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falling for a stranger, good gracious

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Lan Zhan is getting married this month. He feels fine about it. Not bad, but not great.

It’s an arranged marriage set up by his uncle and some other company, for business purposes. But he doesn’t particularly mind— as the C.O.O. of Lan Enterprises, he has little time for leisure. He can barely eat or sleep without an interruption and he doesn’t even have time to meet his brother if it’s not about the company. So dating? Yeah, throw that idea out the window.

His uncle tells him that his fiancé comes from an established family with a great reputation, so he doesn’t feel too worried about who he’s going to marry.

The only problem is that he’s never seen his fiancé. Not even once.

Lan Zhan has tried to meet them, he really has. But every time they set something up, it all goes wrong. He’ll sit down for lunch and someone will call him about a problem in the company. Occasionally, Lan Zhan will have no calls. But then his fiancé will message him saying that something happened at theirs. Even when they both have clear schedules, some unfortunate event always prevents them from meeting each other.

Lan Zhan may not look like it, but he is a romantic. If things are like this, he is worried that his marriage will be loveless. He may end up not knowing something as simple as their favorite color, at this point.

So here he is, sitting on a random barstool at his bachelor party, stressing out over his faceless fiancé.

He had told Huaisang that everything was fine, that he didn’t need one. I mean, Lan Zhan doesn’t even go to parties. But Huaisang is his childhood friend and if there’s one thing Lan Zhan’s learned about him these past 28 years, it’s that he never listens.

Lan Zhan takes a sip of sparkling juice because the only other thing they have at this stupid party is those stupid bottles of whiskey and wine. He’s massaging his temples when he suddenly feels an arm pulling him out of his seat. To no surprise, it’s Nie Huaisang.

“What. What is it now.” Lan Zhan says, voice the most emotionless it’s probably ever been in his entire life. There is no point in caring about appearances now. He is exhausted from work and random people talking to him and the music is too damn loud for him to not be irritated.

“Wangji-xiong, don’t look at me like that!” Nie Huaisang says, feigning innocence as if this whole party was not just an excuse so that Nie Mingjue doesn’t scold him for avoiding his job. “I have a surprise for you, come on!”

“I’m excited.” Lan Zhan deadpans.

Let Husaisang drag him everywhere. Lan Zhan will sit wherever he’s put and wait there until he has died, because this party is everything that he hates and despises.

Nie Huaisang pulls him out into the hallway and he feels like the universe has blessed him because he’s finally going home—

But then he gets dragged into another room just across theirs. It’s empty with a single couch set on a large stage. He knows exactly where this is going.

“Huaisang.” Lan Zhan says, “I told you that I don’t want a Magic Mike show.”

He loves his friend, he really does. Despite the frequent pranks and schemes, Huaisang is nice, very intelligent, and understands him well. But right now Lan Zhan does not want to appreciate him.

“Who do you think I am? I’d never go against your wishes!”

I also told you that I didn’t want a bachelor party, Lan Zhan thinks.

He sits Lan Zhan on the couch, pats his shoulders, and then runs out of the room.

“Have fun, honey! I know you’ll love it!”

Great. Now Lan Zhan will have to turn down the dancer. Or dancers. He never knows, with Nie Huaisang. He’s about to get up when the stage curtains pull back. The lights have switched to purple, white, and crimson shades, and suddenly there is a pole.

And on that pole, is indeed a dancer.

But Lan Zhan doesn’t scream, doesn’t go up to the dancer to tell them to go home.

Because they are possibly the most gorgeous person Lan Zhan has ever seen.

They’re wearing a black and red lace outfit, the material threaded with little drawings of dark roses and touches of white sequin. Their stomach is showing and there’s a little triangle dip that’s revealing their chest. The silver body chains on their round hips clink when they adjust themselves on the pole, throwing a wink to Lan Zhan and making his heart palpitate.

He is so entranced by this beautiful dancer that it takes him a few moments before he realizes something— this is the person Nie Huaisang showed him last week.

Huaisang had come up to Lan Zhan and pulled out a picture on his phone, asking if he thought the person was pretty. Lan Zhan was too exhausted to be thinking of what Huaisang might have been planning, so he took one look and like an idiot said, “Yes. He’s very pretty.” with full honestly.

He thought it might have been for something, but not for this.

As soon as he finishes that thought, the music starts. The dancer moves in smooth, effortless moments, swaying and twisting in ways Lan Zhan didn’t even know was possible. The deep voice of the singer echoes in the room (“touch me, tease me, feel me up”) and they grind on the pole before dropping to the floor with a split, smirking at Lan Zhan as they slap their ass. It jiggles immensely, and Lan Zhan having a very hard time trying to look respectfully.

They spend the next three minutes putting up a show for Lan Zhan, sensual and playful as they dance on the pole, bending and curving their body into the most gorgeous forms. They tease Lan Zhan by blowing kisses, making expressions as if they were orgasming— they even slide down to the floor to spread their legs, grazing a hand from their thighs and crotch as they arch their back.

When the music stops Lan Zhan is panicking, trying with all of his soul to ignore the growing pain in between his legs. Everything is okay. Just. They’ll probably just thank him and go, right? Huaisang probably already paid them.

However, instead of thanking Lan Zhan and leaving, the dancer walks towards him. Their silver heels click on the floor and they come closer, eyes glimmering with mischief.

“Gege, I heard you were handsome, but I didn’t know you were this good-looking.”

Lan Zhan tries to say something, only to be stopped when the dancer turns around and climbs backwards into his lap.

What the fuck.

Lan Zhan swears he cannot breathe because the dancer grinds on his dick and— what the fuck. Oh my god. His back and waist are slim and curve gracefully into his large, round ass. It is the most immaculate pair of cheeks that Lan Zhan has ever seen and he physically cannot look away. Instead he’s frozen in place, trying to figure out what to do when the man turns around and pouts at him.

“Come on gege, is this your first lap dance?” They say, and put Lan Zhan’s hands on their buttocks. Their ass is soft and firm and feels even better than it looks.

Lan Zhan has decided that today is the day he will die. He will dig a hole and shove himself inside a coffin, and then ask his brother to bury him in the dirt because he should not be touching this man. He is going against everything his uncle taught him! Everything!

It only gets worse because with only a few more grinds Lan Zhan becomes fully hard and when the dancer feels his size, they gasp.


Lan Zhan’s face is burning so much he feels like he is going to light on fire. Curse his dick, curse it.

“I apologize” He manages, embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to... um.”

The dancer pauses to watch his reaction, only to burst into laughter right after. Lan Zhan thinks he's going to cry because their smile is possibly the prettiest thing he has ever seen and also because they are laughing at his dick. You are too beautiful, that is why I am hard, he wants to say. But then he thinks about it and decides it would be more humiliating than just being laughed at.

When the dancer finishes giggling, they get off of Lan Zhan’s lap. He sighs a breath of relief, thinking everything is finally over when they climb onto him again. They’re face-to-face this time, and Lan Zhan notices the smokey eyeshadow and glitter that he was unable to see when they were on stage.

Gege,” The dancer purrs, grazing a light hand across Lan Zhan’s cheek. Their glossy lips are curved into a kitten-like smile and they stick out a tongue, teasing. “Would you like to see more?”

Before he can even process the words the dancer takes their top off, throwing it onto the floor to reveal smooth, milky skin. Lan Zhan is so stunned he cannot do anything. They take his hands, glides them across their chest, and to Lan Zhan’s horror, moan when his fingers brush against their nipples.

They roll their hips again and this time Lan Zhan is the one to moan, eyes open wide when he realizes what he’s done. The dancer only grins wider and dips their head to suck onto his neck. They press a soft kiss to Lan Zhan’s lips before slithering a hand down to cup his dick, lightly pressing and massaging at the growing tent in his pants.

“You’re already this excited, hm?”

Lan Zhan has thought this many times today, but he thinks it again. He wants to ascend. If Uncle and Brother will not forgive him, maybe the heavens will.

Suddenly, the dancer slides down to the floor and gets on their knees. Lan Zhan doesn’t comprehend what’s happening until he feels fingers fumbling near his crotch, unclamping the buttons of his pants.

“I— you don’t need to—“ He stutters, not being able to get the words out.

“It’s alright, baby. I love how cute you’re acting.” The dancer pulls down Lan Zhan’s boxers. His dick springs out of his pants and they stare in awe.

Shit. You’re a big boy aren’t you?” They say, licking their lips.

Soft lips wrap around his cock before Lan Zhan can respond, and he groans at the feeling.

They swirl their tongue while he’s inside their mouth, slightly sucking in their lips and adding pressure before they dive down his dick. The process is slow, but fuck does Lan Zhan feel good. When they finally get him deep enough, they start to bob their head. The sensation is wet and warm and tight and nothing like he's ever felt before.

Lan Zhan is panting and sighing at every movement of their mouth. He feels like he’s going to fall over when they hum around his cock, his entire body tingling with white sparks of electricity. Fuck, how is he going to tell his fiancé that he got a blowjob by some random dude a few days before they got married?

And then it hits him.

His fiancé.

He’s getting married. Tomorrow.

“Stop— please stop,” Lan Zhan says, coming back to his senses. His voice is rough as he pulls on the dancer’s hair repeatedly, strength significantly weaker than usual.

The dancer seems to get the hint because they stop and look up at him. There’s clear slick slathered all over their lips. Lan Zhan gulps.

“What’s the matter?” They ask, pulling off of Lan Zhan.

They look hurt, somehow.

“I do not know how to say this...” Lan Zhan is nervous. One, because they already look so upset from his words and he doesn’t know why. Two, because how does he say this? Hey, I know my friend paid you to but can you stop sucking dick because I’m getting married and want to save myself for my spouse?

“You’re very beautiful. And a wonderful dancer.”

This is sounding like those shitty “it’s me, not you” speeches all of his exes gave to him. They all got bored of his personality quickly and only ever stayed in case Lan Zhan gave them sex. He's not too sad about breaking up with any of them.

“However, I’m getting married. Tomorrow.”

At his words, the dancer tilts their head. Their eyebrows are scrunched and they look incredibly confused. Was Lan Zhan not clear enough? Or did Nie Huaisang tell them that he was a single man? Or maybe that they wouldn’t get paid unless they absolutely sucked his dick?

Their eyes widen when they realize something, bursting into another fit of laughter. Lan Zhan is starting to think that this person is a sadist, because they’re laughing their ass off every time he is suffering.

“Huaisang, that asshole!” They say, wiping a tear from their eye. Lan Zhan only hopes the tear is from laughing and not from actual crying.

“Does Nie Huaisang have something to do with why you’re laughing?...” He asks, a little scared that he might get slapped in the face or otherwise.

When they stop snickering, the dancer grabs his hands. Lan Zhan is about to jerk away but stops when they look at him with a softer, kinder smile. It’s pretty and very distracting.

“Most people call me Wei Wuxian, but you can call me Wei Ying.”

Lan Zhan blinks. What?

Wei Wuxian... Wei Ying? Wei Ying as in—

“Hello, husband!” Wei Ying says, voice light and airy. It’s a little hoarse too, probably from the events that happened just seconds ago. He scratches his head, “Sorry this is how we had to meet! I thought you’d enjoy this since Huaisang told me you already knew, but I guess he was being sneaky again.”

Oh my god. What? What the fuck?

Lan Zhan takes a few seconds to process. Wei Ying seems to understand, because he just stares at him gently, rubbing soothing little circles into his wrists. Then,

“Wei Ying. You are my husband.” He says, like a fucking idiot.

“Yes dear, I’m your husband.” Wei Ying giggles, bright and beautiful. “Or you can call me your wife too, I like being both.” Lan Zhan thinks he may have to go to the hospital because he feels like his heart is about to burst.

“You are my wife and husband.” Lan Zhan says automatically, the wheels in his head still turning. “Nie Huaisang, he...”

“Oh, you know him.” Wei Ying waves his hand as if to brush away the thought of their friend. “Honestly, I should have expected this! Is it really a day if Huaisang doesn’t mess with you at least once?”

Finally, someone who understands him. Lan Zhan thinks he is in love.

Wei Ying sighs and tries to grin as happily as he can, not knowing how obvious the disappointment shows in his face. “Well, if you’re uncomfortable then I’ve got to stop, right? Sorry about all of this.”

He’s about to stand up when Lan Zhan catches his hand.

“Lan Zhan?” He blinks in confusion. Lan Zhan immediately finds that he likes the way Wei Ying says his name.

Lan Zhan swallows down dry air, eyes flickering to the floor nervously. “I didn’t dislike it. What you did. We can continue... if you’d like.”

Wei Ying stares at him with parted lips.

“Lan Zhan, are you sure?”

He nods.




Lan Zhan has already gotten off with the best dick sucking off his life, and now Wei Ying is straddling him, clothes taken off and laying messily on the floor.

“Wait, ah—” Wei Ying gasps as Lan Zhan strokes up his dick again; it’s much smaller than Lan Zhan’s own and he can cover it with his entire hand. He thinks it’s very cute.

“What is it?” Lan Zhan asks, voice raspy. He continues to pump his husband, finding pleasure in each squirm and whimper that Wei Ying gives him.

“I want to ride you.” Wei Ying says, slightly slumping his back. The only reason he hasn’t fallen is because he’s wrapped his arms around Lan Zhan’s neck, desperate to keep looking at Lan Zhan's face.

“Alright.” Lan Zhan puts his hands on Wei Ying’s hips and lifts him. To his delight, Wei Ying is already wearing a plug. He had it on the entire time he was on stage. Apparently, wanted to be prepared for Lan Zhan, just in case.

The plug comes out with a plop and Wei Ying sighs, finally falling over to lay his forehead in Lan Zhan’s shoulder. Wei Ying smells like cinnamon and misty forests and he wants to indulge in the scent forever.

Lan Zhan brushes a finger at his entrance and Wei Ying clenches intentionally, giggling when he lifts his head and sees Lan Zhan’s eyes darken.

“I’m putting it in. Tell me if anything becomes too much.” Lan Zhan says, and Wei Ying nods.

He holds up his cock and helps Wei Ying sink down on it. They both groan as his shape disappears into Wei Ying, who’s digging sharp nails into Lan Zhan’s shoulders.

When Lan Zhan finally bottoms out, he slides his hands down to knead his husband’s milky thighs. He finds that they’re trembling, all worn out from when Wei Ying was dancing and sucking him off.

Lan Zhan helps Wei Ying to straighten his back and presses a soft kiss to his lips as an award. “You did so well baby. Your legs are all tired because you’ve been working so hard for me today, haven’t you? Such a good boy.”

Wei Ying’s face is already flushed, but it somehow becomes even redder. With clumsy hands, he covers his face.

“Lan Zhan, please don’t say things like that. You're really hot and I think my heart will literally combust.” He whines, shy despite everything they’ve been doing up until now.

“Hmm, but I think you like it.” Lan Zhan says, whispering into Wei Ying’s ear as he brushes a strand of hair behind it. Wei Ying is in the middle of complaining when Lan Zhan thrusts up, and he moans instead.

“You sound so pretty.” Lan Zhan speeds up, feeling smug when he hears Wei Ying mewl from the sensation. His head is thrown back and his mouth is wide open, exhaling little oh’s and ahh’s with every roll of Lan Zhan’s hips.

Mmm— baby,” Wei Ying says, bouncing up and down on Lan Zhan’s thighs.

Wei Ying is beautiful. His face is dusted with pretty shades of pink and red, his lips are covered in saliva and slick and his silver eyes are all glossy with desire. Lan Zhan can’t believe this gorgeous man is going to marry him.

Lan Zhan angles his hips up before fucking into him again, knowing he’s found Wei Ying’s prostate when he lets out a strangled cry.

“Fuck!” He screams, breathing in short, shallow breaths. It only encourages Lan Zhan to go faster, making sure to hit his sweet spot every time. His whole body is jolting, needily moving faster to match Lan Zhan’s speed. “Hnng, gege, husband!”

“You’re so good, riding my cock like an obedient wife.” Lan Zhan growls, leaving a ring of teeth marks around his nipples. He had been playing with them earlier, pinching and twisting and licking. Wei Ying couldn’t stop squirming and trembling, telling Lan Zhan in a breathy voice that he would untouched if they kept going any further.

“I’ll be a good wife for my husband,” Wei Ying says, shuddering and curving his back. “Bite me, ah, mark me up please—

The words make something snap in Lan Zhan and he holds Wei Ying’s wrists down, fucking into him harder. There are weak little whines falling from his mouth, and Lan Zhan finds it unfortunate that he can’t muffle them with a kiss.

“Oh, fuck, fuck!” Wei Ying cries, hips stuttering the same as his words. He’s clenching around Lan Zhan now, hot and tight. “Hah, baby, baby please—“

Lan Zhan’s grip on his wrists are even tighter now and he slams into Wei Ying, the noises of their slapping skin loud and arousing. He is unable to take his view off of his gorgeous fiancé, whose face is scrunched up in mindless pleasure, sweat dripping all over his flushed body. His dick is slapping against his stomach with each thrust, and with a scream of Lan Zhan’s name, he comes.

Wei Ying splatters all over his stomach and thighs and he’s panting, whimpering. His hands are twitching in empty air like they desperately need something to cling onto. Lan Zhan fucks him through his orgasm, groaning at each tight squeeze of his walls. He keeps his pace achingly slow, watching in delight as Wei Ying’s breath hitches.

“Gege, gege, keep fucking me, harder.” Wei Ying says, head tipped upwards. “Keep fucking your pretty little wife. I need you, please.

At his command Lan Zhan rams into Wei Ying again, relentlessly slamming into his prostate. He wails as Lan Zhan strokes him back to hardness, body jolting as if trying to run away from the sensation.

“Fuck, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying sobs like he’s in pain, and it makes Lan Zhan freeze. When he looks at Wei Ying again, he sees tears welling up in his eyes. He’s about to freak out when he realizes it would only alarm Wei Ying and instead forces himself to stay calm.

“You’re crying, love.” Lan Zhan says as gently as he can. brushing away Wei Ying’s tears while he moves a few sweat-drenched hairs out of his eyes. “Are you alright, beautiful? We can stop if you wish.”

Wei Ying covers his face with one hand, the other holding onto Lan Zhan’s shoulder so that he doesn’t fall over.

“‘M fine,” Wei Ying says, voice quieter than before. “I just...”

Lan Zhan’s heart drops. He messed up.

“Wei Ying—“

Wei Ying must hear it, because he rushes out from behind his hands and grips onto Lan Zhan’s shoulders tightly. “No, no, good! I’m just— crying from how good it feels. That, um. Happens a lot. With overstimulation.” He gulps, bashful from hearing his own words and still refusing to look Lan Zhan in the eye. “But, warn me before you say such gross but also very sweet and heart-wrenching things. Now please continue before I die from embarrassment.”

Oh. So that’s what that was.

“Wei Ying, come here.” Lan Zhan says, signaling him to lean in closer. He presses a light peck onto Wei Ying’s plush lips and smiles when he sees that Wei Ying is still feeling extremely shy, face reddening even further. “I was worried I pushed you too far. If I do, promise me you’ll say something?”

“Ah...” Wei Ying looks like he’s in awe from either the words or from Lan Zhan. Maybe both. He doesn’t really know. “Yeah, yeah. I promise.”

“Thank you.” Lan Zhan says and kisses him again, as a little reward. “Good boy.”

Wei Ying wriggles in his arms, “Baby, you need to stop. My brain will explode and then I’ll die before we get married and you’ll be all sad and I— mmph!

He’s shut up by Lan Zhan’s kiss, relaxing his jaws as Lan Zhan pushes and slides his tongue deep inside his mouth. Wei Ying keens when Lan Zhan grinds slowly, going back and forth before pounding up into his husband and making him writhe.

“Look at you. So pretty.” Lan Zhan says, letting out a satisfied exhale. Wei Ying is blushing from his face all the way to his chest, the tears in his eyes glimmering like little shining jewels. His hair is all tousled and fucked up, baby hairs damp with sweat. The stimulation is making Lan Zhan’s head hazy, in love with every sound that his husband lets out.

He gazes down to admire the body in front of him, brushing a large hand all across Wei Ying’s chest and waist. “You're taking my cock so well. Do you want to come?”

“Ah— fuck, yes husband, please!” He trembles, slumping into Lan Zhan’s neck again. Wei Ying claws and scratches at Lan Zhan’s muscular arms, inhaling a sharp breath when his cock is wrapped by a large hand. Lan Zhan strokes him harshly, taking in all of Wei Ying’s cries like they’re sweet candy.

“I’m so close— ah, please, please, please.” He says, sobbing out the words over and over as if it’s the only thing he knows. It only motivates Lan Zhan to slam into him harder, making sure to fuck Wei Ying until he’s sore and aching, until he’s screaming and crying and trembling.

“Beautiful, so beautiful.” Lan Zhan praises. “Go ahead, come for me.”

And with that, Wei Ying climaxes.

Lan Zhan continues to fuck him at a languid pace, struggling to move as Wei Ying squeezes around his cock with cries and sobs. It isn’t long until he feels himself let go, throbbing as he spills into Wei Ying’s wet, tight heat.

It’s silent for a moment, the only sounds being their heavy breathing. Wei Ying's giggles echo across the room and he pecks Lan Zhan with a giant grin on his face. Lan Zhan happily indulges in his husband and returns the favor, kissing him back.

“Considering how that went, I know that at least our sex life will be good!” Wei Ying says, voice cheerful and bright. Lan Zhan has only known him for a few hours, but he’s already completely bewitched by that smile of his.

“Not just sex.” Lan Zhan says, threading his hands through Wei Ying’s black hair. It’s ridiculously soft. “I will also make sure that you are satisfied romantically.”

“Lan Zhan, your husband is a fragile man! You have to warn me before you say things like that!” Wei Ying complains, burying his face into Lan Zhan’s neck. He can feel how hot Wei Ying’s cheeks are and finds it adorable, kissing the top of his head as a treat.

Wei Ying squeaks, “I’m serious! I will melt away and you’ll have no husband anymore!”

“Wei Ying cannot melt. We will stay together forever.”

“Lan Zhan!

Eventually, they clean themselves up (Wei Ying brought wet wipes) and scurry away into a hotel room, sleeping in each other’s arms until the sun rises. Lan Zhan wakes up and makes breakfast before Wei Ying sleepily strolls into the kitchen, pressing soft lips to his cheek as he cooks. The morning is peaceful and warm; they haven’t married yet, but Lan Zhan has a feeling that they’ll end up being a very happy, loving couple.

The party was loud and annoying, but Nie Huaisang was right. He did enjoy it, in the end.