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Key Up, Sex Up, Wrap Up

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"What the hell is this?" Hinata squinted at the key in his hand. He was bored and had been spending his time wasting his money on that weird gachapon machine when it spit out a capsule containing the object.

Monokuma popped out of thin air. "Upupupu! That thing is what you call a Key of Love!"

Hinata glared at the bear. "Key of What?

"Key of Love! Like that stupid thing Monomi keeps preaching about! The key unlocks the deepest thoughts and desires of whoever you use it on! Just put it under your pillow before you sleep and think about the person you want to understand the most. The key will do the magic for you! But remember! You have to play along with whatever happens, or it won't work!"

"Why would anyone even need this?"

"Oh please! Don't tell me you never wondered about what's going on in someone's head!" Monokuma waved his arms around. "Look, if you don't want to use it, it's your loss. Throw it in the garbage! Throw it into a lake! Better yet, give it to someone who will actually appreciate it! Upupupu!"

With that, the bear left, leaving Hinata as confused as ever.

He pocketed the key and checked the time. Only a few minutes to go before the next class started, so maybe—

"Ah! What the...!"

"You should really watch where you're going, Reserve-kun."

Oh, of course.

"Komaeda. I already told you to stop calling me that."

Komaeda's harsh glare morphed into a smile as if he did nothing wrong. "Hinata-kun. You know I was just joking, but you really should pay more attention to your surroundings."

He'd known Komaeda for a good few months now, and yet the sudden mood switches never failed to confuse the shit out of him.

"Are you skipping class, Hinata-kun?" He asked. "It's unusual for someone like you to be out here in the hallways at this hour."

Hinata wondered whether "someone like you" pertained to his own personality or his status as a Reserve student. Not like it mattered in the long run; either way, he's right. He isn't normally supposed to be here. He tossed the empty plastic capsule in the trash. "I got bored again and tried my hand at the gacha machine. All I got were the same crappy items I already owned."

"That's too bad. I'd offer to try my hand at it for you, but knowing my own rotten luck, you might just end up with something worse!" He laughed that wheezy laugh of his, the one that made Hinata think he was in desperate need of an inhaler.

"Though, there are quite a few good things you can get from there, Hinata-kun."

Komaeda inserted his own money into the machine, and out came a purple capsule. Inside it was a bottle of Blue Ram. He smiled to himself at his prize and left without another word.

Hinata returned to class slightly grumpier than before.

It was a really petty thing to be annoyed by really. As convoluted as Komaeda was, Hinata understood that his Ultimate Talent wasn't something to mess with. His luck ranged from something as simple as winning a coin flip to bullshit levels of absurdity. All Komaeda got was like—what? A few coins off of his favorite vending machine drink? That was already way better than the torn notebooks and weird looking dolls Hinata received.

And.. Well, the key. 

A key... To reveal one's true thoughts and desires?

It already sounded like utter bullshit to Hinata's ears, but it's not like Hope's Peak Academy didn't have stranger occurrences happen before.

Who am I even kidding...

The key itself wasn't even much to look at. It was the kind of key you'd find in a children's playset: poorly painted a gold color and cheap plastic gems hastily pasted on the top. Hinata felt that he could even snap it in half with enough force, and boy was he tempted to. The only thing holding him back was the fact that, as ridiculous as Monokuma seemed, he never really lied about these sorts of things.

He ended bringing the key home. Assuming the darn thing actually worked, he could think of one good use for it. 

"You must be this "Hinata-kun" everyone keeps talking about." Komaeda spoke up after a few minutes of staring a hole into his back. Chiaki had invited him to her classroom that time during their break so that they could play games together.

"Yeah, what of it?"

"What of it? Your presence alone is enough to make me gag." Komaeda sneered. "A despairingly talentless person like you has no place among us Ultimates."

He shook his head at the memory of their first meeting. If Chiaki hadn't been there to hold him back, he would have punched him right then and there. Despite the initial hostility, Hinata soon discovered that he and Komaeda had a lot more in common than they initially thought and they were able to establish a sense of solidarity based on that. However, it didn't change the fact that Nagito Komaeda remained an enigma to him, each attempt at trying to understand him resulting in even more questions than before. Komaeda seemed mildly amused by his attempts, almost even grateful for them when he wasn't teasing the crap out of Hinata.

The golden key sat there on top of his nightstand, almost mocking him for what he was about to do.

God... This is stupid...

He placed the key under his pillow, tucked himself in, and went to sleep.

When he opened his eyes again, the first thing that he registered was that he was no longer in his room. He was standing in front of a large circular bed with pink sheets and fluffy pillows. A large canopy hung over the bed, lace curtains draped over the posts.

How the hell did I get here???

"Hinata-kun? I didn't... expect you'd actually come."

Hinata quickly whirled around to find Nagito Komaeda staring back at him with surprise.

"K—Komaeda? What's going on?" He asked. "Why am I here? What is this place?"

Komaeda gave a look of mild confusion. "Eh? Are you alright, Hinata-kun?"

He was about to once again ask him what the fuck was going on, but then Monokuma's words came back to him.

"But remember! You have to play along with whatever happens, or it won't work!"

"I..." Hinata cleared his throat. "It's nothing. I just wasn't paying attention, sorry."

"If this is about you coming here, you can always leave anytime." Komaeda said. "There's no reason for you to be here after all."

Now it was Hinata's turn to be confused. "But... You said something about inviting me here, didn't you?"

"So I did. I wasn't exactly expecting a yes."

"Why wouldn't I say yes? You offered, and it so happened that I was free for the day."

Komaeda wheezed. "You weren't supposed to accept the offer. I've already went above and beyond to make myself more dislikable than I already am. How could you want to spend time with me? Or maybe this whole thing has boosted your ego a bit too much. After all, Reserve Course students shouldn't—"


The sound of the smack echoed throughout the room, leaving Komaeda stunned. 

Coming here was a mistake. He should have known that this would happen. 

"Enough with the Reserve Course bullshit!" Hinata shouted at him. "All you keep on saying is "Reserve Course this" and "Reserve Course that", and yet you still choose to hang out with me! If you hate me so damn much then just leave me alone!"


Hinata continued his rant. "Why do you keep doing this? Does rubbing my worthlessness in your face bring you joy? Entertainment? Do you get off to thinking about how you're so much better than someone? You keep complaining about me being around you but you're still here—"


Komaeda grabbed hold of his wrists. "I didn't mean it like that... I'm truly sorry."

"How else could you mean it then?" Hinata shoved Komaeda's hands away, refusing to look him in the eye. "Komaeda, look. Don't get me wrong, you're still a massive jerk, but... I want to understand what the hell is going on in that head of yours. You're just... So full of paradoxes. There's so many other Ultimates in the talent course you can pick to be your friend, and yet you choose the talentless Reserve Course student. You hate me, and yet you still come to me during on breaks, and after school just to chat. You asked me to come here and now you're pushing me away!"

"Ah... Is that how you see it?" He let out a breathy laugh. "I've been told that I can get extremely confusing, it seems that even you aren't immune to that."

"That's not the point I'm trying to make! You—ugh!"

He groaned into his hands and fell backwards onto the bed, turning away from Komaeda. 

"Hinata-kun, why are you so insistent about this?"

Hinata opened his eyes to look up at him. "I..."

Why was he so insistent? So fixated on wanting to understand Komaeda?

"I... I don't... know."

It was the only answer he could give at the moment.

"Do you hate me, Hinata-kun?"


"I asked you something. Do you hate me?" Komaeda stared at him, waiting for his response. 

"No, I don't." He admitted. "You... probably do, though." 

"Hah! If only that were the case. I wanted to hate you. I should hate you, but no matter how much I try to convince myself, I just can't. I've always wondered why that is." He took a seat at the edge of the bed. "I... appreciate all of this effort, Hinata-kun, even if I am really bad at expressing it, but it's too much trouble for someone like you to want to get to know me. I wouldn't—" 

"Bullshit. It won't be trouble. I want this, okay?" Hinata said. "I want to know you better. We... You said you were okay with us being friends, right? Friends stick around, no matter what happens."

Komaeda looked at him incredulously. "That's a bold declaration to make, Hinata-kun. Are you sure?"

"I mean it. I've stuck with you for this long anyway. You can trust me on this."

"Trust... you trust me too, right?"

"Trust goes both ways, Komaeda, so yes."

"If that's the case... haha... Forgive me for indulging myself for a few minutes."

All of a sudden, Komaeda pinned Hinata down to the bed, keeping his arms above his head and straddling his leg to prevent him from escaping.


"Ah, ah! Hold still for a bit, Hinata-kun."

Komaeda then proceeded to unhook the skull chain that was dangling from his pants and used it to tie Hinata's wrists together. 

"Hey! What the hell are you doing?" Hinata struggled to get his wrists free. 

"You said you trust me, right? And that you want to understand me?" The other smirked. "You know very well that I'm not good with my words, so... perhaps I can express myself better with my actions. That sounds like a good idea, doesn't it, Hinata-kun?"

Fuck, why did he have to say it like that...?


"Shhh, relax." Komaeda held him close and whispered. "You got so upset because of me, allow me to make it up to you."

Taking advantage of the distraction, Komaeda slipped Hinata's tie off and unbuttoned his shirt. "That uniform of yours does no justice to your figure, Hinata-kun. Your chest could even rival that of Iruma's or Owari's!"

"S—Shut the hell up!" Hinata's face burned. The situation only got even weirder now that Komaeda was ogling his chest. "It's not that big!"

"Hmm? I beg to differ." Komaeda said cheekily. "Hehe, they certainly look nice and firm."

Whatever sensible part of Hinata that wanted to shove Komaeda off and never speak of this encounter again was quickly shut down when those pale fingers lightly squeezed his chest and brushed against his nipples. The action caught him so off-guard that he let out an embarrassingly high-pitched squeak. 

"Oh?" Komaeda seemed to be trying to suppress a laugh. "It seems like someone's sensitive."

"No I'm not! It's weird! Anyone would be weirded out by this!"

The white-haired boy even had the audacity to giggle. "Hinata-kun's so cute when he's flustered~"

"Am not!"

"Shall we test that?"

He gave both nipples a pinch before rolling them around between his fingers, leaving Hinata to strain against his bonds from how unexpectedly good it felt.


Komaeda gave light kisses to the rest of his chest, before giving one of the nipples a light suck, the action sending pleasurable tingles through his body. 

"Ah...W—wait! That's...! Hahhh..."

"It's not much, but perhaps even someone like me can satisfy you with base pleasures such as this."

Hinata squirmed and twisted in place as Komaeda swapped between rubbing and lightly nibbling on his nipples. The man on top of him also shifted positions a bit and started grinding down on Hinata, the bulge in his crotch very evident against his own.

"You're already so worked up, and we're not even at the best part yet. Hinata-kun must be a virgin like I assumed!"

"No... Ah... that's wrong... Hnnng!"

"Oh no, I didn't mean that as a bad thing. Aren't you glad that your firsts are being taken by an Ultimate? I may be a poor excuse of one, but at the very least I'm actually in the Talent Course."

"Stop, ah-, talking about the Reserves and Ultimates already!" Hinata tried to keep hid voice stern, but his efforts crumbled every time Komaeda nipped at his skin.

"Mmm, for someone as plain as you, you're pretty well-built. So firm yet so soft... Just like Hinata-kun's personality!" He nuzzled into his chest. 

"Ngh...! Ko-Komaeda—" 

"It looks like you could cum like this. Would you want that, Hinata-kun? Cumming from just your nipples like a girl?" Komaeda gave a the swollen nubs a lick, earning him a rather loud moan from Hinata. "I won't judge, don't worry, but it would be despairing for us to just stop here. After all, I have a lot of things I'm willing to try with you next time."

"Next—Next time?" Hinata stuttered out, but his words were lost to shaky whimpers as the stimulation was starting to border on painful, but he wanted to keep going. 

More... Please, please, please... Just a bit more—


He jolted awake, all sweaty in his own bed, crotch uncomfortably tight, and confused as to what the actual fuck that was.

"You know I can have you expelled for property damage, right?"

Hinata took a break from kicking the Monomono Machine to throw one of the plastic capsules at Monokuma's head. "What the hell was that key? Why is it giving me weird dreams?"

"I already told you, it's a Key of Love! The dreams are supposed to happen, dingus!" Monokuma moved the machine away from Hinata. "You should stop skipping class. You really need to work on your comprehension skills!" 

"Key of Love my ass! You're just trying to trick me again!"

"Look Hinata, I don't know what the hell you're talking about. Whatever happens with that key stays with it. If you saw something really weird in there, that's the other person's fault! Or maybe..." Monokuma gave him a sly look. "It could be acting on your fantasies. What exactly did you dream of last night, hmm?"

He choked on air. "Why the hell would I tell you? Just go away already!"

"Someday, I'm going to have to teach you kiddos to have some respect for your elders..." Monokuma grumbled as he left.

"Hinata-kun? Are you alright? I could hear you yelling from across the hallway." Komaeda walked up to him.

Hinata jolted. "K-Komaeda! You startled me for a bit there. Did... Anything weird happen lately?" 

The other gave him a questioning look. "Not really, no. I was about to ask you that. Is everything okay?" 

So he isn't aware... 

Hinata gave a big sigh of relief. Komaeda looked at him weirdly again and Hinata cleared his throat. "Monokuma was being a dick again. It's fine now."

Just as he said that, he stepped on a random sheet of paper, slipped, and landed spectacularly on his butt. 

Hinata gave another anguished yell. 

Komaeda pulled him up to his feet and patted him gently on the back. "There, there. We all have our bad days, Hinata-kun."

"You can't say shit about it. You're literally the Ultimate Lucky Student."

"That doesn't mean I can't sympathize, Hinata-kun."

He was being oddly nice to him today, even by Komaeda standards. He continued lightly massaging Hinata's back, kneading out a few knots and relieving at least a bit of his stress.

Those hands can do so much more though—


He chased away the thought before it could fully form. Thinking about Komaeda in that way was really weird at best and creepy as fuck at worst.

Hinata doesn't even realize when Komaeda pulls away from him. "I better get going, bye now, Hinata-kun!"

The day passed by in a blur. Fortunately for Hinata, not much homework was given, so that meant he could rest early tonight.

"Man... I'm tired..."

He leaned back against the pillows as the exhaustion settled in. He was on the verge of falling asleep when something fell to the floor with a clatter.

He rolled over and sleepily opened his eyes to find the key on the ground. He reached over to pick it up and fumbled around to put it on the nightstand.

He doesn't make it, for he passed out before he could reach to the other side.

He opened his eyes to find himself laying down. Komaeda was hovering over him.

"You're back, Hinata-kun! How delightful! I didn't expect you to be back so soon, actually!" Komaeda smirked. "Are you perhaps here to continue what we started?"

Hinata narrowed his eyes at him before he realized what he was talking about.

"No—Komaeda, look, there's been a big misunderstanding—"

He tried to push himself up into a sitting position but he found that he couldn't move his arms or legs. His wrists were bound together with his tie, and his ankles were tied to the bed somehow.

"Komaeda." Hinata tried to loosen the knots to no avail. "Let me go."

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Hinata-kun! If you're here, then you can't leave until you've finished your job!"

"Finished my what?"

"That's the rule of this place! You need to fulfill the fantasies of whoever the other person is to leave, and I can't let you go just yet!" Komaeda laughed. 

"What even is this place?"

"I thought that was pretty obvious." Komaeda raised an eyebrow at him. "Have you never been to a love hotel before?"

L—Love hotel?! More importantly... This is Komaeda's fantasy...?

This was making less and less sense as it went on. "Why the hell are we even in a love hotel to begin with?" 

"Weren't you listening to Monokuma's instructions? He explained it and re-explained it already. You should have paid more attention."

Monokuma? That's impossible, there's no way Komaeda would have ever overheard that!

But... That must be it...

The person in front of him wasn't the real Komaeda. All of this was just another of Monokuma's dumb pranks. Real-life Komaeda was confused when he tried to ask about it, so that could only mean all of this truly was a dream. Fantasy isn't reality. None of this was real. 

"Hinata-kun?" Komaeda tapped his shoulder to get his attention. "You seem troubled."

It... Wouldn't hurt to play along... There doesn't seem to be any other way to get out of this after all...

I'll be the only one who knows of this anyway, and it's not like it's real. 

"I was just.. thinking, sorry." Hinata said. "So what... What am I supposed to do...?"

Komaeda seemed pleased with his answer. "For now, just relax! I'll take care of you, Hinata-kun."

He kneeled in between Hinata's legs and started undoing his pants.

"W—Whoa, Komaeda, wait!"

"Is something the matter, Hinata-kun?"

Hinata felt his face burn with shame. "I'm... Well, I'm..."


"I'm inexperienced! T—There, I said it!"

Dead silence, then a snicker, then Nagito fucking Komaeda was laughing his ass off at his revelation that he was indeed a virgin.

"It's not funny! Lots of people have never done it before!"

"I know, I know..." Komaeda said, still wheezing. "It's just... You're so adorable. It's too easy to get a rise out of you, Hinata-kun."

Hinata couldn't decide if that was meant to be an insult or a compliment, but either way it didn't help cool the blush spreading all the way to his ears. "Just get on with it already!"

"You can really qualify for the Ultimate Tsun-Tsun with that attitude, Hinata-kun." Komaeda kissed Hinata's stomach, making him squirm as his lips trailed lower and lower, until he was mouthing at the front of his pants, the fabric getting soaked with saliva and precum. 

"It would be quite a sight to see Hinata-kun come in his pants, but..." The corners of his mouth tilted upwards in a smile. "I have a better idea."

Hinata's eyes widened as Komaeda unbuttoned him and slid his boxers and pants all the way down. He tentatively put a hand on Hinata's cock, stroking it to full erection. He tightened his grip a bit and started moving at a slow pace. 

"Is this good, Hinata-kun?" 

"Um, Yeah..." He was going too slow to really do much, but the fact that Komaeda's hand was the one jerking him off made Hinata's senses heighten. 

"Hinata-kun... I've always wondered what you'd taste like."

That was all the warning he got before Komaeda leaned down and licked the precum off the tip, before shoving the entire thing in his mouth.


Hinata cried out as he slapped a hand over his mouth. His hips jerked upward on reflex, but Komaeda's hands held him down. 

"Mmm, Hinata-kun... You taste absolutely divine..."

The brunette cursed under his breath as Komaeda continued to suck him off, tongue eagerly lapping at his cock. It was wet, it was messy, and Hinata found that he was enjoying it far more than he was supposed to. Whatever hesitance he had before was completely gone now as his hips moved of their own accord to chase after the wonderful feeling of Komaeda's warm tongue and mouth.

"S—Shit." Hinata hissed as Komaeda moaned around his cock. The tension was building up, almost on the verge of snapping. "Wait.... Komaeda! I'mI'm gonna..."

He felt him chuckle as he sucked hard and that was all it took for Hinata to come. Komaeda pulled off him with a pop, making sure Hinata was watching, then swallowed.

"Ah, now you can proudly brag about getting head from a Talent Course Student!" Komaeda wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Was trash like me satisfactory, Hinata-kun?" 

Was he supposed to actually answer that???

"I... Um, well... It was...Good."

"Just good?" Komaeda quirked an eyebrow. "Those sounds you were making earlier suggest otherwise."

"I—No! That's not...!" It was impossible for his cheeks to blush darker at this point.

"I guess I'll have to increase my efforts next time if I wish to prove myself!" Komaeda laughed. "Rest well, Hinata-kun. This won't be the last time we'll see each other."

Hinata opened his mouth to respond, but no sound came out as everything blurred and mixed together. 

This time, Hinata woke up feeling surprisingly well-rested... Except now his boxers were damp, gross, and sticky. He was confused for a moment until he remembered the dream and everything he did in it.

He then proceeded to scream into his pillow.

This definitely takes the award for the stupidest thing he's done yet.

Weekends meant that he could do whatever he wanted once his homework was done. Weekends meant that he didn't need to wake up so early to go to school. Weekends meant that he was in no way obliged to converse with anyone from Hope's Peak Academy, especially if that person was Komaeda. Hinata doesn't even know how he's going to face him after all this. Monday will be absolute hell now that he's got the mental image of Komaeda doing... that to him. 

"Dammit, stop thinking about it." He grumbled to himself. "This is wrong, because Komaeda is just a weird friend, Komaeda is definitely weird..."

He repeated the mantra over and over again in his brain. 

Komaeda is weird. Komaeda is weird. Komaeda is weird. Komaeda is weird... 

But... Komaeda is... Kind of good-looking. 

Komaeda's soft, white hair between his legs, pretty pink lips wrapped around his cock—


Hinata yelled in frustration as he pulled on a few good clothes and marched out of his apartment, seeking a distraction from his thoughts.

Around the corner was a nice little café that served good coffee, tea, and chocolate drinks. It was Hinata's immediate go-to whenever he was stressed and boy was he in need of something to drink. He ordered himself a small hot chocolate and sat down at one of the empty tables while waiting for his order. He looked around at the cafe's customers for today. The café had quite the reputation among students, so it was no surprise that Hinata saw a couple of familiar faces. He swore that that one girl in a goth getup from Class 78 had a permanent seat by the window considering the fact that she was always there. There was also a few of the girls from the freshman class: Shirogane, Tojo, the red-haired one whose name Hinata forgot...

His eyes then landed on a cloudlike mass of hair that was impossible not to recognize. Hinata was glad his drink wasn't ready yet since he probably would have choked and spilled it on the floor.

"Hinata-kun! I didn't think you'd be here!"

Fuck. He's been recognized.

Komaeda sat down beside him, sipping at his drink, which looked like some sort of coffee milk or milk tea. "Heh, don't you think it's so lucky that we happened to be here at the same time?"

Lucky for you maybe. This is the exact opposite of what I wanted.

"Not really. I go here often. There's a pretty big chance that you'll see me here." Hinata picked up one of the pamphlets and started reading it, trying to ignore Komaeda's presence as much has possible. It worked for at least a minute, until Komaeda got way too close for comfort and peeked over his shoulder, lips dangerously close to his ear.

"What are you reading, Hinata-kun?"

It was an innocent question. Hinata knows it was an innocent question, but that soft breathy voice tickling his ear sent a shiver down his spine and Hinata jumped in his seat.

"Oh, I'm sorry for startling you, Hinata-kun!" Komaeda said. "I actually wanted to ask if you'd want to, you know, hang out or—"

At that moment, his name was called to pick up his order, so Hinata took the hot chocolate and swiftly left the café, not even saying bye to Komaeda. The guilt of just leaving him like that settled in when he arrived in the comfort of his own apartment again, so he texted him, giving the typical excuse of having homework to do and that he was currently busy.

Oh, that's alright Hinata-kun! Maybe next time then. Sorry to bother you!

Hinata blew on his hot chocolate and took a sip. Screw Monokuma's key for making things weird between them.

Another notification popped up on his phone. This time, it was from Chiaki Nanami, asking him if he was ready for their weekend gaming session.

Hey hey! Hajime, don't forget to do your logins! :))

Playing games with Nanami never failed to make time pass quickly. Hours passed like minutes, and before Hinata knew it, the sun had already set and that meant he should start making himself dinner. He spent the rest of his time flipping through the channels on TV for something to watch, eventually landing on some sci-fi movie about space unicorns.

He almost forgot about the existence of the key until Hinata spotted that the ugly yellow thing had slipped inside of one of the pillowcases. By logic and common fucking sense he should have thrown away the key already, never to be seen again, but just as he was about to chuck it into the garbage, he hesitated.

I never actually got the answer I wanted from him, didn't I?

The reason why he decided the keep the key in the first place completely slipped his mind. As much as he hated it, the key was quite possibly one of a kind, and he doubts that he'll get another opportunity like this. Komaeda seemed more open and straightforward than usual in the dream world and he could use that to his advantage.

That's what Hinata kept on telling himself. In the end, it all boiled down to his curiosity. A dark, twisted sense of curiosity that made him wonder what would happen if he actually let Komaeda do what he wanted with him. 

He falls asleep that night with the key hidden away under the mattress.

He was on all fours now, face squashed down on the matress. His clothes were long gone, flung away to random corners of the room because a certain someone was really excited for this. Komaeda was on top of him, pressing kisses to the back of his neck while pumping Hinata's dick. Hinata shivered and groaned, hands tightly gripping the sheets. 

"You were so against the idea before... now look at you." That unfairly seductive voice caressed his ears. "You really seem to be enjoying this, huh?"

Whatever response Hinata had was muffled by the pillow as Komaeda's thumb pressed on the head of his cock.

"This is a side of Hinata-kun I can get used to, so pliant and receptive to my touch. I didn't take you for the type to be weak to pleasure."

He bit down on a sensitive spot on his neck and Hinata let out a strangled cry. Just as quickly, Komaeda's hands stopped moving and Hinata already missed the contact, but the sound of the lube cap opening again made his body tingle with anticipation.

"And to think I'd be Hinata-kun's first for a lot of things, ahh!" Komaeda slicked up his fingers. "I can't tell who's the lucky one..."

That sentence was strange coming from Komaeda, and it temporarily brought Hinata out from his lust-induced haze. "What do you mean?"

"Hmm, and I thought it would be quite obvious by now..."

He dodged the question like always, but a lubed finger started poking at his entrance and Hinata's train of thought derailed once more. His nervousness started creeping in again and Komaeda took notice of the way he suddenly tensed.

Komaeda rubbed comforting circles on his back. "It'll be alright, Hinata-kun. Just breathe."

Hinata grabbed onto a spare pillow, partly to hide his face. With that, the tip of Komaeda's finger slipped in. It's nothing short of weird.

"Does it hurt?" Komaeda asked. Hinata shook his head.

He pushed in the rest of his finger, wiggling it around so that Hinata could get used to the feeling. Komaeda squeezed in a second finger, and the weird feeling turned to one of discomfort.

"Ngh... Wait..." Hinata motioned for him to stop. "Alright... Continue."

Komaeda kissed his temple. "You're doing very well, Hinata-kun. I promise you, it will feel really good, okay?"

The affectionate way he spoke made Hinata's dick twitch. "M'kay."

Komaeda's other hand weaved through the strands of Hinata's hair and lightly scratched at his head. Hinata hummed from how nice it felt, relaxing into the touch. Komaeda started thrusting his fingers in and out of Hinata, the lube allowing them to slide easily. He started stretching out his ass a bit too, fingers spreading his hole open. The sensation was odd, but not unpleasant. 

"Ahahahaha..." Komaeda laughed to himself. "I can't believe this is actually happening... Oh, Hinata-kun, please forgive me."

"Huh? Why?"

"It's perverted and selfish... but I've wanted this for so, so long..." Komaeda nipped at Hinata's ear, making the other squeak. "I want to see you come apart because of me. I want you to think of me whenever you touch yourself. I want to wreck you, Hinata-kun, and I am currently restraining myself from shoving my cock in without prep and fucking you into the sheets."

Was he hearing this correctly...? Komaeda wanted him like that? Did this extend to the real world??? 

"That being said, it would be a despairing first time if we didn't do it properly... And your reactions make all of this worth it."

Komaeda's fingers curled downwards, and Hinata yelped, thighs clenching together on reflex. 

"Did you learn about this in sex ed, Hinata-kun? The prostate gland is a sensitive one, and they say that prostate orgasms are much, much better than the regular ones..."

Komaeda's fingers pressed against that spot again, this time gently rubbing and massaging his inner walls. Hinata pressed his face further into the pillow, not wanting any more embarrassing sounds to come out.

"Now, now, Hinata-kun, that's not fair!" Komaeda retracted his hand and flipped Hinata over. "Don't hide yourself, Hinata-kun, I want to see you."

"No!" Hinata only gripped the pillow tighter. A childish response, but Hinata wanted to preserve at least some of his dignity. Alas, Komaeda was determined, and managed to pry the pillow away from his face.

"No, wait! Komaeda!"

Hinata must have looked completely and utterly debauched right now, cock achingly hard and lube dripping down his thighs. The blush on his cheeks only got redder as Komaeda stared at him.

"My, my, what do we have here?"

The fingers were back in him at lightning speed, going ever-so-slightly faster and rougher. 

"Do you have any idea what you do to me? It's so unfair, Hinata-kun. Who made a mere Reserve Course Student this unbearably attractive? Your warm smile, that spiky chestnut hair... All of you is just so tempting... I could go on and on about how beautiful Hinata-kun is! Your name suits you a lot, you're always so radiant despite the bleakness of the Reserve Course building."

"Aaah~! Komaeda, it's—I'm...!"

Cum spurted from his cock, landing on his stomach and on the sheets. Komaeda had a look of mild amusement on his face, while Hinata wanted the ground to swallow him whole. 

"Hehe... Could it be?" Komaeda grinned. "Does Hinata-kun like to be praised?"

He was about to deny again, but Hinata could barely form coherent thoughts as Komaeda's fingers worked their magic. Every stroke against his prostate pulled needy whimpers from his mouth.

"That's it, Hinata-kun. I want to hear those sweet, desperate pleas of yours. No need to keep quiet when it's just the two of us here..." Komaeda's voice was low and sultry, coaxing Hinata to another climax. "Look at that, you're practically sucking my fingers in!"

He curled his fingers against the spot again. "Does it feel good, Hinata-kun?"

"Nnuh... Aah~" Hinata words came out slurred with pleasure. "Good, so good... Komaeda, please—"

His body felt strange, as if he was floating. There wasn't a thought in his brain other than Komaeda around him, touching him, making him feel incredible beyond belief. 

"Hinata-kun is so cute." Komaeda said. "I'm so lucky to have this sight all to myself..."

He started gently petting and scratching Hinata's scalp. The gesture was nothing sort of affectionate, and Hinata found himself melting even more. With another slightly strained moan, he came a second time.

"Second one already? You're doing a great job, Hinata-kun! Cumming so much for me..."


"I wonder what Hinata-kun's limits are? Surely you can handle more, right?"

Brain too clouded with desire to refuse, he stupidly said yes.

He shouldn't have been surprised to wake up to sticky damp boxers the next morning.

He didn't remember much of the latter part of the dream. What he did know was that the amazing feeling seemingly had no limit, and that he came again several times after, and some of that clearly reflected in reality considering the ruined state of his underwear.

He told himself that that was the last time this will ever happen.

Hinata made no move to get rid of the key.

He gave up giving himself excuses at this point.

"Hinata-kun, at least attempt to hold it together."

"It's too much—Komaeda, slow down—"

One hand was skillfully jerking him off while the other was focused on stretching his hole wide open. "Once I'm done with you, masturbating with just one hand won't be enough for you, ehe~"

Hinata yelped as Komaeda sucked on a nipple. He pulled away, but came back with the lube, squeezing a large blob onto his hand and slathering it all over his cock. Komaeda really liked to go overboard with lube, but more was better than less, Hinata supposed. 

"Are you as ready as I am for this, Hinata-kun?"

"One more thing! I..." Hinata trailed off, suddenly shy. "N—No way in hell that I'm getting fucked before getting kissed!"

Komaeda snickered. "That's an easy fix."

He kissed him, the gesture hot and heavy and full of passion. If he knew back then that Nagito Komaeda could treat him like this, he would have been gone long ago, lost to sleepless nights of unbridled lust.

But was it simply lust?

Before he could think about the answer to that, Komaeda started pushing himself in. When Komaeda bottomed out, Hinata was stretched even wider than he was with his fingers, and he winced in pain. Komaeda took notice and began peppering his face with kisses, soothing him.

"Shhh, shhh, Hinata-kun... It'll be alright in a bit."

He took deep breaths as he adjusted and the pain slowly ebbed away. "You can move now..."

Komaeda lovingly brushed Hinata's bangs to the side and kissed his temple, starting to rock his hips back and forth. "Hinata-kun is so warm, Hinata-kun feels so nice... aahh..."

Komaeda's breathing became heavier, more labored, starting to move faster.

"K—Koma...! Komaeda! Komaeda...hah..."

Komaeda was moving at a dizzying pace now, leaving no space for coherent thought. He lifted Hinata's hips up slightly to hit that spot that made him mewl in ecstasy. Nothing else filled mattered at that moment other than this newfound pleasure. Blame his horny brain for his questionable decisions, but this was something he will never get enough of, and he'd be willing to throw away his pride and shame and defile himself in front of Komaeda if that meant he'd continue to have this.

"This is a good look for you, Hinata-kun." Komaeda said, partly mocking and partly endearing. "So pretty, you sure do like making a show of yourself, do you?"

The words didn't fully register in his brain, but he nodded anyway. "M—More..." Hinata started moving in time to Komaeda's thrusts, but it wasn't enough to satisfy him.

"Hey, Hinata-kun...? What are you—ah!"

Hinata rolled them over so now Hinata was on top, and he started grinding down hard onto Komaeda, enjoying the feeling of being spread open by his cock. 

"I want more, I need to feel more... Komaeda..." Hinata's voice had a hoarse edge to it from all the moaning.

Ah... this is quite a view.

For once, Komaeda was caught off-guard, and Hinata could very clearly see how much this was affecting him too. As composed as he seemed earlier, he doesn't look too far from losing it himself.

It's fitting, Hinata thought. Komaeda had always driven him insane in the past anyway. Being each other's eventual undoing was practically inevitable and honestly, this was one of the better ways it could have gone.

Komaeda's arms suddenly shot around him, his mouth pressed close to Hinata's ear as he whispered. "Now, that's just playing dirty, Hinata-kun..."

Taking advantage of Hinata being on top of him, he leaned forward and kissed his neck, sucking and biting hard enough for hickies to form. His hands went from around his neck to play with Hinata's nipples. Hinata's voice reached pitches he didn't know it could reach as he came hard. slumping into Komaeda's arms.

"So good, so amazing, haaaa... hah... Hina—Hinata-kun!" Komaeda cried out brokenly as Hinata felt something hot and wet fill up his insides. 

His brain was still buzzing from the afterglow, but he was so, so tired.

The next thing he knew, he was lying down on the bed, head cushioned by a pillow and Komaeda hugging him from behind.

"Mmm..." Komaeda lightly kissed his nape, the long strands of his fluffy hair tickling his skin. "I hope you can forgive me when we're back in the real world, Hinata-kun."

Hinata didn't quite understand what he meant, but that was irrelevant right now. Komaeda was a surprisingly comfy cuddle buddy and he's very thoroughly enjoying it.

Eventually, he fell asleep to Komaeda's soft whispers and idle touches.

"Hinata-kun, you've been acting weird these past few days. Are you okay?"

Hinata was rather startled when he first heard the question. "I'm fine! Why do you ask?"

"No reason..." The look Komaeda gave him was unreadable. "I noticed you stopped getting stuff from that gachapon machine lately, which is unusual since you always try your luck out at it. Find anything interesting?"

"Oh, uh, I decided that it wasn't worth spending my money over anymore!"

Unfortunately, Komaeda wasn't stupid, and Hinata was a rather terrible liar. "Is that so? Does it have to do with that thing Monokuma told you about?"

Hinata almost pathetically choked on his own saliva. "Huh???"

"You know, Hinata-kun, two weeks ago I got a rather peculiar object from that machine." The corners of his lips turned upward. "Monokuma himself showed up to explain how it worked to me, but for whatever reason, it didn't work, so the next day I put it back in its capsule and back in the machine for someone else to get. Imagine my surprise when I saw you holding that exact same capsule in your hands."

No. There was no fucking way this was happening to him right now.

"I assumed you threw it away, but the night after, and subsequent nights since, I started having dreams. They were rather nice ones though, I'll have to admit." Komaeda smirked. "Oh, but you already know what I'm talking about, don't you, Hinata-kun?"

Now would be a good time to not exist and pretend the past few days never happened.

"For the record, I can't say I hated those nights. You may be a Reserve Course Student, but..." Komaeda leaned close to him, lips brushing his temple. "I wouldn't object to a round two in reality."

Hinata was struck speechless. "I—You... you!"

"Talk to you later Hinata-kun! I hope you'll think about it!" Komaeda said cheerfully, as if their previous conversation didn't occur, leaving a very flustered Hinata to wilt in shame in the middle of the hallway.

Damn you, Nagito Komaeda.