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Din wanted a cigarette.

He hadn’t picked a single one up since the adoption papers went through the year prior, even with his work at the bar, and he managed to resist the pack easily each time he went into the neighborhood convenience store to pick up the kid’s favorite blue cookie snack. But, presently, his fingers itched desperately for a stick and the nicotine.

“I don’t understand.” He finally muttered out. “You say he is doing fine but you want him to move classrooms.”

“He is doing fine.” She stressed. Her name was Luminara Unduil and she had tattoos on her chin. Her eyes were warm but composed as she kept her back straight and her stare focused on Din. She was one of the head teachers at the academy, though was typically an over-looker of older children, and was known to be very fair but firm. “But we wish to ensure our students do more than fine. We want them to flourish. Grogu,” she nodded to the toddler as if he was aware and included in the conversation, “has not done so where he is at.”

“But he’s fine.”

“Yes, Mr. Djarin. He is.” She has a very patient tone. “But he does not interact much with his classmates. And though Ashoka Tano is one of our best, and Grogu is clearly fond of her, they are not matching in a way that works best.”

Luminara started to flip through her papers and the noise grated on Din’s skin.

“He appears to be primarily non-verbal. He is also quite introverted. He tends to keep to himself and draw.”

“There is nothing wrong with that.” Din said, trying not to snap and sound angry.

“There isn’t.” She agreed easily. “But Tano’s class is quite loud and has a lot of movement. Grogu is handling it well…but I believe he’ll do better in another setting.”

“A move might not be good for him.” Din argued. What if he fell behind because of it? What if the other kids picked on him because he was new? What if this teacher didn’t work out either and he needed to move again? What if this hurt his feelings? What if Grogu felt different?

“We have done this before. We are always very careful with any moves on the child. And this professor is one of the best.”

“You said Tano was one of the best.”

Her lips twitched in a smile, “We certainly do our hiring well. But Skywalker is different. He has a few degrees, he specializes in children with quieter needs, and he is fluent in ASL His class is very holistic focus and quite Montessori-like.”

Din, with his barely graduated high school education, ten years in the army, and work between bounty hunter and bouncers, had no idea what that meant…but the talk of quieter needs and ASL was a bit interesting. “Why wasn’t Grogu placed with him at the start?”

“Because we were unaware if he truly needed Skywalker’s teachings or not. At his age it can be hard to know from a few hours of interviews of a span of a few weeks. Now that he has been under watch of our school we can get a better understanding of what will truly work best for him. Moving to this classroom will do wonders for him.”

Din wasn’t too convinced.

He didn’t care for change. He didn’t trust it. He knew his son could be the same, probably learned from him but probably due to his rough start in life. A shift like this felt unfair even if it was only the first month into the school.

“How about you meet him?” She offered. “You can take a peek at how he teaches and talk with him yourself.” She looked at her watch and nodded. “I believe the children have been put down for a nap. Why not take Grogu out for lunch today and when you come back you can meet Skywalker and see his class in action.”

“I…guess.” He looked over at his son. Just taking a peek at the class couldn’t hurt.

He left with his son to take him out to get a bite, something that made the child very excited, as he clung to his father’s neck and hair. He ordered the tyke a small sandwich and drink from a deli, splurging a little and getting him a brownie for dealing with all the stress of the meeting. They sat on a bench at a park and din watched over the child carefully as he took large bites of his overly stuffed turkey sandwich.

The brat loved meat and sweets.

As he ate, he texted Boba the update on what was happening. His friend and elder-brother figure texted he’d meet Din at the school to help confirm this was the right move for the kid. That was appreciated. Din didn’t always know how to connect and communicate with people and he worried his temper and overprotective nature could cause more problems than not.

He just wanted the best for his son.

“You ok with moving classrooms?” He asked.

Grogu looked up at him, face messy and cheeks full. He shrugged a moment and then went back to eating.

Din frowned, “Won’t you miss any friends you made?”


Din sighed and took a napkin and wiped over his face free of mayo and breadcrumbs. “Grogu…do you have any friends?”

“Na.” He shook his head.

“I see.” Din figured. They had talked about it before. He asked every day if Grogu had any fun and to try and tell him about the other kids but the child was never interested. He just wanted to sit on his little makeshift desk and color, munch on grapes, as his father worked on a motorcycle to pick up extra cash.

Being a loner wasn’t bad. He was fine if his child preferred to just sit and color or watch documentaries of frogs but he needed to know this was him being himself, and therefore healthy, or if this was a problem coming from a sad situation, and therefore not healthy.

He also needed some personal tricks on using positive reinforcement for the kid without food. Din just loved spoiling his son and his son just loved cookies and…well…yeah, he needed to figure out how to get Grogu to eat a portion of spinach without instantly earning a dessert in return.

Sighing, he unwrapped the dessert once the kid was done and ate the last few bites of the sandwich himself, before he scooped the chocolate-smeared kid up and walked back to the school.

Boba was waiting outside with his motorcycle.

“Bo!” Grogu waved happily.

“Hey squirt.” He smiled at the child and then turned to Din, “They want him to switch classes.”

“She made it sound like it was a normal and good thing.”

“They aren’t charging you extra for it, right? These fancy schools are fancy because they’re elitist and fucking full of little loopholes to scam people out of more money.”

“No. No extra charge.” He long gave up in telling Boba to watch his language. Besides, he could have a foul mouth as well. He just had to ensure Grogu knew to not say those words to other people.

“You look up this teacher, yet?”

“Ah, no.” He shook his head. He completely forgot all the teacher’s bios were on the website for parents to view. His phone was in his pocket but he decided to forgo it. “We’re about to meet. I’ll look up more on him afterwards.”

Boba just grunted and followed after him. Luminara met with them at the front office and only gave a polite greeting to the newcomer. They had met briefly when Grogu was enrolled. Boba came to make it known his nephew would be looked at properly or there’ll be hell to pay.

Din really appreciated that his friends were just as temperamental and overprotective as he was. He certainly didn’t feel insane knowing so many who understood someone like Grogu needed protected.

They went down the hall, the walls splattered with all sorts of art projects with names and ages of the students who made them, before they arrived.

“Please wait here and I’ll get him. I need to ensure his teaching assistant is in.” She knocked and then entered into the room, leaving Din and Boba alone with Grogu for a moment.

“Uh…Djarin?” Boba cleared his throat, his eyes on his phone.


“You’re possibly about to have a heart-attack.”

Din turned to look at him in confusion, “What?”

“You said Skywalker, right?”



“What are--”

“Mr. Djarin?” A new voice asked as the door to the classroom opened.

Looking over his shoulder, Boba’s jaw dropped, “Oh, shit.”

Din turned around to meet the person and…ah…ok. That’s what Boba meant.


“Hi!” He beamed, face dimpling and his eyes sparkling. “I’m Luke Skywalker. It looks like I may be taking over as your son’s teacher. Wonderful to meet you.”



Din was about to faint.

“I know this is probably a difficult experience. I’m sorry about that.” The man continued, chatting along as if he had no idea he just destroyed a man’s brain, heart, and hormones all in one go. The audacity. “You’re Mr. Fett, right? Grogu’s uncle?”

“Er…” Boba looked over at his dumbed-brain friend, still gaping like a deer in the headlights, and nodded.

“I heard you made threats during one of Grogu’s meetings…you said you were ready to drive your motorcycle through the halls if we did anything.” He grinned. “What kind do you have?”

‘Oh no.’ Boba winced. ‘Oh, no…I do not want to be in the middle of a romcom. Please don’t tell me a fucking melody is about to start.’ He looked over at Din again and internally groaned…yeah, that was a love-struck look if he’s ever seen one. “A custom Triumph Bonneville Bobber cruiser.”

Those dark blonde browse rose in interest, “Please tell me you’d use another one to destroy property. A piece like that doesn’t deserve such cruel treatment.”

Ah, great. He knows motorcycles.

Din was probably dying.

“What do you have?” He asked, trying to keep conversation so his friend could wake the fuck up.

The man grinned and a choir of angels probably started to sing or a miracle happened somewhere…it was so bright and sweet and pure and yet filled with mischief and good lord, he was going to have to prevent his friend from proposing in the next twenty seconds, wasn’t he?

“Ducati V3S. Red.”

“That’s your bike?” Boba choked in surprise when he first saw that sleek sports bike that looked better suited for a racetrack than a parking lot of a school, he thought it was some father going through a middle-age crisis. Not a fucking pre-school teacher who looked like he was made of fucking sunshine and unicorns.

“Yep. Oh, right, sorry. You all came here for a reason.” He turned to look back at Din and the child. “I’m happy to meet you both. I was told you, Grogu, might be joining us?”

Grogu gave a shy noise and hugged his father’s neck, hiding away from the new face. “H-He’s…uh…”

“He can take his time. He doesn’t have to come in. It’ll be good for him to get to know me in a quiet space.” Luke smiled. “I am happy to answer any questions any of you have.”

Boba took a glance to his friend and saw that he was still rebooting with a dial-up noise echoing in his empty head, so he decided to jump in first. “What are your qualifications?”

“Been a teacher for three years and was an intern at a few programs during my Masters with the focus on such things like Autism, non-verbal, and high risk children. I am also fluent in ASL” He said without missing a beat. “I was in the Air Force for a while before I was discharged…honorably.” He quickly finished.

“Why?” Fett, ever the blunt man, continued.

“Injury.” He held up his hand. “Lost this. But I got a good reference for a nice replacement. So I am able to do my job of handling the physical aspects of the job no problem.”

“Ok…” Boba looked over to see Din now about to start twitching. What a pathetic idiot. “And how does your class work?”

“We focus a lot on expression through arts. The curriculum is a bit holistic? I introduce them to things like beginners meditation, we don’t call it that of course,” he chuckled. “But it's just a time to sort of have a quiet moment to sort of decompress from the day. Lots of stories, songs, and I teach ASL every day. While we don’t have outside recess every day, most of my students aren’t that interested, if the weather is good we go to the gardens or something similar. We also do movements throughout the day to ensure they are exercising and moving.”

“Huh.” Boba hated to admit but all of that sounded up the kid’s alley. Grogu could be hyper but he seemed to only be that way around his family. Otherwise, he is scribbling and coloring or watching some nature documentary. He could be a giggly, rambunctious sort but he was a more laid-back than what he expected a kid to be.

“Doing fine so far?” His lips twitched in amusement. “I’m ready for the next question.”

Still, Din was being as useful as a numbed nut-sack so Boba went on and decided to get some sort of reaction, “Yeah, ok, you single?”

“Fett!” Din hissed, horrified, as he jumped out of his stupor.

Luke blinked a few times in surprise before he grinned, “Depends on who’s asking about it.”

“I’m asking…for him.” He pointed.

Din hissed another bit of his name, sounding panicked.

Luke looked over at Din and provided the sweetest, brightest smile, “For him? Most definitely single.”

He sucked in a pained gulp of air and, yep, his brain was shutting down again.

“What does that mean?” Boba huffed, as if insulted.

“You’re plenty cute too, Fett, but I think he’s a bit more my type.” The blonde shrugged, not at all ashamed at his behavior. “Is this some way on asking me out on his behalf?”


“No!” Din wheezed. “Just need to see about Grogu, son…my son. N-Need to make sure he’s taken care of…just…”

Luke chuckled, his cheeks a soft pink, “You are adorable.”

Boba laughed as Din made a miserable noise, his face and ears red. “Well, this is a turn of events.”

The teacher just had a happy grin on his face as he looked directly at Din. “Can’t say I am upset about it. But, I don’t want to make him uncomfortable…shall we continue about Grogu?”

And Din was filled with heat and dread. ‘Oh no.’




His son was left with Luke for the rest of the day as a sort of trial to see if Luke’s class would work out. When Din came back a few hours later to pick up his child he knew, with a sense of anxiety and also a bit of eagerness, that this was going to stick.

Grogu was positively beaming.

“You had fun?” Din ventured a guess as he picked the kid up from school.

“Ya!” He nodded, excited.

“Oh.” He held him in his arms as he looked over, gulping, as he saw the cute blonde talking to other parents as the kids gripped his legs. One child was shrieking, big tears falling down her face, as he parents had to pry her fingers off the man, “you’ll see him tomorrow, sweetie! You gotta let Mr. Luke go!” they begged.

Apparently Mr. Luke was very popular with kids.

He looked at Grogu who was sucking his thumb, but looking over at the teacher with his big eyes full of interest.

“D-Do…you want to say goodbye to him?”

Grogu nodded his head.


He approached and almost felt like a deer caught in the headlights when those bright blue eyes turned to him. That playful, excited grin went back on the young man’s face. Not quite predatory but for sure excited and with a sense of mischief.

It was painfully adorable and attractive.

“Hi guys.” He waved to Grogu. “Did you have a good time today?”

Grogu nodded, happy.

“Will you be back tomorrow?”

“Ya!” He grinned happily.

“Yay!” Luke cheered. “I’m happy to hear that!”

Din was about to faint.

Luke held up his hand and Grogu laughed happily and slapped it. “Good job, buddy.”

“He…has never come out of school like this before.” Din admitted quietly.

“Well, he’ll have good days and bad. I will just do what I can to make sure it’s far more good days than bad.”

“That…well…t-thank you Mr. Skywalker.”

“Oh, Luke.” He waved off the formal attitude. “I’m not into all of that formalities.”

“Ok. L-Luke.” It was miserable to breathe.

The teacher just gave a sunshine laugh, “You’re cute.”

Oh no.

Oh no, no, no, no, no.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Grogu!”

“Bye-bye, Lu!” Grogu waved.

“And by Mr. Djarin.” Luke said with a horrible smirk on his face, winked, and turned around to go tend to the rest of the kinds as if he didn’t just knock the breath out of Din’s chest.

What a horrible, terrible, amazing, gorgeous man.

He hated how the teacher seemed to know Din was gaping after him and moved his hips in a way that made Din’s blood boiling.

That was, honestly, an amazing looking ass in those tight black jeans.

Oh, he was in so much trouble.

So, so much trouble.

He quickly turned away and hurried away with a confused Grogu in his arms, panic rushing through him as he could not forget those beautiful blue eyes.

‘I’m not in love, I’m not in love, I’m not in love, I’m not in love….oh god, I’m NOT in love!’




“Din’s in love.” Boba noted.

The glass in his hands nearly shattered from his grip. “I-I’m not!”

At the pool table, Boba and Fennec looked at each other and rolled their eyes. “Yeah, right. Not in love.”

“I’ve just met him!” Din grumbled as he pushed the glass on the shelf and went to disinfecting the bar. He did not always make the best tips working the lunch rush but Din gave him a pretty good salary with some pretty acceptable benefits. There were unfortunate times he needed to work nights, and Grogu would need to get a babysitter or hang out in the office-space, which was clean and safe and quiet, whenever he was not going to be later than ten. Weekends could be exhausting. He tried to spend as much time with Grogu but he sometimes needed to take some hours behind the bar. He usually always gets some fantastic tips and he always made it up to the kid in some way later.

He hoped he wasn’t making a mistake.

He probably could spend more time with Grogu, and have a healthier work schedule, if the kid wasn’t going to a school like this…but this was one of the best and he knew it would really help Grogu open up.

Din was just afraid any social worker that comes in would not be able to see that.

A single dad, working at a bar, with a small apartment with an adopted kid from a bad situation may raise some red flags. And the last thing he wanted was to lose his child.

Now adding a cute, flirty, intelligent guy to the mix?



He was not interested in that.

Not in the least.

No matter how bright those eyes got or how teasing that smile was.


“Sure, not at all.” Boba grunted as the pool-balls clacked around. “You can head out. You said you wanted to take the kid to the movies today.”

Din checked his wrist. “Shit. Yeah.” He hurried out from behind the bar, yanking at his leather jacket, and hurried out, calling a good-bye to his friends to hurry home. He jumped on his bike and hurried off to get back home. It took less than ten minutes to pull up into his spot and went up and over to the neighbor who looked after Grogu during the day he wasn’t at school.

He gave a polite smile to his older neighbor, Grogu called her Ms. Frog-Lady because she had a lot of frog collectibles and was one of the reasons Grogu was so obsessed with the animals, “Hello, sorry if I’m a bit late. Did he behave?”

She just beamed and nodded happily, getting Grogu into his jacket with a smiling frog face on the hood.

“Hey, buddy.” He kneeled down and scooped up the kid who rushed to his arms. Din gave him a kiss on his head and thanked his neighbor as he brought them out to the crisp Autumn air. “You ready to see the movie?”

“Ya!” He nodded, excited.

They were able to walk to the city center, another reason why he needed extra hours to pay for a small apartment in a pretty decent location. They could walk to most locations easily enough and he did not have to get his child in a motorcycle.

“Ba!” Grogu pointed to the counter once inside, eyes wide at the candy options.

“Kid, you don’t need sweets.” Din groaned, predicting this danger.

“Mah,” Grogu sulked.

“We need to go get our seats.” Din pushed, trying to avoid a temper tantrum.

“Y-You can have some of mine.” A little voice offered.

Both looked to see a small child holding out a small box of crunchy chocolate bites.

“Oh, uh, that’s nice of you kid but he doesn’t need--”

“Ya!” Grogu grinned and held out his hand. He got a few bites poured in his palm and he instantly shoved them in his mouth.

“Grogu.” Din heaved a sigh. “We need--”

“Finn! Finn, where are…oh!” A familiar voice rang out and Din’s back went straight as he looked up to see a familiar gorgeous blond hurrying over to them. “Hi!”

“Uh…w-wha…” His tongue felt swollen and his head empty and all he wanted to do was pass out on the ground. It felt like he was staring directly into the sun and it was burning his eyes.

“Din! Oh, sorry, I mean Mr. Djarin.” He walked up, eyes sparkling. “This is a great surprise to see you here.”

“Oh. Uhm…Hello.” He choked out. “I uh…hi.”

Luke smiled, his cheeks squishing and dimpling in complete unbound happiness. “Hi!” He then kneeled down to the children. “Finn, we talked about staying close, ok? He handed over a little bottle of a drink to the kid before he turned to Grogu. “Hey, kid!”

“Lu!” He waved his hand, wiggling his fingers.

Luke jumped back up to his feet, bouncing a bit, and grinned at Din. “This is my nephew, Finn.”

The child, Finn, grasped Luke’s jeans with one hand as he held the juice and boxed candy to his chest. “Hi.”

“Hi…” Din was unsure if he said that in a dreamy tone or not. He really hoped not but with the man’s happy, knowing smile he had a feeling it was dreamy. Pathetically and horrifyingly dreamy. “Uhm, we met. He…uh, shared with Grogu.”

Luke looked down with a proud grin, “You’re very kind, Finn. Just remember to bring me with you and don’t wander, ok?”

“Ok.” He pressed his face against the leg.

“What are you guys seeing?”

“That new kid’s movie…animated…something.” Din’s brain was shutting down.

“Ah, same.”

“Luke, up?” Finn reached up. “Please?”

“Ok, kiddo.” He went down and scooped the kid up, holding him to his side. “Man, you are growing every day.”

Grogu pouted and pulled at his dad for attention, demanding to be picked up as well. With a sigh, Din reached down and hoisted his son up to match the other. “Better?”

“Ya.” Grogu looked smug.

“He is hysterical.” Luke hummed and approached, playfully bumping into Din, and there goes his brain. He couldn’t lie the move was, for some reason, sexy. “You better come on before the movie start.”

His feet were moving and he was hurrying after the other man. Luke just gave him a big smile as they found seats, naturally together for some reason, with the kids in between, though Finn kept trying to crawl on Luke’s lap and Grogu wanted to do the same with his dad so they had wiggling kids for the most part of the movie.

From the corner of his eye, Din could tell Luke didn’t mind. He just held the boy and let him cuddle as he sipped over his juice and watched the movie. He could feel himself become so red and unable to watch anything on the screen. The cute blonde would just hold his nephew, whispering comforting words if something got too loud or scary, and helped clean his face when he spilled his drink. He didn’t even blink when he left the theater a few hours later in a mess.

“Sorry, Luke.” Finn said, ashamed.

“Nah, it’s fine kiddo. That was a scary part. And you drank most all of it, so that’s good.” Luke hummed back without missing a beat. “We can still get you ice-cream. You really can’t tell your mother though. She’ll kill me.”

Finn managed to the start of a bright smile. “O-Ok.”

“Ah!” Grogu pointed. “Want!”


“Whoops.” Luke laughed. “Sorry…I should know better than to say that word in front of kids. If he can have it I don’t mind paying. I was the one who got it in his head.”

“I…well…” His son did not need more sweets. But a little extra time with the cute teacher couldn’t be a too terrible idea. “Well, ok.”

“Ya!” Grogu cheered, grinning.

Luke grinned and it truly felt like Din was under some sort of spell. He followed after the man without question and hung on to his every word as they came up to the stand. “Ok, go on and pick.”

Din sat Grogu down so he could approach the counter, pointing at the one he wanted. By the time everything was ordered he and Finn had their chubby hands interlocked and they were walking over to a bench while carrying their treats.

Luke chuckled as he handed over his card, “Well, it looks like they’re now best friends.”

“Yes?” Din gaped at the sight. He had never seen Grogu with another kid around his age. “I…I almost can’t believe it. He struggles connecting with people.”

“That’s expected. Don’t worry too much. He is incredibly healthy and doing well in class.” Luke came up to him and nudged his side. “Here you go.”

“Huh?” He looked down to see a small cup of vanilla ice cream with a pour of chocolate sauce. “Wait…for me?”

“Yeah, sure!” Luke beamed as if it was the most expected thing ever. He had a cone in his hand of what was probably strawberry. “Can’t have the kids enjoy it themselves.”

Din’s brain was shutting down again.

‘Oh god, oh god, oh god,’ alarms were blaring in his head.

“Finn took some time to open up as well. He’s opening up but he needs time.” Luke began to eat at his sweet treat. “I can see a lot of similarities between the two of them. Makes sense why they are getting along so well.”


“Grogu is adopted, right?” He asked. No judgment or prying, just true open interest.

“Yes. That was in his paperwork.”

“Mhm, just wanted to hear it from you.” He had some more of his strawberry. “My sister and brother-in-law adopted Finn when he was three. They’ve had him for two years.” Luke explained. “He can be a bit shy but he’s slowly opening up.”

“Did he come from a hard place?”

Luke nodded, “Yeah, it wasn’t a good situation. But he’s doing a lot better.”

“That’s good.”

“Yep. I’m sorry that Finn is a grade above Grogu, but we can work something out for them to play if you’re open to it.”


“Great! Leia will be thrilled. It’s great to see Finn connect with someone.”

“Oh, yeah, yeah it is.”

“If you’re available, maybe we can do something like this next Saturday as well?”

Holy shit, how dare this man? How dare he with those big, playful eyes and knowing grin look so calm as he asked that? Did he know Din was suffering? That he was melting? That any second he was about to pass out to an unpleasant lump on the floor?

By how those blue eyes sparkled he had a feeling the cute man did.

“Yeah. Next Saturday. Sure.”

He just beamed like Din gave him the world.

‘Oh no.’





Oh god, why was he here? Why was he here?

“H-Hi, Luke?” Din wheezed as the younger man pressed himself against the bar, his face in a sunshine smile of dimples and happiness. His clothing was more casual than before, with some tight as sin pants, a black shirt that really hugged his arms and waist, and allowed a peek of his collarbone. The dark colors really made his eyes and blonde hair pop. For some reason, Din could see the soft dusting of very light freckles over his nose and under his eyes. “Hi.”

Luke chuckled and repeated, “Hi. Happy to see you’re on shift.”

“Uhm…” He gulped. He had been hit on plenty of times, it came with the territory, and he handled it with a great deal of grace and indifference. No one ever really did anything for him. Besides, he wasn’t interested in the patrons that typically came in and who gave him bedroom eyes for free drinks and a fun time in the alley. Maybe when he was in his twenties but not mid-thirties with a kid.

He hated to admit this, hated it, but if Luke offered it Din may just rush out and do whatever the man wanted.

Holy shit, when was the last time he was suffering from so much painful lust? He wanted to grab that smaller waist and pull him up close and…no, no he did not need to think like that. Not over his son’s pre-school teacher. Nope. No. He was an adult. He was mature. He was…god, he wanted to ravage him.

“I can admit I am a bit surprised to see a teacher at a bar.” Din muttered.

“Teachers can have fun too.” Luke teased. “And it’s only a little bit of stalking, promise.”

Din choked and blushed red.

“Kidding, sorry.” Luke laughed, still teasing. “Boba invited us. Well, he threatened and challenged Han to some pool and I’m here to ensure Han doesn’t get his ass kicked.”

Din looked over from the bar and to the game area to see Boba and a brunette quipping back and forth, grinning and glaring and twitching at the other. He scowled at the sight of the handsome man. “Han?”

“Yep! Finn’s dad. My brother-in-law.” Luke explained.

“Oh.” There was a sense of relief, he couldn’t lie about that, but he still had a sense of utmost annoyance looking at the man’s face. He seemed sleazy and arrogant. Like he knew he was good looking and wore it with pride. “You know Boba?”

“Other than the time we met at the school? No. Turns out Han does.” He looked over to see them standing close, a challenge clear in their eyes. “Apparently they’re epic rivals or something. I dunno. I just know that Han has a way in getting punched in the face.”

“I see…” He looked around, unable to really keep his gaze on Luke who was still smiling. No other customers seemed to need his attention, most coming in at the moment for some food and Fennec was on the other end helping out….which was weird and now he understood why since apparently Boba invited Luke.

Why, why, why??? He couldn’t handle this. He could not take this adorable face. He couldn’t do it. He was going to do something he’ll regret. He’s going to say something stupid or just kiss the man senseless and that was a big no.

“So, what do you recommend?” He asked, looking up at the menu of special drinks listed on a chalkboard above him.

“What do you like?”

“Either super fruity or something that burns off my taste buds. Nothing in between.” He grinned.

“I don’t think I could serve my son’s teacher anything hard.”

“Too bad. I’m a fan of hard.”

Din choked, wheezing, “W-What?”

“What?” He asked back, all innocent.

Din looked away, his face red, as he tried not to let his thoughts go down a dirty road. He was failing, unfortunately, but he could at least say that he was trying. “N-Nothing.”

Luke just smirked.

He put together something and pushed it forward to him over the bar, doing his best to avoid the stare.

“Oh, this looks good.” Luke complimented as he took a sip and looked over and sighed, “Han, seriously, I promised Leia I’d attempt to keep you from getting stabbed.”

“I can handle myself kid!” Han hissed as he got the pool table set up, his face more ready for a fight than any sort of friendly game.

“Uh-huh. As long as you don’t interrupt my flirting attempts.” Luke threw back. He let out a sweet laugh when Din made a miserable noise.

“If you’re gonna flirt with him, give the cherry picker challenge a try!” Boba grinned. “You got the perfect drink for it.” He motioned to the glass in Luke’s hand that had a cherry in it.

“No.” Din begged. “Don’t bring that up.”

“Cherry pickers?” Luke repeated, interested, as he took the cherry out and began to suck on it without thought. Din just released a broken groan.

“It’s a stupid thing Boba started. People get too drunk and try to impress me by tying a cherry stem in their mouth in hopes to get free drinks.” And more, Din added internally but did not want to say it out loud. He didn’t want Luke to think he was impressed or taken by any of the patrons. As stupid as that was.

He felt himself blush again.

“So it is a challenge?” Those eyes started to sparkle.

“I guess?”

“Ok, I gotta try it.”

Din swallowed, “W-What?”

“I gotta try it!” He grinned. “I may have a big competitive streak. Say challenge and I may be stupid enough to try it out.” He stopped sucking on the cherry and bit it, swallowed and then popped the stem in his mouth.

Din couldn’t tear his eyes away from the blonde’s mouth as it moved with an occasional peek of his tongue every so often.

It was incredibly hot.

Incredibly, painfully hot.

Don’t think sexy thoughts, don’t think sexy thoughts, don’t think of the man in nothing but Din’s sheets, don’t think of how lovely he probably looked on the morning after, don’t think about it, don’t think about it….

“Oh, cool, I did it!” Luke proclaimed as he opened his mouth to pull out his project.

Din was about to faint.

Mayday, mayday, sexy thoughts incoming, SEXY THOUGHTS INCOMING.

Luke lounged against the palm of his hand, “So, do I win anything?”

“Get me a free beer!” The man, Han ordered.

“I’d rather get the handsome bartender’s number but if it’ll get you under some control, I’ll waste my chance so Finn keeps his father.”

Boba looked to be laughing his bald-ass head off. Din hoped he choked and hit his face on the pool table on the way to the ground.

Luke just turned back and grinned, “Unless the handsome bartender is still willing to give the number out?”

“Uh…u-uh,” he coughed, he could not be this pathetic. He needed to handle this better. But he looked at that face and just went stupid. He felt so out of his league with Luke as his opponent. His head was left spinning and it was difficult to breathe and he just…lost…badly.

“Y-Yeah, sure.”




Hey, this is Din, right?


Yes! Thanks for giving me your number. Hope I didn’t come off too strong.

No. You’re fine.

Do you and Grogu want to join Finn and I tomorrow? I promised him a trip out to the park and some lunch. I mentioned Grogu and he wanted him go come. I’d like Grogu and his father to come if you’re both interested?


Great! ☺ I’ll pay since I’m taking you from your day off.

It’s fine.

I’ll send you to the time later. Have a good night!

You too.

Din groaned and shoved his face into his pillow after he reread the text conversation a few times. He sounded like a limp, dying fish. Was he really so out of touch in how to do something like this?

Flirting was miserable.

There was no way a man as flirty and friendly as Luke would want to keep this up with someone as old-soul as he was. He was boring and grumpy and awkward and he was drowning in how stupid Luke made him feel.

He grunted and resisted the temptation in growling into the pillow. He just wanted to go to sleep and forget about this embarrassing situation and hope he didn’t have to face a disappointed, uninterested Luke.

Din was almost about to drift off when his phone buzzed again.

Confused he pulled it back up and blinked.

Sorry, don’t want to bother you when you’re trying to sleep but this made me think of you!


It was of a stupid picture. What were they called? Boba really liked them. Mimi? Mees? Mem…oh yeah, memes. He didn’t really understand them and most everything Boba tried to send him were just stupid.

This was too but it also a bit ridiculous…and Luke thought of him?


Dunno. I just saw it and thought of you want wanted to show you. Sorry!

It’s fine. It’s a bit stupid though.

He winced at the blunt statement. That was not the proper response. Luke was clearly opening up for more conversation and Din was just dropping the ball in the most pathetic of ways.

LOL yeah I gotta agree.

Are you calling me stupid?

And what is LOL?

Psh, no.

You’re a himbo.

Proved more so with that question.

Din wasn’t sure why but he was smiling as he responded back, heart thumping pleasantly in his chest.




“Hey Din!”

Oh no…oh no.

Din had just dropped Grogu off a little earlier than normal as it was delivery day and he needed to be in to sign off on some papers and check over their inventory. Last time a case of vodka had disappeared and they had to make sure nothing was overlooked this time. He hoped it would be easier to not see the adorable teacher or he risked being doing something stupid.

He felt miserably romantic. Din spent hours texting the man and now, for the past three weekends he and Grogu met up with Luke and his nephew. The four would spend hours together and he would continue to think about it days afterwards.

He needed to have some power in this. Luke could not be so amazing and gorgeous in everything!

But, of course, Luke was not going to play fair today or any day.

He was on his motorcycle, straddling it, as he took off his helmet and the fluff of bouncy, blonde hair came into light. He gave him that famous, beautiful smile that made him weak in the knees. “Hi.”

“Hi.” He said, breathy.

Luke had a small blush on his face as he ran a hand through his hair. “Good to see you.”

“N-Nice helmet?” He bit out, suffering terribly.

Luke laughed and held it up. It was bright blue with cat ears and lots of stickers. “Finn picked it out and I let the kids design it. Cute, huh?”

Oh lord, he was dying. He was a dying man. He would be dead in a few seconds.

What else was he supposed to do seeing Luke Skywalker straddling a sleek sport bike, wearing a yellow leather jacket, gorgeous black jeans, and a ridiculous helmet that he wore with pride for his kids?

“I know I’m a horrible mess of colors.” He grinned. “It drives my sister insane but it’s either bright colors that clash or all black. No in between for me.”


“But it’s certainly safe on the road. Hard to miss me.” He hopped off and pressed the helmet to his hip. “I hear you have a bike too?”

“Yes…” He swallowed, still trying to put his head back on straight. “Grogu isn’t allowed on.”

“I suspected so. I’ve seen you walk him here before.”


“What kind do you have?”

“I…uh…H-Honda Rebel 500, uh, 2018.”

“Ah, that’s a sexy bike.”

Din tried not to groan. Cruel, cruel man.

Luke just sauntered over and got up close, smiling all sultry at him, “I hope I could get a chance to ride on your motorcycle one day.”

“Oh god,” Din groaned.

Luke gave him a wicked grin, “Would be fun, huh?”

“You’re killing me.”

“No idea what you’re talking about.” He said, almost a purr, his finger coming up to touch at Din’s jaw.

Din closed his eyes, trying not to let out an inappropriate noise and follow after the hand. “You do.”

“Hmm, can’t prove it.” He said back, tilting his head.

“You’re very unfair.”

Luke hopped back and shrugged, “Possibly. I better head in. I’ll see you later, Din.” He gave him a flirting bump and even reached up and tugged at a strand of his dark hair as he passed to get into the school.

Din was head over heels in love.




“Ask him out.” Boba ordered.

Din just grunted back.

“You know he likes you. You’re not that dense.” Boba rolled his eyes. “He is putting all sorts of moves on you, flirting like a harlot, and is desperate to push you into bed. You are love-struck by him. Ask. Him. Out.”

“I haven’t dated in a few years.”


“I don’t know what to do.”

“Fucking hell, you have the Internet and your sunshine teacher seems to have the ability to lead things as you get your feet steady.” Boba slouched over the bar. “Get your ass in gear and make the man blush back. If I have to keep watching you trip over yourself like this throughout your whole relationship and into marriage I will break bottles over your head.”

Din sighed and smacked his head on the countertop.

“He’s so attractive.” He grumbled, pained.

“Ask. Him. Out.”

Din sighed.

Then his phone buzzed. Sighing again, he pulled it out and read it over and then scowled, “It’s Luke.”

“Sexting during work hours?”

“No.” He looked over the messages and then stood up. “I need to go. Grogu’s sick.”

“Oh, head on out then. Keep me posted on how he is.”

Din was already halfway out the door and rushing towards the school. He didn’t care if he seemed like a loon running down the street. All he could think about was getting to his son and ensuring he was fine.

He rushed into the pre-school section, a panicked look on his face. A nurse, apparently Luminara’s younger cousin, met up with him. She must’ve been warned of his frantic reactions in concerns of his son, or just dealt with paranoid parents on the daily, as she just stared calmly at him as she explained everything.

“It looks like a stomach bug.” The nurse, Barriss, explained. “It’s that time of the year. It will probably start to spread around for a bit. He just needs to be in bed for a few days, have plenty of fluids, and bland foods.” She wrote out some notes for him on what she recommended along with a potential prescription to ask about when he took Grogu to his pediatrician.

“Is he ok?”

“He’s fine. Mr. Skywalker is with him.”

“He is?”

“Mhm. Mr. Skywalker always has a sixth sense with his kids. He apparently had a feeling what was going to happen and pulled Grogu to the side. He also is here because he was in the, ah, firing range of the sick.”

Din winced, “Oh no.”

“It’s nothing to be concerned about.” She professionally comforted.

Din wasn’t comforted in the slightest. But he still hurried into the little resting area where he found…


Luke, who was indeed a mess now, was smiling next to Grogu who was leaning against his teacher’s side, eyes teary, as he sipped on some Ginger-Ale through a straw, watching videos on the man’s phone. He looked a bit pale and sweaty and it made Din shake.

“Hey buddy.”

Grogu’s head snapped up and he instantly began to cry, reaching for his dad. In a fluid motion Luke had the child’s drink to the side to avoid spills and had him up and in Din’s arms instantly.

“See? I told you he’d be here soon.” The blonde said with that pleasant smile of his.

Grogu just sniffled against Din’s neck, but made a small noise in agreement.

Luke just gave them both a sweet look, “He’s gonna feel a bit down. His stomach still feels a little uncomfortable but I think now he’s dealing more so with some panic.”

“Ok.” He couldn’t help but sound worried.

Luke’s smile made him feel a little better instantly though, “First time?”

“He’s had a small fever once last year. But yeah, first time.” He gave gentle pats to the child’s back.

“It may be a little messy,” Luke warned, “But he’s gonna handle it like a champ. I assume Barriss gave you some notes.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Just follow her instructions. And see about getting some groceries delivered if you can. Soup, crackers, soft drinks, bread…for him and yourself. Just in case.” His lips twitched. “It tends to hit the teachers and parents.”

Din winced. ‘Will you be ok?”

Luke shrugged, “Probably am infected but that’s nothing new. We keep things clean but it’s a pre-school; dangers of the job. I’ll probably be dealing with something over the weekend but will be good. I’m all up to date on vaccines and my immune system is pretty top-notch from being around kids all the time.”

“Yeah…” He looked over Luke and grimaced again. “He, uh, got you good.”

Luke just laughed, as if he wasn’t bothered in being stained from Grogu’s sick. “Yeah, probably gonna have to put these through the washer a few times. Luckily I prefer dark colors so nothing should stain.”

“I’m sorry…do…I can pay for a replacement--”

“Din,” Luke tilted his head, “I work at a pre-school. I’ve been puked on a few times already.”

“Oh…right.” He muttered and pulled his son back to look over him. “You ok, kid?”

Grogu sniffled and nodded before he looked over at Luke, “Sorry, Lu.”

“Aww, it’s fine kiddo. I’m all good. You were like a fire-truck. You’re powerful.”

That made Grogu smile a bit.

Din looked at him, open with his stare, and felt something in him melt when he saw how Luke stared at his son. It was so warm and comforting and gentle and…it was really beautiful.

Those blue eyes looked up at him, bright and warm, and Din swallowed thickly. It hurt. “Thank you. For helping him out. I appreciate it.”

“Anytime.” He smiled and opened up his mouth to say something but then closed it. He looked away for a moment, shifting, as if trying to come to a decision.

“I…uh….well, I better take him home and get him in bed.” He muttered and then turned, making his way out, heart pounding, and unsure. He wasn’t sure what was happening.

“I want to ask you out on a date.”

Din nearly walked into a wall.

He turned back around and gaped at the blonde. “W-What?”

The smaller man straightened his shoulders and gave him an unwavering, honest stare. “I want to ask you out. On a date. Romantically.”


“I probably should’ve said I want to take you out so I had the option to say as an assassination in case you said no.”

Din choked over some shocked laughter, “That would be a threat then.”

“Easier to handle than romantic embarrassment.” Luke managed a small smile.

“I just…you want date?”

“Yes. I really like you.” Luke confessed easily. “Didn’t think I’d tell you this as I clean off some sick…but better than some other things.” He gave a grin as he kicked off his shoes, looking around his locker. “As I am sure you know with raising a kid.”

“Erm, yeah.” He still felt so red. His heart pounding. His fingers tense and shaking. There was something painfully touching at hearing this confession like this. This felt honest and selfless and real. Luke just didn’t mind and only wanted to tell Din how he felt. “I do too.”


“You…I-I like…” He gulped. “I really like you too.”

Luke looked surprised, as if (for some reason?) he didn’t expect Din to return the feelings, and then his cheeks went red and a bright grin went on his face. “Really?”

Holy shit, did he really not think Din wasn’t obsessed already? Surely this guy had so many suitors drooling after his steps at all times. “Yeah. I do.”

“Oh.” His cheeks almost squished, those dimples big and eyes bright. “In a few weeks…we’ll make sure all of this is out of our system and give you a chance to deny if you want.”

“Why…why would I want to?” Din coughed.

“Well,” Luke gave him a sheepish look, “I worried I came on a bit aggressive. I didn’t want to scare you off…but I really liked you and want to make it clear.”


“I just sort of assumed you were fine with it…but that was a pretty shitty thing to assume.”

Din could feel himself start to smile, “I have been called thick-skulled a few times…you made it plenty clear to me about your wants. I’m not always good with words but I’ve also been called a grump. I tell people off all the time at the bar when I’m not interested. I would’ve told you.”

His shoulders relaxed a little, “Well, that’s a relief. I still wish I hadn’t been so immature about it.”

“It was attractive.”

Luke looked surprised again, “Really?”


“Oh.” He continued to beam as if Din just made everything amazing in Luke’s eyes. “I’m relieved to hear that.”

“So…uhm.” He shifted. “I’ll take him home and…uh…”

“I’ll text you.” Luke promised, nodding with a big grin.

“Yes. Uh, please?”

“Yes, sure.” Luke rubbed the back of his neck, looking a little sheepish or shy. It was absolutely adorable. It was really, really adorable. It made something melt inside Din. It also made him wonder if maybe he could get more reactions like that.

Could he actually flirt back, for once?

He’ll need to look into it. Right now, he needed to get his poor baby back home and in bed.

As he left he could hear the nurse make a snort, something different than what he expected her to do, and say, “You’re pathetically in love.”

“Don’t make fun.”

“You make it too easy. Now go get cleaned. You reek.”

Luke just laughed and Din couldn’t help but just continue to smile.




“I have a date.” Din muttered, in full panic mode over the phone.

On the other side, Boba let out a loud laugh, “The twink asked ya out?”

“Don’t call him that.”

“Just calling it as I see it.” Boba chuckled. “He’s probably gonna ride you to extinction.”


“What? I just see him as someone who probably likes to bottom more than top. Nothing wrong with that.” He had a smirk in his voice.

Din hated everyone. “I don’t need to hear that.”

“Getting you all hot and bothered?”


“No. I have a kid.”

“Yeah, right, that means no sex.” Boba snorted. “You’re allowed to have some fun, dumbass. You have family who will look over the kid to give you time to enjoy yourself.”

Din just grunted.

“You like him. Fuck, you were about to propose to him the moment you saw him. It was love at first sight and it was disgusting.”

“I do not love him.” Din hissed, his face red.

“Yeah, sure.” His friend drawled. “How’s the champ doing?”

Din sighed as he looked at Grogu curled up on the couch, snuggled in a blanket, as he watched the Discovery Channel, his eyes drifting off as he listened to David Attenborough’s voice. “Better. He got sick again when we got home but he perked up a lot after. He’s close to passing out now.”

“And you’re following your bottom’s advice and ordered stuff?”

“Yes I….Fett…for the love of god.”


Din pinched the bridge of his nose. “I followed Luke’s advice and our stuff will be here in about another hour. Yes. Thank you, Fett.”

“You know, I wonder if we need to throw you a baby-shower or something, since that twink is clearly about to make you a Daddy again.”

“That. You. Fett.” He twitched. “I’ll keep you posted on Grogu. I hope I’ll avoid this bug he has.”

“Yeah, somehow doubt it. So good luck. Tell your son and your baby boy I send them my regards, Daddy.”

Din hung up and hoped Boba choked on a cherry.




Well, I’m miserable. How are you handling it?

I hate everything.

Yeah, I get that. You got all the needed stuff?

Yes. Thank you for preparing me for it.

First time parents with kids this age are so concerned about their kids they forget how viruses work. Always happy to provide a reminder.

How do you deal with this?

I honestly don’t get sick that often. I am not sabertooth to much.

Susceptible. Autocorrect.

It changed it to sabertooth?

Finn is starting the Dino Phase. I’ve been googling all sorts of ancient creatures to keep him interested for a bit.

Ah, Grogu has been fascinated with frogs.

I saw! It was cute. He really liked National Geographic and Animal Planet videos.

Our next door neighbor who babysits him has a collection of frogs. I think it came from that. He calls her frog-lady.

That’s adorable.

Din smiled to himself from his bed, Grogu snuggled up by him sleeping. His son was feeling so much better but was still a little puny. Din was the one feeling most of the hit now. He just considered himself so lucky Grogu was such an easy-going child and was happy in watching videos on an Ipad as his papa slept off the queasiness.

He rubbed Grogu’s back and smiled when he kicked a bit. He still seemed to be on the mend from this. It made handling his own illness far easier.

His phone vibrated again.

Picking it up he sighed tenderly as Luke continued to text him about nothing much.

So what does a single father do when he is feeling down?

That wasn’t a start to anything sexual BTW

Thank the stars he’s lucky he has a well behaved kid.

LOL that is fair. Grogu is such a good kid.

It made his stomach flip to his chest in a way that had nothing to do with the stomach bug. Something about the younger man, how he was talking and chatting to him…it made it feel…like he was trying to get Din comfortable. There was still this obvious level of teasing and flirting but it was as if he knew Din would be more comfortable behind the screen than face to face.

He wondered how much Luke expected Din to get sick and how much of this was just a way to give Din time to settle and think about going out.

His lips twitched happily.

He never had anyone treat him like this before.

Din had been flirted with. He had experienced dating (before Grogu) but it always felt limp. They either stuck with him long enough for a round in the bed or lost interest after he said three sentences. His prickly personality and awkward way of communication just drove people away. If he ever started to pull back they either took it as a challenge to go harder or just leave completely.

Luke just continued at a pace, with honest compliments and mischievous smiles, but clearly listened to Din’s words and, more important, when Din didn’t speak. He talked, he apologized, and he gave space but also kept the communication line open.

The teacher made his intentions clear, made his want for Din clear, and now let Din have all the control.

No one did that for him before.

Taking a peek over to Grogu again, he managed a smile and felt fine with the next move. Pulling his phone back up he went back to texting Luke.

What did you want to do for our date?




“Papa,” Grogu gently pulled at Din’s pants.

Din looked down and smiled at the cute kid, “Yeah kiddo?”


“No, not today. Boba is going to come look after you tonight. He missed seeing you when we were sick.” Din looked down at himself and wondered if he needed to change…again. He just had no idea how to dress for something like this. At the moment he was just in a simple black shirt with his dark leather jacket, dark jeans, and his standard boots. His scruff was trimmed up a bit but he did not shave as he really liked the feel of Luke’s fingers against his jaw. He really hoped the cute blonde would do more of that soon. He had showered and scrubbed, thoroughly if just to feel officially clean off the remaining feeling of general ick from his time of being sick, and had some cologne he rarely used on.

He still felt woefully ill prepared.

God, he was frizzling out.

There was a pounding at the door and he knew, but the level of rudeness, it was Boba. “Stop trying to knock it down, Fett. Come on it.”

“No need to get testy.” The gruff man chuckled as he came in.

“Bo!” Grogu hurried over to him, squealing in happiness as he was scooped up and tossed in the air.

“Careful.” Din grunted.

“You do it all the time, dumbass.” Boba snorted. “So, I’m here and you’re still here. Why?”

Din grunted as he grabbed his helmet, wallet, and keys. “I’m leaving. Thanks.”

“Bye-bye, papa.”

“Bye, buddy.” He ruffled up at his head. “I’ll see you later, ok. Be good and don’t break anything.” He then looked up and glared at Boba, “You can, however, give your uncle a miserable time.”

“You bastard.”

“Be as bad as you want.” He pinched Grogu’s cheeks and left.

He had just closed the door when his son squealed in excitement and something broke.

Meh, he can handle a few broken items as long as Boba suffered.

‘Luke, you look…fuck, no.’ He winced, wondering how to really talk about anything during the first date. ‘Maybe…talk about Finn and Grogu? Or would that be a bit…I mean it’s a date, should we really be talking about kids?’

He revved up the engine of his bike and pushed off to the stop Luke texted him to meet at. It wasn’t too far off but Luke said to bring the motorcycle so they could go to another spot after.

Heart pounding he pulled up to the joint, an outdoors burger joint filled with bikes. He had never been there before…but that wasn’t any surprise as he only went to a few locations in life; about three stores, Grogu’s school, work, and maybe four restaurants…and most all of them with his son.

He actually needed to be a single adult and do his own thing.

Whatever that meant.

Getting off the bike, he looked around, feeling a bit freaked out at so many people he didn’t know in close proximity to him. His stomach flipped around and he tried to control his need to run away.

“Hey Din!”

His head snapped up to see the blonde there, leaning against his red bike. He waved over to him with his face all bright like sunshine even as everything was growing dark and cold. He was truly beautiful. Instantly, strangely, he felt a little more at ease in the new situation.

“Luke, hey.” He walked over.

“Glad you found this place.” He hopped over to him. Luke being so close made Din so aware that he was so tiny. “You hungry?”


“Ok, right, come on.” And then, with that pleasant ease, wrapped his arm around Din’s and led him along. “Have you been here before?”

“No.” he was getting nervous again. He needed to try and say something better. He told himself he would try and flirt and get that sweet, shy expression once more.

“Perfect! A friend of mine owns this place. I think you’re going to enjoy it.”

The man who owned the place was impossibly hairy, Din could barely see his face, and terrifyingly massive. He also had dark, circular sunglasses and a tight tie-dye shirt with the picture of a middle finger on the chest. He just made a few grunts towards Din but seemed to be very fond of Luke when he made the orders. “Thanks Chewie! I’ll pay you back next week, ok?”

The man just nodded and waved them off with their food.


“I think that’s his real name.” Luke led them over to a bench and sat the food out. He didn’t sit across from Din though and just sat close to him. “Thanks for trusting me on what to order for you. Just gotta confirm again, you’re not allergic to anything.”

“I’m not.” He comforted as he looked over everything. “It feels like you’re spoiling me.”

“Good! I hoped for that. I got you the standard burger, Chewie’s best, and orange soda. Didn’t think a local brew would be good since I want to take you somewhere else next. But I’ll have to bring you back here with a designated driver so you can try them out.”

He smiled a bit, “Yeah, that would be great.”

And there were the excited sparkle in those blue eyes.

“Ok, so now is that time to be awkward and tell each out about ourselves.” Luke noted cheekily over the straw to his drink.

“I am not great at small talk.”

“And I don’t have the capability to endure in a conversation about astrophysics.” He grinned when Din laughed. “Just tell me anything about you or Grogu.”

“His favorite color is green.”

“And you?”

“I’m indifferent.” He instantly winced. He was supposed to be trying to participate in this.

“Wasn’t aware that was a color.” Luke teased. “You seem like a guy who enjoys dark colors or green, just cause Grogu is your favorite person in the world.”

“He’s easy to like.”

“He seems to get that from his father.”

Din had no idea how Luke could say stuff like that so easily. It left him burning. “What about you?”

“My favorite color or just tell you something interesting about myself?”

“Both, I guess.”

Luke looked thoughtful. ‘You know I have a sister, right? Did I tell you she’s my twin?”

“Oh,” he blinked. “No I don’t think you did.”

“We’re not identical, guess lucky her, so a lot of people don’t know. She’s also always acted a lot older than we are so people also assume she is the older sibling.”

“But you’re the older one?”

“And she has never forgiven me for it.” Luke grinned. “She thinks I did it on purpose and am a terrible human being and brother and should be cursed.” He sipped his drink, “In case it’s not obvious she is incredibly competitive. More so than me.”

“Growing up together must’ve been awkward then.”

“Well…it was but not really for that reason.” He took a bite of his food, munching happily before he continued. “Our parents died when we were about four. Due to unusual circumstances we were raised separate. We saw each other often but we sort of lost the sibling connection and were just sort of like distant cousins.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s worked out. When I was seventeen my aunt and uncle, who adopted me, died. I was taken in by her parents for a bit. I joined the Air Force right before I turned nineteen.”

“Shit.” He looked down at his food, taking into consideration the personal story Luke just told him. “My parents died when I was seven.”


“Yeah, I was in the system until I was eighteen.”

Now Luke winced, “I’m sorry about that.”

“Yeah.” Din then frowned, “You joined the Air Force at eighteen but you’re a teacher with experience and degrees…you look incredibly young.”

“Thanks. It’s the trauma.” Luke kicked his legs out but was still grinning to show he meant no harm. “I did really well in the Force…I would’ve still been in it without a doubt but,” he raised his gloved right hand. “Lost this.”

Din had forgotten. That was one of the first things Luke had said about himself.


“It’s fine. Maintenance accident. Someone left a piece of machinery on, some guy’s sleeve got caught. I was part of three guys who pulled him out but my hand was the one that got crushed.”

Din paled, “That sounds horrible.”

“Can confidently say it was, indeed, horrible. Do not get your hand crushed. It, quite frankly, hurts like a bitch.” With a nonchalant move, he pulled his glove off and showed off the false hand. It was robotic but quite sleek looking. “Leia and her family, along with benefits, got me this. Pretty cool huh?”


Luke smiled as he made the fingers move showing Din all the workings of it. “Finn loves it.”

“I think Grogu would too.”

That earned another smile.

Din needed more.

“What else?”

“About me?” Luke nudged him after he slipped the glove back on. “Isn’t it your turn?”

“Just…just one more of you.” He nearly begged, desperate to learn more.

“Fine, but I get two in return. So…hmm…oh,” he chuckled, “I have a pot-belly pig as a pet.”

“You do not.”

“Do not challenge me to bring out the photos, I will.”


Luke shrugged, “I really should’ve gone for a dog. But I saw this guy and, well, went stupid for him. He’s a complete terror. Incredibly smart. Has a terrible attitude. I spoiled him rotten.”

“A pig.”

“Yep. Artoo.”

“What sort of name is that?”

“I might have been a little drunk when I decided to get him and named him.”

Din’s grin could not be tampered down, “You bought a pig when you were drunk and named him Artoo?”

“And,” he winced, “A little bit…high?”

Now Din had to laugh, “You’re telling the parent of one of your students this?”

“It was early into my studies and I had some phantom pain and PTSD attacks and it was completely prescribed legally! I just…didn’t always use it like that.” He admitted sheepishly. “I haven’t done anything like that for, like, five years.”

“Ah,” that made it a little less funny. “And you bought a pig.”

“Yep. And I didn’t do it again. Swear.” He grinned.

Din looked at him with warm eyes, “You’re incredibly positive with everything that’s happened to you.”

“Therapy and support. I like to say I am a pretty happy person but I got help.” He then pointed to his drink. “How is the orange soda?”

“Good. Want some?”


Din still just continued to watch and smile. He was just so precious. “Where are we going to next?”

With a rather tempting smack of his lips, he looked up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes with peering through his lashes, and smiled. Ooh, that was a sight. “Would it be terribly corny if I wanted to take you to a spot to watch the stars?”


Din was not going to survive this. He really wasn’t.

“I rather like corny.” Din confessed.

“Oh thank god, I knew you were my type. Now you can test the spot to see if Grogu would like it.”

“I’m your tester?”

“I know who I gotta really impress in this relationship.” He then went red. “Sorry, that was a bit of a jump. I don’t necessarily mean that we’re in a relationship just that--”

Din kissed him. He couldn’t handle it any more. He was only a mortal man.

Luke only froze for a split second before he kissed back, eager and hungry. His arms wrapped around Din’s neck and pulled him in close. His lips were soft and gentle. He continued to let Din take lead in it. He just released happy, pleased sighs and moans. Din’s thumbs brushed over Luke’s soft cheeks, angling his head to keep their posture comfortable and because he wanted to touch the man. Din grunted when one of Luke’s hands cupped the side of his face as well, stroking at his beard.

Pulling back, Din pressed his head against Luke’s and smiled. Luke just smiled back. “I was hoping to kiss you when I got you to that corny romantic spot.”

“I’d like to do something in this.” Din confessed back. “Sorry if I took the surprise from you.”

“This was lots better. No worries.”

“Well, that’s a relief.”

“What made you do it? Was it the drunk pig story? I bet it is the drunk pig story.”

Din just grinned and kissed the idiot again.




“You’re doing great, Grogu.” Luke grinned as he watched the child follow the instructions on how to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider with sign. “Oh, move your hand like this…like this…yes! There you go! Perfect!”

Grogu just grinned and went back to working on his fingers. “Itsy…spider.”

In Luke’s lap, Finn tried to mimic as well as he sang the song to lead Grogu along. “Doing good, kiddo. Try this.” Luke reached down and assisted Finn’s hands. “There you go. Now both of you got it!”

Din pressed his shoulder against the doorway to look at the sight of his boyfriend leading these two kids along with a goofy, little song. It was so soft and warm and god, Din wanted to just grab the man and kiss him senseless.

“Papa!” Grogu squealed and hurried over to his father’s legs, reaching up for attention.

“Hey, buddy.” He scooped the little guy up and held him close and then smiled at Luke. “Hey.”

“Hey.” Luke smiled right back, blushing.

“H-Hello, Din.” Finn buried himself against Luke, looking a little shy.

“Hi, Finn.” He walked over, helping Luke up to keep him balanced as he stood up with Finn in his arms. “Sorry I am late.”

“It’s fine. They had fun.” He bounced Finn around, earning loud laughter. “Han is running late too.”

Din grunted. He still wasn’t impressed by that man.

“Mama is gonna be mad.” Finn said, squealing when Luke let him fall backwards and hang upside down.

“She always seems mad at him.” Luke chuckles. “It somehow works for them. You’re gonna need to help your dad find something your mom will like.”

“I can help!” He promised.

“Your dad will owe you.”

Din tried not to sigh dreamily at the sight. Maybe he would need Boba to take his credit cards away because he was constantly far too close in buying an engagement ring: “For the love of my sanity, Djarin, show some self-restraint and wait at least three months…not three weeks!”

“Oop,” Keeping on hand on Finn, Luke pulled out his phone from his back pocket, his nephew swinging around happily, “Oh, hey, Finn, you’re dad is here.”

“Yay!” He wiggled around to get down to the ground and then he collected his lunchbox and Spiderman backpack.

“Don’t head out without me, kid.” Luke warned as he gathered his own items, locking up the class.

“Papa, down!”

“Manners, Grogu.”

“Papa…” He scowled, “D-Dow…down.”

“Try the signal.” Luke urged with a big smile.

“Down. Please.” Grogu moved his hands around, showing his father what he wanted.

“Ok, good job.” Din placed the child down who hurried over to Finn. They instantly locked hands as they laughed over nothing.

“They’re so cute. I am so relieved Finn has found Grogu. He really needed a friend.”

“So did Grogu.” Din confessed. “I was close in not letting him change classes.”

“Well, glad you saw the light. It would’ve been far creepier to stalk you if I wasn’t his teacher.”

Din chuckled and wrapped his arm around Luke’s waist, pulling him close and kissing the top of his head. “Suppose it has worked out well in the end.”

“Hmm, suppose so.” Luke nudged him, checking to make sure the kids weren’t looking, and reached up and gave a tempting kiss and little nip to his jawline before he pulled away. He avoided Din’s greedy grabs easily. “We need to head out, love.”

“You’re a horrible tease.”

Luke just grinned. “Whatever do you mean?”

“You know what I mean, you cruel demon.”

Luke laughed happily, “Hey, that’s not nice.”

“Neither are you.”

“I think I’m rather nice!”

Luke was more than nice, he was incredibly kind and selfless and giving. If he ever asked for anything, which wasn’t often, it was just to spend time with Din and Grogu or to ask for Finn to join an outing.

Luckily for Din who was a mess who worshipped the ground Luke walked on, as he would probably (i.e. most definitely) kill a man if he asked.

“You up for another date this Saturday?” Luke asked, feeling merciful as he pushed himself close and intertwined his hand with Din’s. “Finn is dying to go the aquarium.”

“What happened to the Dino phase?”

“As dead as all the Dinos are. Now fish are his thing.” He shrugged. “I now have to change my research focus onto whales and puffer-fish and be prepared to watch Finding Nemo about thirty times over the next month.”

Din’s heart did that same skip as he listened to Luke talk and he squeezed the hand. “I am counting it a blessing that Grogu is still obsessed with frogs. It sounds expensive to keep up with monthly obsessions.”

“Yeah, well, it does get kinda cool that you learn some random ass fact on the migration path of a whale that only an obsessed biologist may know.”

“You know you probably don’t have to learn that much.”

“I am a prepared teacher, thank you. I would also make a fantastic trivia partner. I say this without any ulterior motive, though I know Boba was thinking of doing that.”

“I work at the bar, love. I can’t participate.”

“Then you would just be left in awe on how I’ll manage to win everything because I now know that horn on a Narwhal is actually a tooth.”

“I didn’t even know those things were fucking real.”

“Looks like someone needs to get up on the times and get twelve pages deep in a Google search on oceanography.”

“I’ll leave that to you so you can surprise and impress me.”

Luke laughed, it was such a pleasant sound, with a shade of red on his face. Din always loved having that show up. He never quite knew what made Luke blush, but any time he got it was a victory in his book.

“Daddy!” Finn cried out joyfully as he rushed over to his father who was jogging up the yard of the school.

“Hey kid, sorry I’m late.” He met up with his son and hoisted him into the air. “Thanks Luke. I owe you one.”

“I think you’re gonna owe Finn more. You know Leia is going to find out. She always does.”

Han huffed, “Yeah, right she has not…” He stopped and gulped and then pulled out his phone, “How the hell does she always know when I’m talking about her?”

“She always knows.” Luke repeated.

The brunette glared and pointed, “You better not be doing some freaky twin shit and sending her subliminal messages through your uncomfortably close connection.”

Luke rolled his eyes, “Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. Just answer the phone so she kills you a little less.”

Han grunted and handed the cellphone over to Finn. “Say hi to mom.”

“Hi mommy!” Finn chirped.

Luke smirked, “That will only make him look good. You’re not tempering anything down.”

Han just gave him a mocking look, nodded to Din, and brought Finn back to his car.

“I hate him.”

“You hate a lot of people, Din.” Luke comforted. “And Han really is great. You just need to get to know him.”

“I think I’ll stay hating him.”

“Grump.” Luke pushed up to kiss him, throwing his arms around his shoulders. “You guys busy tonight?”


“Want to come over to my place?”

“I won’t have you seduce me with a child around, Skywalker.”

“Ah, my plan has been foiled. How did you know I was going to try to seduce you with my obnoxious weird pet and my sheets with jets on them.”

Din laughed. “You do not have that.”

“I got them on sale, stop judging. Of course, not like you’re going to find out. That’s for people who actually get seduced.”

Grogu came over, clinging to both their legs, disliking how he was not the center of attention at the moment. Din smiled and finally nodded, “Yeah we’d love to come over tonight.”

“Great! I’ll see you in about an hour? Want me to order pizza?”

“That sounds good, kiddo?”

Grogu nodded, excited.

“Then I’ll head on and make sure everything is presentable and Artoo is taken care of.” Luke gave another kiss to Din and soft pinch to Grogu before he slipped on his ridiculous blue, cat-eared helmet and hurried off to his bike. He waved and was out of the parking lot with a speed that probably wasn’t legal.

Din just sighed with a miserable, dreamy tone.

It was just after he got Grogu freshened up a bit when Luke texted him.

Feeling seduced yet?

Din snorted and opened the picture and laughed at the selfie of Luke in bed, getting squished by a pig, on sheets that indeed had jets on them.

Screw Boba and dignity. He was buying a ring first thing in the morning.