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New Beginnings

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As Kara in her Flamebird costume returned to their apartment in Bludhaven, Clark needed to talk to her, she saw her fiancé, Tim Drake by day, Nightwing by night. She had been completely enamored by the former boy wonder, when he returned from his training of 3 years, leaving everything and everyone behind, he only kept in close contact with the Titans and Cass, his sister, and later Jason after they had started to repair their relationship. Not many know of what his training had consisted of but when he came back, he was taller, finally getting that growth spurt he so desperately wanted, he now stood at 6’1 only shorter than Jason and Bruce now, and had packed a bit more muscle on himself, but he still lean as was his natural build.

But when he returned he had come back happier, complete and content with his place in the world, he had healed from the pain the Bats had left him over the years, it was also revealed that he was in fact the man behind the Red X mask who was Deathstroke’s ‘protégé’ for a while, this was more due to them being cousins, not by blood, but through marriage, see Tim’s mother Janet Drake (nee Lynn) her sister married Slade’s cousin once removed, making them distant cousins, Slade actually welcomed Tim, not because he was a Robin, but because he did love his family, even if he had a weird way of showing it sometimes.

Tim had come and gone in his last year of training, but lived, when he was there, in Titan’s tower as he didn’t trust the Bats anymore and had broken away from them, again the only Bat he stayed in contact with was his sister Cass, but she lived in Hong Kong now, and they rarely saw each other anymore.

Just after 3 years of training Tim returned to San Francisco permanently much to everyone’s enjoyment, especially the girls and Miguel. The Titan’s had changed over the years the current roster was quite large, but it seemed like a real family, it consisted, of Tim, Kon, Cassie, Bart, Garfield, Raven, Starfire, Rose, Kara, Jaime, Traci, Virgil, Miguel, Kiran, Mia, and Lorena. Vic would check in every now and then, but he was on the Justice League now, so he had other priorities.

Tim had pondered for a while what identity he would take on, as he returned to San Francisco secretly as to not arise any suspicions about who the new hero on the Titan’s was. He agreed to hang up the Red X mask as he was wanted by the Justice League as an ally to Slade and had been seen training with the League of Assassin’s and Lady Shiva. Gar had suggested to start fresh with a new costume and identity, but Tim for all his smarts was never one for ingenuity, so for a while he just pondered on what name to be called. During this time Kara’s powers had been temporarily subdued as she was exposed to a red kryptonite grenade and lost her powers for up to 4 months according to Vic’s scans. So, she spent most of her time in San Fran waiting for her powers to come back, but her and Tim were usually together as they couldn’t really leave the tower, so they obviously started talking, which led to them learning each-others interests, likes, and dislikes, who they had dated, some flirting here which promptly led to a healthy romantic relationship, which unsurprisingly led to everyone (mostly Kon) calling them Superbird.

When Tim had done some research on the Bats, he had discovered Bruce had officially retired due to an injury sustained to his knees to the point where he couldn’t do the kinds of physical activity being Batman required, he then married, surprisingly Tim may add, Wonder Woman, again Batman made appearances but now in the form of Dick Grayson donning the cowl. He obviously still knew that Damian was Robin and still as bratty as ever, and Bruce had gotten close to firing the Demon Spawn, much to Tim’s surprise. What further surprised him was when Bruce left Gotham with his new wife and met Tim and apologized for how he reacted to when Tim had almost killed Captain Boomerang, it led to some tears and hugs and a video that Bart recorded and Tim would treasure forever. The other Bats had coped well without Bruce at first, but it came clear that Damian still clashed with a lot of people, mainly Jason and Stephanie.

Jason was welcomed back and was allowed to do what he wanted in Crime Alley because quite frankly it was working, and crime had gone down significantly when he was allowed to do his thing there. Steph, well she had come into her own as Batgirl, but almost graduating from Gotham U meant she would be leaving to do a medical internship, which is why she went to Bludhaven to do it.

Tim had clearly taken the fact that when Dick became Batman again, there was no Nightwing and no protector of Bludhaven, so to help Bludhaven and quite frankly to fuck with the rest of the Bats, he told Bruce and Cass, the latter being more amused and the former telling him that it was his choice, he became the new Nightwing. He first appeared in missions with the Titan’s and Bludhaven shortly afterwards. This Nightwing though sported a black and red design, with the bird coming down just to the top of abs and ran up to his shoulders and further ran down the length of his arms, creating the legendary and sexy finger stripes that everyone said a must for his new costume. The traditional black and white domino had been swapped out for a red domino with white lenses that would switch to red when he would use his detective vision. Much like his predecessor his ass was made a definitive part of the costume much to Kara’s satisfaction.

After a few months of being Nightwing and teasing the Bats, which caused all the Titan’s hours of enjoyment, Tim had officially moved to Bludhaven, but much to everyone’s genuine surprise Kara had moved in with him, they were very happy together, it had led to an intervention about discretion and the use of condoms because as Clark had proved Kryptonian-Human hybrids could be born, not that Tim and Kara didn’t know that. Kara also gave up the mantel of Supergirl, although her reasoning was more, she was physically 20 years-old and thought it was time for a name change, so she decided to live up to the other half of the Kryptonian legend and became Flamebird, which used to color scheme of the red, yellow, and blue, with a blood red cape and a blue domino to help cover her identity. She had also persuaded Tim, so that her uniform was much more feminine as to distract criminals into a false sense of security, this had meant her costume accentuated her breasts, thighs and ass, Tim while loved the new outfit thought that it was maybe a tad too distracting.

The media had eaten up the news that Tim Drake, CEO of Wayne Enterprises had moved to Bludhaven with his girlfriend, who transferred to Bludhaven’s Newspaper. With Nightwing and Flamebird making appearances continuously in Bludhaven more and more often a confrontation with the Bats was inevitable, though Tim did make the wise choice of going to Barbara and revealing that he was Nightwing, and Kara similarly revealed she was Flamebird, and she said she would support them as much as any other vigilante as they were doing good work.

Tim had set up a zeta tube from his and Kara’s Perch so that they could travel to certain cities or bases when needed, mainly Titan’s Tower and the Watchtower. Certain heroes were allowed into Bludhaven, similar to Gotham’s rule of no meta’s. The Birds of Prey were allowed in consisting of Huntress, Black Canary, Oracle, Lady Blackhawk, Dove, Question, Batwoman, Black Bat. Gotham’s reformed Siren’s were also allowed access to Bludhaven as well, as Tim believed they were doing well, but weren’t trusted enough in Gotham to necessarily do any good.

Tim and Jason’s relationship had gotten better over time, as Tim, after his return, took to helping him with cases and revealed his identity to him, and allowed access for Red Hood to operate in Bludhaven should he want to.

Unsurprisingly Batman, Robin and Batgirl all decided to come into Bludhaven and start questioning the new couple defending Bludhaven, even though they were friends Kara hadn’t exactly told Steph she was Flamebird now.

“What are you, imposters doing in Bludhaven, you are clearly unqualified for the job.” The Demon Brat sneered at them, mainly directed at Tim, unsurprisingly. “Imposters huh? Least somethings remain similar.” Tim muttered under his breath, but only Kara had caught thanks to her super hearing.

As she gently took his hand and squeezed it reassuringly along with a sweet smile that had taken his breath away when he first met her,” You can tell them if you want to, I trust you.”

He only heard the sincerity in her voice as she heard Robin say something about how disgusting they were and Dick try to calm him down, he always was a romantic. Batgirl then took a step forward,” Look we don’t want any trouble, we just want to know your intentions okay, and for that we need you to trust us.” Tim couldn’t quite hold the scoff he released, Kara again squeezed his hand but took, his nod as a sign to reveal their identities.

Kara smoothly used her free hand to carefully unmask herself and was greeted with a gasp from Stephanie and as Tim took his off, Damian promptly leapt at him screaming, “TRAITOR” Tim not to take a katana to the face used his training from Shiva to catch the blade pull the wielder closer to him, twist Damian’s grip and use an elbow to blind his aggressor so he could disarm him, once he did that Damian recovered and leapt at him again, this time though Tim, having dropped the katana, ducked under Damian’s punch and roundhouse kicked him, so that it connected with his jaw sending Damian crashing to the ground.

Slow and loud clapping and cheering are what stopped the fighting, and Tim looked with a grin to see Jason with his helmet and domino off cheering for Tim, he couldn’t stand the Brat and Tim really was his favorite brother, and Cass applauded in appreciation in Tim’s technique that in her professional opinion was flawless.

Dick’s eyes narrowed and stated,” Why are you Nightwing?”

“Well, you weren’t using it, so I figured I would, and in my opinion I think I pull it off better than you ever did.” Tim innocently replied.

If it wasn’t for the clear and loud agreement from Jason and the nod from Cass, and the sultry wink Kara threw him, and by the clear way Steph was eyeing him up hungrily he wasn’t quite sure it was that it was a lie.

“Well, you should have asked, it is MY legacy after all.” Dick growled back.

“I could have, buuut this was too fun of an opportunity to pass up, I mean Babs thought so too y’know and Bruce kind of just accepted what was happening.” Tim explained while Dick’s jaw tightened at being left in the dark, and as hard as she was trying Steph was hiding an amused grin behind her hand, not really hurt at being left out, she got it, her and Tim’s relationship had deteriorated over the past few years, although she felt a stab of jealousy as she remembered Babs showing her some footage of the new Nightwing and Flamebird making out on a rooftop, which led to a quick getaway from the duo to continue their make-out session in private.

“Fine, we will talk about this sooner rather than later Tim.” Dick said finally before helping Damian who was still rubbing his sore jaw and leaving, Steph didn’t quite follow and subtly asked Tim if they could talk sometime to help rebuild their relationship, to which Tim agreed to.

That had been 3 years ago, now Kara who had a shower and had changed into some comfy pajamas and came downstairs to see Tim waiting for her so they could watch their post-patrol TV show, Scrubs, they both enjoyed it for a number of reasons, it was funny, it calmed them down and took their minds off of patrol and their other life.

As she returned to Tim and they embraced and Tim who had gathered what had to be a bundle of blankets wrapped themselves in a cocoon and hit play, halfway through the second episode they were watching Tim had taken to nuzzling into her neck and occasionally biting down on one of the sensitive spots on her neck, even as a Kryptonian she could still feel it.

Soon they had left the sofa and the cocoon and were tugging each-others clothes off, his being a pair of sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt, and her being in a pair of gym shorts and a tank top, both only wearing a pair of boxers and panties, respectively.

After the festivities had come to an end and as they were holding onto one another in their quickly sleep claiming embrace, Kara thought about how much she loved this man, and while the pain was still there of the destruction of her home planet, she was happy that this man was in her life and accepted her for who she was. After all Clark had proven that Kryptonian’s who had married humans could in fact have children and start a family.

Why couldn't she?

Kara always wanted a big family, and Tim had said as such, hmm, maybe Jon would have a few cousins in a few years.