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BBR - Vio is Very Organized

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Four had decided to separate for the night. The other colors knew Vio was missing Shadow and needed to spend time with him, but quite frankly the others wanted to do something, anything else tonight.

Green was humming as he worked on sharpening and polishing some of the groups weapons. He hadn’t really had a chance recently to enjoy working on blades recently, the others sometimes got bored and started talking often running his concentration.

Blue was trying to arm wrestle with Warriors, which due to the lack of a table, and the shear size difference made it hard to find somewhere they could balance their elbows on. When they glanced at Wilds unused pot the glare they received, sent them looking for another spot.

She had two different fires going, she was making several different dishes. They had all already finished dinner. Legends favorites as promised. Although she had made an exchange for fish for Wind and herself. Twilight calmly trading his fruit to Hyrule for the meat in his dish.

The dishes she was making were going to be stored away for days they couldn’t have a fire. She smiled, there were a few deserts that people would be happy about on those days as well. She looked back to the horn she was carving. She glared, another failure, it hadn’t come out the right way. She dropped it on the pile and pulled out another lyneal horn. She would get it right this time.

Red was laying on his back, “I’m bored.”

Blue laughed, “Hi Bored, I’m Blue.”

The group laughed as Red sat up to glare at Blue, before looking around the group, “Whose turn is it for starting the boredom breaker tonight?”

Twilight looked up from mending one of Wild’s pairs of pants. She had torn it open when she fell out of a tree, somehow not harming herself on the way down when her pants got snagged on a large branch tearing a large gash in the side of the pants she had been wearing. “It’s your guys turn in the BRR.”

The BRR or Boredom Remover Rotation was something created by the group, and named by Hyrule. On nights when no one could think of anything to talk about, where they were stuck just staring at each other, whoever’s turn it was in the BBR was tasked with creating a topic.

“Really! Oh, I have a great idea.”

Blue had given up on finding a stone to wrestle Warriors flopping onto the ground next to Red, “Well lets have it then.”

“Do you guys want to see, well more hear something really funny, and kinda weird?”

The group turned from their various busy work to focus on Red, Wild was careful to keep an eye on the cooking dishes.

Legend sighed, “Alright what is it?”

Red snicked before looking over at Vio who was spending his time just quietly talking with Shadow, “Vio! Where’s Warriors’s mirror?”

You could hear the sigh in Vio’s voice as he responded, “Which one?”

“There’s more than one?”

“He has two currently, one broke last week.”

The group glanced at Warriors who looked shocked.

Blue smiled, “All of them.”

“He has a small hand sized mirror in his upper left pocket on his tunic. The second is a standard sized hand mirror which is between the first and second set of clean clothing in his pack. He also has part of his shield he keeps polished to a mirror shine which functions as a substandard mirror when needed.”

Warriors looked gob stocked, “How do you know all of that?”

Legend laughed, “He’s right then? I mean I knew you had the small one but a hand sized mirror as well?”

“Shut up, Vio how do you know what I have and fuck man, where I have them stashed!”

Vio looked up from the slate, “It’s rather obvious where you are always putting them.”

“But how do you know whether the clothes are dirty or clean?”

“You never put the mirror next to dirty clothes if you can, and you did laundry two day ago.”

The group just stared at Vio as he turned and looked back to Shadow, he was probably trying to listen to Shadow most recent story.

Red smile was huge, “Vio where’s Wind’s baton.”

“At the bottom of his bag, wrapped in the bloody shirt from the battle before last.”

Wind dived for his bag, pulling everything out, littering the floor with all of his belongings before getting to the shirt Vio mentioned, “Aha!” He pulled the baton from inside the clothes, “I’ve been looking for this! Hey do you know where Hyrule’s bottle is? The one he accused of me off stealing?”

“Legend’s bag, right side pocket.”

Hryule grabbed Legend’s bag before Legend could, reaching into the pocket mentioned and drew out his bottle, “You’re the one that stole it!”

Legend tried to get his bag back. “I didn’t take it.”

“Why was it in your bag then?”

“I don’t know! Someone must have put it there by mistake.”

Hyrule glared, before he started smiling, “Hey Vio?”


“Where are Legend’s pants?”

Wind sounded confused, “Why are you asking that, he doesn’t have any.”

Vio’s voice was flat, “In the hidden pocket that is disguised right inside the bottom of his bag.”

Everyone stared before looking at Legends bag.

Legend actually squeaked, “No, no, no pants exist. I swear.”

Hyrule was already reaching into Legend’s bag, feeling across the bottom he smiled, “Found the pocket!” Glancing down into the bag his face froze, “Um, never mind, nope. That is going back where it came from.”

Hyrule started shoving something back into the bag, Warriors took the bag from him and pulled out what he had been touching.

They all stared at the, pants, that Warriors was holding in the air looking at it dumbfounded. Legends head was buried his head in his hands groaning, “Please just put them back.”

Wind leaned back, as if to get away from the pants, worried they would attack, “What in the bloody great sea is that?”

Sky voice was soft as if afraid, “Is the glitter rainbow colored on top of the rainbow print?”

Hyrule was looking at his hand that touched the pants, “The glitter is colored.”

Twilight leaned forward peering at the pants, “Are those purple rabbits?”

Wind was coving his eyes, “Whatever it is, is unholy, put it back before it blinds us all.”

Legend grabbed the bag and carefully touched the inside of the pants, “Damn it, glitter is going to be everywhere.”

Time didn’t make a comment about the language still bewildered by the abomination that they had just seen.

Blue was blinking rapidly trying to rid his memory of what he saw, “I can see why you don’t wear them, but why do you have them?”

Legend sighed after getting the pants hidden away again. “They’re a gift from my husband. I don’t know if there a gag gift or something he thinks I actually would like. Either way he’ll be mad if I get rid of them and act all distraught and,” he sighed, “It’s not worth the risk of it being an actually well-meaning gift.”

Red asked, “Have you ever tried them on?”

“Once, hw said they looked perfect. I told him it was too hot out for pants and I will die before I put those on ever again.”

“What about if your husband asks?”

“I pray that never happens. If Hylia holds anything good will towards me, he will forget they exist.”

“So, you would put them on for him?”

“I don’t know and that scares me.” Legend put his bag behind him before smirking, “Vio where’s Sky’s love letters?”

“He keeps them in the top of his boots, between the liners and the outer leather.”

Hyrule asked confused, “Liner?”

Sky was hugging his boots that he had taken off earlier, to his chest, “Yeah the part that you can remove from the outer leather to let them dry faster.”

“You’re shoes have two layers?”

“Don’t yours?”

“No, why would I?”

“So you could remove it so your shoes will dry?”

Vio spoke looking at the screen of the slate, as if he was telling Shadow more than anyone else, “Sky’s boots have an inner liner that can be removed and then be dried. Skyloft seems to hang out just short max altitude humans can live, but also in the middle of the sky where clouds form. Likely Skyloft has problems with water content in the air when they traveled in, so its harder to dry clothing out. It’s very hard to dry wet boots so inserts work better at drying out then lined leather.”

“The change in altitude is probably why Sky is often tired, the excessive fatigue can be sign of reverse altitude sickness.”

“Why don’t I tell him this? Well we were all Four, and knowing about odd medical conditions were not really something Four would know. As Sky doesn’t seem to be having any adverse effects except fatigue it didn’t seem to be a pressing concern. The fact that it hasn’t fully improved is odd, but I think that might be because each of our hyrule are a slightly different altitudes making it harder for him to acclimate to a lower altitude.”

“He is improving and all that can be done for treatment of reverse altitude sickness since we keep moving and switching realms in time. He’ll acclimate eventually,” he looked up thinking, “I probably should tell him about the dangers of returning to Skyloft after spending so much time on the surface. Since obviously altitude sickness exists, countering the reverse altitude sickness he is currently dealing with. It would probably effect people not chosen by the goddesses more strongly than us.”

Blue yelled over at Vio, “You do know your talking out loud right?”

Vio looked up shocked, “What?”

“You’re not rambling away inside our head, everyone heard you, you living dictionary.”

Vio blushed, “Ah, sorry about that. I would not have spoken so loudly if I had remembered.”

Time looked over, “This reverse altitude sickness isn’t hurting Sky?”

“Beyond the oddity of only one symptom of fatigue? No. It is very interesting that he is only exhibiting the one side effect and none of the other symptoms. I mean if he’s exhibiting what started as a very severe case of fatigue, I would have expected him to show signs of nausea, shortness of breath and other more serious symptoms.”

Blue cut him off, “Don’t need the lecture Vio, just the answer.”

Vio glared, “He’s fine, he could stand to drink more water, but everyone could stand to drink more water.”

Time looked over at Sky, “Alright, more water for you. You’ll need to start finishing canteens instead of sipping at them. Hopefully that will help with this reverse altitude sickness.”

Time turned back to Vio, “If you notice something like this in the future, please share it with the group.”

Vio nodded looking embarrassed.

“On a different note, do you know where my Ocarina is?”

“What ocarina? You’ve never had one on the quest. Did you forget it somewhere before the quest started?”

Time scratched his head, “Huh, I thought I packed it, but I might have taken it out to play for my wife. I’ll have to look around the house if we end up traveling through my ranch.”

Twilight sat up, “You have a ranch?”

“Eh, Malon says I do, so I must.”

Wild raised her hand in the air.

“You don’t have to raise your hand to ask a question Wild.”

Wild blushed as she asked, “What’s a ranch?”

Twilight looked at her, “This another word issue you think?”

Warriors leaned forward, “Word issue?”

“Her memory sometimes gets stuck on words, but Wild, a ranch is a place that you raise animals like goats and chickens. They also often grow vegetables and sometimes grains. Farms are similar but their first focus is on growing plant for food and other uses like bedding.”

“Oh, I think there’s a ranch in the town I own a house in.”

“Typically, there not inside towns, but with your world it makes sense for a town to build around a ranch. As traveling between different places in your hyrule can be more hazardous than it is in our hyrule’s.”

Wind yawned as Wild thanked Twilight.

Time noticing the yawns that had been popping up around the group started ushing people into bed, leaving Wild to take first watch. He reminded her that he had the middle watch and she better remember to wake him up and not take a double or even triple watch again.

Wild nodded turning back to the food, stashing the different dishes in her slate as they finished for the night. She did wake Time eventually.