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Tommyinnit felt like shit. He was curled up in his chair, his knees brought up to his chest as he tried to ignore the way his stomach was clenching at every movement he made. 


Tommy had a secret that hardly anyone knew, only Tubbo and his family. Tommy was a trans man. Not only was he a trans man, one who was working hard to remain stealth with his friends online, but his period was killing him and he had a stream to do later.


Tommy groaned, resting his head on his knees. His mom had given him medicine a while ago but it hadn’t done much to help. Another wave of pain passed over him and he felt tears prick at his eyes. There was no way he’d be able to stream today with Wilbur like they’d planned. 


Tommy fished his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through his contacts. Wilbur was going to worry about him because he cancelled. He was going to ask questions and all Tommy wanted to do was curl up into a ball and sleep, not try and come up with half-assed excuses for why he didn’t feel good. 


Big man: hey wilbs I don’t think I can stream today not feeling great sorry 


It was barely a minute before Wilbur replied. 


Wilby: Don’t worry about it. Are you alright?


Big man: ye nothing to worry about just some stomach pain 


Wilby: Yikes. Have you taken any medicine for it?


Big man: yeha it didnt work tho


Wilby: That's not good. Maybe you should go to the doctor or something? 


Big man: ill be fine this is pretty normal 


Wilby is calling…


“Shit, shit, shit,” Tommy mumbled, struggling to put his headphones on. 


Wilburs face loaded up on the screen, looking calm but Tommy could tell he was concerned. Tommy clicked on his camera as well. 


“Hi Wilbur,” Tommy sighed. 


“Hello Tommyinnit,” Wilbur said with a soft smile. “Are you good, man? Stomach pain isn’t really something that should be ‘normal’ unless you’re like eating something you shouldn’t be. Are you lactose intolerant, Tommy?” He asked the last question jokingly, trying to ease the tension in the call. It worked, if only slightly. 


“Nah it’s nothing like that. It’s really nothing to worry about Will.” 


“Are you sure? Have you had anything to eat today?” 


Tommy thought for a moment. He hadn’t really eaten since breakfast but the thought of food made him slightly nauseous. 


“I’m not hungry,” he said quickly, shaking his head. This seemed to be the wrong answer as Wilbur’s brow furrowed in concern. 


“Really? Are you sure you’re alright Tommy? You know you can talk to me about anything.” 


Tommy groaned and threw his head back slightly, gripping his knees tighter against his chest. “I know, Will, I’m just…” he sighed.


The truth was, Tommy had been wanting to tell Wilbur for a while. He had been wanting to have a stronger support system outside of his family and Tubbo, he just didn’t expect to do it so soon. 


“Wilby I’m not. I’m not sick or anything,” he started, his voice much softer than normal. He saw Wilbur lean forward and tilt his head out of the corner of the screen. Tommy closed his eyes. They were oddly damp. “I just feel gross cause I’m- I’m on my period, Wil I’m- I’m trans.” 


There was a pause. Tommy buried his face in his knees, trying to push back the tears now threatening to spill onto his cheeks. He knew it would be fine, he knew that Wilbur would be supportive. He was just scared. 


“Thank you for telling me, Toms,” Wilbur said gently after he seemed to have collected his thoughts. 


Tommy peeked up slightly and was met with Wilbur’s kind, if not a bit nervous, smile. Tommy just hummed in response. 


“I hope I didn’t…” Wilbur started, seeming unsure how to say what he was thinking. “I hope I didn’t pressure you into telling me. I’m very sorry if I did, I was just worried about you.” 


Tommy shook his head quickly. “You didn’t, Will I promise. If I didn’t want to tell you then I wouldn’t have. You’re not… you’re not upset or anything right?” 


“Tommy, of course not, kiddo,” Wilbur cried. “I’d never be upset about something like this! This doesn’t change anything at all, I promise.” 


Tommy couldn’t contain it any longer as tears finally started rolling down his cheeks. He sniffled and buried his face in his knees again and Wilbur gasped softly. 


“Hey, hey what’s wrong Toms? What can I do to help?” Wilbur asked frantically. 


“N-nothing,” Tommy hiccuped. “I was just stressed about telling you a-and my stomach hurts, and this whole thing just makes me d-dysphoric so I feel all shitty, you know? It’s- it’s the hormones and shit, that’s all.” 


Wilbur hummed a response and sat quietly, allowing Tommy to collect himself without being even more embarrassed than he already was. 


“Sorry,” Tommy mumbled after getting his breathing back under control. Wilbur shook his head, giving the boy a soft smile. 


“Don't apologize, Toms, it’s okay,” he assured. “Is there anyone you can ask for advice on this kind of thing? I’m not really the most knowledgeable when it comes to period issues unfortunately.” Wilbur chuckled softly and Tommy smiled. 


“Not really. The only people who know are my family and Tubbo, and you now I guess. My mom doesn’t have bad cramps or anything so she can’t really help besides giving me Advil.” 


“Hmm.” Wilbur thought for a moment. “You absolutely don’t have to do this, Toms, but you could always ask one of our other friends about it. Like Niki, or Puffy? I’m sure they’d be happy to help you. And they’d be totally supportive as well. It’s completely up to you though.” 


Tommy thought for a moment. The idea of coming out to more than one person in a day was exhausting, but it would be nice to have someone to talk to about this other than his mom


“Niki might be nice to talk to…” Tommy said softly. Wilbur gave him an encouraging smile. 


“Okay. I can add her to the call. I’ll probably leave after she joins cause I’m not sure how comfortable she’d be talking about it around me, but I’ll stay with you while you tell her if you want any moral support?” 


“That would be good. Thank you, Wilby.” Tommy sniffed again and rubbed his eyes with a chuckle. “God I’m a mess, huh?” Wilbur looked away from his computer and smiled at him. 


“You’re okay, kiddo, don’t worry. This stuff is hard.” 


Niki’s profile picture appeared on the screen, quickly replaced by her smiling face. 


“Hello!” She said cheerfully. Tommy smiled slightly before sinking further down in his chair. Wilbur chuckled. 


“You can always back out, Tommy,” he said gently. “Or I can tell her if you want?” 


Niki glanced between the two boys with a look of confusion. 


“Are you alright, Tommy? You look like you were crying,” she murmured anxiously. 


“Thanks Will I got it. I’m okay, Niki uhm I just… I-I’m trans? And I'm on my period and I don’t really know how to deal with it and I told Wilbur and he suggested that I ask you for advice cause he doesn’t know what to do about it either s-so he added you to the call and… yeah…” Tommy was staring firmly at his lap, refusing to make eye contact with either of them. 


“Oh!” Niki said brightly. “I was worried one of you had gotten cancelled or something. Of course I’ll help you out, Tommy. And thank you for telling me. I know coming out isn’t easy, it takes a lot of guts to ask about things like this.” When Tommy finally raised his head she was smiling at him warmly. 


“Thanks Niki,” he said with a small sniffle. 


“Proud of you kiddo,” Wilbur said with a small grin. “Alright, I’m going to head out and leave you two to talk. Message me if either of you need anything.” 


“Bye Wilby,” Tommy mumbled at the same time that Niki gave a soft “bye Will!” 


There was a moment of silence before Niki began speaking. 


“Have you taken any medicine yet?” She asked gently. Tommy shook his head. 


“It doesn’t do anything,” he said dejectedly. Niki nodded understandingly. 


“That happens sometimes. You should take some anyway, there’s no harm in it and you never know if it’ll work until you do it. How much water have you had today?” 


“Mmm… one glass I think?” 


“You should fill up your water bottle and drink that. Do you think you can move me to your phone so you can go get things around the house?” 


Tommy hummed and disconnected from the call, reconnecting on his phone with his earbuds in. 


“Advil and water. Anything else?” He asked. Niki thought for a moment. 


“Are you wearing comfy, loose clothes?” Tommy gave a hum in acknowledgement as he rummaged through the medicine drawer. “Good. Do you or your mom have a heating pad?” 


“I don’t think so. We used to but I’m pretty sure it’s broken.” 


“That’s okay. How about you find a dish towel and get it damp and then put it in the microwave for a few seconds. Make sure it’s not dripping though.” Tommy nodded and wandered down to the kitchen. 


He followed Niki’s instructions and made a makeshift heating pad, wrapping a shirt around it after it was warm so it wouldn’t be too hot or itchy. He returned to his room with his items and sat down on the bed, pulling his laptop onto the bed beside him and switched the call over to it instead of the phone.


“Is there anything else I can help you with, kiddo?” Niki asked gently after Tommy got himself comfortable curled under the covers. 


“I don’t think so. I’m feeling a bit better now,” he murmured. Niki gave him a smile. 


“Do you want to keep hanging out? We can add Will and watch a movie if you want? Up is your favorite, isn’t it?” She gave him a grin and Tommy stared at her for a moment, feeling tears prick his eyes again. 


“M’sorry,” he hiccuped, scrubbing his eyes with his fist. “I didn’t mean to cry, I’m just- y’know.” 


“I understand, kiddo. These kinds of days are rough. You want me to add Will?” 


“Yes please.” 


There was a ping and Wilbur’s face appeared on the screen along with Niki’s. 


“Hey Toms, are you okay? You look like you’ve been crying again.” Wilbur’s face was pinched in concern and Tommy chuckled. 


“M’okay Wilbs,” he said. “Still feel shitty but Niki helped a bit.” 


“I’m glad bubs. Niki said something about a movie?” 


Tommy nodded sharply, a small grin on his face. “Let’s watch Up and then I will fall asleep in the middle and neither of you get to make fun of me because I feel gross and that would be mean,” he stated firmly, resting his chin on his arms as Wilbur shared loaded up the movie. 


“Of course,” Niki giggled as Wilbur gave a sigh. 


Tommy fell asleep not long into the movie, earning a soft “goodnight, Toms” from Wilbur. 


A few days later, Tommy created a group chat including himself, Niki, Wilbur, and Tubbo, quickly informing Tubbo that he had come out to the other two as well. 


His support system had grown suddenly, and in a way he didn’t expect, but he was happy that his friends were there for him.