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"Gonna Fight Me or Somethin'?"

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In a whirlwind of laughter and bantering, everyone who stood around or atop the knock-off version Denny's, Quackity screeching at Dream for not playing his role correctly while the others pointed and laughed. It was dark now, and only one corner of the SMP was loud, George watched from above, legs dangling down as Dream fought back with Quackity.

In the distance he could see the hills and how far the prime path extended to, getting up and walking along the poorly-built foundation, watching it crumble underneath his steps but not fully fall, he's always been light in terms of weight. His tail swaying from side to side as he circled them, something in him told to stir up things, to start a problem of some sort because while he did love laughing along with his friends, he was in a mood to spice things up.

Especially with his animalistic friend Dream, who he always had the hots for, but never really acknowledged. Yes, he was good-looking, sweet, amazing in every single way shape, and form, but they were best friends, and that's something George intended on keeping.

His ears flickered at the sight of Dream yelling at Quackity with full force, his stomach stirred at the way Dream's figure towered over basically everyone else, god how he'd love for him to pin him down, to yell at him like that, to treat him roughly-

No, thoughts like those were more recurring these days, and George couldn't have hated it more. With the sinful thinking out of the way, he jumped down, and landed on the ground gracefully, barely even making a noise. The soft thud was only audible to Bad, who was right next to George at the moment, turning to him from the gust of wind and giving him a soft smile. 

"You're a man now, why are you hiding under the table?!"

Quackity screeched in between laughter, Dream looked frustrated yet slightly amused as he tried to follow Quacikty's under-planned script and pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to hide his smile and show that he was genuinely angry, but the rest of them could only laugh. Puffy finishing up the foundation on the top of the Denny's where George previously was. The cat could see Ranboo's tall figure outside of the SMP, giggling to himself as Quackity and Dream finally calmed down.

George watched tentatively, Dream's tail hung low but his ears were perked up, flickering every time the breeze ran past them, or when a certain noise like a creeper being blown up in the distance. His arms flexed even with the hoodie every time he curled up his hands into a fist, god, and however the fuck tall he was, George couldn't get enough.

Maybe he had been staring for too long because he didn't notice the crowd dying down and dispersing back to their own business as Dream approached him, a sour look on his face and his ears flopped down.

"What are you looking at?"

It was normal for Dream these days to act out, to be mean, and George wasn't going to have any of it. He huffed, folding his arms and tilting his body backward, hitting the wall behind him as he stood on his heels.

"Your dumbass, can't even follow a script?"

George saw fire build up in his eyes, watching him combust into a frenzy of yelling and desperately trying to explain himself. Sometimes, Dream's composure was a little too easy to break, George wrapped his tail around one of his thighs and giggled, a hand in front of his face to hide his laugh.

Dream stopped quickly and grimaced at George's mockery of him.

"I swear to god-"

"What? Gonna fight me or something?"

That seemed to be effective enough of an answer to get Dream riled up, in a small tornado of purple sparkle and wisps, his armor was suddenly on in the blink of an eye and he stood with eyes filled with the intent of murder. Flaring as he took a step forward and it took a moment for George to realize Dream was legitimately going to fight him.

In George's defense, he'd always been fond of... larger significant others. He liked the feeling of being handled roughly, of being treated like a ragdoll in the sheets, of feeling a stretch so far out it would hurt him for days on end. But was it his fault? No. It wasn't, George was embarrassed by it at first, but later on, he didn't bother to care anymore.

So when George faced an incredibly hot over-the-top angry man served on a silver platter in front of him, he couldn't help but feel turned on.

He was too busy getting flustered over how hot it looked when the Dream equipped the armor at lightning speed like he was roaring to fight somebody the second God gave him the chance to. Once he took a daunting step forward, snapping George back into the light, the brunette reacted quickly, cackling in delight as he dashed away. He could hear his friends' laugh trail off in the distance as Dream stayed right on his trail.

"Can't get me, Dreamie~"

He purred softly, looking back ahead and glad that his abilities at least allowed him to look in the dark a little bit. He could navigate to his own little mushroom house, and well... you'd know what happens next. He just didn't take into account that Dream would get him much earlier on than he thought.

As they passed through the community house, George repeatedly placing blocks behind him and successfully blocking Dream's attempts to grab at him. Usually, the taller man would easily avoid the distractions, but his state of mind was completely shattered, and it only tempted George more. Made him excited at the thought of what Dream would do once he got a hold of them.

Yes, they would be friends even after whatever Dream would do, maybe. But could they possibly become more than that? Would Dream just threaten him with empty promises, use his low raspy voice? Or would he actually live up to his threats - whatever they may be.

George felt triumph flame up in his heart, his pace was faster than Dream's, and his mind was clear for a path ahead of him. But of course, as all things for George, it came to an abrupt stop.

Pain shot through his lower back to the rest of his body and he felt the world spin faster than his eyes could catch, he was yanked back roughly by his own tail, letting out a groan in pain, unable to comprehend the sharp netherite chest-plate that dug into his back now. A large hand wrapped around his delicate throat, and he felt his fingers gently press on either side of his windpipe, and so gently, he squeezed. 

It was like discovering something new every day with Dream, George almost fell right there and then as Dream hovered his lips in front of his ears, breath as warm as burning coal as he whispered, voice dry and hoarse, but something that was so much more enjoyable to hear in George's opinion.

"Can't get you?"

He mocked, and George wanted to retort, respond with such a snarky tone that Dream would devour him whole right there, but he didn't, instead, he felt a tug on his tail and again and realized he was practically at Dream's mercy, and that only turned him on more. He didn't expect to let out a fucking moan on accident, throwing his head back even further and his hips bucking against Dream's. Hot embarrassment ran molten on his face, growing redder than he had ever before.

The initial shock on Dream's face was quickly subsided with complacent, a shit-eating grin spread across his face when George instinctively wrapped his tail around Dream's arm and hand where he held it tight, practically a quivering mess already.

"You like this, don't you?"

He tugged again, but a bit lighter than before. Enough to knock some sense into George. Having said that, the man turned his head to look back at Dream, face twisted in dismay and anger.

"Shut up, I don't."

Despite wanting Dream so fucking bad, he couldn't simply give himself away, he'd have the younger work for it. Because all in all, George knew he was good-looking, despite his modesty and how humble he was, would gladly accept and return compliments, he knew he was cute, and probably the ideal guy everyone was looking for. Even for women, which - don't get George wrong - he thinks women are great, he just doesn't happen to swing that way.

Dream's tilted his head slightly, leaning forward and encompassing George in his large frame, hand still wrapped around his neck and his other still holding a death grip on his tail.

"Let's find out, hm?"

With one quick swoop, George was over Dream's shoulder and being brought inside the nearest indoor facility close by, which happened to be his house, and George silently congratulated him on his own victory. Sometimes, even god would let George have whichever way he wanted.

As they entered through the door, excitement traveled through George's veins, crashing down on the bed as Dream threw him like he was some toy to be thrown around. The brunet looked up at him with glossy eyes, feigning innocence as he battered his eyelashes, tilting his head. And he knew damn well from Dream's frustration that he found it hot.

"God- you are so..." His voice trailed off, George could see right through him, words circulating in his head to see which one deemed fit. "So..."

George raised an eyebrow, sitting up straight and arching his back almost painfully, tail swaying back and forth vigorously in a sense to mock Dream's low tail.

"So... what?" George stood up, almost too boldly he stepped forward, pressing himself against Dream, hands gentle on his chest, letting out a squeaky laugh when he saw Dream stumble back, flustered with their close proximity. "Cat got your tongue, Dreamie?"

They've had their intimate moments at times, but for some reason, it seemed to be extremely effective on Dream right now, the confused expression alleviated to an unethical smile, and eyes glowing bright green as he stared down at George, immediately understanding what was presented in front of him.

He dipped his head low enough for their breaths to barely mix, neither of them refusing to break the eye contact, but George could feel the stronger one's arms wrap around his waist and push forward this time, yanking the lead away from George. He could feel his large hands stop at the base of his tail, and he purred from the contact, batting his eyelashes when he noticed Dream's eyebrow twitch upwards from the sudden noise.

"Oh? You like being touched there?"

"Only by you."

It seemed to strike a flame in his eyes, Dream's grip around his waist tightened as he stepped forward, leaning even closer to George's face, to his surprise, his eyes looked oddly soft, comforting in a sense.

"So then..." His voice hushed, hands gently rubbing his hips now and fingers slipping under his shirt, the contrast of the heat from Dream's hand to George's cold torso made them both shiver, "you're okay with this?"

George practically whimpered, nodding eagerly and it was all that was needed for Dream to crash them both on the bed, encasing George underneath him as he slammed their lips together. It was a mix of fiery passion and soft yearning for each other, Dream dragging away George's breath as their tongues ventured around each other.

Exploring every crevice in George's mouth, teeth clinking against each other, George felt light-headed but it felt so fucking good. He could feel Dream stick one of his hands under George's knee and lift it, pressing his own erection against the brunet's clothed ass, making him whine for more.

With his other hand pinning George's wrists above his teeth, George felt an over-flow of pleasure course through him, whining and panting into the kiss as he rolled and grinded against Dream's extremely noticeable bulge, tears stinging the corners of his eyes because god he wanted Dream in him now.

It felt life-threatening, feeling Dream's canines scratch the soft surface of George's tongue, but he wanted more, he wanted it to hurt more. He wanted to pull away to breathe but didn't want to spare a second apart from Dream's mouth. He cried out again, moaning into the kiss and he could feel Dream's smug smile against his own flushed lips.

"Fuck- Want you-"

George blabbered once Dream finally pulled away, appreciating the breathtakingly pretty boy underneath him, squirming for more friction, slightly exposed skin gleaming from the moonlight that shone through his small window.

"Want me to what, Georgie? Speak with your words."

His taunting tone was only turning George on more, he whined loudly throwing his head back, already unable to think coherently because all that ran through his head was how intimidating Dream looked, and how ruined he'd be at the end of the night.

"Please- I want you in me, please."

"Yeah? How long have you been waiting for this, huh?" He teased, dipping back down and pressing forward, his erection teasing George in all the right ways. "How bad have you wanted my dick?"

"So, so long, god-" George whimpered, his wrists finally being let go as he desperately took his own shirt off and clawed for Dream's sweater, begging, "Off, take it off."

Dream only chuckled in delight, leaning down and kissing him, calming him down.

"Relax, princess. Let me do the work."

And so George did, he didn't think he'd come to regret it though. Dream's excruciatingly slow pace burned all kinds of fires in George, and none of it was to be tamed any time soon. His soft lips trailing down George's milky stomach all the way to where his jeans started. To which Dream roughly yanked down and stripped George from it completely, hands softly railing up his leg as he admired the pretty white porcelain skin glowing in the darkroom.

He dipped his head to George's thighs, placing soft kisses, smiling against the pale skin when he felt him twitch under his warm touch.

"So pretty, all for me."

He breathed out, facing George now and re-attaching their lips. This time it was much softer, much more loveable than the last, but George would have either any time of the day. Reeling him in closer, wrapping his arms around his neck as he let Dream shimmy his own jeans off while they kissed. Once Dream had finally gotten his jeans off, he pulled away and removed his sweater, throwing it on the floor and turning back down to George and stopping abruptly, seeing as his eyes explored his body.

He smirked, watching George get flustered and turn away quickly, avoiding confrontation of the fact that he was most definitely checking out Dream.

The blond gently turned his head to face him by his chin, a smile so smug George wanted to wipe it off, but this is how he loved it best anyway.

"Don't turn away, show me your pretty face." He whispered into his mouth, letting their breaths mingle, "Where's your lube, darling?"

George whipped his hand towards the drawer beside his bed, unable to form proper sentences as he babbled, saying something between "lube" and "lower drawer", Dream made enough sense of it to reach over and bring the small container outside.

He removed his own boxers and almost poured the slick liquid over his hand before George quickly grabbed it from him, yanking it away, and Dream looked down at him in confusion and resentment because he didn't expect this kind of behavior from him.

"Suck you off- want to suck you off."

Dream huffed out, scoffing before he sat on the edge of the bed and watched as George stood on the floor and kneeled in front of him, a hand on his knee as he spread his legs apart, eyes glossing over his cock, drooling at the size, breath caught quickly as he blinked rapidly.

Once Dream loosely made George look up at him, hand lifting his chin, he cocked his head forward.

"Get on with it, then."

George did so, without hesitation. Fingers barely wrapping around the base of his dick as his tongue lapped under, relishing at the saltiness of his pre-cum leaking from the tip and running down his dick. He licked a few more before wrapping his lips around Dream's dick, praying to god his jaw wouldn't break as he pushed forward, already feeling the stretch in his lips as he barely made halfway past.

"Fuck-" Dream groaned, his hand threading through George's hair and gripping it as he let out a guttural groan, throwing his head back as George hummed in delight, beginning to move his head back and forth. "So good."

He could barely even compose himself as George took more of him the faster he went, and while the brunet could very well feel Dream's dick already hitting the back of his throat, his pride overran his concern, proud that Dream was already unraveling now. Hollowing his cheeks, teeth scraping the top ever so slightly and tongue sliding over the slit and gently resting at the bottom when he went too far, Dream felt an overflow of adrenaline, hips stuttering as he moved forward himself, accidentally pushing far too deep.

It caused George to quickly pull away and cough, Dream's face lighting up in concern.

"Shit, I'm so sorry-"

"No, I like it, just didn't expect it."

Dream raised an eyebrow.

"You like it?"

George blinked quickly, blush apparent on his face.

"I like it rough."

Dream lit up at the thought, tilting his head in a mocking tone as his hand guided George back to the head of his cock, an evil grin on his face that only enticed his lover.

"Tell me then, can I fuck your face?"

George nodded immediately without another thought, eagerly wrapping his lips back around Dream's dick and shutting his eyes, waiting for the brutal force Dream would use on him. And God was he right, Dream didn't waste a second to drag his head to the very base, groaning from the vibration as George cried from his mouth being stuffed full.

He continued, dragging his head back to give George a moment to breathe before gliding it back down, now that he was coaxed with spit, it was a bit easier to suck him off. So George sped up, using his thighs to hold himself straight as he bobbed his head at a faster rate than Dream could keep up with.

Humming every now and then, teeth scraping gently against the top of his dick, Dream couldn't help but thrust into his mouth now, rhythm out of beat but violent nonetheless, George relished at the violation his throat felt now. Tears stinging the corners of his eyes, and he begged for them not to fall.

His mind hazy from what Dream would possibly do, force him to swallow every last drop of his cum? Or pull out and cum all over his pretty face, an image only he'd be able to recreate multiple times.

George groaned once again, finally feeling the twitch of his cock before Dream thrusted so far George felt his jaw go slack, wrapped tightly around the base of his cock as Dream came in his throat, and he hurriedly swallowed, the warm salty taste calmed his nerves, tears finally slipping out and staining his face as he gulped down the seemingly endless amount of cum.

Once Dream pulled out, the look on his face evident that he was shocked to see his dick wiped clean from George, not leaving a hint of trail behind.

"Experience? With who?"

"I-I wanted to be good for you. I practiced on... on things."

He confessed, turning his gaze away from Dream and looking anywhere but him until he was hoisted up, lips pressed softly against his, and it took him a moment to sink into it, the warmth of it all.

Slowly, he could feel Dream tug at the hem of his underwear and slide it off, gently laying him down on the bed on his back and placing kisses all over his neck, the lower he went, the harsher they got. Sucking and biting at collarbones and bruising the nape of his neck, Dream harshly punctured George's skin with his teeth, breaking the flesh and letting blood pool into his mouth, but he lapped it with his tongue, George hissing in pain, but writhing in pleasure nonetheless.

Dream's kisses felt like fireworks in heaven, lighting a spark every time he left a trail of soft purple love bites, savoring the fact that when they both wake up in the morning - when George decides to show himself in front of their friends, they'll know who George belongs too, they'll see it from the evidence Dream left behind.

Slowly, brought his face up to George, placing a gentle kiss on his lips before leaning back straight and pushing his legs onto his body, practically folding him and admiring how flexible George was, how easy he'd take each and every one of Dream's demands. In fact, he could probably have him fulfill every one of his fantasies and not complain because Dream knows just how perfect George is for him. Slowly backing away to admire him, appreciate the beauty under his arms before he'd absolutely wreck him before sunrise.

Without another warning, he flipped George onto his stomach and his rigid hands quickly trailed down his spine, taking pleasure in the fact that a creature as beautiful as George was willingly giving his body away to someone as beastly as Dream. They were both similar creatures, but not. While George was eloquent, gentle, and a critical thinker, Dream was more of a rough, hard-headed idiot who would fight anyone if need be. Sometimes, they brought the worst out of each other, sometimes the best.

And in this case, Dream couldn't tell which.

Watching as George whimpered, hips eagerly pressing back against Dream until he pinned them down roughly, angry with George's lack of patience.

"Fucking sit still. I'm making sure you won't get hurt."

He grabbed the bottle of lube and poured copious amounts on one of his fingers, ears flickering at the delightful sound of George whining when Dream pressed one of his digits against the entrance, watching him quiver once more, begging to push in, and Dream obliged.

Slowly, he pushed in, waiting for George to settle with the unfamiliar feeling until he began thrusting, and George practically sucked him right in, obscene noises played out from the liquid substance rubbing against George's hole. He was quick to add another finger, separating the two inside of him, causing him to stretch even a little bit, Dream could feel George resist against the stretch, crying out in pain once Dream added a third, thighs violently shaking in pleasure as Dream pulled and pushed at a mediocre pace.

George was a mess the very instant Dream shoved his fingers inside of George, he was a whining mess, clutching the sheets under him, his tail brushing against his back as his ears flopped down, hips pushing back on Dream's fingers.

He was so much bigger in every aspect. George had never even felt this type of stretch despite him using his fingers, one of Dream's could make two of George's. The brunette adored the feeling of Dream's fingers crooked in him, barely brushing past his prostate, causing him to moan louder.

"Fuck- Please, I need more."

And right as if it was queued, Dream pulled out and George cried at the loss, turning his head back and ready to complain before he saw Dream lining himself up with George's slicked-up entrance, and he almost fell right there and then. 

He could see Dream's dick about fifteen times a day and still not get over his size, how big he was, how fucking strong he'd be, his aggressiveness showing when he pins George down for being a bratty bitch. Needless to say, despite his eagerness, George was still maybe a little bit scared.

Would it hurt for days on end? Would he limp? Would he even be able to walk the next day? It all excited him, a knot forming in his stomach and tightening the more he thought about it. Because fuck, that'd be hot. That way, everyone would get the hint that he belonged to Dream. Disappearing into the night and coming back the next morning littered with hickeys and a limp to add? It was so soul-crushingly obvious that George doesn't think he could find an excuse if he wanted to.

His thoughts quickly cut off by the sting he felt when Dream pushed into him, holding his hips down hard enough to leave marks of his hands for tomorrow, giving George no time or space to adjust or move away as he pushed further and further. It felt like being pried open like someone was forcefully stretching George so hard it would leave him broken and miserable. Tail completely limp and laid to the side, the tip of it just barely moving.

But the pain Dream inflicted was far greater, so much better that George enjoyed it. Reveled in being stretched to the point where he'd gone numb, savored how much it's going to bite him back in the ass the next morning, took pleasure in the fact that his thighs went numb and he saw flashes of whites every second that passed by when Dream still hadn't entered him thoroughly.

With a choked cry, he bent his back painfully harder, stuffing his face on the sheets below him and staining it with the tears that began falling from the pleasurable ache.

"A-Are you almost in?"

"Almost, darling. You can take it, can't you?"

George nodded, and to prove it further, he pushed his hips back on Dream, making the younger behind him let a moan escape his lips and it sounded like a melodic tune to George's ears. His eyes fluttered with the fact that he'd done enough to make Dream so desperate for him, to let out such indecent noises at the dead of the night. 

When all hope was lost, when the brunet could feel himself getting more light-headed by the minute, he finally felt Dream's hips against his own ass, and let out a breath of relief before letting his face fall first on the bed, shaky breaths leaving his lips as he tried to adjust to his size. 

But no, Dream, the dickhead that he was, had other plans in mind.

Slowly, he began moving without warning, and the drag of his cock burning against George's insides as he pulled out ever so lightly made the cat hybrid writhe in pleasure, claws extended out fully and digging into the soft mattress underneath him, leaving a trail of fluff. 

Dream stopped for a moment, realizing he'd gone too fast for George, his tip barely inside George as he looked at the claw marks. Not aware of how much George enjoyed the pain.

"Shit- you okay?"

"God- yes. If you don't fuck me right fucking now I swear to god, you won't ever-"

The first few words were all Dream really needed to slam back inside, making the older squirm under him violently, letting out a yelp as the initial shock was subdued by satisfaction coursing through every little artery in his body.

"Oh m' fuck, holy shi' you're s' big. So, so big..."

George blabbered. voice hoarse already but Dream forced out whines from him as he pulled out and pushed in again, not caring for the speed but how harsh it was, and appreciating how George swallowed him whole and so perfectly without complaints.

He managed to chuckle, sweating trickling down his forehead as he bent over George, hugging his back and wrapping his arm around the brunet's shoulder to help anchor him, the older only took delight into the warmth he brought, blissfully unaware of his impediment.

Dream didn't waste a second to start his brutal pace of thrusting, giving George no time to even process anything. 

"Fucking cockslut, you deserve this."

The man under him saw stars circling his head as his voice became uncontrollably loud, and he choked down his screams down to moans, breath getting knocked out of him within each thrust. Not only was Dream digging deeper into him, but he was going faster too, and god knows how energetic Dream can be.

Like a dog in heat, his pace never faltered, in fact, George could argue that it sped up. But he couldn't keep up with anything, his mind too dazed to even feel the pain, the only gratification zipping past his body to his head, he could feel heat recoiling in his stomach and a load of burden in his lower abdomen.

Dream hadn't felt so good before, ever. George was perfect, his voice was like a lullaby to Dream's ears, he wanted to hear more, hear every little noise George let out, savor every time George's body shook violently underneath him from the harsh force.

He loved every second of it.

George wasn't even afraid to let out the most pornographic moans, fueling Dream's ego and only increasing his libido.

"Fuck- You have no idea what you do to me, Georgie. You just love my cock that much, huh? Fucking slut."

He harshly whispered into his ear, pace showing no signs of stalling, lewd skin-slapping noises echoing through George's small house. The man underneath him couldn't even answer, his whines enough to charge electricity in Dream, only stoking him up more.

"God, you are so good for me, doll. Taking me so well, look at you."

"I-I need to cum, please."

George begged with his heart, dick flushed red and hands too deep into the mattress for him to be able to relieve himself. Though Dream didn't answer, and tears stung George's eyes, burning them as they threatened to fall. George was so painfully hard it wasn't funny, and he wouldn't be able to hold it in any longer.

He did everything to help Dream chase his high, but the asshole on top of him had too much fucking stamina, and he wasn't willing to unravel before George did.

"Please- Pleas-"

"Do you deserve it?"

Voice low and angry as George let out another moan, his tone only made it harder for George to hold himself down.

"Yes- So much, I do, I've been so good-"

"Do you though? Your whore ass pissed me off and brought me to your house just so you get fucked. Do you really deserve to cum?"

George couldn't help but contemplate as Dream rammed into him mercilessly. It'd be easier to answer if every thought he managed wasn't pushed out of the second he conjured them because of Dream's brutal railing.

He felt so out of it he might as well drop dead, voice almost gone as he let out weak whimpers and whines, sobbing against the bedsheets as Dream had his way with him.

"Look at you- so pretty and perfect. I'll be generous." He smiled against his ear, biting against the lobe gently, "Cum for me darling, do it."

And so George did. The painful double-knot at the pit of stomach released like strings of a bow ribbon, white pools of his cum leaking below and spilling all over as Dream's hips began to stutter, and his pace finally fell from its rhythm and it wasn't too long until Dream finally came to an abrupt stop, his own seed filling the insides of George.

It was warm, comforting as George collapsed from Dream not held him up anymore, wincing as he pulled out and flushing in embarrassment as Dream spread apart his ass to gaze over his own cum leaking out of the brunet.

He laid on his sighed, panting heavily as Dream laid kisses all over his face, whispering sweet and beautiful compliments and praising him for lasting so long.

"Good boy, you're so perfect, aren't you?"

George practically purred, trying to catch up with his breath as his tail lightly swiveled from side to side behind him, shivering as Dream left his side and disappeared out of the bedroom. Only to appear with a damp cloth in one hand and a glass of water in the other. He patted George clean as gently as he could, making sure to avoid his over-sensitive parts and cooing anytime he'd get too careless and George would let out a complained mewl.

Once he finished, throwing the cloth away and helping George into his own large hoodie and shorts from his closet, he climbed into the bed shirtless and only with boxers. Curling behind George and hugging his waist gently, placing soft kisses to his neck in comparison to earlier.

After a moment of comfortable silence, George spoke up, voice barely heard.

"I love you, Dream."

It was a confession, to make sure that whatever they had, whatever this was, it wouldn't be forgotten and pushed to the back like nothing, it wouldn't be left in the dust as George had feared. And he yearned for an answer, it was unlike anything before.

But without skipping a beat, without any hesitation, Dream answered.

"I love you too."