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It's Mark's second trip to New York, two years after the first sea change of a visit, and John is taking no chances. They have a car service; they have rented nothing but private spaces to dine; they're staying in a loft one of Celeste's French cousins has sublet while back in France; and the company opened its clenched fist and provided Mark with security. He honestly considered inviting Taeyong along for the plausible deniability, but Taeyong's producing schedule left no holes for him for third-wheeling dates.

Yejun has absolutely no reservations about third wheeling. When Mark's trip was confirmed, the group chat exploded with Celeste, Sky, Yejun, and Jai jockeying for Mark time, and Mark and John time. Yejun landed the first coveted spot, dinner in Hell's Kitchen at a restaurant John's boss recommended, and closer to Yejun's place to boot.

Or he thought it was closer to Yejun's place. When they arrived, and after Mark took John's kiss to Yejun's cheek as a dare and used Yejun's muscled shoulder as some sort of pillow, Yejun apologized for being late because "it takes a while to get here from Spanish Harlem."

As Yejun guides an enthusiastic Mark to his seat, John quirks an eyebrow at him, and Yejun gives a mild wince to illustrate it's a long story.

Mark doesn't take long to get it out of him, though. One of Mark's many talents. John's glad he doesn't have to be nosy when Mark's there, able to put people at ease and get into their business with a couple enthusiastic questions. John always sounds like he's interrogating people when he tries to catch up, usually because he is.

Yejun takes two gulps of wine before setting the glass back to the table delicately. "Ah, well, I started a new job back in February, I don't know if John told you?"

"No, he did, and you sent me that picture of your new office? With the kombucha on tap, yeah?"

Yejun laughs, and so does John, because when he found out, Mark could not shut up about the concept of drinks being on tap and tried to get his own set up in his apartment. "Yeah, so just settling into that. And, uh, I just moved too." He casts John a glance and then smiles at Mark to cushion the blow: "David and I broke up, so I had to find a new place fast, and I'm still not really—"

"Yo," Mark says, leaning forward. Because he can, John strokes over his back, feeling the tension there and soothing it. "You broke up? Man, why didn't you say anything?" Mark's KKT with Yejun and John, for planning purposes, was filled with mentions of being excited to meet Yejun's partner, even though John tried to tell him David's defining features were being boring and bland. "Oh my God, are you good?"

"I'm fine, Mark. You know me."

"No, but, like, you seemed— Well. I guess it's not my business," Mark says, visibly reeling himself in. John can see his brow is furrowed with confusion and empathy and the desire to say more.

"Was it mutual?" John asks, unrepentant.

Mark turns scandalized eyes on him, sparkling behind his glasses. He's so fucking handsome. John smiles in fake apology and dips his hand lower to slip beneath Mark's tight black T-shirt and rub the smooth skin at his waist.

"No," Yejun admits, and drinks the rest of his glass of wine. "He left me for someone he met at his church. They were seeing each other before, you know, he bothered to tell me."

Mark gasps, and John murmurs the appropriate platitudes. It sucks, and he means what he says, but he's glad Yejun got out from under that guy. He deserves better, someone who doesn't take advantage of his willingness to give and give, his seemingly limitless patience. And he deserves a better fuck than David is capable of giving.

Sometimes, in the shower, John revisits the first time Yejun topped him, a gentle hand on John's throat to keep him from looking away, how he called him baby boy. It was the first and only relationship to date where John felt small, felt taken care of, felt the unused attic space of his personality opened and lit up and explored. He misses it, sometimes, even though Mark has an unerring ability to find his prostate.

They were always better off as friends, though, and they knew it at the time, but the sex was incredible. Managing to navigate that breakup as painlessly as possible meant it was only a month before John was at his place playing Call of Duty and shoving his face full of Yejun's delicious snacks. He's a good man, and he should have good things. The best things.

Mark shoves at John's hand on his skin, where he's been rubbing the supple flesh of his hip, when the server comes in. He's noticeably dimmer, and Yejun is still too fresh with the wound to make much of an attempt to cheer him up. John waits until they've ordered before he launches into a distracting story to lift the mood a little.

But first, Mark makes sad eyes at Yejun and says, "Man, any guy would be lucky to have you. You'll find someone in no time."

Yejun's smile in return is pleased and a little shy. Even his eyebrows look bashful, which is a serious feat. John sits back in his chair, sips his water, and thinks.


John's still somewhat drunk in the backseat of the car, Mark's hand wrapped securely in his, both their palms damp. Mark's looking out the window, eager to watch buildings and neighborhoods go past.

"I can't believe some fucking guy cheated on Yejun."

"Yeah," John agrees. Mark sniffs and uses his free hand to push his glasses up the bridge of his nose. John's never met someone so cute and handsome at the same time. They went a little too hard the night before, and John's pretty sleepy from the wine and rich food, but he thinks he'll be happy to get Mark naked and touch him all over, refamiliarize himself with the textures of his body in no hurry to take it anywhere else. The idea pleasantly speeds up his pulse.

"You showed me that picture of them, and like. How can that dude possibly think he'll find someone better than Yejun?"

John smiles to himself in the darkness and squeezes Mark's hand. "Did I tell you he called him Chris all the time?"

Mark whips around from taking in the city to look at John, disgusted. "What?"

"Yeah, so I started busting out my Korean around them to ice David out."

"That's because you're also a higher caliber dude." Mark settles back in his seat, leaning into Johnny. "Nine out of ten."

"I'm a nine?" John laughs. "Don't tell me—Yejun's a ten?"

Mark makes a considering face, clearly trying not to laugh. "Nine point five? I mean, no one's, like, perfect."

He laughs again, bemused all over by Mark's painfully obvious and very understandable crush. They slip into silence for a few minutes, comfortable and happy, living in a moment John very much doubted was possible six months ago, when the weight of their schedules made them so unhappy that breaking up seemed like the only solution. John's still not sure what to do, honestly, how to drag them through the next two years, or the two after that, but right now, with Mark's hand in his and the sleek car whisking them through the streets in privacy, the future seems like an inviting glow of promise rather than a gray cloud of mystery.

Mark's so good to him. He tries to be good in return. Mark deserves the world, and not the limitations of a long-distance relationship and a punishing closet. He deserves the best, the same as Yejun—

"Oh man, when I said that thing about anyone breaking up with Yejun being the world's biggest idiot—" Mark's winding himself up over something he said again, and John bets the wine isn't helping.

"I get it," John says, and drops Mark's hand to squeeze his thigh. "Hyperbole."

"Obviously, like, I know you guys… I mean, if you hadn't broken up, uh—"

"I get it, baby."

"It's good you were single when we started talking, is all." Mark leans against John's side in apology, tilting his head to give John pretty, apologetic eyes. "You're not an idiot."

"No, I am a little bit of an idiot. I decided to break up with him because I couldn't think of a way to one-up his birthday gift to me."

Mark shakes with laughter. "Um, what?"

"Being his boyfriend was like… It felt like being in constant competition? But the competition was to be the better man. It was fucking exhausting." John peers down at Mark, who is drinking this up eagerly. "Sex was great, though. It's probably why it lasted as long as it did."

"Yeah," Mark sighs, and nuzzles into John's chest. "I bet."

Another flicker of amusement, another piece of an idea, slides into place, but John's too drunk and content to follow it to see where it leads. They're almost to the loft, and John's going to forget all about Yejun's poor taste in boyfriends—John included—in favor of using Mark's ass as a stress ball.


The idea rears up again during karaoke, when Mark is draping himself over Celeste's lap to shout over the music to Yejun. Yejun keeps smiling down at him, eyes crinkled, and even ignores his favorite annoying Broadway musical song in favor of chatting with Mark.

He catches John looking, and there's a flash of discomfort on his handsome face, so subtle John wouldn't have noticed if he weren't intimately familiar with the shifts in his mild countenance. John can read Mark like a book with barely any effort, but Yejun isn't nearly as transparent.

It makes him sad to see Yejun pull away, getting up to use the bathroom and then resettling himself on the other side of the room once he's back. Yejun should enjoy Mark's company and attention; being pinned under Mark's enthusiasm, being the subject of Mark's crush, feels like a perfect spring day, warm and exciting. Yejun deserves it, the same way Mark deserves to be the one to get Yejun to loosen up and laugh for real.

Later, he texts him when Mark's in the shower, though he's slow and measured with each word, bewildered by himself.

John's an only child, after all; by nature, he's not inclined to share.

John: Hypothetically
John: Mark's your type, right?
Yejun: Oh no
John: It's just a question!
Yejun: It's never just a question with you
John: 👀
Yejun: Mark's a great guy and he's a literal Kpop idol
John: Hmmm that's not an answer to the yes or no question I asked though
Yejun: Mark's very cute and you two are a great couple. Are you happy now?
John: It's our anniversary soon
Yejun: I know, I was the one who told you to get the watch engraved
John: Yejun, you can tell me to fuck off, but like
John: How do you feel about threesomes?

He waits with his lip pulled between his teeth as Yejun types and types and doesn't send anything for three or four minutes. Then:

Yejun: 😖
John: You know I wouldn't bring it up if I weren't serious
John: And I mean it, tell me to fuck off and I won't mention it ever again

No small part of John feels bad for putting this on Yejun. He's not certain of what Mark wants, though he has a pretty good idea, but he won't put anything in motion without checking in first. This is just… collecting data. Surveying his options.

Despite the discomfort and imposition of asking, he knows his friendship with Yejun can take the strain. And he can't deny that picturing Mark with Yejun makes heat curl low deep within him. It would be fun. It would be good. It would also give Mark literally any sexual experience with a man who isn't John.

Yejun: Have you talked to Mark about this yet or is this you going off the deep end unsupervised?

He types his explanation, that if he so much as hinted at this to Mark, he'd be subject to Mark's very loud concerns that John hadn't asked Yejun and was treating him like an object, something Mark is especially touchy about. Well, once his slightly puritanical self who couldn't get through porn without hiding his face processed the concept enough to start shouting questions.

Yejun: Talk to Mark. And then I'll think about it.


Mark laughs and kicks John's leg under the table until it stings when he posits the question. John's very glad they're dining private when reality starts to sink in and the mildly outraged amusement slides off Mark's face to be replaced with horror.

"You fucking… what?" Mark screeches. "You— A threesome?"

"It's just an idea, I thought it might be fun," John says calmly.

Mark looks around the otherwise empty beautiful dining room in a panic, mouth parted and hands gripping the tablecloth like he might lift off and float away if he doesn't hold on.

He's still spiraling by the time the waiter brings their food and John is cutting into his Eggs Benedict. Mark makes a low, distressed noise when John starts eating. He knew Mark would need time to process, but his food's going to get cold, and John's starting to worry that maybe he made this whole thing up in his head and Mark's going to have a crisis about their fidelity, like the time he got too drunk and made out with an equally drunk Jungwoo on his ugly gray couch. John forgave it easily as a drunken and friendly indiscretion, and was prepared to forgive a lot more than some kissing, but Jungwoo still avoids John if they happen to video call in his vicinity, and Mark carried it around like a sin for months.

"God, you asked him? And he said yes?" Mark manages eventually, hushed.

"He said maybe. He said he'd consider it if you said yes."

"So you want— You want me to have a threesome with your best friend, your ex, and he's not even sure— Oh my God. Oh my God, Johnny."

"It's not— Listen, baby. I know you like Yejun, and Yejun likes you, and I trust him with my life, okay? It doesn't have to be more serious than that, and I'll never bring it up again if you hate it, I swear."

Mark tilts his head at John at an exaggerated angle, like he's trying to figure him out. Admittedly, this has not been the best execution of an outrageous idea, but he's never been in a long-term, long-distance relationship with someone he sees twice a year at most. John agreeing to try this messy thing with Mark in the first place was born out of care, out of a dedication to making himself a safe space for Mark to explore.

In his more cynical moments, he thinks he's Mark's launching pad. His rehearsal space. That he'll cut Mark loose once Mark is ready for a relationship with someone in the same country.

In moments like this, all he wants is to give Mark the world. Hold his hand while he presents him with everything he could ever possibly want on a silver platter.

In this case, Yejun's magnificent body is on the silver platter.

"It feels pretty fucking weird to talk about this based on a maybe, dude," Mark says eventually.

"I don't think you need to worry about that," John says. "Yejun wants to bounce you on his dick so bad."


John, showing no hint of nerves, no hint of his own tangled web of feelings and impulses, cuts another delicious bite and takes his time chewing and swallowing. "Mark, I wouldn't suggest this if I weren't cool with it—if I weren't into it and thought you would be too. You know I love you. Doing it would be safe and fun and not have to go any further than that."

"He, like, it wouldn't be… It wouldn't get weird?" Mark's twisting his napkin around his knuckles, eyes lowered to the table as he thinks.

"Not for me, and not for him, I don't think. If you don't want to, if you're fucked up about it and not just nervous, then obviously we don't do it. The last thing I want is you to feel like you have to try a threesome, you know? It's not that serious." Mark gives a nod after a minute, maybe responding to the way John's voice has lilted up in his attempt to communicate his sincerity. "And if we try it and it's awkward, then we order a pizza and get drunk and laugh it off."

"I don't… Can I think? Can we talk to him?"

"Sure, of course we can. Of course. Take your time."

When Mark picks up his avocado toast to take a bite at last, eyes still on his plate, John exhales internally and lets himself shed, muscle by muscle, all the tension he's been trying to disguise. If Mark thinks John isn't confident in this, he'll use it as a reason to say no to something he wants. And John is confident, more or less.

It might happen. It might not. Not all of John's ideas pan out; he's good at reading Mark, at knowing him, but he's human, and sometimes what seems obvious to him is out of the clear blue sky for Mark. Maybe this is one of those times.

Still, it would be nice to give Mark the gift of Yejun's steady, thorough attention, even if just for a night. And Yejun needs to get over his ex—and frankly, John already knows exactly how to get him out of his head. Seems like a shame to let the knowledge go to waste.


"How do you… Have you had a threesome before?" Mark asks, right as John's about to fall asleep.

He unsticks his eyelids and rolls his head on the pillow to look at Mark's profile. The stern cast to his jaw. His eyes are too bright for being this close to sleep, this late at night.

"Yeah, I told you about it."

"Not with Yejun, though?"

"No." He rolls over and pushes Mark's bangs away from his forehead. "I meant what I said. If this has you fucked up, we're not even considering it."

"No, I…" Mark blows out a heavy breath. "I really like Yejun."

John nods and pulls the covers up to cocoon them both.

"I love you," Mark says, turning to meet his eyes, imploring.

"I love you too," John murmurs. He sweeps his thumb over the high point of Mark's cheekbone, then trails his fingertips down to Mark's cupid's bow and then his chin. A little stiff hair he missed shaving presses into the pad of his finger, so John pushes down to revel in the prickly sensation.

"And that's not a problem? That I love you and I like…" Mark's gaze drifts off somewhere else, and he huffs with frustration. It's too late for this conversation, truly, after such a full day. But John has postponed sleep for much less important reasons.

"That you have a raging crush on Yejun? Fuck, of course not. Who doesn't have a crush on him? Does liking a hot guy with a great personality mean you're any less, like, my boyfriend?"

"No," Mark mutters. "I guess not."

"If we do this, we do it together. It's not bad or weird. It's not cheating, if that's what you're worried about," John says gently.

"No, I know that." He thinks for a second, and then, rapid-fire, a little bit of all of what he's been obsessing over pours out of him: "And I just… can't picture the logistics of it, you know? Beyond how weird it is. Like, what would I even do with my hands?"

"Hmmm." John leans in to kiss Mark's shoulder. "Well, from experience it is a little trickier, but it's not like we haven't had to figure out positions before. Sometimes I get a cramp, and sometimes you kick me in the face."

"Once. It was one time," Mark complains. "And you were—"

"It's all normal. It's all fine. It's only sex. And if you really can't figure out what to do with your hands, you could always just pull my hair."

Mark swallows so hard John can hear it. Slyly, he kisses Mark's shoulder again, breathing out so warmth seeps through the fabric.

"Boss me around a little. Choke me on his cock. Or your cock. I could go back and forth."

Mark blinks up at the ceiling. "Fuck," he grits.

"So is that a maybe? Should we invite Yejun over to talk about it?"

When Mark looks at John again, he feels like he could drown in his eyes. There's so much there. John never wants to give up seeing Mark wonder at possibilities. "Yeah. We should talk about it."


"I can't believe you thought this was going to be weird," John laughs.

Yejun sends him a look of helplessness as Mark finds the spot on his neck John knows makes him shiver. Mark's very liberal with his teeth, almost sloppy, and Yejun can stand to get chewed on a little.

"Sorry, is this— Am I going too fast?"

John and Yejun trade looks, Yejun's stunned expression turning soft with fondness. Mark's straddling one of Yejun's thighs, and he looks— He's the gorgeous, well-made twink he always is. John takes a sip of wine and shakes his head, grinning at Mark, who can't seem to handle both of their attention at once and ducks down to push his face into the cove of Yejun's neck and shoulder again.

"Whatever you want, baby," John says. "I'm having a great time."

He is. There was a moment there, after they had their mumbly, earnest conversation and John switched to Yejun's other side as an unspoken invitation, when Yejun cradled Mark's face in his big hands and John's heart thumped too hard in his chest. He knew he was fine with it, but seeing Yejun's stubborn mouth open for Mark's and seeing Mark's nervous tongue fluttering inside, it made John feel a certain type of way. Proud, jealous, enraptured, possessive. Like he was witnessing some alternate universe where Yejun and Mark did this every day, and John was an interloper. Like maybe they looked better together than John and Mark did.

After a second, when Mark moaned and Yejun pulled his hips down so he wasn't just hovering over Yejun's lap, the tight ball of feeling in his chest unrolled.

It's Mark, and it's Yejun, and John's already getting hard in his pants.

"Put your hands up his shirt, his back's really sensitive," John says, and smiles when Mark arches as Yejun gently slides his square hands up Mark's spine. Mark shoves his hips forward, and John sets his wine on Yejun's glass coffee table before leaning over to undo Mark's button and tug at his zip. "You have to touch his ass, Yejun, I know you've been dying to."

Mark's breath stills as Yejun, with far less confidence, slides all the way down to Mark's jeans. His fingertips scrabble with the elastic waistband of his briefs—Calvins, because Mark's always predictable—and then delve under. Mark hisses as Yejun slowly, carefully feels him up.

"You like that, Mark?" Yejun asks, low and calm, like he's asking about the flavor of soup he made and not like Mark is whimpering and shoving back against his hands.


"Play with his balls," John suggests. While he's enjoying the view, he snaps open Yejun's button too, and tucks his warm hand right next to his navel, where he knows he's sensitive. He got a tattoo that crossed into the same area last summer, and he told John he nearly cried from how intense it felt. He feels Yejun shudder, and he hears Mark cry out and muffle it. "Can we make out, or did you want to—"

Yejun kisses John a little differently than he used to, but that was when they were trying to figure out exactly how they loved each other. He's less gentle, less coaxing, than he was with Mark and used to be with John. John hums into it and fucks his tongue into Yejun's mouth while he listens to his boyfriend's moans get softer and needier by the second. Yejun's mouth has always been one of his favorite parts about him. He looks so forbidding; he has a resting meanness to him that even John doesn't approximate, and it's always a surprise when he smiles so prettily or kisses so nicely.

"Fuck, that's so— Damn."

Mark's leaned back to watch them, and he shakes his head when John sits back and traces circles in Yejun's sparse happy trail.

"Hot, right? Yejun's so handsome."

"You're both… Like, what? How?" Mark says, utterly serious.

Yejun smiles and pulls Mark down for another slow, gentle kiss. John cops a feel of Yejun's cock to make sure it's the same thick monster it always was. It has such a nice heft in his palm. He knows it's weird to be so proud of his ex boyfriend's dick, but it really is nice, and Yejun probably hasn't had anyone pay it the sort of respect it deserves in a while.

"He's thicker than me, Markie," John announces, and Mark moans loud into Yejun's mouth. Yejun has started pulling Mark's Henley up, revealing his narrow waist. "Do you think you'll choke on him?"

"Fuck, maybe," Mark mutters, licking his lips.

"You want to try, sweetheart?" Yejun asks. Then he jerks his chin to look at John, startled. "Uh, is that—okay? The pet names?"

"Sure," John agrees, and pecks his cheek because he's the sort of man to worry, to ask. "Probably not baby, though?"

"Yeah, no, that's not on the agenda."

Mark peels away from Yejun's neck to say, "Can we, um, this position is actually pretty hard on my back…"

"Hey, you should pick him up and carry him into the bedroom. Maybe throw him onto the bed?"

The look Yejun gives John is just short of an eye-roll. "Yes, your highness."

"I'm doing this for Mark's strength kink and your showing-off kink, not me." John stands up from the couch and starts wriggling out of his jeans. His fully hard dick makes that more difficult than he'd like.

"You want to move this to the bedroom, sweetheart?" Mark pops off Yejun's lap and onto his feet at the slightest encouragement, and John keeps his laugh contained to a smile. Mark's having a good time, he's game for it, but if things shift, they'll shift fast, and laughing at him might not go over great right now.

"Yeah, I, um. I want to, but I— I didn't prep?" Mark scrubs over his face as he admits it, like it's some great failing.

"That's not a problem, trust me," Yejun says. From his position seated on the couch with Mark over him, he doesn't seem as big as he is. He's looking up at Mark with affection, with open lust—or open for Yejun. His face is still so angular, so serious. Mark grins down at him, shy at the edges, and John's heart squeezes with how much he adores these two men and how fucking hot they are. Jesus Christ. "We'll all still have a good time."

At last, John steps out of his too-tight jeans. He's quick to take off his shirt and toss it onto the couch, so he's just in his boxer-briefs and, unfortunately, his socks. Both of them turn to face him, and John indulges in the rush of being admired. Then he stretches.

"If anyone wants to put their dick in something, I did prep. Just saying."

He walks off and hopes he's about to open the door to Yejun's bedroom and not the laundry closet or whatever. Mark's wordless choking noise follows him.

It is Yejun's room he's inside of now, complete with Yejun's big sexy bed—almost as big as John's, lucky for them. And it only takes another moment or two for Yejun to show up, carrying Mark over his shoulder, Mark's pants sagging and bunching around his ass, Mark giggling like crazy.

Yejun and John make eye contact, one last moment of silent conferring, and John gives him the softest smile he's capable of. It's the three of them in this together, and it's going to be fucking fantastic.

"Bestie, could you please throw my boyfriend onto the bed and show him what that mouth do?"

"Mark, sweetheart, are you sure you want to have sex with this man?"

"Eugh, I guess so," Mark says. His ass looks really good like this.

"Throw him on the fucking bed, Yejun, I swear to God—"

Yejun manhandles him to adjust his position and tosses Mark bodily onto his mattress. Mark stays in the position he landed in, the bed still bouncing with his weight a little, his eyes wide.

"God, fuck," he says. "That was so fucking hot."

Yejun, just as dramatic as John but far better at hiding it, takes off his shirt. He's even more muscular than the last time John saw him like this, with his stark black-and-white tattoos taking up more real estate. His latest, some geometric design that continues past his waistband, does in fact edge into the taut skin under his navel.

"I'm gonna make your boyfriend wait for it, if that's all right," Yejun says conversationally, pushing his pants down his hips. "Can I take my time with you, Mark?"

"Yeah, God, anything," Mark says, getting up onto his elbows.

Yejun's fat fucking cock literally drops when the support of his underwear is gone, and John can admit to himself that he shivers a little, imagining that in him again. Imagining Mark's mouth stretched to the point of discomfort around it.

John crosses over to the bed, but not before giving Yejun an affectionate pat on the back. Go wild, he imagines the gesture imparts. Please destroy the man I love.

If the tiny grin Yejun gives him back is any indication, the message was received loud and clear.


Mark pushes Yejun's face away from his dick, clamping a hand around the base in the hopes of staving off an orgasm. John kisses his shoulder and drags his toes along Mark's bony ankle. The pleasure's coming off Mark in waves so strong John feels like he's riding it.

When Mark gets himself under control, Yejun starts lapping at the tip of his cock hopefully, and Mark groans and gasps and squeezes his eyes shut.

"He's about to pop for real," John warns, and Yejun gives Mark's red, sticky tip a regretful final suck as he pulls back and wipes his mouth. "You wanna come up here and—"

"Stop being so impatient," Yejun says, rising to his knees. "You should make out. I want to watch."

Mark tilts John's head toward him like Yejun was bossing him around and not John, but he's happy to go with it, happy to tap into the part of him that enjoys it. They show off a little, Mark wet and open and panting for John's tongue, John rubbing over Mark's tight abs, more defined than they've ever been. It's easy to shut his eyes and enjoy the kissing, enjoy the audience, and he should have expected Yejun to move in on John next—he felt him moving on the bed, even—but for some reason he gasps when Yejun starts sucking him.

"He's so good at it," Mark murmurs, kissing the hinge of John's jaw and then settling in to watch. "Oh, shit, that's pretty."

Yejun doesn't waste time; he knows what John likes, and he knows they're all too fucking horny for more of his almost torturous deliberateness. He deep-throats him, throat probably already sore from Mark's cock, hollowing his cheeks so his angles look more severe. John reaches down to rub the soft fuzz of his undercut, to feel the muscles and bones in his face working. He hasn't gotten his dick sucked by Yejun in over three years. He hasn't gotten his dick sucked by anyone who isn't Mark in a little over two. It's novel, after so long, and Yejun has forgotten nothing. John hasn't really forgotten either; when John urges him back down, Yejun's eyelids flutter shut.

John had some weird hangups when they started dating, mostly about Yejun being A Top. He's verse, even more than John is, and also just like John has spent a lot of his sex life struggling to meet other people's expectations of him. John was humiliated by reading him so wrong, of doing him the same disservice John gets annoyed by—making assumptions because he's tall, goes to the gym, whatever bullshit cliche they both fall into—and Yejun let him off easy. John fucked his narrow ass so hard Yejun bit his pillow and screamed, and the next time, they switched. It was staggering how easy it was, how quickly Yejun zeroed in on what John wanted and gave it to him, up to and including all that baby boy stuff. The way he put John in an entirely different headspace.

If he's not wrong, Yejun's going to do that again, and he's going to do it in front of Mark. Mark's fucked John a few times, and he's good at it, if a little quick and with a pained expression that says the squeeze of John's ass is too tight for him to drag it out. As good as it feels, as much as he loves him, Mark doesn't put a hand to John's throat and make him feel small. Mark's never seen John like that.

Yejun pops off John's cock to smile up at them, Mark tucked into John's shoulder, a hand idly playing with himself, John staring down mesmerized by how easily Yejun could take all of him.

"Do you think he's waited long enough, Mark?" Yejun asks, batting Mark's hand out of the way to give him a brutal stroke.

Mark gasps and rocks against John's side. "Yeah, fuck, wanna see him take you."

"We could take turns. I think he'd like that."

"Oh, cool, you want me dead," John says.

"Basically," Mark laughs. "Should I move?"

John's happy to get to the main event, as it were, but there's one tiny item on his threesome bucketlist left unchecked. "Do you think… before he breaks my back, do you want to blow him a little?"

Yejun chuffs, propelling himself off the bed to dig around in his nightstand for his lube—still the same preferred brand, John notes—and condoms. "Size queen," he accuses.

"You wanna see him choke on it as bad as I do," John argues, grinning.

Mark pulls himself up to sit cross-legged in the middle of the bed, looking at John, looking at Yejun, and doing a lot of mental math that makes his eyebrows pinch in the middle.

"I'll come around to your side," Yejun says. "John, come to the edge of the bed."

"Can you tell he's a manager?" John jokes, though it's hard to string words together when Yejun's striding over, dick first, to Mark's side and petting his head, then thumbing under his chin to lift it so Mark stares up into his eyes. "Fuck, just a second."

There's a pause for a rearrangement; John ignores Yejun's instructions to get on his knees behind Mark, peering over his shoulder. That still doesn't give him the best vantage point, so he does end up scooting down to the edge, Mark's profile and Yejun's cock, kept politely away from his face with a hand, in perfect view.

"You don't actually have to choke on it," Yejun murmurs.

"No, like, I want to. I used to, uh, I thought about it. Once or twice." He reaches out and gives Yejun a tentative squeeze, marveling at the girth.

"Mmm, I thought you might."

"What did you think about?" John asks, throat dry, as Mark ducks closer to mouth kisses on Yejun's stomach, following the blueprint of his tattoo.

"Mostly you guys," Mark says. "Like, I was not brave enough to put myself in it for a while, and then I felt kinda bad I was fantasizing about you both."

"It's normal," Yejun says, stroking Mark's cheek the exact same way John does. John's next breath coils in him like a spring. "I thought about you too. With John. You're such a handsome couple."

"Aww, thanks, man," Mark says, and tries to fit too much of Yejun in his mouth at once. He backs up almost immediately, licks his lips, opens even wider, and takes him halfway with a moan that sounds like it's ending on a question mark. This good?

"Perfect," Yejun sighs. "John, look at him. Fuck, his mouth is like heaven."

"I know. He can take more."

Yejun lifts an eyebrow at him and smiles to match, but he nudges himself a little further forward, and Mark makes an approving noise and struggles valiantly to take more. He's so thick, Mark's mouth is stretched painfully, like John thought it would be, and he's breathing like a racehorse through his nose, hands stroking Yejun's clenched abs.

"You like it, sweetheart?"

Mark pulls back, whole-body shudders, and swallows. "Yeah. Did you make Johnny gag on it?"

"A few times," Yejun admits, somehow not smug. "Just once, to try?"

Mark nods and gives the head a long, powerful suck before rolling his shoulders and making an attempt to open his mouth wide again. "Give it to me."

Inch by inch, Yejun slides forward, until Mark jolts and huffs and then— He chokes on Yejun's thick cock, stretched as wide as he can get, pretty eyes tearing up so easily, and Yejun praises him as he slides back. He even gives Mark half a hug, tucking Mark's face against his bare stomach and rubbing his bony shoulder.

"Jesus, that was hot," John breathes, stripping himself a little too eagerly for someone who is about to get fucked and shouldn't be in a hurry to come. "Fuck, you're hot together."

"It's all Mark," Yejun says. "I just stood there and got my dick sucked."

Mark laughs and pushes away from Yejun's loose embrace, wiping under his eyes and sniffling. "Yeah, okay, can you please fuck Johnny now? I've been thinking about this for like two years."

John knees up the bed and gives Mark a kiss just to taste a hint of Yejun on his mouth, and yep— That's the same clean tang. Mark's come, including his precome, is sweeter, but Yejun is milder. "Did you ever think of this, or just Yejun railing me?"

"Mostly you and him," Mark says. "Sorry if that's weird."

Yejun guides Mark to sit against the headboard, and John cottons on to the position he wants pretty quick: John, hands and knees, with Mark's cock within easy reach of his mouth.

"It's not weird. It took us an extra month to break up because we wouldn't stop fucking."

"You just didn't want to give me my cashmere sweater back." Yejun kisses John's shoulder and settles behind him.

John hears the lube open and braces. He did prep, pretty damn thoroughly, because they were coming over to Yejun's to discuss things but he was convinced it wasn't going to stop there, and he was right; within minutes of them all admitting they wanted to fuck each other, Mark was getting kissed. Still, he hasn't taken anything as thick as Yejun in literal years. It's going to be an adjustment.

Mark draws one knee up, and John touches the soft underside of his thigh, breathing steadily through his nose. "That sweater looks better on me," John says, and Yejun's slippery fingers trace his asshole. His thumb slips in next, testing the give and apparently finding it lacking, because he comes back with two fingers and pushes them in. John gasps and forces himself not to clench down.

"Sweetheart, can you..?"

Mark, locking eyes with Yejun behind Johnny's back, gives a nod and a smile and holds his cock steady for John to suck on it.

"I see how it is," John mutters. He leans forward to fill his mouth with cock, and honestly, it helps. He's not nervous, but he is anticipatory in a way he isn't normally; not being expected to do anything but take it relieves some of the pressure.

Mark's too wound up for John to do more than get him wet, but he lets himself bliss out and feel the two men he cares about most in the world blocking him in, using him together. He expected to pass Mark back and forth between them when he suggested a threesome; wanting to bury his dick in Mark's ass is an impulse John is very familiar with and doesn't begrudge Yejun for in the slightest. But it makes sense, in a weird way, that this is the reality.

"You okay, ba— John?" Yejun asks, hoarse with what he almost let slip.

John opens his eyes when he hadn't even realized he'd closed them and says, "Baby boy is—fine." Mark pets John's sweaty face, and he stops John from being able to suck him again.

"You ready for it? I'll go slow."

John rolls his hips backward, which sinks Yejun's two fingers deeper inside of him. "Fuck me, Yejun. Split me open on your cock. Show Mark how good it is."

"Okay, I'll take care of you."

John couldn't respond even if he wanted to; Yejun's blunt tip presses at his hole as his fingers slide out. The first slow, inexorable inch steals all thought from his head. He's just a body, being breached, letting Yejun fill him up. He thinks his mouth might be open, gulping down air.

Yejun takes so long to press all the way inside that John flickers in and out of the room. Everything fades to background noise but his hot, stretched asshole, the flutters and clenches as Yejun drives home.

For a moment, John doesn't register it's Mark in front of him, Mark petting his head, stroking through his hair, murmuring encouragement. Then Yejun tilts his hips up and rubs exactly the right spot, and John cries out. The room, the moment, slides back into his awareness as heat and chills course up and down John's spine.

"I know, I know, I've got you."

"Yejun, holy shit."

"He's so tight, Mark."

"Push against the spot some more, he looks— Fuck, I think he's drooling. Jesus."

"I'm not hurting him, am I?"

Yejun stills his hips, and John whines, and Mark laughs, low and gentle.

"Nah, you're definitely not hurting him. Hit it again?"

Precome dribbles from John's cock the same moment he clenches up and squeezes around Yejun's dick. Mark somehow positions himself to hold John's head against his chest. John groans and tries to lock his muscles so he doesn't slide forward or collapse, but Yejun's shape and size are like a battering ram against all the best spots. He's turning into Jello. Yejun's not even going hard or fast, just keeping up the old familiar rhythm he used to take John apart with.

"Just a little longer and you can come, baby boy," Yejun says. It's the first time he's said it, all of it, after John's permission. Another round of chills breaks John into goosebumps.

He whimpers into Mark's warm skin and feels a piece of his hair stab him in the eye, but he's too far gone to care. He's in it. He's a tight sleeve being destroyed by a fat cock, and Mark's got him, and Yejun's speeding up, the strain in his breathing audible even to John, who can't process much.

Mark wriggles a thigh under John's body, his leg bumping too hard against his cock, and Yejun bears down on John until he gets the idea he's supposed to drop. He does, confused and uncertain how this is going to work out, and then swears when Yejun follows him and starts fucking faster and harder, putting more of his weight on John than before.

He's trapped between Yejun and Mark, and the movement of Yejun's powerful thrusts are rocking them all together in a jangle of limbs. Yejun pulls back only far enough to torque back in, which jostles John and rubs his cock against what feels like Mark's—knee? It shouldn't work, but it does. Fuck, it does.

"He's gonna come," Mark says. "Oh, damn."

Yejun grabs a handful of John's hair and yanks so Mark can see every moment of John falling apart in detail. All of Yejun's strength is employed to take him right up to the edge.


"That's it, baby boy. Shoot for us."

John's orgasm hits him so hard he can't even rock against Mark; he's paralyzed, the sharp pain in his scalp a stunning counterpoint to the stuffed-full burn in his ass, his cock spurting and spurting. It's half pleasure, half relief; when Yejun lets his hand drop, John's already started to shake.

Yejun's gentle when he comes into the condom in pulses that wrack his body but keep him relatively silent. He's much louder when he bottoms, John thinks muzzily, his body squeezing, milking Yejun's orgasm out of instinct even though it makes him even more oversensitive.

"Holy fuck, holy fuck—"

"I got you, sweetheart."

Yejun's just as gentle when he pulls out, but John still tenses and aches and feels himself gape uncomfortably. Mark steers him bodily to the side, where John collapses into a pillow that smells like Yejun's cologne. He smears sweat and drool and maybe tears into the decorative pillowcase.

He gets himself to stop shuddering long enough to turn his head and peek at the image of Yejun letting Mark come into his mouth, Mark cursing up at the ceiling, his face a snarl of pleasure.

John reaches a shaky hand out and pets Mark's stomach as he unloads shot after shot down Yejun's throat.

"I love you," John slurs. "I love you."

He's not sure which of them he's speaking to, but it doesn't matter, really. He means it in every direction.


John dozes and blinks awake an indeterminate amount of time later, half on Yejun's chest with Mark's hand running up and down his back. His ass is throbbing, but he's dry and clean in ways he hadn't expected. That's almost more unnerving than the way his body feels.

"—and then I was like, Yo, you're Kai, you don't need to slum it on my album, but he said I was doing him a favor."

"That video was everywhere over here. I have no idea how you two got something so homoerotic past the— Hey, look who's awake."

Mark's hand stills, and then John feels the smallest, sweetest press of lips to his shoulder. He lies where he is, though, too cozy and too drained to move. He's back from wherever he went, wherever Yejun and Mark put him, and just like the first night Yejun fucked him, he's embarrassed. Even if tonight will make its way to a legendary place in the playlist of his shower fantasies.

The black and gray lines of Yejun's tattoos blur this close. He can see the minute imperfections if he really tries to focus, even the sparse hairs disrupting the design. It's a different view from what John had a few years ago; art has enveloped more of his body. John's different too, a little more toned and with a few more flowers decorating his skin.

"You okay?" Mark whispers.

"M' good," John says. He clears his throat when his voice splits, and Yejun silently reaches over and locates a fresh, cold bottle of water for him. Of course. He takes it and starts to gingerly sit up. Something about the water, or having to leave the warmth and hiding place of being pressed to Yejun's skin, makes him feel too vulnerable. "I'm great," he amends, cracking the seal before gulping down half in one go.

He senses more than sees Yejun and Mark exchange a glance behind him. Mark's leg is pressed against him, he realizes. He's boxed in on both sides. He takes a few more swallows to get himself together, to remind himself Mark's seen him do far more embarrassing things than go stupid over cock.

It helps when he actually looks at Mark, the way he looks propped up in Yejun's bed, sated and handsome and scanning John's face to make sure he's okay.

"How long was I out for?"

"I dunno, a little while," Mark says, and tilts his head to check with Yejun.

"Fifteen minutes," Yejun says, precise as ever.

"Jesus, your dick made me black out for fifteen minutes?"

"Apparently," Yejun says. John can feel him rustle around the covers—and fuck, they probably destroyed his blankets and coverlet—and then get out of the bed, which feels not exactly great given the state John's in. "I'll be right back, I need to use the bathroom."

It's obvious he's giving John and Mark space to check in, in his own damn apartment, and John feels bummed out about it as he sits and finishes the rest of the water bottle. Yejun is too fucking nice. He let John talk him into this and gave him the ride of a lifetime, and now he's clearing out to make sure the couple he slept with are okay. This is why guys like David can't be allowed to walk all over him because he looks sturdy enough to take it.

"Dude, you need to go after him," Mark says. "If you needed to get your shit together after that, there's no way he doesn't too."

"I… Like, you're good?"

Mark does look spent and satisfied, if it weren't for the tiny squint of concern at the corners of his eyes.

"Johnny, this is like. Top three best days of my life. But I'll kick your ass if you don't make sure Yejun—"

"I got it, I got it, I'm going."

John drags himself, naked and sore, out of bed, and half-stumbles through the door Yejun closed gently behind him. To no one's surprise, Yejun is leaning against the kitchen sink, drinking water. He startles when he sees John.

"You need to get your dick back in bed," John says pointedly. "Mark is a cuddler, and I know you are too."

Yejun laughs, weary, and finishes his cup. He puts it neatly onto the top shelf of his tiny dishwasher, because God forbid he leave out a cup he drank out of in his own home. John's chest does that tight, squeezing thing again. "I figured you two needed some time."

"Jun, we two came over here for you. God, get over here." John doesn't wait for Yejun to move and instead crosses over, dick flopping unattractively, to wrap him up in a hug. Yejun smells like his usual clean, almost aquatic, scent; John used to sniff him when he came over from the gym without showering. "Stop being a martyr and come cuddle."

Yejun touches John's arm secured around his shoulder. "I just don't want to come between you two."

"You can't do that. I mean, you did literally do that, but it was for sexy reasons, not bad ones. We're good, I promise. Mark and I are Mark and I, and you're still my best friend."

"Okay," Yejun says, chin ducking close to his chest. He pats John's arm to indicate he should let go.

He's not quite done yet. "I meant what I said. I love you too. Thank you for being good to Mark and me."

Yejun nods, at the end of things he can say that are straightforward and easy. John gets it. There's a whole lot of history between them, and between John and Mark, and what happened in that bedroom brought it all back. His fingers curl tighter around John's forearm and then let go.

"And you're welcome for the rebound sex," John says, nosing in close and intimate next to Yejun's ear, the way he loves and hates, and slaps his ass as a parting shot on the way back to the bedroom. "Finish brooding and come help us decide what food to order."

When he pushes the door open, Mark is sitting up, Yejun's sheets pooled around his waist, and he looks up at John and smiles.