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never give up on us

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Haruto believes in falling in love with the same person for his entire life. He believes that once you love someone, you never really truly stop loving them. They left a memorable mark on your heart for you to remember forever.

He believes in fate keeping people who are meant for each other, together. Even if they have to part ways because of one reason or another, they will find their way back to each other. No matter how far, no matter how long.

He believes in those two things because he knows he is right.


Right now, as he sits inside of an almost empty bus, he hears Jeongwoo's favorite song playing from someone's phone. If it were any other song, he would be annoyed and put his earphones on, blocking the noise because who listens to music in public transportations without their earphones?

The sweet tunes and lyrics he used to scream along as he and Jeongwoo drive under the dark of the night takes him back to that exact moment.

It hurts in the best way, he thinks. It has been two years since he last saw Jeongwoo. Long distance relationships suck ass. There are days when all he wants to do is to come home to the sight of his boyfriend curled up on the couch, fallen asleep as he waits for him to come home.

Jeongwoo going abroad for his internship left a big hole in his heart. A Jeongwoo-shaped hole that can't be filled by anything and anyone. Not even by video calls or phone calls.

It has been two years since he last hugged Jeongwoo and kissed his forehead goodbye. The song seeps in through his skin and without him realizing, a stray tear rolls down his face. He wipes it away and looks down, trying to catch his breath and forces himself to not cry.


When the bus reaches his stop, he quickly pays the driver and thanks him. He's quick on his feet to go to his apartment and continue his pity party. That's exactly what he does. As soon as his door is closed, he cries, because he misses Jeongwoo so bad, but there's nothing he can do. It's midnight where Jeongwoo is and he doesn't want to interrupt his sleep.

After his sobs have turned into little sniffles, he stands up and goes straight to the shower. He takes a quick shower because if he lets his mind stray away, he will end up crying again, and he's already tired enough.

When he finishes putting on his sleeping attire, he plops down on his bed. He considers going to sleep because all that crying really took a good amount of his energy away. But his eyes are not tired yet, so he goes out to the kitchen and makes himself a cup of tea. It's Jeongwoo's favorite tea, English Breakfast, and since Jeongwoo isn't here to drink it, Haruto is in charge to make sure it doesn't end up being thrown away of expiration.

He sits down on the couch and takes a sip of his tea. His mind reels back to the person who was playing Jeongwoo's favorite song on the bus. He opens his phone and goes straight to open his music app. He plays the song and relishes in the way it gives him both happiness and sadness.


Just as he is about to fall asleep, he hears a knock on his door. He looks at his phone and notes that it's ten o'clock. He tries to remember if he's made any promises to meet up with anyone but the result is none.

He takes a deep breath and gets off the couch to open the door. What he sees in front of him is not something he had ever expected to show up on a random Sunday at ten o'clock.

Jeongwoo is standing in front of him with his beautiful smile and some slight eye bags. It took Haruto a few seconds to register that Jeongwoo is actually here in front of him. He was taken out of his reverie when Jeongwoo says, "hi, miss me?" Paired with that eat shitting grin.  

Haruto launches himself on his boyfriend and sends them both backwards. Thankfully, they didn't fall. Haruto hugs the life out of Jeongwoo to the point where Jeongwoo hits his sides to let him breathe.

"What the fuck," Haruto mutters as he takes in the sight of Jeongwoo alive and well in front of his apartment. Oh, right, he should probably let Jeongwoo in.

He pulls Jeongwoo in, as well as his luggage and bags. As soon as they're inside, Haruto quickly cups Jeongwoo's face and kisses him.

It feels like everything is right once again. Every sadness he just felt completely washed away. He is still confused about why exactly Jeongwoo is here but right now, he is going to kiss his boyfriend stupid until they run out of breath.

After they break apart, Haruto immediately attacks his boyfriend with questions like why is he here, why didn't he tell him, he could've picked Jeongwoo up from the airport. He was silenced by another kiss on the corner of his mouth. Then Jeongwoo navigates them to sit down on the couch first.

"Sorry I didn't tell you. I wanted it to be a surprise," Jeongwoo beams. Well, his surprise worked because Haruto is rendered speechless right now.

"Wait, but why are you here?" Haruto asks, confusion clear in his voice.

"I've finished my internship early," Jeongwoo explains as he rubs tiny circles on Haruto's hand. "They told me I can start working in two weeks, and they offered me to stay there or back here. Of course I chose to be here," Jeongwoo smiles.

He hugs Jeongwoo again, half making sure Jeongwoo is real and not a part of his imagination, half in relief because he's home.

"So you're home for good?" Haruto whispers.

"I'm home for good," Jeongwoo whispers back.


The two years they were apart were hard. But they are here tonight, in each other's embrace. This was worth the fight. He's glad that they never once give up on them.

It's true when they say that years don't lie. They still love each other as much as they did when their eyes first landed on each other, when they went on their first date, when they first kissed, when they first said i love you.

Haruto believes in falling in love with Jeongwoo for his entire life. Haruto believes in fate keeping him and Jeongwoo together because they are meant to be together. They've found their way back to each other, one way or another. No matter how far, no matter how long.