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You have a major thing for the cowboy. He is charming, sweet, such a flirt, so incredibly handsome. . . Just perfect. His voice flows out from his lips like sweet syrup, sugarcoating the already deadly sweet and sometimes sinful things he says. But no matter how much he flirts, he always seems to be accompanied by the Commander. Or more accurately, he follows the commander around like a puppy. In all honesty though, that wasn’t an issue, the commander was definitely nice to look at, but he was your commander. You assume Jesse constantly running along behind him has something to do with his lack of a father figure. You have talked to both of them many times, flirting with them both, because what else can you do when Jesse is never alone? You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about doing them together. The commander is almost 50, but looks fucking incredible. You can’t seem to get Jesse alone and wonder if you could just get them together. But that seems incredibly unlikely, that is . . . until Jesse comes up to talk to you.
“Sweetheart, would ya like to come. . . Spend some time with ol McCree tonight?”
You chuckle a bit at his phrasing, “First of all Jesse, you’re 24. Secondly, yes. But I have to ask, will the commander be there?”
“Would ya mind if he is? It was his idea ya know.”
“Invitin’ ya tonight. See, he and I both think you’re just so damn cute, but I betcha ain’t surprised to hear that though, with the way you’re always flirtin’.” He’s leaning too close, your back pressed to a wall as his hand rests by your head. For all the flirting you do, you would think you would have some confidence, but instead your hot-girl attitude withers away when presented with an opportunity, “Darlin’ I’m sure you already know what I’m suggestin’ here . . .” he looks a little flustered himself to be honest.
You look at him and just shake your head, there is absolutely no way the commander and McCree both want you.
“Why don’cha just come tonight, and find out,” he says with that fucking smirk pulled across his perfect lips and slightly flushed cheeks. You are a bit stunned, yeah you flirted with the two men, but you never expected any interest from Reyes at all. You knew Jesse was interested, but he was interested in everyone so it wasn’t really saying much. You went back to your room to think about what the hell just happened and if you would take him up on the offer. Hopefully a hot shower will be calming. However, You are still deep in thought while you shower, lathering yourself in citrusy body wash and giving your body a once-over with the razor. You wash your hair with a similar shampoo and conditioner and leave the warmth of the shower, it did nothing to soothe your thoughts. You wrap in a towel and step back into your room. The flirty part of you wants to wear thin, lacy lingerie, while the practical part just wants to wear a comfy sports bra and soft underwear. You settle for a middle ground, cute, patterned panties that are slightly frilly around the edges, and a frilly bralette with a little bow in the center that sort of matches. Both articles of clothing are a pale blue, and you slip an overwatch tank top and soft, black joggers on over them. It’s about an hour until you are going to Jesse’s room, and you’re stressed. You decide to text the only other lady you know on base.
Angela responds quickly. She agrees to come to your room before you go. Angela arrives soon and immediately begins to smother you with questions.
“The cowboy and the commander asked you to have a threesome?”
“Woah- no that’s NOT what I said Ange!”
“But Jesse called you cute,” she says with her best attempt at a wink, “and said it was the commander’s idea?”
“Yeah, but I mean I don’t really know? Maybe I’m - like. . . thinking too much about it?”
The time passes like this for a while and you realize it’s time to meet with Jesse. You give Angela a concerned look as you both walk out of your room, she is about to go her own way, when she looks to you, “make sure to tell me all about it!”
You blush and quickly turn to walk away. Your mind is racing as you head to McCree’s room. You knock on his door, the commander opens it. Shit.
“H-hi, Commander.”
A smirk breaks across his face as he steps back, allowing you to walk in, a large hand resting in the small of your back as you step through the door. Jesse is inside and walks over to you, “Darlin’ glad to see ya decided to come.” He is standing very close, his large hands resting on your hips. You must look like a deer in headlights, because all he says next is, “y’ain’t gotta do this if you don’ wanna, sweetheart,'' he seems legitimately concerned. Your assumptions were right.
“I want to,” you manage to say, “and I had assumed you want to,” you say to Jesse as he nods, and you turn to the Commander standing about a foot behind you now, “Commander, I uhhh. I didn’t know you wanted. . .” You just trail off. You feel incredibly awkward, and Reyes’ lack of words doesn’t make things much better. He turns your body around to face him, gently placing a hand on your cheek, cupping your jaw, as your eyes grow wide.
“Only if you want to, Chiquita.” His breath ghosting your lips.
“Yes, Commander I-“ you are just stuttering when you feel Jesse’s hands on your waist.
“Darlin’ do ya want both of us? We understand if that ain’t somethin ya want,” his voice is soft and honest, the commander is still holding your face to look him in the eyes.
“Yeah, I want this,” you turn your head back to look at Jesse, his soft smile meets your gaze.
“Please. . .” You whisper out.
“Just tell us if it’s too much,” the Commander growls quietly in your ear. Shit, that alone was almost too much. His voice rumbles through his chest when he speaks, and you’ve noticed it before, but you’ve never been so close to him. Gabriel takes your chin and pulls you into a kiss, it’s rough, but not too hard by any means. Jesse’s mouth is trailing your neck, leaving little bites and nips as he goes. Once he finds a spot above your collarbone, he sucks a dark mark into the soft flesh. You are leaning mostly against the Commander now, your hand pressed to his chest, the other wrapped around his neck, one leg slightly wrapped around his. A large hand firmly holds your ass and you feel Jesse’s arms snake around your front, trailing up your stomach. He’s still continuing his pattern of kisses and hickeys along your neck and collarbone, you know damn well this will be hard to hide tomorrow. One of Gabriel's hands is still kneading the soft flesh of your ass, while his other tangles in your hair, tipping your head back a bit roughly so his lips can get to yours better. You moan slightly at the roughness, thoroughly enjoying it.
You are basking in all of the attention from the two, when Jesse’s tough hands start palming your breasts over the fabric that is sadly covering you. You take your hands off the Commander, reaching down to take off your shirt, you want their hands on your skin. Jesse chuckles in your ear and pushes your hands away from your tank top, taking it in his and lifting it from your body. Reyes’ mouth only parts from yours as the shirt passes by. While Jesse has the chance, he quickly turns you around to face him, his lips immediately locking with yours.
You feel Reyes’ hands cup your breasts as he begins to gently roll your nipples in his thumb and index fingers, you let out a soft moan against Jesse’s lips and he uses the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. You can feel Reyes’ teeth lightly grazing your neck, suddenly he bites down, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to get you to let out another soft moan. Reyes’ hands working your tits, Jesse claiming your mouth with his own, and you stand with shaky legs and trembling breath between them.
“Feel good, chiquita?
You nod quickly, but Gabriel can see that you don’t know what that even means. He laughs gently as he bites down again on your neck, “I know you like it, little girl,” he says in his low, gravely tone. Another breathy moan escapes your lips as McCree fiddles with the tie of your sweatpants and looks into your eyes.
“Still okay, Sweetheart?”
“Yes-” you are cut off by your pants being slid down your legs quickly and you can feel Jesse’s large hand over your soft panties. His eyes wander your body and your cute bra and panties, your cheeks flush as you look up at him through your thick lashes. His fingers working you over your underwear as your legs start to shake. They’ve barely done anything to you, but you’re flustered beyond belief and desperately need them to touch you.
“Damn Honey Bee, all this for us?” One of Jesse’s fingers is now in your underwear, feeling how wet you’ve become. He slips one finger in and you gasp, you feel Gabriel chuckle next to your ear.
“More innocent than I thought . . .” Gabriel says as he slips his hands under your bra and pinches your nipples just hard enough to make you moan and squirm with pleasure. Jesse’s finger is joined by a second as he continues to pump them in and out. It's honestly embarrassing how close you already are, and the two of them are still fully dressed. You just need a second.
“Wait-” you squeak out quietly and they both stop instantly.
“Are you okay, cariño?” Gabriel’s hands are resting softly on your hips and Jesse’s hands aren’t moving anymore.
“Y-yeah I’m great . . . I just, I think you guys should maybe be a bit more undressed?” You try to say as slyly as you can, but you are incredibly unsuccessful. You reach for the hem of Jesse’s shirt, soft and fitted material that is already gripping his abs and shoulders beautifully. He nods and you pull it over his head, he runs a hand through his hair after the shirt passes over it. His hands move to his gaudy belt buckle. As Jesse works with that situation you turn to the Commander, a shitty smirk rests on his face, his large arms crossed over his chest. You are hesitant to undress him, because to be honest you are a bit intimidated by him. You reach towards him slightly, but you visibly hesitate.
“Be my guest . . .” his arms uncross and you grab the edges of his shirt, pulling it off of him and discarding it somewhere on the floor. Next, you grab the beanie off of his head and run a hand through his thick hair, resting your hand on the back of his neck and leaning in to quickly kiss him again. He immediately takes over, his lips controlling the kiss as he picks you up and carries you to the bed, where Jesse is already waiting . . . naked. You can feel how hot your face is as Reyes places you on the bed with Jesse. You turn your attention to the cowboy, and his dick specifically. You crawl up the bed a bit towards him, capturing his lips in a kiss and then trailing down his body to his neck, over his pecs and abs, paying special attention to any scar you come across with soft kisses and bites. Once level with his dick you look up at him for confirmation as you take it in your hand. You can hear Gabriel undressing the rest of the way as you start to stroke Jesse. With your head resting in one hand and his dick being stroked with the other, you look up his frame with slightly hooded eyes.
“Jesse, do you want me to use my mouth?”
“Do whatever ya like, Darlin’,” He says, his voice coming out more sultry than usual, thicker than syrup and sweeter than sugar.
You start to take just the head in your mouth, moving your tongue slowly and trying to suck just enough to get him more excited. Unexpectedly, you feel a hand on your ass. You look back to see the commander now looking much like Jesse in the fact that he’s deserted his clothes. He runs his fingers along your entrance and then begins to push his fingers in as you whine for more and roll your hips back, silently begging for more as you resume your work on Jesse.
“Damn cariña, you’re so tight,” Reyes practically growls as he pumps his fingers in and out and soon adds another finger. His hand stops moving and you shake your hips a bit. You’re met with a soft smack on your ass, just enough to surprise you. A moan escapes your mouth while it’s still wrapped around Jesse’s dick, his hand grasping your hair. You pull off of Jesse and work him with your hand after a second smack from Reyes.
“Please, Commander-” you whine, begging him to continue, “You can be a bit rougher,” you say softly.
“Gabriel . . . or Gabe, not ‘commander’,” He says with a slight snicker in his words. You nod before continuing to suck McCree off, his deep moans making you want more. Gabriel is prodding at your entrance with his dick and waiting for you to tell him it’s okay.
“Please Gabriel-” and that’s all he needs as he pushes your underwear to the side, he begins to sink into you, holding your hips tightly as he pushes himself in until your ass is flush with his body. Jesse has tangled his hand in your hair once more and has himself propped up on one elbow to see everything, his abs flexing in the position. In your arousal you take Jesse back in your mouth, fully sheathing him repeatedly as he lets out rugged moans and his grip on your hair gets tighter. You feel him restraining himself, but you look up at him and meet his eyes, you nod a bit. He understands. He thrusts up into your mouth, going at whatever pace he wants in that moment, the commander is still ramming you from behind and you are in the middle listening to all the wonderful things they are saying through staggered breaths and deep moans.
“Fuck Darlin’ yer so good”
“So tight for me, cariña. You’re taking me so well.”
“Cute lil mouth suckin’ me off like that.”
“I want to leave marks all over your gorgeous body, chiquita.”
“I feel like a man possessed, baby.”
Their words are driving you crazy as they bring you close to your first orgasm. The edge is building and you slip a hand to your clit. Well, you try until Gabriel notices and grabs that arm and pins it to your back, leaving all of your weight resting on one elbow and Jesse. He wraps his free arm around your body and rubs his thick fingers over your clit. Your body begins to shake and you have to pull off of Jesse just to breathe.
“Oh my god- I’m so close”
“Say my name, Chiquita,” Gabriel growls, practically an order. McCree is watching the two of you as he continues to stroke himself since you are a bit distracted.
“Gabriel-” you manage to choke out as he continues pounding into you through your first orgasm. His own builds and he knows he won't last much longer. His deep groans only grow more intense with each thrust. Jesse watches as your eyelids flutter and your hips shake, you look so god damn gorgeous to him. A sight to be seen, you might as well be one of the seven wonders of the world to him in this moment.
“Good girl,” Gabriel rasps next to your ear as he pulls out and your back arches more. He gives himself a few more strokes, finishing across your back. You are still moaning softly trying to catch your breath and composure. You look up at Jesse in front of you, still lazily using his hand as you sit up in front of him and pull him in to kiss him. He welcomes it, biting your lip slightly and tugging on your hair. Your body is flush against his as you grind against him slightly. He pulls away from your mouth and starts to bite along your neck once more.
“Please fuck me, Jesse” you whine out as he sucks a dark red mark in the crook of your neck. He smirks against your skin as he turns you around to face Gabriel.
“‘Course darlin’, but’cha gotta ride me like this. I want Gabe to see that pretty face o’ yours,” he says as you lift your hips to ride him, unsurprisingly reverse cowgirl, what else would you expect from Jesse McCree? You sink onto him, pulling your frilly blue panties to one side, and begin to grind your hips. Lifting up and down off of him at a good pace as the Commander walks over to you kneeling on the edge of the bed, holding your face to crash his lips into yours. Jesse takes over on his front and plants his feet as he drives up into you. Your hands are planted on his thighs and Gabriel’s hands roam your body and his lips encase yours. You pull away from Gabe’s mouth and begin to bite his neck and chest, moaning with each thrust from Jesse.
“You ride me so damn good baby,” Jesse says through his breaths, as his hands grab your waist tightly to hold you steady. One of Gabriel’s hands has snaked its way under your bra and found your tit, tweaking your nipple occasionally to earn a shaky moan from you. Jesse keeps letting you control the pace, but slowly starts to thrust into you more.
“Harder, Jesse-”
He reaches one hand up to your hair taking a fist-full and pulling just hard enough to excite you, your head is tilted back, your back is arching, and Gabriel continues to tease you. Jesse slams into you hard and the commander starts to kiss just under your collarbones, littering your chest with hickeys. Again, you are just a moaning and trembling mess under the attention of the two men.
“Such a good girl . . . you treat us so well,” Gabriel coos in your ear before placing breathy kisses along your neck, “So cute, letting us use you like this.”
Jesse is speaking next, “Ya feel so good Honey Bee. I’m so close-”
You just nod quickly and feel Gabriel’s hand move in the front of your panties to your clit, “Oh my god Gabriel,” you gasp out as your body starts to shake your walls tightening around Jesse. Your second time over the edge hits much harder than the first, your hips helplessly grinding as Jesse chases his release. His deep, gruff moans fill the air and send additional shivers down your body.
“Fuck, Jesse . . .” You whine out as it all starts to become too much, he pulls out and strokes himself until he finishes on his chest. Gabriel removes his hands as well. Your body is still straddling McCree’s legs as you try to catch your breath. Reye’s has walked away at this point, returning with a towel and wipes considering you and Jesse both have the remnants of your encounter on yourselves. You sit up and suddenly become very aware of your disheveled bra and underwear hanging crooked on your body.
Climbing off of Jesse, you sit on the edge of his bed. Jesse has already started cleaning himself off and you are aware of the jizz on your back, you feel Jesse’s gentle hands cleaning you up as Reye’s returns with water, already back in his boxers and sweatpants. He hands you and Jesse each a bottle and puts on his shirt and hoodie. You and McCree are still mostly in a daze cleaning up as Reye’s tilts your head to look up at him.
Your big doe eyes meet his as he looks down over you in your pale blue bra and panties, face flushed pink after everything he and Jesse had done, and beautiful slightly purpling marks covering your chest.
“We will have to do this again, chiquita,” He says with a smirk as he leads down and kisses your forehead, “Jesse, take care of her. I can’t have an agent missing from training tomorrow.”
“Yes’sir, Night Reyes.”
You just nod as he leaves and finally get up to grab your tank top. Jesse follows suit and pulls his boxers and t-shirt on. You turn to look at him, standing in his room in just your tank top.
“I . . . I guess I’ll be leaving now.”
“Woah there darlin’. Ya heard the commander. He said I gotta take care of ya, so how’s about you just spend the night here,” He says as he walks over and pulls you into his arms.
“Really? I don’t want you to feel like you have to let me stay or anything-”
“Honey Bee, I would like for ya to stay. As I said, I do think yer mighty cute.”
You giggle a bit at this as you both get back into his bed, you rest your head in the crook of his arm and shoulder as he plays with your hair with his other hand.
‘Well, did’ya like it darlin?”
You chuckle a little bit, “yeah . . . yeah I liked it a lot Jesse.”
You start to fall asleep as Jesse softly whistles some tune. You sure would have a lot to tell Angela about how your night went.