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In which David Rose takes a three day vacation to the past

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Showing up ten years in the past should have been a bigger shock to David than it was. It’s not like anyone had invented time travel (yet?), but the confusing memories from his past self were still fully intact. David knew three things about the time travelling: 1) he would be about forty-five years old, 2) he would be there for only three days, and 3) he would arrive before he and Patrick were together.


Patrick remembered too, obviously. Truthfully, David wasn’t too concerned about when, exactly he’d take an abrupt vacation. He was a little excited, honestly, to see Patrick as he was when they first met. Not that he’d trade current Patrick for anything, but there was a certain fascination in seeing his husband before Patrick was his husband.


The day when he would travel back began like a normal enough day. It was a Monday, meaning the store was closed, and unlike nearly every other day of the week, Patrick was asleep when David woke up. He checked his phone. It was 9:30, so Patrick would probably be awake in the next half hourish. David, tucked up next to Patrick, took the opportunity to study his husband’s face. 


For someone with a lacking skincare routine, Patrick still looked relatively the same. At forty-two, Patrick had begun to silver at the hair on his temples. Laugh lines had imprinted around his eyes, nearly invisible during sleep but prominent when he laughed in that beautiful, uncontrollable way he did when David had done something truly ridiculous. Seeing Patrick slowly age has been one of the greatest joys of his life, something David never would have thought possible prior to meeting Patrick.


Patrick was beautiful like this. Cool sunlight crept in between their curtains and caught Patrick’s hair and skin, making him almost glow. David had memorized his husband’s face, drew and re-drew its lines in his mind, but he somehow managed to take David aback sometimes. God, how he loved him.


At 9:45, David grew impatient. Drawing his ring finger up and down Patrick’s sleep warmed arm, he pressed a kiss to the forehead above Patrick’s left eyebrow. He smiled into it, feeling Patrick stir beneath him.


Patrick groaned and opened one eye. “Good morning,” he said with sleepy amusement. Mornings like this were a rarity that both David and Patrick savored. 


David grinned, and leaned forward, stealing a quick kiss. “Hi, honey. You slept in some.”


Patrick hummed and leaned forward, blatantly ignoring David’s no-morning-breath-kissing rule.


They made out lazily, legs tangling together. It felt so natural to David, the way they curled themselves together, chests and arms and lips fitting together like pages in a book. On his wedding day, David had thought he was as in love with Patrick as he would ever be. The idea that they could get any closer had felt unfathomable, as deeply in love as he had been. Now though, he knew better, knew how Patrick would continue to astound and surprise him even years down the line.


Patrick groaned and flipped them so he was on top of David, clearly awake in more ways than one. Needless to say they didn’t leave the bedroom for a while.



Picking out his outfit for the day was always a minor ordeal. Since leaving the motel, David had the opportunity to really spread out his clothing. He wanted to feel softer today, he decided, picking out a cream sweater that was loose nearly everywhere but his shoulders. In the past couple years or so, David had expanded from his previous black and white look into some softer, lighter colors. Cream began to heavily feature, it being one of Patrick’s favorite colors on him, but he had also picked up some pastel pinks and greens for the spring. He still heavily favored the black and white aesthetic, but instead of the armor they used to be, his clothes were closer instead to his general state of being. He had grown softer and more gentle over the years, and so had his clothing.


He had also begun to wear his glasses more often. Originally it had just been because he had ran out of contacts, but seeing the hungry look on his husband’s face after seeing the glasses on for the first time sealed the deal for David. He also chose to wear his hair in his natural curls, occasionally at least. David didn’t know what exactly had changed, but wearing the curls felt like embracing a vulnerability he didn’t realize he was hiding. The people of Schitt’s Creek, as poorly dressed as they may be, did not care even a little bit if David wasn’t completely made up, a stark contrast to his friends and acquaintances in New York who had judged him if he didn’t fit their exact specifications. 


Stepping out of the bedroom, David followed the smell of coffee to the kitchen where Patrick, still dressed in just a pair of plaid pajama pants, was making coffee (and tea, for himself) with toast for the two of them. Unnoticed, David leaned against a wall and watched his husband hum a song under his breath as he buttered and jellied their breakfast. 


“Whatcha singing?”


“Mmmm, can’t tell you,” Patrick said, grabbing the plates and turning around to face David. His eyes widened. “Honey, I think today might be the day,” he said after a moment.


“What?” David asked, confused.


Patrick smiled gently. “You were wearing that outfit the day you showed up in 2017.”


David squinted his eyes, more than a little amused. “I’m sorry, you remembered my outfit from ten years ago? I didn’t even remember that!”


“You, um, looked really good,” Patrick said, blushing. 


David smirked, stepping forward and holding onto Patrick’s shoulders. “Hmmm, I do? Speaking of, if I do end up leaving today, I won’t see you for another three days.”


Patrick grinned, picking up on David’s tone and leaned in, kissing him thoroughly. “I love you,” Patrick said. And then everything began to spin.