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i don't know why, but i like it

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Ed's never really been keen on receiving blowjobs.

They feel good most of the time, sure, but he prefers having something to look at during sex. A head of hair isn't really an ideal turn-on, in his own opinion.

And he's had this opinion ever since his first one; it was from a pretty girl when he was about eighteen (18). He'd come quickly, sure, and it was one of the most surreal feelings at the time, but he wouldn't call it mind-blowing. Mediocre, he guesses? Somewhere along those lines. He steered clear of them, not caring much about getting oral. Giving was a different story, but still. He never thought he'd ever really be into it.

But then, Ed met James.

And James was a pretty little thing, all gangly limbs that flung about when he moved and soft blushes that never seemed to go away. Noises he could get drunk on and hair that was impossible not to pull, creating the cutest gasps whenever he did so.

There wasn't a thing he didn't like about the man.

Which is why he didn't resist when James was moving down his torso one night, sinking to his knees, creating a dull thud on the concrete beneath them. The noise from the club was simply background music as he looked at the mop of hair below him, nimble fingers clumsily undoing his belt buckle and unzipping his jeans. Ed liked that about James; he was always so eager. He couldn't help but voice it.

"Slow down, baby. I'm not going anywhere."

James lets out a shaky breath, head resting on Ed's thigh momentarily as he seems to be trying to collect himself, hands slowing. The air isn't too chilly given that it's the beginning of summer, but the night air is still cold on his now-exposed cock. He shivers pleasantly.

James jerks him till he's half-hard before his lips wrap around the head, just teasing at first, probably because this is the first time this is happening and James wants it to be good. Bless him, as if anything involving him could ever be bad. Ed pities him for it, almost. Adorable.

Also, it isn't the ideal place for a first blowjob, but James was a little too tipsy and a little too handsy for Ed to be able to resist indulging him. He probably wouldn't have if James was any drunker, but he wasn't, so, yeah.

"Fuck," he mutters once James takes in half of him, head bobbing slightly as his hand covers what his mouth doesn't. Ed tries to focus on the feeling more than the fact that the moon is watching him, along with the stars, and also the fact that a few odd people walking past the dingy alleyway might be able to hear or see them. Whatever, James is probably getting off on it, and he doesn't really care enough for it to affect what's happening.

The streetlamp on the pavement at the end of the alley lights things up just enough to show the ginger of James's hair, golden-like in the yellow light, peeking through Ed's fingers. His grip tightens a little when James almost takes him in to the hilt, because fuck, not many people can take him that far. James leans into the faint tug.

Ed closes his eyes, struggling to picture something that'll help push him nearer to the edge, nothing good enough coming to mind. He's not got the most vivid imagination, so after a short while he decides to open his eyes and looks down at James. Watches the way his head bobs, the way his lips look stretched around him; and it's almost enough.

But then, James takes him in all the way and makes this little choking sound, eyes fluttering shut as they tear up, and --

Ed breathes a little harder, groans just a little louder. His eyes meet James'. They're blown out, tears running down his cheeks and drool gathering around his mouth.

"Fucking hell, James."

His grip is so tight that he feels the need to loosen it, so he does, watching as James closes his eyes and starts moving his head again. He chokes every once in a while but eventually manages to deepthroat Ed successfully, throat going lax as Ed's hips stutter weakly. Their eyes are locked now, James' wide and pleading whilst Ed's are heavy and lidded. He moans lowly and gives a particularly hard thrust when James hums around his cock.

James looks so, unbelievably fuckable (not that he doesn't always, but there's something specific about his current look) that Ed almost wants to take him here and now. But he can't, of course, leaving him with a warm mouth and a wrecked face. He'll have to make do, he guesses, hand tightening as his hips jerk. He can tell that James loves it, even as he gags.

"I bet you love this, huh?" He briefly stutters, breathing harshly. "The fact anyone could see you right now. See good-boy James Acaster on -- on his knees, in some dark alleyway like some -- like some fucking whore. You'd be ruined, even more than you already are now."

That last comment seems to hit the spot as Ed catches James squeezing his thighs together, eyes squeezed shut as his pace quickens. Ed's close, closer than he was, and he watches as his boyfriend loses his grip on reality just briefly.

He's never seen something so completely and utterly captivating. Something so beautiful. He shivers again, but this time it's from the warmth that roams his stomach, a pleasant buzz.

"Nobody's ever made this feel so good. Such a good boy, James. You're made to do this, I swear."

He's bordering on mindless babbling now, caught up in everything like it's a tornado, and with the whirlwind going on inside of him he thinks it actually might be one.

He starts gently pulling James's head off when he's on the verge of coming, not wanting to overwhelm his boyfriend, but James just makes this little helpless sounds and looks up at him with big, doe eyes. How can he resist those?

"No, no, please. I wanna taste you."

The words are even filthier than they actually are coming out of James's mouth, someone normally so reclined and shy saying that. Ed's head is spinning. It's all happening too fast, and yet he's experiencing it perfectly.

It's strong, when he finally comes, right down James's throat. The other man does a good job of swallowing and Ed feels himself tremble with the force of his orgasm. Fuck.

It takes him a minute to gather himself, to wrap his mind around what they've just done, what's just happened, and he can't resist kissing James breathless against the brick wall after he stands up clumsily. He forces a thigh between the older's legs, feels his dick give a weak twitch at the thought of James coming in his pants and having to writhe uncomfortably until they get home and he can change. He smiles breathlessly.

"You gonna cum for me, James? Be my good boy?"

The lankier squirms beneath him, legs shaking with his relief as he darkens his jeans just a little. Ed lets him ride it out on his thigh, watching with wonder as James's face goes slack, drool pooling in the corner of his mouth. His smile returns, because how on earth did he get so lucky?

James starts to whine from oversensitivity and Ed eases up, keeping his hands on the smaller's hips but taking a short step back, in love and lust with the man in front of him.

Ed doesn't think he minds receiving so much anymore.