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Neighbor's Visit

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The Faraway town was a lot different from the boarding school. She had some friends back there, it felt like home. But, the Faraway, despite being her actual hometown, didn't feel like it at all. Sure, she talks to some people here, fellow swimmers and that jersey wearing boy Kel, but they aren't as close to her as those friends were. No. Now is not the time to be sad about stuff. She needs to make new friends here and be happy again. Sounds easy, but it's not. All the people here are already friends with each other. Everyone has their own clique, well except that gardener boy named Basil. There were hooligans with their pink haired leader Aubrey. There were sporty guys. The boy Kel was their friend, so maybe Cris could try it out and hang with them? After all she is a great swimmer, swimming is also a sport. But, most of them are dudes, what if they are not as nice as the jersey guy and will be perverted and stuff? 


"Haaaaaaah..." Cris fell on her bed. "Meeting people that are not interested in the same thing as you is hard. Maybe, a little walk will help?". Those thoughts ran through her mind, as she got up and was about to leave, but-


"Hey, where are you going?". It was her dad. Everybody calls him 'All-American Guy' for some reason. 

"Outside, dad"

"Well, be careful out there"


Phew. Minus one problem. Now, she could walk around and see many other people. Other people. Yeah. 

"Uhmmmm..." Cris mumbled. Where is everyone? Even the jersey boy wasn't walking around with his basketball. Is everybody just staying inside during such a good day? What a bad luck. Well, at least she could go collect some seashells. After going around the neighborhood. What if somebody is out here? With that question in thought, Cris proceeded to walk around the neighborhood.



No one. Not a single soul. Not even a cat or a dog. Only Cris and the silence.


"Welp, I tried. Time for the seashells!" Cris was just about to leave, when she saw that house. There was a sign nearby, "ON SALE". That house. There was a boy that lived in that house. Cris almost never saw him, she can't even remember what he looked like. He hasn't left his house for years. 


"It wouldn't hurt to try, right?" said Cris out-loud, as she approached the door and knocked. "Hey, uhm, anyone home?". Ugh, what is she doing? Knocking on a door of complete stranger's house? What if nobody's home? Wait. Somebody IS home. She can hear footsteps. They are closing. Hm, sounds like whoever is behind the door is here. The door is getting unlocked.


There he is. The boy that lives here. He was pretty short and pale like a statue. He was dressed pretty formally, doesn't look like clothes that you wear at home. 


"Oh, hi?" Cris said. This is pretty awkward. The boy just waved in answer. Is he mute? No, probably he's just not talkative. The tension grew. What should she do? Oh right!


"My name is Cris. What's yours?" Cirs tried to break the ice. Just when the boy opened his mouth, someone shouted.


"SUUUUUUNNNYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!". That was  loud. The voice is familiar. Cris turned around and saw the jersey dude run towards them.


"Sunny! Hey, man! It's me, your old friend Kel! How are you doing?" Kel talked to the boy. Guess his name is Sunny. Other than that, Cris was completely ignore-


"Hey, Cris! Sorry didn't see you there!" Kel was now talking to her. Well, at least she was acknowledged. 


"Hi, Kel" Cris answered.


"Oh! I should probably introduce you two to one another! Sunny this is-"


"Cris." Sunny cut out Kel. His voice was quiet and polite. It sounded nice.


"Yeah!" Kel seemed happy, and then he talked to her again. "Thanks for getting Sunny out of his shell, Cris! Wanna tag along with us?"


Cris couldn't thought of a reason why not. So-




Saying that changed her life forever.