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a lifetime with you

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Jihoon is unsure about a lot of things, but marrying Kim Junkyu and spending the rest of his life with him is never one of them.

Jihoon always thinks that Junkyu is his human anchor, the one to ground him. Junkyu always knows the right thing to say every time and is the rational one out of the two. Junkyu helps him become a better person, every day just a little bit better. Junkyu will always be there to wipe his tears away and hug him whenever he needs them the most. Junkyu is his everything and Jihoon hopes he is Junkyu's too.

But what makes him sure that he doesn't want to live his life without Junkyu is the way he comes home every day to their apartment greeted by Junkyu's warm smile and feels all of his stress and tiredness immediately leave his body. When they whisper 'I love you's on each other's bodies, panting and out of breath. When even the scariest moments feel less scary with Junkyu by his side.

He wants to live in a comfortable house, with photos of them plastered all over the walls. He wants to keep waking up to the sight of Junkyu and kiss him good morning and good night. He wants to grow old and make new memories together until they breathe their last breaths.

I want this to be my future , he thinks to himself as he kisses Junkyu's forehead good night. I want to love Junkyu for the rest of my life

"I want to propose to Junkyu."

Hyunsuk chokes on his drink while Yoshi lets out a soft well, about time .

“I was thinking about doing it on our seventh anniversary in two, wait, three weeks, yeah.” Jihoon nods to himself.

"Do you have anything planned?" Yoshi asks as he takes a piece of chicken and puts it on Hyunsuk's plate. Hyunsuk beams and replies with a soft thank you .

Jihoon doesn't have anything planned. He just wants to get down on one knee and marry Junkyu. Except that's not how it works. Junkyu is not just anyone, he's Kim Junkyu, the love of his life, his future husband, the one he will spend the rest of his life with.

"Jihoon, are you done daydreaming?" Hyunsuk deadpans. Jihoon chuckles sheepishly.

"Sorry, just the thought of it makes me giddy. I don't, um, have anything planned… yet. That's why I wanted to meet you two today. I need your help," Jihoon pouts and clasps his hand together, sending his two friends his pleading eyes that always works.

Hyunsuk doesn't even try to hold his coos and ruffles Jihoon hair. Yoshi smiles fondly at him and says, "Okay, Hoonie. We will be happy to help you." Jihoon beams at them. 

"So about the plan," Hyunsuk says in between chewing. "I think you should go, like, big big, you know?"

"You know Junkyu doesn't like festivities," Jihoon sighs.

"Well, then just do something simple," Yoshi adds in.

"Well, yeah, but what exactly?" Jihoon whines.

"Well, I don't know, man," Hyunsuk raises his hand in surrender. "You're his boyfriend, not us."

Jihoon glares at Hyunsuk. "Thanks. Always a big help."

Yoshi rolls his eyes fondly at the two and says, "Well, for starters, what does he like?"

Jihoon taps his chin. "Uh, he really likes the bed."

"Dude, spare us the details," Hyunsuk whines.

"Wha-no, no , I meant, like, he loves sleeping and cuddling and stuff, you dirty minded hag."

"I'm literally one year older than you," Hyunsuk points his spoon at Jihoon.

"Okay, okay," Yoshi cuts in. "So do it at your apartment then. I think it will be more, what's the word?" Yoshi looks at Hyunsuk who shrugs. "Intimate? Yeah, I think that's the word."

"Yoshi, I love you and all that, but that's literally the most boring idea I have ever heard." Yoshi rolls his eyes. Yoshi does that a lot when he's around Hyunsuk, nowadays, more often than not. His poor eyeballs.

"Jihoon can add something special to it, right?" Yoshi looks at Jihoon for an answer. Jihoon stutters out a yes , but barely convincing enough for Hyunsuk.

"The dude can't even say yes," Hyunsuk points at Jihoon. "Look, in my opinion, I still think you should do something grand and big. You only propose once . I'm sure Junkyu can make an exception for that."

"That's tempting," Jihoon mumbles. "Still, I don't know what grand and big is. I'm used to setting up picnic dates and homemade foods. None of us really like grand and big."

Hyunsuk nods. "Okay, you don't like grand and big, then make it memorable. Like, I don't know, write it on the sky, ask him when you're on a helicopter, under the sea, or whatever. Like I said, you only propos–"

"I only propose once , yes, I get it," Jihoon finishes. Hyunsuk shrugs and takes a sip of his suspiciously yellow drink.

"Yoshi, how about you?" Jihoon asks.

"Well, you said you both don't like grand and big and you're used to doing something simple but also something you both like. So why not just do that?"

Hyunsuk opens his mouth to answer but Yoshi cuts him, "Before you say anything, yes, I know proposals matter, but it should matter to the both of you ," he stresses every syllable. "If the both of you love something sweet and simple, then I literally see nothing wrong with that."

Jihoon sighs and runs his hands through his hair. If he had known that Hyunsuk and Yoshi would have stark differences in their opinion, he wouldn't have asked them. Now he is more confused than before.

"Look, Jihoon," Yoshi takes his hands. "I know this is a big deal, but make sure you don't stress about it too much. You know him best, so I trust that you will pull something off."

Yoshi says it so sincerely that it convinces Jihoon. Jihoon squeezes his hand back and says, "Thank you." Hoping that Yoshi can feel that he's sincerely thankful for him.

Their moment gets disrupted by Hyunsuk coughing loudly that sends the both of them to a fit of laughter.

"Thank you, too, I guess," Jihoon playfully rolls his eyes. Hyunsuk flips him off and Jihoon laughs again.

"No, seriously, thank you," Jihoon says in between his laughter. "Even though I still don't know what to do, you guys have given me some ideas. I will think about it some more when I get back."

"Anytime, Hoonie," Yoshi beams at him.

"Yeah, dude, anytime," Hyunsuk grins. "Oh, by the way, have you gone ring shopping yet?"

"Oh, shit," Jihoon gasps. Now it's Hyunsuk's turn to laugh. That annoying laugh.

"Did you seriously forget that in order to propose to Junkyu you have to have a ring ?" Hyunsuk asks in disbelief. Jihoon grimaces.

He didn't actually forget, it just… didn't slip his mind. Yeah. He totally did not forget.

"Oh my god , you literally forgot, didn't you?" Hyunsuk's tone is accusatory.

"Well, I mean, kinda?" Jihoon winces at his own voice. "I just can't stop thinking about what to do. It literally slipped my mind."

"Hey, that's okay," Yoshi says, laughing too. "I'll accompany you to buy the ring. I know a store that sells the prettiest rings. They can even make custom ones."

Hyunsuk squints his eyes at Yoshi. "How do you even know that?"

"I helped my sister's husband pick a ring when he proposed to her." Hyunsuk nods at the answer.

"Okay," Jihoon says. "I trust you with it, Yoshi. I just need to get his ring size."

"Didn't you buy a matching ring, like, two years ago?" Hyunsuk adds in.

"Wait, yeah. Fuck. Why did I forget about that?" Jihoon grimaces.

"There there, Hoonie. You're just nervous and there's a lot going on in that head of yours. We'll help you go through it, don't worry."

Jihoon notices the fond look Hyunsuk throws at Yoshi. He wonders if he is like that too with Junkyu. Maybe he's worse. He can't go a second without looking at Junkyu like he is the most perfect person in the world. Because Junkyu is.

"Thank you, again, for the millionth time," Jihoon frowns.

"No, no frowning. This is a happy time, you should be smiling," Hyunsuk scolds him with pretend sternness.

"I'm sorry," Jihoon smiles sheepishly. "I'm just emotional I guess. Telling the two of you, my closest friends, that I'm planning on proposing to the love of my life feels surreal. We're so old," Jihoon laughs softly.

"Yeah, yeah we are. I will never forget the day you sent my milk to the ground because you can't do monkey bars for shit," Hyunsuk chuckles but eyes fond as he reminisces the accident.

"Hey, that was ages ago," Jihoon says disapprovingly. "Yoshi, please tell your boyfriend to let it go. Please ," Jihoon clasps his hand together.

Yoshi only laughs and says, "I'm sorry, Hoonie, but that's hilarious even for me. If that didn't happen, I wouldn't have met the two of you."

"Acceptable," Jihoon answers and the three of them laugh.

At the same time, his phone pings with a notification from his favorite person and he smiles at it. Junkyu texted him that he's home and asked where Jihoon is. Jihoon sends a quick reply that he's out with Hyunsuk and Yoshi and he's on his way back. Junkyu replies two seconds later with a series of love emojis and a drive home safe with a smiley face. Jihoon is gone for Junkyu.

"That's my cue to leave," Jihoon waves his phone at the two people in front of him.

They put their plates and cups neatly and go to the cashier. Jihoon insists he should pay because he was the one who asked to meet, but Hyunsuk and Yoshi dismiss him and tell him that this is their good luck for his proposal.

It doesn't make sense, but he lets it go anyway. He wants to be home as soon as possible. He will give them their money back the next time they hangout. A perfect solution.

After they are out of the restaurant, they give each other one last hug. Jihoon can feel the support in their hugs when they make sure to suffocate him with them more than usual. They bid goodbye and Jihoon quickly goes inside his car.

He drives back home feeling happy and less scared. It happens every time after he meets Hyunsuk and Yoshi. They make him feel like he can do anything. So he believes them. He can do this. He will crush this whole proposal thing and be the happiest person ever with the person he loves most.

"I'm home," Jihoon yells as he closes the door.

When he's about to take his shoes off, he hears footsteps running towards him and looks up just in time to catch Junkyu who throws himself at him.

"Hi," Junkyu smiles at him. Jihoon thinks it's the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, even after almost seven years of seeing it everyday. So Jihoon kisses him on the lips, wanting to feel the smile he loves so much on his own.

"Hi," Jihoon replies softly. They kiss for a while. Junkyu's hands on Jihoon's nape and Jihoon's arms around Junkyu's waist. They pull back to catch some air but still put their foreheads together.

"I miss you," Junkyu whispers.

"Yeah?" Jihoon grins. Junkyu nods furiously and goes in to hug Jihoon properly.

"I miss you too," Jihoon says to Junkyu's temple. He can feel Junkyu nuzzle his head on his neck and Jihoon hums, feeling content with the warmth.

"I bought you your favorite ice cream," Junkyu says a bit muffled.

"You're the best," Jihoon smiles and hugs Junkyu tighter.

Junkyu finally lets him go and intertwine their hands, navigating them to the kitchen. They eat their ice creams together on the stool while talking about their day and what they did.

Jihoon obviously doesn't tell Junkyu about the conversation he had with Hyunsuk and Yoshi. Thankfully, he successfully makes up a story about what happened that sends Junkyu laughing until he runs out of breath. Jihoon begs him to breathe because Junkyu tends to forget about that when he laughs.

After they are done with the ice cream, Jihoon excuses himself to shower and Junkyu tells him that he's coming with him. They end up showering together, giggling and making out most of the time. They finally get out of the shower because none of them could stand the cold and being sick is not something either of them want.

They cook themselves a humble dinner—Junkyu's favorite fried rice dish by the one and only, Park Jihoon—as they watch a documentary about whales. It should be boring, but none of them really care as long as they do it together.

They wash their plates and wipe the table. Splitting up the work between the two so it can be done faster. Everything is so domestic and Jihoon can't help but to feel warm on the inside at the thought of it. He really wants to get down on one knee right now, but the ghost of " you only propose once " that sounds annoyingly like Hyunsuk slaps some sense into his head.

Now, they are in their bed, cuddling and talking in hushed voices about everything and nothing. Junkyu runs his hand up and down Jihoon's back while Jihoon's softly runs his hand through Junkyu's hair.

"I love this," Junkyu says, sleep heavy on his voice.

"Me too," Jihoon whispers back.

"I don't mind spending the rest of my life doing this with you."

Jihoon halts his movement on Junkyu's hair and Junkyu notices that. Junkyu looks at Jihoon with worry on his face and Jihoon hates that.

"What's wrong?"

Jihoon quickly shakes his head. "Nothing is wrong, Kyu. It's, um, I love this, with you, to be a forever thing too."

The concern on Junkyu's face quickly melts away and his face softens. One quick kiss on Jihoon's mole under his eyes, one more on the side of his lips, and the last one of his lips.

"I'm glad then," Junkyu smiles.

That night, Jihoon sleeps happily with Junkyu in his arms. That last conversation boosts his courage to do what he wants to do. He definitely can do this.


"Hi, Yosh, are you busy today?"

"Oh, hi. No, no I'm free. I just dropped some of Suk's stuff. Everything okay?" There's some rustling of plastics heard from behind Yoshi. "Sorry if it's loud I'm cleaning up this car, Hyunsuk is one messy car owner."

Jihoon chuckles. "You have dated him for four years, this isn't new."

"Well, yeah, I hope it stops though. I'm sick of finding donut crumbs whenever I'm searching for something," Yoshi sighs.

"Good luck on that."

"Anyways, why did you ask me?"

"Oh, um, can we go ring shopping today?"

Yoshi squeals in excitement. "Of course, we can. I'm going to grab breakfast then I'll come to your apartment. Is that okay?"

"Breakfast? Yoshi, it’s eleven,” Jihoon scolds him.

“I woke up late, Hoonie,” Yoshi replies sheepishly.

“Actually, let's just meet now. I've had my breakfast and Junkyu has left anyway so it's quiet here," Jihoon unconsciously sighs.

"My god, you're such a simp. Whipped is what you are, my friend."

Jihoon whines but agrees anyway. Because he is a simp for Junkyu and he is whipped for him. No shame in admitting that.

"And so I can accompany you. Where are you going for breakfast?"

"The cafe near the campus. Want to meet there?"

"Sure. I'll get changed and go there, give me like twenty minutes."

"Take your time, Hoonie. We have all day."

"I know, I know. I'm just so excited," Jihoon smiles widely.

"God, stop please. I can hear you smiling," Yoshi says with fake annoyance.

"Where did nice Yoshi go? Hyunsuk is a bad influence on you," Jihoon whines.

"Don't say that, I love him," Yoshi says in between laughter.

"I know you do," Jihoon replies fondly.

"Okay, I'm driving now. See you, Hoonie."

"Bye, Yoshi. Drive safe."


As soon as the call ends, Jihoon immediately goes to his closet to search for a decent outfit. He doesn’t know if there is the appropriate ring shopping dress code or not, so he puts on his maroon colored shirt paired with his black jeans. He doesn’t really bother to style his hair because they will spend the majority of today inside anyway. After he deems he’s decent enough, he takes all the things he needs in his hands and walks out of the door, locking it before he walks to the cafe which is thankfully not that far away from his apartment.

When Jihoon arrives at the cafe, Yoshi is already drinking his favorite drink, iced black tea, and a sandwich next to it. Jihoon waves at him and goes over to hug him before sitting on the chair next to him. They don’t really spend much time in the cafe because Yoshi seems more excited than Jihoon and eats his breakfast at lightning speed. After Yoshi is done, they decide to start looking right away because why not.

Once they are inside of Yoshi's car, Jihoon asks, “So where is this store exactly?”

Yoshi hums. “You know the little food stands near the Palm hotel?” Jihoon nods. “Well, if you keep walking inside, there are actually different kinds of stores there. Mostly wholesalers and tailors, but there are also stores that sell jewelries, wedding gowns and suits, small thrift shops, sports equipment, household appliances. It’s like everything is there, we just didn’t know it before.”

“Woah, I did not know that,” Jihoon says in genuine shock. “So much for living here for four years,” Jihoon laughs.

Yoshi laughs with him. “Well, I didn’t either until I had to accompany my sister’s husband. Crazy how it’s barely visible from the front, huh?”

“Absolutely insane,” Jihoon huffs. “I’m going to take Junkyu there, I think. He loves looking at household appliances even though we already have enough plates,” Jihoon shakes his head fondly at the memory of Junkyu pleading to buy more plates because the design is so cute, baby. Can we please get two to match?

They arrive at the food stands and park near the entrance. There are, in fact, a lot of stores behind the food stands. Yoshi leads them to a big jewelry store located in between a wedding gown store and a shoe store. When they walk in, they are immediately greeted by one of the store employees. Jaehyuk is what his shining pin says. He is very nice and seems to know Yoshi very well by the way his eyes lit up with recognition when they first walk in.

It actually doesn’t take that long for Jihoon to find the perfect ring because he already had the perfect ring in mind. When Yoshi told him that the store accepted a request for custom made rings, he immediately thought of Junkyu’s black onyx necklace that was given by his beloved late grandmother. He thinks it’s the perfect ring for Junkyu because it’s similar to something that means the world to him and it’s in his favorite colour. He only needs to give Jaehyuk Junkyu’s ring size and come back when they have it ready.

After they’re done, they bid Jaehyuk goodbye and Jihoon hugs him as a thank you and for good measure. They drop by a small restaurant and Jihoon buys lunch for him to eat at home. After that Yoshi drives him home.

“Now that’s one thing done,” Yoshi says when they have arrived in front of Jihoon’s apartment.

The sun is hiding behind the thick clouds and the weather is far more breezy than usual. All Jihoon wants to do is curl back under his covers and think about his proposal plan until Junkyu comes home.

“Yeah, one thing done,” Jihoon breathes out.

“Hey,” Yoshi calls him. “Everything’s going to work out fine, okay? You already did well with the rings, I’m sure he will love it. Whatever you come up with for the proposal will be perfect too.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know, thank you,” Jihoon smiles at him. “Really, Yoshi-ya, thank you for your help.”

“It’s no biggie. Good luck, Hoonie.”

With that, Jihoon gives him one last hug and steps out of the car. He waits until Yoshi’s car is out of his sight before going inside.

He changes into his inside clothes and sits on the bed with his laptop on his lap, his lunch on his hands. He watches all the youtube videos and reads all of the articles about other people’s experience, but still yet to find anything that seems fitting for him to do.

He groans and rubs his face not so gently, head starting to throb because of the stress and the constant eye contact with the screen. It has been one and a half hours of searching for ideas to no avail. He gives up and closes all his tabs, turns off his laptop, puts his plate on the table next to him, and sleeps his headache off, hoping that when he wakes up he can come up with something perfect.

Baby ,” Jihoon faintly hears someone say. He then feels a kiss planted on his cheek and finally flutters his eyes open to the sight of Junkyu. Even with his cheeks flushed and bangs matted to his forehead, Junkyu is still beautiful.

Jihoon smiles at Junkyu and the term of endearment. “That’s me,” he slurs. “I’m your baby.”

Junkyu scoffs and caresses Jihoon’s cheek which makes him purr like a cat would. Jihoon places his hand on top of Junkyu and caresses it too.

“What time is it?” Jihoon asks with his eyes closed.

“It’s,” Junkyu looks at his watch. “Four thirty,” he says looking back at Jihoon. “How long have you been asleep?”

“Since two, I think.”

“Okay. I’m going to take a shower,” Junkyu tells him softly. “Do you want to come with me?”

Jihoon shoots his eyes open and nods enthusiastically, clinging onto Junkyu’s back and follows him to the bathroom. They don’t make out in the shower this time because Jihoon is focused on getting all the sweat off of his body. Jihoon is happy to watch Junkyu do his own thing and steals quick kisses in between. After they are all cleaned up, it’s already five o’clock. They decide to order food because both are too lazy to cook and clean up.

After their dinner, they snuggle up on the couch, looking at old photos of them from each of their phones and the little photobook they have had since college years. It’s not their first time doing this, but every time always feels nostalgic and leaves the both of them smiling for the rest of the night. This time, Junkyu seems to talk a lot about his favorite dates they’ve been to.

Junkyu talks about the one picnic date Jihoon took him where they ended up meeting a woman with the cutest puppy the both of them has ever seen. Junkyu politely insisted on taking a picture with both the puppy and the woman. Junkyu also talks about the time they decided to try Anna Olson’s cookie recipe for Hyunsuk’s birthday. Junkyu ended up clinging to Jihoon and busy taking photos of Jihoon doing all sorts of poses just to make Junkyu laugh. Half of the cookie batch ended up being burnt because they forgot to switch the heat in the oven, so they bought Hyunsuk his favorite wine to compensate for the lack of cookies.

Junkyu’s favorite date though, according to him, is the one where they went to Jihoon’s hometown and rented a small airbnb, a little excluded from civilization but close to the ocean. It worked in both of their favors because Jihoon loves surfing and the sky and Junkyu just loves Jihoon. The weather was a bit chilly then so when they’re not by the sea, they spent it curled up on the couch in front of the tiny fireplace.

“I remember being so… free,” Junkyu sighs. “You were glowing, you know?” Junkyu chuckles.

“Yeah, that was fun,” Jihoon plants a kiss on Junkyu’s temple. “I love that you love this.”

Junkyu hums. “We should go again.”

That’s when it strikes Jihoon, the perfect idea for his plan. A smile crawls its way up to Jihoon’s face.

“Yeah, we should. How about on our anniversary week?”

Junkyu turns his body so he’s facing Jihoon and his eyes shine beautifully. “Really?” Junkyu asks excitedly.

Jihoon can’t help but to kiss him. “Yes, really. We deserve a vacation anyway. Thankfully, we have a solid excuse to do so. What do you say? A whole weekend for ourselves?”

It’s Junkyu’s turn to kiss him and crawl to sit on top of Jihoon’s lap. Junkyu nuzzles his face on Jihoon’s neck and leaves a faint kiss there. “I would love that,” he whispers to Jihoon’s skin.

It’s settled. He will propose to Junkyu during their seventh anniversary in Junkyu’s favorite airbnb in his hometown. He just got the ring a couple days ago and he kept it well hidden from Junkyu. It’s perfect. The plan is perfect and Junkyu is perfect.

Jihoon told Hyunsuk and Yoshi about his plan. Their anniversary falls exactly on a Saturday so it’s perfect for him to wake up to his fiancé the next day. The word still makes him giddy to his bones. They applauded him and told him that they knew he would pull something off. They wished him good luck and threatened him to make them his best men. Jihoon laughed fondly at them and promised that they will be.

The night before their trip, both of them can’t sleep. Junkyu can’t sleep because he’s excited to spend their anniversary there, while Jihoon can’t sleep because he’s nervous. Like, out of this world nervous. His heart could run out of his chest nervous. Before they start their trip, Jihoon checks around six times to make sure that he doesn’t forget the ring, keeping it away from Junkyu so he doesn’t accidentally see it.

He knows it will be nerve wracking, but he tries to remind himself that it’s worth it. Junkyu is always worth it.

“Oh my god, it didn't change at all,” Junkyu says amazed.

“Well, I don’t think people even know about this place, Kyu,” Jihoon laughs.

“Good, then. It’s like our own private getaway,” Junkyu wiggles his brows and goes to kiss Jihoon. Jihoon happily kisses him back and leads them to the bedroom.

After they’re both done, trying to catch their breath, they lay on the bed and talk. Jihoon finds talking with Junkyu something he really loves. Even after almost seven years, there are still new things he can learn about Junkyu. Each conversation is different from the other.

“Can you believe we’ve been together for seven years?” Junkyu asks softly, giggling at his own words.

“I do. I always knew I would love you for a long time,” Jihoon replies earnestly.

Junkyu rolls his eyes fondly and kisses Jihoon’s chest, right where his beating heart is. “Always so corny, Park Jihoon. I will love you forever too.”


They went to the grocery store after lunch and bought some ingredients they will use for tomorrow’s dinner. Junkyu had asked him to cook something for dinner and who is Jihoon to deny Junkyu’s wishes? Before dinner, they spend their time sitting on the porch, looking at the sun setting with a cup of hot chocolate on each of their hands. 

For tonight, Jihoon cooks them their favorite egg dish. It’s nothing much but the breeze made them for comfort food. They eat together on the floor in front of the fireplace, the faint sound of music playing on the speaker. They lit a few candles and turned off some of the lights. Love dances in the air as they too dance to the random songs playing.

One more night. One more night and this will be his forever.

“Good morning,” Junkyu says in between kisses. “Happy anniversary, Park Jihoon.”

Jihoon hums and smiles. “Happy anniversary, Kim Junkyu. I love you.”

“I love you too. Thank you for the last seven years, you are the most amazing person I could ever wished for.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that’s you,” Jihoon jokes.

“No, I’m a hundred percent that’s you.”

They both laugh and stare at each other. Even after all those years, Junkyu’s eyes still shine and the sparkles are always there. He is still bright eyed and has the kindest heart. Jihoon pulls him in for a hug and for a while it’s just them, chest to chest, feeling each other’s heart beat.

It is not exactly a lazy day, but they don’t really have any plans to go outside. They make love in the shower as Jihoon murmurs sweet words to Junkyu’s skin, both coming down from their highs. They prepare their dinner a few hours early because they want to sleep before dinner. It has come to their attention that they really really love sleeping lately.


The clock shows that it's six thirty, so they prepare the food on the plates and open the wine. Junkyu plays music on the speaker while Jihoon gives the dishes their final touches.

They pour their wine and eat in comfortable silence. They lit up tiny candles too before they ate, lavender scented ones. Junkyu praises Jihoon for his cooking and tells him he's so sexy for being able to cook all of these meals.

Jihoon raises his glass. "To more years with you," he says softly.

Junkyu sends him his beautiful smile and raises his glass too, clinking it to Jihoon's. "To more years with you."

They go out to the tiny balcony overlooking the sea with their glass in their hands. Jihoon is glad that Junkyu goes out first so he has time to make sure he has the ring and quickly gives himself a pep talk.

This is it. This is the moment he has been waiting for since he first saw Junkyu. He feels like crying but he holds it in for later.

"Baby, what's taking you so long?" Jihoon hears Junkyu ask.

"Sorry," he replies and quickly goes over to where Junkyu is.

Jihoon puts his glass on the balcony along with Junkyu's too and wraps his hands around Junkyu's waist. He rests his chin on Junkyu's shoulder and lets the ocean breeze gently hit them. The moon is pretty tonight, just like the man in his arms.

Jihoon can hear his heart beating on his ears and swallows hard. He decides that he will do this right now. So he does.

"Do you want to know something?" Junkyu hums in response.

"This is the place we went to after we officially became boyfriends, remember?"

Junkyu giggles. "Yeah, we were too afraid to meet your parents so we rented this place instead. It worked out well though. Why?"

"The past few weeks before our anniversary, I kept thinking about us. About how we are entering our seventh year of relationship. Most people don't go this far, some go far beyond us. One thing I'm grateful for is that that never really bothers us. We move at our own pace and that's what I love about us."

Junkyu turns around to look at Jihoon. Junkyu smiles and hugs him closer. Jihoon swallows his nerves and continues.

"Since the first time I saw you—and I tell you this every time—I knew that I would spend my whole life loving you. I knew when making you happy is something I want to do for the rest of my life. We weren't together yet, but I couldn't imagine my life without you.

"When we finally got together, I told you that there are still so many things that I don't know, that I still need to go and find myself. I asked you if you're okay with that. Do you remember what you told me? You told me that whoever told me that the growing happens on my own can fuck themselves. You told me that they don't know us, they're not us."

Junkyu's lips tremble as he holds in his sobs but his tears are already rolling down his face. Jihoon knows he's not any better but he wipes Junkyu's tears and continues after a deep breath.

"Every single day, Kim Junkyu, every single day you make me a better person, inside and out. You remind me every day that if to grow is what I need, then I can grow right next to you, and you will be there through it all, growing with me too. You remind me every day that I'm never alone as long as I have you.

"We both still have so much left to learn. I'm still horrible at taxes, you're still horrible at cooking–" Junkyu slaps him on the chest and they both laugh wetly.

"We still lack at certain things but we'll manage. We can grow as we go, together. I love you, Kim Junkyu," Jihoon takes a deep breath and steps back, getting down on one knee.

"I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, if you will have me." Jihoon takes out the maroon velvet box and opens it. "Kim Junkyu, will you marry me and make me the happiest person in the world?"

Junkyu is full on sobbing, and falls down to meet Jihoon for a kiss. It's a messy one, there's more crying than actual kissing. They end up sitting on the balcony floor, with their foreheads pressed together.

"Yes," Junkyu sobs out. "I would love to marry you."


Later that night, after they're done making love to each other, Junkyu marvels at his ring. It's the first time he actually looks at the ring without tears blurring out his vision.

Junkyu scrunches his brows together and gasps. "Oh my god, is this the same one as my necklace?" He looks up at Jihoon.

Jihoon nods and kisses his forehead. "I custom made it for you because I want it to be something special for my fiance ."

Junkyu jumps at him and kisses him stupid.

"Hey, babe, look who's here." Hyunsuk loudly cheers as soon as he opens the door. Yoshi peaks his head out from the kitchen and smiles at them. "Hey, love birds."

They are ushered inside and are greeted by a tight hug for each of them from Yoshi. Yoshi takes Junkyu's hand that has the beautiful ring on it and gets lost in a conversation with Junkyu.

They're having dinner together to celebrate Jihoon and Junkyu officially being engaged. It's a very light-hearted dinner, neither Hyunsuk or Yoshi push them to tell them everything that happened. They just asked if they're happy which Jihoon and Junkyu answered without hesitation that yes, they are the happiest.


"So, how many children are you guys planning to have?" Hyunsuk asks nonchalantly. Yoshi hits him on his arm while Jihoon chokes at his chicken and Junkyu lets out a nervous laugh.

Jihoon recovers after gulping down his water and answers, "One thing at a time, hyung. Please, one thing at a time."