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Good Boy, Bad Dog

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"Tadashi, lock the door."

The meeting had been a difficult one, it showed in the way Ainosuke's brow creased ever so slightly in the centre. His tone of voice was even, but Tadashi could sense the weight in those words.

"Yes, Ainosuke-sama."

Tadashi moves to the door, pushing it shut and turning the lock. The clunk of the tumbler drying his mouth, like a Pavlovian reaction. 

The deed done, Tadashi turns to find Ainosuke has moved from behind the desk. Now, he leans against the front of it, long legs bent at the knee, ankles crossed. His vest is already unbuttoned and his sleeves rolled to the elbow. A cigarette is tucked neatly between his lips. He lights it, dropping the lighter onto the desk with a deliberate bang . Tadashi flinches. Ainosuke-sama is really mad . Excitement coils in his belly. 

"Strip," Ainosuke orders, his red eyes dark and heated.

His gaze is unwavering as he takes a long drag on the cigarette, blowing a jet of smoke between them. Tadashi quickly sheds his suit, down to his underwear and socks.

"All the way, Tadashi." Ainosuke breaths, a tinge of irritation in his tone.

Tadashi nods, sliding down his underwear before rolling a sock off each foot. He folds the garments neatly and leaves them on a nearby chair.

Ainosuke curls a finger, beckoning him. Tadashi comes to him, stopping a foot away where he kneels, sitting back on his heels, palms on his knees. He bows his head, waiting, listening. His ears strain to hear, each sound flipping his stomach- Ainosuke's breaths, the slight creak of the desk as he adjusts against the dark oak, the near imperceptible parting of lips- the anticipation almost unbearable.

Ainosuke observes him, puffing on the cigarette, letting the air grow heavy as he clocks the tension building in Tadashi's muscles. When the cigarette has burned down to the filter, Ainosuke crushes it out in a glass ashtray before reaching into his pocket. He produces a leather collar. It is bright red, the lining a deep purple silk. A single silver O ring is riveted into the front, the closure a simple double buckle in the same silver finish. 

Ainosuke bends forward, bringing the collar to Tadashi's throat. He can feel the man trembling under his touch. Once the collar is buckled, Ainosuke ruffles Tadashi's hair. Tadashi lifts his head and smiles. His pupils are already expanding.

"Will you be a good boy for me? Or do we need the leash?"

Tadashi whines, wiggling in place; he really likes the leash, he likes when Ainosuke trains him, puts him through his paces, and makes him behave. But he also desires praise. He wants so badly to be a good boy, the best boy for his master.

Locking eyes, Tadashi tries to find an answer. What does the Master want? He arches forward onto hands and knees, extending a fist to paw at Ainosuke's shin. He nuzzles against his knee, whining louder.

Tadashi makes his choice. He jumps up, a hand on each of Ainosuke's thighs, he pushes his face into his crotch, rubbing his nose against the seam, huffing loudly.

Ainosuke's hands shoot up, grasping Tadashi's head and he yanks him away, dropping him to the floor.

Tadashi yelps, the impact punching the breath from his lungs. His dick swells.

He pushes up on his hands, letting his hips move, almost mindless, seeking out friction and not finding it.

Tilting his head back, he locks eyes again with Ainosuke. His red eyes are dark, but the glint in them betrays him.

Tadashi knows he has made the right choice. If his master needs a bad dog today, he can be that. He can take it all.

He scrambles back onto his hands and knees and barks. Ainosuke's eyes grow wide. The corners of his mouth curl up for a split second. He pushes off the desk, in his grasp the long leather leash.

"Bad dog," He snarls as he approaches.

When he is within reach, Tadashi jumps up again, wrapping his arms around Ainosuke's waist. He thrusts feverishly, humping his leaking cock against Ainosuke's leg. The slap comes down hard across his cheek, the shock of the crack hitting him before the pain. He's on the floor again, face radiating heat.

Tadashi glares up at Ainosuke, but doesn't dare growl. He knows the punishment is coming. 

Ainosuke steps over him, hooking his fingers through the collar and yanking up, hard enough to test Tadashi's breathing.

"Look," Ainosuke spits, dragging Tadashi by the collar until his face meets his thigh. "Look at the mess you made."

There's a dark patch on Ainosuke's slacks. Tadashi whines again, just as his face is forced into the wet fabric. Ainosuke releases the collar and threads his fingers through Tadashi's hair, gripping tight, pressing his face into the mess, rubbing his face side to side.

Muffled whines vibrate through his skin. He yanks Tadashi's head back and watches with keen amusement as he sucks in a loud, wet breath; face bright red, eyes clouded.

"You really are a filthy animal," Ainosuke hisses, shoving Tadashi back to the floor. 

Tadashi falls to his side, chest heaving as he swallows large gulps of air.

Ainosuke lifts his cock with the tip of his Oxford. It twitches against his shoe, before Ainosuke pulls his foot away.

"You need to be punished," he says, folding the leash in half, "Sit."

Tadashi obeys, quickly assuming the kneeling position once more. Ainosuke motions his hand down, clicking his fingers and pointing.


The excited tremors have returned as Tadashi drops his chest to the floor, his cheek pressing on the carpet between his balled fists. His heart thunders in his chest as Ainosuke circles him and toes between his knees, encouraging him to spread his legs and push his ass high in the air.

The room falls silent and once more, all Tadashi can do is wait.

At last, a sharp crack shatters the silence, followed by a sting striped across his ass. He wiggles, chewing his lip to muffled his moan.

"You'll take 10. Take them well and you will be rewarded."

Tadashi whimpers, nodding his head against the floor.

Ainosuke reaches out a hand, patting his flank soothingly, a small reassurance before the hand is gone and another snap of the leather leash licks across his bare ass. And another and another.

When the fifth comes down, Tadashi howls. The skin of his rear is raised and red, already bruising in places. It was impossible for Ainosuke to aim for unmarred skin at this point.

He passes a hand over the trembling flesh, giving Tadashi a moment to catch his breath.

"Shhh," Ainosuke whispers. "Almost there."

He lets his fingers pass between Tadashi's cheeks, teasing oh so lightly over his hole before reaching his balls. He takes them in hand, rolling them in his palm, squeezing with enough pressure for Tadashi to gasp.

Releasing his hold, Ainosuke swings the leash, coming down with full force. Tadashi screams, from shock or pain, he wasn't sure anymore.

Ainosuke does not relent, raining consecutive blows upon his aching rear, until the punishment has been fulfilled and Tadashi is a crying heap on the floor. Ainosuke's breaths rattle his body and he swipes the sweat from his brow.

He comes to Tadashi's side and gives him a shove with his foot, rolling him onto his side.

Tadashi's eyes are glassy, fat tears hang in his eyelashes and streak down his cheeks. Spit leaks from his mouth as he sobs through quivering lips. His cock lies half soft against his thigh, a mess splattered on the carpet. Ainosuke sucks in a breath through gritted teeth.

"You just can't behave," He seethes. "Such a bad dog."

He bends down and yanks Tadashi by the hair, all but tossing across the floor.

Tadashi scrambles to brace himself, saving himself from a broken nose as Ainosuke's foot lands on the back of his neck, forcing his face low to the ground.

"Clean it up."

A mournful sound escapes from deep within his chest, but Tadashi does as instructed.

His tongue falls from his mouth and he laps up his own come. The fibers are coarse against his tongue but he knows he must be thorough, lest he face another punishment.

Ainosuke keeps his foot on Tadashi's neck until he has the leash clipped into the O ring and the mess has been removed from the floor. He tugs hard at the leash, pulling a yelp from Tadashi.

Tadashi sits back on his heels, big eyes staring up at his master, awaiting the next instruction.

"How am I supposed to reward you when you go and make a mess like that?"

Tadashi whimpers in response. Ainosuke lets out a long sigh, leaning back against the desk and retrieving the pack of cigarettes. He taps one out and bites the butt, dragging it slowly from the packaging.

"And I was going to ride you." He mused.

"Ainosuke-sama-" Tadashi began but the hard pull at the leash chokes him, cutting his words short.

Ainosuke shoots him a burning glare.

"Dogs don't talk."

Tadashi whimpers, his throat growing thick, shame welling up. That was his second mistake today. He curses himself for coming early, he knew it was against the rules but he couldn't hold it in.

The sound of a zipper breaks his train of thought and he lifts his head as Ainosuke reaches in through his fly and pulls out his erect cock. Excitement bubbles inside Tadashi once more and he is bouncing on all fours, whining and licking his lips.

"Settle." Ainosuke tugs at the leash again, this time as a mere warning. 

He lights the cigarette. Catching it between two fingers and exhaling smoke directly into Tadashi's face, he says at last.


Tadashi bounds forward, wetting Ainosuke's cock with feverish laps of his tongue. He kisses down one side, nuzzling his nose into the neat crop of hair at the base. He huffs heavy breaths as he licks his way back up Ainosuke's length.

Then he takes him in his mouth, slurping loud and messy around his head, moaning at the taste of precome as it spreads across his tongue. 

"Mmm good boy," Ainosuke hums, taking a handful of Tadashi's hair, guiding him further onto his cock.

Ainosuke drags on the cigarette with his free hand, while the other takes control from Tadashi. He bucks his hips, testing Tadashi's gag reflex as he fucks deeper and deeper into his mouth.

Looking down at Tadashi's wet face, his eyes rolling, Ainosuke smirks. Poking the butt of the cigarette between his teeth, Ainosuke grips Tadashi's hair in both hands. He pounds into his mouth until Tadashi is choking on Ainosuke's come as he spills directly down his throat. He lets out a grunt, teeth snarling around what remains of the cigarette.

Releasing Tadashi from his grasp, he unceremoniously drops the man onto the floor, where he curls, coughing violently.

Ainosuke stubs out the cigarette, brushing fallen ashes from the folds of his shirt.

He tucks himself away, buckling his belt and unrolling his sleeves. He smoothes a hand over his hair before tugging gently on the leash.

Tadashi rolls from his side onto all fours once more. His breathing is somewhat unsteady. He passes the back of a curled fist over his mouth, brushing away the spittle hanging from his chin.

Ainosuke reaches forward with open palms, the handle of the leash now looped around his wrist.

"Come," he beckons.

Tadashi crawls to him, wincing slightly at the sting radiating from the skin of his backside.

He settles between Ainosuke's knees, gently sitting back on his heels, head against Ainosuke's thigh. His eyes flutter closed as Ainosuke's hands brush over his head, ruffling his hair and scratching him behind the ear.

Tadashi melts into Ainosuke's touch, letting the tension leave his body and drinking in the praise as Ainosuke murmurs good boy over and over; their usual end of play routine.

"See," Ainosuke says with a final pat to the top of Tadashi's head, "you can be a good dog."