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The One True Chairing

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Joonghyuk has been in a bad mood lately, and it’s like the entire household starts walking on eggshells whenever he comes within 50 meters of anyone. Several people have already lodged complaints, not to Joonghyuk directly of course, never that, but to the one person who knows him best.

“Dokja-ssi, I think Joonghyuk-ssi…”

“Hyung! That guy is being weird and scary again!”

“Don’t you think there’s something wrong with Joonghyuk these days?” Han Sooyoung stands in front of Dokja in the living room, hands on hips.

“Hm? You too? No, I don’t think so, he’s always had anger issues.” Dokja leans back casually on his new rocking chair, something he’d purchased from the flea market they took the kids to a few weeks back. He doesn’t look up from the book he’s currently reading.

Sooyoung raises an eyebrow. “And you’re just gonna let him be like that?”

“Like what?” Dokja flips a page. “Look, if he’s really causing problems, just buy some fruit and get him to chop everything up with one of his swords. Like that game… what was it? Fruit Ninja? It worked well last time.”

“Huh.” Sooyoung becomes contemplative. “Was that when someone spilled soda all over his gaming keyboard?”


Sooyoung sighs. “Why can’t you two just… y’know, do... that together.”

Dokja blinks, his brain still processing her words. Then he promptly flushes and lifts his book higher so it covers his face. “That… was a one time thing.”

“And— weren’t you the one who spilled soda on his gaming keyboard?” Dokja asks. He peeks over his book for Sooyoung’s reaction but finds that she has suddenly disappeared. Bewildered, he sets his book down and searches the room, rocking forward on his chair. He spots Joonghyuk standing in the hallway, glaring towards Dokja’s direction with that scary gaze of his.

Oops. Dokja will apologize to Sooyoung later.

“Hello?” Dokja chances. Joonghyuk remains stony and silent.

The awkwardness is almost too much to bear. Dokja averts his gaze and looks down at his book instead. But his eyes aren’t really seeing anything, and his fingers fiddle at the corner of a page. “Did you hear anything?” he asks lightly.

“So she was the one who spilled soda on my keyboard,” Joonghyuk says finally, low and quiet. Dokja sweats. He nervously rocks back and forth faster on his rocking chair, feeling the tangible tension of Joonghyuk’s dangerous stare on him and rising displeasure. He refuses still to look at Joonghyuk.

Dokja concentrates on reading, but the words seem to slip off his mind. He doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve so much hostility when Sooyoung was the one who committed the sin. He rocks his chair back all the way, leaning against the wooden backrest, head tilted up and book lifted above his head. They both know he’s just pretending to read at this point.

“Do you need help finding her?”

“You’d sell her out?”

“Well… if it gets you to stop looking at me so angrily.”

Dokja peeks at Joonghyuk. In that brief moment, he looks rather confused. His expression quickly reverts to normal though, and he shakes his head imperceptibly. “No need.”

Dokja leans forward in his chair. Joonghyuk’s focus immediately snaps to him, eyes burning. Then, with an abrupt frown, he turns on his heel and walks out the door. Dokja’s gaze lingers on his back.


As if to spite Joonghyuk, Dokja has been attached to the rocking chair for the entire week. It’s a sturdy wooden thing with a fluffy cushion slapped onto the seat. Dokja sits there to read, sits there while snacking, sits there for their movie marathon nights, and even sits there while doing nothing, just rocking back and forth in a blank daze.

It’s near evening. Dokja has gone on a walk with some of the company members. The living room is empty. Joonghyuk quietly stalks into the room. His hand grips a sword, the blade of it glowing faintly in the falling light.

Joonghyuk hears a shuffle behind him. He recognizes the sound of the step— it’s Han Sooyoung trying (and failing) to pass by undetected. But Joonghyuk doesn’t care what she’s up to. His attention is focused on the rocking chair before him. Kim Dokja’s rocking chair, the most recent bane of Joonghyuk’s existence.

Joonghyuk lifts his sword and the blade flashes. He hears the footsteps behind him suddenly stop.

“What are you doing?” Sooyoung materializes next to him, sounding flustered. “You can’t just go around cutting furniture whenever you like. And that’s Dokja’s chair.”

Precisely why Joonghyuk wants to destroy it. He can’t stand the sight of Dokja sitting on it any longer, especially when he’s rocking back and forth on it.

“There’s fruit in the kitchen if you want to cut something. I’ll even throw it up into the air for you to make it more fun.”

“...” Joonghyuk throws her a disinterested look, lightly swishing his sword side to side.

“Why are you even cutting the chair in the first place?”

Joonghyuk ignores the question and levels her with a cool glare. “I haven’t forgot what you did.”

“Uhh, haha, what did I do?” Sooyoung laughs nervously. She avoids Joonghyuk’s gaze and eyes his sword, then looks at the innocent rocking chair. Looks back at Joonghyuk's sword. Suddenly, something clicks.

“No way, Yoo Joonghyuk.” Han Sooyoung looks at him in fear, and awe. “No… it can’t be…. you’re jealous of a chair?


Sooyoung jumps back when Joonghyuk brandishes his sword at her. He turns to the chair.

With great courage, Sooyoung shouts for him to stop. “Don’t destroy the chair! You’ll make Kim Dokja sad if you do! And I know you don’t want that!” She retreats to a safe distance (as safe as one could get) as she calls out to him.

Joonghyuk hesitates. Indeed, a sad Dokja would not do. He lowers the sword.

In the end, the rocking chair remains unscathed. Kim Dokja comes back from his walk and almost has a heart attack stumbling upon Sooyoung and Joonghyuk having a standoff in the living room, the latter wielding a sword. Han Sooyoung has to pay reparations for damaging Joonghyuk’s keyboard. Yoo Joonghyuk remains sexually frustrated and jealous of a rocking chair. All is not well.


Amusement park weekend swings around, and Joonghyuk, Heewon, and Hyungsung are on for kid-chaperoning duty. Sangah is visiting her family. Sooyoung is on an overnight trip somewhere for writing inspiration, and she’s taken Seolhwa with her. Dokja has the whole day— and house— to himself.

Past noon, he slips into the kitchen, making his way towards the barstools at the island. They’re chairs with light wooden seats and heavy stone legs, good for the activity he's just about to do.

Dokja has a silicone dildo tucked into the crook of his elbow, pitch black in color. He had chosen it with a certain person in mind.

He bites his lip anxiously while attaching the dildo to the seat of a stool. Thankfully, the suction cup on the end easily sticks onto the glazed wooden surface. With quick but slightly fumbling hands, Dokja smooths lube all over the dildo. It's not too big (Joonghyuk had been bigger, actually) but it looks rather imposing standing rigidly straight like that, up out of a kitchen stool.

Impatient now, Dokja spills lube all over his fingers and leans forward against the countertop, the marble cold against the skin of his stomach. He reaches behind him, messily prepping himself as fast as he can. After he adds another dollop of lube, his fingers start sliding in more easily.

Finally. He shivers, standing in front of the stool again. With an awkward movement he positions himself above the dildo and slowly lowers himself down. Apparently he hasn't prepped himself well enough, because there's a bit of a stretch, and he gasps out loud at the feeling of being split open. Arms trembling, he grips onto the sides of the stool, holding himself suspended in place while he tries to adjust around the dildo inside him.

After clenching a few times and freezing up, Dokja forces himself to relax, taking deep breaths through his nose. It's to be expected, since he's pretty new to the wonders of anal penetration. He sinks deeper down on the dildo, inch by inch. After moving a few times up and down, he's able to sink all the way down until his butt touches the seat of the stool.

He feels so full, but at the same time, he misses the hot warmth of real cock. Dokja has only had it once before, but already he's craving it so badly he's fucking himself on a dildo in the middle of the kitchen.

Dokja tries to generate more heat, more friction. His movements are a bit clumsy but enthusiastic as he vigorously rides the fake cock below him. Finally, when he's warmed up enough, he lets go of the sides of the stool, nothing holding him up anymore except for his shaking legs. The dildo sinks in even deeper, generating a stab of throbbing pleasure each time he slides onto it.

He grasps his own cock while he continues to fuck himself on the dildo. The stool stays reassuringly steady underneath him. Dokja squeezes his eyes shut and pretends the dildo is real and belongs to someone he'd very much like to have sex with again.

"Joonghyuk," he breathes out, testing the name on his tongue.

He gives his leaking, hard cock a few more tugs. It’s already slippery in his hand. "Joonghyuk," he says again, moans this time. "Joonghyuk, Joonghyuk, Joonghyuk." He punctuates each downward thrust with an utterance, and his heart burns for an instant at how the words echo slightly in the empty kitchen.

Moving faster and faster, he finally comes— tears in the corners of his eyes from the pleasure, Joonghyuk's name still on his lips.


It turns out that they didn't have enough tickets for everyone to attend the amusement park, so Joonghyuk volunteers to opt out and quickly returns home. Lotte World was never really his thing anyway. Besides, Kim Dokja is at home and much more thrilling than any theme park. Joonghyuk decides to swing by the kitchen first thing, just to stare into the fridge and contemplate what to make for dinner. As he quietly enters the house, he wonders what Dokja is up to.

Joonghyuk’s steps become more cautious as he nears the kitchen. He's picked up a strange noise coming from there, some kind of repeated squishing sound and another thing that sounds like a little grunt of pain. That something sounds very much like Dokja's voice.

Joonghyuk is about to rush in when what he sees makes him freeze up completely.

Dokja is inside the kitchen. He's completely naked and sitting on a stool. No, he's moving up and down on the stool, on what appears to be a dildo.

Joonghyuk gapes dumbly at the scene before him until a high-pitched exhale from Dokja brings him back to his senses. He quickly moves behind the wall next to the doorway, heart pounding as he peeks out to watch more of Dokja and his unusual activities. Joonghyuk clenches his jaw, almost disbelieving at the sight. Who knew Dokja was such a slut like this, what a tease, fucking himself on a dildo in broad daylight where anyone could walk in. Joonghyuk doesn't even know where he's obtained such a thing.

Light streaming through the brightly lit kitchen hits Dokja's skin, making him glow everywhere— hair, shoulders, chest, waist, and legs. Joonghyuk has a pretty neat side view of Dokja's body. It's a bit difficult to see exactly how the dildo disappears into Dokja's body since his leg is blocking it, but Joonghyuk can imagine what it looks like. After all, he’s fucked Dokja before. He remembers how exhilarating it was to mark up the pale skin of Dokja's inner thighs during their first romp, covering them with bites and handprint bruises.

He's a hairpin trigger away from running into the kitchen, wrenching Dokja's thighs wide apart, and sucking harshly at the glowing skin right there. At the same time, he knows that if he walked in there right now and let Dokja know that he was watching him, Dokja would inevitably run away.

So Joonghyuk stays behind the wall, burning with desire.

Dokja finally gets more comfortable on the fake cock and picks up the pace, moving faster until he's bouncing on the dildo with reckless abandon. There's slickness running down the side of his thigh and a sheen of sweat all over his skin. With a soft gasp of pleasure, Dokja tips his head back and starts touching himself, his wrist arching almost delicately as he gets himself off.

Joonghyuk wonders what is going on inside Dokja's brain right now, what kind of fantasy he’s spinning, who he's thinking of.

"Joonghyuk." His own name comes out from Dokja's mouth, hushed and breathless. For a moment, Joonghyuk thinks he's hallucinated it.

And then Dokja moans it again, sounding broken and absolutely pornographic and Joonghyuk wants so desperately to respond. He wants to growl out Dokja's name and rush over and fill him up with his cock and make Dokja scream his name out loud, over and over again.

Now that he knows he's the one Dokja thinks about while masturbating… well… Joonghyuk wants to fuck him again even more badly.

The end of Dokja’s moan pitches up into a squeak as he comes suddenly, dick twitching in his hand and thighs spasming, the dildo still embedded snugly in his ass. Dokja curls in on himself, and the dildo pops out from his hole as he leans forward.

Joonghyuk glimpses Dokja's slender fingers covered with sticky release, cum all over the front of his body and some dripping onto the stool. Dokja gets off the stool and staggers for a few paces before leaning over the countertop to brace his shaking legs, shoulders hunched up and hands in fists, making breathy little panting noises as he recovers.

Meanwhile, Joonghyuk stares down at himself, at his traitorous cock straining against his clothing. He takes one more glance at Dokja shivering and cleaning up the mess he's made over the stool before he turns away from the kitchen and runs up the stairs to his room.


Somehow, Joonghyuk is even more agitated the next day. Dokja thinks that maybe Joonghyuk was pissed about missing out on Lotte World. He can’t stop glaring daggers at Dokja, and the one time Dokja accidentally brushes against him while going to the sink to wash his hands, Joonghyuk actually jolts.

When Dokja sits down on a kitchen stool— coincidentally the one he attached a dildo to and fucked himself on the day before— Joonghyuk loses his shit and flips over the large bowl of salad he was just tossing. Cut-up pieces of vegetable and croutons rain onto the kitchen countertop and onto the floor, salad dressing splattering everywhere. Dokja looks at him, stunned. Joonghyuk storms out of the kitchen.

The room falls silent.

Heewon speaks up tentatively. “Did you… do something to him?” Dokja turns to her in confusion, disbelief apparent on his face. “Ah, nevermind.”

After a few minutes of awkward chewing, the atmosphere becomes lively again. Dokja bites his fork in contemplation and pushes the food around on his plate.

Joonghyuk sweeps in briefly in between to grab a plate of food before leaving. Dokja bites down on his fork harder.

"You know, if you're that worried, you could talk to him?" Sangah suggests as the dinner comes to a chaotic close, as usual. The kids have started throwing little torn-up pieces of vegetable at each other.

"I did nothing wrong," Dokja grumbles. "But fine, maybe later tonight." He scowls into his bowl of soup. It's damn good as always, since Joonghyuk made it. Everything reminds Dokja of Joonghyuk nowadays.


Late at night, with almost everyone having gone to bed already, Dokja visits the living room, where he's been informed a certain protagonist has been for the past few hours.

Joonghyuk is sitting in Dokja’s rocking chair. Dokja walks over and clears his throat. Joonghyuk doesn’t budge. “Oh,” Dokja starts, pissed off. “For fuck’s sake, what is your problem?” He rubs at his face in exasperation, ready to throw hands. Agitated, he runs a hand through his hair, glaring at Joonghyuk. Before he can open his mouth to tell him off again, Joonghyuk’s hand shoots out and latches tightly around Dokja’s wrist, pulling him forward and straight into Joonghyuk’s lap.

Dokja topples into Joonghyuk’s chest. He struggles to push himself away, but Joonghyuk rocks back in the chair and wraps two strong arms around Dokja’s waist, pinning him against the length of Joonghyuk’s body. Dokja squirms in his tight embrace.


Joonghyuk grabs the back of Dokja's neck and guides his head forward until his lips meet Joonghyuk's in a heated kiss. Dokja breaks free with a gasp, but Joonghyuk's grip on his neck is insistent and so is he about kissing Dokja, or, alternatively, suffocating him via mouth-to-mouth contact.

“Let me fuck you.”

It’s a question worded as a statement, in the typical Yoo Joonghyuk fashion.

Dokja bites his lip. He doesn't know what's brought this on so suddenly (perhaps angry Joonghyuk is a horny Joonghyuk in disguise), but he does really want to have sex with Joonghyuk (read: yesterday’s kitchen fun times). Dokja stares at Joonghyuk’s very handsome and determined face.

"Okay," Dokja says, easy as a knife through melting butter.

Joonghyuk drags him in for another fierce kiss. This time with more tongue, and teeth. Joonghyuk kisses Dokja like he wants to conquer him. Perhaps he already has.

When they part, Joonghyuk wipes the saliva off from Dokja's chin with a thumb. His eyes shine, hungry and intense like he’s ready to devour Dokja. He hooks the same thumb into the waistband of Dokja's sweatpants and boxers and tugs them roughly down his ass. With a quick touch, he elevates Dokja's hips with his other fingers so he can get Dokja's pants all the way down. They spend a bit longer twisting and shimmying about trying to get their clothes off without leaving the position they're in. Soon, the bottom halves of their bodies are completely bare. Dokja lays naked on top of Joonghyuk, who is still wearing a casual army jacket and thin black shirt underneath.

Joonghyuk digs a hand into his pocket and fishes out a bottle of lube. He flicks the cap open with a snap. Dokja flinches.

"Hmm." Joonghyuk doesn't make an immediate move to apply the lube. Instead, he gropes at Dokja's ass a few times, slaps it twice. Dokja holds his breath, hands clutching at the sides of Joonghyuk’s arms, fingers twisting into his sleeves as he spreads apart Dokja's buttcheeks and searches for his hole. He starts to wiggle his index finger in. Dokja shuts his eyes and buries his face in Joonghyuk's shoulder. He’d forgotten how damn good Joonghyuk smells. Suddenly, Joonghyuk's finger stills, and Dokja's head is yanked back by his hair fisted in Joonghyuk's free hand.

"Look at me," Joonghyuk growls. His finger starts moving again, and only then does Dokja understand— Joonghyuk can't see what he's doing to Dokja's ass from this position, so he can only rely on touch and the minute changes of Dokja's expression to feel out what's working or not.

Joonghyuk is enjoying this very much. The best thing about this whole situation is a two-parter. One: how Dokja is letting Joonghyuk do whatever he wants. Two: the flustered, tortured expression on Dokja’s pretty face.

He makes fast work prepping Dokja, drinking in the sight of Dokja’s bright eyes, the way he bites his lip and his eyebrows wobble when Joonghyuk prods at different spots inside him. When Dokja’s eyes start to glaze over from getting accustomed to the finger-fucking, Joonghyuk finally stops.

He feels for Dokja's hole again, tapping the fat blunt head of his cock against the opening before angling his hips up and sliding in. They both simultaneously sigh in pleasure.

Dokja's hole feels even better than Joonghyuk had anticipated. He’s so tight that Joonghyuk has to take a second to rearrange his wits. Everything feels feverishly warm, even Dokja's bare skin against his own, thigh-to-thigh.

The chair rocks and the angle of the cock buried inside Dokja changes slightly, and it almost slips out. Then, slowly and deliberately, Joonghyuk rocks back in the chair, and at the same time, his cock naturally shifts deeper into Dokja. Joonghyuk kneads at Dokja's supple ass and thighs as he works at fucking Dokja. He goes at a leisurely pace. It's rather relaxing actually, sitting back on a rocking chair with Dokja in his lap.

Dokja squeezes desperately around his cock. His body is stiff and rigid. It is only his second time, after all. Joonghyuk strokes at his hair and down the curve of his spine. Dokja relaxes minutely, and after a pause, tilts his face forward to kiss Joonghyuk. He's so incredibly endearing, cute even, as he whimpers and gasps into Joonghyuk's mouth.

It's over fast. Dokja's hole is constantly, unconsciously clenching around Joonghyuk's cock, hot and wetly, and Dokja's little noises help drive Joonghyuk over the edge. With a deep exhale Joonghyuk comes, hips stilling, hands like a vice on Dokja's ass to keep him anchored to Joonghyuk as he spills his semen into him. Dokja has gone back to being embarrassed and overwhelmed, his hands fisted in Joonghyuk's shirt and his face buried there too.

Joonghyuk pulls out slowly. Excess cum dribbles from the head of his cock. He sticks a curious finger into Dokja's fluttering hole and swirls around, scoops some of his cum out and wipes it all over Dokja's thighs. Dokja makes a mortified sound.

Joonghyuk wants to fuck him more. Dokja hasn't come yet. Meanwhile…

Joonghyuk rifles around in his jacket pockets again— and Dokja waits eagerly for his next parlor trick. Maybe handcuffs or a vibrator or even a butt plug—

“This yours?” Joonghyuk takes out a dildo. Specifically, Dokja’s dildo— the one he used yesterday. Dokja looks betrayed.

"How… did you…"

"It was in the kitchen drawer."

"That's because the kids go looking around my room a lot!" Dokja bursts out, trying to defend himself. "I thought there'd be no way anyone would be remotely interested in what's inside a kitchen drawer which is why I deemed it the safest place— but you, you…" Dokja despairs. Suddenly, he thinks of something. "How did you know it was mine? Theoretically, mine. Because it isn't, haha. Forget what I was saying earlier, I was lying."

"Dokja, I still have Lie Detection."

"Damnit. Wait, don't change the subject, how—"

"I saw you yesterday."

Dokja freezes. His expression turns into a mixture of furious and humiliated. "Y-you… were watching me…?"

"You're such a slut, aren't you? Kim Dokja. Fucking yourself on a dildo, calling out my name like that. Were you hoping I would fuck you? Were you that desperate?" Joonghyuk circles Dokja's rim with the pads of his fingers.

Dokja's face is fully flushed now and Joonghyuk can feel how hard he is against both of their stomachs.

"Would you have begged me for it?"

Dokja avoids Joonghyuk's eyes, fists balling into Joonghyuk's shirt. "That's…"

Too much. Similarly, Joonghyuk doesn't think he could control himself if he did hear Dokja beg. He'd probably lose it and fuck Dokja so hard he’d injure him.

Joonghyuk surveys Dokja's blushing face with extreme satisfaction. He stops teasing Dokja's rim and pushes in again. His fingers slide in easily; Dokja's hole is sopping wet from Joonghyuk's first load and loosened up quite a bit from sex. Dokja clenches hard around Joonghyuk's fingers when they enter him.

"Look at you, so full of my cum."

"I'm not even halfway full," Dokja corrects him. "Wait."

Joonghyuk’s eyes narrow. "Okay. I'll fill you up more then."

"No no no wait I didn't mean—!"

Joonghyuk grabs Dokja's ass with both hands and lifts him up onto his cock. Dokja's complaints are immediately quelled.


"...Yeah." Dokja headbutts Joonghyuk's chest, stays there with his face buried in Joonghyuk's shirt. "Keep going." Joonghyuk spreads a hand through Dokja's silky black hair and starts thrusting into him again, creating obscene squelching sounds due to all the cum already in Dokja.

"Joonghyuk, are you," Dokja looks up, biting his lip. His breath hitches at a forceful thrust. "Are you going to…"


Dokja reaches back and touches the hand Joonghyuk has supporting his ass, the hand still holding Dokja's black dildo.

"Oh, this?" Joonghyuk examines the dildo with distaste. Then with more consideration. "Do you want this in you along with my cock?"

"Will it even fit?"

"I believe in you."

Dokja scoffs. "You're just saying that."

"We can try it." Joonghyuk pats Dokja's head. "Do you want to?"

Dokja hands him the lube. Joonghyuk smiles.

Joonghyuk pulls out slightly, then nudges the dildo along himself, trying to wiggle the head of the dildo into Dokja.

"Joonghyuk, it's not going to—"


Dokja forces his body to go limp and tries not to clench when Joonghyuk pushes in more. He gasps.

"Does it hurt?"


"Good." Joonghyuk continues pushing, until he's completely buried inside Dokja again, with the addition of a dildo halfway inside as well. It's already beyond Joonghyuk's expectations.

"Is it in all the way?"

"Halfway." He pats Dokja's ass. "You're doing well. This is good enough."

"Joonghyuk, make it go all the way in. I can take it."

Joonghyuk’s cock twitches in Dokja, but the dildo is so tightly fitted inside that it hardly jostles. He sucks in a breath. Kim Dokja is going to be the death of him.

Just for safety measures, Joonghyuk adds another generous helping of lube to the end of dildo not yet inside Dokja. Then he pushes. It goes in almost perfectly, as if being sucked inside of Dokja's hole.

"Joonghyuk." Dokja's voice is urgent and pleading. Joonghyuk is immediately on alert. "I'm okay, s-start moving."

Joonghyuk grips the end of the dildo and slides out with it, then thrusts back in. Dokja keens and bites down on Joonghyuk's shoulder.

“You should see yourself,” Joonghyuk murmurs. “You’re stretched out so much.”

Dokja's skin is damp with sweat. He's panting loudly now, letting out soft moans or quiet whines from time to time as Joonghyuk doubly fucks him.

With two cocks deep inside of Dokja (granted, one being fake), something is bound to hit his prostate soon. And one of them does. It's not exactly important which one does, and both of them don't really care because Dokja cries out and shudders hard, squeezing unforgivingly tight around Joonghyuk's cock and sending him into a frenzy.

Joonghyuk starts nailing the spot with terrifying precision. His hand plunging the dildo into Dokja moves faster too as the pace picks up, mirroring his cock.

"It's— it's so much!" Dokja's voice is close to a sob.

Joonghyuk feels wetness on his stomach. He doesn't stop. Keeps ramming into Dokja for what feels like close to eternity but also for what probably lasts, in reality, less than a minute before the orgasm hits and his cum gushes into Dokja's hole for the second time.

Dokja promptly passes out.


11 AM the next morning, the late-wakers at the breakfast table hear someone crashing down the stairs at breakneck speed.

Jung Heewon recalls a harried-looking Kim Dokja dashing into the living room, looking around wildly, and sighing a huge sigh of relief.

Han Sooyoung tells her it's because Dokja's rocking chair is still intact.

Jung Heewon does not know why Dokja would have to worry about his rocking chair.

Kim Dokja officially arrives at the breakfast table with a bowl of granola and a glass of milk. He winces as he sits down. Then, he opens his mouth and asks for Joonghyuk's whereabouts.

Han Sooyoung slowly turns away from Dokja and appears to age rapidly. She looks Heewon in the eye and says she is better off not knowing.

As an added bonus, Dokja finds out that the walls around the house are extremely sound-proofed. He feels very blessed. All is well.

Chapter Text

It’s been 7 days and 15 hours since Joonghyuk had last fucked Dokja on the rocking chair. Since then, it’s become Joonghyuk's favorite chair in the house, ranking over his own high-tech gaming chair, which he doesn't hold much affection for in the first place. He's taken up a new hobby of sitting on the rocking chair and waiting for Dokja to walk by and blush furiously.

Joonghyuk decides to go to bed early, with nothing else to do. He feels strung tight, images of Dokja's flushed face constantly crossing his mind as the day goes by. He wants desperately to fuck Dokja again, but he supposes Dokja is already asleep or doing activities with the other company members. Joonghyuk resigns himself to a night of masturbating to the memory of Dokja's tight, wet hole and warm skin.

Bounding up the stairs, he opens the door to his room and finds the object of his fantasies sitting curled up in his gaming chair.

Dokja turns to him in surprise. The bulky LED gaming headset on his head flashes rainbow. He's seated like a gremlin of some sort, knees drawn against his chest, feet resting on the edge of the chair.

"What are you doing?"

Dokja swivels back to facing the screen and adjusts his headphones. Joonghyuk's headphones. "Playing PUBG."

Joonghyuk walks over and squints at the screen. Dokja's player is crawling on the ground, attempting to hide among the grass. "You're really bad."

"Oh fuck you."

Joonghyuk glances down at Dokja and does a double take. He's freshly showered and wearing thin sleep clothes, his loose sweater exposing delicate collarbones and one shoulder, still flushed pink from a hot shower. The ends of his hair are still wet, as are his eyelashes. They look even darker and longer than usual.

Joonghyuk swallows and feels his cock stir.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Dokja's hands leap onto the mouse and keys, and he starts clicking and tapping rapidly, doing a poor job of trying to shoot and run away at the same time. "Ah fuck!" He pushes against the desk and the chair rolls backwards. Preoccupied with the game, he doesn't notice when Joonghyuk kneels down, moves in front of the chair, and situates himself between Dokja's legs.

Joonghyuk's hands come up to wrap around Dokja's calves and he leans forwards, nosing at Dokja's crotch. Dokja makes a noise and startles. He looks down disbelievingly at Joonghyuk.

"Joonghyuk?" He squeezes his legs together. Or tries to. Joonghyuk pries them apart.

Joonghyuk looks up at Dokja, blinking innocently. He schools his expression into something deadpan. Dokja stares at him aghast. His player promptly dies on screen.

His fingers curl around the band of Dokja's sweatpants and pull them down. He is not wearing underwear underneath. Dokja makes another sound, but he lets Joonghyuk remove his pants completely.

"Focus on your game," Joonghyuk instructs. He runs his hands along the smooth skin of Dokja's legs and feels up his soft thighs.

"What are you going to do to me."

"I'm deciding. Keep playing."

Dokja's eyes shake but he redirects his attention to the screen. Restarts the game. His cock is hard already.

Joonghyuk eyes it appraisingly, leans forward, and licks one long stripe along the underside. He feels Dokja shudder and sits back to watch as the blood swells in and makes it flush redder. The saliva Joonghyuk leaves glistens lewdly in the light. Joonghyuk’s attention is drawn, all of a sudden, to a spot under Dokja’s balls. He can barely see it due to the way Dokja is sitting, but it’s there— his hole, small and tight, fluttering a bit.

Abruptly, Joonghyuk pulls Dokja’s ass forward until it’s at the very edge of the chair and Dokja’s back has slid low on the seat. There. He can see the puckered pink rim clearer now…

“I can’t play my game like this,” Dokja says meekly.

“Then don’t.”

Dokja’s player gets blown up a third time. He groans.

Joonghyuk, meanwhile, dips down and sticks his tongue out, the tip pressing against Dokja’s opening. Dokja freezes.

“Joonghyuk, what are you doing?”

Joonghyuk spreads his tongue flatter and presses just a bit more insistently before withdrawing. He gazes back up at Dokja with sharp eyes. Dokja is completely focused on him, a look of incredulity on his blushing mess of a face.

Wordlessly, Joonghyuk grips Dokja’s thighs, one in each hand, and runs his hands up to lift the calves, pushing Dokja’s legs straight up until they’re dangling in the air.

“Hold them there.”

Dokja obediently loops his elbows under his knees, presenting his pretty cock and hole to Joonghyuk.

Joonghyuk wants to dive right into tonguing at Dokja’s hole again, but first— he regards the pale, inviting skin of Dokja’s thighs and sets straight to marking them. He finds that Dokja’s inner thighs are extremely sensitive, and soon Dokja is leaking precum all over himself and letting out little breathless huffs as bite marks and hickies bloom on his skin. Joonghyuk sucks one last mark on Dokja’s ass just a few centimeters away from his entrance. He takes a pause, and then breathes onto Dokja. Dokja shivers. His hole flutters again.

Exhaling one more time, Joonghyuk finally plants a kiss on Dokja’s rim. He feels Dokja pulse underneath his lips.

“Ah, not there… Joonghyuk… that’s…”

“Dirty? Don’t make excuses, Dokja, you just showered.” Joonghyuk’s voice goes low.

This effectively shuts Dokja up. Joonghyuk sticks his tongue out again, this time aiming to breach Dokja’s hole. His tongue forcefully wriggles its way in. Dokja is incredibly warm inside, feeling even hotter than when Joonghyuk fucks him with his cock. Maybe it's because his face gets to be so close to Dokja’s hole, in this incredibly intimate position. Joonghyuk draws out his tongue. Dokja smells of his arousal, heavy and musky in a way that makes Joonghyuk salivate— undercut by the clean scent of lemon soap. As for the taste, there’s traces of body wash, just a bit of bitterness and nothing else.

Joonghyuk fucks his tongue into the tight heat of Dokja’s hole. Getting increasingly more sensitive with each plunge of Joonghyuk’s tongue, it spasms even more.

“Mmm.” Joonghyuk casually reaches up and grabs Dokja’s cock, thumbing at the tip. Dokja jolts, and goes still. Only after Dokja’s belated moan does Joonghyuk realize the wetness on his face. Dokja has come all over him. Most of it has landed in his hair and forehead. There’s some splashed over his nose and cheeks.

“Ah… oops.”

Joonghyuk removes his tongue from Dokja’s ass and sighs. He wipes Dokja’s cum off of his face with the back and sides of his hand. Dokja lets go of his legs and they plop down on either side of Joonghyuk’s shoulders. Joonghyuk leisurely licks the cum from his hand.

He hears Dokja snicker. “There’s still some in your hair.” Dokja reaches out. Joonghyuk shoots a scathing glare at him. Dokja’s hand pauses midway to its destination.

“Since you had your fun, it’s my turn.”

“For what?” Dokja laughs nervously. “Oh, did you mean PUBG? Thanks for letting me use your computer. And chair. Here, I can leave—”

“My turn to come,” Joonghyuk elaborates. As he stands up, he pushes his gaming chair back and sends it— and Dokja— spinning across the room. He stalks over and cages Dokja in, who shrinks pitifully into the chair. Dokja stares wide-eyed at him.

He roughly flips Dokja around on the chair and takes his own achingly hard cock out. “I’ve been waiting for a long time.” Joonghyuk lines up at Dokja’s thoroughly plundered hole. “Besides, I think I’ve already prepped you enough,” he whispers into Dokja’s ear. Dokja’s fingers tighten around the backrest.

Joonghyuk spends the rest of the night pounding into Dokja, who spends the time sobbing into the backrest as Joonghyuk violates him on his very sturdy gaming chair.


The household's newest purchase is a large bean bag chair. It's for the kids mostly, but they soon lose interest in the big shapeless lump and leave to do more interesting things like catch butterflies to add to their rapidly growing collection.

Dokja, however, has taken to sinking into the bean bag chair and drowning within it whenever he's feeling tired.

On his way to the bathroom, Joonghyuk glimpses Dokja spread-eagled on the bean bag chair. He lays there sleeping defenselessly. Bean bag chair… it's practically a bed.

Joonghyuk gets an idea.


Dokja is taking a light snooze on the bean bag chair when he feels something wet against the side of his neck, and a certain person's familiar presence above him.

He blearily opens his eyes to see an intense-looking Joonghyuk hovering above him, arms on either side of his shoulders. Dokja blinks, but as soon as his eyes close Joonghyuk has swooped down and kissed him on the lips. Joonghyuk's tongue impatiently traces the seam of Dokja's lips, seeking in. Dokja pushes at Joonghyuk's unfairly packed, muscular chest with a hand and Joonghyuk backs off, looking at Dokja inquisitively.

"You want to fuck," Dokja accuses.

Joonghyuk intentionally misses the accusatory tone in Dokja's voice and perks up. "Mhm."

Dokja narrows his eyes at him. "What's wrong with you? You only kiss me when you want to have sex with me."

At this, Joonghyuk's eyebrows furrow. "Oh. I'll kiss you more when I'm not fucking you then."

Dokja sighs. His fingers curl into Joonghyuk's shirt, and he looks away.

"Is that your only complaint? Can I fuck you now?"

Dokja has a million complaints on the tip of his tongue. Joonghyuk is too rough, Joonghyuk likes coming inside of him and it's a hassle to clean out, Joonghyuk leaves very visible love bites, Joonghyuk never treats him differently afterwards (differently being nicer), Joonghyuk is always horny nowadays, one would think he's been repressing it for centuries.

Somehow, he can't find it in himself to say any of them. Truthfully, he likes all those things about Joonghyuk.

"Yes," is what he comes up with finally. "And yes." He makes a move to get up. "You horny bastard."

Joonghyuk pushes him down, grinning, teeth sharp. He starts attacking Dokja's neck again, sucking another red mark onto Dokja's throat. His punishing grip on Dokja clearly indicates he isn't intent on leaving the bean bag chair anytime soon.

"H-here?" Dokja shivers as Joonghyuk licks along his collarbone.

"Of course," Joonghyuk says. "Where else?"

The words "a bed" die quickly on Dokja's lips as Joonghyuk kisses him quiet again, at the same time grasping one of Dokja's legs from behind the knee and lifting it. He does the same with the other leg, before remembering Dokja's pants are still on. They're off in a flash. He quickly manhandles Dokja into the previous position, legs in the air and knees against shoulders.

Joonghyuk presses two lubed fingers against Dokja's hole and keeps them there for a bit, as if he’s enjoying the feeling of Dokja's hole twitching and quivering in anticipation. Dokja slaps Joonghyuk's shoulder. Joonghyuk pushes in.

Prep is all the more embarrassing in this position. Dokja feels more exposed than usual. Maybe it’s because he can actually see Joonghyuk's fingers thrusting into his hole, in and out. Only a few moments later, Joonghyuk removes his fingers, and Dokja's hole clenches and unclenches around nothing. Joonghyuk won't stop staring at his hole.

"Joonghyuk." Joonghyuk's gaze flits to his face, and then he immediately goes to pulling his dick out, slicking himself with lube, and entering Dokja.

Dokja's legs frame Joonghyuk's face, which looms closer as he plunges his cock deeper into Dokja. He usually takes Dokja from behind, exception being the one time on the rocking chair. Dokja was too overwhelmed to have noticed what he looked like then, but now Joonghyuk’s face is so close and oh— he knows exactly what Joonghyuk looks like when he's fucking him. Dokja had only his imagination to rely on in the past.

He's serious, in deep concentration as expected, but in some ways he seems more flustered than Dokja had imagined. Like he's barely holding back, his lips pressed together in a tense line, a faint flush high on his cheeks.

Then Dokja feels it. The tip of Joonghyuk's cock nudging at his prostate. He found it that fast...? Dokja moans soft.

Joonghyuk smirks. There's sweat dripping down his temple now. He buries himself deep inside Dokja and angles his head to kiss Dokja on the lips. After they part, Joonghyuk resumes nailing Dokja's prostate, eyes sparking, that fierce, alive expression on his face. Like he’s doing something noble and perilous during a scenario, and not just fucking Dokja on a bean bag chair.

Dokja comes first. There's not much pressure on Dokja's cock, just the slide of Joonghyuk's sweat-slicked skin against it each time he thrusts in all the way, but that and the dizzying bursts of pleasure that come from Joonghyuk hitting his prostate are more than enough to send him over the edge— toes twitching, spine tingling, cock spurting out ropes of cum between them.

Joonghyuk continues fucking him mercilessly. Dokja feels the breath fwoomp! out of him as his entire body relaxes. The bean bag chair shifts and moulds around the contours of their ceaselessly moving bodies. His head sinks back into the chair, and Joonghyuk bites gently at the underside of his jaw. The incoming thrust pummels at his battered prostate.

"Ah— hey, Yoo Joonghyuk. If you keep going..." Dokja momentarily loses his train of thought. "If you keep going, I don't think I can take it…" Dokja's whole body is still buzzing from his orgasm, sensitive to even the slightest touch.

Of course, nothing Dokja ever said has ever really stopped Joonghyuk.

"... Joonghyuk…"

"Please… it's too… "


"Noisy." Joonghyuk leans close on a thrust and nips at the spot under Dokja's ear.

"Ah really, I… can't.. you fucked me too hard yesterday… on.. chair….. no more, you're so…" Dokja's speech becomes slurred. Joonghyuk merely grunts in reply and slams into him harder, as if he wants to fuck Dokja into speechlessness.

It works. By the time Joonghyuk spills into him, hot and gushing, Dokja is mumbling out a string of nonsense interspersed with soft, needy little "Joonghyuk"s.

Joonghyuk pulls out. Cum splatters onto the dense fabric of the bean bag chair, glistens in between Dokja's legs as he curls up on his side. Joonghyuk watches his hole give one last weak squeeze, pearly white cum oozing out. He grips an asscheek and pulls at it to widen the hole, ignoring Dokja's whine of protest. More cum drips off the reddened rim, down the other asscheek, and onto the bean bag chair.

"Fucking asshole," Dokja says tiredly. He has started to recover.

"That's what I did."

Dokja huffs. After a bout of silence, he starts cursing again. Joonghyuk smiles at his vicious insults, then promptly shuts him up by kissing him senseless.


The next day, Dokja walks into the living room to pick up the book he never finished reading since the rocking chair incident. There's a barely noticeable limp in his gait.


"Gilyoung-ah," Dokja answers distractedly, still looking for his book. He spots it balanced precariously on a stack of miscellaneous items shoved into the corner of a desk. He frowns. The desk really doesn’t match with the bright white of the new couch next to it…

"Hyung!" Gilyoung runs into the room with Yoosung close behind him. They crowd around Dokja, looking brightly up at him.

Gilyoung tugs at Dokja's sleeve. "What is it?" He pats both of their heads.

"Where's the bean bag chair?"

Dokja freezes.

"Yeah, Ahjussi, it's really weird.. it's gone all of a sudden," Yoosung adds.

Dokja slowly removes his hands from their heads. The two kids look at him curiously. His face appears dramatically shadowed, head hanging down as if in deep thought.

"I don't know," he finally answers, turning away so they can't tell he's lying. (He seems to have forgotten everyone still has Lie Detection.) Then Dokja walks away from the living room, book completely forgotten, muttering a few incomprehensible things under his breath. "Maybe you two should ask Yoo Joonghyuk…"


Joonghyuk fucks him on the couch next. It's the new white couch in the living room, material unknown, feeling like leather but softer and… furrier? Dokja really doesn't know. All he does know is that it's pretty comfortable to be lying on as Joonghyuk rails him repeatedly from behind. At this point, he wonders if they'll ever fuck on an actual bed anymore.

"Slut," Joonghyuk says. "I don't even need to prep you with my fingers anymore." Dokja's hole stretches perfectly around Joonghyuk's large cock now, swallowing him in with ease.

"We've been having non-stop sex for the past three days," Dokja grumbles into the couch. He doesn't bother to refute beyond that. Joonghyuk's dirty talk is just as callous and blunt as his usual speech. Dokja finds it concerningly hot.

Furthermore, Joonghyuk's fucking has definitely become more aggressive with each passing day. He shakes Dokja like a ragdoll, leaves bites like crescent-shaped medals all over Dokja's skin. Nothing hurts though, Joonghyuk’s definitely done worse things to him than fuck him hard, in actuality, this feels good, and Dokja likes it so much. It’s Joonghyuk, and this is the way that suits them best.

Joonghyuk's breathing grows ragged. Dokja starts grinding into the couch, new or not be damned. He's definitely gotten precum all over it by now. Another piece of furniture ruined by bodily fluids…

"Joonghyuk-ah," Dokja gasps. "Let me—"

"No," Joonghyuk denies him with a growl. He wrenches Dokja's hips off the surface of the couch and ignores Dokja's wail of distress. Unable to get any friction, any physical touch on his cock while receiving shattering jolts of pleasure from all the attention on his prostate, Dokja starts to shake.

Joonghyuk holds him close, holds him steady.

"Don't you dare use your hands," Joonghyuk's voice comes out rough. Dokja howls. He can't, can't possibly come like this, cock leaking wet and hard against nothing but the empty air— any semblance of pride is gone, he'll beg Joonghyuk— he's begging for release now, but no reprieve comes, only liquid warmth flooding into him, thick and hot. He cries out in frustration. Joonghyuk is off of him now, he flops to the side and Joonghyuk starts feeling him up all over, touching everywhere, everywhere but where he wants it most.


Dokja is a vision impaled on Joonghyuk's cock like this, trembling legs spread wide, the backs of his thighs and his ass covered in slow-fading welts. He’s still unbelievably tight, despite this being the third day in a row Joonghyuk has fucked him.

There's a thought: Joonghyuk wants to see Dokja's face when he orgasms. He's practically addicted to the sight now— at the way the flush travels slow over Dokja's face, his lips bitten and worried red, how tears start glimmering in the corners of his eyes like crystals.

So he prevents Dokja from coming. He feels Dokja thrash under him, frantically searching for release. And then Dokja starts begging, all sweet and eager, turning pliant as he clings tight to Joonghyuk, around Joonghyuk. Joonghyuk feels the familiar tightening in the pit of his stomach and he chases the feeling, continuously thrusting into Dokja. The walls of Dokja’s hole grip his cock deliciously, squeezing hard enough to wring an orgasm out of him. He ignores Dokja’s weak cries and pulls out, allowing one second of collapse onto a wriggling Dokja before he maneuvers himself to a sitting position.

Dokja slumps onto his side, upper body half-turned to Joonghyuk. His hair is thoroughly rumpled, and he looks exceedingly upset. Joonghyuk half-hauls him into his lap and notes him rubbing his thighs together, hand straying to his cock. He shackles Dokja's wrists with his hands. "No touching yourself," he reminds him.

“Then…” Dokja gives him pleading eyes. Joonghyuk gets an idea, and lets go of Dokja’s wrists.

He grips around Dokja's cock, forming a loose fist, pumping it a few times. Dokja bucks into his touch. Then Joonghyuk's hand stills, still wrapped hotly around Dokja's cock.

"Oh Dokja, I'm not going to help you out," Joonghyuk smirks. "If you want to come, do it yourself."

Dokja whines but his hips start moving anyways, fucking into Joonghyuk's fist like it's a fleshlight. He grabs onto Joonghyuk's wrist. "Hnnghh..hhaah—"

"You're so desperate," Joonghyuk marvels.

"... Joonghyuk," Dokja buries his face into Joonghyuk’s shoulder and bites down. Dokja’s teeth are sharp but it doesn’t hurt Joonghyuk much, rather, he finds it cute how Dokja clamps down like a wild animal as he desperately tries to get himself off. Smiling, Joonghyuk squeezes his hand tighter around Dokja’s cock, almost tight enough that Dokja can’t thrust inside. Dokja bucks into him even harder.

“Uoonghyuhf, pleahv!” With a muffled plea, he comes right as he pulls out, spilling all over Joonghyuk’s hand and dripping onto Joonghyuk’s stomach. A few unlucky drops land on the couch. Finally, he lets go of Joonghyuk’s shoulder. In a heartbeat, Joonghyuk is kissing him fiercely. Dokja’s cum smears between both of their bodies.

They stay there for a while, with Dokja laying on top of Joonghyuk’s body. His breathing gradually evens out. Joonghyuk finishes cleaning the cum off of his hand. He finds that Dokja has dozed off. Closing his eyes, he follows suit, resolving to deal with the couch when they’ve both woken up from their nap.


“We need a new couch.”

Dokja confronts Sooyoung in the dining room a day later. Sooyoung is hunched over at the table, attempting to fix the atrocious frosting job that Jihye did on a cake a few hours prior.

“Why?” Sooyoung doesn't look up from where she's piping buttercream frosting carefully along the edges.

“Because Joonghyuk destroyed it?” Dokja offers, a piss-poor attempt at an excuse. He nods wisely. “Yeah. You know, because he has unresolved anger issues.”

Sooyoung narrows her eyes and reaches for the icing spatula. “You can’t fool me. I know you two fucked on the couch, and the bean bag chair, and god knows where else in this house.”

Dokja stares at her. He looks almost apologetic for a second. Then he opens his mouth.

“Just saying, for the bean bag chair, it was Joonghyuk’s cum, not mine—”

“I did not need to know that. Ever.”

Dokja closes his mouth. He seems to be fighting the urge to defend himself from something indefensible. An awkward length of silence crawls between them as Sooyoung switches to another piping bag and starts swirling pale yellow flowers around the top of the cake.

He gazes absentmindedly at Sooyoung’s piping bag. “Save the piping bags,” he says suddenly. “Joonghyuk wants to make jelly doughnuts later this week.”

“Is, is that a euphemism for something?”

Dokja looks startled. “Ah,” he says. There is another bout of painful silence.

“Hey! You two busy there?” Heewon’s head peeks out from behind the doorway. Dokja quickly picks up a filled piping bag and accidentally squeezes it too hard, splurting buttercream all over the table. Through the door, Dokja spots Hyungsung carrying a large cardboard box on his shoulder, heading towards the direction of the veranda. A man dressed in black follows. Joonghyuk. More buttercream expels onto the table. Sooyoung warily eyes Dokja’s hand.

“We’re setting up the porch swing. Hyungsung-ssi and Joonghyuk-ssi are on it so we’ve got it covered, but if you’d like to help out, we’ll be outside.” Heewon steps into the room cautiously, glancing between them.

“Porch swing?”

“That’s… a chair thing, right?”

Dokja and Sooyoung reach the same conclusion at once. “No,” Sooyoung whispers. She looks stricken.

“Oh, then…” Heewon smiles awkwardly.

“No,” Sooyoung repeats. “Sorry. I meant something else. Uhh, we’re busy here! Decorating cakes! Isn’t that right, Dokja?”

There's a pained expression on Dokja’s face, like he’s reminiscing all the times his ass has been pounded into. “Yes…”

“Okay? I’ll be going then.” Heewon looks a bit suspicious but thankfully drops the topic.

“Ah!” Dokja calls out to Heewon one last time as she turns to leave. “By the way… who was it that suggested getting a porch swing?”

Heewon puzzles over the question for a bit. “Huh, come to think of it, I don’t— ahh right. It was Joonghyuk-ssi.”

Sooyoung makes a strangled sound.

“He’s doing a lot better these days…” Heewon’s words fade from Dokja’s ears. He stares out the doorway. It’s an awfully beautiful day: bright light shining everywhere, spirits high, smiles all around. Peace has returned to the household at last, but at what cost?

Joonghyuk passes by again, catches Dokja’s eye, and smirks.