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i can't stop you putting roots in my dreamland

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I stand in the dark with drooping eyes by the worst-suffering and the most restless,

I pass my hands soothingly to and fro a few inches from them,

The restless sink in their beds, they fitfully sleep.


Lena’s world had always been dark. 

Well, not always , but close enough that it didn’t matter either way. Memory of color was faint and so ethereal and dream-like that she wasn’t sure what was real and what was made up in her years of darkness. 

But nothing in the dark could have prepared her for the storm that was her twenty fourth year on earth.

The move to National City was abrupt and desperately needed. Her mother was aloof on a good day and suffocating on the worst, and ever since Lex had been carted off to prison she’d hovered nearer to the latter, always worrying after how Lena was spending her time or urging her not to go walking alone. 

Then her mother followed her brother to prison and Lena was alone in a too-big mansion and a company that she didn’t want. 

So, Lena did what any sane heiress to a multi-billion dollar tech company does when your family’s legacy is placed into your lap with no preparation, no study, not even sight to help guide the way. 

She sold it.

Well, ‘sold’ is a strong word. She’d be stupid to give up the reigns to a company that had been hellbent on distributing evil for years. She was still the daughter of the man who built the company from the ground, and her last name had always carried a certain weight for her. Now, with Luthorcop on her shoulders, the weight was even more great. She had every intention of eventually freeing herself from it for good, but she knew that if she cared about the work that was done in its name, she’d have to be careful about who she gave the power to.

So, she called her friend Jack Sphere and made a plan for the future of her company. 

But all of her family’s things? Those, she sold. 

When her brother and step-mother went to prison, all of their belongings had been transferred to the last Luthor standing, and Lena was not going to leave them anything. She kept a few properties for herself (she knew the worth of property ownership), the polite driver on her mother’s payroll with the car that he always drove, the family jet because she hated commercial flying, and got rid of the rest. 

After a small amount of deliberation, she kept the family mansion. Her mother could hole up there once she got out of prison and never bother her again. 

She had her things sent to the apartment she’d rented across the country and flew to National City in her family’s - no, her - jet, her guide dog Walt at her side. 

The city was quieter than Metropolis. She’d only been there a few times, accompanying Lex when he begged her to come out on a business trip with him, but hadn’t had any chance to walk around or try and get a good feel for the city. Which would be difficult to do, as she thought it would probably take her months to walk around enough to get a good feel for the sprawling city that seemed to never end. At least, while Metropolis stacked businesses and people on top of each other like sardines, she knew where it ended and where it began. In National City, there were no such distinctions, the city stretched out in every direction with splayed limbs, impossible for her to trek. 

She settled into her new apartment, one that boasted spectacular views she’d never be able to see, before she took Walt out to help her start to map out at least the few blocks around her new home. She stopped by the newly named L-Corp to walk through the building and explore the office she asked them to set up for her there. Jess, her new assistant, was already there and walked her around the building, explaining the layout and the various offices on each floor. 

After the promise of being in later that week to start going through interviews for the new CFO for the National City branch, she walked over to a cafe nearby to grab a late dinner. Walking out after a surprisingly delicious chicken salad, she tapped her watch and was surprised to hear the words “10 pm”. She turned around to head back towards her apartment building, when suddenly Walt stopped in front of her and growled. 

“Nice doggy.” A gravelly male voice sounded from her left. Lena took a step back and Walt moved so that he was between them. “Hey, there. What’s a pretty thing like you doing out here all alone?” 

“I’m obviously not alone.” Lena said sharply, turning starting to walk in the other direction. Of course she’d get mugged on her first night in the city. Nothing but the best for the new Luthor in town.

“Wait, I just had a question for you!” Hard footsteps jogged closer and Walt growled even louder. Lena felt her throat tightening with slight panic. She didn’t hear any cars nearby, and hadn’t noticed before that she was one of the only people on this street. 

“Go away.” She said, not turning around. 

“Give me your wallet or I’ll gut that nice dog of yours.” His voice was lower, more threatening. “ Now .”

Lena stopped, Walt backing up against her leg and letting out a deep bark. She imagined the man getting closer, brandishing a sharp knife. 

Lena was about to open her mouth to tell Walt to attack the guy when something… landed near her. A feminine voice called out, “Are you really sure you want to do that?”  

Lena cocked her head slightly as she heard her would-be mugger sputter and seem to run off in the other direction without another word. Lena wondered what this woman looked like that he ran away so quickly. 

“Well, that was fast.” The woman said. 

Walt was still growling slightly, a familiar weight against Lena’s leg. 

“Oh, hey.” The woman said, her voice softening. “Don’t worry buddy, I’m not here to hurt you.” Her voice cooed slightly as she directed it at Walt. 

Lena frowned in the direction of her voice. “Who are you?” 

“Oh, um.” The woman stuttered. “Oh, Rao, you, uh, you can’t see me.” 

Lena raised an unimpressed eyebrow. “Really? I hadn’t noticed.” 

She laughed awkwardly. “Wow, I’ve never had to introduce myself before…” She trailed off. “I’m Supergirl. That’s why he ran off.” 

“Oh.” Lena said, surprise coloring her voice. She felt a little awkward now that she knew the alien had saved her, considering her family was well known for their anti-alien views. But Lena had always lived in rebellion of her family, so she supposed this wasn’t any different. “Well, thanks Supergirl.” 

“Yeah, of course.” She said brightly, this tone of her voice so much different from how she’d spoken to the man with the knife. “What are you doing?” 

Lena turned and started walking in the direction of her apartment, smiling slightly as she heard footsteps next to her. “Walking. I suppose it might not be common practice for someone who can fly, but us mere mortals do it often.” 

Supergirl laughed. “You’re pretty funny.” 

Lena hummed. 

“What’s his name?” Supergirl was still walking with her. 

“Who?” Lena asked, even though she could probably guess. 

“Your service dog.” 


“Walt.” Supergirl hummed. “That’s pretty cute.” 

“I was obsessed with Walt Whitman when I was fourteen.” Lena explained. 

“Oh, that’s cool.” 

Lena turned her head slightly. “Is there a reason you’re still walking with me, Supergirl? Don’t you have more blind girls to save?” 

“Um, well,” Supergirl cleared her throat awkwardly. “I was just going to walk with you until you get home. If that’s okay! I can go up and fly instead if you want, but after what you ran into earlier I just wanted to make sure you got home safe.” 

“I’m not completely helpless.” Lena said. “Walt’s a german shepherd, as you’ve probably noticed. He would have attacked him if I’d told him to. If you’d dropped down a few seconds later he would have been running away screaming for a different reason.” 

“Oh, that’s great!” Supergirl exclaimed, before clearing her throat. “I mean, it’s not great that Walt would have attacked someone - I mean, in a perfect world no one would give you a reason to set your dog on them - but I’m glad that you have him to protect you and I should really stop talking now.” She cut herself off with a deep breath. 

Lena felt the inexplicable urge to laugh and just ended up smiling. “Who knew that Supergirl was prone to rambling.” 

“Oh, it’s a problem.” She laughed self-deprecatingly. “Just ask my sister.” 

“You’d better stop revealing things about yourself to me, Supergirl.” Lena said teasingly. “Aren’t you supposed to be this mysterious hero without a life outside of saving the citizens of National City? We can’t have the papers knowing that you have a sister .” Lena shook her head. “With that amount of personal information, your secret identity will be found out within the hour.” 

Supergirl made a choking noise. “Who said - I mean - why do you think I have a secret identity?” She laughed awkwardly. 

Lena raised an eyebrow in her direction. “Of course you do. Do you really expect me to believe that this is what you do 24/7? Fly around and look for damsels in distress?” 

“I do it a lot.” Supergirl pointed out. 

“But you have to sleep somewhere .” Lena said. 

“I can sleep while flying.” Supergirl said. “Or, I guess it would be floating .” 

Lena laughed. “What if you ran into a plane?” 

“That would be bad.” Supergirl agreed. “Yeah, you’re right, I don’t do that.” 

Walt pulled on the leash and Lena stopped. “Well, this is me.” 

Supergirl stopped with her. Lena could hear whispers around them as people noticed the superhero standing on the sidewalk. “This is a nice building.” 

“Yep.” Lena said, walking towards the doors. “Thanks for walking me home, Supergirl.” She turned and flashed a smile in what she hoped was her direction. “Hopefully I won’t need to see you again.” 

“Wait, I didn’t get your name!” Supergirl called after her. 

Lena thanked the doorman as he opened the door and looked back with a coy smile. “I’ll give you mine if you give me yours.” 

Lena walked into the building without another word and made her way up to her apartment, shaking her head at the irony of her first night in National City. 


A few days later, Lena was sitting on a park bench with a book in her lap and Walt sitting at her feet. Her fingers paused on the braille as she heard the familiar sound of boots hitting the ground and the snap of a cape in the wind. Walt barked lightly to notify her that someone was there, and she reached down and scratched behind his ears. 

“Supergirl.” She greeted. 

“Hey!” Footsteps got closer. “How did you know it was me?” 

“I don’t have the habit of hanging around parachuters, and there aren’t many people who arrive by touching down from the air.” 

“Oh, right.” Supergirl said, “Sorry, I just saw you sitting here and I wanted to say hi. Plus it’s getting dark out and I was wondering if you wanted me to walk home with you again.” Her voice had lost the steely quality that it always contained when she was talking to criminals or the public, and was almost a nervous ramble. It was pretty endearing. 

“Worried about me again?” Lena closed her book and ran her fingers over the cover. 

“Well, yeah.” She admitted. “I worry about everyone in National City, though!” She hurried to say. “And sometimes I like to check in on people I’ve saved from muggings, so there’s that.” 

Lena felt her lips curl up in a smile. She reached up to adjust her sunglasses and ran a hand through her long, dark hair. Against her better judgement, and for reasons she really didn’t understand, she stood up and clicked her tongue at Walt. She walked a few feet before looking back over her shoulder to where Supergirl hadn’t moved from. “Well? Are you going to just stare or walk with me?” 

“Oh!” Suddenly, she was right there beside her. Superspeed, right. “Sorry, I didn’t know -.” 

Lena just chuckled to herself and they started walking through the park. 

“So, do I get that name now?” Supergirl asked. 

“You haven’t really done much to earn it.” Lena said. “And it’s not like I know yours either.” 

“What?” Supergirl exclaimed. “You know the name that most of National City knows me by.” 

“But that means nothing.” Lena said. “It’s like calling me ‘blind girl’ or something stupid like that. It’s a descriptor, not a name.” 

“So, you think I’m super.” Supergirl said after a moment. 

Lena shook her head with a disbelieving laugh. “Doesn’t everybody? Hence the name.” 

Walt pushed her lightly to the right, but she didn’t catch it in time, too distracted with the sound of Supergirl’s laugh. And so, when her foot caught the edge of a hole in the pavement, she would have gotten a face full of concrete if warm arms hadn't caught her. 

“Oh.” Lena said, feeling warm hands catch her around the waist. 

“Are you okay?” Supergirl asked. “What was - Oh, gosh, sorry I should have seen that -.” 

Lena laid a hand on her arm, daring to touch her again. “Walt tried to warm me but I wasn’t paying attention.” 

“Why? Is something wrong?” Supergirl asked, just slightly frantic. 

Just the fact that National City’s superhero is being weirdly attentive to her for no reason she can come up with. And her voice is very distracting. “Just wasn’t paying attention. I’m fine, Supergirl. Thank you.” 

“Okay.” Supergirl eventually breathed out and they started walking again. 

“Will you do something for me?” Lena asked. 

“Of course.” Supergirl said immediately, that steel coming into her voice again, as if Lena was about to ask her to complete some top-secret mission.

“Will you describe what we’re walking past?” 

“Oh.” Supergirl said quietly. “Yeah, I can do that.” And then began a constant stream of rambling from her, describing boutiques, restaurants, and stores that they passed by on the way to her apartment building. 

“Oh, and that is this city’s best hot dog stand.” Supergirl said. “Are you hungry? You have to try it; I swear you won’t regret it.” 

Lena tilted her head and made a face. “Hot dogs, though?” 

“Come on!” Supergirl reached out and touched her arm before the touch vanished almost instantly. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to - I’m just a really touchy person, I didn’t think you needed to be led anywhere -.” 

“Supergirl.” Lena interrupted her. She reached out and lightly touched her arm, running her fingers down the smooth material of her suit until she reached her elbow. She slid her arm around Supergirl’s and nudged her slightly. “It’s okay. You can touch me. I promise Walt won’t bite.” 

“I don’t know about that.” Supergirl said, laughing nervously as she led them in a different direction than where they had been walking. “He looks at me like he will sometimes.” 

“You’re just a new face.” Lena said. “He’s making sure you're not out to get me.” 

“Well, Walt.” Supergirl said. “I hope that one day I can earn your trust.” She said seriously, making Lena bite back a smile. “Maybe it can start with hot dogs?” She asked hopefully. “Can I give him a hot dog?” 

Lena sent her a look. “You are not feeding my highly trained service dog a hot dog to get in his good graces.” 

The hot dogs were amazing, just like Supergirl said. And Walt might have licked her happily after she leaned down to feed him the last few bites of hers. 

“Hey!” Supergirl said, her voice muffled from one of the six hot dogs she had ordered. Lena wondered how she even held them all. “You said I couldn’t feed him!” 

“I said you couldn’t feed him.” Lena agreed. “I can feed him whatever I want.” 

Supergirl laughed and Lena reached out to grab her arm again. She had always been defiant towards anyone who tried to help her because she was blind - she ignored offered hands and arms that could have made her life easier but that would be an admittance of a need for help. But for some reason, Lena’s hand reached for Supergirl’s arm as she neared her apartment. Maybe it was because Supergirl had saved her from that man with a knife. Maybe it was because she wanted to rebel against her family so completely that she went towards aligning herself with the aliens her brother hated so much in whatever way available to her. 

Whatever the case, Lena’s hand didn’t move until they were at the door to her apartment. 

The next week, Lena walked to Noonan’s, a cafe a couple of blocks away that she’d started to frequent almost every day, Walt pressed to her leg and weaved her through the other people on the sidewalk. The bell jingled as she opened the door, and she walked slowly until Walt stopped, letting her know that there were other people in line at the register. 

She needed caffeine to make it through the rest of the day, with two interviews on the schedule. Lena was getting nowhere in getting a new CFO for the company, the applicants mostly consisting of old men who spoke down to her or blew her off for her disability. The familiar smell of coffee and sweet pastries in the shop made her relax slightly as she moved up the line. 

They eventually made it to the counter, and a familiar voice greeted her. “Lena! How’s it going?” 

Lucas was a friendly barista who was usually working the register when Lena came in, and he’d never made her feel awkward for her disability, even giving her cues on what tables were empty and where the card reader was when she first came in. 

“I’m doing well.” She said, smiling slightly. 

“Want your usual?” He asked. She could hear shuffling and what sounded like a sharpie on a paper cup. 

“That would be perfect.” She pulled out her wallet and slid out the card at the very top, the line of numbers grazing her fingertips reassuring her that she was holding out her credit card and not something embarrassing like an insurance card. It had happened enough that she was very meticulous about card placement now. 

He took it from her and swiped it before putting it back in her open hand. “And would you like to leave a tip -.” 

“$10 and sign an ‘L’.” She said exasperatingly. “My answer isn’t going to change, Lucas.” 

He laughed. “Well, I have to ask. Can’t let my boss start thinking I’m taking advantage of -.” He cut himself off and cleared his throat. “Of a customer.” 

“A blind customer at that.” She said wryly, catching his little slip. “You can say it, Lucas. It’s not a dirty word.” 

“Alright, alright. I mean, how shitty would that look, really?” He asked. “Some young idiot taking money from some nice blind girl? God, I can see the way he’d look at me.” He sighed. “Anyway, um, we’re pretty empty right now. Your favorite table is open.” 

“Thanks, Lucas.” She said, turning with a small wave and heading towards the table she’d started sitting at whenever she could. It was in the corner by the front windows, and if she came in the early afternoon, the sun would hit the table just right, bathing her in warm rays for just the right amount of time before it fell behind the tall buildings again. 

Lena had pulled out her book and was waiting for her name to be called when she heard the bell over the door ring again, and a very familiar and unexpected voice started talking. 

“Hey, Lucas! Love the new haircut!” The bright voice said as feet walked quickly towards the register. “Oh, you have scones today.” She groaned in delight. “I have to have two - wait, make it three.” 

“Sure thing, Kara.” Lucas said. “Vanilla and Caramel Latte, extra whip?” 

“You bet!” 

Lena tilted her head up. That was her, without a doubt. Lena felt a slow smile curl up her lips as she realized what was happening. She cleared her throat pointedly, and heard the exact moment Supergirl - or Kara - looked over and saw her. She choked on air and started coughing violently. 

Lena hid a grin behind her hair and looked out the window as if she hadn’t noticed. 

“Here’s your card, Kara.” 

“Oh! Thanks.” She laughed nervously. Lena heard her shuffle around for a bit before eventually walking over to her table. Walt huffed as she got closer and Lena reached down to scratch behind his ears. 

“Hey Supergirl.” Lena murmured as she slid into the seat across from her. 

“Oh! I’m - I mean, I’m not -.” She stuttered through her sentence, sounding fairly stressed. Lena decided to give her a break. 

Lena laughed and waved a hand. “I know. Kara .” She stressed her name and Kara groaned. “Fancy seeing you here.” 

“Wow, I can’t believe this is happening.” Kara said. “Um, gosh, can you not tell anybody about this? This is so embarrassing, nothing like this has ever happened before.” She groaned. “Alex is going to kill me .”  

“I’m pretty good at keeping secrets.” Lena said softly. “You don’t have to worry. Who would believe me anyway?” She laughed. “A blind girl discovering Supergirl’s secret identity? God, it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.” 

“Can you stop saying it.” Kara stressed. 

“Not everyone has super hearing.” Lena reminded her. “There’s no one nearby.” 

“How do you know?” Kara asked, not unkindly. 

Lena tapped her own ears. “People are loud.” 

“Oh.” Kara said. She cleared her throat but was interrupted by Lucas shouting out “Lena!” from the bar. 

Lena looked over. “That’s me.” 

“Oh! I’ll get it!” Kara jumped up and ran over, thanking Lucas and bringing it back to the table. “Lena, huh?” She set her coffee down and pushed it forward until it touched Lena’s fingers. 

“Lena.” She agreed. “I guess we’re even now.” 

Kara laughed. “I guess so.” There was a beat of silence where Lena took a sip of her coffee and she thought Kara might be staring at her, but it was broken by Lucas again. 

Kara jumped up and went to get her order and Lena reached down to scratch Walt behind the ears again. 

“Do you care if I sit with you?” Kara asked after she’d already sat down again. “I didn’t ask, did I?” 

“You didn’t.” Lena agreed. She waited a few seconds before she shrugged. “But I don’t care. You’re kind of the only friend I have in National City.” That wasn’t meant to slip out so easily. 

“When did you move here?” Kara didn’t seem concerned with the sudden vulnerability. “Oh, wow, you have to try these scones.” 

“Just last week.” Lena said. “What kind are they? Wait - don’t tell me.” She reached forward and raised an eyebrow in her direction as her hand paused in the air. 

“Oh, there’s one straight ahead.” Kara reached out and took Lena’s hand and brought it down. Her fingers were warm and softer than Lena had expected for someone who spent half their time fighting crime. 

Lena touched the scone and broke off a piece of it. She chewed thoughtfully and nodded. “It’s good.” 

“What do you think it is?” She could hear Kara’s smile. Who knew that Supergirl was so easily pleased? 

Lena hummed and tilted her head, pretending to think deeply about it. “I’m going to go with white chocolate and... strawberry.” 

“Yes!” Kara cheered and laughed, obviously stuffing her face with more of the scones as she did so. “Good job.” 

Lena took a sip of coffee. 

“So, why did you move here a week ago?” Kara asked. “And where did you move from?” 

Lena shrugged. “Metropolis.” She said simply. “And I just… needed to get away from my family.” 

Kara made a sympathetic sound. “Metropolis, though? I’ve been a few times. That must have been a crazy place to live.” 

“Visiting your cousin?” Lena asked lightly. She laughed as Kara choked on her scone. “Yeah, it was different. I liked all of the noise and people.” Lena shrugged. “There are all kinds of people on the streets of Metropolis. No one looks twice at a blind girl. Or at least, I assume they don’t.” She rolled her eyes at herself. 

Kara shifted. “Was it hard, though? You know…” 

“You can say it, Kara.” Lena sighed. “Blind isn’t a bad word.” 

“Sorry.” Kara said. “You’re right - I’m being stupid.” 

“And it’s not a dumb question.” Lena went on. “It makes everything hard, but I’ve lived like this for as long as I can remember. You get used to it.” 

“And Walt probably makes it better.” Kara said. 

Lena scratched his ears and smiled. “He definitely does.” 

Lena was halfway through Sonata in A minor when her ears picked up on a sound that she wasn’t used to hearing outside of her balcony. The tell-tale snapping of cloth that could only be one person hovering sixty floors above National City. 

Lena stopped playing and looked up. “I never took you for a peeping tom, Supergirl.” 

“Oh.” Boots landed on her balcony and two steps stuttered in her direction. “Lena, hi! I was just flying by and I heard you and I couldn’t help but stop because that was amazing but I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have stared so long, you’re right it’s pretty creepy, so I’ll just -.” 

“Kara.” Lena interrupted her, a smile curling up her lips at her rambling. “Shut up. Do you want to come sit?” 

“Can I?” Kara breathed out in awe, her steps already sounding louder as she walked forward. “Is that okay?” 

“I wouldn’t have offered if it wasn’t.” Lena said. “Are you sure you don’t need to be on patrol or something?” 

“Nothing is happening.” She said. Lena heard her shuffle over to the couch nearby. “Your apartment is really nice, Lena. Gosh, it was really creepy of me to just be hovering outside your balcony, wasn’t it?” 

“Stop talking.” Lena said, getting back into position. She started playing again and Kara shut up. Lena started the song over and moved all the way through it, the vibration of the instrument moving through her whole body and soothing her. The music flowed freely, as it always had for her, and she felt light as the notes moved through the air around her.

“Wow.” Kara breathed as the last note rang out. “Lena, you’re incredible.” 

Lena felt her cheeks redden and she moved the cello over to it’s stand nearby, making sure that it was steady with her hands before turning back to Kara. “I’ve just been doing it forever. When you play an instrument for almost twenty years, you’re going to be good at it.” 

“You’re not just good, Lena.” Kara said. Her voice was closer, as if she’d gotten up and walked closer. “I’ve never heard anything like that.” 

“You don’t have to give me compliments to get me to make you dinner, you know.” Lena said as she made her way to the kitchen. “Are you hungry? Why am I even asking that - of course you’re hungry. You never stop being hungry.” 

“Hey, alien metabolism.” Kara defended, her voice following her into the kitchen. “And you don’t have to feed me - I can totally go - I mean, I just dropped in on you unannounced -.” 

“So you are saying no to food?” Lena asked. “Because I was just about to make dinner for myself and I always make too much. You might as well stay and help me eat it. Unless you have some other blind girl to save?” 

Kara laughed. “The only blind girl I need to save is right here.” 

“Hey.” Lena turned towards her with an affronted look. “I’ve lived twenty four years without setting the kitchen on fire while cooking. I’m not about to start now.” 

“Sure.” Kara said slowly. “I think I should probably stay, though. Just in case you need a blast of freeze breath.” 

Lena rolled her eyes and got out some ingredients. “Do you like parmesan chicken?” 

“Do I like it?” Kara asked disbelievingly. “I need that in my stomach right now.” 

Lena snorted and pushed the packaged chicken in her direction. “Make yourself useful, Supergirl. Open this for me.” 

They moved around the kitchen in silence for a while until Lena grabbed the remote for the speakers in the apartment and put on some classical music. Lena moved around the kitchen as she normally did, comfortably after a couple of weeks in the space, and she felt Kara dancing around her, brushing lightly against her as she passed by and asking quietly how she could help. 

“Do you always wear those sunglasses?” Kara asked hesitantly at one point. 

Lena stopped stirring and reached up to touch them. She took them off and set them on the counter. “I forgot I had them on, honestly.” 

She kept stirring the sizzling vegetables and Kara hummed lightly to the music. She felt Kara’s gaze on her and eventually glanced over in her direction. “It’s rude to stare, Kara.” 

Something clattered on the counter and Lena raised an eyebrow. 

“Sorry, sorry.” Kara said hurriedly, moving around doing god knows what. “I knocked over the milk.” She admitted. 

Lena huffed a laugh and reached down for the rag in her apron pocket and threw it in her direction. “Well, clean it up, Supergirl.” 

Kara moved around silently for a few moments. “You should take them off more often.” She eventually said quietly. 

Lena turned her head and tried to hide the small smile behind her hair. 

Lena greeted Lucas as she walked up to the counter in Noonan’s. “Good morning, Lucas. Do you have any scones today?” 

“Yep!” He said. “Lemon and blueberry, fresh from the oven just an hour ago.” 

“Great.” Lena said. “I’ll have…” She thought about the amount of food she’d heard Kara consume. “Four of those and my usual order.” She paused as he tapped on the screen. “And then a Vanilla and Caramel latte with extra whip cream.” She almost grimaced at Kara’s order. 

He laughed. “Is Kara coming by?” 

“Do you really think I could eat all of those by myself?” 

“She manages it just fine.” He said. “Alright, it’s $35.16.” 

She handed him her card. “Add $20 this time and an L.” 

He swiped it. “Yes, ma’am.” 

Walt led her over to her favorite table and she sat down. She reached over to her watch and pressed the second button on the right, bringing it up to her mouth to say quietly into it, “Text Kara: I’m here with scones, winky face emoji.” 

Her watch repeated her message back to her and she told it to send. Just seconds later, it buzzed and she held it up to hear, “From Kara: I will be there in literal seconds. Scones!” 

Lena was still smiling and waiting to hear the bell above the door when she was distracted by a young voice squealing nearby. “Doggie!” 

Lena frowned as she heard little feet come in her direction. She felt Walt tense a little bit against her and start to growl low in his chest. 

She had just opened her mouth in the kid’s direction when another voice beat her to it. 

“Woah, there.” Kara was suddenly there between them, her voice nearer to the ground as if she was kneeling next to the boy. “Hold up there, little man. You see that doggo over there? He’s working right now. Do you see that red vest that he’s wearing? That means that he has a very important job and when he’s working, he doesn’t like it when you go up and pet him.” 

“But -.” The kid sounded crestfallen. Lena could hear the murmured voice of a woman on the phone calling out “Henry!” from nearby. 

“I know, it’s hard to not pet him.” Kara agreed with him. “But he’s helping that pretty lady that he’s sitting next to, and he needs to focus on his job. Okay?” 

“Sorry about him.” The woman was closer. “Henry, what have I told you about running off?” 

“Oh, it’s fine.” Kara said. “We were just talking about service dogs that have to focus on working and not being pet by cute little boys.” Lena could hear the smile in her voice. “It’s no trouble. Have a good day!” 

The woman walked off, still scolding the boy, and Kara walked over to Lena. She flopped down in the seat and Lena raised an eyebrow over in her direction. “Thanks for the lesson, Supergirl.” 

Kara laughed. “It sounded like Walt was going to bite his head off if he got any closer.” 

“Walt wouldn’t bite anyone that wasn’t actively trying to hurt me, not unless I told him to.” Lena said. “It’s just a warning growl so that hopefully people back off before bothering him.” She set her chin on her hand and ran her other hand through Walt’s fur. “Thanks, though.” 

“Yeah, of course.” Kara said softly. 

Lucas called out Lena’s name and Kara jumped up to go get them. 

“Oh my gosh, Lena.” Kara said as she came back. “They’re lemon and blueberry!” 

Lena hid most of her smile with her hand. “Save me at least half of one, okay?” 

Kara moaned as she bit into one. Lena felt her cheeks color in a small blush at the sound. “No, you have to experience this fully. Here,” There was some shuffling and something was placed near her elbow. “There’s one on a napkin to the left of your arm. Eat it all, Lena. Experience this with me.” 

Lena huffed a laugh and reached down to tear off a corner. It was slightly warm and she hummed as she chewed. “It is really good.” 

“Told you!” Kara said brightly. 

Lena took a sip of her coffee and listened as Kara started going on about something that had happened at work that morning. 

“So, game night is this Friday.” Kara said eventually, after she’d inhaled all of the scones and Lena had eaten half of hers. “It’s just me and some friends and my sister. Apparently I’ve been talking about you so much that Alex is hounding me to bring you along.” 

Lena hummed and pushed the rest of the scone in Kara’s direction. Kara made a pleased sound and stuffed the rest of the scone in her mouth. “Game night, huh?” 

“Yeah!” Kara said around the huge bite. She swallowed and went on, “It’s super chill and fun. It’s at J’onn’s place this time, but we can totally go by beforehand and walk around if you want to get a good layout of the place.” 

Lena felt a warmth bloom slightly in her chest. “That’s really sweet, Kara.” She murmured behind her cup of coffee. No one had ever been so easily considerate of things she might need. It was slightly disarming how quickly and naturally it had come to Kara. “But I don’t know… I’m not a big fan of being in groups of people I don’t know.” 

“Yeah, I get that.” Kara said. “No pressure or anything. And the offer always stands! We pretty much meet up every other week to hang out and play games, so if you ever change your mind just let me know!

“I will.” Lena nodded. “Thank you, Kara.” 

“Of course.” Kara said. 


Lena dropped the book she was reading and pressed a hand to her chest. “Kara. You cannot do that!” 

“Sorry.” Kara’s footsteps sounded on the hardwood as she walked in from the balcony. “But I need you!” 

Lena looked over in her direction dubiously, ignoring the slight upbeat of her heart. “For what?” 

“I’m tired.” The couch dipped next to her as Kara probably flung herself on the cushions. “And I need chinese food and romcoms.” 

“Okay.” Lena said slowly. 

“And I need you!” Kara leaned forward and grabbed her hand. “Please, Lena, come over and do all the guilty pleasure things. We can have a sleepover! I’ll get ice cream! What’s your favorite flavor?” 

“Kara.” Lena said. 

“Lena.” Kara strung out her name. “Please, Snapper is driving me crazy and my sister is being all crazy over a girl and I’m mad at James and I just need a night with you! Please?” 

Lena closed her eyes and sighed. She heard Walt pad into the room and bark happily as he saw Kara. The couch dipped again as he jumped up and Lena waved away his wagging tail as he went to Kara. 

“Hey, boy.” Kara giggled. “Can you help me convince your mom to come with me? You can come too! It’ll be so fun, we can all snuggle on my couch - I bet you’ll love all of the soft blankets I have!” 

“Alright, alright.” Lena sighed. She rolled her eyes as Kara squealed. “But we’re not flying there. We are driving like normal people.” 


“You are not carrying me and my dog hundreds of feet over the city, Kara.” 

“I’m very strong!” 

“I know you are, darling. But the answer is no.” 

After a lot of grumbling, Kara changed into her normal clothes and Lena called Frank to drive her over to Kara’s. Kara kept up a steady ramble of where they were headed and all of the things they passed, one arm behind Lena as she leaned into her to look out of the window and the other hand running through Walt’s fur as he slumped against her other side. 

Once they got there, they stopped in front of what Lena assumed was Kara’s apartment. She heard the lock click and a faint creak as the door opened. Kara grabbed her hand and led her through. Lena relaxed imperceptibly as she took a deep breath. It smelled just like Kara. 

She could hear Walt sniffing the air as he sat right by her feet. She leaned down and unclipped his leash. “Go on, Walt. Break.” 

He padded off to explore the new place and Lena wrapped an arm around one of Kara’s. “Alright, Supergirl. Give me a tour.” 

Kara described the wall of fairly large windows set into the red brick walls, led her around the kitchen, leading her hand to the various cabinets and describing where everything was. With a light touch on her hip, she led her over to the living room and they walked around the positioning of the furniture and Kara described where she usually kept the remote. The bedroom was covered by a draping cloth and Kara was just as thorough in there, telling her where she kept everything that Lena could ever need. The bathroom was fairly small and then Kara was tangling their fingers together and leading her back to the kitchen. 

“Alright!” She said. There was a sound like a paper rustling as she opened a drawer. “I’ve got about thirty different take out menus in this drawer.” Kara tugged on her hand and showed Lena. “It’s right by the fridge, remember? And - aha!.” She exclaimed. “Mama Chu’s is the best chinese in the city, Lena. I order from her at least twice a week.” 

“It’s a good thing you’re an alien, Kara.” Lena shook her head as Kara tugged her back over to the living room and they sat on the couch. “You would be three hundred pounds if you were a human.” 

“Hey!” Kara said. “That’s mean.” 

“Am I wrong?” Lena asked. 

“What do you usually like at chinese restaurants?” Kara asked, not answering her.

Lena let out a breath and smiled. “Get me what you think is good. I trust you.” 

Kara started mumbling to herself about various items on the menu, and Lena listened to her with a small smile. Walt jumped up next to her and pressed his cold nose into her ear. “Stop that.” Lena pushed his head away and he licked her hand. She reached up and took off her sunglasses, reaching out and finding the coffee table with almost no trouble and placing them on there. 

“-we’ll get three orders of potstickers - no, maybe four? - and then I think you might like the chicken -.” Kara stopped talking abruptly. 

Lena looked over in her direction curiously. “Is something wrong?” 

“Um, no -.” Kara stuttered. “Just, um, wow your eyes are really pretty, Lena.” 

Lena turned her face away but was caught by a warm hand. Kara turned her back in her direction and Lena felt her trace the slope of her nose, the line of her jaw, from one brow to the other. “You’re really beautiful.” 

Lena swallowed. “You’ve seen them before.” 

“Not this close.” Kara said quietly, her thumb brushing against her cheek. 

Lena turned her face into the hand before pulling back slightly. “Thanks, Kara.” She winked. “I’m sure you are too.” 

Kara laughed and the spell was broken. Lena listened as Kara ordered them entirely too much food and then they debated on what movie to start with as they waited. 

“Do you like movies?” Kara asked suddenly. “I didn’t even think to ask. Is it weird to just listen to them?” 

“It is a little weird.” Lena acknowledged. “But it’s not boring or anything. At least, not when it’s a decent movie. They do make descriptive audio for some titles, but that can be a bit tedious to listen to for someone who can see what’s happening.” 

“How do you get those?” Kara asked. “We can do that if that’s what you like, Lena. I bet I could find some on -.” 

Lena leaned forward and her hand ended up around Kara’s ear. She ran it behind her head and scratched lightly at her scalp, smirking slightly at how easy it was to stop the ramblings, even if they were cute. “I don’t think you’ll have any trouble helping me keep up with what’s happening, do you?” 

Kara swallowed. “I always annoy people with how much I talk during movies.” 

“Perfect.” Lena smiled. “I think I’d rather listen to you than some random voice actor anyway.” 

“Okay.” Kara breathed out. Lena felt the warm puff of it on her face and thought briefly about how close they were. “I can do that.” Lena felt her nod from where she was still scratching lightly behind her head. “I’ll do whatever you want, Lena.” 

Lena bit her lip and slid her hand back around Kara’s head, brushing her knuckles against the bottom of her jaw. “Careful what you promise, Supergirl.” 

“Hey, I know you!” 

Lena turned her head and frowned at the unfamiliar voice. She had just run down to the local natural foods store that she’d started frequenting, two bags of food on one arm and Walt’s leash in the other. She could tell that she was just a couple of hundred feet from her apartment building. 

“Yes?” She asked dubiously. 

“You’re that blind girl Supergirl helped!” 

Lena’s face soured. “Am I?” She grit her teeth. “I still don’t understand how this makes me someone you ‘know’.” 

“Well -.” 

She turned and started walking back towards home, ignoring the calls behind her begging her to get the random man in touch with Supergirl, and basically jogged into her building. 

“Is everything alright, Miss Luthor?” Daniel, the doorman asked as he opened the door for her. 

“Everything’s fine, thank you.” She grit out, smiling tightly and not stopping her power walk towards the elevator. 

Hours later, two boots landed on her balcony and a warm voice sounded from the other room. “Walt! Who’s a good boy? Yeah, I think it’s you too.” 

“I’m in the kitchen.” She called over her shoulder. 

“Hey.” Kara said, walking towards her. “Are you cooking?” She asked in surprise. 

“I bake occasionally.” Lena said. She didn’t mention that the only times she felt like taking out the flour and sugar were when she was particularly peeved about something. Kara would learn.

“I didn’t know that.” Kara said, moving closer and brushing a hand across her lower back as she passed by her to get a glass out of the cupboard. The sound of the sink filled the kitchen for a second as she got a glass of water. “What did you do today?” 

“Oh, I went to the store.” Lena said, rolling out the dough and squeezing out her frustration. “And then this random man said the weirdest thing to me on the way home.” 

“What?” There was a sharp sound as if Kara had sat the glass down on the counter too hard. “What did he say?” 

“Just that he recognized me.” Lena raised an eyebrow. “What did he say? That I was that ‘blind girl Superhero was helping’.” She said dryly. 

Kara groaned and came closer, wrapping her arms around Lena’s waist and pressing her face into her neck. “Lena, I’m sorry.” 

“Care to explain?” Lena asked, her body relaxing even if she didn’t want it to as Kara’s warmth seeped through her clothes. 

“I yelled at James for hours after he published the story.” Kara said, turning her head so that her voice wasn’t as muffled. “I swear to Rao. I haven’t even talked to him since. His game night invitation has been revoked indefinitely.” 

Lena huffed and leaned back into her slightly. “What story?” 

Kara groaned and hid her face again. “It was just some puff piece about Supergirl caring for the average citizen. They had found some really great photos from that night I met you in the park and we got hot dogs - remember? And they had some intern write a piece about us and I swear I didn’t have anything to do with it.” 

Lena sighed, finally letting go of the dough and wiping her hands on her apron. “Why didn’t you say anything?” She was slightly relieved that there had been no mention of her last name either with the stranger outside or with Kara. Thankfully, her large sunglasses covered most of her face. It’s not like she was an obviously public figure anyway. But pictures of the new owner of L-Corp on the arm of Supergirl? Scandalous. 

They hadn’t had that conversation yet. She felt a twinge of guilt at the thought. But did she really need to tell Kara that her family was the reason her cousin had almost died a few different times? It seemed slightly important to mention when she thought about it that way.

She heard Kara swallow. “I just - I didn’t want you to think, even for a second, that that had anything to do with why I visited you that night in the park. I should have changed out of my suit - I know - but I was just so captivated by you when we first met and I just can’t think straight around you and I thought that I should be in my suit so that if anything else happened to you I’d be ready and -.” 

Lena turned around and pressed a finger against Kara’s lips. Well, that’s where she tried to aim, she landed somewhere around the corner of them, but she quickly adjusted and it did what she was intending anyway. “Kara, shut up.” She said exasperatingly. “It’s okay. It was just a little frustrating to be reminded that that’s all that I am sometimes - that poor blind girl that needed a Superhero to walk her home.” 

“Lena, you’re not -.” 

“Shh.” Lena shushed her. “I know. It’s just how it feels.” 

Kara leaned forward until their foreheads were pressed together. Lena let her hand slide down until she was touching Kara’s suit, her fingers smoothing over the raised threads of the crest on her chest. “I’ve never thought you were just some ‘blind girl’, Lena. I’ve never thought that you were just anything. You are so smart and beautiful and witty and you play the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. I love talking to you and being around you. You make me happy . Being around you makes me happier than I’ve been in a long time.” 

“Stop being so sweet.” Lena whispered. 

“No.” Kara murmured. 

“Did you really revoke game night privileges?” Lena asked. 

“Yep.” Kara said. “So you know what that means, right?” 

Lena hummed in question.

“There’s an open spot.” Kara said. “We’ve got odd numbers now. And Alex just started dating Sam so my usual partner has left me.” Kara paused. “So, that offer still stands. I’d love for you to come. And with this new development, well, I just think it would be rude to refuse to help me out.” 

Lena shook her head. “I take it back. Go back to being sweet.” 

“Lena!” Kara leaned forward and pulled her into a full hug, pressing her face into Lena’s neck. “Please help me. Please , I’m begging you. You’re the most wonderful human I’ve ever met and I want you to meet my friends and my sister so that I can show them how amazing you are and -.” 

Lena reached up and covered Kara’s mouth with her hand. She sighed. “You know, I’m not really going to be very good at board games.” She uncovered her mouth to wave at her face. “Considering I can’t see anything.”

Kara pressed a kiss to her cheek and squealed against her face. “I’ll be your eyes, baby. Don’t worry!” She spun them around with a laugh and Lena tried to control her expression into something that wasn’t embarrassing. “I knew I could get you to give in eventually.” 

“Yeah, yeah.” Lena said, turning back to the dough on the counter. “We both know that one of your superpowers is the ability to pout your way into getting anything.” 

“Yeah, but you can’t even see my pout, Lena.” Kara pointed out. “So it doesn’t count.” 

“I can hear it.” Lena stressed. “It’s nearly the same thing. Especially for someone who can’t see anything.” 

“But that doesn’t make any sense -.” 

“Are you really going to argue with the blind girl about what she can and can’t see, Kara?” 

She groaned. “Don’t play that card, Lena.” 

“It’s one of the perks of my disability, Kara .” Lena said. “I get to pull that card whenever I fucking want.” 

Kara laughed, coming up behind her and wrapping one arm around her waist in a hug. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” 

“Get used to saying those words, Supergirl.” Lena said, flinging a pinch of flour over her shoulder at her and smiling at the affronted gasp. “I’m always right.” 

Later, after Kara had eaten almost a dozen scones and was groaning on Lena’s couch, Lena was running her fingers through Kara’s hair and having an internal dilemma. 

It’s just, Kara was so sweet . And Lena was feeling feelings that were very hard to ignore, and if Kara’s behavior and words were anything to go by, she wasn’t far behind Lena in her own feelings. At least, Lena hoped. 

And if anything was ever going to happen in that direction, Kara needed to know her last name. 

Kara groaned again from her lap and Lena rolled her eyes. “Next time you should think about what this feels like before you eat all of my scones.” 

“They were so good, though.” Kara whined. 

Lena flicked her on the forehead. “Stop whining. You did this to yourself. Your metabolism is so high that it’ll go away in like five minutes.” 

“But it hurts right now.” Kara sighed, her head warm where it was in her lap. 

“Poor baby.” Lena said, running a finger down Kara’s nose. She had learned that any touch near her face shut Kara up immediately, and Lena used the new position they were in to map out the features of her face. 

“Will you really come?” Kara asked eventually, the sounds of some reality T.V. show in the background. 

“Yes.” Lena said. “I will come to your sacred game night.” 

Kara hummed happily. “It’s at my place this week, so you can just come over whenever you want. I get off at five and Alex is bringing food so I’ll go straight home from Catco. Maybe I could come pick you up on the way?” 

“Sure.” Lena agreed. 

As usual, Kara kept rambling on. 

“We switch houses every time, so it’s lucky that it’s my turn to host. I mean, any of them would let us come by to map out the place beforehand, but I want you to be comfortable, especially because it’s the first time you’re meeting everyone. Oh, it would be so cool if we could meet here eventually. Your apartment is so nice, definitely nicer than any of their places. How do you even afford this place, anyway? I saw your shower, Lena, and I don’t know anyone who has a rainforest showerhead like that -.” 

“My family is really rich.” Lena interrupted her, pressing her hand around the side of her face to brush her fingers over her jaw. “And they’re either dead or in jail so all the money is mine now.” 

“Oh.” Kara said. “Lena, I’m sorry.” 

“Don’t be.” Lena said. “I’m not.” 

She felt Kara swallow under her hand. “What did they do?” 

Lena brushed her fingers against the soft skin underneath her jaw again. She wasn’t sure what she was asking - what did they do to get all this money or what did they do to land in prison? The answer was almost the same. “My family owns a large corporation. You’ve probably heard of it. My brother was in charge of it, but he hurt a lot of people. He’s certifiably insane, actually. And my mother, well, the thing that finally got her was tax fraud but she has a whole list of crimes she should be paying for. So, now everything is mine. That’s partly why I moved to National City. I’m trying to figure out how to hand the reins of it to people who can turn it around as a force for good.” 

Kara reached up and grabbed the hand on her face and moved it slightly, tilting her head to the side as Lena felt the soft press of something against her palm. “That’s amazing, Lena. You’re not defined by the actions of your family. None of us are.” Kara’s breath was warm against her palm. “And from what I’ve seen? You’re nothing short of incredible.” 

Lena tangled her fingers with Kara’s and let their hands fall on her lap. “I already said I’d go to game night, Supergirl. There’s no need to butter me up.” 

Kara huffed and then pressed her face into Lena’s stomach, breathing deeply. Lena relaxed even more against the couch and smiled as Kara grunted with the weight of Walt as he jumped up on the couch to join them. 

Kara picked Lena up for game night and Lena could tell that she was basically vibrating with energy. 

Kara kept up a steady stream of mostly one-sided conversation as she talked about her day at Catco and the snake she had saved from getting stuck up a tree earlier that afternoon. By the time they walked into her apartment, Lena had caught on that this was not her usual rambling. 

“Kara.” Lena interrupted her. “Are you alright?” 

“What? Of course. I’m great. I had a great day and it’s about to get even better because all of my favorite people are going to be in the same room and -.” 

“It’s okay to be a little nervous.” Lena ran a hand up her arm. “But everything’s going to be fine, darling. Take a deep breath.” 

Kara audibly took a large breath and then held it. 

“Don’t forget to let it out.” Lena laughed as Kara let it out and brushed her with a small blast of cool air. 

“Sorry.” Kara said, leaning forward and pressing her head against Lena’s shoulder. “I’m being stupid.” 

“No.” Lena scratched behind her head. “You just want everything to go well.” 

Kara sighed against her and Lena felt her hands tightened just slightly from where they were placed at her waist.

Everyone arrived shortly after that and Kara relaxed more and more as Lena talked with Winn about his job and asked Alex about her time at National City University. The nervous energy Lena could feel coming off of her subsided into gentle touches at her back so that she knew Kara was near and a near constant refiling of her wine glass. 

Later, when they were all gathered around the living room, Lena heard Winn gasp excitedly at something Briany said. 

“Yes! I honestly still can’t believe the things happening at LuthorCorp. Did you see the new respiratory device they put out last week? They say it’s going to revolutionize respiratory therapy for lung cancer patients. The studies have been super promising.” 

“Yes, I did read about that.” Brainy agreed. 

“Isn’t Luthorcorp basically evil though?” Nia asked. “Lex Luthor is the devil.” 

“He's in jail and so is Lillian, his mother.” Winn said. “It’s actually L-Corp now. The company fell to the daughter, who isn’t super involved so far but everything she’s done has been the complete opposite of her family. She even changed the name.” 

“That’s super cool.” Kara said as she came back into the living room. Lena moved her face towards her as her empty glass was taken from her hand and another, heavier one, was placed in it. “Want another glass? I got you another one.” Kara said quietly in her ear as she sat down beside her. 

Lena smiled and reached up to brush her jaw. “Thanks, darling.” She said just as quietly. 

Kara cleared her throat and Lena felt her turn towards the others. “Who is this allusive Luthor daughter? I’ve never heard of her.” 

“No one really knows.” Winn said. “She had never been involved with the company before it all went to hell.” 

“What else is google for?” Nia asked. “Come on, Brainy. Use your powers to find out who this girl is.” 

“Oh, I doubt you’d find much about her online.” Lena finally spoke up; the conversation was going in a direction she didn’t really care for. “I hear she’s a bit of a recluse.” 

“Did you know her?” Kara asked curiously. Lena opened her mouth and wasn’t sure how to respond. 

“Why would she?” Alex asked as her and Sam joined them. 

“Oh, you're from Metropolis, right Lena?” Sam asked.  

Lena nodded and hummed an affirmative. This conversation was definitely going places she would rather it not.

“Well rich people run in the same circles, right?” Kara asked. “Lena is loaded.” 

Lena swatted at her thigh and Kara chuckled. 

“Really?” Nia asked. “What do you do?” 

Lena waved a hand. “Old money. I haven’t done a damn thing.” 

“And everyone knows who the Luthors are.” Kara said. “So, did you ever meet her?” 

Lena scowled in her direction. “Are you fucking with me or are you being purposefully obtuse?” 

Kara hummed. “Yeah, I don’t know.” 

“Found her!” Brainy exclaimed. “One Lena Luthor. Twenty four years of age, owner of Luthorcorp for two months now, apparently plays the cello, and is… blind?” 

Lena felt all of them look in her direction and she raised her wine glass. “Like I said, you won’t find anything important about her online.” 

“Wait, wait.” Kara said. “You’re Lena Luthor .” 

“So you were being purposefully obtuse.” Lena decided, looking in her direction. “Kara, how many young women do you know that have murderous brothers, seemingly unlimited wealth, and the sudden responsibility of a tech conglomerate?” 

“What?” Kara asked. 

“Kara.” Lena said. “Our family history is so entwined I had assumed that you knew that the Luthor’s had a daughter that was blind .” 

“I did!” Kara said. “But, how was I supposed to know it was you? You know I’m Supergirl!” 

“Very good, darling.” Lena patted her leg. “We’re discovering so many things tonight.” 

“You don’t care?” She asked. 

“What do you think?” Lena asked. 

Kara was silent for a few moments. 

“Well, I think you’re awesome.” Winn spoke up. “It’s cool what L-Corp is turning into.” 

“I have virtually nothing to do with it.” Lena waved her hand. “I simply fired everyone who was in league with my brother and hired new people with the stipulation that they would use the resources my brother collected for good instead of his own narcissistic ideas.” 

“Well, it seems like that’s what is happening.” Sam said. “I actually have an interview at the new National City headquarters next week.” 

“Oh, do you?” Lena asked. “Wait, are you Sam as in Sam Arias?” 

“Yes.” Sam said slowly. 

Lena waved a hand. “You're hired.” 

“I’m sorry, what?” Sam asked, choking on her drink.

“I’m not doing anything hands-on right now, but I did pick Jack Sphere as the standing CFO for the Metropolis branch and I’ve been looking for a CFO for the National City branch ever since I’ve been here. The applicants have been unimpressive at best so far. You can come in and give me your pitch but I already think you’d be a good fit.” 

“Wow.” Sam said. “Thank you. And yes, I absolutely want to come by the office and go through what I’ve come up with so far.” 

“Great.” Lena took a sip of wine. “Can you all stop staring?” 

A chorus of ‘sorrys’ started from them all and Lena swallowed as she turned back towards Kara. The others started talking about something else, but Lena could feel the blonde’s gaze on her. 

“I really thought you’d figured it out.” Lena murmured. 

“I guess I’m just kind of an idiot.” Kara said back just as softly. She didn’t sound upset or tense. Lena relaxed even more as she felt Kara reach out to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear and then move her arm to Lena’s shoulders. “I should have known.” 

“I know that my natural charm can be distracting.” Lena smiled slightly. 

“You have no idea.” Kara murmured so softly Lena was sure she wasn’t meant to hear. 

The others left eventually and then it was just Lena sitting on the couch taking the final sip of her wine. She heard Kara talking quietly to Alex and Sam in the doorway for a few moments before she heard the door close and footsteps thud softly in her direction. The couch dipped beside her and a warm body leaned into hers. 

“I told you I’d be shit at game night.” Lena said. 

“I had fun.” Kara said. “Did you?” 

Lena bit her lip. “Yeah, I did. Thanks for inviting me.” 

“Of course.” Kara said. “I don’t know if you could tell, but Winn was basically vibrating all night after he figured out who you are. I told him that if he made you spend your first game night answering a million questions that he would be joining James in the metaphorical friend dog house.” 

Lena chuckled. “Tell him that next time he can ask whatever he wants. I don’t mind.” 

Kara was such a tactile person. As Kara reached her arm around and tugged Lena more securely against her, Lena wondered if she was that way with all of her friends or if Lena was special in some way. Kara ran a hand through Lena’s hair and she felt the press of something against the side of her head. 

“Do you mind?” Lena asked. 

Kara hummed in question. 

“I know I probably should have mentioned it sooner, but…” Lena trailed off. “I honestly tried the other night, do you remember?” 

“Yeah, I could have definitely put the clues together then.” Kara murmured. “Of course I don’t care, Lena. You’ve shown me in so many ways how you are good and kind and wonderful. I think that knowing this definitely helps me understand you better. It certainly helps me understand how someone so young could spend hundreds of dollars at a restaurant that doesn’t even serve coke.” 

Lena laughed and leaned her head against Kara’s shoulder. “Thank you.” 

“You don’t have to thank me for that, baby.” Kara said. “Anyone who looked would see how amazing you are.” 

She swatted at Kara’s stomach and tried to hide her blush in her shoulder. “Stop being sweet.” 

“No.” Kara laughed. “You can’t make me. I have superpowers, remember?” 

Lena reached over and found Kara’s hand. She linked their fingers together and smiled into the skin of her neck. 

She’d never been so thankful for homicidal brothers. She’d live through that and more if it meant getting to meet Kara Danvers.  

Now I pierce the darkness, new beings appear,

The earth recedes from me into the night,

I saw that it was beautiful, and I see that what is not the earth is beautiful.