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If I Fail You One More Time...

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“Come on,” a dart of light blue flashed in front of her. Vanya laughed as her brother weaved in front of her around the turbulent waves that shook the water. It had been a while since she had seen her little, well not little, he was the same size as her now but she was so small herself, her younger brother so happy. They had spent the last couple of weeks carefully hidden along the seafloor within a small cave system, but the storm gave them the freedom to get out and stretch their fins for a little bit. The sirens couldn’t focus so easily in the chaos of an ocean storm, so there was less fear of being found like this. 

“Five!” she called out to him, chasing the blue sparks he made as he darted around the waves. It warmed her heart to see the moments where he could act as the child he was rather than like the adult he tried to be. He didn’t get a chance to be a child very often. 

“Come on!” he insisted again, pointing up towards the surface. They tried not to go anywhere close to the surface. Usually. On nights like these, where the two could enjoy a bit of freedom, they would venture up to see the lightning that would streak across the sky above. Five called it “absolutely magnificent,” something that would make Vanya smile, especially when he admitted he loved it because it looked like her eyes and her…

“Careful!” Even with her warning, she still followed him, like he knew she would. The two waited for one of the rolling waves to pass, before breaching the surface. 

Five lifted one of his hands up, the rain pouring down from above him. It was like the whole world was relishing in the water that filled it. Another crack of lightning appeared, blinding Vanya for a brief moment with its light. As her vision cleared, her brother grabbed her hand and pulled her back under with him as another wave rolled up behind them, crashing over where they just were. The two stayed there for a moment as a ferocious storm rolled above them, the froth of the waves crashing into each other creating a stark contrast against the lightning that continued above them. 

A tug at her hand-pulled Vanya’s attention to her brother, a grin stretched across his sharp teeth, “Can we play?” 

Vanya stiffened slightly, “I don’t know, Five. We still don’t know if those creatures are hanging around. I don’t want to risk it.”

His grin dropped into a pout so quickly, it made Vanya’s head spin. “Please,” his voice had softened. Five had somehow made himself seem so much younger than he was.

Vanya sighed and she saw the grin returning to Five’s face, but it was too late and he knew it, “Fine, but only for a bit and we go back.”

She pulled back and braced herself as she reached deep into her core, pulling at that ball of power. White sparks flickered down her tail, growing stronger as she pulled the sound of the roaring wind from above her. Five had told her once that her eyes glowed bright silver whenever she did that and she knew he could see it from the way his excitement grew and he took off quickly when her eyes opened. He was already fast, but when Vanya shoved her arms forward, creating her own waves in the chaotic sea, blue sparks started and he appeared to vanish as he darted around the froth and booming lightning that seemed attracted to Vanya’s own storm. Occasionally, when he got close, she could hear him giggling, something so beautiful but so rare. 

After a few minutes, Vanya released the sound she was latched onto and the worst of the storm died. Another burst of laughter and Five was beside her, holding onto her arm. “You okay?” she asked as she always did after they played. 

“Of course,” he said with an eye roll.

She hummed and looked up at the dying storm. The thunder was fading and the waves were not nearly as high as they were before they played. “Okay, time to go,” she said. With a mere nod, the two took off back into the depths of the dark ocean.