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Is it Warm Enough?

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Winter in Seoul this year has been one of the coldest one they’ve had in a while. Unfortunately, for the members living on the 10th floor, the heating system has been busted for a couple of days now and they have been using the portable heater Taeil kept in the closet for emergencies. They had the small equipment set up in the living room where most of the members have been sleeping around since last night.

Jungwoo is currently wrapped in a new set of blankets from the new bed set he just got last month. He’s been actively sharing the same bed as Jaehyun before that and the blanket was always the main point of their arguments especially in the winter. 

Now that he has gotten his own space in the room, he sometimes misses the warmth his bed mate gives.

“You’re totally hogging the blanket.” He whips his head towards the door and sees Jaehyun closing the bedroom door.

He must’ve just gotten home from practice. Sweat is evident on his face and it proves to be right when Jungwoo sees Jaehyun  taking off his cap and his hair is still wet.

“How hard were you practicing that you're still sweating?” Jungwoo asked as he adjusted the blanket around him.

“Too hard.” He replies taking off the black hoodie including the shirt he was wearing.

Jehyun was only left wearing the black adidas sweat pants and a pair of black socks.

Can his wardrobe be anymore colorful? ’ jungwoo sarcastically thought.

He mindlessly stared at the older member as Jaehyun wipes his body with a dry towel. Jaehyun to say the least is hot, his aura just screams HOT and Jungwoo lives for that.




“Don’t move unless you want me to actually fuck you like this.” Jaehyun growled into Jungwoo’s ear.

They’ve just been laying in Jaehyun's bed watching an episode of Demon Slayer on Netflix. It was the normal ‘Netflix and chill’ until Jungwoo started fighting for the blanket and accidentally brushed over Jaehyuns’s pants.

Jungwoo laid still as Jaehyun adjusted the position they were in. Woo’s back was against jaehyun’s front and he can feel the older push down and take off the black sweats he was wearing, leaving him in the black Balenciaga underwear he saw him this morning before he left the apartment.

Still covered in the dark green blanket, Jaehyun managed to also remove everything Jungwoo was wearing on hi slower body, the clothes silently falling around the floor as it was discarded. The winter air in their room was more evident now that they’re both completely bare underneath the blanket.

Jungwoo heard the shuffling behind him and he heard the sound of the bottle cap opening and closing. A few silent seconds later, he felt cold , wet fingers.

Hnng.. Hyung .” he whispers as jaehyun rubs his lubed up pointer finger around Jungwoo’s opening.

Jungwoo gasped when Jae inserted the finger in slowly. Groan and whimpers are the only sound coming from the younger male as the episode of anime they were watching continues in the background.

“Has it been that long since we did it that you’re so tight?” Jaehyun mumbles.

Ahhhh Hyung… please.. what-”  Jungwoo stopped mid sentence when he felt jaehyun added not one but two fingers in. He can feel every move and force Jaehyun is making with his fingers as he loosens up the younger.

It’s been a couple of days since they have been intimate with each other due to their busy schedules so Jungwoo is having a hard time adjusting to Jaehyun's big fingers in him.

“God woo, you’re always so tight.” Jaehyun groans into his ear. With three fingers, jaehyun keeps a steady pace. “I’m gonna take it out okay,” he took his hands away from Jungwoo’s throbbing hole. He lathers his hard cock with more lube and the excess from his fingers as he pumps his own cocks, his pre-cum dripping out into his palms. 

Without warning, jaehyun inserted his hard cock in between Jungwoo’s cheeks into his hole.

Hnnnng hyung, you’re so big. Ahh

Fuck Woo.” Jungwoo can feel the warm skin of his hard cock as he went in raw.

“Don’t be too loud Woo, everyone is still awake, it would be a shame when they hear what you sound like while taking my cock huh baby.” All Jungwoo can do is groan into the pillow he didn’t realize he was hugging as Jaehyun pounds into his ass hole.

Fas...ter.. Hhhnngggg.” Jungwoo begs and moans quietly.

With that jaehyun fastens his thrust, pounding into the moaning younger. Skin slapping and the bed shaking as he continues to pleasure the both of them.

“Move your leg to the front baby.” Jungwoo obliges and moves his left leg towards his chest and jaehyun thrusts deeper into him with the new found angle.

Oh god” they both groaned at the same time.

They both continue to meet each other's thrust, as Jungwoo can feel he’s almost close to bursting untouched. He moved his hands downwards to his own hard cock but jaehyun was faster to grab his hands stopping him from doing so.

Please hyung, I’m gonna cum please, please” he begs.

“No baby, I wanna see you cum without being touched.” Jaehyun moved up and flipped the laying position they were in so that he was on top of a leg bent, groaning jungwoo. He looks down at his partner's face.

“You look so beautiful taking in my cock baby, you’re such a slut for my big cock.” he continues to go in and out of the younger.

Jae… pls let me cum” Jaehyun laughs. “I’m almost there baby, let’s cum together, yeah?”


With a few more thrust, Jungwoo couldn’t hold it anymore, he groans and silky white cum splatters in between them and into the dark green blanket. Panting, Jungwoo giggles and grabs the back of jaehyun’s neck and kisses him, tongue fighting for dominance. He pulls aways and looks at Jae.

Cum in me.” 


Jaehyun continues to thrust trying to catch his own ecstasy. With a few hard thrusts, he bursts his warm liquid inside Jungwoo’s sensitive hole groaning from the pleasure.

Ughhhhh fuck Woo.” he leaned and kissed the younger as his cock twitches inside of him. 

They continued to kiss and not move from their positions, catching their breath. Before jaehyun could move and pull out, he was stopped by Jungwoo.

“Keep your cock in there Jae, I don’t like seeing your cum go to waste.” Jaehyun slowly pulled away from jungwoo and looked him in the eyes. Pure seriousness written in Jungwoo’s face.

“Whatever you want baby. Can i keep it in while we continue watching netflix?” he asked. The younger nodded. Jaehyun proceeds and grabs some tissue from the box on the floor to clean Jungwoo’s cum on their stomach and the dark green blanket. 


Jaehyun pulled his cock out a bit to change the position they were in so they were both in their original position before and Jungwoo groaned from the empty feeling.

“Don’t let your cum pill jae, Keep it in there, it’s messy!”

Jaehyun laughs. “Just say you love being filled and go.” and receives a small slap on the arm.

“Grab the blanket behind you Jae, I'm cold.” Jungwoo moves his head to look at jaehyun and the blacket behind him.

Warmth surrounds both of them as they focused on the screen. Jungwoo moves closer towards jaehyun to keep the space between them minimal. They always ends up cuddling no matter if they had sex or not. Jaehyun was a big cuddler especially in the winter and Jungwoo has no complains because it usually comes with butterfly kisses on his neck and he loves that. 


“I’m gonna clean you up woo.” jaehyun says as he pulled out and cum slowly dripped out of Jungwoo’s pink hole. Jaehyun grabs the box and delicately wipes the cum off the younger. Jae is always so delicate after sex, he takes his time helping the both of them clean up usually because he loves cumming on jungwoo’s body and face. After a few more wipes, jaehyun laid back down and wraps his arm around jungwoo.

“I’m gonna put it back in baby,” he whispers. Jungwoo groans from the intrusion once again.

“Warn me earlier next time, god why is your cock still hard jae.i swear to god.” Jaehyun just laughs and pulls jungwoo closer to him as him letting him go will remove all the warmth around them.

“This is the part when Shinobu shows up.” Jungwoo slaps jaehyuns arm and twist his hips earning a groan from him.

“Don’t give spoilers.” he warns. The older surrenders. “I won’t”.

“When is the maintenance guy scheduled to get the heaters fixed?” He ask.

Jaehyun hums before answering, “I think Taeil hyung said tomorrow afternoon.”

“Ah okay, we won’t be home at that time then since we’re most likely gonna be practicing for the show,” Jungwoo felt small kisses on his collarbone. 

“Yeah, it’s gonna be a busy day, so hopefully it will be fixed before we get home, i can’t keep having 4 blankets wrapped around me.” jaehyun chuckles after saying it.

They continued watching the show and after two episode they were both feeling the tiredness from the previous activity. Jungwoo was still full from Jaehyun’s cock in him. He loves the feeling of having Jaehyun’s girthy cock inside of him and from what Jaehyun told him, he also enjoy leaving his cock in jungwoo’s hole. He remembers jaehyun jokingly telling him,

It’s like my own personal cock heater .” 


Without any notice, jungwoo feels Jaehyun sliding his cock out of his hole and before he can say anything, Jaehyun thrust into him.


Agghhhh fuck Jaehyun!” He yells not caring if the other members in the living room heard him. He slaps the arm of a laughing jaehyun. I guess he wants to get warm again.