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Chapter 1 image of fox furs on the wall and a light sconce chapter is called Hunt




She shivers at the sight of it. At fourteen, that’s how she knows she’s presented. That’s what they said could happen. It’s the hormones. Instinct.


Rey knows she should go to the nurse’s office right away for an emergency suppressant. It’s what they’re supposed to do. But she’s on her way to her third period, and the nurse's office is on the complete other side of the building and—


Holy shit he smells so good.


A flood of embarrassment flushes through her, secreting a fluid in her body that pools in her panties.


It makes him turn sharply to look at her, and that dark pinkish spot on the back of his neck that Rey has caught a glimpse of under his polo collar swirls from view. In its place are two dark, leering eyes. 


He’s glaring at her so fiercely she thinks he could gouge holes through her skull.


If the fuzzy feeling in her stomach wasn’t so severe, she’s sure she would be afraid. He was a huge, towering Alpha, after all—even at fifteen. 


She keeps staring, limbs locked in place waiting for—something to happen.


He takes a step forward then stops, something like repulsion filling his face as he snarls, “Fucking Omega slut.


The word is shocking to Rey’s ears. She’s never been called that before. 


Then, Rey really does flee and decides she’ll take missing third period as long as she can have that emergency suppressant stat. 


She shakes her head as tears fling from the corners of her eyes. Rey tries to convince herself she does not have any feelings of any kind for Alderaan School’s number one bully: Kylo Ren. 


If she could even call the things that were happening to her body as feelings.






An alarm rings loudly, breaking apart the school hallway into wisps of smoke, and her eyes open to see her bland bedroom walls glaring back at her under the rising sun. 


Rey groans and she rolls over onto her stomach. The alarm rings louder and she sighs, wishing she could just stop it telepathically. 


Her arm reaches out for her phone and she taps the ‘snooze’ button aggressively. With a huff, she turns onto her back, her eyes staring up at the cracked ceilings. 


She wonders if she’ll ever stop having those dreams.


“First day of senior year, Niima,” she mutters to herself as she inspects the fractures of chipping paint above her.


She thinks she should be more excited. After all, this would be the first year of school without him there tormenting her every day. She never got over the meanness. It still haunts her even now, even though Kylo Ren has graduated and gone off to college and is no longer in Coruscant to make her life a living hell.


Maybe it will get better.


She puts eyeliner on for the first time in an effort to try.


“This year will be different,” she says with a sureness she doesn’t feel. “No more whore in heat jokes, no more comments about how awful your slick stinks. No more taunts about being a horny slut for Kylo Ren. It’s going to be better.” 


She tells herself this.


Over and over.


She doesn’t get why she still feels so off. It’s like a low-sounding hum buzzing just in the background. Enough to unsettle. It’s a dull ache, it’s hollow.


She just wants to have a friend—one friend this year.


This might finally be her chance.






“Hey, I’m Kaydel.” 


Rey blinks and realizes the new girl in class is talking to her. Her. She tries not to look so surprised.


She had hoped for a friend after all. Was it possible she could have manifested this? And so soon at the beginning of the day in Homeroom?


“H-hi, I’m Rey.” It’s strange and unfamiliar, talking to someone. 


She curses, had Kylo’s torment done so much damage she couldn’t remember how to be anything other than isolated and alone?


But here, with Kaydel, the dirty blonde was offering her a second chance.


“I’m new here, though I’m sure that’s obvious with a school this small.” Her eyes crinkle when she smiles. She’s wearing the school uniform differently than they’re supposed to. Her skirt is definitely too short, and her blouse is too fitted. She looks cool. Way too cool for Rey.


“Oh, where were you before?”


Kaydel shrugs and makes a sour face. “Boarding school, but I got kicked out. It wasn’t that great anyway. Way too many rules and far too strict. But mom thought it would straighten me out. And the best part was, this time it wasn’t even my fault.” She sounds aloof as she says all this like it’s a regular occurrence. Maybe to her, it is. 


Rey wonders why she’s talking to her, the school charity case.


And what would she think if she knew? 


Alderaan School is a prestigious preparatory institution. It costs almost ten grand a semester, but Rey was smart enough to qualify for one of their scholarships and suddenly she was wearing burgundy plaid skirts with white button-up shirts that were way too boxy for her, navy knee socks that left embarrassing indentations in her calves, and itchy cardigans.


Meanwhile, Kaydel makes the school uniform look like something out of a Gossip Girl episode. 


“So, Rey,” Kaydel brings her attention back from her inner reveries. “What’s Alderaan’s deal?”


Rey looks bemused. “I don’t know, I’m not really the most...popular student here…” she trails off when she hears some giggles in the distance. 


Kaydel glances over to where there’s some quiet snickering from a group of other girls behind them in the corner. Rey watches her shoot them a glare and then roll her eyes. 


“Listen, I’ve already had my share of mean stuck-up bitches at my last school. I’m not looking for a repeat. You seem cool, real.”


It feels strange, to hear someone say anything remotely nice to her, let alone a compliment like that.


No one has ever referred to Rey Niima, slutty Omega outcast, as cool.


“You don’t think I’m just a dumb, Omega slut?”


Kaydel gives her a surprised look. “Why would I think that? I just met you.”


Rey thinks she’d be just as shocked to hear that it didn’t matter if people knew Rey or not. Because of Kylo’s harsh words, that was all it took to ostracize Rey from the rest of her class, and even most of the school.


But she has a feeling Kaydel does what Kaydel wants, regardless of what anyone thinks.


Kaydel doesn’t wait for Rey to answer. “Hey, as I said, I know all about mean bitches alright?” She turns to the group of girls still shooting them both side-eyes and after glancing at the front of the room to see their Homeroom teacher Ms. D’acy busily writing in a notebook, she throws them the middle finger. When Kaydel turns back around she’s smirking. “Just stick with me and they won’t give you a problem anymore, kay?”


Rey can’t believe she really manifested a friend on her first day of Senior year. 






Rey’s last year of high school really has been the best year yet. 


Rey smiles now when she walks the halls. She’s even developed a few more friendships with two other kids in her grade, Finn and Rose, and they are awesome.


But not as cool as her best friend Kaydel. 


Rey literally can’t believe her luck. After so many years of torment for being just a “dumb, stupid whore Omega,” finally it seems she’s brushed away her pariah persona and can finally be a normal eighteen-year-old.


She even went to homecoming this year for the first time ever and danced and had her first taste of schnapps, which she definitely does not like. But it was fun, and Rey had a great time.


“Hey, babe,” Kaydel slings her arm over Rey’s shoulders. “So, I have a great plan for winter break this year. My parents are going to California to see my grandparents and they’re not making me go with them. Mom is totally being way more chill now that I’ve gone almost four whole months without a detention. She definitely chalks it up to your good influence. My mom loves you. And I already talked about it with them and they’re totally cool with us going up to the cabin for a girls week.”


Rey rapidly attempts to keep up with Kaydel’s words. “What?”


Kaydel stops walking and grabs both of Rey’s shoulders, turning her to face her. “Okay, so before you say no...I’ve been talking to this older guy, a Beta named Poe. He’s so hot—”


“How much older is he?” Concern fills Rey because Kaydel’s never mentioned an older guy before…


“He’s a college sophomore, so like not that much older.” Kaydel rolls her eyes. “But you know, college guys are so much better than the bozos walking these halls.” There’s a mischievous glint in her eye as she looks at Rey.


That’s never a good sign.


“So, I was thinking we could make a thing out of it. Invite a few people up, or I can ask Poe to bring a friend…”


“W-what?” Rey asks as confusion fills her. In the time she’s known Kaydel, she has wanted to do some things that have made Rey feel uncomfortable, or more out of her comfort zone is a better explanation. Kaydel would often tell Rey it’s “life experience, babe, it’s time for you to live a little.”


Kaydel knows Rey was bullied by most of the school, and due to the influence of one major dickhead Alpha Kylo Ren.


It still got stuck in her throat whenever she’d try to say his name. Almost four years of traumatizing bullying from an Alpha she couldn’t help but be attracted to. His scent was unlike anything she’d smelled before. He smelled different from all the other Alphas in the school. He smelled perfect.


And if that was what hate smelled like, she was terrified to know what it would be like with something like love


But no one loved Rey. Not even her mom, who spent all of her days, when she wasn’t working shifts at the QuickMart, lying on the couch popping her pills and chain-smoking cigarettes. 


Well, maybe Kaydel did. She’s the only one who cared about Rey.


Kaydel wiggles her shoulders as her sly smile widens. “I was thinking we could have a little get-together.”


“Get together? With college boys?”


“Rey, we’re all adults now. Only a few more months until we’re out in the real world. Besides, as I said, it’s not like they’re that much older.”


“There won’t be any...Alphas there, right? I just don’t want to be trapped somewhere with people we don’t really know, and what if something happens and—”


“Rey, relax.” Kaydel soothes and she mimics taking a deep breath. “I’ll make sure Poe knows not to invite any Alphas. I would never put you in an uncomfortable situation, babe.” Her expression changes then, and she pouts with a pleading look in her eyes for Rey’s consent. Her face says, Pleaseeee?


Rey sighs, “Okay fine.”


Kaydel’s squeal is deafening. “It’s going to be so fun! And no pressure, you know you’re not obligated to do anything with anyone. Plus Poe said he could bring a couple friends and girls too. It’ll be chill.”


Even with all the viable excuses coming out of her mouth, Rey shakes her head, knowing Kaydel’s real prerogative. “You’re totally going to screw this guy.”


Her best friend winks slyly. “I hope so,” she singsongs. 


Rey sighs internally as she smiles back, resigned.


Kaydel does what Kaydel wants.






Poe said he was driving up with a few friends, Beau, Jannah, and Snap, and he’d meet them at the cabin. 


Kaydel smirks as she tells Rey that Snap is a beta at Ach-To State and a lineman on the football team. Beau was in a band. “You have options,” she smirks.


But there's no pressure because Jannah will also be present and it can totally just be a group thing.


“I think this could be the perfect chance to finally get some milestones out of the way though,” Kaydel says after she turns the radio down as they drive up the winding wintry roads. The pine trees go up and up, Rey can’t even see the top from the car window. “I mean, it’ll be in a safe environment. No pressure of getting caught, and both Beau and Snap have been vetted…”


Rey tunes her out as they drive. The snow looks so picturesque up here as opposed to near town. It’s untouched, pristine. It looks like something Rey’s seen in the annual calendars her mom brings home from work of seasonal landscapes. 


She hasn’t thought about it that often, and especially not since a certain Alpha was terrorizing her whenever he caught sight of her, but she always hoped her first time would be...with an Alpha.


Even though the thought also terrified her.


Even worse was the fact that all her illicit fantasies only ever included one Alpha in particular. The one Alpha determined to make her life a living hell and her number one super bully.


Rey pushes the fluttering image of his face and his hulking shoulders away. She hates how he affects her, how even with how cruel he was towards her, every part of her body that knew about sexual awareness wanted to be absolutely used up by Kylo Ren.


But that was over now. He was gone. She would likely never see him again, and she knows she should be grateful for it.


It’s her body that’s trying to betray her.


“We’re here!” Kaydel squeaks excitedly as she pulls up the drive.


Rey’s eyes widen as she takes in the massive house Kaydel referred to as a ‘cabin’. It was at least three stories, with a huge wooden patio on one side. It was rustic, but Rey wonders if they paid money to make it look like that.


The inside is homier than Rey expected after seeing the outside. Even though it’s clear everything in the house is expensive, it doesn’t feel unlived in. Rey eyes the animal pelts on the wall of the hall by the entryway.


“Your family hunts?” she asks. 


Kaydel shrugs and she heaves the two grocery bags in her hands as she does so. “Eh, my dad and Ben do...or they used to. They’re not really on speaking terms…”


Rey hums as she stares sadly at the fuzzy ears of a fox. “What happened?”


Kaydel had mentioned Ben in the past, but never said much about him. It didn’t seem like they were close.


“I don’t know. Ben’s got...he’s got some issues, and Mom and Dad are really hard on him. I haven’t even seen him since I left for boarding school.”


Rey follows Kaydel to the kitchen feeling bad for bringing up an obviously sensitive topic. “I’m sorry—”


She stops dead in her tracks when she smells it. 


The kitchen is filled with the most alluring scent. A woodsy campfire smell that makes sense given they’re in a cabin in the woods, but there’s more to it. The scent strangles Rey in a way that makes her want to burrow deeper and curl in on herself. She wants to suffocate within and snuggle into its warmth.


And the most startling thing of all is how familiar it all is, and the dread that rises to meet her momentary bliss makes her freeze.


“Oh holy fuck, what are you doing here?” Kaydel shrieks as she drops one of the bags with an unceremonious plop on the island counter. “Jesus, Ben you scared the shit out of me.”






No...this couldn’t be happening.


Rey’s eyes dart to the big den across the way. The kitchen and den are all one big open space. A huge stone fireplace covers most of the far wall, and there’s a leather couch placed in front of it. Rey's eyes stay glued to that piece of furniture as she stares at the massive torso in view over the back of the couch.


It’s impossible to keep track of all the thoughts flying through Rey’s mind as she stares at the one person who’s made her life absolute hell.


She’s scrambling to figure out in what universe would Kylo Ren ever also be her best friend's brother Ben?


And now she was in the middle of nowhere in a cabin with him.


“Mom said you’re supposed to be in Colorado skiing with Bazine or something?”


Those broad shoulders shrug. “We broke up.”


Kaydel makes a sound of annoyance. “Okay, well, Mom said Rey and I could have the cabin for the week, so you gotta go.”


Ben scoffs. “Why do I have to leave? This is my house too.”


Rey is having trouble following the conversation. Her brain is still addled with the onslaught of his scent. After almost half a year of being without it, its potency seems one hundred times stronger. She’s vibrating with every inhale she takes. 


He always smelled good, but now he smells...even better…


A breath whooshes out of her when she realizes his eyes have landed on her and the panic inside her erupts.


It takes her two more breaths to notice the reactions coming from her body.


She feels warm, almost hot. She’s definitely perspiring, but it could be out of terror. And the worst of it is, and it always happened to an embarrassing degree whenever Kylo Ren was around—how inappropriately her Omega begs to respond to him.


It’s already happened, but she’s just noticing it now, the dampness in her panties that is wholly unwelcome. 


This can’t be happening.


“Well, I told Rey there wouldn’t be any Alphas here. I don’t want you to make her uncomfortable.”


It pulls Rey out of her downward spiral to disaster, but she blinks and forces her eyes to Kaydel to see her standing there with her hands on her hips. 


“And I have more friends coming, so you have to get out!” Kaydel sounds almost petulant and whiny, something Rey has never witnessed before. Maybe Kylo—Ben had a negative effect on everyone around him.


It’s a rather unimportant question at this point, but Rey’s mind is screaming in panic wondering why he went by a different name at Alderaan School and how no one seemed to know it was just a pseudonym for his real name...


“Do Mom and Dad know you have more friends coming?” 


“Yeah, they do.”


“No, they don’t.” He’s mocking his sister, but he’s staring at Rey. His chin juts out and there is a playful glint in his eye. If Rey didn't know any better she'd think it was lighthearted and teasing. But she knows it has to be anything but. “Who’s your friend?”


“Rey’s a friend from school, and don’t even think about doing any creepy Alpha shit to her, okay? She’s had horrible past experiences with Alphas who were assholes.”


Something flashes in his eyes as they stay trained on Rey. His expression shifts into a smirk when he says quietly, “That sucks.”


Kaydel’s phone buzzes. “Oh shit,” she mutters as she looks down at her phone. “Poe’s car got a flat tire. They’re currently stranded in the middle of nowhere. I’m going to have to go pick them up.”


Rey feels worry flood her as she hears this news. “Okay, we can both go—”


“But there’s four of them…” Kaydel trails off awkwardly. “And there won’t be enough room in the car…”


Logically, Rey understands this. But she’s hyper-aware of what it would mean if Kaydel left right now. Hyper aware of the fact that she can smell the possessiveness coming from Kyl—Ben.


“I’m fine to stay with Rey until you come back with your friends. Then I’ll leave, promise.”


She’s shocked to hear those words come from Ben. The offer sounds relatively nice, and it turns Rey’s worry into a full-blown panic.


There’s no way she can be alone with Ben Solo...


Rey wants to protest, but she feels no words come out.


Kaydel picks up her purse and starts to head for the door. “Okay I’ll be right back, should only be an hour or two…”


No, Rey thinks in fear. That was too much time.


Rey follows behind Kaydel, very conscious of Ben’s presence slowly slinking behind them. 


“Maybe I should go get them,” Rey whispers as she tries to keep her voice from shaking.


Kaydel takes both her hands. “I’m so sorry to do this to you, I’ll be back in a few hours after I rescue the rest of the group. We’re still going to have a fun week, I promise. Just...lock your door if you feel uncomfortable, but I swear I’ll be back as quick as I can. Just text me if you need anything, kay?”


Footsteps echo down the hall and the hairs at the back of Rey’s neck stand on end. The scent of her fear is clouding the entryway, it’s impossible to ignore.


It only just overpowers the looming presence of possession from Ben that threatens to consume that fear. Consume her.


Except...Kaydel is a beta with senses slightly duller than those of an Omega, or an Alpha. 


She can’t smell it.


“Don’t worry, Kay. She won’t even know I’m here,” Ben says with lighthearted humor in his tone, something Rey has never heard from him before.


He almost appears...nice.


Kaydel narrows her eyes, however. “Just don’t be a dick. She’s my best friend.” She points at Rey. “I’ll be back ASAP, alright babe?”


Rey can only nod as she senses the excitement building from the predator behind her. 


Every instinct within her screams to run.


“Drive safe!” Ben calls from behind her and a cold sweat rushes through her as she watches the front door slowly click closed.


It’s silent for a moment, neither of them moving. Rey breathes shallowly as she tries to calm her raging heartbeat.


His voice rumbles across the floor and she feels it drift and shoot up her legs and straight to her core making her tremble in trepidation.


“Still can’t help but wet yourself over me, huh.” He chuckles darkly from behind her. 


The wood creaks with his weight and it makes her shoulder jump in response.


“Fucking pathetic, Omega whore.” He says it angrily, and yet, she doesn’t feel any rage from him.


Even as he repeats the same bullying tactics from years past, the anger and hate that would roll off him with those words are no longer there. 


He almost sounds resigned, defeated. It’s strange.


His scent envelopes her again, and he growls as he smells more of the slick pooling in her panties. 


Something desperate fills the room, overshadowing Rey’s panic. Her heart pounds loudly in her ears. He hasn’t moved from his spot, but he feels bigger, closer…


She hates how her body responds like this to him. Why it seems like she can’t control her reactions to him. This never seemed like a problem for other Alpha and Omegas in school. And now she's been taking suppressants for years. He shouldn't be affecting her so strongly. She doesn’t understand why of all the Alphas in the world it has to be someone as volatile and mean as Ben Solo. 


But for whatever reason, he hated her...and he made sure she knew it. 


Except now, that distaste isn’t there. No, in fact, she senses something far more terrifying.




He says it very quietly, like a predator about to catch his prey. Another rumbling growl follows that has warning signs poking insistently at her feet.