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weekend delights

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First year of college was much more difficult than Mark had imagined it to be. It was very different from high school and getting up at 6:30 am for his 8 am class wasn’t the same anymore. He also regrets taking six classes for his first semester because he didn’t realize how much work it actually was.

He felt sluggish and tired almost everyday, coming back home with his shoulders slumped and an exhausted sigh. His parents seemed concerned but he told them not to worry about him and that he’ll manage because in the end, they were paying for his tuition and he didn’t want to stress them out more.

But Mark does have a saving grace, which was the weekends. There was no school and he actually had time to relax and most importantly, he got to spend time with his next door neighbors.

Oh how he loved the weekends. He looked forward to them because he could finally be with Johnny and Jaehyun. They were so welcoming every time Mark showed up at their door, always ushering him in with a firm hand on his back. When Mark was overwhelmed with college, they were willing to listen to him rant and vent his frustration. They always managed to make him feel so much better, whether it was through their sweet words or soft touches.

Mark loved being on the receiving end of their affection. The way his stomach would flutter every time he felt Johnny’s fingertips lightly graze his knee as they sat on the couch or the way his skin would tingle as Jaehyun pressed up against him when they had a bit too much to drink. It made Mark feel good.

This particular Saturday was no different. Mark was straddling Johnny’s thighs, arms around the man’s neck as they engaged in a heated make out session. It was around 3 in the afternoon, Mark’s parents were out doing some grocery shopping so he decided to stop by Johnny and Jaehyun’s apartment to kill some time.

Jaehyun was working at his part-time job that should end in about an hour, but for now it was just Mark and Johnny alone in the apartment. They started off watching a random true crime documentary that Johnny found on Netflix, the whole mystery aspect going way over Mark’s head and they both got bored of it fairly quickly. Mark doesn’t have the brain capacity to focus on the screen when Johnny had a warm hand up the back of his shirt, stroking at his skin.

It was Mark who made the first move, swinging a leg over Johnny’s thighs and situating himself on the man’s lap. It was Mark that curled his fingers into Johnny’s dark auburn hair and brought their lips together, slow and sweet.

The documentary droned on in the background, serving as a mindless noise now. Johnny’s grip tightened around Mark’s slim waist, holding him in place as his tongue traced the shell of the younger’s ear. Mark’s lips were kissed swollen by then, red and plump and Johnny couldn’t help but to bite down on Mark’s bottom lip just slightly.

The needy whine that escaped Mark’s mouth had Johnny picking him up with ease, taking him to his room and dropping him down on his bed. Mark landed with a soft bounce, flustered that Johnny could just carry him without breaking a sweat. Johnny’s extra hours at the gym really paid off.

Johnny positioned himself above Mark, taking in the already disheveled look on his face. Mark tends to get riled up and excited easily, much to the other’s delight and Johnny loved to take his time teasing him, but he doesn’t have the patience for that right now as he stripped off Mark’s clothes, leaving him bare on his sheets.

Johnny took off his shirt, tossing it to the side and let Mark place a palm on his chest to feel his muscles and marvel at his toned body for a bit before leaning down to capture his lips into a kiss. Johnny maneuvered Mark so he was sitting upright in his lap again, his fingertips ghosting down the boy’s spine, causing him to shiver at the touch and arch into the man’s body.

Mark’s body was so sensitive, something that both Johnny and Jaehyun loved taking advantage of but Jaehyun wasn’t there right now so Johnny had the pleasure of breaking Mark down all by himself. Johnny loved taking Mark apart with his own hands, watching the younger writhe and twist under his heated touches.

Johnny started with his neck, nibbling at the skin and pulling away to see the marks that he made blossom maroon all over his throat. He went down to his chest, Mark’s muscles toned and firm but not as big as Johnny's but Mark never minded it because he adored how Johnny and Jaehyun made him feel smaller than he was.

A pointed tongue peaked from Johnny’s lips, flicking over a nipple and a shuddering moan slipped from Mark’s mouth. His cock twitched in anticipation, embarrassed at how just a few touches and kisses could get him so needy.

Mark wasn’t always like this. Before he met Johnny and Jaehyun, he never really focused on self pleasure, only jerking off when he felt pent up and needed a release. It gave him minimal satisfaction in the end and he never really explored anymore than that. It wasn’t until his insanely attractive neighbors came into the picture and showed him the wonders of sex and sexual pleasures.

They allowed him to explore what he wanted, to take what he wanted and they never thought of him weird or denied him. Mark felt cherished and adored when he was with them and they always take care of him after.

A gasp tumbled out of Mark’s mouth with Johnny’s lip encircled Mark’s nipple and sucked. His body jerked, hands coming up to grasp at Johnny’s shoulders, not sure if he wanted to push him away or pull him closer. The tantalizing heat swirling in the pit of his stomach was growing hotter and hotter by each passing minute and Mark was getting impatient.

Mark canted his hips down, searching for any type of release. His aching cock hard against his stomach, precum sticky at his tip and rubbing on Johnny’s abdomen with every twitch of his hips.

“Be still,” Johnny muttered against Mark’s neck. He tightened his hands around his waist to stop him from grinding down and a helpless whine bubbled up in Mark’s throat.

Please … More,” Mark begged, mouth in a pout and eyes shiny with unshed tears.

It was quite quick with how Johnny gave in and grabbed the almost empty bottle of lube from the side table, uncapping it and squeezing a good amount onto his fingers before reaching behind to circle at Mark’s rim. No matter how many times Johnny and Jaehyun fucked him, Mark was still tight as ever.

Johnny pushed his middle finger into Mark who took it with no resistance. He pumped the single digit in and out of the boy until he was panting for more into Johnny’s neck as he trembled in his lap.

Mark keened when two fingers slid in him, rubbing at his wet walls. His cock was so hard, bobbing in between his and Johnny’s bodies and he desperately wanted to reach a hand down to wrap around his own cock but he didn’t want to ruin the fun that earlier on.

When the third finger went inside, Mark was desperately riding the digits in him, trying to get it to rub at his sweet spot. Johnny adored how debauched Mark appeared to be as he fucked himself on his fingers, mouth agape and head thrown back. Johnny spread his fingers inside, the lube squelching as he did so and Mark’s ears burned from the obscene sounds.

Johnny placed a kiss on Mark’s Adam's apple before pulling his wet fingers out of his hole, Mark whining at the sudden emptiness and grinding down on the prominent bulge in Johnny’s pants. Johnny shushed him as he tugged his sweatpants just below his hips to free his aching cock.

“You ready?” Johnny asked, circling the head of his cock against Mark’s puckered rim.

Yes yes yes! Fuck me! Hurry,” Mark chanted out.

“So greedy,” Johnny teased. “Put it in yourself then.”

Mark pouted but doesn’t say anything as he reached behind him to grip Johnny's hard cock, align it against his hole and sat down. It was like his breath was punched out of him as Johnny bottomed out inside him in one smooth thrust, his thick cock stretching out his little hole.

“God. How are you - mm - always so big,” Mark moaned out, hips flush against Johnny crotch. The older chuckled and gave Mark a minute to adjust himself before pulling out and thrusting back in.

It was an addictive rhythm, the constant in and out had Mark’s clenching around Johnny’s cock. The air was hot and heavy, their moans filled the room and were drowning out any other noise that they hadn’t heard the front door open and close.

Jaehyun wasn’t expecting Mark to be over and was definitely not expecting Mark to be sitting on Johnny’s cock, but he wasn’t going to complain. Both of their heads whipped over to the door when Jaehyun stepped in with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh, good to see you too, Mark,” Jaehyun said a bit sarcastically, dropping his bag onto the floor.

Mark stilled in embarrassment as Jaehyun stood near the door, watching them. A moan tumbled out of his mouth as Johnny aimed a particularly hard thrust and he quickly buried his face into Johnny’s shoulder.

“Why are you so shy, baby? I’ve seen you in more compromising positions,” Jaehyun laughed.

“Stop standing there and come over, Jaehyun,” Johnny groaned when Mark subconsciously tightened around him.

“Gladly.” Jaehyun walked over, chucking his shirt off in the process and getting into bed with the both of them.

Mark’s head was still nuzzled in Johnny’s shoulder, but Jaehyun coaxed him out with a few kisses to his neck. He turned his head so he could give Jaehyun a proper kiss, letting the older lick into his heated mouth.

“Hey,” Jaehyun said after he pulled away.

“H-Hi,” Mark replied sheepishly. Johnny was softly thrusting into him now, giving him a little stimulation but not enough to have him whining.

“Is Johnny hyung making you feel good?”

Mark nodded, biting down on his lip as he ground down on the cock inside of him and felt sparks of pleasure shoot through him.

“Want me to help?”

Another nod and Jaehyun was undoing his belt and eagerly taking his jeans off. He was already half hard in his briefs and Mark reached out to cup him over his underwear.

“Get me hard first, baby,” Jaehyun said. He moved over to the side, so Mark had easier access to push Jaehyun’s underwear off. Mark held Jaehyun’s cock in his hands, hot and heavy and slowly growing.

While Johnny and Jaehyun’s cocks were almost the same size, Jaehyun’s was just slightly thicker and Mark could tell with the way he leaned over to give the head a quick lick before wrapping his lips around the girth.

Shit! Your sweet little mouth is the best,” Jaehyun groaned out, curling his fingers into Mark’s hair and pushing his head down.

Johnny sped up again, fucking into the tight heat causing Mark to moan unabashedly around Jaehyun’s cock, the vibrations making his legs tremble. Mark wasn’t the best at giving head, still slightly clumsy and he drooled a lot but they both found it really hot. Mark made sure to relax his throat as Jaehyun’s cock slid deeper into his mouth, his nose barely grazing the neatly trimmed patch of hair.

Suddenly, there was a finger rubbing around Mark’s stretched out rim and Mark jolted when he felt that finger push in alongside Johnny’s cock. He almost choked on Jaehyun’s dick, so he pulled away with a wet pop to see Jaehyun’s finger inside him.

“W-What are you doing?” Mark stuttered.

“Making more room,” Jaehyun replied with a smirk.

They played with plenty of toys before to get Mark more comfortable, stretching him out with various sizes and even fucking him with a small toy inside. But this was different and Mark couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous.

“Relax for us, baby,” Johnny muttered into Mark’s ear, rubbing a hand on his back.

Mark then felt another finger trying to push into his already filled up hole and he groaned out loudly, trying his absolute best to relax. He already felt so stretched out at this point, not sure if he could take anymore but Jaehyun was determined to make him fit.

Jaehyun’s thumb came into play, tugging at the red rim as Johnny slowed down his trust until he stopped moving. Jaehyun got behind Mark, his hands holding Mark’s ass cheeks open and took in the sight of Mark’s hole wrapped around Johnny so snuggly.

“Do you want to do this Mark?” Jaehyun asked. He nudged the head of his cock next to Johnny’s and Mark felt his whole body tense up.

“Fuck. Don’t tighten up so suddenly,” Johnny hissed out.

Mark’s heart was hammering in his chest, but he couldn’t deny the fact that he had thought about this a few times before. How he wanted to take both Johnny and Jaehyun in his tiny hole and be fucked open so good until he was gaping. His belly fluttered with excitement as his fantasy was about to come true, so he nodded.

“Use your words, Markie,” Johnny said.

“Y-Yes, I want it,” Mark replied shakily.

Jaehyun pressed a reassuring kiss to the back of Mark’s head before grabbing the discarded bottle of lube and emptying it right onto where Mark and Johnny were connected. He rubbed the lube, dipped his fingers back inside Mark a few more times to loosen him up as much as possible then slathered the remaining onto his cock before he grabbed onto Mark’s hips.

“I’ll go slowly. If you want to stop, just tell us ok?”

“Ok,” Mark sighed out in a timid manner.

There was silence as if everyone was holding their breaths, and then Mark felt it. Jaehyun held open Mark’s ass as he slowly and carefully pushed the tip of his cock in. Mark let out a guttural groan, his stomach twisting in knots as Jaehyun slowly slid into his already stuffed hole.

Johnny shifted slightly, pulling out a bit so Jaehyun could get in more easily. Jaehyun bit down on his own lip as he gently eased his cock inside, the incredibly tight heat making him feel like he was going to melt.

“Breath, Mark. Breath,” Johnny reminded him as he rubbed soothing circles on his back.

He was trying his best to relax. One huge cock was enough for him, but two? It would most likely break him, but he doesn’t want any of them to stop. He broke out into cold sweat as Jaehyun kept pushing in and it stung to the point his eyes began to water.

He was panting like a dog, his nails digging into Johnny’s shoulders, and his thighs shook violently. It hurts, it hurts so bad that he couldn’t even distinguish if he was being overwhelmed with pain or pleasure. He swore his ass was going to rip as his tears finally fell.

He was full on trembling when Jaehyun was completely inside him. Mark felt like he was going to burst, not used to being stuffed like this. He tried to stop the tears, clenching his eyes shut because he didn’t want them to be worried over his crying.

“Shh shhh, baby, does it hurt a lot?” Johnny asked. He kissed away a few tears, cupping Mark’s face with his hands. Mark nodded.

“Do you want us to pull out?”

“N-No. I can... I can take it,” Mark hiccuped. He adjusted himself and he felt the cocks inside of him jostle, making him moan. He didn’t know what to do, he thought that he was going to break and his own cock had softened just a bit, but he still wanted release so he slowly moved himself on both appendages.

Johnny and Jaehyun groaned out as Mark gradually moved himself on their cocks. They let him go at his own pace, watching him as he carefully ground down. The feeling was intense, each rock had his breath being forced out of his lungs. He could feel both of them in his stomach and if he were to take a quick peek, he was sure that there would be a distinct little bump against his belly. The thought of Johnny and Jaehyun’s cock rubbing inside him was enough fuel to work up a steady pace.

Mark steadied himself by putting his hands on Johnny’s chest, rising up before dropping down. His hole spasmed around the meaty girths, Johnny letting out curses as Jaehyun grasped at Mark’s hips to hold himself back from recklessly fucking into him.

Mark was a trooper, to say the least, as he had gotten used to the stretch in no time and bounced on both cocks like his life depended on it. His mouth dropped open in a groan, head thrown back against Jaehyun’s shoulder as he rode their cocks, feeling himself submit to the mindblowing ecstasy coursing through his veins. A particular thrust had a screech tumbling from his mouth as he managed to hit the sensitive bundle of nerves.

OHH! Please move, anyone,” Mark panted out desperately.

Johnny gave a tentative thrust and Mark clawed at his chest, his eyes rolling back into his head. Johnny fucked up into Mark, moaning at how incredibly tight he was as he slid against the spasming walls and Jaehyun’s cock.

The pleasure was so intense, Mark’s ass being spread apart by Johnny and Jaehyun. His body felt both numb and on fire as Jaehyun also started to thrust and everything became too much.

It was a flurry of emotions and Mark doesn’t know why he was crying again, but he couldn’t seem to stop. He was numb with pleasure, obsessed with the way when Johnny would pull out and Jaehyun would thrust in and vice versa. He could hear the crude noises as he was being fucked and all he could do was whine pitifully.

“You’re so pretty when you cry, do you know that baby?” Jaehyun commented, swiping the tears off Mark’s cheeks with a thumb and licking it off.

“Makes us want to ruin you more,” Johnny grunted.

Mark squealed when Johnny’s fingers pinched at his perky nipples, clenching hard around both of them. A string of expletives flew from Jaehyun’s mouth, his hips stuttering as he suddenly came inside of Mark, the combination of the tight hole sucking him in and Johnny’s hard cock rubbing next to his pushed him over. The younger gasped as he felt the warm cum spill into him.

Jaehyun pulled his spent cock out of Mark, spreading Mark’s cheeks open so he could watch Johnny rapidly fuck up into Mark’s loosened hole. Some of Jaehyun’s cum was spilling down the side of Johnny’s shaft and with a few more hard thrust against Mark’s prostate, both of them came at the same time.

Mark came so hard that for a few minutes, he was pretty sure he blacked out, his eyes crossing and mind going blank. Johnny came deep inside of Mark, his cum mixing with Jaehyun’s and when he pulled out, a large amount of semen leaked out of Mark’s ruined and gaping hole.

“Fuck,” Johnny breathed out. He scooped up the cum that was spilling out and pushed it back into Mark’s hole. There were dried tear stains on Mark’s cheeks and some droplets of tears that gathered at his eyelashes. His breathing was ragged and uneven, but the blissed out expression on his face was a clear sign that he enjoyed it.

Mark felt the subtle kiss to his forehead, too tired to open his eyes to see who. He felt some rummaging next to him before a warm wet towel came in contact with his sticky, sweat drenched skin. He was thoroughly cleaned, well as much as one could get clean with a towel, before the blankets were brought over his naked body.

A soft “You did good” was whispered next to his ear and the two familiar bodies were pressed against his under the sheets. Mark felt warm and content as he snuggled into the broad chest in front of him, an arm coming from behind him to wrap around his waist and everything just seemed right.