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now as you close your eyes

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"Hey, Ed."

He looks up from where he's watching James scroll through a meme page, showing Ed the funny. He's got his head resting on the younger's right thigh and it's more than comfortable. Nobody questions it; the two have always been a bit intimate with each other, so much so that nobody bats an eye when it happens nowadays. James looks up, too.

"Hey, what's up?"

His hand is stroking mindlessly through James's hair every once in a while, a gesture that once James melts into it Ed begins doing it continuously, like a routine.

James tunes out the conversation going on above him, letting himself relax, practically sinking into the couch as he focuses on the calming feeling of Ed's hand. It's not an unfamiliar feeling, and yet he swears that it feels better every time. Ed must be magic, or something.

They're at a friend's house in their basement, a sort of get-together of about twenty (20) people, all spread out amongst the apartment-like room. There was music, a table with some snacks and drinks, and different chairs all spread out for people to choose from. A proper hangout area, basically, and the atmosphere was calming.

James doesn't really register when his phone is taken gently from his hands, eyes drooping shut as his body becomes heavier. He adjusts himself, his nose just barely pressing into Ed's thigh as he feels himself slipping a little.

The quiet chatter fades to a mumble and everything slows as he drifts off into sleep, breathing evening out, the last thing he feels being Ed's hand petting through his hair soothingly.

"Holy shit, is he seriously asleep?"

Ed's brows furrow just slightly as he looks down at James on his lap. He smiles dopily once he sees the lax expression on his face and the way his eyelids flutter.

"Yeah, I guess he is. Anyway, what were you saying?"

When James wakes up, Ed's hand is still there. It's bliss.