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"How is he?"

TK's eyes didn't stray away from the prone figure on the hospital bed. His hand trembled as he lifted it up from his lap and touched it to his fiance's. 

"He's cold," he managed to whisper, eyes still glued to the too still body, to the tube attached to his throat that was breathing for him, to the bandages covering his head and most of his chest.

Nancy stood beside him, her hands rubbing up and down his arms gently. "He's gonna be okay, TK."

"I hope so."

"He will be."

TK wished he could believe her. 

"What's all this?!"

Carlos' hands settled on his hips and he pushed him forward gently. The lights in the living room were dim, and there were a few candles scattered across the open space of the living room and the kitchen. 

"I didn't forget an anniversary, did I?" He was joking, but there was an undercurrent of worry that he couldn't shake.

Carlos laughed and pulled him close, leaning down to press his lips to TK's in a very short kiss. When he pulled away, TK chased after him, letting out a huff as Carlos danced out of his reach and pulled out his chair for him. TK took a seat, and watched as Carlos did the same opposite him. "You didn't. I just wanted to do something special since it feels like we haven't been on a date in forever."

TK winced. "I'm sorry, I know I've been busy at work-" 

"Hey, no- none of that. It's not your fault; we've both been busy." 

TK smiled. "Have I told you how much I love you?" 

Carlos leaned in, and TK eyed his lips hungrily before he dragged his eyes to the gorgeous brown ones that were twinkling with amusement. "It bears repeating, I think," Carlos told him quietly with a small shrug.

TK mirrored him in leaning forward, resting his elbows on the very edges of their dining table. "Well, I love you."

Carlos' face softened with a smile that took TK's breath away. "I love you, too."

TK's hand reached for his, and he toyed with his fingers absentmindedly. "Are you sure we can't skip dinner?" He asked, voice low and gaze heated, as he let his fingers trails up and then down Carlos' arm. 

Carlos' eyes darkened, and he swallowed thickly, but then to TK's surprise, he shook his head with a teasing smile. "Dinner first, then dessert."

"But where's the fun in that?" TK whined. 

Carlos pursed his lips and fixed him with a look. "Come on, let's eat," Carlos told him, fond and amused.

TK's stomach chose that moment to rekindle him that he'd barely eaten today. Carlos laughed and TK just smiled sheepishly.

The food looked amazing. "How did you manage do all this? Didn't your shift end like an hour ago?"

Carlos shrugged. "I have my ways," he told him vaguely.

TK narrowed his eyes. "You had your mom cook this didn't you?"

Carlos smiled sheepishly. "Yes."

TK shook his head in mock disappointment. "I'm disappointed. Were you really going to let me think you cooked all of this?"

"No," Carlos exclaimed around a laugh. "I was gonna tell you. Eventually."

TK's facade cracked and he chuckled. He grabbed his hand off the table and leaned forward to press a kiss to the knuckles, and when he straightened up, he didn't let go. "Thank you for doing this."

Carlos laced their fingers together and squeezed TK's hand in his. "Let's eat!"

Dinner was wonderful, and exactly what TK needed after going through the week from hell. They caught up, and as he watched his boyfriend enthusiastically talk about a case he'd just helped a detective solve,  and how the detective had advised him to take the detective exam, and TK was hit, not for the first time, with the realization that he wanted to do this, to have this, forever.

Carlos trailed off. "You okay?" He asked, hand coming to rest over his. Only then did TK realize that he'd stopped listening at some point.

"Yeah. Yeah, sorry," TK shook his head. "Just- thinking, I guess."

"Oh? About what?"

TK shrugged and ducked his head, unsure. 

"TK?" He lifted his head and looked at him, and found those  understanding, kind eyes offering him reassurance. "Talk to me."

TK took a breath. "I was just thinking about this," he lifted their intertwined hands. "Us- and how I want to have it, to have you, forever."

Carlos' eyes widened and he let out a disbelieving laugh. "Guess I shouldn't be surprised you stole my line," he muttered with a fond look.

TK returned his smile, though he had to admit he was a little confused. His boyfriend only added to the confusion when he stood up and rounded the table. He turned TK's chair to face him, took his hands in both of his, and, in a move that made TK's heart stop for a full two seconds, he went down on one knee. "Carlos," TK whispered in awe.

He smiled. "I've known that I wanted to spend my life with you for a long time now," Carlos started. "Through the good things, and the bad, you have been my constant, TK. There were times when all I was sure of in my life was you. I love you," he told him, and TK leaned down to press their foreheads together, barely able to keep the tears at bay. "I love waking up next to you, I love cooking with you, I love fighting with you," at this, they both let out a wet laugh. "Coming home to you is always the best part of my day, and if you're okay with it, I'd like to do that forev-"

"Yes," TK interrupted him, unable to hold back anymore. He pushed his chair back and stood up, pulling Carlos up with him and into a searing kiss that left them both breathless. 

"You didn't let me ask," Carlos pointed out.

TK raised an eyebrow.

Carlos cleared his throat and, with a grin, buried his hand in his pocket and took out a small, thin wedding band. "Tyler Kennedy Strand," he said, a hint of laughter coloring his words. TK rolled his eyes, but he was sure the effect was ruined by the wide smile that wouldn't leave his face. "Will you marry me?"

"Yeah," he manged, voice thick with tears. "Yes, I'll marry you."

Carlos took his left hand and lifted it up with shaking fingers, and the second the ring was on his hand, TK pulled his boyfriend- his fiance, now- into his arms.

He couldn't remember a time he was this happy.

"You know, a wedding requires two people to happen," TK whispered, laying his chin on their joined hands. He put his free one on Carlos' head, over the white bandage, and stroked gently. "I can't marry myself, babe," he huffed out a laugh that got caught in his throat. "Come back to me. Please, Carlos, come back to me." He pressed a kiss to his fiance's knuckles, and then to the ring he'd gotten him about a month ago. "You promised me forever."

"You promised me forever, and I need you to keep that promise, sweetheart."

"Do we even want a big wedding?" 

TK sighed and pushed away the catalog their wedding planner had given them. "If you'd asked me two months back, I would have said yes. Now, though? After all of this?-" he gestured at the fabric samples and different magazines strewn across their coffee table. "- the answer is no," he said with a laugh.

Carlos chuckled and pulled him back until TK's back was flush against his chest. TK relaxed into the embrace. "I think we should elope," he muttered, only half-joking.

Carlos laughed, and TK pulled away, and turned to face him, sitting cross-legged on the couch. 

"Think about it! We'd get out of the planning, we'd save money on the venue, the food and, we'd get to fire Edna!"

Carlos shook his head and let out a deep belly laugh that had TK smiling automatically. 

"Don't laught at me," he whined. 

"I just think it's cute that you believe your dad, or my mom for that matter, would let us cancel our wedding."

"Just think about it," he said as his hand wandered up from Carlos' knees to his thigh. "Just you, me, a hotel- maybe even a beach?"

Carlos smiled and leaned his head back against the back of the couch.  He raised an eyebrow, and TK groaned, removing his hand from his thigh and slumping back against the couch. 

Carlos huffed. "Tease."

TK looked over to him and smirked. "Not a tease if I follow through, am I?"

Carlos looked pointedly at the space between them, and TK immediately straightened up and crossed the distance. He threw one leg over Carlos', straddling his lap, then leaned in close, and with a tight grip on the other man's neck, he pulled in for a long kiss. Carlos' hands fell to his hips, and TK moaned as his hands found their way under his shirt and racked it up. He pulled away long enough for Carlos to get it off, then went right back to kissing him. 

Carlos' phone rang, and they both groaned when they heard the ringtone he'd assigned to Edna. 

Carlos rested his forehead on TK's chest. "Maybe eloping isn't such a bad idea."

TK laughed.


He stared at the heart monitor, the beeping it emitted now a source of comfort. It was almost always drowned out by the whoosh of the ventilator, a sound which he had been ignoring for the better part of the past twenty hours.


The skin of Carlos' hand was a bit cold to the touch, and so he took it upon himself to keep it warm in between both of his. 


He was jolted out of his thoughts by the touch of a hand to his arm, and when he managed to tear his eyes away from Carlos, he looked up to see Judd, with one hand raised as if to touch him again, standing beside him. Marjan, Paul, Mateo and Nancy were all there, too and TK felt the sting of tears as he noticed the devastated looks on their faces, and had to remind himself that he wasn't the only one hurting. He stood up, and was immediately pulled into Judd's arms. The older man hugged him tight, and he kept his hold on him even when tried to pull away.

TK didn't fight it, just slumped against his chest, and let the tears fall. Judd didn't say a word, just held him steadily. It only took a few seconds, but then there were other arms around him, and though the pain didn't go away, their presence at least took away from it.


"What did his doctor tell you?" 

TK's eyes didn't stray from Carlos' face as he answered. 

"Skull fracture caused a brain bleed. Surgery went without a hitch, but they'll have to keep him under until the swelling goes down."

"Any idea when that will happen?" Judd asked quietly. TK spared him a glance before his eyes were drawn yet again to Carlos. 

"Doc said they had no way of knowing. Could be a week, could be less, could be more."

He could see them exchanging looks out of the corner of his eyes, and he realized they were probably worried about him. TK wanted to do something to assure them, but he didn't think there was anything he could do to make their worry go away.

He made an effort to look each one of them in the eye and smiled, though he was sure it looked more like a grimace than anything else.

"Thanks for being here, guys."

"Of course, man," Paul told him, squeezing his shoulder.

Marjan smiled sadly. "We'll always be here for you."

The rest of their visit was spent in silence.

"I'm gonna be TK's best man, obviously " Judd said loudly over the sound of their team arguing.

"Hell, no, I'm his partner," Nancy protested.

TK and Carlos exchanged an amused  look and sat back to watch. TK had to admit it was pretty entertaining. 

"He's the godfather of my children," Judd stated, taking a sip of his beer. Then he turned on him, "tell her, TK." 

TK craned his neck to look at Carlos from his position in his arms. "You're so lucky you've already picked your best man."

Carlos laughed. "Daniel wouldn't have forgiven me if I hadn't picked him." 

His brother in law had been dropping hints from the moment Carlos had told them he'd gotten engaged, and Carlos had picked him largely because he wanted the man to stop trying to guilt or bribe him into doing it. 

"Hey, TK," Marjan called out loudly, smiling sweetly. All conversation halted, because they all knew exactly what that tone and that smile meant. "You remember that thing that happened a few weeks back? That thing you're so desperate to keep from Captain Str-"

His eyes widened. "Marjan's my best woman!" He exclaimed.

There were groans and protests from all around him, and Carlos hid his laugh in TK's hair.

"Hey, that ain't fair!" Judd pointed his beer at Marjan like an accusing finger. 

She just shrugged, a smug smile on her face.

"You're evil," Mateo muttered.

"Goal-oriented," she corrected.

Carlos leaned down a bit, his breath fanning across the sensitive area just under his ear and making him shiver. "Is she talking about the moisturizer prank you pu-"

TK panicked and put his hand on his mouth. "Do not say another word. If anybody else, and by that I mean Mateo, finds out, then dad will find out, and I'm toast."

Carlos grabbed his chin gently and turned it so that he could lean down and kiss him. "Don't worry, baby- I'll protect you," he muttered teasingly against his lips.

"My hero," he whispered back, tone dry, though the effect was ruined by the smile he couldn't keep off his face.

"You need to go home," his father insisted, and this time, he didn't back down when TK glared and refused point blank. "And I don't mean my house, I mean your home, TK."

"It's not home without him in it, dad." 

Owen closed his eyes and pulled him into a warm embrace. "I'm sorry, kiddo."

"I can't- I can't do this," he cried. "I can't walk in through the door knowing he won't be there. I won't survive it."

Owen pushed him back gently and rested his hands on TK's shoulders. "Listen to me, you have to. You need to face this head on, do you understand me? He's alive, TK. He's right here. And you can't avoid your place forever, kid."

TK had had no choice but to leave, and as he walked out through the hospital doors, and with each step he took away, it got harder and harder to breathe. 

TK put the key in the lock, but didn't turn it. He took his shakig hand off the warm metal and stared at the door. 

He couldn't do this.

TK knew he wasn't strong enough to enter their home, see traces of Carlos in every inch of the place, and not fall apart. 

Falling apart was not something he could afford to do right now. He wasn't strong enough to try to put himself together, and the one person on this earth who could was laying in a hospital bed fighting for his life.

TK closed his eyes and rested his head on the wooden door. "What do I do, Carlos?" 

Open the door, TK, he imagined him saying. 

"I wish you were here."

I am. Now, open the door.

TK did. 

He hit the light switch, bathing the living room in a low light, and kept his head low as he took the stairs one at a time, stumbling and almost falling at least three times. Their bedroom was as they'd left it that morning, three weeks ago. TK's eyes filled with tears as his eyes were immediately drawn to the picture on the nightstand on Carlos' side. 

TK had his back resting against the trunk of a tree with his knees bent. His hair was buried in Carlo' hair, but that didn't keep the wide smile stretching his lips from showing. Carlos was in the same position; with his back glued to TK's chest, except his fiance had his eyes closed as he dozed off. TK looked away and took a deep, shuddering breath. He made quick work of grabbing a change of clothes and showeing, but that didn't stop the flood of memories. With each move he made, he imagined Carlos beside him. Standing side by side to brush their teeth or shave, relaxing in a bath together, showering together. 

TK gripped the edges of the sink tight enough that it hurt, and avoided looking in the mirror. 

His shirt stuck uncomfortably to his neck, and he realized belatedly that he'd forgotten to dry his hair. 

Once he did that, he exited the bathroom and opened ther dresser. He grabbed the first thing his hand came in contact with, and replaced his shirt with it. 

Only once he was wearing it did he realize the maroon hoodie he was wearing was Carlos'. 

It still smelled like him. 

TK's heart ached as he grabbed a fistful of it and lifted it up to his nose, inhaling deeply.

He'd been missing Carlos for weeks now, but it wasn't until now, until this moment, that he realized just how much. He took another deep breath, taking in the faded smell of him, and this time, his breath caught in his throat. A sob built up in his chest, and his knees buckled under the weight of his sorrow. TK collapsed to the floor, heaving sobs wrenching their way out of him like knives. 

He wrapped his arms around his torso and leaned forward, resting his forehead on the floor. "I don't want to be here," he muttered into the fabric, soaking it with his tears. "I don't want to be here without you, Carlos. Please," he clawed at the floor, looking for purchase when there was none. 

"Please, please come back."

He didn't know when he fell asleep, but when he opened his eyes, it was light out, and the tears had dried on his cheeks.

He blinked and sat up, wincing as his body protested the movement after sleeping on the floor for most of the night.

The first thing he did was bury his nose in the inside of the hoodie like he'd done last night, and felt his body relax when Carlos' smell surrounded him again. He closed his eyes and lay back down.

If he closed his eyes and tried hard enough, he could pretend he was back in Carlos' arms, and that the past three weeks were merely a nightmare.

Going back to work had been a good distraction. He knew his father didn't approve, but Tommy had let him back once he promised to tell her if it became too much.

TK did his job, he threw himself into it in a desperate attempt to forget, at least for a little while, that his life was falling apart. 

It didn't work.

Carlos was on his mind every second that he was away from him, and TK had gotten used to the tightness of his chest that only seemed to loosen when the man he loved was within arm's reach.


"Yeah, Cap?" 

"Why don't you take the rest of the day, huh?"

TK frowned and ripped off his gloves as he climbed out the back of the ambulance. "Why would I do that?"

"You look like you could use a break, that's all."

His team gathered around him, and he looked at the concerned faces before he laughed incredulously. "What is this, an intervention?"

Tommy stepped up. "Yes, TK it is. We're all worried about you, kid." 

He gritted his teeth. "I'm fine."

"No, you're not, brother," Judd piper up. "You're spread thin, and you know it."

"TK," Tommy brought his attention back to her. "You're exhausted, and in our line of work, exhaustion leads to mistakes. We can't afford that."

"I haven't made any mistakes," he snapped at her.

"Doesn't mean that streak of luck will hold. Go home, TK."

He watched walk away, and all he could feel was fear. Because if he didn't have Carlos, and e didn't have his job, then how the hell was he supposed to keep going? 

A hand on his shoulder had him spinning around, and he was faced with five sets of worried eyes. He ignored them. 

"Are you okay, TK?"

TK laughed. He laughed long and hard, so much so that by the end of it, he was gasping for breath. 

"Am I okay," he repeated Mateo's question as his laughter died down. "Am I okay?" He asked them. "What do you think, Mateo?"

Judd put a hand on his chest. "Hey-"

"My fiance is in a coma. Has been for the past twenty-three days. Our wedding is supposed to happen in less than a week. This should be the happiest time of my life right now, and instead, I'm miserable. I'm in pain," his voice cracked on the word. "Every day I wake up, and for those first few seconds after I open my eyes, my brain tricks me into believing he's okay, that the past three weeks never happened, that if I reached my hand across the bed, I would be able to touch him. Those few seconds? I live for them. They're what's keeping me going."

"He's gonna be okay, TK," Nancy told him, her voice hoarse and eyes red.

He shook his head in defeat. "You know better than to say that. The doctor said the swelling went down. They're not keeping him under anymore. He should have woken up by now."

"These things take time, TK. Head injuries are tricky, you know that."

He shrugged, eyes filling with tears. "I'm starting to lose hope that he'll ever wake up." 

He barely got to finish the words before he was engulfed by a strong, warm hug. The others joined in immediately, and for a second, just one fleeting second, TK felt like he could breathe.

"Where are you?" TK demanded the second the line connected.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Carlos panted. "My captain is breathing down my neck about this case and-"

"Okay," TK interrupted him. "Okay, I'll leave you to it."

"No, TK! Hang on," Carlos pleaded. "Please talk to me."

TK pursed his lips and counted to ten before he spoke. "I get that this is your first case as a detective and you want it to go well. I understand and I want that for you, but our wedding is in a month, Carlos and it's felt like I've been planning it on my own for the past three weeks. I never get to see you anymore, and even when you're with me, you're miles away. I shouldn't have to miss you when-" he cut himself off and paused for a second to let himself breathe. "I'm just tired of missing you."

"I'm sorry."

He closed his eyes. "Stop apologizing and just be here."

"I'm leaving right now, I'll be at the restaurant in-"

"I'm not at the restaurant anymore, Carlos."


"I'll see you at home. Wenever you decide you can make some time for me," with that, he hung up.

Two hours after that, he got the call that his fiance had been in a car accident.

"Have you ever regretted something so badly that just thinking back to it is so suffocating that it makes you want to tear the freaking world apart?" 

His father's arm tightened around his shoulders. 

"If I hadn't been so selfish, if I had been patient with him, waited for him to come home to talk, he wouldn't be here. This is because of me," TK said bitterly, tone loaded with self loathing. 

"It wasn't your fault, TK. So, you had an argument," his father told him. "It happens. It happened plenty of times before. Doesn't mean this one was any different just because-"

"He was coming home for me- because I was upset. If he doesn't wake up-"

"Hey," his father cut him off sharply. "Don't even think about that. Carlos will pull through. He just needs a little more time."

Silent tears ran down his cheeks. "He's had time. He- I need him here with me now."

His father pulled him into a proper hug, and TK buried his face in the older man's chest. "He will be soon, son. You'll see."

TK shook his head and sniffled, then sat up. He scrubbed a hand down his face and leaned forward to grab Carlos' lax hand, stroking it gently.

"You know, this was not how I wanted to spend the night before my wedding," TK muttered to the room, not sure if he was talking to his fiance or his father.

His father didn't say anything, just grabbed TK's free hand and held on tight. 

Two days after what was supposed to be their wedding day, Carlos' hand twitched in his. 

TK had been on the edge of sleep, but he jolted awake at the movement. He stood up, one hand on Carlos', and the other on his hair. "Carlos? Baby, can you hear me?" He held his breath, not daring to hope, and when a few seconds passed and nothing happened, he felt hope drain out of him and slumped back into his chair. Five minutes later, it happened again, and this time, his eyes fluttered open, too.

TK laughed giddily through his tears, pressed the call button, then returned his attention back to Carlos. When he saw his wide eyes and heard the increasing beeping of the heart monitor, TK knew he needed to calm him down. 

He ran his fingers soothingly through his curls and spoke softly. "Baby, I need you to breath through your nose, okay? A nurse will be here with the doctor in a minute and they'll take out the tube."

He wasn't choking on the tube anymore, and his heart settled somewhat, but he still looked scared. 

TK smiled reassuringly. "You're gonna be okay, baby." 

Carlos' eyes blinked slowly, then slipped shut. 

TK collapsed into the chair and let the tears fall. 

The tube was gone now, and for the next 24, almost 25, hours Carlos was in and out of consciousness. He didn't speak much, mostly just called out TK's name, or just stared at him for a few minutes, blinking owlishly. But mostly, Carlos just slept. TK stayed in the room the whole time, and only stepped out when he needed to grab some water or talk to the nurse.

The wait for him to wake up now was almost worse. 

When Carlos blinked his eyes open, he looked a lot more alert than any of the previous times he'd woken up. TK held his hand and smoothed his hair down like he always did, and he was surprised when this time, Carlos smiled. It was lopsided and small, but it was a smile all the same. 

"Hey," he slurred out, blinking slowly, and TK found himself crying. "TK."

"Hi," he said thickly, his shaking hands framing his face. He leaned down to kiss him, tender and soft, then pulled back. "Hi, baby. God, I missed you. I missed you so much." 

"Don't-" he lifted a hand up to TK's face, but the movement was clumsy and uncoordinated, so TK took his hand and held it up to his own face, then leaned into it. He closed his eyes.

He'd done this so many times; held up Carlos' hand to his face, closed his eyes, and pretended.

He couldn't believe that he didn't have to do that anymore.

His thumb caressed TK's cheek lightly, wiping away the tears. "Don't cry," he muttered hoarsely.

TK smiled, steadying Carlos' hand on his face, and pressed a kiss to it. "Okay."

" 'm okay."

TK kissed his hand again, then leaned down to press his lips to his fiance's forehead. "I'm so, so happy you are, sweetheart."

Carlos' answering smile was sleepy, and seconds later, his eyes closed and he fell into a restful sleep. 

TK watched him the whole time, too scared to blink and wake up to find this was all a dream.

Five days after he woke up, Carlos was deemed okay enough to leave. TK was relieved to be out of the hospital, even though he knew they had to be back for Carlos' physical therapy appointments in just two days. Carlos had had one appointment while he was in the hospital, and he'd been so exhausted after it that he'd slept for the better part of the day, so TK knew the road to recovery wasn't going to be easy. 

"I hate this," Carlos said as he leaned most of his weight on TK. The walk from the bathroom to the bed, though short, had exhausted him. TK helped him lay down and crouched beside the bed. 

"It'll get better."

"When?" Carlos snapped, hands shaking even though he had them clenched into fists.

"Hey, take a breath," TK chided him. "This isn't forever. You'll be back to normal in no time."

Carlos let out a breath and nodded.

"And in the meantime, we take this day by day. Together." He smiled at Carlos and stood up, when a hand grabbed his. 

"Stay?" Carlos pleaded.

TK grinned. "Always."

They didn't talk about their wedding, almost like it was an unspoken agreement between the two. He didn't know why wither of them did, but he'd caught Carlos looking at his ring with a forlorn, almost wistful, look enough times to know that it was on his mind at least. 

Carlos was the one to bring it up, exactly two weeks after he woke up, while they were in bed. 

"I'm sorry," Carlos muttered into TK's chest.

TK, who had been seconds away from sleep, jolted awake and stared down at him in confusion. "What?" He muttered, bewildered. "What are you sorry for?" 

"Our wedding. What I put you through-"

"Stop." He struggled to sit up, and it took some maneuvering, but they ended up sitting cross-legged on the bed, facing each other. "You didn't do anything wrong, Carlos. We had a fight; just like any other couple out there. And you had an accident, just like a lot of people do. Nothing that happened was your fault. Life just sucks sometimes."

Carlos let out a surprised laugh.

"I blamed myself for a long time you know. For your accident."


He shook his head, and Carlos fell silent. "I just kept telling myself that I should have been more understanding, more patient. But then you woke up, and nothing else mattered. You're alive, you're okay. Everything else will fall into place eventually." He cupped his face in both hands and drew him closer into a lingering kiss. "Nothing else matters except the fact that you're here with me. Okay?"

Carlos grinned. "Okay."

"Where are we going?" 

TK grinned over at his passanger and it turned into a laugh when he saw his grumpy expression. He'd woken him up early, told him to get dressed and had more or less dragged him to the car. 

"You'll see."

It took them ten minutes to reach their destination and Carlos'mouth fell open in surprise as he stared up at the building. 

"The courthouse?"

TK turned in his seat to face him. "I told you once that I didn't care where we got married, just that we did, and that's still true. I want to be your husband, I don't care if it's a big, fancy wedding or a small ceremony with just us, a judge and two strangers. I just want to be married to you, and honestly? I'm tired of waiting."

Carlos bit his lip. "Are you sure?" 

TK was sure he was smiling like a lunatic as he nodded vigorously.  "Absolutely."

"Okay," Carlos extended his left hand, and TK placed his in it. Their rings clinked together softly. Carlos beamed, laughing giddily, and shook his head in disbelief. 

"Okay, let's get married."