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It was 3 am, going on 4. Their house was silent, save for the fan in the corner of Dabi - Touya's room. Despite the heat of the summer night, he lay in bed with his back pressed against none other than the infamously blue-haired Tomura. Dying his hair had been a nightmare for his shower. (It was blue for two weeks.) Though it's not like that wasn't the case for Dabi's, a bright blue shower is far worse than a black one.

They were quiet, as they went about their respective, late-night tasks. (Both involving some sort of device. Tomura, on Dabi's switch, and Dabi on his phone.)

He'd complained numerous times that Tomura could just play on his DS, which he had up until Dabi had bought the switch for himself using his father's credit card. He doubted the man even noticed, nor cared. His hand, tired from holding his phone up in the position he was in, went limp as he thought about it.

A moment or two later, Tomura rustled the bed beside him, turning onto his side before rolling over to lay partially on top of Dabi. Who, in turn, tried to shove him off almost immediately.

He sat up and looked down at the blue-haired teen with a scowl. No words were exchanged for a few long moments as they held their gaze with each other.

Tomura tried to ignore the way Dabi's features softened more the longer he looked at him, and he didn't doubt his were doing the same. He instead focused on the uncomfortable surface of Dabi's legs, which he was currently laying on, due to Dabi shoving him and his (Stubbornly driven.) unwillingness to move away.

"You should get your ears pierced," Tomura said, suddenly. Dabi quirked his brow at the boy below him, staring silently for a moment more.

"No," Dabi said, leaving no room for debate with his tone as he shoved Tomura's face. Not as hard as he'd like to, but it'd suffice. His fingers lingered on Tomura's head, nestled into his hair longer than they should have, but he snatched his hand away the moment he'd noticed. All the while, Tomura, of course, took this as an invite to annoy the shit out of him until he caved. He already had 3 piercings on his nose, what would 2 more hurt?



After about an hour of endless talking on Tomura's end while Dabi tried his best to ignore him, he decided that it wasn't going to work.

"Tomura, it's literally 3 am. No piercing places are open right now." He sighed, putting down his phone and turning his head to face the mess of blue hair that sat before him. Tomura simply sat there, looking as innocent as he could, with that gross face of his that is.

"I pierced your nose in your bathroom. What's the difference if we do your ears?" He asked. Tomura himself had no piercings, nor did he desire any at the moment, so Dabi was always the guinea pig used whenever he felt like stabbing someone with a needle. Consensually, of course. That said, he didn't know the first thing about piercing. He always just did what Dabi told him to when it came to that.

Dabi scoffed, his eyes flicking down to Tomura's lips for a split second. They were cracked and bleeding. Though he didn't expect anything better than that from him.

"Fine. But you have to put some chapstick on your gross lips after." He spat, and Tomura had half the heart to be offended. But at the end of the day, Dabi's voice was full of nothing but feigned malice. A futile, yet everlasting attempt at keeping barriers up around the only person he knows he can let them come down. Tomura scratched the back of his neck as Dabi stood up.

His eyes drifted somewhere else momentarily before he felt a rough hand slap the one that he was scratching his neck with. He suppressed a surprised yelp, as he clutched his hand to his chest.

"Don't scratch." He muttered, as he walked to the bathroom and flicked on the light. Tomura sat still, looking in the direction of the bathroom as he listened to Dabi rummage around in his cabinet. He suppressed a laugh when he heard Dabi knock over something (Perhaps a bottle of some kind), as well as the string of curses that came out after. Endeavor did not appreciate when they were overly loud during the night.

One time they were laughing so hard over something, (Something so fucking stupid, he can't even remember what it was by this point.) that Endeavor threatened to kick them out for the night. He didn't like the way Endeavor treated him, much less Dabi. He also hated when the ravenette would show up to the bar with black eyes or bruises and cuts adorning his skin.

Rei, on the other hand, was much more docile by nature. Kind and gentle, in a way that creeped Tomura out. Once Endeavor left on some sort of work trip, (Which was probably just some excuse for him to get away from his "disappointing" family, by this point.) she'd slink out of the attic and take over the chores that Fuyumi would usually attend to, telling her in her soft voice that made Tomura's skin crawl that she deserved a break and needed to focus on her studies more.

He especially hated when she was present while he ate dinner at the Todoroki's, which she usually was. Endeavor never ate with them unless he had work company over, just to make a good impression. He tried to stay as quiet as he could around her, cut their conversations short. He wasn't one for small-talk, to begin with. Questions like 'how was your day?' and such seemed so insignificant to him. Someone could be having the best day of their life or the shittiest, but it's not like that question's gonna make 'em feel any better.

He was torn by his thoughts by Dabi landing on the bed in front of him, lying face-down on the comforter for a moment or two before sitting up to face him.

"I got the shit ready. You gonna do it or not?"

Tomura stared blankly before licking his lips.




Tomura had Dabi sit on the edge of his bathtub whilst he sat on the lid of the toilet. They were about the same height, so it was easy for Shigaraki to reach over and do what he needed to.

"Can you hurry up, dipshit?" Dabi muttered, staring down at the screen of his switch, which he'd swiped from Tomura's "corner" of the bed before they'd gotten themselves situated in here. Tomura sat there, holding the needle up which reeked of rubbing alcohol. He'd never liked the smell of that stuff. Then again, who does?

"Shut up, or I'll hurt you more than I need to." He mumbled, not a single bit of intent in his voice. Empty threats were a common thing between them by now, and they knew the other never meant it, no matter how drastic it was.

Dabi had drawn two dots on his ears with a marker himself, not thinking Tomrua trustworthy enough to do it himself, and get it to be even. He didn't want crooked piercings. He'd learned his lesson when Tomura pierced his snake bites, which he'd had to let him redo due to his lack of awareness when it came to these things.

"Like I said, push the needle through the marking, and we'll put the stud in after. It's not that hard." He sighed, as Tomura lined up the needle with the spot he'd marked. He wondered why he'd had earrings fit for ear piercings just laying around. And in truth, he didn't. Dabi had wanted to get his ears pierced for a while but had waited out of embarrassment for Tomura to bring it up like he always did.

Of course, Tomura was unable to put two and two together, just as he'd hoped. He wasn't a complete idiot, but the times he was a total dumbass were more or less convenient to Dabi so far.

A sharp pain coursed through his body suddenly as he remembered what was happening. Tomura had pushed the needle in easily enough, but now it was time for the stud to be put in. Dabi's terribly painted nails dug into his overly-ripped jeans as Tomura messed with the earring until he'd gotten it in. Dabi stood up immediately and looked at it in the mirror. There was no blood, which was unexpected for Tomura's handiwork. It'd been a bloodbath when he was piercing his nose.

He sat back down after a few moments, mentally preparing for the bullshittery to repeat on his other ear. He bit his lip. He wondered if he'd let Tomura's hands - god knows where they've been. - to stab him with a needle again after this. What's next, his tongue? He wouldn't be able to take that if Tomura was the one doing it.

Unbeknownst to him, Tomura hadn't made it overly painful on purpose. He attempted to get the earring in quicker this time.



Back in bed. The lights were off now as they'd finally decided they should go to bed. Dabi lay completely still, save for his fingers messing with one of his new piercings. It stung an uncomfortable amount, but it wasn't like he was in excruciating pain.

Beside him, Tomura slept. He'd fallen asleep almost the moment he'd gotten under the blanket, and was now pressed up against Dabi's side, blue hair tickling the ravenette's chin as the boy draped his arm over his torso, effectively weighing him down. "Cuddling" of this sort wasn't an unusual thing for them. It wasn't like anyone else was going to touch them anyway. Dabi turned onto his side towards Tomura, who entrapped him with his limbs even more so immediately after, his leg slung over his hip, and his arm moving to wrap around Dabi's neck.

Sometimes Dabi wondered if Tomura did this on purpose, but it's not like he'd ask. That'd save them both the embarrassment.

He shut his eyes, feeling his face pressed up against the other's collarbone. He was always so cold. It was comfortable, however. Their body temperatures balanced out perfectly.

They balanced out perfectly.