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Our Stsrs Aligned

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"Man, this reminds me of the time I was in Midgar"

Peter cutaway to another cutaway gag, what his show was known for after all. It wasn't Family Guy if it didn't have one, right?

Peter had, in fact, found himself somewhere in Midgar. He had met a very nice flower girl, who gave him his own basket of flowers. He was happily walking down the street, and that's when he saw him.

A not so tall man, spiked blond hair that seemed unnatural. His eyes had an extraordinary color he'd never seen before, it was memorizing. He had a large sword.. on his back of course.

He needed to say hi to him, so as cute as he could, he skipped over to Cloud. The man looked up at him, wow… he's shorter.

How cute

"Well hiya there sir, can I ask for your name?" Peter asked, picking one of the flowers from his basket. He offered it to the man, hoping to win his affection.

"Ah.. thanks"

Oh what a lovely voice he has

"Of course sir, now what's your name?" Peter asked, rapidly blinking to try and flutter his absolutely lovely eyelashes.

"Uh.. Cloud"

"I'm Peter"

"Right… Peter"

Cloud seemed.. anxious, his face flustered slightly as he held the flower between his fingers. He wasn't really good with eye contact with others.

"Now, Cloud Sir.. can I offer you a very nice Dinner?" Peter asked, extending his hand towards Cloud, causing him to become flustered.

He might be moving this fast.. because next thing he'd know they'd be growing old together. With three kids and a dog. It was a dream.

He was already ready to plan their future out together.

Cloud swallowed dryly, his palms were already sweating in anxiety. Thank god he had gloves on. However he did take Peter's hand, allowing him to interlock their fingers.

"Amazing. It'll be worth it I promise Cloud" Peter said as he gently tugged on the mans hand, dragging him towards one of the restaurants he saw.

Cloud normally wouldn't have done this, but Peter's beautiful ocean blue eyes pierced through his heart. He made his heart feel warm. So, he wasn't so upset that Peter brought him to a… McDonald's.

Hell, Peter got him a whole twenty piece chicken nugget. This really was a serious date, huh?

"So, Cloud what do you do for a living?" Peter asked, twirling the straw in his drink. He was watching the ice swirl around in the dark soda, listening to the melodic clinking of ice.

"I'm… a Mercenary" Cloud said, shifting in his seat, anxiety crackling at him, he was so nervous. "What.. about you Peter?"

"I work at a Brewery"

"A what?"

"A Brewery? Don't you know what that is??" Peter asked, glaring up at Cloud. Was he making fun of him???

"Oh.. the places that make Alcohol.. cool. That's a good job"

Now, it was Peter's turn to be flustered. Cloud? Cloud though he was cool? He thought his job was cool?

Cloud sure now how to make someone swoon.

"Oooh Cloud, darling you're too sweet!" Peter said, putting his hand to his head dramatically. "You sure know how to make your way to my heart, you handsome devil!"

Cloud blinked, he was actually flirting? It was working? Oh wow.. this never worked before.

"Ah thanks.. you look nice to" Cloud said in his monotone voice. Eyes diverting down to his chicken nuggets, he couldn't stop the butterflies in his stomach.

He stood up, grabbing a napkin. "Er.. sorry Peter I need to go.. b-but" Cloud grabbed a pen from Peter's chest pocket before writing his phone number down. He shakily handed the napkin to Peter, his face bright red.

"C.. Call me sometime um.. um will you?" Cloud said before he turned around, making sure he had his box of nuggets tight in his hands before he shuffled off.

"He's so shy.. how cute" Peter hummed, chuckling softly as he grabbed the napkin. He couldn't help the smile on his face as he looked over the numbers roughly written into the brown napkin.

"I'm ready this game lover boy"