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Damar’s door chimes, rousing him from where he had been dosing on the couch.

“Come in!”

The door opened, revealing Weyoun. He strode in, looking around in disgust. Damar refused to let himself shrink back under his glare, deliberately ignoring the empty Kanar bottles scattered near the couch and bed.

“What do you want?”

“Well now that Dukat,” he spat the name like it had personally offended him which, Damar thought, was not too far off the mark, “has left us, you have his position. And with that position comes certain… benefits… that you are to be made aware of.”

Damar poured another glass of Kanar, waiting for Weyoun to continue speaking. When he didn’t, he looked up, his gaze hitching at the Vorta’s surprisingly nice lips before meeting his eyes.

‘Must’ve had too much Kanar’ Damar berated himself.

“Are you even listening to me?” Weyoun’s lip curled snidely, dragging Damar’s attention back to it. This time, Weyoun noticed and chuckled.

“I see you’ve already got the general idea.”

Weyoun’s smirk widens as he stalks towards the couch. Damar instinctively leans back, eyes widening as Weyoun straddles his lap. It took a second for his mind to catch up, but when it did, he realized two things: Weyoun was kissing him… and he liked it. His hands found Weyoun’s thighs, sliding up them before settling on his hips. He heard a broken moan and only when he felt Weyoun’s sneer did he realize that it had come from him. Abruptly, Weyoun pulled back, the hand tangled in Damar’s hair holding him in place.

“Bed. Now.”

Damar obeys distractedly, his eyes stuck on Weyoun’s newly-bared skin as the Vorta folds his jacket, laying it over the back of the couch. He winces as his armor clatters to the floor, but is pushed onto the bed right after, clearing all thoughts from his mind.

Weyoun stands over him, his chest bare and a self-satisfied glint in his eyes. Damar’s mouth feels dry as Weyoun appraises him like prey. The Vorta crawled onto the bed, his arms bracketing Damar’s hips as Damar propped himself up on his arms to meet him in a messy kiss. He nipped at the Vorta’s lip before soothing it with his tongue. Weyoun tugged his hair in retaliation.

Abruptly, Weyoun sat back.


Damar’s face instantly heated up. He swore he could see blue reflected in Weyoun’s eyes.

Shyly, he pulled his shirt off, looking away as he moved to his pants. Once he was fully nude, he risked a glance up. Weyoun’s eyes burned into him, raking over his exposed body.

“Spread your legs.”

Damar hesitated, self conscious.

“I said,” Weyoun grasped Damar’s ankles, pushing them apart with surprising strength, “open them.”

“Fuck,” Damar gasped. He suddenly realized how wet he was.

Weyoun hummed, trailing his finger up Damar’s slit before pulling his hand back and licking it. Damar choked back a whine, but Weyoun’s smirk told him he wasn’t entirely successful.

“Hold still. And don’t hold back any noises.”

Weyoun moved his hands to Damar’s thighs, holding them open as he moved his smug face between them. The first stroke of his tongue pulled a broken moan from his victim.


Damar could feel Weyoun’s seemingly permanent smirk as he doubled down in his efforts to get Damar to make as much noise as possible.

Close to overwhelmed, Damar could feel his slick dripping down his thighs, soaking Weyoun and the bed. His hands had somehow found their way to Weyoun’s head, pulling at his fluffy bun. A particularly strong tug from Damar caused Weyoun to hiss and look up.

Gripping Damar’s wrists, Weyoun pushed them above his head.

“Hold them here. No moving.”

He waited for Damar to nod before releasing his arms and moving back down his body.

“Now, let’s get on with this,” Weyoun sounded bored, but his fingers twisting just so to get Damar to evert immediately told a different story.

“Holy shit-!” Damar clutched the pillow above his head, his whole body shaking at the ministrations. “Where’d you learn that?!”

Weyoun acted like he hadn’t heard Damar, running his fingers lightly over his blue-tinted cocks.

“You think you can keep still for me?” He shucked his pants unceremoniously.

Damar nodded frantically, “Yes! Yes, please I- ah!”

Weyoun sank down without warning, taking both of Damar’s cocks at once. Damar strained, his body taut with the effort of keeping himself still.

“Good boy,” Weyoun cooed once he was fully seated, rolling his hips.

“How-” Damar groaned, “How are you-”

“Taking you all at once? The Vorta were created to be… adaptable,” He punctuated his speech with another roll of his hips, effectively distracting Damar.

Weyoun took his time, leisurely riding Damar as the Cardassian squirmed beneath him. He smiled cruelly when Damar started to beg.

“Please! I need more! Ah-”

Damar’s hips bucked, out of his control, and Weyoun stopped, pinning him down once again.

“Stay. Still,” He hissed, squeezing Damar’s hips painfully. “But, since you’ve been so good…”

Damar cried out as Weyoun started back up noticeably faster. The sound of wet skin on scales filled the room. When Damar finally reached the edge, about to tip over, Weyoun slowed back down. Damar whined in frustration, looking up at the self-satisfied Vorta, still looking barely mussed despite his state.

Weyoun’s grin widens at his stare. He leans forward, grabbing Damar’s hair to hold him in place as he slowly speeds up again.


Damar pulled his gaze from the Vorta’s bright eyes, trailing down to where they were joined. Weyoun’s cock was flushed with a light purple, bumping against his chuva whenever he bottomed out. His cunt was stretched obscenely around Damar’s cocks and glistening with their mixed slicks. As Weyoun slid back down, he could see the outline of his cocks against Weyoun’s abdomen.

Damar moaned weakly at the sight. His muscles shook as he strained to keep himself still and in the position Weyoun wanted him in. He babbled as Weyoun bounced on his cocks, a sheen of sweat making him look almost ethereal.

“Please! More- ah!”

Weyoun pulled at his hair as he came suddenly, his insides working over Damar’s cocks in such a way that he nearly blacked out, the Vorta grinding himself through his orgasm. Panting, Weyoun looked at Damar through his long lashes, grinding pointedly.

“Come for me.”

Weyoun tugged sharply at Damar’s hair, pulling him forward to nip harshly at his ridges. Damar’s breath caught in his throat as he came hard, spilling into the smaller alien and seeing only white.

His next coherent thought was of contentment as he felt a warm cloth between his legs. Damar blinked lazily up at Weyoun, who hadn’t yet noticed his lucidity. His expression was softer than Damar had ever seen before, yet no less intent.

As Weyoun threw the cloth aside, Damar pulled him to his chest with a goofy smile. Weyoun squeaked and flushed.


“You’re warm,” Damar nuzzled into the soft skin at the nape of Weyoun’s neck, sighing in contentment.

“Oh I see, I’m just a glorified heat source to you.”




“Are you falling asleep?”

“No-” Damar yawned.

Chuckling slightly, Weyoun shifted so he was comfortable, softly intertwining their fingers as Damar’s breathing evened out. He closed his eyes and followed his companion into oblivion.