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Shen Yuan died in his first life.

It kinda sucked. He missed his family, he felt kind of like a loser for dying to food poisoning, and there was still a ton of web novels on his to-read list.

But, you know, after several centuries, you get used to some things.

For example, living in a small grove that enjoyed just drifting around the realm.

Or being considered a threat by everyone and their mother and being attacked almost constantly for the first couple of centuries, and then just occasionally afterwards.

Or maybe the whole ‘being a demon’ thing. Yeah, that took a while to get used to.

Shen Yuan’s not really sure where he transmigrated to, but there are demons. And cultivators.

As a newly transmigrated demon who used to be a human, he’d had a rough time of it, dropped in the middle of the demon realm and expected to fend for himself all on his own.

Some things happened, he got into a lot of trouble, got himself out of a lot of trouble, ran around exploring the demon realm as he pleased, got bound to a magical forest, and now he’s known as Sanye-jun, Lord of the Drifting Grove.

As for what kind of demon he was, in his normal form he was mostly human-shaped, but he had antlers like a stag, a pair of white wings like a bird, a tail like a white tiger’s, and fierce claws that retracted like a cat’s from his finger tips.

When he felt strong emotions, his eyes would glow an eerie silver, and black stripes like a tiger’s would appear on his face, his back, his legs, his shoulders … the places where tiger stripes would normally appear.

He’s some weirdo furry fetish? - was what Shen Yuan thought at first, but when he inadvertently transformed into some hoofed centaur with the body of a horse but the pattern of a tiger, and those large white wings protruding from his back, he realized he was some sort of yingzhao-type demon.

He had wind powers. So cool-!

Shen Yuan had a grand time galloping about in his centaur form, but unfortunately, news of the rare wind demon made the rounds throughout the demon realm, and soon Shen Yuan was finding himself being attacked here, there, and everywhere.

Whoa whoa whoa, it’s not like he’s trying to hone in on anyone’s territory, he’ll gtfo if asked nicely! Why are demons so aggressive?! And why are they always trying to using binding cables on him? Do they want to capture him first and kill him in public?

Well Shen Yuan isn’t complaining; it makes it a fucking hell of a lot easier for him to escape when they’re not just straight up trying to kill him!

There was even one demon lord who chased Shen Yuan all across the realm, no matter whose territory Shen Yuan fled through.

Shen Yuan has no idea what he’s done to piss the guy off that bad, but whenever the demon lord tracked him down, the guy would turn bright red and start yelling things at him.

Yelling what? Shen Yuan’s not too sure; he’d always run off as fast as possible, so he’s never really heard.

Anyway, he’s experienced a LOT in his many hundreds of years living, including huge demon territorial upheavals, disguising himself as a wandering cultivator and taking trips into the human realm, and trying his hand at a vegetable garden in his own territory.

But he’s never had a human cultivator come barreling through the roof of his storage shed, completely ruining three whole casks of his fruit wine.

In the first place, the Drifting Grove wasn’t some place that was easy for anyone to enter, let alone falling in with a completely out of control sword.

Second, he did situate the Drifting Grove on the border between the human realm and demon realm for the time being, but it’s still very much on the demon side of the border.

Squatting down next to the guy, Shen Yuan poked him in the cheek.

Fucking hell, he’s never seen a man this pretty in his life, and Shen Yuan’s seen enough hot men in his four-to-five hundred years of life to have had his sexual identity crisis and come out dyed in rainbows.

… Oh, there was that one guy, but that man’s mouth always got in the way of his good looks.

Unlike him, though, this human cultivator is like an ‘untouchable’ kind of pretty, with his sharp and noble features, the birthmark under his left eye, and his long ponytail.

Before he knew it, Shen Yuan had a bandaged up, gorgeous cultivator in his bed.

Ahh… this probably wasn’t the best idea he’s had. He’s got no idea what he’s going to do if the cultivator wakes up and freaks out over being in a demon’s house, but leaving a beauty unconscious on the side of the road would make Shen Yuan feel bad.

Besides, he’s lived this long without too much trouble, so it’ll be fine – just when Shen Yuan thought that so carelessly, the sharp edge of a sword rested against the side of his throat.

Ah… eh? When did the sleeping beauty wake up?

Shen Yuan was certain that if the cultivator wasn’t so badly wounded, the man would have tried to cut his head off without question.

As a demon with more aggressive tendencies than he’d had as a human, Shen Yuan found that kind of hot.

“Who are you? Where is this?” the cultivator asked, his voice low and guarded.

The man was trembling in pain from his rather grievous wounds, but the arm hold the sword was steady. Good lord, those biceps…

“My my, is that any way to treat the man who picked you up and bandaged you up?” Shen Yuan said with a chuckle. “Not to mention, you destroyed quite a few casks of wine that were still fermenting in my shed. Such a shame.”

The cultivator frowned. “You’re a demon,” he said, practically growling.

Mm, maybe Shen Yuan should have hidden his antlers and wings. They’re really not subtle.

“Yes I am,” he admitted.

The man hesitated for a moment before deciding to attack, but Shen Yuan was ready for him.

Startled by the sudden flap of Shen Yuan’s wings, the cultivator was caught off guard as Shen Yuan whirled around, launching himself at the man and pinning him back down on the bed.

“Guh! You-!” The cultivator snarled and struggled fiercely, but between his wounds and the fact that Shen Yuan is actually quite strong, all he could do was twist his body futilely, his arms captured by Shen Yuan and his body caged underneath Shen Yuan’s body.

“Now now, calm down,” Shen Yuan said, smiling down at the man trapped below him. “You’re going to open your wounds, and after I went through all that trouble to treat them. Don’t make me bring out the immortal binding cable; those are pretty counterproductive to helping you heal.”

Even as he spoke, though, Shen Yuan already knew the cultivator wouldn’t listen, and with a low whistle, vines grew out of his bed posts, binding the cultivator to the bed.

… Erm, that kind of looks kinky. With a cough and another whistle, Shen Yuan directed the vines to wrap the cultivator up until he was practically a dumpling.

“You-! Let me go this instant!”

Shen Yuan ignored the struggling cultivator and turned to his front door, narrowing his eyes warily.

“Hm, we’ll talk about that later,” he told the man carelessly. “Let me deal with these unwanted guests first.”

“Sanye-jun! Hand over the human!” Demon voices thundered from outside the house.

“No, fuck off!” Shen Yuan shouted back.

“We know he’s in there, don’t try to trick us!”

“I never said he wasn’t, I told you to fuck off!” Shen Yuan rolled his eyes. “Gods, I swear some of these demons have the intelligence of a dead frog,” he muttered as he stomped towards the door.

“Sanye-jun! D-don’t think we’re afraid of you-!”

Shen Yuan yanked his door open and glowered at the demons standing in front of his house, all of them looking worse for wear, clearly having had a hard time slogging through the shifting trees and bloodthirsty plant life that lived in his forest.

They were probably strong-ish demons, if they could make it this far, but they’re idiots if they’ve forgotten that the owner is the most dangerous part of the Drifting Grove.

“You’re the incompetents that chased him into my territory,” Shen Yuan sneered. “So shut up and GET OFF MY LAWN!!”

That last part he bellowed out, and a whirlwind erupted from his shout, launching towards the hapless demons and sending them careening out of his forest.

Hmm. Team Rocket’s blasting off again~ Shen Yuan shielded his eyes and watched them go, giving a somewhat happy hum as they went.


Shen Yuan’s cat-faced owl chirped, tilting its head upside down as it scooted closer for pets.

“Fufu, they really did fly pretty well, huh?” Shen Yuan chuckled, stroking the back of its head before shooing it off to go hunt for its own breakfast as he headed back inside.

“Oh? You seemed to have calmed down.” Shen Yuan whistled, and a lot of the vines unbound the cultivator lying on his bed.

The cultivator glared at him, clearly exhausted from his struggling. “… Why are you protecting me?” he finally asked, somewhat sullenly.

“Hm? No real reason. Just felt like it,” Shen Yuan responded. “Ah… tsk tsk. You’ve reopened some of your wounds.” Shen Yuan ignored the man’s suspicious stare as he undid the bloodied bandages to rewrap then.

“How did you end up in such a state anyway? Those guys that were chasing you didn’t seem like weaklings, but they also weren’t really that strong…” Shen Yuan trailed off as he watched the man’s skin flush, trembling under his touch.

Shen Yuan whipped his head up to see the man’s face, flushed red, his pupils dilated and glassy.

Uh… maybe that trembling earlier wasn’t entirely due to pain.

“H-hey, just asking, but … did you get poisoned with something?” Shen Yuan asked, a stiff smile on his face as he fervently hoped he was wrong.

The cultivator was quiet for a moment before he reluctantly admitted, “There was a field of flowers…”

Oh fucking hell. Shen Yuan paled.

“Hey! What kind of flower was it!? One that just makes you horny, or a fuck-or-die one?!” Shen Yuan almost seized the poor man by the shoulders to shake him, but he remembered the man was pretty injured just in time.

“I-I don’t … know…!” The cultivator spat out, but it came out almost as a whine, and Shen Yuan nearly banged his head against the wall.

Okay, see, Shen Yuan might have lived for almost five hundred years, but his sexual experiences can be counted on … no fingers. He was trying real hard not to die for the first couple of centuries, okay?! He didn’t have time for that! Also! He only just figured out he was gay in the last century! Leave him alone!

And this gorgeous immortal with the broad shoulders and thin waist writhing in his bed was DOING things to him!

Shen Yuan took a deep breath and slapped his cheeks with both hands, hard.

Get a hold of yourself. The man’s injured, there’s no way he can just, ah, sex him up.

“Daozhang,” he said hesitantly, “If you don’t know what kind of pollen you are poisoned with, it would be best if… if you were alleviated.”

The man stared at him, eyes wide. He fell back onto the bed with a dark complexion, as if prepared to meet his death.

“I-if…Daozhang would like, this one could … assist.” Shen Yuan coughed, averting his eyes slightly from the mortified cultivator.

“… Is it impossible to wait it out?” the man asked stiffly.

“… … Since we don’t know what it is you’re poisoned with, I wouldn’t recommend it,” Shen Yuan said, but secretly he was thinking, Dude, you could just rub one out, too, you know?Ah, but if it was one that required dual cultivation… But those usually put their victims way more under the influence, making them pretty much incoherent except for the desire for sex.

The cultivator laid on the bed motionlessly for a second before he finally blushed and said, “Do it.”

D-do it? Just like that? Oh gods… Nope, he can totally do this. This isn’t for sex, it’s a medical procedure. He just has to make this beautiful man come. He can do this…

Shen Yuan had never been so happy for his impeccable memory and his past life’s browsing history.


Liu Qingge had heard of Sanye-jun before.

The wind demon who swore no allegiance to any master, and the ruler of the Drifting Grove. He rarely appeared before humans, and there were stories of his beauty and power bewitching other demon lords, who chased him across the realms in order to make him theirs.

None ever succeeded.

But while Sanye-jun appeared to be famous in the demon realm, there wasn’t much information about him in the human realm, other than that he was strong and beautiful, and was probably the closest thing to a human-loving demon that ever existed.

Liu Qingge didn’t believe the rumors of Sanye-jun being human-loving, but he was very interested in the ‘strong’ part.

He was quite eager to try to face a powerful demon who fought other powerful demons regularly and never came out the worst off, but Sanye-jun and his Drifting Grove were elusive. It was possible he’d never come across them.

Which is why, when he crashed through the deadly forest, poisoned by some flowers and chased by the demons he’d been hunting, he never thought it could be the Drifting Grove.

All he knew was that he killed three of the demons before the effects of the pollen began to fully set in, and unable to control Cheng Luan properly, he couldn’t dodge a thick tree branch that came swinging his way and was launched through the sky.

When he came to he was in a comfortable bed that smelled of fresh pine. Although there was also a slight fruit scent. His deep wounds were also bandaged up, and Cheng Luan was leaned up against the side of the bed.

A figure moved near him, and Liu Qingge tensed, grabbed his sword, and made to cut the demon’s head off.

His arms felt heavy and his qi was unsteady, so he stopped himself before he could start a fight he probably didn’t have any hopes of winning. In the end, though, he cursed his hesitation. Demons weren’t kind to humans for no reason; he shouldn’t have even entertained the thought -

Liu Qingge wasn’t sure what happened then, but suddenly he was back on the bed, completely and thoroughly restrained. A beautiful face hovered close above him, smiling gently.

No matter how hard he struggled, the demon above him didn’t seem to be all that troubled, and Liu Qingge couldn’t help but feel himself getting hard. Even as he cursed the effects of the pollen, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from those silver, peach blossom eyes and those full lips set in a face that was far too delicate for the strength the demon showed.

And right now, those rosy lips were wrapped around his cock.

Slender fingers were pressed inside him, rubbing gently but insistently at a spot that made him cry out and tense.

Liu Qingge flung an arm over his face, trying hard to control himself, but he couldn’t. His hips bucked upwards, involuntarily, as the demon – Sanye-jun those other demons had called him – took him deep into his throat, swallowing a little as those persistent fingers curled once more.

His vision went white as a he came with a cry. He felt the demon pull off of his cock with a wet sound, and as he drifted off into sleep, Liu Qingge felt gentle hands stroking his hair back from his face.

When Liu Qingge next awoke, he found Sanye-jun, every bit as powerful and beautiful as the rumors made him out to be … prostrated on the ground in front of him.


Shen Yuan was sweating bullets.

So… like… okay. He’d just sucked off and fingered a handsome man, who had been compromised by some sort of aphrodisiac pollen.

This was… this wasn’t okay, was it?! He’d gotten permission, but was it really permission? What if the cultivator had only sounded like he was in his right mind, but wasn’t really?!

When the man moved, clearly giving off signs of waking up, Shen Yuan did the only thing he could think of and flopped onto the ground, prostrating deeply in front of the bed.

“I’m terribly sorry,” he said, voice slightly strained with anxiety, “For taking advantage of your situation.”

“… What are you talking about?”

The man’s voice was so confused that Shen Yuan looked up to see the cultivator, his brows furrowed and head tilted.

“Th-that’s… you were compromised by pollen, and I, well, I didn’t mean to, but I took advantage of it to, er, touch you. Even though it was probably possible for you to … ah… take care of it yourself.”

The cultivator stared at him for a moment before he sighed and held his head.

“I was in my right mind,” he said, although he sounded a little stiff from embarrassment, “And I knew what I was consenting to.”

Shen Yuan was fascinated by the blush that crossed the man’s face before he silently kicked himself in his mind and refocused on the situation at hand.

“Even so, I … ah… I apologize,” he said, then scratched the base of one antler sheepishly. “And, ah, I should probably introduce myself.”

“You’re Sanye-jun,” the cultivator said, without a hint of doubt. Well, those demons were just shouting his name for all to hear…

“Ahaha… yes, I suppose that’s what they call me,” Shen Yuan said.

“You wouldn’t call yourself that?” the man asked.

“No, I suppose it’s fine,” Shen Yuan responded with a shrug, “I’m just not sure when people started calling me that. It was news to me that I was a demon lord. You’d think I’d get used to it after a few centuries, though.”

“… You really don’t seem like a demon lord.”

Hey, even if it’s true, you don’t have to point it out. But, well, Shen Yuan never asked to be a demon lord either, so he brushed off the comment.

“So, ah, who might I be talking to?” Shen Yuan asked.

The cultivator frowned, obviously debating whether he should give his name or not, before he finally gave in.

“I am Liu Qingge.”

“I see, nice to meet you… Liu Qingge?! As in, Bai Zhan Peak?! From Cang Qiong?!” Shen Yuan had a mini heart attack when the cultivator finally introduced himself.

The man, Liu Qingge, quirked an eyebrow.

“You… are aware of me?” he asked, somewhat hesitantly.

“Ahaha… yes… somewhat...”

Shen Yuan swore inside his head.

This… is PIDW?!

Fucking hell! No wonder there were so many sex pollen flowers around here!!!

And that was how Shen Yuan, or Sanye-jun as he was more widely known, met Liu Qingge, the War God of Bai Zhan.