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Solely Addicted

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Everyone knew Satoru was non-alcoholic.

Whilst some alcohol did contain enough glucose for his tastebuds to relish, alcohol also inflicted chemical reactions in one's body that could hinder the brain and central nervous system. For the strongest jujutsu sorcerer such as Satoru, lag of reaction was something he couldn't afford to happen.

Who knew? Maybe when he was drunk, some bad guy would creep up onto him and, since the alcohol depressed his Six Eyes into a lull haze, kill him with ease, just like a one hit K.O in games.

Humiliating, don't you think so, to have the strongest got killed just because he was drunk?

Alas, Satoru held no humiliation over himself even if he was the only one who didn't drink alcohol at some gathering. Being the only sober human was fun. He had seen the way Shouko blabbered a bit too much than how she usually was when she was drunk, and since Satoru was that kind of a good friend, he would laugh at her from behind his glass of Orange Creamsicle and record a video to be sent to Utahime.

Irreverent, he knew that, but he wouldn't be Gojou Satoru without those bits of humane's mischief.

Nanami usually gave him a disapproving look, scowling lips hidden by tall glass of sizzling beer, green-tinted lenses doing a poor job in concealing his abhor (not that he usually hid it). Satoru just winked at him and Nanami would order another glass in an instant, opting to ignore Satoru's existence.

Not to mention hangovers were hell to handle. Satoru had his fair share of soothing a tanked Shouko after a wild night on a karaoke, since he was that kind of a good friend. He had to push her to the bathroom ("You reek of alcohol, Shouko! Take a bath!" "Fiiiineee...") and fetch a painkiller from her infirmary. Though, it was worth of the embarrassing photos he got of her, so he couldn't say if it bothered him that much.

Addiction was never a good thing too, even if he didn't pay too much attention to the mandatory Biology study in high school (sorcerers they might be, but they still ought to learn normal studies). Satoru just knew that addiction was bad, for it made one fixate onto something that rendered them yearning so desperately that it sounded ludicrous.

Addicted people longed for salvation in form of alcohol and drugs, and Satoru honestly thought it was imbecilic.

It was different with a yearn for power, he figured. Satoru wouldn't call it as "addiction", for in his terms, he liked to label it as "hunger".

Gojou Satoru hungered for power, indeed, but those days had passed since long. With the jujutsu society now dancing on his fingertips, Satoru no longer hankered for power.

(He had too much and too much)



Satoru's tongue violated Yuuji's mouth in one push, his student whimpering in response as his legs created a tight leash around Satoru's waist, caging him even if Yuuji was the one sprawling on the sheets. Satoru appreciated it, humming in midst of their kiss as he tasted his lovely, sweet student.

There were hints of orange and grenadine, graciously sweet, and drops of lemon with pineapple, kind of sour but just the right amount to enjoy, from Yuuji's Cinderella earlier, the combination of flavours swimming pleasantly on Satoru's tastebuds that left him needing more of it. More, until Yuuji panted from lack of oxygen in his lungs. More, until Yuuji wriggled beneath him from lack of friction on his tenting crotch. More, until Yuuji's eyes clouded with dense haze of a mingle of lust and wonder.

More, until all Satoru could taste was Yuuji.

Satoru's tongue darted lower to lick the saliva trailing down Yuuji's lips, bare chest heaving against Satoru's clothed one, and down until his pinkish collarbone. The taste spiralled Satoru's mind, his Six Eyes centering and focusing on one Itadori Yuuji, and he was quick to pop the buttons off his shirt, propping himself on his knees, just above Yuuji's hips, as he began to undress.

He was loving the way Yuuji's eyes wandered over his packed pectoral and abdomen, sunset-hued gaze blazing in goldish tints that screamed his need towards Satoru. Satoru made sure to put a nice show for his favourite student, blindfold thrown without a care and stripped shirt sliding deliberately slow from his shoulders as he stroked himself under his briefs, tongue jerking out playfully from sparks of ecstasy that had yet to reach the highest of Heavens.

Tonight, Satoru would assure it, that Yuuji shall experience the feeling of flying above everything and anything else on the mortal world, and to achieve the sublime peak of pleasure.

Yuuji's hips bucked upwards, yearning for even the most fleeting of scrapes to satisfy himself. The little noises he cried further tugged at the thread at Satoru's control, and the tie binding Yuuji's wrist looked like it could snap anytime due to the struggle it received. Satoru was feeling generous tonight, and not to mention he favoured that tie. So he reached out to unlace it, gaining himself an immediate, haste reaction.

Yuuji's desperation was so ludicrous that it made a titter rumble from Satoru's lips.

"Satoru..." Yuuji called out, growing more impatient, eyebrows knitting cutely as his fingers fumbled to work on Satoru's belt. "Satoru, don't tease me like that."

Satoru grasped his wrist gently with the hand that previously played with his hard-on, and Yuuji gasped as his skin dripped with beads of precum of Satoru's glove. His breath hitched, his gaze strayed even further to dusk's ending, and Satoru cackled as he brought his still gloved, soaked hand to Yuuji's mouth.

"Lick it clean for me, baby, then we'll start."

Yuuji didn't waste any time at that, determination flickering his head back to reality, and both of his calloused hands gripped Satoru's own close as he sucked on Satoru's fingers yet again. His tongue swirled his digits in the most eager, sloppiest of movements, curt groans and slobber spilling from his swollen lips, but it was exactly what allured Satoru to Yuuji. A novelty in his world was to be appreciated, moreso if it came from his precious student.

Yuuji was absolutely everything Satoru craved for.

His body was inimitable, strong and resilient, yet flexible enough to perform fighting styles most people deemed as arduous. Neither Satoru nor Yuuji troubled it if Satoru were to bend Yuuji into half, his knees rising up to graze his earlobes in order for Satoru to thrust even deeper, to relish the sensation of heated ring of muscle milking him until his very last drops, and to devour Yuuji and gobble his delicious moans down his throat.

His expressions were notable and prominent to spot even from afar. Yuuji wore his heart on his sleeves and gave his emotions purely from his genuine core. Yuuji wasn't the type to beat around the bush, and he wasn't used in masking his expressions, not when Satoru was pistoning back and fro inside him, angling his hips to abuse his sweet spot, and Yuuji was helpless to stop his eyes from rolling back to his skull and his cheeks from drowning in strokes of cerise.

His voice was a whole new level of pristine and unfiltered. Clear, light, chirpy, and down-to-earth fancying to savour. If he could, then Satoru would like to keep Yuuji's chuckles and laughs and snickers and store them inside a jar so he could hear them whenever he was out of school for a mission. And Satoru absolutely loved to fancy Yuuji's voice when he lost control of his sanity like this, all the broken stammers, unabashed moans, and shameless pleas he sang solely for Satoru.

Satoru loved his hair too, spiny and unruly despite still smooth to touch. Sometimes it reminded Satoru of sakura petals in an arriving spring's dawn, and sometimes the filling of fresh strawberry daifuku. Satoru carded his fingers through the now damp strands, caressing his sinciput as to soothe the pain Yuuji possibly received from Satoru's enormous size. Yet, Yuuji never once complained about it. He adored it even, and Satoru couldn't help but love him more.

And his lips, that was Satoru's most favourable part. Yuuji's lips, while they weren't as plush as Satoru's, were soft and curvy enough to slot with his just right, like two missing pieces of puzzles finally reuniting. Due to Yuuji's godlike skills of cooking, Satoru tasted something different every time they exchanged a kiss. The possibilities were limitless, similar to his Infinity, and maybe Satoru hadn't done yet in exploring this new realm of flavours and emotions.

Usually Satoru took it slow, contrary to most people's belief. His lips with Yuuji's would merely touch before he pushed slightly forward, lengthy fingers cradling Yuuji's sculpted jawline. His brain would register the taste adorning Yuuji's pompadour pads that time and Satoru would croon in gratification. His tongue would prod at the clasped lips, asking a silent permission, and Yuuji parted them, curling them into a wide smile.

That way, Satoru could taste his student throughly and not missing even a tinge of it.

But tonight, Satoru would go rough on him.

His teeth shall join in, nibbling and clamming down onto flushing skin like he did with his wafers. He drank and gulped Yuuji's moans and needy whines like he did with his juices. He dragged a hot tongue across his skin and rolled it around Yuuji's erect nipple like he did with his lollipops. He licked the dribbles of cum from Yuuji's cock like he did with the droplets of chocolate milkshake on his wrist, sucking it clean until it was tender and no longer sopping uncontrollably.

Satoru consumed Yuuji in many ways more than one tonight, and as Yuuji came with an echo of Satoru's first name ripping off his lips, he realized that he...

He might be addicted to Yuuji.

You're such a hypocrite, Satoru, one part of his mind reprimanded tersely.

Myself, if I have a lover as adorable and sweet as Yuuji, that's inevitable, and another part countered sharply.

Satoru was pulled out of his reverie as he felt something damp and unbelievably soft occasionally pressing onto his jaw, afterglow numbing his senses in a way he never thought could accept. He looked down, and was met with bright and warm crinkles of sunrise abiding in Yuuji's eyes. There was a resonating giggle from his student's lips, and Satoru grinned from ear to ear at the sound.

"What is it, honey?" Satoru asked idly as he allowed Yuuji to keep peppering kisses all over his face while cupping his cheeks in a vigilant, awestruck manner. Almost like he was worshipping Satoru.

It was mutual then, since for the past two hours, Satoru had been propping Yuuji on his highest regard ever, adoring every inch of his body and indulging himself inside the grace to mankind known as Itadori Yuuji.

"Ehehehe." Yuuji's voice was a little hoarse due to his exertion earlier, but it was still lovely as ever. "I'm just thinking about how much I love this beautiful sensei."

Satoru wanted to bellow out loud to the whole Earth.




"Sensei loves you so much too, Yuuji~!!" Satoru hugged his student firmly, nuzzling his nose to the crook of his neck, eliciting a melodic, if not slightly frazzled, laugh of him. Yuuji etched his lips to Satoru's forehead, murmuring hushed words that flipped Satoru's heart upside down as if it was breakdancing in his ribcage.

"I love sensei more."

Satoru's urge to scream his love for Yuuji to the whole world had just intensified.

"No, I love you more, Yuuji!" 

"No, I'm Gojou-sensei's number one admirer!"

"Then I'm Itadori Yuuji's number one devotee!"

"My love for sensei is bigger than the universe!"

"My love for you is like the information of my Immeasurable Void!! It's endless!!"


No one could beat that, since no one ever succeeded in escaping from the clutches of Satoru's Domain Expansion. If a curse couldn't, then a human would stand no chance against it.

Yuuji puffed his cheek, and Satoru yelped as Yuuji bit his shoulder, waking a bangle of quickly bruising red that tingled his spine.

"Naughty boy." Satoru pinched Yuuji's nose in return, guffawing above the whines he gave in response.

They decided to pause their bantering since the yawn Yuuji let out signaled his fatigue (his yawn is cute as well~), and it didn't take long for him to drift off on Satoru's shoulder, body glueing and legs tangling with each other's as his light snores tickled his sweating skin. Satoru huffed out a fond smile, and he landed an affectionate kiss atop of Yuuji's crown, bidding a wish of sweet dreams almost inaudibly.

And that was when Satoru's phone rang.

Satoru clicked his tongue and scrambled for his trousers at the corner of the bed, fishing out his phone and answering the call so Yuuji could sleep soundly after the wearisome night he granted to Satoru.

"Gojou Satoru here."

"Sensei, where the actual fuck are you right now?"

"Oh, Megumi!" Satoru perked up, indignance receding at once. "I'm still in the same building, don't worry~."

Megumi gritted his teeth from the other side. "The auction has ended and we managed to get all the cursed objects and tools, so we want to go back to school. The thing is, a perverted man stole Itadori away and we couldn't find him anywhere."

"Oh my! How dare of him to steal my Yuuji!" Satoru faked a gasp, planting a palm to his chest. "Tell me if you find him, okay? I have to give that man a dire lesson for messing around with my Yuuji."

There was silence as Satoru could feel Megumi's seething ire even from the phone.

"Whatever, I'm tired as hell. We're going back to school now, and if I didn't find Itadori in his dorm next morning, I'd burn all of your desserts in front of your eyes."

Satoru whistled, amused. "Noted, Megumi! Have a safe trip and sleep well, okay? Bye bye!"

Megumi heaved the longest sigh, and he hang up.

Satoru put his phone on the nightstand next to the bed, and he plopped himself down next to Yuuji, embracing his student close enough for him to feel Yuuji's lips tilting to a content smile.

"Aren't you non-alcoholic?" Megumi asked him that two hours ago, and Satoru giggled.

I'm not, but if the cocktail was happened to be composed of Itadori Yuuji, then I'd be willing to be the heaviest addict in the world.

With that cheesy thought, Satoru dozed off to sleep, subconsciously planning for the breakfast in bed he could order and have with Yuuji in the next morning.

And purposely ignoring Megumi's threat, of course~.