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Took You Long Enough

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The relationship will always be different with Natasha than the relationship you have with everyone else. It didn’t bother you either. She just so happened to be the smoking hot best friend while you were the ‘good looking’ best friend. And you use quotes around that every time because you could never really get yourself to find something beautiful on your body.

From the day that you joined the Avengers and started living at the compound you stuck to working out in the gym, eating food sometimes, staying in your room and going on the mission that Steve or Fury sent you on. Sure you would hang out with the team on movie nights, but there was just something about the atmosphere that you didn’t like all too much. 

You were also really good at your job. Especially when it was the only thing you knew for a fact that you could do and not make people mad at you or they would be disappointed. 

Anyways the relationship with Natasha was somewhere in the grey area of friends with benefits and just friends. Some time it would eat away at you, others there was no thought to it at all. She just so happened to be paired with you on every mission you went on, she was always in the gym with you, and was always the person you would talk to about really personal things. This was a two way street of course, so she would share things with you as well. You had always found it so heartbreaking to say the least when she would talk about her past. 

Yours wasn’t all too bad, but it was nothing special. Your parents were abusive, verbally and physically. So when you couldn’t take it anymore the instant thought was to sign up for the military. You actually liked going on the night missions they had sent you and a group on a coup[le times. But you were always the one to get things done first, and it was always wrapped up in a little red bow. Your colonel found this interesting, especially for something who was eighteen years old. You climbed the ranks and by the time you were twenty two you were a captain of your own group. 

Your excellence, and your groups excellence, didn’t go unnoticed by the government. So they made a few calls and you ended up on the Avengers Compound. When you had arrived everyone knew who you were and it surprised you a little.


That was five years ago.


“Hey, y/n, what are you doing today?” Bucky asked you. You were in the gym again, in the middle of a three hour workout.

“Nothing really. Why do you ask?” You respond while putting the bar back on the rack from your squats.

“Umm… well I was wondering if you could help me with my Steve issue.” The soldier was messing with the metal plates in his robotic hand. Something you noticed when he was nervous. The Steve issue was something you also noticed the moment you stepped on the grounds of the compound. The tension between the two was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

“Oh so we’re making a move tonight?” you folded your arms and leaned on your left hip.

“Yes, and I want to do something special for our first time together.” A couple situations started to run through your head until you found one suitable for the two men.

“Hear me out on this. Since you’re both old men from the forties,” Bucky lightly pushed your shoulder, making you laugh. “What about star gazing? And then dancing to a couple records and then…” you trailed off raising an eyebrow at the man implying that the night ends with them having sex.

“Ok, ok. I get it yeah. Thanks for the ideas.” he said leaving the gym. Which meant you were back to your workout.

You have only been able to go through another set when a certain redhead walked in. Instead of using the bar rack for squats, you were using it for some RDLs. there was no shame in when Natasha looked at your ass while she walked by and headed to the treadmill. You saw her through the mirror and rolled your eyes. You turned your music up on your head phones and finished out the sets and headed for the showers. 

Yes, you two had the same tension, but no one dared to talk about it because everyone knows not to mess with your guys like that. You think that’s why there’s something happening between your two. You both have the same motive and can be highly dangerous when needed.


“You know I was thinking that we too could go stargazing, dance around and then I could make you scream for the rest of the night.” Her words almost scared you while you were washing out your hair in the shower.

“Ha ha, very funny Romanoff. But we both know that’s not how it would happen if it ever does.”

“Hey, you called me Romanoff. I told you not to.” you hear one of the shower curtains be drawing closed and then water running.

“Yeah I know. I only do it to get a rise out of you… and to hope you do something about it.” The way you were flirting was kind of bold, but you know she’s not going to do anything about it.

“Oh I’ll do something about it. You’ll just never see it coming though.” it’s like you could hear the smirk in her voice and it made you let out a little laugh.

“Ok, Romanoff.” you said turning off the water and getting out to change for dinner. 

When you were turned around, with your back facing Natasha, she poked her head out from the shower curtain and watched as your back muscles worked when you were putting on your shirt. You had the feeling of someone looking at your ass, which was correct because Natasha was staring really hard. 

“You’re not that slick Romanoff.” you said still not facing her, as you pulled your pants up. It was always your number one rule when changing in a locker room that you put your underwear on first. And today you just so happened to be wearing a thong instead of your normal boxers.

“Honey I’m always slick.” The little nickname made the hairs on the back of your neck stick up. You were still amazed that after five years of living with her, she still has the effect on you.

“I’ll be with the rest of the team if you want me.” you looked back at her and winked. Her head was still out of the shower and you could see a slight change with the red on her cheeks. 


At the dinner table, everyone was already laughing up a storm about embarrassing stories from others. Your favorite one will always be when Bucky was training Steve in how to use his shield and try to hide behind it.

“You know a couple time's those rocks you threw at me hit my ass right.” the blond was leaning in close to Bucky, it was cute how they would be soft around each other.

“That was the point. You know, I liked you ass then too right?”

“Punk.” Steve said before pulling Bucky into a kiss. 

“Ok, we’re still at the table.” Tony spoke up and Bucky flipped him off. Everyone laughed and then the two got up from their seats. 

“Now if you don’t mind, I will be taking my boyfriend on a date.” Bucky said, grabbing Steve's hand and winked at you before leaving the room.


Dinner ended shortly after that, which meant clean up and everyone retiring to their rooms for the night. You were still in the kitchen putting away the dishes because today it was your job. Everyone rotates on who has to clean the kitchen so it’s fair. 

You didn’t hear anyone walking in when you started to sing to yourself, one of the many songs from one of your many playlists. 

“You know, I never imagined you for one to sing.” her voice caught you off guard and it startled you, almost dropping the plates in your hands. 

“Fuck you scared me.” you turned around and saw the redhead in nothing but a large enough shirt to cover her ass.

“Sorry, i couldn’t help but follow the voice of an angel.”

“Please Nat, I’m the farthest from that. And we both know it’s true.”

She walked over to the cabinet where you were standing in front of and got on her tiptoes to reach a glass. And from this you couldn’t help but look at her ass. It pained you that your eyes instantly looked there. Fuck, stop looking. STOP LOOKING! You said to yourself and then turned around to try and make yourself look busy.

She reached around you to fill up said glass. The way she pressed her entire body on your back made your skin crawl with goosebumps and it also made your heart race. You could feel her breasts through both of your shirts. They felt so full, and then you felt her nipples graze your back when she pulled away.

“You’re n-not, um, w-wearing anything under that are you..?” the way you stuttered in your question had you mentally kicking yourself. 

“Completely bare. Why?” When you turned around again, you saw she was sitting on the counter. There was no effort to try and cover herself up either. You couldn’t not pull your eyes away from her sex. The thought of getting to taste her was making your mouth water.

“What, see something you like?” her simple question had you throwing the dish rag in your hand on the floor, taking the glass out of her hand and kissing her hard. 

Your hands were instantly on her thighs trying to pull her closer and closer to you, all while still trying to keep her on the counter. Her hands cupped your face and she kept you close. The way her legs wrapped around your waist was so captivating that you finally broke and picked her up off the counter. Your hands wandered around her back, lifting up the shirt and raking your nails on her perfect skin. 

You weren’t exactly sure where you were walking, but you soon found a couch with your foot when you stubbed your pinky toe. You let out a little groan and opened your mouth unknowingly. Natasha took the opportunity to poke her tongue through your lips. You sat down on the couch and grabbed her ass to pull her closer. 

“Who knew that you would be the one to take charge first?” Nat’s rhetorical question made you let out a little laugh while you rested your forehead on hers.

“Well, I saw something I liked and I wanted it. I always get what I want.” You were looking into those stunning green eyes of hers when you saw a fire light inside of her.

“As do I.” Natasha said before getting off of your lap. The way she stood up and took off her shirt had you biting your bottom lip, hard. She threw her shirt at you and then walked out of the living room, over to her room. You followed her without even thinking twice. You watched the way her hips swayed from behind as you drank in the sight. Fuck me now please.


Once the door closed, she shoved your against said door and was kissing you hard again. She moved her lips from yours to your jaw, neck, collarbone and back. “I’ve been wanting to do this since you walked into the compound.” her comment caught you a little off guard, but you didn’t stop her.

“And why didn’t you?” You breathed out.

“I wanted to you know before I got to fuck you.” she was biting at your neck now and your knees started to feel weak. 

“Well then fuck me as hard as you can, because I want you.” After your spoken words, Nat pulled away from your neck and gave you a devilish grin.

“With pleasure, now strip.” she backed away and set on the edge of her, to watch you.

Since she’s been wanting this night to happen for so many years, why not tease her about it. Sure she might have seen parts of you already, but she’s never seen you completely bare. The first thing to come off your body was your pants. You were slightly hesitant to take your shirt off because you were wearing a bra under it, but Natasha was already naked and waiting for you.

Once you were naked she jumped your bones and brought you to her bed. “Fuck you’re so perfect. Look at these tits.” She took one of your mounds into her mouth, making you arch your back into her mouth.

“Baby, I'm going to make you scream my name, I want you to wake everyone up in the compound. Can you do that for me?” She looked up from you as she started to play with both of your pebble like nipples in her hands. 

“Yes. Now just fuck me like a starved animal.” She made sure to have her nails drag along your abdomen, causing you to arch your back again. She bit at your skin and was getting sloppy with her kisses along your stomach, hips and inner thighs. 

She licked at your slit, which made your hips buck into her face. The action was unexpected, but she simply snickered at your reaction. She hummed at the taste of you. “You’re so sweet.” She said licked at you again. This time she kept her tongue on your pussy, eating at your clit. There was no way that you were trying to hold back any moan that came to your throat. If you were loud now, what you would sound like after round four or five.

“Fuck Natty. You feel so good.” you said in-between moans and deep breaths. She hummed as a response and that hum had your body withering even more from her touch. 

You felt her fingers outline your entrance before she slowly put her index finger in, knuckle deep. She pulled out to add her middle finger. The pace she set was a little too slow for your liking. Your hips were moving so much against her, then somewhere along the line, she pinned your hips to the bed with her right arm. You could feel your walls clenching around her as she started to pick up pace. She lapped at your clit over and over until she was sucking on you and her fingers were thrusting in and out of you. 

“Oh… f-fuck. Natty. I’m gonna… I'm gonna…” you weren’t even able to finish your sentence when you hold on to her fingers tight. She kept at your clit until she was sure you were out of your high. Your body was shaking from your orgasm, but you wanted more from her, you needed more.

“You okay?” the way she asked the question made your heart melt.

“Of course, especially after you fucked me like that. But I want more.” you voiced out. Your throat was starting to feel a little raw, but you could care less.

“Anything for you pretty girl.” The nickname she gave you sent a wave of arousal. You watched as Natasha got off the bed and headed to one of the draws on her dresser. She came back with a silk ribbon and her strap-on. The sight of the silicone two made your head a little fuzzy. Thinking if her hands and mouth could do that, when what could she do with a strap-on. 

“Hands up.” she ordered and you complied. It wasn’t tight enough to make your wrists bleed or be chewed raw, but they would be tight enough to where they might be red for a day or two.

She kissed you hard again before pulling away with your bottom lip between her teeth. She kissed each of your breasts before situating herself between your legs. She teased your entrance before she pushed the tip in. you pushed your head back into the pillows and lightly moaned out.

“That’s it, let me hear you.” Nat pushed herself in slowly, letting you adjust and cry out. She bottomed out in you; she had leaned down and kissed your swollen lips. You felt her begin to move in and out of you, making you gasp. She pulled away with a smirk as she bit down on your neck, pulling out a couple moans and mewls. 

“You sound so pretty.” Nat said against your skin. 

The way her hips were thrusting into yours was so good, you let your eyes roll to the back of your head. Her hands moved to your hips as she pulled you up off the bed. You let moan after moan come out through your lips, and occasionally putting her name in there. She was fucking so good, you forget to say anything before you came on her cock. Her thrusts didn’t stop even when she could see your juices dripping out of your pussy. She kept the pace, bringing you out of the high and into another too quick for your liking. 

She only stopped moving when you did, which was after another orgasm. “Holy fuck, want to see that every night.” Nat said after slowly pulling out of your very used pussy. She came back to you with her mouth, making you flinch at the feeling. You were so sensitive you didn’t know if she was going to fuck you with her tongue right now or not.

“Wait, untie me.” you said with a raspy voice and my heavy eyes. You were so tired, especially after cumming four times already. You really just wanted to sleep it off, but you wanted to hear Nat. She listened to you and untied your wrists, then took off the strap-on.

You jumped her bones once she was sitting on the bed waiting for something to happen. You grabbed her wrists and pinned them next to her head. The sudden burst of energy made you want to ruin her till the sun came up.

“What’s up with you.” She once your lips were pressing open mouthed kisses on her neck, just like she did with you. 

“You had your fun, now i want mine.” Your words sent a heat wave through Nat’s body and she rolled her body into yours. “I mean it’s only fair right.” You gave her a wink before getting off her and pulling up the strap-on. You felt the wetness of her juices on it from when she was fucking you. You pulled her by the hips and bottomed out on her in the same movement. You watched her face contort at the feeling, making you form a wicked smile on your face. You instantly start to pound into her, all while shaking the bed. She let out so many different noises, it was just music to your ears. Apparently she didn’t last long when she was already letting you know that she’s cumming. The warning only made you want to fuck her harder and faster. She let out a string on curse words, mixed with your name as you fucked her just like she fucked you. Relentless and starved.

After every time she came, you would change the position you were in and fuck her hard from a different angle. You knew she stopped moving after round five, but you wanted her to ask you to stop before you pulled out. 

You were holding on to her tits while your cock was couniting to pound into her used pussy. You could see the tear lines on the side of her face as she finally came for the sixth time that night. “y/n, please stop. I can’t take it anymore. Please.” She was so overstimulated, that it made you smile.

When you pulled out of her, she let out one last moan her body became limp. She looked so pretty all fucked out. You did the same thing she did with you after you unbuckled the harness. You licked a strip on her pussy to make her flinch a little more than you did and then you lied next to her body, only to pull her on top of you. 

“Be with me.” Nat asks with her eyes closed and her head resting in-between your breasts. She kissed one of your mounds as you drew little lines on her back. “Be mine.”

There was no hesitation with your answer. “Of course.” You made sure to hold her tight while you slept. 


In the morning, neither of you wanted to get out of bed. Both of your bodies were sore from the events of last night. But you both had to in order to eat something because it was already two in the afternoon.

When Nat tried to stand up, she fell on the floor which made you laugh. “Shut it.” The redhead said looking at you, still in bed.

“Sorry I can’t help it when you literally fall on the floor because I fucked you so good.” you get up to, but your balance wasn’t any better than hers. The only difference was that you didn’t fall. You offered her a helping hand, but she only pulled you down with her. You were both laughing as she then kissed you sweetly and you finally helped her up. 


There wasn’t time for a morning round, but there was time for a shower to get all the stickiness off of your bodies. When you two walked to the kitchen hand in hand everyone, literally everyone was there looking at you two.

“Do either of you have any idea how loud you were last night?” Tony was pissed, as was Bruce and Sam. 

“Yes, and deal with it.” Nat said, she pulled you closer to her side and kissed your cheek.

“Please, before you fuck each other again, get an apartment.” Tony said, leaving the room and everyone else left to go and do whatever they needed.

“Well, looks like we better pack our things. I know a place.” You said kissing your woman in the kitchen.