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Morning Wood

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Kojiro stirred to consciousness gradually, morning sunlight warming the room. He yawned and shifted, momentarily surprised by the body tucked against him. Memories from the previous night filtered in as he absently caressed a slender arm and grinded against the pert ass of an old flame, rekindled.

When had it come to this? 

Recently, maybe about a month ago, Kaoru had spontaneously kissed him while drunk. Despite his shock, he'd downplayed it as a harmless flirtation, or perhaps an inebriated mistake. Things had gotten lighter between them after their confrontation with Adam. It had taken all of his willpower not to kiss back like he'd dreamt countless times and Kaoru had promptly passed out afterwards.

It hadn't stopped at that, though. The next time Kaoru kissed him he was stone-cold sober, right after a skating beef he'd won. He had backed Kojiro up against a wall of rock, pressed his sweaty body up to his, and kissed him like he was the only person left on earth. That time Kojiro hadn't held back. How could he? 

A few days later, Kaoru had shown up at his restaurant and made him close up early. They'd barely made it upstairs, making out and tearing at clothes, then tumbling into his bed and having spectacularly mind-blowing sex. The dam finally broke and he poured countless years of yearning into worshipping Kaoru's body in a way that Adam could never could. Or at least he told himself that. He didn't actually know what went on between them and he wasn't sure he even wanted to know.

This was their third time sleeping together and it felt like so much more than a casual affair. Kaoru didn't strike him as the type that spent the night after sex, but he'd stayed over every time. Which led him to his current situation, leisurely grinding his morning wood against the best ass to ever grace his life.

"Hey, nerd," he cooed, brushing some long, rosy hair over Kaoru's shoulder. "Wake up, I wanna have you before breakfast."

Kaoru made a disgruntled noise and smacked uselessly at the arm draped over his torso. "Shut up, cad." 

Always a charmer.

"Come on," he said, reaching between Kaoru's legs and pleased he was hard too. "You know you want it. I'll be quick."

After a significant pause -and some strategic stroking- Kaoru grumbled and offered him a scathing glare before closing his eyes again.

"Fine." He let out a breathy sigh as Kojiro continued slowly jerking him off. "Get it over with already."

He had no idea where the lube was but when he pressed a finger inside Kaoru he was still plenty slick from their recent escapades. Kissing his shoulder, Kojiro considered rolling him over but opted to line up and push into him from behind, tossing the blanket back to see his cock disappear between perky cheeks. 

Even though the room was plenty warm, Kaoru whined in protest and pulled the sheet back over part of his body. He sighed then moaned as Kojiro pulled out most of the way then slid back in. His mind stuttered around the fact he was actually having sex with Kaoru, finally -finally - able to express his love in ways he’d only dared daydream about.

“You feel so good,” he mumbled, kissing Kaoru’s shoulder again, then his neck. He ran a hand under the sheet, over his hip and down a milky thigh, lifting it. “Opening up to me like a flower.” He thrusted, smooth and languid. “Such a sexy, prickly minx.” Then a slower thrust, so he could feel every inch slide into that welcoming heat.

“Mmm,” hummed Kaoru, hand briefly clutching the sheet tighter. 

The lack of biting retort was odd but not unheard of while they were fucking. Really, there was so much about Kaoru that he felt like he didn’t know since their first night together. The notion was mildly ridiculous considering how close they were but this was a side of him Kojiro had never witnessed before, setting him off-kilter.

Regardless of that feeling, old habits still died hard and he still couldn’t resist the urge to pester Kaoru. If nothing else it usually elicited a genuine response and he happened to like his feisty personality.

”You’re so quiet, baby.” That was a new pet name he was trying out with limited success. He kept thrusting evenly, feeling Kaoru twitch around him. “What’s wrong? Can’t handle my amazing, massive cock? Are you going to cry again, beg me for mercy like last night?”

Still no response. It felt good enough that he was having trouble thinking straight and realized he’d unconsciously picked up his pace, chasing the building pleasure. He was breathing harder and on the cusp of an honest moan when he heard a familiar sound cut through the relative silence. 

Rising up on an elbow, he started down at Kaoru’s face just in time for him to snore softly. The asshole had fallen asleep mid-fuck. Somno hadn’t been on his list of kinks to explore quite yet and he was suddenly irritated, though still rock hard. 

“Hey, four-eyes!” he shouted, louder than he had intended but really, Kaoru deserved worse so he punctuated his exclamation with a sharp thrust. 

Kaoru’s eyes snapped open on a startled yelp and he scowled up at him, face crumpling as he thrust into him once again.

“W-wait-” stuttered Kaoru, gasping as he suddenly pulled out and threw the offending sheet away. 

“For what?” he asked, rolling Kaoru onto his back and crawling in-between his legs. “You gonna take another nap? If I didn’t know any better, I’d think I was a bad lay.” 

“That’s not it, I-” Kaoru fell silent as he pushed his thighs open and crowded in even closer. “I’m just not a morning person. How do you not know that already, moron? We’ve shared a room before… ah!”

Kojiro pushed back inside Kaoru with much less finesse, ready to get off and move on with his day. He refused to be disrespected and denied his morning nut. “Alright, princess, now I’m going hard and fast. Hold on.” 

“Don’t call me that!” retorted Kaoru, tightening up as he yelled. It felt fantastic. “You barely know how to use that thing in the first place, don’t hammer away like a caveman-”

Having heard enough, he set a quick pace, driving into Kaoru’s pliant body with determination. As punishment, he didn’t bother touching his cock, but he enjoyed watching it bounce against his abdomen, pleased it had remained hard the entire time. Kaoru's expression almost immediately glazed over, tears gathering at the corners of his amber eyes before they squeezed shut. The sounds soon followed, shameless cries and moans that echoed obscenely in the room. Too bad he didn’t have neighbors to scandalize. 

In the end, despite his declarations, he couldn’t refuse slowing down for a moment to kiss Kaoru, revelling in the slick slide of their tongues. As he withdrew, he pinning Karou’s arms above his head, amazed his slender wrists easily fit into one of his wide hands. He was so graceful and slender but certainly not weak. If he wanted to, Kojiro knew he could break free of the hold, but he didn’t even try. 

“C-coming!” announced Kaoru, letting out an impressively loud and long moan. 


He didn’t have any more time to complain as Kaoru clamped down around his cock, back bowing while he shuddered and shot ropes of cum all over his abdomen and chest. Groaning, he let go of Kaoru’s wrists and grasped his hips, giving a few last powerful thrusts before his orgasm washed over him like a tidal wave. 

They were always like that with Kaoru; pleasure that slithered up his spine, thick and sweet, erupting in waves and sending bursts of light dancing in his vision. He hadn’t known orgasms could be quite that intense and now he was firmly addicted. 

Maybe he was a sentimental fool after all. 

Slumping over Kaoru, he panted into his hair, careful not to put any weight on him. He could certainly handle it but he also didn’t want to sour their postcoital bliss. These were the times that Kaoru softened around the edges if only for a short while and he always took full advantage of that. 

Kojiro kissed his neck, then his jaw, working his way to his soft lips and slowly deepening their kiss until their tongues lazily swirled around each other. He withdrew to nuzzle against Kaoru’s chest and kissed towards a nipple, gently sucking on the delicate pink bud for a few minutes before being pushed away with a whine. The feeling of his cock softening and sliding free of Kaoru’s body was almost depressing. He reminded himself there would definitely be more opportunities to curl his toes with pleasure and fuck him into submission.

“Mmm, that was nice,” mumbled Kaoru, lazily carding his fingers through Kojiro’s messy hair. “Carry me to the bathroom. I need a shower.” 

“Yes, dear,” he said, sure he had a dopey smile on his face as he soaked up the attention. 

Karou laughed quietly. “Cheeky bastard.”

If only he knew how honest Kojiro was being. With enough time and effort, he was determined to prove how much he cared, how far he was willing to go to make whatever they had work. But all things in their time. Kaoru was worth the wait.