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bring salt for your honey

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Gao Yingjie is spooned behind Qiao Yifan, his dick sliding hot and slick as they move their hips together. Gao Yingjie is sliding his fingers back and forth in Qiao Yifan’s mouth, as well: two of them, slippery with spit as Qiao Yifan moans around them, sucking and licking for all he’s worth. Their bodies are sweaty where belly touches back. Their bedding has long been tangled and tossed behind them.

‘Always look so good,’ Gao Yingjie is saying. His voice dips and rises with the rhythm of his fucking, with the thrust of his thighs. ‘Always take it so well. Take me so well.’ He presses his fingers down against Qiao Yifan’s eager tongue; Qiao Yifan slams his hips backwards to take Gao Yingjie’s dick even harder. ‘Would be so pretty to share,’ Gao Yingjie murmurs, releasing Qiao Yifan’s tongue, the better for him to moan.

Gao Yingjie has gotten good at this. He’s gotten good at using his words in bed with intent, with a plan. It’s a little like shotcalling, albeit significantly more bespoke— and arousing. ‘You’d look so good,’ he says, shifting the fingers of his other hand through Qiao Yifan’s hair, ‘So great, taking two cocks at once.’

Qiao Yifan whines, as well as he can with a full mouth. He reaches his hand up, curling his fingers on the bedhead to give himself more leverage. He fucks back faster, rougher, fucks himself thoroughly on Gao Yingjie’s dick. Their room is heavy with the scent of sex, with heat, with the sucking sounds of wet mouth and slick ass. Qiao Yifan is dragging Gao Yingjie’s foreskin back inside of him; he is catching his teeth — just a graze, god, just a tease — against Gao Yingjie’s hand.

Gao Yingjie grunts, low and pleased, beneath the onslaught. He pulls his fingers all the way out of Qiao Yifan’s mouth. He grins, delighted, as Qiao Yifan jerks forwards — chasing them, hunting them — sucking them back in, unambiguously demanding. Qiao Yifan’s tongue is a wild thing, licking between knuckles, curling around blunt nails; is lavishing a feverish attention usually reserved for Gao Yingjie’s dick and, even then, only when he wants to make him come punishingly fast.

Gao Yingjie can take it rather more sanguinely on his fingers. He’s far more interested in what Qiao Yifan is imagining in his head. He’s far more interested in the way Qiao Yifan shakes closer to coming when the fingers in his mouth are thrust with less care, when they press deep, when they’re insistent. ‘God, you’d look so pretty with someone else’s cock in your mouth,’ Gao Yingjie says. He brushes his own mouth against Qiao Yifan’s ear. He gasps there, closing his eyes, visualising it— Qiao Yifan, so greedy to please, so eager, so good at sharing. Hanging on the edge of his own orgasm, Gao Yingjie whispers, skin hot, ‘How full you’d be, taking us both.’

Perfectly on cue, Qiao Yifan lets go of the bed and reaches behind himself instead. He digs his fingers into Gao Yingjie’s hip, hauling Gao Yingjie in and forwards. He traps Gao Yingjie’s dick as deep as he can and then holds him there, fierce and emphatic, as he sucks on Gao Yingjie’s fingers and comes, sobbing and shaking, on Gao Yingjie’s pushing dick.

Gao Yingjie presses in obligingly, hard and rough, the way Qiao Yifan wants it. He falls into his own orgasm as Qiao Yifan squeezes down around him, his cry muffled in Qiao Yifan’s hair as he jerks and pulses right where his partner needs him.

It’s a while before Qiao Yifan loosens his grip on Gao Yingjie’s hip. He strokes gently where he’s been holding, then brings his hand up to circle softly around Gao Yingjie’s wrist. He pulls Gao Yingjie’s fingers from his mouth, kissing them carefully, and then places their hands, together, on his chest.

Qiao Yifan’s heartbeat is thrumming brightly.

Gao Yingjie presses a kiss behind his ear.

‘Stay in me a while,’ Qiao Yifan murmurs, tucking his leg back across Gao Yingjie’s.

Their room is soft with the scent of sex, with satisfaction, with the comforting noise of steadying breathing. Their bodies are reassuring where belly touches back. Gao Yingjie lets go only long enough to pull a blanket across them and, together, they rest.