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started with a spark, now we're on fire

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Donghyuck kinda misses Jaehyun. Most fans may not know this but there was a time where him and Jaehyun were roommates. Jaehyun was a good roommate and they got a lot closer during that time. But lately Donghyuck feels like he hasn’t seen Jaehyun in ages. Ever since NCT 2020 started, they were put into different units, then Jaehyun was busy with his drama and mcing. Until now Donghyuck can’t even remember the last time he got to properly spend time with Jaehyun. And so, Donghyuck made a promise in his mind to pay Jaehyun a visit as soon as he gets the chance, before the dream comeback or else he’ll absolutely have no time.

The chance doesn’t arrive until a week and a half later. Donghyuck’s recording ended early and he wasn’t tired. It was only 9:30 pm and he didn’t have anything to do. He already had dinner with his manager, he already did enough dance practice this morning and he wasn’t in the mood to game. So there he thought it was the perfect time to visit Jaehyun. He didn’t bother messaging Jaehyun, the dude never opens his messages anyway. Instead Donghyuck knocked on the 10th floor dorm and held his breath. The door opened a moment later and he sees Yuta with his messy hair sticking up in different directions. The boy quirks his brow and Donghyuck can’t help but feel shy.

“I’m here to see Jaehyun.”

Yuta gives him a suspicious look but lets him inside. The dorm is dim and quiet he notices as he takes off his shoes.

“Jungwoo went out with Taeil somewhere. They’re not gonna be back anytime soon so...” Yuta trails off. Donghyuck has no idea what Yuta is getting at but the look on Yuta’s face is enough for him to not what to ask. He feels his cheeks heat up and ugh why is Yuta so annoying. Donghyuck scoffs but Yuta is already on his way back to his room.

Donghyuck knocks on Jaehyun and Jungwoo’s door. He’s been in their room a few times on special occasions, but somehow this feels a lot different. When he doesn’t get a response he slowly turns the doorknob and takes a peek inside. The lights are off and it’s cool inside. He sees the brown tuft of Jaehyun’s hair sticking out from under the covers. Ah so he’s sleeping.

Donghyuck closes the door as quietly as he can behind him but he hears Jaehyun stir from the noise. Donghyuck winces. He knows he should probably just leave but he wants to at least see Jaehyun’s face before he goes. He slowly makes his way to the bed where Jaehyun is facing towards him. He tries to subtly move the covers out of Jaehyun’s face, key word: tries. The small disturbance ended up causing Jaehyun to stir some more. Donghyuck waits for a moment to let Jaehyun settle down before he reaches down to brush back the brown hair that covered Jaehyun’s brows. What he wasn’t expecting was a hand to grab his wrist. Donghyuck’s breath get stuck in his throat. Jaehyun’s eyes are still closed but he’s awake and he caught Donghyuck red-handed. Before he even has time to think he feels the words leave his lips.

“It’s me, Haechan.”

Jaehyun hums, his grip on Donghyuck’s wrist loosens but then he’s pulling Donghyuck’s hand down to rest on his cheek. Now Donghyuck really can’t breathe. Jaehyun opens his eyes and Donghyuck feels a shock through his spine when he looks directly into those deep eyes. It’s dark in the room but he can still see every detail of Jaehyun’s face clearly.

“I’m relieved it you. Part of me thought it was some psycho sasaeng” Jaehyun speaks and oh his voice is deeper than it normally is, probably from sleep but Donghyuck has to repress a shiver. He gulps and moves to take his hand back. Jaehyun doesn’t stop him. Donghyuck really has to search for his voice to say

“I-I just wanted to come see you. It’s been a while since we hung out. I didn’t know you would be sleeping.” Donghyuck mentally face-palms. Why the hell did he stutter. Jaehyun smiles. His dimples making an appearance and moves in towards the wall. It takes Donghyuck half a moment to process that Jaehyun is making space for him. Jaehyun looks up at him expectantly and there is no way Domghyuck can say no. He peels off his jacket and throws is somewhere (probably Jungwoo’s bed) and gets under the covers. He’s immediately engulfed by warmth and the smell of something that could only be described as Jaehyun. Donghyuck sighs contentedly and then he feels an arm wrap around his torso and a strong chest press against his back. Jaehyun’s breathing softly into the crook of his neck and for a moment Donghyuck thinks that Jaehyun’s already fallen back asleep until he speaks.

“How was your day today?” It’s a simple question but the way Donghyuck could feel Jaehyun’s chest vibrating with every syllable has his thoughts scrambled. He mentally shakes his head to get a grip over himself.

“It was good. Comeback preparations are busy as usual. Though I’m really looking forward to what we’re working on.” And just like that, the conversations flows smoothly between Donghyuck and Jaehyun until they fall asleep.


When Donghyuck wakes up, it takes him a few seconds to remember where he is. He opens his eyes and there’s a tang of disappointment that Jaehyun’s not there. That’s right. Jaehyun mentioned he had an early morning schedule. He digs out his phone from his jacket that’s still hanging off the edge of Jungwoo’s bed. Looks like Jungwoo didn’t sleep there. The time 10:43 looks back at him. He sighs before reading a text from his manager saying to be ready by 12. There’s no text from Jaehyun. He rubs his eyes before pulling the covers off and getting up. His mind already thinking about what he needs to do today.

He opens the room door and the smell of breakfast fills his nose. He scuffles down the hallway and freezes, there are 2 pairs of eyes staring at him. Yuta is in the kitchen with a spatula in his hand and Jungwoo is on the couch. Both of them are staring at Donghyuck and his mind blanks. He doesn’t know what to say. The silence is loud but Yuta speaks up

“Did you have a nice night?” Donghyuck blushes. Not because he has anything to be ashamed of but Yuta’s tone is implying something completely different. Nonetheless, Donghyuck clears his throat and mutters a “yeah” before making his way out. As he closes the apartment door behind him he hears Jungwoo’s voice say

“I’m glad I just crashed on the couch.”


Donghyuck opens the door to his 5th floor apartment and fuck! Johnny’s on the couch. He already knows that Johnny is gonna poke and prod so he braces himself and focuses on reaching his bedroom. He walks and Jonny whistles

“Walk of shame on a Tuesday eh? That’s new. Was it good? Who was it? Was it that backup dancer who-“ and before Johnny can say anything more Donghyuck looks him straight in the eye and says

“Jaehyun” before slamming his door shut. The look of shock on Johnny’s face was so worth it.


Donghyuck showers and gets ready for his schedule like any other day. Everything is going normally as they’re filming their cafe dream vlog until Johnny and Jaehyun walk in. Donghyuck doesn’t know why but he feels his heart have some minor palpitations. He swallows hard and continues on like his normal self while they finish up their filming. Then the cameras are off, the staff leave and only the members are left talking amongst themselves. That’s when Jaehyun approaches Donghyuck. The others aren’t paying attention to them except Johnny who is across the room but is giving them weird looks. Donghyuck can’t blame him because the way Jaehyun is looking at him has him feeling weak in the knees and ugh why is he so pretty. Jaehyun is a few inches taller than him so he does have look up a little but it’s the proximity that has him losing his breath. Why is Jaehyun standing so close to him?

“You know...” Jaehyun brings his hand to Donghyck’s hip. Two fingers wrapping the belt loop in his jeans. “Some of the other guys have their own theory of what happened in my room.” Jaehyun smirks and it has Donghyuck feeling dizzy. He's vaugely aware of the others laughing loudly, too caught up in their conversation to notice him and Jaehyun off to the side except Johnny still shooting weird expressions from across the room. Donghyuck cannot find words he opens his mouth to speak but Jaehyun shushes him. “I really don’t mind tho, it’s kind of fun to see their reaction.” And Jaehyun pulls him in by the belt loop. Now they're really close. Those stupid smirking lips are right there and Donghyuck can feel Jaehyun's breath fan his face. Pull it together Donghyuck, this is your game.

"So you're aware of Johnny looking like his eyes are about to pop out of his head then?" Donghyuck questions and Jaehyun only smirks harder and then Donghyuck cups that beautiful face and plants a peck on those stupid lips. Its only a peck but Jaehyun blushes hard, the tips of ears bright red and now it's Donghyucks turn to smirk. He can hear Johnny choking on his coffee so bad that the others have quieted down to make sure he's okay. Donghyuck doesn't bother sparing a glance as he makes his way out of the cafe smiling to himself. Oh Jaehyun, you don't know what you've started.