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“…don’t care, I’m always the one that goes first and I’m always the one that ends up dead!”

“If you would just duck-”

“Don’t sass me, James; I’m the one that taught you how to play. You’re going in first next time!”


“Don’t side with him, Kara, I’m always-”

“I know,” Kara placated the man, “I know, bud. We’ll switch up the rotation next time ok?”

Winn grumbled into his mic, ignoring James’ hyena-like cackling; he’d regretted teaching the other man how to play and allowing him to join their troop since the day it’d happened, he knew then it’d come back to bite him before too long.

Kara shook her head listening to her two friends go back and forth with each other about who should enter what area first in their online multiplayer game; the three of them had set aside a single hour in their busy schedules to practice together in preparation for an upcoming tournament at a local bar, but so far they’d not gotten much done. James managed to get them booted from three team crusades they’d tried to join, (constantly shooting off cheesy pick-up lines at half-naked elves regardless of whether or not they were showing interest—completely missing the point when their newfound team mates turned and kept their chats and audio on private) and Winn had died in six of the seven orc hovel raids they’d attempted. Kara had planned on having a relaxing evening at home, chatting with her friends for a while and brushing up on their in-game strategy before settling in for a movie without a care in the world; but it was starting to look like she was going to be spending the majority of her night playing referee instead.  

“Ok, can we just come back to that?” Kara huffed, “please? We’re only halfway through this quest. James you go in the cave first and when we get to the bridge I’ll cross first. That way everybody has the same chance of getting eaten first, cool?”

Both men grumbled a bit before mumbling in agreement; that was as good as she was going to get. They played for another fifteen minutes, Kara stepping away from her computer at one point to connect its feed to her projector so she could recline in bed; when her headphones were secured over her ears again, James and Winn were arguing about why he shouldn’t switch his character’s appearance from male-presenting to female-presenting. She slipped the headphones off again; still able to hear their bickering as she drifted toward the kitchen. She double checked the clock above the stove and used a bit of her super-speed to whip up a pan of brownies before flicking on the coffee pot, decaf grounds and purified water already waiting.  

“…that’s the whole fucking point,” Winn said sharply. “You just proved me right, dumb ass.”

“That’s not nice, and I still don’t get why it’s so horrible; I’m telling the truth soon as we get to talking.”

“You- fuckin’, cis bastard- fuck, if your dick wasn’t so big- swear to god,” Winn shook his head as he muttered to himself, clearly not remembering Kara’s enhanced hearing in the heat of the moment.

He cleared his throat and Kara could hear his voice shake, “Why are you changing it, James?”

“Hotter than the guy I got,” he replied instantly.

Winn sighed heavily, “bisexuals,” he huffed, rolling his eyes. “Is that the only reason?”

“Yeah; and I mean, girls only talk to other girls in this game,”

That,” Winn pounced, “that right there-”

“What?!” James squawked. Kara imagined him throwing his hands in their air and leaning back in his chair showing the faux-outrage he often did when frustrated.

“You want to change your character to a girl so other girls will talk to you, thinking you’re a girl, when you’re really this whole random-ass man trying to hit them up for their Snap.” Winn spat.

The line went silent; all three in-game characters frozen in their respawn formation as their corresponding masters were just as stunned. Kara popped back into her room upon hearing the silence. She settled back on her bed, refilled water bottle and snacks in hand, and waited to see what went down between the two men.

“Well,” James said slowly. “When-when you say it like that,” he trailed off.

“Uh-huh, yeah,” Winn made his condescension clear. “And do you see why that’s creepy?”

“I-yeah, I se-”

“Sure you do,” Winn wasn’t giving him any breaks. “And do you see how it could also be harmful to people literally born in the wrong body? How your actions are reinforcing the dumb-fucks on this server that spout all that ‘predatory’ junk, and making it potentially risky for folks that use games like this to see a truer version of themselves they may not be able to express in their day to day?”

James let out a long winded sigh and for a moment both Kara and Winn, unbeknownst to each other, prepared to say goodbye to their long-time friend should he let some previously hidden ‘opinions’ fly.

“Yeah, dude,” James began; Winn held his breath, hoping James used his big boy brain for once. “That’s, you’re right; that’s pretty shitty, huh?”

Kara could hear Winn’s little exhale of relief but wouldn’t be surprised if James ignored it. Their friend was an ass most of the time and sometimes he surprised them, but he was always, always, oblivious.

“So,” Winn chuckled, trying to lighten the mood. “What’d we learn?”

“I shouldn’t change my character,” he drawled.

“Well, no; you can do what you want, but—”

“Only if it’s cause I like how the tiddies looks when we’re running, and not cause I’m trying to chase other tiddies, right?” James said with confidence.

Winn went quiet and Kara had to hover over her bed to keep from rolling onto the floor in laughter.

“I-I mean I guess-” Winn gulped. “But you-”

“Should also probably think about how some of the stuff that seem harmless to me can be dangerous for others because there are assholes in this world that can’t find their fucking chill and will twist what I do to justify hurting other people, right?” James spoke with ease, having understood what his friends were pointing out and letting his mind drift.

He completely missed his friends’ small bout of shock—he still didn’t quite get that in their experience, six-foot-something, cis men pushed against different perspectives and were often unwilling to see any angle but their own. He’d let go of his preconceived notions and irrational fears with ease, learning to lead with love when shown it was an easier road to travel than hate. 

“Yeah, some people – some people just suck,” Winn said quietly; Kara could hear the pride in the younger man’s voice, a feeling borne from being one of the most influential sources of guidance and reassurance on James’ journey from homophobic ass-hat to bisexual justice crusader.

“Aye, I can make this dudes’ dick huge!” Pride crushed.

“James!” Winn griped seeing the other mans’ character grey-out and go into a standby mode.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be completely upfront—let ‘em know my dick is twice as big and doesn’t have a preference who it’s insi-”

“James!” Winn practically shrieked, “Shut the fuck up!”

“Come on, big boy,” James purred in a rolling timbre, “I can take care of you too.”

Winn muttered a shaky ‘fuck you’, to which James husked back ‘dinner first’ and had Kara shaking her head and checking her watch again. James’ character took another minute forty-five to finish loading and when he popped back into color the new enhancement was extremely noticeable. This led to a wave of flirting that saw Kara munching her way through two boxes of cookies, mostly out of boredom playing third-party to the couple/not-couple but also because the brownies needed a while longer in the oven before they were less ‘gross chocolate soup’ and more ‘tiny cakes of love’. As the clock struck midnight and Kara realized the trio would never be able to commit to a solid hour of practice (their second attempt at sticking to the schedule they’d all agreed on, that was running almost three hours longer than planned—they’d spent the last hour focused on the fact that both James and Winn are horny little dragonflies that just want to touch each other), she also realized the two of them would never be fit to have anything resembling a long term relationship with anyone else if they didn’t work out whatever it was raging between them. James gave a shockingly accurate impression of the squeal that Winn sometimes makes when he’s overexcited, then insinuated, in so many words, that the noise would sound better spilling uncontrollably from the shorter man’s lips in between calling out his name.

“Can we please murder some trolls, or a dragon, or hell, chop some wood; y’all need to go touch grass,” Kara whined.

She knew that sometimes Winn and James played up their affections toward one another; she’d told them before she didn’t want to meddle in whatever they had going on—wouldn’t try to get them to put a label on it so long as everyone involved was safe and happy, and they liked to mess with her because of it. They were overly physical or particularly explicit when speaking to one another when she was around, all to see how long it’d take her to call them out for being ‘horny little shits’ or ‘just so goddamn gay’. In Kara’s defense, James and Winn were good for each other (she was confident they’d end up together once James stopped thinking he was still in college) and it was hard not to obsess a little, especially when they were sweet to one another. Winn was quiet and inquisitive where James was strong willed and confident; they complimented each other well and were attached at the hip. But they wouldn’t commit to each other— James couldn’t commit yet and though Winn said the same, he couldn’t say it with a straight face. They openly admitted and pursued their shared sexual attraction and romantic affinity for each other, and when asked, both men said they weren’t in a relationship and weren’t looking to be but, still, Grinder, Tinder, Facebook and TikTok bios all reported them as single. Kara respected her friends, she did, but those two were married in her mind and had been since she’d seen Winn bouncing away on top of James in Barry’s boathouse like he was training to be a jockey two years ago during a New Year’s party; they could protest and push back at Kara all they wanted but neither had been on a single date since they started their on and off– whatever.


Their team managed to finish their side quest and get through two raids before Winn and James dissolved into bickering again. Kara missed the reason completely this time, her focus split between choking down her third giant piece of still-steaming brownie and the opening and closing of her front door. She tracked the sound of shoes on hardwood as the new comer moved through her apartment, ultimately turning down the hallway opposite her bedroom.

“…don’t come crying to me when you can’t figure it out,” James was the one sounding huffy this time.

“It’s not like I didn’t try, I just think physical sports are dumb,” Winn said easily.

“Hey, I like sports! They’re not dumb,” Kara began.

“Thank you, Kara!” James interrupted.

“Repetitive and ultimately boring as Earth sports are, they are not dumb,” she concluded.

“I-I don’t know if I should be insulted or fear for the humans that still think life beyond our planet has to be intelligent and evolved.” James chided.

“If they don’t have sports they must be smart,” Winn said under his breath.

“Sports aren’t dumb!”

“Maybe not, but you sure are-”

“Cause that’s such a grown up thing to say,”

Kara zoned out a little hearing them gear up to go round and round again. She turned on the fairy lights in her room to take some of the strain off of her eyes and reclined against her pillows watching the patterns being thrown across the ceiling. There was a brief shadow in her doorway as Lena moved toward the foot of the bed with an ease that made it seem like she hadn’t touched the floor at all. Kara stared; she knew Lena had let herself in, knew she’d waited outside of Kara’s building a total of three minutes to answer an email before coming in, knew she’d taken the stairs instead of taking  the chance of being enclosed with other tenants. Kara knew Lena was the one that’d been in her kitchen, that she was the one that’d walked down her hallway and disappeared into the bathroom; she knew it was really Lena, her best friend Lena, standing before her now. She knew all of this but still looked in disbelief when Lena came nearer. The younger woman had her thick mop of hair piled on top of her head, she was barefoot and wearing an old sweatshirt of Kara’s, the sleeves too long and falling over her palms; her mouth still held the rosy stain of her crimson lipstick but was slowly being returned to their  natural pale pink tone.  

“Hey,” Kara whispered to her, letting her voice beckon the other woman.

She spoke loud enough to have Lena leaning in and pressing her palms into the beds’ comforter, but so softly that it caused a lull in the line. The abrupt change in attitude was noticeable and had the arguing men falling silent. Kara didn’t notice the voices stop. She moved the extended microphone attached to her headphones away from her mouth to give Lena her full attention, thinking the distracted motion was enough to disengage the device, but it seemed the slight difference between the microphones’ arm being in an upright position and being at an angle meant the device stayed very much engaged and transmitting with all the clarity that accompanies high speed internet.

Lena propped a knee on the edge of the bed and Kara’s mind was reduced to thinking only of the expanse of pale skin that perched so gently on top of her blankets—Lena had decided to forgo pants when changing for after-work cuddles. As the CEO moved to pull her other leg up, Kara’s eyes caught a flicker of light in the corner of the room. Her closet door was cracked and its slight slant had the full length mirror affixed to it pointing right at Lena’s back. Kara watched her calves strain and her thighs stretch as she pushed off of the floor to land both knees on the bed.  

Lena lent forward again, crawling over the Super, eyes trained on her neck. Another flash in the mirror and Kara was gasping audibly.

“Lena, where are your panties?” Kara admonished her, feeling her face heat up.

While Kara felt heat start to lick up her spine seeing the flash of Lena’s delicate lower curls, James and Winn felt ice freeze over theirs. Winn opened a private chat with James as quickly as he could; asking the other man if he’d heard what Winn thought he’d heard.


MinIt2WinnIt: Wtf! Did you hear that!

JollieOllie: who do you think is with her? y is my name like this?


Neither man spoke aloud for fear of the two women hearing them; they were taking a risk as it was and hoping Kara couldn’t hear their breathing, or Winn’s furious typing. 


MinIt2WinnIt: … -_- LUTHOR; how many other Lena’s does she know? Tell her to mute her mic.

JollieOllie: Why should I have to? She’ll figure it out, just stay quiet.


“Mmm,” Lena sighed as she moved on her hands and knees until she was near chest to chest with Kara. “Why would I need panties?” she asked, slipping forward and letting her hips settle over Kara’s.

“Wha- ah shit,” Kara growled, dropping her controller causing her character to careen into a lake and drown.

Lena spread herself out over the Kryptonian, hips rocking back and forth gently to get comfortable; Kara swallowed sharply at the gentle press of Lena’s breasts against hers, forgetting for a second how to breathe. She worked her face into the crook of Kara’s neck and breathed deeply, feeling the tension from her day slip away, grinning when Kara shuttered against her. Kara smoothed her hands over Lena’s back and down around her waist, they rubbed deep circled into her overworked muscles and she relished in the hitch in Lena’s breathing. 

“Sorry,” Lena hummed into Kara’s ear, glancing over her shoulder to see an Area map being projected against the wall. “Are you still playing?”

Kara swallowed slowly, needing a minute to fully understand what Lena just asked; she scrambled, feeling herself start to harden under her warmth.

“Uh,” she said brilliantly, clearing her throat and trying her hardest to sound like anything other than the total simp she’d turned into.

“It’s, um- it‘s just practice,” she finally said. “Rao, fuck,” she added under her breath a second later.

Kara had worked her hands under the sweater Lena wore, walking her fingers up her and drawing her thumbs across warm skin, smooth as silk. She rocked up into Lena gently, just once—a reflex really, just slightly lifting herself, just enough for Lena to feel all of her.


MinIt2WinnIt: Imma text her

JollieOllie: no way that’s really Lthr; if you ruin this for me shorty I stg, I’ll smack your ass raw

MinIt2WinnIt: promise? Y listen???? Tis odd, dear fellow.


“Not a real game,” Kara’s voice was husky and full of something that pulled at the base of both men’s skulls, demanding their attention—both were insanely grateful to themselves for turning off their own microphones the second they recognized what’d distracted Kara. “Can turn it off,” she grumbled.

Kara dropped her nose into Lena’s hair, breathing in the gentle scent of her conditioner and absolutely loving how her chilly hands started their slow journey over the lines of her shoulders. Lena’s ‘Getting Comfy’ routine always started the same way. She’d trace along the veins in Kara’s neck and kiss lightly at the hollow of her throat until her arms bent behind Kara’s neck and she’d pull herself closer to the hero and the heat she provided. Tonight the deep roll of her hips didn’t stop once they were nestled together, hearts aligned; this time the kisses from her lower lips, hot against Kara’s shorts—slow, wet draws back and forth across her growing length, continued steadily. Lena had the hero’s mind going blank. Kara felt the muscles in Lena’s back relax as she finally settled close like she wanted to be, the Kryptonian’s inhuman warmth causing the chill borne in her bones to ebb. Lena kept her face glued to Kara’s neck, brushing her nose and cheeks over every inch she could get to. Kara’s arms tightened around Lena for a second, and then her hands were moving down and down and down, skating over her ass with a feather-light touch, molding around both generous cheeks—following like a shadow while her hips worked. Lena kissed under Kara’s jaw, chuckling when her grip fell to her hips again and tightened.

 “No; it’s ok,” she couldn’t stop the groan that slipped out when Kara cupped her bottom again and spread her slowly as her hips circled a final time before going still. “I can wait,”

Lena couldn’t help but smirk when Kara moved her hips in motion after she’d stopped; the Kryptonian had her lip caught between her teeth and her breath came through her nose in sharp pants. Lena lifted her head and dipped closer to lap at the blonde’s mouth. Kara kissed her, vision going white for a second as Lena massaged her tongue with Kara’s, caressing and enticing the older woman to take more.

Kara cursed under her breath when Lena pulled away to breathe, “a-are you sure?” she asked in a daze.

Her hips rolled faintly as she spoke, the motion from their heavy breathing had the crest of Kara’s bulge flush against Lena’s clit—just enough friction to be frustrating. Lena drew herself back to Kara’s ear and whisper to her, incidentally that left her in line to speak almost directly into Kara’s mic.

“Play your game, Darling,” she breathed. “Hmm, then come play with me.”

Goddamn,” Kara coughed as Lena dragged her tongue up the length of her neck and hiked her leg a little higher so she could bounce her ass once, twice, three times against her girl.


MinIt2WinnIt: stil think that’s not Lena

JollieOllie: I hate you


Kara stared openly at Lena, eyes dark and pupils blown wide. It took everything Lena had to hold back the whine that threatened to burst from her as Kara palmed the back of her neck. She slipped her hand up to tangle in Lena’s hair, gripping the base of her skull, searching for her lost controller with her other hand. She chuckled lowly when Lena nipped at her throat again; a quick couple of bites that would’ve been on the wrong side of painful were Kara not an extremely durable alien.

“Gonna stay right there, yeah?” she asked as Lena shuddered again and pressed her chest tighter to Kara’s—her nipples were hard and brushed Kara’s as they struggled to breathe, Kara was sure she’d die.

Lena could barely speak; she nodded into Kara’s neck, hips on the move again. “Mhm, y-yeah, gonna- oh-h, here; r-right here,” she squeaked out, spreading her thighs as far as they’d go.

It didn’t give either of them exactly what they wanted but it took some of the edge off. Kara found the controller and laid it on Lena’s back, moving her hand over her ass again to add to the deep grind of Lena’s movements. The brunettes’ hips picked up their pace some and a breathy moan worked its way from her throat as she got a little lost in their shared lust.


MinIt2WinnIt: *typing*


MinIt2WinnIt: why do you wanna hear this anyway? Didn’t she dump you?

JollieOllie: …it was mutual

MinIt2WinnIt: suuuure it was—the woman that dumped you after you slept together twice is bouncing on K’s dick rn. <3

JollieOllie: …can’t be, doesn’t sound like her and plus whoever shes with is willin to wait around while she plays VIDEO GAMES

MinIt2WinnIt: so  

JollieOllie: Lna won’t wait—she wants it when she asks for it or she loses interest

MinIt2WinnIt: speakin from experience there?

JollieOllie: fuck you, just sayin, Lena wouldn’t be willing to let a video game stand in the way of sex

MinIt2WinnIt: LITERALLY à ‘Darling,’ ‘Lena’; denial is a hell of a think bro

JollieOllie: not in it

MinIt2WinnIt: *thing

MinIt2WinnIt: I know you don’t want to hear it…

JollieOllie: Shut up

MinIt2WinnIt: And I hate to say it…

JollieOllie: I stg I will tell Lyra about your fear of nipple play

MinIt2WinnIt: Jokes on you, I gotem pierced six months ago in Denver

JollieOllie: really?1!

MinIt2WinnIt: You introduced your girlfriend to your best friend and they went home together.


“Alright,” Kara all but growled into Lena’s hair. “D-do you want to say ‘hi’ to the boys?”

For a moment Lena looked harried before Kara squeezed her, “We’re just chatting, but mics’ off; they can’t see you.”

The brunette relaxed quickly, smiling as she returned to lapping lightly at the hero’s collar bone.

“And who exactly are ‘the boys’? Those same middle schoolers from last week? Kara, it’s after midnight now and they should be sleeping—I gave you a pass last time because all of their guardians agreed to letting them stay up,”


“Well, all except for Santino; and if he’s snuck on to play again I’ll have no problem calling his sister— don’t’ care if he’s your buddy, education is important-”

“And while I totally agree with you, oh defender of the youth,” Kara cut in, “I’m playing with Winn and James; wanna say ‘hey’?”

 Lena was quiet a second before muttering distractedly, “no need, seein’ Winn tomorrow.”

“Oh?” Kara grunted, catching her hips as they rose to press harder against Lena’s—she took a deep breath and pinned them to the mattress.

“Mhm, breakfast, once a week; said he’s gonna be my ‘Better-Brother’, better than Lex was—said I should know siblings can be a good thing.”

“That’s nice of him, I’m glad you’re feeling more comfortable with him since he moved back; even though y’all hit it off before I wasn’t totally sure you’d warm up to him but I should’ve guessed the two biggest nerds I know would hit it off. And I’m really glad you haven’t stopped hanging out with the rest of the group too, even though James can be—”

“Babybabybaby, I love listening to you talk and I know my relationship with your friends—our-” Lena corrected immediately before Kara pulled back to protests her verbiage.

“Our friends, I know it’s important to you; I understand, really, and we can talk for as long as you want about it later but, please,” the sound the left Lena when she begged the other woman was sinful. “Ten minutes, ok? Ten; don’t be cruel.”

Kara watched the brunette as she licked her lips and stared up at her from under her eyelashes.

“Yes, ma’am,” she said, clearing her throat.


MinIt2WinnIt: “Me and your girlfriend playing dress up at my house”


Kara slid the microphone back toward her mouth and refreshed her character just as James let his anger push him into turning his own mic back on.

“Let’s make this quick boys; ten minutes,” she said gruffly, moving her character to a sprint towards the last location for their raid.

“WINN, YOU BITCH!” James voice came blaring through the once silent connection.

“Think of all that power!” the other man laughed ridiculously.

“Choke on my dick you biscuit lookin’ bitch!” James snarled.

“Guys, guys, come on, no one wants to sit around and listen to that. Take your relationship offline, we’re gonna get killed next week,” Kara chimed in.

Both men were stunned to silence, stuck staring at their screens, watching Kara’s character run into the smoldering grove of felled trees and being slaughter a horde of goblins.

“Move your ass y’all,” she muttered to them; and silence still reining, their characters moved to kill their fair share of computer generated monsters.

“Just to be clear, you and Lena, our Lena—CEO, secret nerd, in need of serious therapy, ass of an angel—Lena, are definitely gonna bang after we sign-off, right?” Winn asked after the last of the enemy fell. 

“Uh,” Kara sputtered.

There was a crash on James’ end and his character disconnected, blipping off the screen in a blink.

“What just happened?” Kara asked hesitantly.

“You left your mic on and I teased James about Lena liking your dick more than his and now I’m taking a video of him throwing a tantrum in his apartment.” Winn’s voice was light as he held in his laughter to keep his phone straight.

“Right,” Kara said, drawing the word out. “You sure the video’s a good idea? If he’s already ticked?”

“If he didn’t want videos of his lil outbursts put on the internet he should’ve never told me the place across the street from him was going on the market.”

“Ok,” she stalled, eyes locked with a pair of keen greens; she was willingly hypnotized. “So, he’s—you, sh-shouldn’t you just, uh-”

Winn rolled his eyes, “bye Kara, tell Lena I said ‘hey’.”

Kara, uninterested in and therefore unaware of the last thing Winn said, let her headphones and controller slip to the floor as she wrapped her arms around Lena and rolled the woman under her.


Winn whipped out his phone, typed and sent a text, then switched over to a trusted app to look for movie recommendations. Another thought popping into his head, he sent out another message before throwing the phone on the couch and heading to the linen closet for extra bean bags and a blanket so absurdly fluffy it had to be seen to be believed. Across the street, James heard his phone vibrate against his kitchen floor; it’d slid under his toaster oven when he chucked it that way while in the living room tossing his desk. He pushed himself up from the floor and lumbered toward the rattling, squinting at the screen when he retrieved the device. It was a text from Winn.

*Their kids are gonna be adorable. Stop being a baby. Rolling in 20. Bring food.*

James rolled his eyes, then shuddered at the sound of Lena’s breathy whine replaying in his mind—a purely intimate sound he’d never been allowed to hear. He shook his head, hesitating for half a second before sticking his feet in his shoes and grabbing his keys. As he hit the button to call the elevator he looked at the small table placed to the side. A fake plant, emergency telephone and handful of magazines sat on top, every one of the high-gloss publications were CatCo’s and each cover held the image of a dazzling Lena smirking back at him; he flipped them over and her duo shoot with Supergirl promoting a new type of filter for emergency workers brought the knowing smile back. It’d bothered him more than he liked that Lena ignored him while making exceptions for others.

He’d tried to ignore her, tried to block her out completely after they broke up, but she was everywhere, and everyone wanted to talk about her. She’d been honest with him, told him it was an itch she needed to scratch; he was attractive, she was attractive, made sense to try the pairing at least once—and maybe once more the morning after. But that had been it for her, two weeks and she was over it regardless of what he’d had to say. When it came down to it, his disdain for her was what drew her in; he hated her and she thought some of that aggression would translate into his abilities in bed, but it didn’t. Because he’d never really hated her, he’d hated what she represented, her link to Lex; he felt about her the way Lex had about Clark—he couldn’t have him, couldn’t destroy him, so he hated with all he had even the very idea of him.

James had thought getting with Lena would not only look good but it would also mean he’d have an influencing hand in what she did, who she was (who he could make her become), but he was mistaken. He’d felt something she didn’t when presented with the moonlit visage of her bare chest, something he wasn’t expecting. He’d suddenly wanted to dote on her and be tender in the dark, but forceful and commanding in the sun—his brain started on a journey his body wasn’t committed to; he realized fucking her had never been about dominating or taking from her like he’d first thought and he wanted it to be something more, give her something more—mean more—and it just didn’t. He’d fallen when he’d been trying to get Lena to fall and he took it out on her—frequently, move that destroyed whatever hope of love that could’ve bloomed between the two over time. He didn’t blame Kara though; he’d practically pushed Lena into her arms.


“I just don’t see why you needed to tell everyone? If I wanted them to know I needed consoling while getting a shot I’d tell them. And it wasn’t a shot, I was getting stitches, you know from when that guy stabbed me!” Lena was a silent storm as she strode into her office.

“Am I not supposed to talk about what I do for you? They did ask about our relationship you know, what we do to-ge-ther,” he spoke slowly the way he normally did when she got worked up over something he didn’t understand.

“And that’s what we do together; you hold my hand while I get stitches you think are flu shots.”


Their end had come soon after that, after National City Memorial started calling Kara again whenever Lena showed up instead of James. Kara was holding her hand while James was hung up on boasting about being reached for, a trait he didn’t recognize until too late. His phone buzzed again, another message from Winn.

*My girl looks like Wednesday Adams, eyes go black when she orgasms, watch your back she likes to stab ‘em, Kara’s butt cheeks she likes to grab ‘em. Hurry up, I’m hungry*

James sighed as he stepped off the elevator, hustling out of the building and down the street to the corner store. He passed a coffee stand on the way there and paused to look at a gossip magazine on display—‘A LUTHOR AND A SUPER: Is Our Resident Hero Getting ‘Residential’ With the Tech Heiress?’ He laughed at it on his way back up the street, the picture on the cover a hazy image of Kara and Lena retreating into her penthouse from her balcony. He knew exactly what night that was from Lena’s outfit, their last game night at the Kryptonian’s apartment—the one Kara had said she’d gone on a long flight after, the one that’d made her so tired she’d fallen into a deep sleep when she got home and missed his and Alex’s phone calls, and their texts, and follow up texts more than an hour later. She’d stayed with the CEO, most likely in a similar position they were in tonight. He should’ve seen it, but, he supposed, he really, really, didn’t want to.