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  • TUA MerMay Challenge 2021 (TUA_MerMay_Challenge) by goldieknocks, electric016

    TUA MerMay

    25 Mar 2021


    Welcome to...
    The Umbrella Academy MerMay Challenge 2021!

    This is a TUA fandom challenge celebrating all things merpeople AU! This is our first year running MerMay and we are excited to get started.

    Do you have a merperson AU floating about in your head that’s itching to get out? Now is the time to create that fanwork and share with other merperson enthusiasts in our lovely fandom.

    Whether you ship or are a gen enthusiast; a fic writer, artist or gif maker; we are welcoming all types of TUA Merperson fanworks for this event. Keep reading below to find out how to participate!

    Who’s running this thing?
    This fest is being run by @electric016 and @goldieknocks! We appreciate everyone’s patience and support with this and would welcome any reblogs and promotion you guys can offer so we can get as many people participating as possible <3

    Hosted by: Elliott’s House Discord Server. If you’re 18+ and down to ship and let ship, come join us!

    (Open, Moderated, Unrevealed)