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Truths and indulgences

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All that could be seen around the battlefield were the bright splashes of colour from all kinds of spells being shot. Death eaters throwing any nasty curses and hexes available aimed to kill and maim their enemies while the light foolishly tried sticking to lighter curses to stun and immobilize. Without a doubt due to that fact, the light was struggling. Very badly. They are being taken out faster than ice melting in an oven. Fear coursed through everyone as they battled. Confusion and despair as well.They outnumbered the death eaters by almost half so why are they still losing? Ignorance and pride got people killed. As the battle went on the light slowly started to realize this fact. Past their haze of adrenaline that's rushing through them, they were barely able to see the start of dead bodies who began piling up at an increasingly worrying rate. Splashes of crimson red started to paint the field as time passed. Duels took place everywhere, every inch of Hogwarts was used as a battleground. Safe for the great hall which was being used as a makeshift medic place. Yet despite that, even the wounded still fought with all their might with everyone else. Naturally, everyone was so caught up that they never realized that they were down a man. Nor did the death eaters but one Dark Lord did.

Harry did not fight. He had felt it when the dark lord was starting to approach so he took that time to sneak away from everyone with his cloak. Every passing second the pain in his scar increased he felt overwhelmingly giddy. It was finally time to go home after long excruciating years of waiting and being good.

Throughout his childhood, he hadn't really noticed it. That feeling of emptiness and longing aching in his chest. Scratching at him the feeling that part of him was missing. That he wasn't whole, not himself. With the abuse from the Dursleys he was always in constant pain so his younger self just chalked it up as after-effects from the abuse. His want for love and care he figured. It wasn't until first year at Hogwarts that the void in his soul started to become unbearable. Tugging at him, telling him to do anything to fix it and go home. Wanting nothing more than to follow his instinct he tried doing whatever he could to find his solution. His first hint was at the sorting. During the sorting ceremony, the hat told him he had an unusual amount of self-preservation. In the end, he didn't end up in Slytherin for some odd reason but he couldn't care less, his only focus was to fill the void inside of him.

During the whole ordeal with the philosopher's stone, Quirrell and Voldemort, did he get his second hint. As soon as he entered that room with the mirror he felt it. A small pull and wholeness had him buzzed with happiness. When Voldemort had spoken it flared something in him. A feeling of safety, belonging and the urge to go closer. A push to go home to his master. His power though, oh how it was so beautifully intoxicating. Dark and heavy magic swirled around him, soothing his empty soul pulling him in, entrancing him. What more was that when he demanded the stone from Harry, he immediately obeyed and gave him the stone without hesitation, a feeling of rightness washing over him. Spurring his actions was the urge to obey the man and do whatever the man wanted. To help and follow. After doing just that he felt exceptionally complete by doing so. Sadly it wasn't long until he was knocked out and dumbledore came. He lied when questioned about the stone, acting as any disappointed child would after giving his ‘’enemy’’, a mass-murdering mad man a great power. Dumbledore comforted him with those twinkling eyes saying that he took precautions and that the stone wasn't the real one. Anger immediately ignited in him, fortunately, he was able to hold back a sneer until the headmaster left. He cried his heart out that night with the crushing guilt that ate at him, telling him that he failed, that he was bad.

During the second year after some, not-so-legal digging and quite a few visits to knockturn alley did he find out about Horcruxes. After sneaking away from the Dursleys and a trip to Gringotts to take over his vaults once again, he went searching for answers. It was immensely hard to find anything dark enough for what he had been looking for. Harry was no fool to magic and knowledge, he studied and took in everything he could therefore when he came across Horcruxes he immediately knew. Not only that but as impossible as it sounds, his soul jumped with glee as he read more about it. It felt right. At that moment he knew that he was a Horcrux and he had a part of the Dark Lord's soul in him. Some deranged part of him thought that that was the best thing ever. A gift from the heavens. Throwing any care about other people's opinions about the dark lord and his actions away, none of that concerned him. His only concerns were keeping his master's soul safe and being a good Horcrux. God, it was the most painful thing ever to stay away from his master after finally finding the truth, to keep going with the cold empty void stuck within him but he knew there would be a perfect time to go home. Steeling himself, his only care in the world was to keep his master's soul safe, meaning he had to stay protected and do anything he could to help his master. Oh how he would be so proud of me when I returned back to him safe and sound he preened at the thought.

As the years go by, he did his utmost best at staying safe, making sure to not injure himself or Morgana forbid die. The mere thought made him shudder and bring forth an oppressive feeling. Still making sure to be close to the headmaster since he was still the ‘’golden-boy’,’ he figured out that the old bastard was trying to manipulate him. Harry just scoffed at his feeble attempts at manipulation. He reveals too much so Harry had no issues figuring out his plan to sacrifice him and have his own master kill a part of his soul! He was furious, the itch to kill him or anyone for that matter clawed at his inside. He’d show him but for now he subtly played along, using it to his advantage.

Despite his cautiousness, it seems like trouble just had to keep finding him. He very much believes the old coot was behind all of it. Thankfully he wasn't some ignorant naive child, he knew how to protect himself, knew how the world around him worked. All of his studying and learning really paid off. Which for him was both from his craving for knowledge itself but also so he could help his master in any way he could. Using his cunning he did all that he could do to help the Dark Lord from the shadows. Sending bits of important information to him, using Pettigrew, owls (he thought it would have been a good idea to use his parseltongue ability and use a snake but owls were faster) and some info for the death eaters to ‘’happen’’ to come across.

In the chamber he let the diary kill ginny because as soon as they saw each other they both immediately knew that one another were Horcruxes. So Harry just had to help another part of his master. The diary Tom and him had a nice quick chat and made up some plans to help their original self. Both figured it was a good idea for the diary to stay an inactive Horcrux that Harry would keep as safe as he would himself. Before Tom left he told Harry about the great basilisk which led to Harry promising to come visit her.

During the final task of the tournament, he was whisked away into the graveyard. Surprisingly he didn't catch onto the polyjuiced Barty Crouch Jr as Moody but it didn't matter. Neither was the Hufflepuff Digory dying. Something he barely paid attention to, too busy trying not to just run up to his master and reunite with him. His entire being was begging him to go closer. He did not struggle when Pettigrew stuck him to the statue. As the ritual went on he cursed himself that he did not know much about old rituals or potions so he could not help. He knew that they worked around the fact that he was used as an enemy to the ritual and not a willing ally. So when Pettigrew got to his part of the chant, taking his blood as he chanted ‘’Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe’’ He knew the potion was going to be botched. Before he could so much as start hating himself for not being able to provide any help he was taken away by the re-birth. After seeing the diary he knew that's not what the man really looked like, probably a side effect from the botched potion, he did not care. Not one bit. How he longed to bathe in this celebratory moment. His master finally returned with his help! He helped his master come back to his full glory, there was no greater feeling. He was so happy! His eyes glowed with love and adoration. He made a mental note to check for any old potions or rituals that could help with his looks after he got back. So happy and grateful a few tears slid down his cheek. Sadly the Dark Lord thought they were tears of fear and anger. Oh how he wished his master knew the truth, for him to hold him close while his glorious dark intoxicating power caressed him as his closeness filled in the void of his soul. Praising him for keeping his soul safe and obeying him so well. After that everything happened as usual, him pretending that he tried to save Digory, people finding out that the dark lord was back. Though he did help Barty escape. Profiling the man, he figured he wouldn't believe anything Harry said. Short on time, he had to use the imperious curse on him to immediately escape before the headmaster and Aurors came. The curse was set to stop right after he got to safety so he had no worries.

Before the Horcrux hunt, he made sure to somehow send a message to his master telling him to get his Horcruxes back, that the headmaster was out looking for them in order to destroy them.

Last but not least, when Malfoy was given the task to kill the headmaster, he gave Malfoy the marauders map with an anonymous note telling him it was for him to freely use as he pleases with his task. It greatly helped that he wanted the old bastard gone as well so it worked out perfectly fine. Much to his disappointment the Malfoy heir was too much of a coward, couldn't even complete such a simple task from master. It was obvious the boy didn't want to be a death eater at all anyways which irked Harry. Not everyone is given such a golden opportunity to follow their lord yet he passed it down? Loathes it? Such a traitor, maybe he can punish him for master.

Under his cloak Harry shot spells and cursed to any Order member, teacher or student without remorse. Anyone who went against his master or tried to hurt him deserved to die. Finally being able to let loose he bathed in the feeling of euphoria he felt as he cast the unforgivables on the light. The rush of power was addicting, almost as much as his masters magic. Tossing out the cruciatus curse and the killing curse with ease. Grinning whickledly in satisfaction when he heard their cries of pain. Some death eaters quirked their eyebrows in confusion when they saw someone either drop dead or writhe around from a nasty Cruciatus from out of nowhere. Albeit curious, it was helping them so they didn't pay much attention for too long.

In the middle of a sectumsempra he heard the strong echoing voice of his master wash over all of Hogwarts.

‘’What a great day to purge this world of blood traitorss and mudbloodss. It'ss a ssshame that there's so much magical potential going to waste. Unlesss you all wish to save yourselvess, bring me Harry Potter! Harry Potter, come forth to the ssschool yard and claim your fate as you die by my wand. In doing I will sspare your little friendss and school. There'ss no running boy, it’ss over for you’’ His sibilant hisses came through, sending shivers down Harry’s spine.

Leaving the girl on the floor to die, he skipped happily to the middle of the schoolyard, grinning like a maniac. His magic and soul thrumming in long-awaited excitement.

I’m coming master he sing-songed.

Pretty much everyone had migrated to the middle of the schoolyard, some battles were still going on but the majority of the death eaters, most of the inner circle, stood calmly beside the Dark Lord in anticipation. Before arriving at the door Harry took his invisibility cloak off before stuffing it into his pocket. He had to give himself a small prep talk in order for him to stop smiling like a big idiot. Grabbing his wand he opened the doors from behind everyone and started to migrate to the middle of the schoolyard, pushing people aside. Nearing the front he could see his master in all his glory and all of his most faithful by his side. He noticed Nagini's beautiful scales as she slithered at their master’s feet. His knees felt weak and his heart fluttering madly in his chest, it was such a sight, he almost drooled but bit his lip. Hermione and Ron had grabbed his arm and pleaded for him to stay back, many others voiced their protests too but he ignored them, shaking his arms out of their burning grips. Internally he was seething. How DARE THEY stop me from going to see and finally be by my master's side.

Arriving at the front of the light side's front lines, he stood proud, wand by his side. By the sneers of the death eaters and his master it was obvious that they thought it was the ‘boy-who-lived’ who came to face them off. No, Harry stood proud at all of his accomplishments he's done to help the Dark Lord and that he's finally able to go home. To help his master win. Oh how he'll relish in everyone's distress and horror when they see him for who he truly is. Almost immediately did a barrier separating him from the traitors behind him, preventing them from stepping in.

‘’Ahhh Harry Potter, the famouss ‘boy-who-lived’’ Voldermort mocked.

Harry sneered at the name, finally being able to since everyone would assume he would be sneering at the madman.

Grinning triumphantly he continued ‘’ How the mighty have fallen. Firsst your blood traitor parentsss and now you. How doess it feel to know that you never had life growing up, having to live in fear and cowardnessss. That you utterly failed everyone in the end. The death of everyone liess ssolely on you Potter. Only if you had of handed yoursself over earlier would the lives of thosse clossse to you would have been sspared.’’

Most students went to loudly protest and defend Harry, telling him it wasn't his fault until Harry spoke up.

‘’Liar! You don’t know anything!’’ He shouted. He had to admit, his master was completely right. Partially in the wrong context thought so neither did he lie. The only lie was that those he cared for would be spared. The only one he cared for is him, his owner, his master. And his other soul pieces so of course they were going to be spared, he would never kill himself. That thought made him frown.

‘’Awww is itsy bitsy Potter mad? Is he going to cry like he did when I killed his godfather’’ Bellatrix taunts as she cackles.

‘’The pathetic boy thinks he can defeat our lord. What a joke, he’ll be withering on the floor begging for our lord to stop as he’s humiliated him in front of everyone.’’ Another death eater cruelly laughs. Earning a few chuckles from the others.

‘’ Oh yeah? Are you really that confident? If i remember correctly you guys were beaten by this pathetic boy before. Fucking weaklings’’ Harry smirked. He stood by that. Some of those followers are so incompetent. Can't even kill a damn child, he’ll have to ask his master about that.

‘’Enough!’’ Voldemort demands, fury lacing his voice. He raises his wand towards Harry as he glared daggers at him. ‘’Any last words Potter?’’

Now Harry is a bit scared for his master's soul. He doesn't know if his master will listen but he’s so thankful that he was merciful and gave him last words. It would have ended very badly if he hadn’t. Letting go of his grip he let his wand fall to the ground with a small clatter. Shocked gasps came from both sides of the war. People were yelling at him, asking him what he was doing but he paid them no mind. Never would he point his wands towards his master. Even during an act, in doing so he would be going against him. Fear gone, replacing it was pure relief, it was time. Smiling a smile so full of adoration, he looked at his master and spoke.

~ Master! I’m so sorry, please forgive me. I longed to come back to you but I had to waited for the right moment no matter how much it hurt so I spied for you. I made sure to tell any new plans the light made against you to help as much as I could. I just knew you'd put all the traitors in their place, you're so powerful but I kept up my duty to you while I was away~

Everyone jumped at the hissing that came out of the boy-who lived. The death eaters shivered at the sound, no doubt bringing up some bad memories. What more was that they were facing the boy so seeing him smile and look at their lord with such… love, unnerved them.

~ A speaker??~ He asked incuriously, masking his shock. This changed things, he would never dare hurt another speaker but he was the Potter boy. Nagini poked up at the sound of another speaker as well. He quickly recovered from the shock and took in what the Potter boy actually said. No one has ever called him master aside from Bellatrix but the way his submission sounded in parseltongue, it affected him in a way he neve felt before.

~ What are you playing at Potter? I demand to know what you mean by coming back to me and sending me information. Never once did i hear from the likes of you~

Harry possibly beamed at this, clasping his hands together in front of him, eager to explain.

~ No games at all! I would never play you, that would be going against you. As for coming back to you, I mean what I mean. I'm on your side. I full-heartedly agree with your ideals and follow you with all my heart, I'm forever faithful. I kinda had to put on an act to trick the old coot so he didn't suspect anything- ~

~Stop! You mean to tell me that you, the ‘golden boy,’ the ‘boy-who-lived’ follows me, the Dark Lord who killed your parents? HA do you take me for a fool?~ He hissed, angry and confused by all of this. His grip tightened on his wand ready to strike

~Please don't call me that, I loathe those names. They were never me. Never have I been their savior or so called golden boy. How I wanted to kill them whenever they called me that~ Harry grimaced

Voldemort just furrowed his eyebrows as Nagini started flicking her tongue out, smelling the air.

~ No no no you're far from a fool, i'd die before i'd ever even think that. Please believe me I've been good. To answer you from before, who do you think gave your death eaters that information? Those morons certainly couldn’t figure it out themselves~

Voldermort smirked at that. Making everyone pale even more ~ I see we both agree on that~

Harry laughed as well. Happy that he hasn't been killed yet. Eyes bulging out of everyone's sockets at the sight of the Dark Lord and their savior laughing at their hissed conversation.

~ I made sure to get the old cot's plans to you any way I could to give you a heads up. Those random owls that you got, all of Pettigrew's reports were me making sure to ‘accidentally’ let information slip around the Weasley's rat.~ Harry felt a tug in his mind, indicating his master was trying to look into his mind. He opened his mind in full submission. Afterall he did belong to him.

~My my my, It seems that you weren't lying to my child. Tell me, what changed your mind? Might I also inquire as to how you're a speaker as well. No Potter has a drop of blood or even a marriage with the Slathzhar line.~

Harry giggled, giggled. A few light members took some steps back, now assuming that their so-called savior had finally turned dark. Some were even throwing out curses but they were stopped by the barrier. Most Gryffindors looked downright furious but petrified hearing their old housemate have such a dark skill. They were disgusted that they were ever near the death eater. Ron, Hermione, Ginny and all those closest to him were very confused. Their shock hasn't passed yet for them to be able to comprehend what was happening.

~ It's because I'm your Horcrux so that explains the parseltongue and absolute devotion to you. Even if I wasn't a Horcrux i would still gladly give myself to you. My body, magic, and soul. It's all yours to use however you please. I was such a good Horcrux for you master, he gushed, I made sure to protect your soul with my life, no harm will ever come to your soul as long as I live. I even talked with your diary one when I saved it from dumbledore! You own me and I couldn't be happier. It's been so hard without you.~ the last part came out as a pained whine. As much as the hissing allowed him to.

Hearing that Voldermort all but froze. The death eaters tensed up, drawing their wands on the boy as they saw their lord tense up.

‘’LOWER YOUR WANDSS YOU IMBECCILESS! NOW OR I’LL KILL YOU’’ He quickly snapped in pure furry before anything could hurt his precious Horcrux. Flinching, the death eaters immediately lowered their wands, paling at their mistake.

~ Little hatchling is correct Tom, he smells like you and me~ Nagini hissed at her findings as she slithered up to Harry. More people backed away from behind the barrier.

Harry contently raised his hand and started petting Nagini's head that she raised up beside him. A pleasant spark shot through him when he first touched her. ~Hello you beautiful thing, it's so nice to finally meet you~

~Likewise hatchling, hopefully we'll be seeing more of each other from now on. Hmmm your pets feel almost as good as toms~ If snakes could pur she would be doing exactly that.

~I intend for master to finally take me home and claim me so I hope so too. That would be the Horcruxes affecting us dear Nagini~

During the small conversation Voldemort hid his groan of delight but definitely did not hide his maddening smile. Making people tremble at the sight of the snake like a monster. He finally had the boy wrapped around his finger, all voluntarily. Not to mention his complete and utter submission to him. Oh how he'll certainly claim his little soul when they're alone. His eagerness to obey was sweeter than any kill or power could ever grant him. Without the boy, the world has no way of stopping him, he would reign the world forever. With his beautiful soul pieces by his side. He remembers the multiple times when Nagini had scolded him for being away for too long without her. It left her feeling hollow, weak and lost. Meaning that Harry must have been feeling that but 100 times worse for much longer.

~ My poor soul, how you must have suffered without me. Worry no more and come here to master, I will take good care of you~ He called out with a welcoming hand.

Lighting up like a kid on Christmas morning Harry practically vibrated with happiness as he was called back by his master. As he was walking closer there were screams of protest and loud sobbing in the background. The light finally realized that their only hope was gone. They lost, and now the dark lord and his death eaters will reign over, bringing nothing but death and destruction. Ron was yelling profanities at Harry. Traitor, filthy slimy snake, death eater, murderer. Hermione was adamant that he must be under some spell, trying to shake everyone out of their anger and hopelessness. Ginny along with the others were just crying, haven given up as soon as they heard Potter laughing with Voldemort. The death eaters were much more confused but happy nonetheless. Their lord looked like they were gaining the Potter boy, by their hearty conversation, the fact that their lord's snake was brushing up against him and the dark lord having his hand in a welcoming gesture as the ecstatic boy was moving forward to accept it. The breaking point that had everyone's jaw drop was when Harry dropped dead to his knees a little to Voldemort's side and pushed his cheek into his hand, nuzzling it. Nothing but pure devotion in those eyes.

~Yess, that's it my preciouss soul. You've done sso good for me, I am very pleassed with you~ Voldermort purred, stroking the boy's cheek in reward.

~ Thank you master, anything for you~ was said in a breathless hiss. Almost moaning at the praise and feel of his master. The closer he had got to him he could feel that void in him start to fill in, the less lost and empty he felt. If he thought his mind was clear before, he was so wrong. The only thing he could think about was his master, what to do to be so good for him and how to please him. Help him. Nothing else, not even the war, the anger at Dumbledore and at being away from so long, the sadness at being alone all those years away from his owner, the worry at keeping safe.

When his master finally touched him it was heaven. A wave of pleasure he’s never felt before wracked him bone deep. Forcing himself to hold back a wanton moan that bubbled up in his throat, he whimpered. He felt so complete and whole again by his side. Undamaged for once in his life. Never again would he be able to live without his master, now that he knew how being home felt, he would simply die without it. Thankfully it seemed like he wasn't going to be going anywhere ever again, his master seemed to have the same idea, making him so happy that his master accepted him.

~What a good Horcrux you are, wanting to please and obey your master. I can't wait to see how far your love and devotion goes for me. Let's go home shall we, my little soul?~ A small fondness could be seen in his eyes as he said those words to his wonderful soul. He would treasure him for eternity.

Harry could do nothing but nod, melting under the praise as Nagini wrapped around him, her heavy weight comforting him to no end. The intensity of his master's delicious dark magic finally being one with him along with the feeling of belonging was so much he couldn't focus on anything else but the hand on his cheek or the scales that wrapped around him. Feeling so light and floaty. His head felt fuzzy as if it was filled with cotton and soft clouds.

Grinning maniacally, Voldemort barked out instructions informing the death eaters to finish up. They knew who they had to keep alive so he had no worries. He turned back to look into those unfocused, blissed out Avada green eyes before he apparated them back to the manor.