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It’s a heady feeling, Ningguang thinks, to have her god writhing on top of her while the servants stand outside, with only a thin wall separating the breathless moans between them from the outside world.


Zhongli groans quietly as he sinks down onto Ningguang’s strap-on, gold stone and glowing geo markings driving upwards into a ring of quivering, stretched flesh. His face carries the faintest dusting of red smattered across high cheekbones, but other than that, the consultant looks just as composed as ever. Elegant, unbreakable. 


“...” There’s almost no sound between them, save for the occasional slick sound of the strap sinking in deeper, and light puffs of breath from the consultant above her. They’re both still half dressed. Zhongli’s tailcoat is pulled open, but the waistcoat and dress shirt beneath are intact. Only his pants are discarded to the corner of the bed. He looks just as immaculate as the first time she’s seen him.


Ruby eyes thin. 


Ningguang was not made the Tianquan for no reason. She knows how to make things, or people, crack.


“Is it to your liking, my lord?” She chuckles, teasing, but not malicious. Zhongli had already made it clear to her prior that he was no longer Liyue’s revered ruler, and that they should heed this particular arrangement as equals. In a way, it was naive of him to think of it like that. No matter how much Zhongli covers himself with his human facade, his heart is still one of divinity. 


“No more of that title, please,” Zhongli tells her with a smile. There’s a bead of sweat dripping down from his temple and falling onto his rumpled collar. “I wish to leave that life behind, now.”


“Of course,” Ningguang replies elegantly, digging her nails into the soft flesh of Zhongli’s hips. Pale, toned thighs splay out in front of her, framing her own legs with a rock-solid steadiness. Zhongli is taller than her by a head, at least— his larger, slim stature the perfect picture of a Liyuen gentleman. And that’s what makes it so much more intoxicating when Ningguang cants her hips upwards, drags her god down onto her cock with a groan.


“Mmh…!” It’s the first incriminating sound that Zhongli has made tonight as he bottoms out, spreading himself wide open with a shiver. His cock is half-hard between his legs, rapidly filling out as the Tianquan circles one hand around his thigh, using her thumb to stretch the rim of his flushed pucker taut to her eyes


Zhongli shivers, still trying to get adjusted to the shape filling him out so good. He rocks his hips, eager to feel that delicious friction that sends sparks up his spine. Below him, the Tianquan watches with hawk-like eyes, drinking in the way Zhongli’s expression goes slack and distant, puffs of hot air leaving his wet lips.


“Hah…” Zhongli’s eyes are half-lidded as he shifts, his cock leaking precum from the slit, “so big…”


“Not your first time, I take it.” Ningguang comments, rubbing one hand along the curve of his waist and revelling in how the muscles shiver under her touch.


Zhongli shoots her a half-smile, morphing into a gasp as Ningguang rocks her hips upwards. “I c-cannot deny that-- ah!”


Ningguang smiles as she pushes the taller man backwards so that he’s lying back-down on the plush bed, strap-on still buried deep in his ass as she tucks a lock of white hair behind her ear. Zhongli lets out a shaky sound as he feels the hard stone push against his prostate, sending a wave of pleasure up to engulf his mind. 


“What would all the Liyuen people think about their god laying under a human like this?” She says, her core growing hot and heavy at the rush of power she feels when she presses down hard on his abdomen and thrusts in harshly at the same time-- Zhongli moans, all wet and open and long legs twitching as the fake cock drags against his walls and sends stars into his vision. “A woman, no less.”


Zhongli looks like he wants to reply, but Ningguang drags her nails into his pale thighs, leaving red marks streaking across a canvas, and rams in again until the hilt. The strap-on isn’t small by any means; Ningguang specifically fashioned it to be larger than average, but the ease at how the former Geo Archon takes it into his body is commendable. Zhongli tilts his head away, burying half his face into the sheets as his mouth opens, drool trickling out when Ningguang pushes his thighs up and slams into him with little remorse, knowing that he can take it.


“Nnh… nngah, ah, uh..! M-mo--ah--!” Zhongli moans, his baritone voice pitching up as each thrust becomes harsher than the last. “N-Ningguang… I, mmh!”


“Tell me how it feels,” Ningguang murmurs, her own cunt dripping its juices onto the bed and back of Zhongli’s thighs. “I want to hear you scream.”


Zhongli’s eyes are hazy as he looks back at her, neck arched and bared just for her. It makes the fire in her belly roar as she leans onto him, presses her breasts against his chest and grinds into him until he’s whimpering with lust. 


“I-it… hah… good... it’s good-- ♡ mmph...”


The white-haired woman smirks as she thrusts all the way in, suddenly stilling and drinking in the way Zhongli clenches around her length, surprised by the sudden lack of friction. 


He blinks, lifting his head up. Ningguang presses against the curve of his adam’s apple and pushes him back down. 


“Does it feel good?” The Tianquan coos.


Pink washes across the consultant’s cheeks, his eyes refocusing as Ningguang digs her manicured nail into the skin. 


“It’s good,” he finally rasps out, hands twisting into the bedsheets. 


“Oh? But I thought you were the one who’s meant to be servicing me, as per the contract,” she teases, and Zhongli closes his eyes, looking almost ashamed. “What should you say to me about that?”


Zhongli crinkles his brows at that. “If the contract has been broken… then I will accept full responsibility and—”


Ningguang barks out a laugh, shifting her hips to purposely drag the hard geo dildo against swollen flesh, and that shuts the man up immediately. “That’s not what I meant, dear. But I suppose some guidance is in order here.”


She whispers into his ear, taking the opportunity to nip at the earring, and leans back to take in how Zhongli looks up with an affronted expression, even as he’s already filled with Ningguang’s dick. 


“What’s wrong? I thought you were the god of contracts.” Ningguang teases. She shoves two fingers into his mouth and presses down on the tongue, drinking in the muffled whines he makes. “Just saying a few words can’t be that hard, hm?”


“...Ma— mah— shter, master,” Zhongli finally chokes out from around her fingers, unable to help the drool leaking from the corners of his mouth. “Thank yo… u… for your… cock…” He grits out the last word as if it physically pained him— Ningguang supposes it makes sense, given how Rex Lapis belongs in the heavens, away from all the human obscenities down below, and, oh, that thought sends a wave of heat through her core, slick sliding down her thighs. 


“Well done,” she drawls, revelling in how he shivers in return, canting his hips upwards to rut himself against Ningguang’s stomach and take more cock into that warm, greedy hole.


With a few more precisely-aimed thrusts, he comes absolutely undone underneath her— all broken whimpers and cracking facade, hair plastered across his face. White seed splurts into the gap between their stomachs. Ningguang moans in return, the geo dildo pulsing against her clit as she jerks and cums a few moments later.


After catching her breath, she pulls out. The dildo is warm and slick, even glowing slightly from their combined geo energy. 


“What a slutty body,” she comments as she watches the former god’s reddened rim catch onto the final few inches of the toy. Zhongli seems to be too tired to formulate a reply, only letting out a low groan as a response.

Well then, this is definitely a contract that Ningguang’s going to make the most out of.




(“The contract is simple,” Rex Lapis tells her in her dream, his form individually indistinguishable from the thousands of other regular Liyuen citizens, but his golden eyes piercing through her all the same. “To compensate for the loss of the Jade Chamber, I am temporarily willing to offer myself into your servitude.”


“Servitude?” Ningguang’s voice lilts with restrained humour. “The great Geo Archon of Liyue is willing to place himself at my feet?”


Rex Lapis laughs, the sound rumbling around them like something larger than life. “If it means a fair exchange for your continued leadership of Liyue into a brighter future, I am willing to do so.”


Ningguang hums, turning his words over and over in her mind.


“It’s a shame that I cannot compensate you financially, as my powers have been, ah… reduced, after my death.” He continues. “However, I believe this is the next best proposition I can offer.”)




(“Miss Ningguang, you have a visitor,” her secretary tells her the very next morning. “He says he is Zhongli, a consultant for Wangsheng Funeral Parlour.”


Ningguang’s pen pauses mid-signature. “Bring him in.”

The first thing she sees, when he enters, are those eyes. Bright like the sun, as immovable as the earth. Her breath catches in her throat.


“Miss Ningguang,” the consultant greets, dipping his head down to bow before her, voice smooth like the finest silks. 


“Mister Zhongli,” she greets back, getting up from her seat. The man in front of her is dressed immaculately, with every inch of his skin beneath the neck covered and hidden. It’s a shame, Ningguang finds herself thinking. She doesn’t know what she was expecting, but perhaps something closer to those scantily clad statues strewn across the region. 


However, the thought of peeling each layer off the man in front of her also sends a spike of desire through her. She wonders what he’ll look like beneath that air of righteousness.


“Baiwen, leave us. We have important matters to discuss.” She tells her secretary, and the woman in question bows lightly before leaving the room, closing the door behind her with a click.


“Now then, what can I do for you, consultant?”


Zhongli stands tall with his hands behind his back, as exquisite as the furniture that adorns the Qixing’s headquarter office. Ningguang thinks that she quite likes the idea of putting this man on display, flaunting him like a token of status. But she keeps a rein in on her more materialistic urges for now.


“I believe I have a contract to fulfil,” he says with a slight smile, tilting his head.)




Ningguang returns to the bedroom after stowing away the strap-on and freshening up in the bathroom. Zhongli is still lying on the bed, pantless and seemingly asleep. 


“I’d imagine that was as much of an experience for you as it was for me, Rex Lapis.” Ningguang muses as she sits onto the bed next to Zhongli’s still form.


Zhongli cracks one amber eye open, and Ningguang finally notices the eyebags under his eyes. So even gods can get tired, she thinks.


“Zhongli,” the man corrects her lazily, still drowsy from the afterglow of sex.


She laughs saccharinely. “But I think it rolls much more nicely from the tongue-- Rex Lapis, the Geo Archon of Liyue, property of the Liyue Qixing. Don’t you think?”


Zhongli sighs shallowly. “I suppose it has a certain ring to it.”


Ningguang leans over, taking the brunette’s chin into her gloved hand. “Then, wouldn’t you want to look the part? How about a collar? I can get you one with the finest embedded jewels. Or dress you in the finest silk and keep you leashed as I give a public address to Liyue.” She pulls his lower lip down with her thumb. “Wouldn’t you like that?”


Zhongli says nothing in return, but the slight reddening of his ears tells her exactly what he thinks about it. 


The Tianquan laughs. “Shameless, my dear god.”




“Everyone, this is mister Zhongli of the Wangsheng Parlour. He’ll be joining us today in our discussion on the economic recovery plan drafted last week.” 


Keqing watches the way the guest consultant greets the rest of the Qixing, before settling himself into one of the seats at the table. There’s something distinctly… off about him, but the Yuheng cannot exactly place her finger on it.


As the meeting begins, Keqing can’t help but stare intently at the brunette man. She knows that she should be paying attention to the meeting and providing her own inputs, but…


The Rex Incognito series described Rex Lapis as having golden eyes, she thinks, before quickly wiping that thought from her head— the Geo Archon is dead, there’s no way that he… could… possibly…


Zhongli glances at her direction, and smiles, molten eyes seemingly seeing through all. Keqing quickly averts her gaze.


And Ningguang catches that little exchange with a hawk-like eye. As another Qixing member reads off the latest economic figures, the Tianquan leans back and sends a small wave of geo through the room— unnoticed by everyone else, but it jolts Zhongli up, the geo plug inside his ass vibrating in response to the elemental energy.




“Mister Zhongli?” Ganyu’s eyes are wide with concern. “Are you alright?”


“I’m… fine,” Zhongli wrings out a smile, shifting against his seat. The toy fits snugly against his prostate, made of pure jade and heavy inside him. With every shockwave it receives, the pleasure intensifies steadily, but Zhongli has not lived a life of discipline for nothing— he clenches around the plug, hands gripping his knees, but still keeps his face neutral and gives nothing away.


Ganyu bites her lip. “If you’re certain…”


Zhongli suppresses his wince as he smiles reassuringly at the secretary, and proceeds to bring his cup of tea to his lips, the barest hint of a shiver running through his shoulders.


Keqing narrows her eyes. 


On the other side, Ningguang clears her throat, gets up, and walks over to place a hand on Zhongli’s shoulder.


“Come with me,” Ningguang beckons. “I have a potential solution that I wish to discuss in private before I put it out to the rest of the Qixing.”


“As you wish.” He replies, a quiver in his voice. Keqing’s eyes latch onto the way he flinches as he stands up, taking a moment to compose himself before following the Tianquan into one of the back rooms. 


The rest of the Qixing have begun making small talk amongst themselves, so Keqing takes the opportunity whilst no one is really paying attention.


“Ganyu,” Keqing whispers, perhaps a bit harsher than she intended. 


“Y-yes, miss Keqing?” The half-qilin stutters, startled. 


“That man, Wangsheng’s consultant… don’t you think there’s something strange about him?” She questions, and Ganyu’s eyes flicker between the back room and her employer’s face before she lets out a small sigh.


“He is quite renowned around Liyue for his extensive knowledge and keen eye,” Ganyu decides to murmur, uncharacteristically avoiding the topic.


“I know that. But that’s not what I meant.” Keqing replies, deciding to cut to the chase. “Is he an adeptus?”


Ganyu opens her mouth, then closes it. 


“I cannot say.” She finally mutters. “He has no adeptual energy that I can sense, but when I’m around him… there’s this sense of familiarity, like I’m forgetting something important.”


Keqing frowns, and silence falls between them.


“They’ve been talking for a while, haven’t they?” Uncle Tian muses from the other side, looking at the back room door. “I’m afraid I have another meeting this afternoon, so I can’t wait for much longer.”


“I’ll go get them.” Keqing decides, rising from her seat and making her way to the door.


This large back room is mainly used for filing and storage; shelves of books stacked high with cabinets of papers tucked away neatly along the walls. Morning sunlight filters into the room, illuminating the specks of dust dancing in the rays. It’s strangely quiet 




Keqing freezes. Slowly turns her head towards the sound. 


“You were just asking for it, weren’t you?” Ningguang’s smooth voice floats out. “Unbreakable and divine on the surface, but so lewd underneath.”


“W-wait, don’t— ah, uh, not… too much… nnh…” 


Keqing listens, sticking to the bookshelves and slowly inching her way towards the source. She hates to admit it, but the way that low voice goes breathy with need makes her lightheaded, along with the realisation of just exactly what the pair are doing away from prying eyes.


When she’s finally close enough to peek through a gap in the books, she flushes bright red as she takes in the view of Ningguang pumping two fingers in and out of a sensitive, stretched rim with a plug still nestled inside. She scissors her fingers, and Zhongli chokes above her, pleasured sounds dripping from his red lips as he breaks apart.


“Keqing,” the older woman drawls, “just who we were waiting for. We knew you’d come.”


Keqing swallows, only to find her mouth dry. “What’s the meaning of this?” She asks, slowly stepping out into view.


“Just a little side arrangement, nothing much,” Ningguang hums casually, all while shoving her fingers up to the third knuckle and kneading the consultant’s plush buttocks with her other hand. “The world of business is all about giving and taking, after all.”


Zhongli moans, low, and Keqing swallows again, bringing her legs together.


Zhongli cranes his neck to look at the Yuheng. His eyes are foggy and sweat clings to his temples. He looks thoroughly debauched. “Miss Keqing… if you have no— ah— qualms… hah… then perhaps you could… join us…?”


“I didn’t think you were this much of a pervert, Ningguang,” Keqing decides to hiss at her coworker, but she stalks over all the same, shoulders tense like a hungry cat. 


“Look at yourself, Keqing. I can see you hot and bothered. Doesn’t that make you a pervert too?” She laughs in response, and a crook of her fingers sends the man in her arms mewling. Zhongli drops his head onto the books in front of him, spreading his legs out even further as an invitation, and Keqing really isn’t strong enough to deny it.


The purple-haired woman rushes up, and drags Zhongli’s tie down to push her mouth against his, eagerly drinking in the sounds he emits, as smooth as chocolate. 


“Nggh… mm! Ah, uhn, ♡,” the older man moans. Keqing is aggressive and straightforward in claiming her territory, ravaging the space of his mouth and leaving him weak in the knees. 


“He’s lovely, isn’t he?” Ningguang chuckles breathily, eyeing the way Keqing tries to swallow all of the consultant in one wet, heated kiss. “Look how well his hole takes my fingers.”


Zhongli groans in response, sandwiched between the two women as his mind spirals. Ningguang places one hand on his lower abdomen, sends another geo shockwave stronger than the last ones, and Zhongli positively melts in their hold. 


“Master-- masters, I--” he pants, full-body shivers running through him like electricity as the plug resonates within him, “I… nngah, ♡♡ please!” 


Keqing is rutting against his thigh now, biting bright red marks onto a flushed canvas, as if she thinks she can devour the man whole-- sparks of electricity dancing between her fingers and sending shocks of ecstasy into Zhongli. With the combined efforts of the two women of the Qixing, it’s not long before Zhongli cums with a muffled shout, as Keqing finishes while still rutting against the consultant’s trousers, and Ningguang shudders while she rides out the her orgasmic high on her fingers.




“Oh dear. We made quite a mess.” Ningguang comments, eyeing the wet stains on the hardwood floor.


“Perhaps some cleanup is in order,” Zhongli sighs, straightening out his attire and easing out the cricks in his neck. “But I am sure that we have kept the rest of the Qixing waiting for long enough. If necessary, I will remain behind to remove the traces of our… activities.”


Ningguang hides her laugh behind her hand. “The former geo archon, reduced to wiping mere stains off the floor? I am not cruel enough to subject you through that.”


Zhongli crosses his arms. “Just because I was a former archon, it does not mean I am averse to--”


“Wait,” Keqing looks up from where she was picking up fallen books from the ground. “What?”


Ningguang blinks. “Hm?” 


“What did you just say?”


Realisation slowly settles into the older woman’s features. “...Ah. I seem to have forgotten.”


“Forgotten what?” The Yuheng hisses, frozen to the spot.


“Keqing... “ Ningguang says slowly, a victorious grin appearing on her face. “Look closer. Doesn’t mister Zhongli bear a startling resemblance to a certain statue that you go to worship in secret every week?”




Keqing looks at Zhongli, eyes as wide as saucers. Zhongli looks back down at her, waiting.


“...Oh my fucking god.” She finally croaks.


Zhongli smiles. “Yes, that’s me.”