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Strawberry Milkshakes

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“Want to go get milkshakes?!” Wanda’s excited whisper ripped Natasha from her thoughts.

The younger woman had come bounding up to Natasha in the hallway. They had just finished dinner, and Wanda had run after her once they finished cleaning up. Nights for Natasha usually meant going back to her quarters to be left alone with her thoughts, which recently have been of a certain witch, who’s currently standing infront of her bouncing excitedly on her toes.

Natasha isn’t sure when she started to feel this attraction towards the girl. If she’s being honest, probably the second she laid eyes on her during the battle at Sokovia. Her pouty red lips, dark painted eyes, and miles of legs. God her legs.

The two of them had grown close over the past few months. Spending hours training together in close contact, usually in various non-sexual positions that still had a way of feeling sexual. Especially when Wanda is looking up at her like that.

Wanda’s stunning smile and shining eyes bring Natasha back to reality. She’s looking at her expectantly like she already knows how far gone Natasha is for her.

She sighs. “Let me grab a jacket.”


They drive to an ice cream shop that’s a few miles from the compound. Natasha drives as slow as the speed limit allows her, wanting to savor the time they have together. It’s dusk, so the sun shines lazily through Wanda’s hair, her already painfully beautiful face glowing even brighter.

They pull into the driveway of the shop, it’s one of few buildings and there are a few cars already there with their occupants leaning on the hoods of their cars, holding various kinds of icecream.

Natasha turns off the car and looks over at Wanda, who’s biting her lip to contain her excitement. It’s adorable.

“Do you know what flavor you want?”

Wanda turns, eyes wide in confusion, her anxiety rolling off her in waves. “I did not think of this.”

Natasha can’t hold back the laugh, she tosses her head back and puts a hand over her mouth to stifle the giggles.

“Geeze Wanda, it’s okay. Let’s just go in and check out the flavors. I’ll get whatever you want.” Natasha says, shaking her head, smirking so hard her face hurts. Wanda ducks her head, cheeks dusted pink.

They get out of Natasha’s car and walk into the shop. There are about 25 flavors to choose from, which doesn’t help with Wanda’s ordering anxiety.

Natasha stands behind her, smirking as Wanda looks at one of the employees, eyes pleading. “I would like a milkshake, please! But I do not know which flavors are good. Could you help me?” she asks nervously. It’s painfully endearing, and Natasha tries her best to ignore the warm flutter in her chest.

The employee, Jasmine, laughs but goes through all the flavors with Wanda, even letting her taste the ones she thought looked good. Wanda’s handed the samples on a small wooden spoon. Natasha’s every sense is tuned onto Wanda as she pops the small glob of icecream into her mouth, her pretty pink lips wrapping around the spoon. Her eyes flutter slightly if she likes the flavor.

What Natasha wasn’t expecting was the small, almost silent whimper that escapes from Wanda when she tries the strawberry icecream. If Natasha wasn’t standing directly beside Wanda, she probably wouldn’t have heard it. But the sound sends a jolt of arousal straight to Natasha’s core, and she has to bite her lip and squeeze her hands into fists to stop herself from shoving her hands down Wanda’s leggings and taking her right there.

“I think we have a winner,” Natasha says, her voice huskier than usual. She clears her throat, hoping Wanda didn’t catch on to how turned on she was.

Natasha smirks when Wanda turns to look at her, eyes dark and knowing. Wanda smiles shyly, her cheeks flushing yet again.

“Two strawberry milkshakes please.”


Once they’ve got their treats, they walk outside. The sun’s starting to set, the sky turning various shades of gold, pink and purple. It’s probably the second most beautiful thing Natasha’s seen today.

She sips her milkshake, enjoying the flavor of fresh strawberries and milk on her tongue. She hasn’t taken her eyes off Wanda, whose eyes go comically wider at her first sip. She actually moans this time, the sound soft and breathy and so sexy. Natasha chokes on her drink.

“This is amazing! It’s so sweet. I love strawberries but this is so much better. Thank you, Nat.” Wanda sighs, turning her happy expression onto Natasha, who still hasn’t fully recovered.

“You’re welcome.” she says, her smile turning into a smirk. “If I had’ve known how much you were going to like strawberry icecream, I would have bought it ages ago.”

Wanda blushes, tucking her hair behind her ear. “Yes, well… Oh! Do you want to go sit and watch the sunset?” she says, changing the subject.

Natasha’s smirk doesn’t let up, but she nods and leads them over to a picnic table in the middle of the grassy field beside the shop, away from the onlookers.

They sit beside each other, arms and legs brushing ever so slightly, enjoying their milkshakes while they watch the sunset.

“So,” Natasha asks after a few minutes. “What inspired this milkshake date?”

Wanda’s head whips around. “Date?!” she echos.

Natasha’s smirk grows. This was too easy. “I mean, sure why not. It is kind of romantic.” she teases, but makes sure to keep her tone light.

“It does not bother you?”

“Only if it doesn’t bother you,” Natasha replies, enjoying the way Wanda is squirming. “Besides, how could I say no to that face.”

Wanda’s blush reaches her ears now, she feels like she’s internally combusting. She takes another sip of her milkshake, thinking quietly for a moment.

“I guess if this is what dating is like… then it is not so bad.” She smiles shyly at Natasha, her eyes darting down to her lips before quickly returning to her eyes.

Natasha smiles widely, before grabbing Wanda’s chin gently and placing a soft kiss on her lips. She tasted like strawberries.

“Cmon, let’s get out of here.”


The drive back to the compound was quiet, the air charged with palpable sexual tension. Wanda’s ring-clad fingers tracing patterns onto the skin of Natasha’s forearm. Natasha’s hand gently rubbing Wanda’s thigh, the warmth burning through the fabric of her leggings.

The closer they get to the facility, the higher Natasha’s hand goes until she’s stroking the spot where her thigh meets her hipbone. She draws small circles there while she pulls into the garage.

Natasha removes her hand for a moment to put the car into park, and Wanda’s immediately whimpering at the loss of contact. Smirking, she turns her head and is shocked at the desperation in Wanda’s eyes.

“What’s wrong baby?” Natasha teases, smile growing as Wanda shivers at the nickname.

“Um…I… You… Well...Can we...” Wanda stutters, seemingly unable to form a coherent sentence. Natasha was probably not going to help with that.

“Want to go back to my room?” Natasha asks sweetly, letting out a breathy laugh as Wanda nods her head furiously.

“Okay. You’ll have to walk through because I’m not going to carry you. Not yet anyways…” Natasha says, laughing when Wanda jumps eagerly out of the car.


The door is not even fully closed when Wanda is pushing Natasha roughly against it. She licks into her mouth before desperately claiming her lips. Wanda lets out a gasp as Nat brings her hands up to cup her face and nip at her bottom lip.

They both moan when Wanda presses herself flush against Natasha, the contact enough to make Nat’s legs buckle. The overwhelming need to get rid of their clothes is what causes Natasha to push Wanda backward towards the bed, never breaking the kiss.

When Wanda’s knees hit the bed, she falls and lands on her back, legs dangling over the edge. She pushes herself up using her elbows to look up at Natasha. Pupils blown, lips red and swollen, cheeks flushed. The sight alone sends a gush of wetness between Natasha’s thighs.

Natasha slowly pulls her shirt over her head, never breaking eye contact with Wanda. Wanda’s eyes greedily rake over her now exposed skin, her eyes fixating on ample breasts that were being shown off by a simple black bra.

Natasha slowly unbuttons the top of her jeans, unzipping it, the sound of the zipper a stark contrast from their breathing. Natasha steps out of her jeans, revealing smooth pale legs.

Wanda sighs. “You’re so beautiful.” her voice is a throaty whisper.

Now it’s Nat’s turn to blush as she steps forward to straddle Wanda’s slim waist.

Wanda leans forward to capture Natasha’s lips in another kiss. Where the first kiss was wet, hot, and desperate; this kiss was slower, more sensual. Both of them enjoying the gentle slide of lips and brush of tongue.

“Can I take this off?” Natasha asks, fingers playing against the bottom of Wanda’s sweater.

Wanda nods eagerly, lifting her arms to help Natasha, who can’t help the groan from escaping her mouth at the realization that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Full round breasts topped with hard pink nipples stare up at Natasha. She bites her lip, looking up at Wanda for permission.

Without warning, Wanda grabs the back of Natasha’s neck and pulls her down to her chest. She lets out a moan when Natasha’s tongue is circling a nipple before putting it in her mouth, suckling gently.

Wanda falls back on the bed, lying flat, as Natasha’s head follows her movements, alternating between gentle sucks, nips, and circling of her tongue on her nipples. Switching between the right and the left, making sure to give each equal attention.

After a particularly hard nip, Wanda’s hips buck up into Natashas as she lets out a gasp. Nat smirks around the nipple in her mouth, releasing it with a quiet pop.

She kisses Wanda softly, moving down to her neck, peppering kisses along her jawline and behind her ear. Wanda’s hips buck again after Natasha drags her teeth down the side of her neck.

“Please,” Wanda whispers, breathing hard.

Natasha smirks, pulling away to look at her. “What do you want baby?”

Wanda shivers again, either from the nickname or the huskiness of Natasha’s voice, or both. A strangled whimper escapes from Wanda, the sound going straight to Natasha’s core.

Natasha kisses down the column of Wanda’s throat, across her collarbones, and back to her chest.

“Just tell me what you want and I’ll make you feel good, I promise,” Natasha murmurs against Wanda’s chest before swirling her tongue around her nipple again. Nat’s fingers dance along the waistband of Wanda’s leggings.

Wanda arches into the touch, finally able to find her words. “I’ve never… um… done this before. But I trust you. Whatever you think will feel good… ahh… maybe use your… mouth?” Wanda says, her voice is raspier than usual, accent thick.

Natasha’s eyes darken at her words, but her face remains gentle. “Are you sure?” she asks genuinely, not wanting to do anything to make Wanda uncomfortable. She smiles softly at the eager nod Wanda gives in response to her question.
“Okay. Let’s take these off.” Natasha says and gets to work removing Wanda’s leggings, groaning again when she realizes that Wanda was not wearing anything underneath.

“You’re so gorgeous.” she rasps, her hunger growing at Wanda’s full-body blush.

Without wasting any more time, Natasha kisses down Wanda’s hipbones, spreading her legs before settling in between her thighs, kissing along all the smooth skin she could reach. She takes a minute to admire Wanda’s glistening core, dripping wet with need.

She presses a kiss to her clit, bringing her hands up to hold Wanda’s hips down which bucked at the slight brush of her lips. Natasha flattens her tongue and licks with steady pressure from Wanda’s tight entrance up to her clit, swirling her tongue around the sensitive bud before dipping down and repeating the actions.

Wanda shudders and moans lowly, hands moving down to tangle in Nat’s red locks, pulling gently, nails scraping her scalp.

“God, you taste so good.” Natasha moans into the wetness, goosebumps erupting down her spine at the feeling of Wanda scratching the back of her neck.

All Wanda can do is whimper, her legs trembling as she gets closer to the edge. Natasha takes her clit into her mouth and starts to suck, alternating between sucking and thrashing her tongue against the swollen flesh.

Wanda’s moans get louder and her hips buck erratically against Natasha’s unrelenting mouth, tension building in her core, so intense that Wanda’s sure she’s about to burst.

Wanda lets out a strangled cry. “Tasha!.” she moans, grabbing at one of the hands that are holding her hips down.

Natasha squeezes the hand that found hers, looking up to make eye contact with Wanda. “I’ve got you, baby, let go. Cum for me Wanda,” she murmurs against Wanda’s core, returning her mouth to her clit and sucking hard.

Wanda whimpers before her back arches, mouth open in a silent scream as wetness gushes down Natasha’s chin.

Natasha gently laps at Wanda’s core as she comes down, cleaning up every drop of her cum. Wanda lies on her back, chest heaving, body covered in a light sheen of sweat.

“What a good girl,” Nashe says as she presses a kiss to Wanda’s inner thigh, moving up her body to kiss her gently, thrusting her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth so that she can taste herself. She whimpers tiredly but returns the kiss.

Wanda runs her fingers up and down Natasha’s spine, as she starts to regain some composure. She notices the slight tremble in between Natasha’s shoulder blades, and how tense the older woman is, quickly realizing that she has yet to receive her release.

While Natasha is distracted kissing lazily along her neck, Wanda slides a toned thigh in between Natasha’s legs and pressed upwards, connecting with her underwear-clad core.

Letting out a broken moan, Natasha immediately grinds down onto Wanda’s leg.

“Fuck.” she sputters, burying her face in Wanda’s neck, gasping.

Wanda’s fingers immediately undo the clasp of Natasha’s bra, releasing heavy breasts into her waiting hands. Natasha moans again when her fingers start to pinch her nipples, grinding down harder onto Wanda’s thigh.

With a flick of Wanda’s wrist, she uses her red magic to rip Natasha’s underwear off, letting her freely spread her wetness along her thigh. Natasha groans when her clit finally makes contact with Wanda’s smooth leg, grinding a few more times before pulling away completely.

Natasha spreads Wanda’s legs and settles in between them again. Alining their centers, they both stop breathing at the first slide of their wetness together.

“Ooohhh.” Wanda gasps, her eyelids fluttering closed. Natasha smirks down at her, grabbing onto her thighs as she starts to slowly thrust and grind into Wanda.

The delicious slide of their clits together has them both on the edge within minutes. Wanda’s wet, desperate and inexperienced bucking sends Natasha over the edge earlier than she anticipated. She cums with a low and dirty moan, biting into Wanda’s neck to stifle the sound.

The feeling of Natasha’s trembling body and the gush of her wetness against Wanda’s brings her closer, but the sharp nip of teeth sends her over the edge, going straight to her core. She whimpers needily into Natasha’s hair, breath coming out in small gasps.

They both lie on the bed, panting, pressing lazy kisses on whatever sweaty skin they can reach.

Once their breathing has somewhat returned to normal, Natasha brings their intertwined bodies up to the head of the bed, lazily throwing a blanket over them.

She presses a light kiss to Wanda’s forehead, looking down at the woman who is about to fall asleep in her arms.

“We should have gotten milkshakes months ago.” Wanda mumbles, curling into Natasha’s chest, smiling softly when she laughs, feeling lighter and happier than she has in a long time.