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It was meant to be a vacation for two, a break from the exhaustion of work for the both of them. Yet somehow their little extended family managed to weasel their way in. Kaoru blamed it on Kojiro’s difficulties with telling the boys no. If he were honest, Kaoru wasn’t too put off by it. He cared about the boys just as much and despite himself, enjoyed their company on most days. Besides, the beach house they’d rented for the week had more than enough space for their little tag-a-longs. Despite having wanted the alone time with Kojiro, Kaoru honestly couldn’t have seen this going any other way.

“I knew I’d find you here,” Kojiro’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

Kaoru glanced back at the man as he approached. Skin bared - save for the small towel wrapped securely around his waist - for all see. Typical. If his cheeks happen to redden, he blames it on the heated waters.

“No kids?”

Kojiro chuckled. A contented sigh escaping him as he steps into the hot water, choosing to sit on the edge instead of submerging himself. “Higa took them to the beach.”

Kaoru’s brow rose, turning to glance up at the night sky, “at this hour?”

The green haired man shrugged, “Langa’s never seen the beach at night.”

He hummed, “as long as we don’t have to bail anyone out of jail.”

The other man snorted, shoving his shoulder gently. “Don’t jinx it.”

Kaoru allowed himself a soft chuckle. He wouldn’t hold it past the boys to cause some sort of trouble. Hiromi - while capable, though he’d never admit that to him - was sometimes not the most responsible adult, often joining in with the teens' antics.

A hand gently tugged at the hair tie in his hair, seeking attention.

“If my hair gets wet I swear I will kill you, you stupid ape,” Kaoru growled, earning another chuckle from the man.

A strand of hair fell loose from the bun as Kojiro continued to pull, slowly bringing the long pink piece to his lips.

“We’re finally alone, Kaoru.”

The low tone Kojiro used to utter the words sent a wave of heat to wash over him and it certainly wasn’t from the water he sat in.

“I’m well aware of that, hungry gorilla.”

“Then c’mere,” Kojiro’s hand rested on the back of his neck, leaning down to claim his lips as he pulled him forward.

Kojiro’s hunger knew no bounds as he easily slipped his tongue through parted lips, swallowing Kaoru's protest. Nails dug deliciously into the base of his neck, playing with loose pink hairs. A shiver ran through the calligrapher’s body as a nail drug across a particularly sensitive spot.

Kaoru pulled away, avoiding Kojiro’s lips as they tried to follow. Golden eyes glared up into ruby and stood from the hot waters without another word. He fought another shiver as the cool night air brushed across his skin. Kojiro watched his every movement with darkening red eyes. He licked his lips as Kaoru swung a leg over a thigh to straddle him, arms wrapping around broad shoulders. Kojiro’s large hands found his hips to draw him closer.

Kojiro’s lips sought his neck, giving the lightest of kisses. Kaoru’s fingers curled as those lips left a heated trail from his Adam's apple to his collarbone. Tilting his head to allow more access, the chef wasted no time to bite and suck at the pale skin exposed to him. There was little doubt, Kaoru’s skin was pinkening from the attention.

Fingernails dug into Kojiro’s shoulder in warning, “don’t leave marks, it’ll be near impossible to explain.” A puff of hot air hit his collarbone as Kojiro laughed.

“Too late,” the infernal beast muttered, teeth grazing against the spot that always seemed to make Kaoru melt.

A moan fell from Kaoru’s lips as the other man bit down, his tongue quickly brushing the spot in an attempt to sooth it. Long fingers wound into green curls, tugging him closer. At the silent demand for more, Kojiro continued his assault.

“Insatiable gorilla.”

He earned another snort in response, “Insatiable, he says.” The fingers’ on his hip tightened as Kojiro leaned back to meet his eyes, now darkened with lust. “I’m not the one grinding myself against my thigh.”

Another shock of warmth ran through Kaoru’s body as Kojiro gave his hips another squeeze to prove his point - Kaoru’s hips moving of their own accord. A blush tinted his cheeks, he hadn’t realized he’d been moving, much less seeking friction that he apparently was craving more and more with each pausing second.

“Awww, there’s no need to be shy, princess,” Kojiro whispered, dangerously low, hot breath against the shell of his ear.

He wasn’t about to let Kojiro gain the upper hand. At least not yet.

“No,” Kaoru’s arms slipped from Kojiro’s shoulders, long fingers dancing across tanned skin. One hand captured Kojiro’s chin, tilting his head upward until they were barely a breath away. The other continued south, tracing every inch of taut muscle it could. Nails grazed against a pebbled nipple, drawing a sharp intake of breath from the larger man.

Kaoru loved to watch him like this. Heavy-lidded eyes watching every movement, tongue sweeping over a plump kiss swollen lip. Kojiro always wore his heart on his sleeve, it was one of his more adorable features.

His hand continued south, passing solid abs and teasing the rim of the towel doing little to cover the man’s large erection. A nimble finger slowly traced the exposed outline, a wicked smile playing on reddened lips as Kojiro could barely contain a shudder.

“But, you seem to be quite eager.” Red eyes narrowed as Kaoru’s hand busied itself undoing the knot at Kojiro’s waist, moving the towel aside to grip at the other man’s hardened cock.

“So thick. Massive and beautiful,” Kaoru whispered against parted lips, swallowing whatever words Kojiro planned to retort with by closing the distance between them.

He started slowly, gripping the base of his lover's cock and giving a squeeze that earned a delicious moan that he was only too happy to devour. His thumb brushed lightly against the weeping tip, causing the larger man to tense, fingers digging into a slender hip as Kaoru spread the pre-cum down his length.

Kojiro always became a pile of goo in his hands when touched like this, eagerly seeking the warmth of his hand or mouth before taking him. Now it was no different. There was a high chance they could get caught. The boys could return from the beach at any moment and seek them out. Yet that didn’t stop Kaoru from giving his wrist another twist as he continued the slow movements. In fact, Kaoru secretly hoped they would. He wondered what they would think of seeing their precious Joe slowly coming undone. It would definitely deter them from trying to impose on another trip.

There was another groan from the man as he gave another twist and squeeze. Kojiro pulled back with a glare.

“Stop teasing, you four-eyed fuck,” voice low and wanting.

“You don’t tell me what to do, unclothed ape,” Kaoru smirked, hand venturing lower and taking the man’s balls in his with a squeeze before releasing him. Red eyes fluttered shut with a moan, earning a laugh from the calligrapher. “I am only beginning.”

He went in for one more kiss, tongue slipping in to draw Kojiro’s upper lip up into his mouth with a gentle pull and nibble. It earned the desired effect. Kojiro growled into the kiss, fingernails biting into the skin at his hip. God, was he going to be greeted with so many bruises tomorrow.

With ease Kaoru broke away enough to kiss the corner of Kojiro’s mouth, trailing heated kisses down his chin and neck. He nipped playfully at Kojiro’s Adam’s apple, biting and sucking as the skin was exposed further.

Kaoru didn’t linger on one spot for too long. He had a specific goal in mind. He continued his assault with a hungry mouth, biting his way down Kojiro’s chest. Eagerly, he took a hardened nipple into his mouth and lapped at it. A groan of pleasure as a well earned reward.

Kojiro’s hands fell from his hips for the first time since they’d taken to this position, instantly finding purchase in Kaoru’s hair.

The hair tie had long since been lost, Kaoru promising to reprimand the other man properly after all was said and done for allowing his hair to get wet. For now he had to continue with more pressing matters.

Being the little shit that he was, Kaoru moved on just as quickly. His tongue dipped into Kojiro’s belly button as the other man growled and cursed him for his insistent teasing. Finally he found himself fully on his knees before his lover, his prize just a short distance away.

The hand in his hair urged him forward, though Kaoru was never one to be rushed, even in a moment such as this. His hands came up to rest on thick thighs, taking in the state of the other man. Everything about Kojiro was larger than life and this was no exception. His cock stood at attention between his legs, beads of pre-cum leaking from its tip.

It was demanding for the attention Kaoru was only too eager to give. Golden eyes glanced up, meeting the nearly black eyes of his lover, the red barely visible now.

“Like I said,” Kaoru leaned forward, lips just a breath away from the large cock that twitched with each word, “you are quite eager.”

He licked up the underside, eyes focused only on Kojiro. The chef had his lower lip caught between his teeth, eyes glazed and hungry as he continued to watch Kaoru. A smirk graced his lips and he drug his teeth gently over a large vein. Kojiro squirmed beneath him. Kaoru’s nails bit into his thighs in response, a silent warning to remain still.

“Kaoru...please,” Kojiro begged, fingers tight in his hair.

God, he loved him like this. Nearly breathless and begging.

Kaoru hummed, “I don’t know.”

He continued despite his words, licking teasingly at the large shaft but never taking it into his mouth. He teased the tip with his tongue, drawing more of those delicious noises he knew were only meant for him.

“Two can play this game, you pink haired bastard,” Kojiro’s growl sounded feral.

Kaoru didn’t get a chance to question his intent, before being pulled back up to his feet. Kojiro’s lips crashed into his, just barely missing colliding their noses together. The kiss was hungry and fierce, mostly teeth as Kojiro devoured him. Large hands found his ass and squeezed.

“Turn around,” Kojiro muttered, turning Kaoru with little choice, pulling him back against him.

Kojiro’s cock pressed between his cheeks, thick and ready.

“Ko, wait you have to-” Kaoru swallowed his words as a hand wound around his throat and gave a squeeze. The sensation going straight to Kaoru’s own dick.

Kojiro’s breath was once again hot against his ear, the man licking a path down his neck. “I know, I know.”

Without a single warning, Kojiro pressed a wet finger into him. Kaoru’s fingers and toes curled as the hand at his throat clenched just a bit tighter. There was little time for Kaoru to catch his breath. Kojiro moved his finger within him, twisting and prodding.

“-jiro” Kaoru choked, “more. Give me more.”

The laughter that erupted from the other man vibrated through Kaoru. “As you wish, precious.”

A second finger entered him, continued to stretch and prepare for what was to come. He didn’t wait to be asked again before a third was added.

“God, you wanted to talk about me being eager, but your damn ass is about to tear my damn fingers off my hand with how tight you’re clenched around them,” Kojiro pressed a kiss to the sweet spot behind Kaoru’s ear, teeth grazing with another squeeze of his neck. Kaoru’s hips moved in time with the fingers filling him, but it still wasn’t enough. He wanted more. He wanted so much more.

“Sh-shut up, you asshole,” Kaoru sucked in a sharp intake of breath, or at least as much as he could with Kojiro’s hand on his throat. Moaning as Kojiro’s fingers found just the right spot.

“Music to my ears,” He felt the stretch of Kojiro’s lips against his skin, “sounds like you’re ready.”

The hand at his throat fell to his hip as the fingers slowly slipped out. He took the brief reprieve to gulp in as much air as he could, before feeling the tip of Kojiro’s cock at his waiting hole. They didn’t speak as Kojiro guided Kaoru back, entering him inch by agonizing inch. Their groans were all that filled the air, Kaoru covering the hand at his hip with his own.

“There we go,” Kojiro nipped at his neck, once fully sheathed within, “all nice and snug. Just for me.”

Kaoru shivered at his words, lacing their fingers together, “Are you going to do more than just bury yourself in me, you sex-crazed muscle headed-”

Kojiro snapped his hips up and promptly shut Kaoru up as he moaned shamelessly at the sensation.

“Oh don’t worry, baby. I’ll do a whole lot more.”

Primal as always when in this state, Kojiro moved with a hunger that only Kaoru got to see. It was both beautiful and terrifying the way Kojiro moved at a brutal pace, tired of their teasing. Kaoru felt like a fish out of water, gasping for air as Kojiro relentlessly thrusted into him. The water splashing obscenely around them.

Kaoru no longer cared about the litter of markings he’d have to explain to the kids. Those were worries for the Kaoru of the future. This Kaoru was lost to Kojiro’s thick cock, doing it’s best attempt at rearranging his insides, drawing moans and wordless gasps from him with each thrust. Teeth continued to bite at his neck, followed by soothing kisses that only made sense to the other man.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” Kaoru cursed as Kojiro once again hit his prostate, strangling out a cry of intense pleasure.

“There it is,” Kojiro teased, his free hand coming around to grab Kaoru’s bobbing cock. “I got you Kaoru. Come on, cry for me. Demand more like you do when we’re in bed,” his fist matched the brutal pace of his hips. “Let the kids hear how much of a mess you became just for me. Scream so the whole world knows your mine.”

His speed increased, the hold on his cock tightening as Kaoru cried and begged for more. Litanies of ‘harder and fasters’ slipping for swollen lips.

“-jiro, close.” Kaoru could barely string his words together. He hated how Kojiro seemed to be the most eloquent whenever they made love. While Kaoru was reduced to bare sentences and few words.

“You’ve always been so tight, Cherry,” Kojiro knew exactly what he was doing by using that name while they were tied together like this. Kaoru clenched around Kojiro at the name, drawing a growl from the larger man, “so hot. I’m so fucking close. Come undone for me.”

His fist tightened around him, followed by more of his pistoning hips. It wasn’t until Kojiro bit hard on the little dip on his neck that Kaoru saw stars. Kojiro’s name tore from his throat as he came, clenching tighter as Kojiro chased his own release. With Kaoru’s name falling from his lips, Kojiro followed.

Neither moved. Kaoru remained in Kojiro’s lap with the man still buried within him, his head falling back against the hard shoulder as they caught their breaths. Kojiro released his softened cock, rubbing soothing circles into his bruising hip.

“This is certainly a night to remember,” Kojiro pressed a kiss to Kaoru’s temple.

Kaoru could do nothing more than hum in agreement. If allowed, he could stay like this forever. Just safety tucked away in Kojiro’s arms with soft kisses being pressed to whatever those lips could reach.

Unfortunately as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Both men tensed as they heard the distant noises of their boys. Hiromi’s rambunctious laughter disrupts their peaceful moment as they hear Miya yelling at him for being an idiot.

Kaoru moved first, separating himself from the other man with a groan as Kojiro’s cock fell free. They barely spoke as they sprung into action, trying to remove whatever evidence they’d left in the water. The closer the kids' laughter sounded the more anxious Kaoru became.

His arm was grabbed and carefully pulled out of the hot spring. He was still very wet when his yukata was wrapped around him, arms eased into the proper holes and obi secured tightly around his waist.

“I’m sorry,” Kojiro smirked, fingers tracing over some of the exposed skin at his collar, tracing over his handiwork.

Golden eyes narrowed, “no you aren’t, idiot.”

He huffed out a laugh, “You’re right.” He stole a quick kiss before Kaoru could protest. Though he got a nice pinch in that earned a wonderful yelp.

“Get changed, you sex-crazed gorilla.”

Another laugh before the man followed suit, his dark blue yukata quickly covering himself from view. Kaoru had just finished tying his obi when the boys came out.

“Aww, are you guys leaving already?” Reki frowned.

Kaoru returned the frown and casually glanced at his empty wrist as though seeking the time, “we’ve been here for quite some time now.”

“Is that why your face is all red?” Langa asked from Reki’s side.

Kojiro waved him off, “Four eyes over here spent a little too much time in the water and started to overheat. So I’m going to take him back.”

Kaoru rolled his eyes, hand tightly holding the front of his yukata together, “I don’t need help from an incompetent ape.”

“Whatever,” Kojiro waved at the younger men, “don’t be a Kaoru and overheat. Don’t stay too long, you hear?”

A chorus of ‘yes dad's' followed as Kojiro led Kaoru away.

“Was it just me or did anyone else see a handprint on Cherry’s neck?”

“Eww gross."