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Becoming A Superhero

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Lena Luthor was generally not a jealous person. She is a Luthor after all. But Lena would be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly jealous of her best friend, Kara Danvers. Jealous because Kara was genetically engineered to be the smartest Kryptonian.

So while Lena was slaving away in preparation for her fluid dynamics final, Kara was sitting across from her, stuffing her face with potato chips and chocolates.

Lena thought she would be alone on her fast tract journey to NCU, however she met Kara right before starting highschool. Kara didn’t really have any friends at the time,( which absolutely baffled Lena because Kara has the kindest, friendliest, generous soul, not to mention she was also the cutest and somehow sexiest person Lena has ever laid eyes on.) So she decided to accompany Lena on her journey.

“Hey Lee, I was thinking,” Kara started before quickly finishing her snacks. “Kal didn’t put on the cape until he was 25. Do you think it took him that long to become ready for being a superhero or he just waited so everyone would take him seriously?” Lena smiled at the crinkle in between her brows indicating she was thinking hard.

“I think maybe a bit of both.” Lena replied honestly.

“Because I think I’m ready to start doing what he’s doing - You know protecting people and all that - But do you think the people would trust their lives in the hands of a 17 year old girl?” Kara let out a frustrated sigh.

Before Lena could respond though, a pretentious man-child by the name of Mike Mathews who's really only at NCU because of his mother’s money approached their table.

“Hey Kara, you need help studying?” Mike said with a smirk on his face and a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows.

“No thanks Mike, I’m okay.” Kara said with a polite smile, ever oblivious to Mike’s advances. Mike however was stubborn to give up, taking a seat next to Kara.

“Oh come Kara, we could head back to my place…” Mike said shamelessly hinting towards sex.

“Sorry but Lena here is studying and I promised to keep her company.” Kara said, throwing a soft smile in Lena’s direction which she easily returned.

“Oh come on Kara, you’d really rather spend time with a Luthor over me?” Mike scoffed

Lena could see Kara’s face darken for a moment before composing herself.

“Quite frankly Mike, I’d rather spend time with the guinea pigs than spend time with you.” Kara spat. Or at least she tried to however, Lena had to admit kara was so adorable when she tried to be mad, and Lena knew it was meant to be an insult but she also knew that Kara really enjoyed playing with the guinea pigs.

“Whatever, I guess you really are a freak then. Willingly spending time with a Luthor.” With that Mike got up and walked away. Not without Kara standing up and trying to get the last punch in.

“Yeah? Well you're a-a jerk-face.” Kara hissed out, still mindful that they’re in a library When Mike appeared to be unphased by the comment Kara threw her fists down to her sides and stomped her foot letting out a hmph. Lena couldn’t help but giggle at how adorable Kara looked. Kara came back and sat down right beside her and pulled Lena into a hug.

Not only did Lena relish in the warmth of Kara, she was also in a position to subtly ogle her best friend’s breasts which had gotten much bigger in the three months they hadn’t seen each other between their last year of high school and their first semester at NCU.

“I’m sorry about him, I promise I don’t see you as a Luthor.” Kara said reasurinly. Honestly Lena was more annoyed at Mike flirting with Kara.

“I know Kara.” After that slipped into a comfortable silence, until Lena had decided to call it a night and the pair head off to their separate dorms.

Unfortunately, they weren't roommates, however Lena had the next best roommate, her best friend from boarding school, Samantha Arias. Or Sam, as she liked to be called.

“So, how’d your study date with Kara go?” Sam asked as Lena trudged through the roomCC.

“Other than the fact it wasn’t a date,” Lena gave Sam a pointed look. “It went really well, if you ignore the fact Mike Mathews tried seducing her.” Lena finished with a sigh, plopping down on her bed.

“I don’t blame him.” Sam mumbled before she could stop herself. Lena lifted her head up from her pillow and gave Sam a death glare. “I don’t get what the big deal is. Why don’t you just ask her out?”

“The big deal is that my brother declared war on her cousin.” Lena said

“Oh come on Lena. You know she doesn’t hold you accountable for Lex’s actions.” Sam said trying to comfort her.

“I know.” Lena let out a sigh. “I’m just scared. What if she says no? And I lose my best friend.” Lena replied.

“Anyone with eyes, could see that Kara is into you.” Sam said. “Oh before I forget, Alex’s plane will be landing at 7:30 and we’re going out for drinks afterwards. Want to come with us? You can invite Kara!” Sam said excitedly. “It’ll be like a double date.”

“If you don’t call it a double date, I’ll come.” Lena replied.

“Deal.” Sam said with a smile.

After receiving a confirmation from Kara that she’d love to go out, she decided to take a quick nap. It was only 6pm however Lena was quite tired.

Sam woke Lena up about an hour later, giving her enough time to get ready for their outing. Lena was in the wash room freshening up when Sam’s frantic voice rang throughout their dorm.

“Lena! Come look at this!” Sam said, sounding terrified. Lena hurriedly finished up and made her way to the main room just it time to catch the new anchor on the T.V

“This just in, a plane bound for National City Airport has lost power in one of it’s engines and is now losing altitude circling back towards the city.” The man said in a typical new anchor voice, as it showed live footage of the plane from a helicopter. Just then, they saw something zoom underneath the plane.

Lena heard the man speculating about what or who it was but Lena already knew. “Kara.”

“What?” Sam looked over confused.

“It’s Kara.” Lena said in a haze of sorts.


Kara barely had any time to react. She had just finished composing her outfit, which she knew Lena would absolutely love, when she saw the news of Alex’s flight on the T.V

She was out the door the second she saw it. Kara saw all the news helicopters, however she didn’t care about what they did or did not see.

She quickly flew underneath the plane, leveling it off as well as guiding it away from the building it was about to crash into. In doing so however, she is now heading straight for the cable-stayed bridge.

“Oh come on!” Kara yelled frustratedly.

She was able to elevate the plane just enough so the wings wouldn’t clip any cables. Once clear of the bridge she lowered the pane slowly into the river. She hadn’t felt that much muscle strain since she was on Krypton.

After the plane was safely set down in the water, she willed herself out of the water and onto the wing of the plane. There were three news helicopters hovering around her, all of them shining their spotlights on her.

Kara decided to give them a bit of a show, it was her big debut after all. She slowly started to float up into the night sky letting her feet fall limp below her. She paused for a second when she was level with the helicopters, looking around a bit still unbelieving of what had just happened.

After a few moments Kara took off as fast as she could with a smile on her face.


Lena, Kara and Sam have been celebrating Kara’s debut as National City’s newest protector for about an hour now, waiting for Alex at Sam and Lena’s dorm. They’re all tipsy now, Kara nursing a Daximite whiskey as she excitedly rambles about how it felt carrying the plane when they heard a knock on the door.

“It’s Alex, I’ll get it!” Kara says as she stumbles toward the door. “Alex! Are you okay?” She said as she brought Alex into a bone crushing hug.

“Ow! Too tight!” Alex hissed. She let out a sigh as Kara released her. “I’m okay. What about you?” Alex asked shakily.

“I’m great!” Kara exclaimed as she threw an arm over her sister and started walking them towards the others. “I feel like I’m finally ready to start using these powers to help others.” Kara explains.

“Kara, can I ask you a question?” Kara nods “What the hell were you thinking!? Did you even think about the consequences of your action!?” Alex hisses.

“What do you mean?” Kara sobers up quickly.

“Kara, now everyone knows you exist! What if someone recognizes You!” Alex lets out a frustrated groan. “Mom is totally going to blame me for this.”

“Why don’t you want me doing this?” Kara asked as she crossed her arms defensively.

“Kara, you’re 17 years old!” Alex yelled, making Lena and Sam wince.

“Lena and Sam, you guys are with me right?” Kara asked as she looked over to the pair.
“As your best friend, I support you.” Lena responded. “And plus she looked so hot showing off her powers like that.” Lena whispered to Sam which made Sam burst out laughing.

“Well it would be nice to have an awesome woman superhero for my daughter to look up to.” Sam said.

Woman? More like a girl.” Alex spat out.

“Not just any girl, a super-girl.” Lena said, trying her best to defend Kara in her half-drunken state.

“Supergirl.” Kara said under her breath. “Lena, that's brilliant!” Kara exclaimed as she tackled Lena into a hug.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you Kara.” Alex pointed at her sister before making her exit.


Kara woke up bright and early, it was Saturday, but her, Lena and Sam had some pretty big plans. Firstly, she had to go clothes shopping while Lena and Sam were going to hack into the police’s radio dispatch.

After a few hours Kara had finally made a choice and bought the appropriate clothing. She needed some slight adjustments made as well as attaching the cape. She got a boy, which she met on the first day of her computer engineering class, named Winn to help under the ruse it was for cosplay.

She met up with Sam and Lena in their dorm at lunch with the suit in her bag, and made her way into the washroom to get changed.

“I don’t know about this actually.” Kara called nervously from the washroom.

“Come on Kara, it can’t be that-” If Lena had anything in her mouth she surely would have spat it out.

Kara came out of the washroom wearing flat, red leather boots that clung to her skin coming up to the bottom of her shins, a red mini skirt that showed off her legs sinfully, topped with a plain blue long-sleeve top with a deep collar exposing a bit of cleavage, separated by a gold strip. She wore tight red gloves that came half way up her forearms. The cape draped down her back, almost dragging along the floor.

“Y-you look fine to me.” Lena said after a few moments of raking her eyes over the body of her best friend. Luckily Sam cut in.

“Great! Why don’t we get started then?”