for travelling with Air Tia, we have reached our destination safely!" Subaru declared humorously.

Sadly he was the only one who understood his joke. He was given looks of confusion , he pouted a little.

" No one understands my jokes..." He muttered petulantly.

" Betty wants you to explain it I suppose." Beatrice demanded, she truly wished to understand her contractor’s mannerism.

" I'll do it later then!" He answered with cheer, happy at Beatrice's interest.

The children were the first to descend , running toward their home at full speed.

The adults followed them at a more sedate pace.

Only Milde Arlam remained behind.

" What's wrong ?" Subaru titled his head.

The mayor bowed deeply.

" Thank you for saving us Subaru-sama. We are infinitely thankful for your kindness." She declared seriously.

"No need for that. I'm truly glad that I could help you." He told her firmly.

Milde continued bowing.

" Please lift your head." Subaru asked softly.

Milde raised her head slowly before smiling.

" You still are a kind boy aren't you Subaru-sama." She told him fondly.

Subaru blushed a little.

Seeing this Milde started laughing.

Before she sobered up.

" We still need to prepare ourselves, we have not cultivated our land for months, we have no harvest to feed ourselves , we lack supplies.". She sighed.

" Don't worry about that." Subaru answered her lightly.

" Natsuki-san !!! " Otto yelled from Arlam place. He stood surrounded by carriages filled with different kinds of supplies.

" I asked a few friends for help." He smirked a little.

Milde looked at him bewildered before smiling in relief.

They wouldn't be left to starve.

Otto was left overwhelmed by the villagers' gratitude while Subaru escaped.


Leaving Otto behind to distribute the supplies among the villagers, Subaru followed by two Great spirits and two half elfs returned to the mansion.

Halibel was waiting for them.

" Yo Halibel !" Subaru greeted him with a smile.

" Subaru-sama." He nodded in answer.

" What's wrong ?" Subaru asked in concern.

" There is no need to worry. The Gut hunter had been detained in the Mansion dungeon. All the mansion inhabitants are unharmed" The ninja explained.

Subaru breathed a small sigh of relief.

Next to him he could feel Emilia look at him in askance.

" Right, I almost forgot. The beautiful woman next to me is Emilia! The little half elf there is Beatrice's friend Lewes!" Subaru presented them cheerfully.

Zarestia looked at the two half elf curiously. She had never heard of them before yet the silver haired clung to Subaru tightly.


" Emilia , Lewes the man over there is Halibel a friend I met in Kararagi." Subaru finished his presentation.


" Well then let's return to the mansion." He declared.

All nodded in agreement ; the walk to the Mansion was done in silence.

Upon reaching the door Frederica greeted them.

Melty stood beside her relieved.

Despite Mama’s assassin being sent the archbishop herself seemed to not have been involved with the Sanctuary debacle.

Melty was truly overjoyed at this turn of events; she had not slept a wink fearing Mama’s arrival.

Subaru smiled seeing the nun unharmed.

Ram appeared after they had entered the mansion itself.

The oni frowned deeply seeing that neither her sister or Lord was with them.

"Where is Rem and Roswaal-sama Barusu?!" She asked agitatedly and spat his name like a curse.

Subaru and Emilia frowned at the oni’s aggressivity.

Melty and Frederica looked at Ram with wide eyes believing that the young woman had lost it.

Beatrice hissed and prepared herself to blast the maid away. Zarestia just lifted her hand; wind magic gathered around her, she was ready to cut down the arrogant brat.

Meanwhile Halibel looked at the spectacle calmly, a kunai ready to be deployed at any time.

Subaru sighed.

[ Aah I should stop them or else Ram is really going to die.] He decided though part of him was annoyed.

It seemed that he couldn’t tolerate insults like before. Just a few months ago he would have laughed off the maid's insult now part of him wanted to make her pay for her disrespect.

" Rem stayed with the Clown at the Sanctuary." He explained bluntly.

" The Clown ...?! How dare.." Her sentence was interrupted by the killing intent that the two Great spirits and Emilia emanated.

" Ram you shouldn't insult Subaru like that you know~" The half elf happily smiled while the temperature around her lowered drastically.

" Emilia-sama..." Ram muttered, shivering at the cold.

" Roswaal directed the Great rabbit toward the Sanctuary and was the one who hired the Gut hunter to attack the mansion." Subaru explained bitterly.

"""" What?!""" Only Zarestia and Beatrice who already knew the truth were silent.

To direct the Great rabbit toward his own land was nothing short of madness.

Did the Margrave believe that the Great Mabeast would succeed in killing a Campione ?

They could only shake their heads in disbelief.

Roswaal L Mathers was truly a madman.

Ram was thoroughly shaken; she exited the room quickly. She needed to find her sister and Lord.

She fled for the Sanctuary without looking back.

" Tch." Subaru clicked his tongue.

He looked at those around him and decided to explain everything that happened.

" Well that's what happened yesterday ......" Subaru started to summarise the previous day events with a grimace.

Frederica visibly shook hearing about Garfiel's folly.

When Subaru finished his recounting she deeply bowed.

" Thank you for sparing my little brother." She sincerely thanked him.

" Little brother....?" He asked bewildered.

" Indeed Garfiel is my younger brother." She answered promptly.

[ I see the resemblance now.] Subaru mused.

" Aah well no problem, he was just being a brat, no need to kill him for that." Subaru waved her off.

Frederica kept bowing.

" Please lift your head. We still have much to do." Subaru told her firmly.

Frederica obeyed and nodded.

" Well now let's go see Elsa huh." Subaru announced.


In the dungeon an assassin laid within a cell.

Before her a Godslayer , two Great spirits and a ninja stood. The two silent girls at the back were of no concern to her since they couldn't match the power of those around them.

Lewes had chosen to remain with Frederica who had been a bit shaken by the resemblance the half elf shared with her grandmother.

Elsa looked at the Godslayer before her with surprise. She had known that the boy she had faced so long ago in the Capital had become a Campione.

Yet seeing it with her own eyes left her speechless. Gone was the weak reckless boy from before.

Now a young man excluding power stood before her.

She shivered in excitement.

That man was without a doubt stronger than Mama.

Elsa was left conflicted. She had been paid to kill the residents of Roswaal's mansion yet her mission went south from the start.

Rather than a few weak maids, she was confronted by the Great spirit of wind exploration, Zarestia. She had subsequently been thrown around like a punching bag by said spirit. She couldn't even scratch her.

Now a monster stronger than Zarestia stood before her.

[ Well there are worse ways to go...] She mused amusedly. Not many could say that they faced one of the four Great spirits and lived. Even if she died today she would be satisfied.

Despite Natsuki Subaru being a Campione she believed that no matter what the young man did he couldn't put her through something worse than Mama’s torture session.

" Well Elsa; I know that Roswaal hired you the two times we met. I still don't know who your real boss is, so why don't you start talking now?" Subaru asked her grimly part of his mana unfurling around him and pressuring the assassin.

Elsa's smile deepened ,she shivered in excitement.

" Well now even if I answer you what will I gain?" She asked curiously.

Zarestia frowned and prepared her magic.

" Wanna be a punching bag again?" She asked with a refreshing smile.

Beatrice frowned, troubled.

" Betty can just enter your mind then I suppose." The loli mused.

" Perhaps I should take the lead. I have experience in interrogation, Su-san." Halibel suggested.

Subaru turned to look at him confused.

[ Experience....? Wait he's a ninja that makes sense.] Subaru realised.

He shook his head at his companions.

" No need for that." He declared seriously.

He turned toward Elsa with a grim face.

" Talk and you get to live." Subaru told her bluntly.

Elsa looked like she was considering her option before she sighed.

" Very well I work for the Assassin organisation led by Mama." She answered.

" Mama..?" Subaru frowned.

At the back Melty shivered violently.

She let out a small whimper.

[ If Mama knew what was happening right now, both me and the assassin would be tortured for it.] Melty thought her stomach was sinking.

Her face rapidly paled remembering the last time Mama had been disappointed with her.

Subaru turned to her in concern.

" If she scares you, you can leave Melty, you don't have to stay here." Subaru reassured her.

Melty nodded her face pale and quietly left the room.

Beatrice looked at her with a frown; she could feel the spike of fear that ran through the nun.

Such deep fear could not be created by just hearsay and rumors.

Melty had a connection to the leader of the assassin organisation or so Beatrice concluded.

She wasn't the only one suspicious; however, Halibel took note of the nun’s reaction and added it to the growing list of suspicious acts she had committed.

Subaru looked at Melty departing form before turning to Emilia.

" You don't have to be there too Emilia-tan." He declared seriously.

Emilia shook her head violently.

" I want to stay." She told him firmly.

Seeing her serious expression Subaru grimaced a little.

" Fine." He agreed reluctantly.

He turned toward Elsa who sported an amused smile.

" Who is Mama?" Subaru asked seriously.

" The archbishop of Lust." Elsa answered promptly.

Subaru's eyes widened in shock.

" Huh?!" He exclaimed in surprise.


After an informative session with Elsa, Subaru and his companions regained the dining room where Melty , Lewes and Frederica were preparing dinner.

[ I didn't eat lunch my stomach is growling. ] Subaru was ashamed. He spent the whole day grilling information about Mama from Elsa.

He learned a lot about the archbishop down to the way she treated her subordinates.

[ That damned monster.] Subaru thought furiously remembering how the archbishop "rewarded" and punished her so-called children.

He was left sympathetic to Elsa’s plight after that.

[ No wonder she's insane after going through that.] He grimaced; her experience with Lust made him remember the treatment he received at Sloth's hand.

In the end Subaru decided that he was going to spare Elsa. As far as he was concerned the woman had suffered enough.

Despite being a battle maniac she wasn't crazy enough to attack him now that was plus to Subaru.

Otto had rejoined them after they started eating.

" You didn't wait for me?! " He asked in shock.

" Oh Otto you're here ! " Subaru answered without looking at him.

Beatrice sat on his lap looking smugly at the jealous Emilia. Lewes faced Beatrice and looked bewildered as her friend taunted the silver haired girl with her eyes.

Meanwhile Zarestia was enjoying the fish she was served and ignored what was happening around her.

" Oh green boy is back !" She exclaimed happily while savoring her dish.

Halibel and Melty ate quietly, both nodded in greeting to the merchant.

Melty was still shaken as such she remained silent during the rest of the day to Subaru's concern and Beatrice growing suspicion.

Frederica was the one serving them carrying many plates at the same time.

" Otto-sama, your seat is over here." Frederica announced while guiding Otto to an empty chair.

" Ah thank you Frederica-san." Otto thanked the maid and took a seat.

Subaru turned toward him with a serious expression on his face

" Was it enough ?" He asked worriedly.

" It was. With the supplies we gave them Arlam will have enough to survive till the next harvest." Otto replied just as seriously.

Subaru breathed a sigh of relief.

" I see....." He muttered.

" Betty's Subaru did well." Beatrice reassured her contractor.

Subaru looked at the loli before smiling fondly.

" You're truly adorable, Beako!" Subaru exclaimed happily.

Beatrice blushed.

" Of course!" She answered pridefully with a pleased smile on her face.

Lewes smiled at Beatrice display.

[ I'm glad that you found your They Beatrice-sama.] She thought happily.

Emilia remained next to him the whole day. Even after dinner she followed to his room to his growing embarrassment.

" Emilia-tan." Subaru started.

" Yes Subaru ?" The silver half elf tilted her head still hugging his left arm firmly.

" We're in my room you know?!" Subaru asked, blushing shyly.


" Yes, so what ?" Emilia replied confused, a small frown appearing on her face.

[ Cute...] This thought traversed his mind.

" You can't sleep with me ya know?! You should return to your room !" Subaru declared firmly.

Emilia looked down, her face covered by a curtain of silver hair.

" I don't want to be left alone again." Her voice cracked at the end.

Subaru's eyes widened in realisation.

" Emilia, I will be there with you tomorrow. I won't disappear." He told her gently.

Emilia looked at him uncertainty.

" It must have been hard...." Subaru muttered sadly.

" It was." Emilia answered, her eyes shined with unshed tears.

" They all blamed me, no one helped me or even talked with me. Even Puck left me alone! " She choked out these words.

She started crying tears rolled down her cheeks.

Subaru panicked.

He hugged her tightly.

" It's fine now the nightmare is over. I'm sure that now we left the Sanctuary, Puck will come back. He wouldn't leave you just like that, he's your father after all." He reassured her.


Thinking about Puck made him shiver; remembering that the damned spirit had frozen him alive.

[ I'm not going to forgive that bastard for that.] Subaru decided firmly.

Puck along with Roswaal were firmly on his shit list.

Still Emilia needed him now so Subaru put those thoughts aside and focused on her.

They remained holding on to each other for a long time.

Before Subaru gently removed his arms from the half elf.

" You need to sleep, Emilia-tan. "

Emilia nodded and left the room reluctantly.

After Emilia retired for the night Subaru sighed sadly.

He smiled bitterly.

[ Had I stayed, would it have been better?] Such a thought filtered in his mind.

Before Subaru shook his head.

[ No, let's not go there. Had I not left I wouldn't have met Zarestia and Halibel. Melty would have come to me but not the others. Heck I would have even missed Otto!] Subaru chuckled a little thinking about his companions, lightened his mood.

[ I don't regret meeting them.] He decided firmly.

[ That's why I shouldn't linger on such thoughts.] He nodded seriously. He prepared himself to sleep.

Beatrice entered the room a few seconds later.

" Hiyaa Beako! You're not sleeping with Lewes tonight ?" He asked curiously.

Beatrice frowned a little before shaking her head.

" Betty shall remain with her contractor tonight." She declared firmly.

Seeing that she was still frowning, Subaru gave her a look of confusion.

" What's wrong Beatrice ?" He asked with a frown appearing on his face.

Beatrice visibly hesitated before answering him.

" Betty thinks that Emilia is far too clingy with Betty's contractor....." She muttered slowly.

Subaru looked at her with wide eyes.

" Huh?! " He exclaimed in surprise.

Subaru looked at her troubled.

" Emilia-tan had a really hard time after we left, that's why she's a bit clingy. She'll get better soon you'll see !” Subaru declared confidently.


Beatrice still frowned before sighing.

" Let's just sleep, we'll talk about it tomorrow I suppose." She declared.

Subaru nodded before making place for her.


" Come here Beako !" He smiled.

Beatrice smiled a little before jumping on the bed to hug him.


After reaching the Sanctuary via dragon carriage. Ram had barely spared a glance toward her regretful sister before bursting into Roswaal's room.

The sigh that greeted her left her speechless. The man she had admired for his drive and will was left staring at the wall before him with empty eyes.

Glassy eyes looked at the red oni with no recognition in them.

"Roswaal-sama.....?" Ram muttered lowly.

Silence reigned in the room. She had received no answer from her Lord.

Ram tries to speak to him in vain. She yelled , cried, pleaded and yet she was only answered by silence.

She won her bet; his life was hers.

Yet nothing was left of the man she loved.

A wave of hatred coursed through the red oni only for her to visibly deflate.

She had not known Roswaal's plan, she had only supported him in an effort to rouse back his spirit.

Yet what he had tried to accomplish was nothing short of suicidal.

There was a reason one doesn't try to chain a Campione. Such an endeavor only led to being obliterated by said Campione's hand.

He had almost killed Rem by attracting the Great rabbit to the Sanctuary. Had Subaru not intervened her sister would have been eaten alive.

Some would call Subaru merciful for sparing the magician.

And yet seeing Roswaal's form Ram could only feel bitterness.

Killing Roswaal L Mathers would have been a mercy.



In the next few days a certain rumor would spread to the whole world.

Natsuki Subaru had slain the Great rabbit.

Originally a few merchants had stumbled on its corpse and were left frightened. Only the fact that the rabbits stood unmoving stopped them from killing themselves. Better die by a blade than eaten alive.

They had wandered to a nearby village. Said villagers were more than happy to provide them information.

The Third Campione had slain the Great rabbit.

Such a rumor shook the whole country. Natsuki Subaru had slain two of the three Great Mabeast.

Some wondered if the Great snake would be the next one to perish at his hands.

As for now the Campione had slain two Gods and two of the Great Mabeast.