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Planet-side Accident

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You, Leonard, and Jim are mostly silent as you trek through the jungle towards your destination. Occasionally one of you will point out something interesting, like a gap in the trees that leads to an amazing view.

There's sweat dripping into your eyes, and you reach up to wipe it away with a huff.

"I hate this planet."

Jim snorts a laugh. "You just hate the weather."

"Yeah, and the weather is because of the planet. Ergo, I hate the planet."

He shakes his head with a chuckle. "We'll be done soon enough, and then we can go back to the ship for cold showers and air con."

Leonard seems to be in his element, long since used to hot Georgia summers.

Both of them look so handsome in the light flickering through the leaves above your heads. You wonder if today will be the day you tell them about your feelings.

You all follow the vague path as it winds closer to the edge of the cliff. You pause momentarily to take in the view as the guys continue on ahead. Closing your eyes, you turn your face towards the sky and let the breeze wash over you.

The ground cracks under your feet. Jim and Leonard spin around to meet your eyes as the cliff shifts and falls out from under you. You can't even scream, unable to get their twin looks of horror out of your mind.




You wake at the bottom of the cliff, unsure of how much time has passed. It can't have been long, because Leonard and Jim are shouting down, trying to get your attention. Your entire body aches, but you raise your hand to alert them that you're still alive.

Their shouting changes, but you can't really make out their words over the ringing in your head. When you touch your fingers to your forehead, they come away wet with blood.

"Shit," you curse to yourself, and begin to take stock of your injuries.

You wiggle your fingers first, and find both hands intact, if bloody from trying to slow your descent.

You try the toes on your right leg next, and they seem mostly in order, but your left leg is completely numb. As you lift your head up to try and get a better look at it, you realize your leg is bent at an unnatural angle, bone sticking through your calf.

The sight makes you nauseous, but you hold it in and close your eyes to get it under control. Your head hurts so much, and all you want to do is sleep.

They're shouting your name now, and when you open your eyes, you can see Leonard climbing down the cliff side, precariously holding onto a rope that appears to be tied to a tree. Jim looks like he's trying to get in touch with the Enterprise.

Finally, Leonard touches the ground and runs over to you. "Thank god you're alright, we were so worried."

"I'm not sure you and I have the same definition of 'alright', Doctor."

He rolls his eyes. "Nothin' but a scratch, darlin', you're gonna be just fine," he says, trying to reassure you as he roots in his travelling medical kit for something.

"I'm gonna give you a hypo for the pain, okay? But you have to stay awake. You have a concussion."

"Think that's the least of my problems, Doc," you giggle, a little delirious, as he puts the hypo to your neck. You barely flinch- it feels like nothing compared to your leg.

Jim appears behind him a few minutes later. "I can't get in touch with the Enterprise, Bones," he says quietly.

Bones turns to face him, keeping his voice down to not alarm you.

"We have to do better than that, Jim. I can't set this in the field without proper medical equipment."

"I know, Bones, I'm gonna try to hike to the top of that hill out there and get a better signal," he points off in the distance.

"You shouldn't go alone."

"I don't have a choice, Bones, you have to stay here."

They nod, hugging quickly, and Jim sets off to try to beat the sunset.

"Where's the Captain going?"

"Off to get you help. Now, let's see what we can do about your leg."


Leonard cleans up the area as best as he can with the limited supplies he has, and gives you another hypo filled with antibiotics.

He's been talking to you through it all, but you can't remember much. You're becoming feverish, and Leonard is trying his best to keep you calm and pain-free.

"Len," you mumble. "Where's Jim?"

You rarely call them by their first names unless totally alone, but the three of you have known each other for years now.

"He went to get help, remember?" He says, gently running his hand through your hair.

You hum noncommittally. "No, but I believe you. Why do we need help again?"

"You fell down the cliff and hurt your leg. We're waiting for the Enterprise to beam us back up."

Nodding, you start to doze off, but he taps your forehead gently. "No sleeping, you have a concussion."

You huff. "I'm tired."

"I know, darlin'. We're gonna get you fixed up, and then you can sleep for as long as you like."

"You called me darling. You never call me darling."

His hand stops briefly before picking up the pattern again.

"I wish I could do it more often," he admits.

"Why don't you?"

"I'm not sure you'd appreciate it when you're yourself."

You shake your head, then hiss as it throbs. "It would be welcome. From either of you," you mumble.

He makes a noise in the back of his throat.

"From either of us?"

"Or both."

"Or both..."

"Is there an echo here?" you giggle. "I was gonna do it today, when we got back to the ship."

He hums and goes silent for a moment. "When you're better, we'll talk."

The two of you sit in silence for a while, and you zone out, trying to ignore the throbbing in your leg as the pain killer wears off.

“I’m sorry, darlin’, I don’t have anything else for the pain.”

“It’s okay, I can take it.”

Sighing, you open your eyes and stare at the sky.

“Where’s Jim?”

“He went to get help, he’ll be back soon.”

“I’m scared, Len.”

The sun is starting to set below the tree line, and a breeze blows by, making you shiver.

“You’re gonna be just fine, darlin’. You’ll be healthy as a horse before you can say ‘when’.”

“When,” you mumble.

It isn’t long before darkness settles, and there’s the distant sound of animals moving through the woods. A howl rings out in the night.

Leonard’s other hand tightens around yours in reassurance.

It feels like hours have gone by. Your leg is in searing pain, and you’re trying not to cry in front of Leonard.

Finally, you hear the sound of running in the distance, and realize that Jim is back with reinforcements.

Leonard sighs in relief.

Nurse Chapel is with him, along with a few security officers.

They maneuver you to an anti-grav stretcher, trying their best to be gentle, but you let out a scream as the pain in your leg flares and you go limp.

You wake up groggily, pleasantly pain-free, but confused.

When you open your eyes, you see Jim and Leonard sitting on the same side of your biobed, pressed against each other. Their heads are bowed over a PADD and they speak quietly.

Their brows are both furrowed, and you want to reach out and rub the lines away.

You open your mouth to speak, but your throat is dry, and you cough instead. Leonard immediately jumps up to hold a glass of water for you to sip at.

“Thank you,” you say softly as he pulls away.

“How’re you feeling?”

You give a noncommittal hum. “Better than I did.”

“I imagine so,” Jim says, reaching for your hand.

“How long was I out?”

“The surgery took about three hours,” Len explains. “But you’ve been out for twelve.”

He readjusts and puts his hand under yours, so both of them are holding you.

“You’re gonna be in a wheelchair for a couple of days, and then crutches for a week until the bones are stable enough to put your full weight on them," Leonard starts.

"But you're on medical leave for a week, and then on light duty," Jim adds.

You groan. "I'm gonna get so behind on work."

"You have a whole team at your back to help you," Jim laughs.

The three of you fall quiet for a bit, enjoying each other’s company now that everyone is safe.

“When I’m not in MedBay anymore, we should go on a date.”

They look at each other.

“Uh... Which one of us are you talking about?” Jim asks.

Leonard squeezes your hand as you reply, “Both of you.”

“You want to go on a date with both of us?”

“Yes, maybe that way we can all stop making moon eyes at each other.” You give the two of them a pointed look.

“We don’t make moon eyes at each other!” Leonard protests.

“We kinda do, Bones,” Jim chuckles.

In the end, you decide on a private dinner in the Captain’s quarters once you’re back on your feet.

You can’t really dress up thanks to your leg, but you do the best you can to be presentable for your first date with Jim and Leonard.

They meet you in Jim’s quarters, both dressed in black slacks. Jim is wearing a light blue shirt that compliments his eyes, and Bones is classic in white. They're both barefoot, making it feel more intimate, and you kick off the lightweight shoes you'd been wearing to get around.

It's been two weeks since the accident, and you're moving around pretty handily with the crutches now. After the first ensign to hit on you and offer his "assistance" in your quarters, the ship has realized that you've essentially been given two long weapons that you aren't afraid to use.

"You look amazing," Leonard greets as he kisses you on the cheek. Jim follows suit with the opposite cheek, and they both leave you blushing.

"You guys too," you reply, ducking your head to hide the redness.

"Let's sit, food should be here soon."

You prop your crutches up against the wall and balance on one foot as Leonard holds the chair for you so you can sit. You thank him quietly.

"Have a good day so far?"

You hum. "Mostly just preparing to get back to work in a couple days. They won't let me help with anything, even remotely. I'm going stir crazy."

Leonard nods. "You'll be back to running the show soon, they need their leader."

The food appears before you in a golden glow. It's your favorite, and you know Jim must have pulled some strings with the chef, because they rarely serve it.

You make small talk over dinner. Jim touches on the latest developments on the bridge, especially between Uhura and Spock. Leonard mentions how one of the newer nurses had jinxed them by mentioning how quiet it was, prompting several engineers to come up after a small accident.

"I was thinking we could watch a movie?" Jim suggests after dinner, almost shy.

You nod. "I'd like that. Len?"

He agrees, but the couch won't comfortably fit all three of you, so you guys decide on the bed instead. You sit propped up between them, watching the holo and pretending not to be over-the-moon when they both reach out and take one of your hands.

It doesn't take long before Jim dozes off on your shoulder, and you poke Leonard to get his attention. He just laughs quietly. "He hasn't finished a movie since the Academy."

You chuckle, trying to keep your shoulders still so as to not wake Jim.

The two of you turn back to finish the movie, Jim snoring gently beside you.

The next thing you know, Leonard is tapping your leg to wake you up. The credits are rolling, and he has a small smile on his face.

"I've, ah, been crashin' here lately, do you want to stay?"

You yawn in response, and Leonard leans over you to shake Jim awake.

"Come on, kid, time for bed," he prods.

Jim grumbles under his breath, but reaches up to take his shirt off, half asleep. You blush as his toned chest is revealed to you in the dim light of the room.

"Mhm," Leonard agrees beside you. When you turn around, he has also taken his shirt off, tossing it in the general direction of a chair.

"I sure know how to pick 'em," you joke, as the three of you settle down and get comfortable. Leonard wraps an arm around you from behind, and Jim stretches his arm to hold the both of you.

Jim is out immediately, and you focus on settling your breathing and quieting your brain as you always do before bed. It's proving more difficult with two handsome men on either side of you.

"Goodnight, darlin'," Leonard mumbles with a kiss to your cheek.


In the morning, you stretch your limbs, finding you have more room to move than you did last night. You open your eyes to find you now have Jim plastered to your back, and Leonard is sitting at the table working on his PADD.

"Len?" you say, sleepily.

He looks up. "Go back to sleep, darlin', it's still early."

"Give him five minutes," Jim mumbles into your ear. "He'll be back."

You laugh, turning over to face him. Jim's hair is an absolute mess, sticking up at all angles, and there are lines on his face from the pillowcase.

It hits you that you want to wake up to these men every morning.

You cup his cheek in your hand and gently kiss him.

Leonard doesn't last much longer when he sees the two of you exchanging soft kisses.

He wraps his arms around you, and you turn your head to kiss him, too. A few long moments go by, and then they lean over you and kiss each other.

Your heart does a dance in your chest, and you can't contain the silly smile that graces your face.

They look at you, take their turns kissing you, and then everyone settles down for a nap until it's time to get up for Alpha shift.


Later, as you lay in your too-small bed and remember how well your first date had gone, you find yourself already eager for the next one.

You already know you'll never be the same.