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Gojo no! Gojo yes!

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After the fateful incident with Gojo, everything went back to normal. Though after the incident, Nobara and Megumi paid extra close attention to Yuuji, swerving him in his path whenever Gojo was nearby. They still weren’t fully trusting of Gojo after the incident, inherently feeling that he wasn’t telling them the whole truth; not that they were wrong to suspect him of course. 


Gojo still hadn’t told Yuuji or any of the students what really happened to him when he got de-aged. After getting turned back to normal he played it cool, saving Yuuji from embarrassment by telling him that he didn’t remember anything while he was a child. Poor sweet Yuuji had looked so cute flustered; his cheeks all red because he didn’t want his sensei to know about the sweet moments they had together. No worries though, Gojo would just make more with him~ 


Nobara and Megumi could try all they like, but Gojo was the strongest and there was simply no way they could ever keep him from his darling student. He had given them a few days to cool off, but it was about time he visited Yuuji; just to see the looks on the duo’s face, but to also have Yuuji jump into his embrace of course.  


Head empty with only thoughts of Yuuji, Gojo skipped down the school hall with a spring in his step. With his six eyes, he was capable of sensing where the three first years were; the communal lounge that the students shared. Probably hanging out or possibly eating lunch.  


Gojo slams the door to the room open with a loud bang, making sure that all attention would be on him. In precisely less than a second, he took in the sight.  


Nobara and Megumi are on the couch with a small, squishy and adorable student named Itadori Yuuji between them. Emphasis on the ‘small’. Yuuji looked up at the loud sound, giving Gojo a perfect front-row seat to view his large, brown, doe-like eyes; the fluffy cat ears on his head from his onesie were a bonus, highlighting his round features. Various pieces of clothing laid surrounding him, alongside several different snacks.


Did Gojo somehow die and land himself in heaven?


“What is this!” He yelled, flailing his arms at the sight. “How could you hide such a sweet and precious angel from me!” Whining, he quickly takes out his phone, snapping pictures of Yuuji’s bewildered face. 


Grabbing Yuuji, Nobara quickly hugs the younger boy, attempting to hide him from Gojo’s eyesight. Similarly, Megumi stretched his arms in front of the two of them in lieu of protection.  


“Because we knew you would do this! Get mutt! Get!” Nobara aggressively says, making shooing motions with her hand toward him.  


“You’re doing the same thing as me!” Yelling back in a tone unbecoming of his age, Gojo points to the phone in Megumi’s hand. “You dressed him up in such a way too you know!”


Sputtering, Megumi quickly tries to hide his phone, glaring at it like it had done him wrong.  


“So what?!” Nobara yells back. “Who knows what you would have done with him!”  


Gasping dramatically in shock Gojo grasps his heart. “How could you think that of your sensei Nobara?! Shame on you,” shaking his head he makes a tsking sound of disappointment.  


Angered by the audacity of the man in front of her, Nobara almost made a jump on him, but Megumi held her back.  


“What do you want now Gojo-san? We’re not letting you have Yuuji,” The boy says plainly. 


"I just wanted to see Yuuji, and know I see that you've been hiding an important thing from me! What if something happened to him and it was too late?!" 


Irritated at the implications, Megumi replies. "We can take care of him ourselves. You don't need to get involved."


Yuuji jumps up to interject, "I'm strong too! I can take care of myself!" 


"Yes, Yuuji you are. But remember, there's a lot of dangerous things out there so just let us take care of you. Okay?" Placates Nobara, placing a hand on his head to give him a soft ruffle. Yuuji blushes sweetly at the attention, giving soft hums of content. Turning her attention away from the smaller boy, Nobara goes back to glaring at Gojo, quirking her eyebrows at him.


Placing his hands placatingly above him, Gojo nonchalantly assures them, “Okay, okay. I’m not going to do anything. Just tell me how this happened.”  


Megumi takes reign, explaining the situation. "It was a curse similar to the one that de-aged you before. Shoko-san said that he would be fine in a few days and that everything was okay asides from his memory loss." At the mention of memory loss, the duo's glare intensifies. 


Ignoring them, Gojo hums in acknowledgment and looks at Yuuji who was busy shuffling out of Nobara's arms. He looked back at Gojo in curiosity; head tilted upwards to get a good look at him. 


Raising his hands, Gojo gave a little wave, eliciting a small giggle from Yuuji.  


So cute~! 


Next to him, Megumi made a grumbling noise and begins introducing Gojo. “Yuuji, this is Gojo Satoru. He’s the teacher we told you about.” 


Innocently Yuuji replies, “Oh! The perverted slacker?” 


Shocked, Gojo sputters in protest. “Ehhhh!! How could you two?! Of course not Yuuji! I’m the best sensei, I’m not a slacker!” Whining once again, Gojo kneeled in front of Yuuji, pouting upwards towards the boy.  


It didn’t go unnoticed that Gojo completely ignored the ‘perverted’ part, as Megumi and Nobara growl at his sudden closeness to the younger boy. 


“Any closer and you're dead mister,” growls Nobara.  


Ignoring them, Yuuji, like the sweet angel that he was, beamed. “Oh! That’s okay! Even though Megumi and Nobara are saying those things, I can tell that you're really cool!”  


Heaven. Gojo had ascended to heaven.  


At those words Gojo stiffens; Nobara and Megumi tensing up from beside him as they prepare for any movement.  


Quickly without hesitating, Gojo uses his Infinity and teleports to Yuuji’s side, snatching him up wordlessly as he teleports away from; ignoring the loud cries of the duo he left behind. With Yuuji in his arms, he brings him back to his apartment. Plopping him down on the plush couch in the living room. 


“Woah!” Exclaimed Yuuji, surprised and amazed by the show of abilities from Gojo. “So cool! Where are we?” 


Another shot to the heart. 


It was a relief for Gojo to see that Yuuji wasn’t too worried about being taken away; warming up to Gojo and taking everything in stride like he always did. 


“We’re back at my place Yuuji~” he replies sweetly. “You know… Older you and I were really close~ So I hope we can get along too Yuuji-kun~” Rolling down his eye mask, he flashes a bright model-worthy smile to the boy. 


Unphased, Yuuji nods enthusiastically flashing his own bright smile that completely overtakes Gojo’s. “Hm!” 


Gojo collapses in bliss.  


“Ah! Are you okay? Gojo-san!” 







“Ijichi, if you tell anyone where I live, I’ll make your life hell.” 


“Eh! Gojo-san!” 







“Hi, Nanamin!” 


“Gojo-san… Where is Yuuji.” 


“Oh, Yuuji-kun? He’s right next to me in bed of course!” 






“Hello, this is the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. How may we help you?” 


“Hello. I’d like to file a report-” 





After several phone calls, Gojo was set to go. Asides from threats of dismemberment from Nanami if he touched Yuuji, everything had gone pretty well if he said so himself. Putting his phone in his pocket he looks at the boy waiting for him in bed.  


Yuuji was sitting comfortably, occupied with the bear plush that Gojo had gone back to find for him; covered in only a large shirt he fashioned as a sleeping gown.  


Cute! So cute! 


“Gojo-san?” Asked Yuuji, breaking Gojo out of his thoughts. 


“Hm? Yes, Yuuji-kun?” 


“Is it all right for me to be here?” The boy asks. “Everyone seems like they’re really worried about me,” face turned sullen, he hugs the plush tighter. 


A little too late for that don’t you think , though Gojo, but the face of a saddened Yuuji made his heart ache a little. Getting onto the bed, Gojo lifts the smaller boy up, placing him on his lap. “They’re just dramatic. Plus, they can’t deny that the safest place for you is with me.” Flashing a soft smile, Yuuji sweetly smiles back. “If anything Yuuji, you’re pretty comfortable here, aren’t you?” 


Nodding in agreement, Yuuji blushed shyly. “It’s just...When you first came in the room… I didn’t feel scared or anything! I felt really calm and at ease! And when Nobara-oneesan blocked me from seeing you, I was really angry for some reason,” screaming softly in embarrassment, Yuuji presses his face into the soft fur of the plush. 


“I’m glad that you can trust me so much, Yuuji.” Stroking the boy’s hair, Gojo places a chaste kiss onto Yuuji’s forehead.  


Unlike Gojo, Yuuji had actually lost his memories being de-aged, but somehow it looked like remnants of past (future?) feelings remained. Such as that of his emotions around Gojo. The older man couldn’t have been more pleased to know that his sweet darling student thought of him like that. Squealing inwardly, Gojo gets up to turn off the lights.  


Darkness fills the room as Gojo shuffles back into bed with Yuuji. Pulling the covers over the both of them, he tucks Yuuji under his arms as they lay facing each other.  


Only with Yuuji could Gojo lower his guard. Only with Yuuji would Gojo unleash his infinity and let the space between the two of them close until there was nothing left. Yuuji had made him feel a way that he hadn’t felt in a long time; so, he would keep him close. Wrapping his arms around the boy just like so and keep him there for eternity; death do not part.  


Tightening his hold on Yuuji, Gojo feels small hands cupping his cheeks.  


Staring up at him with glowing amber eyes, Yuuji glows under the moonlight. Almost as if hearing all of Gojo’s thoughts, Yuuji starts. “Gojo-sensei.” 


Eyes widen at the change in honorifics.  


“We’ll always be together. In death and life. Just as you will chase after me, I will do the same. Never forget that Satoru.” Eyes ablaze, Yuuji leans closer to him bringing their foreheads together. 


Gasping, Gojo takes a large breath of air through his nose.  


“Yuuji,” he breathes out. “Yuuji!!” Shrieking in happiness, Gojo vigorously rubs his face against the boy.


“Ah! Gojo-san? What’s wrong?!” Dazed, it looked like Yuuji had returned to normal, snapping out of whatever haze he was in earlier. 


Shaking his head with a light chuckle, Gojo pats his head. “Nothing, Yuuji-kun. Just…” He smiles somberly.  


“I love you Yuuji.” 


Brightly, Yuuji doesn't hesitate.  


“I love you too, Satoru!” 



"Ah! Gojo-san! Your nose is bleeding!"


"I could die happy."


"Gojo-san? Gojo-san?!"