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Bio!Dad/Mom/Parents AU For Izuku Prompts

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Inko was positive that she regretted sleeping with Luther Hargreeves. 

Don't get her wrong she was grateful and happy that Izuku came from that one night stand she had with Luther. Although, she does regret it every now and then when she remembered how things were early on when Izuku wasn't born yet.

But she wasn't sure if having almost all the Hargreeves visit her home in Japan was anything great.

She could tolerate Allison a bit, and Diego, Klaus, and Vanya were truly lovely people. 

However, all of them in the same roof was extremely tiring when they all, except Vanya, got into an argument. 

The family came into her life once she had found out who it was that she had slept with when she went to that rave with her friends. It was when she had the courage to go to the mansion that held The Umbrella Academy members so long ago and inform Luther that she was pregnant from their one night stand.

Although, his siblings were cautious at first, which she didn't really blame them at all. It was a one night stand and he was one of the sons of THE Reginald Hargreeves who was rich so it's not their fault that they were suspicious at first. 

It wasn't until Inko had to confess that she was positive it was Luther's child because of the timing and thanks to Grace it was proved that YES it was Luther's child inside Inko.

The family were awkwardly accepting of her even though she could tell they didn't know how to process the fact that she got pregnant by Luther.

She had come to America for a 3 month vacation and her time was almost up so she had told them that she was going back to Japan, and that they were welcome to visit.

Which they did.

She had told Matsuki what had happened and all her friend did was laugh at her luck.

They eventually came around and visited her throughout her pregnancy. 

Paparazzi caught wind of what happened once people saw THE Allison Hargreeves and the rest of the dismembered Umbrella Academy members being seen with a green haired woman with a small pregnancy belly.

Of course, people found out about Luther and Inko but Allison stated that the two deserved privacy. 

She didn't rumor anyone, she couldn't. Not when that was the reason she couldn't even see her daughter without being watched. 

So Inko was left to her privacy other than Five popping every few days, checking on her just to make sure she was fine.

Vanya would visit whenever Five came, she was nice to Inko and Inko would tell her how much her music she adored. Which led to Vanya making a little playlist with violin music she played and gifting it to Inko.

Klaus was an interesting character to her, everyone knew he was a junkie, but he was going clean for his quirkless boyfriend Dave.

Although, perhaps him coming from the 1960s probably had to do with his quirklessness which didn't cause that much trouble for the fellow than it should.

Months later Inko gave birth to Izuku Midoria-Hargreeves. 

Luther had been there during the birth and Inko was sure the look of relief he had in his face once he looked at his son was from the sheer luck the baby had that he didn't look as if he would have any ape DNA that Luther had in him.

Once Izuku opened his eyes his siblings cooed, except Diego and Five who grunted, when they noticed he had green eyes.

"It's a miracle he doesn't look like Monkey Man here," Five says mockingly as he looks at Luther. 

The siblings giggled but Inko smiles awkwardly, "strong genes I guess," she says softly.

Luther had made her give Izuku his last name for reasons that he didn't give her really. Although, Allison never took her husband's name when the two were married and even gave Claire her maiden name.

As time passes both decided that Izuku would visit Luther and his siblings during the weekends when Five teleports them back to the Hargreeves mansion while Inko relaxes for a while. 

What she didn't know was that Luther spent little time with Izuku. The green haired baby spent most of his time with either Vanya or Klaus and his husband.

Every time Five picked up Izuku and took him to the mansion, Five would read him several books in different languages which at first worried his siblings till he and Vanya said it was perfectly ok for the boy to learn lots of languages at an early age.

Which did lead to Izuku saying his first words at 8 months old while with his mother and him eventually speaking in Japanese and the other languages that Five taught him.

Another thing was that Vanya, if the others were busy, would play the violin for the little one or play heroes with him.

Luther would be there of course, but he never really interacted with Izuku just awkwardly smile and ruffle his green curls whenever the toddler would go over to him and show him something impressive to him.

Allison and the others didn't like how this was going. Sure Izuku loved being with them when they could, but they knew he wanted to be with his father whenever Luther was around but the big man always looked uncomfortable. 

They had to do something about it soon.

It came sooner once Izuku turned 4.

The siblings had Izuku for an extra day because Inko had informed them that Izuku had the day off school. So they were having a relaxing day, Dave playing with Izuku with his stuffed All Might toys when it happened.

A small toy car rolled under the couch and before Diego or Klaus could try to get it back Izuku stumbled over and picked the couch up easily with one hand while the other... seemed to force it to go to him.

Everyone froze when they noticed what Izuku had done when everyone, except Luther, cheered.

"Zuzu it seems like you got half and half for your quirk!" Allizon cheered as she smiled and picked up her nephew. 

"I think we should send him back so that she could take him to the quirk doctor, no?" Dave asked curiously as he stood up and dusted off his pants.

The siblings agreed, although they did notice when Luther left the room in a hurry.

Allison handed the child to Five whom took Vanya with him as they went back to Inko. 

Allison sighs.

"You have to talk with him," Klaus says softly once the 3 leave. "The more he ignores Izu the more he harms the kid."

Allison nodded before following after Luther once she spoke with Grace who told her that Luther was in Izuku's room. The brunette was sitting on Izuku's bed and rubbing his face tiredly.

"You need to stop doing this," she said softly.

"Doing what?"

"Ignoring Izuku... Luther he is your son and he has your quirk-"

"He has both mine and Inko's quirk-"

"It doesn't matter! You can't just keep ignoring him. He needs you in his life."

"I'm scared!" Luther yells out and Allison took a step back from surprise.

"What do you mean?"

"What if... I turn out like dad-"

"You won't. You want to know why? Because you aren't our father, you have us who will help you," she said softly.

After that conversation Luther tried his best to be there for his son. Being a better father than Reginald was.

Inko had agreed that the family should help Izuku train his quirk and so as Izuku grew up he was trained by his father and his uncles.

Eventually, once trained under his uncle Five he was trained... with guns and such after Five had warned him that quirks shouldn't be relied on that much.

Not surprisingly, Izuku's strength quirk was stronger than Luther's. He could lift about 2 tons when they began and with the telekinesis quirk it made it much more stronger. They found this out after they began training with his quirk at 9 years old.

Bakugo Katsuki knew from a young age that his friend Izuku wasn't always there, in his home. All he knew was that he was visiting his father every other weekend.

He also knew that Izuku had a quirk, one he deemed powerful. 

Everyone in the world knew about The Umbrella Academy, the superhero agency that the members disbanded once they turned 18. The only thing that made the group special was the way they were born and bought by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. 

Everyone knew that Number 1, Luther Hargreeves had had a child with Inko Midoria, it had been difficult to ignore the Hargreeves siblings following around a short green haired woman who had a pregnant belly.

But the news eventually died down after Izuku was born.

Bakugo knew that other than him, that Izuku was powerful with his strength quirk he got from his father.

Combine that with aunt Inko's quirk then it was more stronger. Everyone in school knew that and treated the both of them as if they were gods.

Which annoyed Izuku sometimes but Bakugo kinda liked it. They were being treated as future heroes.

He tried being mean once to Izuku, but he got the visit of a teen with a coffee mug and he pretty much stopped being rude to Izuku.

"So you're trying out for U.A?" Five asked his nephew.

Izuku looked up from his notebooks to stare at his 27 year old uncle before nodding. 

It was odd having an uncle who physically looked younger than his father and uncles and aunts. However, Izuku understood that mentally his uncle was very much older than them and the 2nd oldest being Klaus because of his trip to Vietnam in the past in pre-quirk era.

"Yeah. Why?" Izuku asked his uncle curiously. 

"Just asking. Good luck and show them how it's done," Five said as he took a sip of his black coffee.

That conversation had been months before the entrance exam. Those months leading up to it had him being trained harder. Not like his father's family had been with his grandfather, but with them seeing slowly by slowly how much weight he can lift and hold and how much stronger his punches were. As well with his telekinesis helping with his strength.

Izuku had been a small child from what the Hargreeves could tell. They all deemed it that it was something else he got from Inko. 

Which is why that it surprised everyone when he went from 4'11 to 6'1 in the span of his first few months of his training. Then again Luther was 6'5 ft tall so it made sense that Izuku would grow taller since puberty hit.

Kacchan wasn't happy that he was the shorter one of the two.

Aizawa and all the other teachers watched the cameras in shock as a green haired teen wrecked robot after robot. Some with punches or by levitating them off the ground and dropping them from high up.

"Aizawa check this boy's files," Nedzu said to which the ravenette teacher nodded.

"That's Izuku... Midoria-Hargreeves."

"So that's Moon Boy's kid?" Hitashi Yamada asked curiously as he looked over his husband's shoulder to see the file. 

"It would seem he received both his parents quirk."

Soon after Hitashi announced there only being 1 minute left for the exam and a few seconds later the Zero Pointer was destroyed. 

Everyone was shocked, more so when they finally saw Midoria-Hargreeves, and wow were they going to get annoyed saying that, standing there holding up Ochaco Uraraka in his arms. 

He was unharmed and all thanks to his telekinesis making debris float as he descended so that he could walk back down.

A week later the Hargreeves siblings and Inko Midoria cheered as Izuku was accepted.