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three's company too

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“Would you ever want pups?” Jason asks.

Tim looks up at him. His head’s in Jason’s lap, and they’re cuddled together on the couch in Jason’s apartment. There’s a movie playing on the TV, some ridiculous romcom thing. Jason’s got a hand tangled in Tim’s hair, petting it gently. Tim’s all cozy, tucked between a blanket and Jason, surrounded by the smells of home, Jason, omega, safe.

“I think so,” Tim replies. He shrugs. “It’s hard to know. I like pups, but that’s not the same as having your own litter running around.”

Jason hums, nodding. “That’s for fuckin sure.”

“But yeah, I think so,” Tim says, twisting over in Jason’s lap so he can look up at him better. “You?”

“I think I’ve always wanted pups,” Jason says. “Can remember wanting pups back when I was a pup.”

Tim laughs softly. “That makes one of us. I never thought about it that much.”

Jason smiles down at him. “Really? Never?”

“I mean a little,” Tim says. “It’s hard not to. Especially not with all the romcoms about the uptight business-omega who falls for the family alpha and just needs a Christmas in a small town to show them how much they actually want to get pupped.”

Jason snorts. “Buncha horseshit. No worries, baby bird. I’d never expect you to stop bein a high-strung business-omega with a stick up your ass the size of Texas.”

Tim whacks Jason in the chest with the back of his hand, but he’s grinning, and Jason is too, his scent full of fondness and pack-bond. “Least we’re on the same page about that.” Tim moves to sit up, shifting onto the couch so he can look at Jason. This is starting to feel like a sitting-up sort of conversation. “The idea of getting pregnant sort of scares the shit out of me? Not to mention the whole ‘being bent as fuck’ problem. But I’d like to raise pups.”

Jason nods. “Well, there’s more’n one way to get a litter.” Jason gives him a sly grin. “You gonna go and pull a Bruce on me?”

“God, I hope not,” Tim says with a chuckle. “I think I’d be slightly more legal about it? But I make no promises.”

“Wouldn’t expect you to,” Jason says, waving a hand in the air. “Legal is overrated.” Jason leans back against the arm of the couch, so he can face Tim. “I like the thought of getting pregnant, though.”

There’s a nervous little shiver of happiness in Jason’s scent as he says the words, and it melts Tim’s heart. “Yeah?” Tim reaches out and takes Jason’s hand, squeezing it gently.

“Yeah.” Jason squeezes back.

“We’ll have to find an alpha donor then,” Tim says without thinking. Then he goes bright red all the way to his ears, as soon as he realizes he just said that out loud. Christ, what an assumption to make. “I mean-”

Jason’s scent has gone all sweet, and he’s got this dopey, affection smile on, looking at Tim like his dumb slip is the best thing he’s ever heard. “Guess we will, baby bird.”

Tim crawls back into Jason’s lap, straddling Jason’s hips, and gives him a soft kiss. Jason’s arms come up to wrap behind him, holding him close, and Jason licks gently into Tim’s mouth.

“I’d really, really like that,” Tim murmurs.

“Me too,” Jason breathes out. “You gonna come nest with me when I’m all pupped up?”

“Always,” Tim promises. “Just- fucking always, Jay.”

Jason lets out a soft, happy purr. “Good.”

“You got an alpha in mind?” Tim asks. “I mean, we could go to a clinic. But if I know you, you’d rather have someone you trust.”

Jason hesitates.

Tim cocks his head to the side. “You do.”

“Maybe,” Jason mutters. “But I ain’t- we don’t gotta, if you aren’t alright with it. You know that, right?”

Tim sits back on his heels. “Tell me who it is, and I’ll tell you what I think.”

Jason raises a hand to his hair, blushing slightly. “Dick.”

Tim lets that sink in for a second.

“I really should have seen that one coming.”

“I don’t want you to think-” Jason starts, but Tim puts a finger over Jason’s lips and shushes him.

“I think he’d go for it.”

Jason turns redder.

“We should ask him,” Tim says.

Jason grabs Tim’s wrist and moves Tim’s hand away from his mouth. “Yeah?”

Tim nods, a little smile starting to creep around his lips. “Yeah.”

Slowly, Jason starts to grin. His scent has gone all- soft. Soft and happy. “I like the sound of that.”

Tim bends down and gives Jason another kiss, letting out a happy little omega purr. “Me too, Jay.”