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Life Goes On

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The sun was bright in the cliff they were now.

“And your name is Bruce Wayne?”

He snorted at her disbelief voice. “Yes.”

“Kind of a funny name, mine is Clara”


“Yes, Clara Kent”

“Cool, Midwestern accent. So, Texas?”


“Nice, why are you in the middle of the Tibet?”

She tills her head. “Self-knowledge, you?”

“Training.” He took a sip of the water leaves tea they did in the bonfire.

“This is going to sound weird but how old are you?”


“Well, we had saw each other once a year and just...” She stumbles and move her hands nervously. “Like three time in three different countries and last night we had sex... again.” Her face takes a bright rosy colour, as she kept blushing.


She nods. There was another silence where they keep eating their breakfast in the mountain.

He sighs. “How younger than me are you?”

She took a sip again before raising two fingers.

Bruce looked at her dumbfound. “You were fifteen the first time?!”

“It was my sixteen birthdays.”

“It doesn’t make it better.”

“Well, you didn’t ask and I didn’t offer.”

He nods. “Another astonishes information that you want to share?”

She blinked at him.

He looked at her like he knows she is going to say something.

“I’m an alien.”

“Cool, I’m the abominable snowman.”

She smiles before floating under the blanket.

“Nice to meet you, Snowman”

There was a comfortable silence between them for at least ten minutes.

“I did not see that coming”

“I know.”

“What else can you do?”

“A lot.”

“Are you the only alien in earth?”

“Don’t know.” She shrugs.

Bruce stays silence another ten minutes as Clara kept drinking their tea leaves. When she finishes the last one of the pot, he talks again.

“I’m currently training under a secret organization called the league of assassins looking for a way to learn how to protect people.”
Clara smiled kindly and for a moment Bruce thought that he was looking at an angel.

“I left my home looking for any kind of knowledge of what I am or where do I come from, my parents the one who took me in found me in a ship when I was a baby and raise me as their daughter.” She looked at the horizon where the sun started to show better. “I love them but I don’t know why I’m here, maybe I’m looking for a purpose.”

He nods.

“I want to protect everyone so nobody feels like I felt the day my parents were killed in front of me.”

She took his hand and interview their fingers. “I knew you were a good man, even if you try to hide it a lot.”

He smiled and rolls his eyes at her teasing. “I have to come back to my training.”

Clara looked at him before speeding and changing her clothes, cleaning the space and wrap everything. “I have to go too, the world has not answer me about my people or myself.”

Bruce nods and start to dress himself. Clara kisses his cheek as she starts to walk away.

“If you need something from me, go to Gotham and ask for Bruce Wayne or Alfred Pennyworth.” He looked at her as she nods. “We will help you.”
Smiling she nods before disappearing as she jumps the cliff.


Her trip to the Antarctic with the scientific expedition wasn’t as unusual activity for her since she started to travel the world at sixteen. It hasn’t be her first option but after disobeying her father and using her special abilities to save him from a hurricane she needed space to think, to find herself and that’s when the thought of traveling the world appeared.

Now she been traveling around the world for years seeking for something that could shed a light of what she was.

I mean other than not human.

An alien.

An extra-terrestrial with humanoid forms.

Or were the humans the ones who look like her?

Who knows?

Her parents had been very understanding of what she was and how her abilities started to develop thought her grown, and now she can understand why Ma and Pa had are hard fans of alien movies and sci-fi series of television, after all they had been using Star Trek, Star Wars and every other movie about aliens like a possible manual for their very teenager alien daughter.

It has not worked all the time but sometimes it helped them to connect with each other.

Growing up with powers has been a constant challenge, especially when she was a child between her five to ten years because the strength, the hearing had developed; later in her teens the heat vision, the jumping and the speed, were more than any child would need but she learned how to control it.

How to hold herself in this world made of glass to her normal strength.

Traveling has been freeing and after three years of looking around the world seeking information about herself, her people basically anything that could shed a light about her it has been really frustrating not find anything. That was a month ago when she received a phone call from an old acquaintance from Gotham when she was in Chile.

Her friend has put her in the way of some military excavations around the world for some time, now his later update was about a whisper of some information she had been fishing from the Dark Web.
An expedition that has been financed by some rich interested civilians from Metropolis because the military is desperately in needs for private funding when they are going for this kind of specific investigation, and it has been some hacking what has put her in the list of people who could help with some work in the camp, especially for athletic and highly private person like her.

Her fake background, another help from her Gothamite friend, passed the inspection from both the US Government and the military. Either way, B has advised her when they had initially met three years ago, not only for this trip but for her travels around the world. One: Not to let anyone takes photos of her unless strictly necessary, initially he would not like her to show her face in any place but it’s kind of difficult when you have a society who works all the time with their phones and internet is mostly everywhere; Second: Never stay more than a month or so, she never stays long in a place, try to avoid small places because 'They are noisy, Clara stay away from noisy people.’ Clara has just laugh and nods at him. Three: Fake names and a vague background. Apparently, that what he told her to do, she was lucky to meet him otherwise she would probably have not been hiding very well.

Now at eighteen, with so different experience she has a clear knowledge of what is she going to do, what is her purpose here.

On earth.

As someone who is not human.

There was a time where she was in far deep in the forest in China escaping from some local human traffickers that she has finally stopped and made her remember of her Pa’s training, more specific the reason for what she has all this powers from her parents perspective.

Helping people.

That’s what have given her the personal satisfaction of doing what she supposes to be doing.

So she spend her time training herself like her Pa used to do it, discipline her strength, focus her hearing, controlling her vision, each and every one of his powers she develops and trains until she controls it or when she sense it was unsafe testing the limits because she can blend metal just with her bare hands effortlessly and make his vision a laser focus to the point a needle needs to pass through fifty meters of concrete.

And at the same time using her abilities to help people in whatever form she can’t.

Sometimes when she needs to give something back for the help the locals give her, she normally used her strength to make raw diamonds and with that going to poor villages and exchange it for food and cloths even if she knew she doesn’t need it but still helping her to feel a little less alien.

There were days where she would search for different materials around her environment and change her focus from normal to microscopic vision to understand what type of fabric, soil or element she was seeing at naked eye when she told B about that specific power the man has looked so incredibly jealous that he threats her with not talking to her for days if she doesn’t let him experiment with her.

She laughs at him before nodding B has looked like a child whose Christmas came early.

Another time she sat in the top of the Everest looking at the sky and she has seen at naked eye the real form of the moon and if she tried, she could see clearly from Mars to Jupiter. That has been a weird discovery in the middle of the cold.

She feels like the world was her own living petting zoo.

She could go to places where the humankind had not set a foot yet or places forgotten to them.

There were old temples in the immeasurable forest in Thailand, hidden islands in the oceanic continent, in the middle of the Amazonian forest there were unexplored places who shine with their own light out of the hand of human intervention. The Sahara in the middle of the night has many hidden treasures, so the Andes Mountains or the Himalayas. But even if seeing the world was a wonder that few people has the privilege to see, she could not stay aside if people were in danger or in need of her help, like when she was visiting Russia; or rescuing people out from North Korea; or even when she found herself helping people to run away from their countries because of their sexual orientation, race or even age; or when were she would help people from child traffickers or being sold as brides from her families everything without calling to much attention to herself.

She learned to look helpless and weak.

She learned to be shy, to be bold, to use her womanhood as both a shield and a weapon.

She learned to hide her strength and show it when necessary.

She understood that sometimes being strong means showing weakness to others and being weak is hide herself in a mask of fake strength.

She learned to hide herself as second skin, to be seen as normal.

Now in the expedition in the Antarctic she breathes, and the gelid artic air fill her lungs, the place was filled with people, civilians and military ones. The last one to arrive was this morning a journalist form the Daily Planet, who arrived earlier than the bosses had told them she would arrive.

Either way that long three years of traveling has made her restless and looking for something else, for a place to settle but she knows she could not do that until she found about what she was looking for and this time B sends her the information of this specific expedition controlled by a secret investigation from the U.S. government about some strange reading for extra-terrestrials materials.

She had been following this investigation when she found information filtered in deep places of the web. Apparently, after investigating about programming she realized if she put her mind into learning it doesn’t take too much time to learn and it was not only about knowledge, if she can do it once she can do it when necessary, muscular memory and eidetic memory.

She is not ready to test the limits of her own abilities yet.

Beside that information, he had sent her a very cutting-edge technological watch where he started to send information and to contact her. A magnificent piece of technology with a big W in the minimalist design.

She is pretty sure it tracks her too.

Today, Clara had waited until all people around were busy in something before making her way to the top place of investigation.

So now, she is walking through the snow and it was weird, since she can’t feel the cold of the snow or the hot of a fire or need to breath under water. She stops because she could not believe what her eyes were seeing through thousands metres of snow.

There was a ship, an alien ship in front of her.

She could see clearly through the thick snow, and she for that she started to melt the snow into a perfect tunnel for her to go in and see if she can access the ship.

It took her ten minutes through the dense snow to get in front of the metal that clearly don’t belong there the saw no clear entry so using her heat opened a door, she doesn’t want to destroy or damage the ship complete by error.

She shacked her head and put attention on the breath of someone has been following her, she blinked and then put the woman, she remembers her as the journalist Lois Lane, quick out of the ship and near to her trailer in the camp.

“What the...?” Lois looked at her with big surprise eyes. “Hey, wait! Don’t let me here!! Who are you?!”

Clara smiled at her before she disappears as quickly as she came.

She was now back to the improvised door she made in the ship were an incredible advance sentinel, who started to point its weapon at her. She blinked looking around for something to stop it when she saw a hole in the control next to her that looked exactly like her necklace.

She quickly put her neckless in the main frame and the sentinel stood down for a moment before starting to repair the hole in the door made by her heat vision.

“Very Star Trek here...” She said enthusiastic at the empty place. The ship was void of any furniture unless it was hidden somewhere, the only other entity was the sentinel repairing the hole. “Let’s see if you have some of their type of alien technology who answer to voice command. Computer, are you there? hello? Someone here?”

The silence was deafening.

She kept walking; the place was enormous.

She arrives to a something that looks a lot like a command centre.

“Hello Kala.”

“Holy Fuck!”

She jumped slightly when a very realistic holographic interphase suddenly appears in front of her. She instantly sends a sorry to her Ma for her foul language.

“Hello, I’m so sorry.” She unconscious tie her ponytail better.

“Hello child.” The man? Holograph? The entity in front of him was looking at her with a particularly emotion.

“Nice to meet you, sir.” This time she smiles weakling at him “I’m Clara Kent, May I ask who you are?”

The Interface stood there in silence for some time before nodding. The image it was a man near to his fifty if she must deduce. He was dress in some combat armour or an intricate battle dress.

“Hello again.” His voice is kind and a pang of some nostalgic feeling make a home in her chest. “My name is Jor-El, I belong to the House of El and I’m your father, Kala.” Clara blinked at the image in front of her. ‘So, no Star Trek but Star Wars’, she thought confused.“Or at least, I’m what is left of the conscience of your late father.”

She stood there dumbfounded for some time.

“And I am... Kala?”

“Kala Jor-El, yes.” He smiled softly at her. “Daughter of Lara Lor-Van and Jor-El, the last scion of the House of El.”

He stood there and shows her a very advanced form of holographic design with his face and of a woman. A very beautiful woman to whom she could recognize her as the image of her mother. Her biological mother.

Lara Lor-Van is her name apparently.

Jor-El keep talking about the story of their family, the story of the Kryptonian civilization, their raising and their fall then continue to explain why they send her to earth.

“Wait!” She said quickly. Stopping the A.I from his monologue. “If this a scout ship, then it’s connected to a central, it’s there a distress signal send it from this ship?"

The AI interface that looks like his late father nods.

“Yes, Kala.”

She panicked.

“Is there’s a possibility to cut the signal?”

He nods. “Yes, indeed."

“Cut it, please." The was a single move of Jor-El hand and the distress call stopped. “Is there a possibility that any ship answered or hailed the distress signal?”

“Statistically zero point zero zero zero zero five two percent, of probabilities that there’s a ship to find the signal Kala."

The holographic interphase said sounding weirdly unsure.

“So, there’s a less than one percent of someone answering the call...” She put her fingers in her nose bridge. “B is going to be so angry is someone out there come here trying to pick a fight."

Her voice was a little disheartened and the ship reacted to it and a new holographic interface appears, this time was her mother face with it.

“Hello Kala.” Her voice was strong and even if it was just a memory, she could even feel the warm. “if you are concerned about the possibility of another ships, we can send a decoy signal far away to distract any ship."

Kala nods quickly an a little relive at the suggestion. “Thanks, even if having a Kryptonian ship here would be interesting I’m afraid earth is not yet prepared for it.”

Both AI nods. “As you wish, Kala."

“Let’s pull this baby in the air and hid it in the centre of the artic but first, this ship has any cloak technology?”

“Indeed." Jor-El answered pleased. “All Kryptonians ships are equipped with that basic design.”

Kala thought of how earth would love to have it too. “And can the ship be connected with earth technology?”

This time Lara spoke. “The technology is primitive but if we access to some of it, we could make a more interactive interface.”

Clara makes a face, before she looks at the super expensive technology device in her wrist. “I’m going to be soooo death.” She said to herself before putting the watch in the table. “Use this device.”

The ship shallows the piece of half a million of dollars in cutting edge technology that Wayne Enterprise has developed for her. ‘B is so going to flip up’, she thought hysterically.

There was a minute of silence before the interface AI with his Kryptonian father face start talking again.

“The analysis is complete.” Jor-El looked at her with questioning face. “Were you aware that the device has a track too?”

“I was." Clara’s face makes a spam after answering.

“Do you want us to keep the track functional in the navigational system?”

“No, add to your database the frequency and deactivate the original source.” She blinked before smile. “Have you connected with the communications earth system?”

“Yes” Lara shows her different system of earth “Now we can access to all the system existing in earth whose base code has compatibility with the device you give us.” The AI of the ship sounded so damn pleased with itself. “We hide our presence in all the systems, but we can access to everything now.”

“Thank you" She smiled before sitting in the only chair there. “Let’s get this bird in the air and out of the Antarctic.”

The smooth sound of the engines was beautiful and then she was looking at the earth from space. She took the ship out of the range of any human machine radius without them realize it would be stupid if she let it lay around for them to try something.

“We are now out of the reach of human technology for exception of the earth human satellites.” The voice of the Lara was smooth at it. His father interface looked at her a little puzzled like looking at something he can’t understand yet.

“Activate cloak technology and cut the track devise, put in the screen a video call to Bruce Wayne personal phone, access to it from the memory of the watch.” Her orders were clears and her voice steady. She dreamed to be Capitan Kirk when she was a child, now she is living the moment.

“Call in progress, Kala." Responded Jor-El “The tracking was nullified, the ship one hundred percent integrated with human technology.”

She remembers her manners now.

“Thank you again."

There was a hiss, and the face of Bruce was in the mayor screen at Clara’s left. He looked ruffled like he was still at bed, his eyes looked tired and there was a small wet pat in his cheek.

“Do you... do you have any idea how early is in Gotham?” Bruce voice was deep with sleep. His bedroom pillows and some of the duvet appeared in the call. He was wearing no shirt since the angle of the camera shows his naked biceps and part of his back. “I hope you are damn dying if you are calling this early."

Clara was going to answer when she remembers security issues. “Lara takes a picture of the screen now, then codified this line with maximum security and save it in a secure server.”

The words make Bruce wake up in an instant.

Clara was excited to see the quick transition from Bruce Wayne to Batman in seconds.

“CK?” His voice was hard and cut.

“You know, CK is a terrible code name...” The grunt was his only answer. She sighs. “I told you, you would be the first to know if I find any information of myself, my people or my purpose.”

“Yes, you did.” Batman nods in the other side of the line. “I didn’t think you would...:”

“What? That I would find something? Follow my promise?” She rises an eyebrow, and her face shows a little mischief. “Why so distrustful, darling?"

Flat face was Bruce only answer at her teasing.

She rolls her eyes.

“I found everything.” She said delightfully. “I am using my ship to land in your backyard.”

“Clara...” He put his hand in the bridge of his nose thinking about all the worst sceneries that could happen if that became a reality. He decides to go with too-tired-to-deal-with-your-shit answer. “I’m pretty sure someone would find weird if a spaceship is in my backyard. Think about the tabloids.”

She laughed at him. “It got cloaking technology!”

Bruce now perked interested before talking.

“Well, cloak device could shield it for eyewitness but what about radars?” His voice was clinical and efficient in tell her the weak spots in her plan. “Any ship could be tracked from different forms."

She pouts.

“Don’t you want to see what I want to show you...”

He sighs then he remembers she is three years his junior.

“Darling” The implications were clear, don’t-come-near-Gotham-in-your-big-god-damn-ship.

Bruce, thought Clara, was the most eloquent man without open his mouth after Alfred, of course, probably that´s where he learnt it.

She kept her sullen look.

“So, the arctic is.” She sighs annoyed. “I going to land the ship as far away of the human population and then we make a trip in your fancy plane.”

He nods a little relieved of talking her out of her plans.

“Ok. See you later and don’t forget dinner.” He accommodates himself in his bed again. “Dick is expecting you and Alfred made some Japanese pastry you loved when we were in Kyoto.”

“Mm... yes, dessert!” Her smile is brighter than the sun. Bruce even in his half-awake state always feels better at seeing it. “Ok. Go to sleep. Have a nice dream punishing the bad guys."

He rolls his eyes before cutting the feed.

Clara chuckle at the black screen.

“Lara, track destination as far away from the last human base in the artic.” The ship shows the calculations of the spot in the major screen before showing multiples simultaneity spots. “Use the third coordinates and go autopilot."

“Yes, Kala" Then the ship started to fly by themselves. Clara step down the sit to look now to his father and mother AI interface.

“So, how many interfaces exist in this ship?”

“Currently exist three interfaces, Kala.” The AI followed the woman outside the principal cabin. “Do you want to know more about it?”

She walked through the hallways.

“Yes, start telling me everything about this ship and put an alarm to fifty minutes before eight in the afternoon in Gotham, I have a dinner date today."



“Mia, is that you?”

“Kara, I need your help!”

“Then why are we hiding in the red room?”

“Because dad change it to make it soundproof.”

“Really” She looked around with a little envy. “We didn’t have that... Bruce is getting soft with age—”

“Yeah, I think is because Chris and Laura are goody two shoes.”


“Come on Kara, even Jason said it.”

“Jason thinks Dick is lame, I'm lame and just because Mars and Chris always do what Clara and Bruce said does not means that they don’t deserve respect.”

“... Sorry Kara”

“It ok, just don’t do it again.”

“I won’t.”

“Now tell me why you need my help.”

“Dad is adopting the new girl Cassandra and Mom is trying to reign in Jon who is clearly hell bent in be the worst version of Kryptonian since Zod... you know my genetic donator.”

Kara makes a weird sound before talking again.

“Please let Laney out of this conversation, there's a lot of issues that involve an interdimensional hop and some time travel asshole shit took him when he was a kid just be kind to him, and we love Cass, she is amazing.” Kara said putting her hand in the bridge of his nose. Mia made a absent nod at Cass name. “Now tell me the true... why you need my help?”

Mia looked a little scared now that made Kara even more unsettled.

“Kara, when you decided to be Power Girl instead of Supergirl.” She stopped talking around. “Did you said... Laura is going to be Supergirl, right.”

“I did ask... oh... Mars does not want to be Supergirl, isn’t it?”

“No, she does not... she is using the blue-collar dad made for us.”

“What?!” She walked away literally pulling her own hair. “Does she know that the continuing use of blue kryptonite to supress her powers makes them instable?!”

“Yes, she does.”

“And what does Bruce say about that?!” Mia bites her lip as Kara sighs. “She has not told him, isn't it?”

“Yes.” Mia talked quickly. “Laura said she is not interested in be part of the superheroes world as a hero.”

“And that’s Mars decision Mia.”

“But that’s means I will be Supergirl.”

“If it's what you want.” She said kindly. “We will respect your decision like we will respect Mars too.”

“Kara... I don’t know if I should be a superheroine.”

“Oh...” Kara smiled at her little sister before raising her in her arms. “Emilia Leslie Wayne, Cir Kala-El, Daughter of the House of El, of Superwoman and Batman, of Clara Kent and Bruce Wayne, Granddaughter of Lara Lor-Van and Jor-El, of Martha and Jonathan Kent, of Thomas and Martha Wayne, of Alfred Pennywort, there’s a lot of legacy for you to live up, isn’t it?” Mia's face is hiding in her older sister slash aunt neck before nodding. “But sweetie we don’t do this for the legacy, being Supergirl was my choice, and I did it because I wanted to protect humanity.”

“But... what if I fail?” Her voice was so small, Kara’s heart squeeze.

“There’s something you have to learn about it maybe sooner than I through.” Kara sighs and kiss Mia’s hair. “one is that we can't save everybody and two is that sometimes we are going to fail.”

Mia looked at her with surprise.

“Mom and Dad never fail.”

“Oh pumpkin, I think that’s a conversation you need to have with your parents.”

The door opened abruptly and startled both, outside the room the young man in ratty jeans and some cartoon t-shirt, he was sporting something hidden behind his hands and bright blue eyes with a little mischief in his smile.

“Hey! What are you two doing here?” Jonathan Lane Wayne was a chaotic problem waiting to be unleashed.

“Laney.” Kara walked to him with Mia in her arms and kiss his hair making Mia do the same. He just makes a sound of disgust at them but doesn’t move. “Where are Clara and Bruce?”

He shrugs. “Éú is in Beirut with the misuses of money investigation she has for the planet. Ukr is in the cave because he kept fighting with Robin about the thing...”

“The thing?”

“Yeah... The crazy Joker thing.”

“Again, gosh Jason should chill.” Mia rolled her eyes with exasperation. “Dad is not going to change his mind.”

“Well, I am with Jason.” Lane said. “If Ukr don’t do the right thing then the Joker keeps coming back and that’s mean more people who will be killed in the his plans, and that’s on him.”

“Lane!” Kara’s voice was hard Mia still in her arms. “You don’t know half of Clara and Bruce’s decisions.”

“Well, they tell us nothing and they expect us to follow their orders.”

She walked away shutting her mouth before saying something she will regret.

… Mia looked at Jon from Kara’s shoulder.


Bruce finish typing the last of his report before he looks at the clock, five thirty. He nods to himself and let the sound of the police scan filling the silence in the cave. His brain was overworking with the knowledge of another life form, with proof of it too. Not only metahumans, that he slowly started to find information in some of the obscure part of the web and some governmental data base.

That force him to make plans and back up plans, and more information and hey... quarter to seven now. Shit.

Dick have changed his school clothes for something more comfortable and went to the cave looking for Bruce. The old man was sitting there typing for hours, Richard blinked before starting his routine exercises. Being Robin is like a dream come true and after a year of constant training he is proud and excited of debuting as Batman partner.

Dick balanced himself in one foot and looked at the information Bruce was taping almost mechanical. Bruce had taught him not only how to fight but how to look information, be a detective, be a fighter, be better than the people they had to put in jail together starting with the killer of his parents, but Clara had found about it and intervened, they made a compromise: Bruce would train for a year in anything that he thinks Richard should need to learn, and Dick had to learn how to handle and balance his school, training and detective work.

He did it and after a year now he could be Robin.

He had hated her a lot in the beginning but after a year, after seeing the extensive training of Batman and Superwoman do themselves, to honed their skills, control their abilities and finally try to handle his own school life, private life, and hero life, he could see that being Robin would take not only be good physically but mentally too.

He owned that knowledge to the training Bruce has given to him and the time Clara has force him to take.

He moved in the bars making a jump.

The last detective case Batman and Robin had been investigating was about the possibility of an encounter with the mafias in Gotham and Starling City. Maroni and Falcone had been moving some of their shipment from the Gotham Port to Starling City and that is not good for anyone.

Dick has been investigating all the names and people from the computer and Bruce has been teach him how to hack.

The first person they had hacked has been Clara and the Kent’s, and of course, Clara has not been very pleased with them when they took all the finance detail and later, they had ideas of how to make it better.

So, she had breathed deeply and clenched her teeth before letting them talk about different investments.

She had just nods, if Bruce and Richard had done this for her then she would at least hear them.

It has been a good exercise on hacking, but she asks them to not do it again with her.

Now, Bruce has been hacking and making some investigative work on Starling City new vigilante, The Hood. What he had found sounds less than a vigilante and more like a killer. The Dark Knight clenches his teeth annoyed at the same time Richard made a surprised sound that distracted Bruce from the screen.

“Dick? What happen?”

Dick smiled before pointing to the clock in the computer twenty to eight. He blinked at him before remembering that today was mandatory dinner time.

“O h m y gosh!” Dick makes and exaggerated face putting his hands in his face. “Mom is going to be here at eight and you are not ready."

Bruce rolls his eyes but raised from the chair either way.

“Clara is not your mom kiddo."

Dick makes a face before talking. “And you are not my dad, yet I call you dat* too." [* Dad in Romani]

The older man heart squeezed at the onslaught of fondness that attack him before catching the pre-teen at his waist and put him in his arms. Richard reacts naturally by holding his neck and accommodate himself with his legs around Bruce waist.

“I legally adopted you." He had this conversation a lot, so they kept walking to the bedroom area where he knows Alfred had laid a suitable suit for tonight for both. “You are Richard Grayson-Wayne.”

Dick smiled at the warm and safe feeling in his chest before shrugging it off before starting to recite his best defence.

“And in case of your death or sever illness that let your incapable of make a sound decision, with Alfred at her side, she is the executor of everything.” His voice warm as he smiled kindly with a touch of cheek. His son was a little shit. “Everything you own including your share of Wayne Enterprises, properties and money.” He caresses his cheek with his sticky fingers. “Until I reach my twenty-five years, finish my college degree or get marriage before that age."

Bruce sometimes regrets teaching him how to be a good detective. He is always snooping around of his personal papers and things, well something like this always come back to bit him in the ass. That what he gets for training him as his Robin for an entire year as per Clara deadline for it.

“Stop calling her mom as a joke, what if she is uncomfortable.” His voice sounded clear in the empty hall of the mansion. “She is just eighteen and remember her very western parents may have a really puritan in their view of marriage and children."

Dick looked at him with disbelief.

“They took in an immigrant alien daughter.”

Bruce makes a gesture with his head.

Point take.

They are now in front of Dick’s room door.

“Then at least ask her because if you make that joke in front of someone that make her uncomfortable...”

“What are you going to do... punish me?”

Bruce looked at him before letting him stand in the floor by himself.

“She is going to lecture you herself in her I’m-disappointed-in-you voice.” He put himself at his son eye size. “Do you really want to subject yourself to that?”

Dick crunches his nose.

“Definitely no."

“Then ask her."

“Hmm" He cross his arms before nodding. “Ok, B."

“Get ready.” Bruce walked to his room at the far end of the hallway. Like he predicted the clothes were hanging outside the bathroom.

First a shower then clothes.


Christopher Thomas Wayne breathes in before letting his breath out. Count to ten in Chinese, later he did it in Arabic and then he remembers the ‘don’t punch your brothers’, their Éú’s* words that he keeps hearing in his head finally he just hears his Ukr's** voice. [* Mom; ** Dad in Kryptonian]

“Ok, this is exactly why Batman doesn’t want us running around without orders.¬”

“Well, Flameboy, what are you going to do... snitch us?”

“I swear to Rao Herald... It’s Flamebird.” His voice has lost any temperance from before. ‘breathes Chris remember Éú’s words’ He thought before looking at the three teenagers. “I'm just supposed to supervise all of you, not lead anyone.”

Herald looked at Robin who nods and at their side Impulse was barely holding together his enthusiasm.

“Good, because this is Robin mission, and you are going to fricking respect it.”

Flamebird just close his eyes and nods. “Robin, Impulse this is your show. Where do you want to go?”

Robin looked at them before looking at the building. “We are going inside CADMUS and find what’s happing there.”

Impulse smiled. “What my dude says!”

Herald grinned at them.

Flamebird just rolls his eyes but smiled too.


Like every two weeks at Wednesday afternoon, unless the Earth needs help or Gotham has a dire emergency. Alfred finds himself at the door of the Wayne Manor waiting for the only woman now that hold so much power over this household as his elder ward late mother, Martha Wayne nee Kane.

She appears to descend from the sky to the corner of the mansion as she walks cleaning and rearranging her clothes. Normally Mistress Clara would have some sensible countryside clothes that she would normally use if she came by, but they promised to put more efforts for these specifics nights since they are trying to give Young Master Richard a sense of stability. Today, she is using a soft green nineteen forty-seven inspiration cocktail dress with a long matching gloves, her long black hair is a high ponytail with a soft make up, that brings fond memories to Alfred of a different era.

Like a warrior from the Viking tales at her one point ninety centimetres makes all people around her feel small when stand tall with a powerful posture in her battle suit and as Clara Kent, she usually loss that part that makes her dangerous and start hiding herself in soft colours or jeans with plaid that make Alfred shiver but generally use a posture of weakness and hides her powers.

Now since both, Master Bruce and Mistress Clara, find the Manor a place where they can just be themselves, their masks slip in an in between state. Master Bruce is silent but not deadly and his sarcastic humour is shared with kindness not an airhead mask, he does not hide his clever mind and sharp edges, but neither is Mistress Clara who now is less perfect or shy, and her sense of humour is paired with kind hands and soft bright smiles.

She was inside the manor when Alfred talked to her.

“Mistress Clara." He said fondly at the young woman, at her eighteen years old holds an endearing kind of wisdom that company her beauty out of this world. “Do you, perhaps, need a moment to arrange your hair?”

“Alfred!” She laughs ignoring the question and taking Alfred hands before she hugs him as always, the older man takes a second before starting to relax and envelope her in a hug too. He let her for some minutes before letting her go.

“Mistress you are going to mess up your clothes...” He let her go and promptly start to fix her dress and fussing at her hair. “...and you should have brought a coat, you may not feel the cold, but that dress needs to be paired with a long coat.”

“Oh Alfred, how would I survive without your fashion advice.” She kiss his right cheek before taking the long gloves and lend it to the old man.

“Alfred is right Clara.” Bruce voice was sounding from the top of the stairs to the second floor. “You should use a long coat for that dress."

The man, one eighty-eight centimetres of pure muscle, walked dressed in a dark midnight blue three pieces American suit with a white shirt and a dark tie with a windsor knock. His Italian leather dark shoes barely make sound in the floor, he is using a cutting-edge high technology watch and the smell of sandalwood with a touch of cinnamon, finishing the image of Bruce Wayne.

Her Bruce Wayne, the quiet and brilliant multi-billionaire who controls half of Gotham and is driven by a long-time oath of protection fuelled by his emotions after his parents died after being shoot in that alley.

The one who fears and admire her in equal amount.

He descends the stair with the smooth grace of a predator that always makes Clara hide a shiver of surprise because even if she can see him, she can't even hear him sometimes and is just the strong beat of his heart the only reassure she had; she shakes her head before smiling at him.

The young woman rolls his eyes before walking to Bruce before putting one hand in his arm and kissing his right cheek. “I don’t own any coat like that so both of you will have to deal with that.” She let Bruce guide her to the centre of the room in the direction of the principal hall. “Where is Dick?”

Bruce and Alfred always make a gesture to each other when she asks the same question every time, she always said that like she could not pinpoint the exact direction of him, she could just use her powers to find him, but she won’t. Alfred smiled behind his eldest ward, she would do as she was raised, control and proper manners.

She is far too kind with the world for someone with that much power.

They all hear Young Master Richard on the second floor since he was racing through the hall.

“¡Clara!” Dick jumped from the second floor without looking where he would land. Clara just catches him before he would land himself in the floor but doesn’t stop Bruce to be ready to jump in to catch him even if logically knows that the super-powered woman could do it easily.

“Hello, wonder boy.” She rearranged her grip to let the child to climb her. Alfred mourned the pretty dress line, but it softened as Clara and Dick sport the brightest smile in this house and take a fill of each other presence. “Please stop trying to give your father a heart attack jumping from that place.”

Dick rolls his eyes looking at Bruce from over Clara’s shoulder.

“I knew she would catch me.”

Bruce raises an eyebrow at him at the same time Alfred talked.

“Young Master Richard.” His voice was cut, startle all of them. “We do not jump from these high places to guests, even if they can catch you.”

“But Alfie...” Dick said pouting in his direction still in Clara’s arms. His arms in Clara’s neck as the young lady just kiss his head. “Clara is not a guest.”

“Indeed, she is not.” The English man said with a soft acknowledge. “But the situation remains, it’s bad manners to jump from high places in this house."

Clara smiled without looking at Dick before Bruce start to make his breathing exercise and his heartbeat start to slow into his normal metronome rhythm.

“Do as Alfred say kiddo.” Bruce voice sounded steadier than he felt. “I would love not to have a heart attack again.”

They started to follow the normal path to the dining room they had put together. Well, Alfred and Clara had chosen a small room and decorated it, Bruce looked at the layout once and choosing the placement of everything before Clara choose the painting and the colours, and in comparison, with the others dining rooms is small but since was near to the kitchen they decide to repurpose it in a small dinner place for them to enjoy without using too much formality. Still Clara could see the crystal chandelier and the big French widows who goes to her favourite sunroom, the place may be small, but it has the high ceiling like all the rooms in this mansion. Clara must remain herself that is not Bruce fault born in privilege and he is doing a lot to even the odds in his community, more than half of the rich men she had met.

She put Richard down.

Her small gentleman was using a similar version of Bruce suit but in a more cerulean colour. His hair was cut in a very fashionable way and instead of Italian shoes it was a dark limited-edition sneaker that

Alfred had disapproval in the first time.

They sat in the circular table in their usual places.

Alfred appeared with the entrée.

“Let's talk about that spaceship you found." Clara could not avoid the snort unladylike that make Bruce rolls his eyes and Dick laugh quietly. ‘Bruce is never once to tip toe about a topic.’ Clara thought entertained but if she wants to have information about their days, she must start of she would not know anything about their life.

“And we will but first we will talk about Dick’s week and schoolwork." She said quickly because if she doesn’t do, they would stick just to that conversation. “...then your week and Wayne Enterprise last investment with Queen consolidate, when you would finally tell me about what you know about Oliver Queen coming back from death to the very end where I will tell you about my classes and my brand-new spaceship.”

Bruce was going to protest before he thought about it better.

“Fair enough.” This time he looks at Richard. “so, kiddo how was your week?”

Dick smiled at both before start talking, he really wants to know about the spaceship.


“¡HE IS DEATH!” Clara was trashing the cave. “MY SON IS DEATH AND YOU—” She chocked in her tears before breathing again. “... and you want me to do nothing! To let his killer, go unpunished!”

“OUR SON IS DEATH CLARA NOT JUST YOURS!” Bruce for the other side of the cave that Clara has destroyed in the first time, now he was sitting in the floor of his cave. He wasn’t holding his tears neither the bitterness in his voice “Mine son too...”

Clara runs to his side in distress.

“Bruce... Bruce.” He took her into his arms at the same time they were in the floor of the cave, they were supporting each other. They always do, and Clara kept talking. “Then tell me what to do Bruce... I'm so sorry... I need you.”

“And I need you too.”

They kept silence for a long time hugging each other.

“It’s my fault Bruce, what's the point to have these powers if I can't protect my family...” She spoke quietly, it sounded like a shout in the silence of the cave. “I knew something was odd… I could feel it, I should have put better attention to them; I knew something was wrong the moment Luthor put me in that room without contact with the outside world but...”

“You could not blow your cover without proof.” Bruce shakes his head and kiss her hair. Clara just hides herself better into Bruce arms, she wanted to hide from the world now, but they have grieving children outside and they need their parents as a united front. “I made a mistake Clara.” His voice was raw and pained. “He thought he could not count on me and kept her birth mother story to himself...”

“Fuck, Bruce. He kept that from all of us... do you think if we had less secret between each other's this would have not happened?” Clara cries in his shoulder again. Bruce kisses her hair again, his own tears falling in Clara’s hair. “I been concentrating in being a reporter that I took time away from my family. Our children Bruce...”

"so do i..."

She took Bruce hand before intertwining their fingers and rest it in Bruce wide chest the let her head fall in his shoulder.

“I want to kill the Joker.” Bruce voice was cold and hard but kept hugging Clara like was the only thing stopping him from doing exactly what he is saying. Clara did the same taking in consideration that Bruce was human, so she controlled her grip better.

“I know...”

“What are we going to do Clarabelle?”

“I don’t know beautiful; I don’t have the any idea.” She breathes into the Kevlar and leather, the musk of batman neutral smell and hormones, fear and rage at the same time, Clara could see, hear and touch everything and nothing help her to help her own son. “But we may have done an oat of not killing but you need to remember... they are worst things than dying.”

They kept hugging each other in silence.

Rage in their hearts. The Joker will pay.


Clara sat in front of the command centre in her ship. Her Fortress of Solitude.

“Good morning Lara.”

“Morning, Kala." The AI of the ship was one of the most advanced computers in the universe, since her technology had not equally in this side of the galaxy, she is sure that she can make that assumption. “How can if help you today?”

“Lara, calculate the probabilities of fertility under the yellow sun for a Kryptonian, make a probability with my DNA example at today, a year, five years and ten years please."

“Processing...” Lara was looking at the calculations and like always produce a place for Clara to sit.

Kala breathes in before sitting. She been feeling a little weird and even if she is and alien with clearly alien physiology that may look like human. She is not human. Ergo, she needs to know if her sexuality is going to be freaky weird or she would lay eggs or who knows!

“Processing finished.” The bit of the computer makes her jump a little. “Eighty-six percent today, ninety-seven percent in a year, hundred percent in five years and more.”

Ok. So, she can be pregnant. Cool. The first man he had sex was Bruce, but he was not the only one since then. Shit.

“How are the possibility of my body surviving the process with the same parameters?”


This time Kala make herself a chocolate cup with marshmallows since Lara was still processing the information. The AI has adapted the ship to her necessities, and they can make a mean cup of chocolate with marshmallows.

“Processing finished.” Kala makes a vague gesture to the interface to start talking. “Twenty-two percent today, forty-five percent in a year, fifty-nine percent in five years, hundred percent in a decade.”

She breathes in, she could be pregnant but probably not survive the process until at last five years. She needs more information and how to prevent pregnancy from the very beginning. She swears because all of this started to happen because his last encounter with Bruce both were doused with Ivy last pheromone attack and if she had not shielded Dick he would have been exposed. She doesn’t regret her actions, but she regrets not making this a priority before. That encounter was last month. So awkward talks were raised from her sexual organs to the probabilities of pregnancy then another one of consent and safety, Richard wanted to die but between Batman believe of being prepared to any eventuality and she believes in raising kids with knowledge, Richard may be the most over prepared pre-teen.

“And probabilities of foetus to survive the process?” She said again drinking the chocolate.


She makes herself another cup to pass the time with some of the cookies Alfred packed for her. Apple and cinnamon, her favourite.

“The foetus survival for today is eighty-seven percent, in a year ninety-two percent, five years and more is hundred percent of probabilities.” Lara interface showed her the numbers again.

Now she sat astonished and blinked. Is there a possibility of she being pregnant now? She x-rays her own body to see if something is growing out of the normal, there’s nothing out of normal there but who knows.

“Tell me how long the pregnancy in Krypton before the acquirer of the Birthing Matrix is?”

“Six terrestrial months.” Said the electronic voice of her mother.

“How Kryptonian birth are? Oviparous or viviparous?”

“Viviparous, Kala."

“How many children can be born from one Kryptonian?”

“Three born children could be born but is highly dangerous to the birthing partner."

Kala blinked.

“Can male Kryptonian give birth?”

“Indeed, they can."

“What are the risks for them?”

“The same as a female pregnant.”

“And the probabilities for being pregnant for half Kryptonian and a human in a yellow sun?”


“Is there a possibility for a full Kryptonian give birth a half Kryptonian in a yellow sun?”

“There’s an eighty-four percent of probabilities."

“How much time do you need to make contraceptives that work with my specific biology?”

“Three weeks.”

“Do you have all the materials here in the fortress?”

“If there’s something the fortress don’t have, then it can be can synthesising.”

“Then send me a message to my phone when they are ready.”

Lara nods and then she talked again.

“Do you want to know if you are pregnant now?”

She froze.

She nods quietly. “Yes"

Lara looked at her kindly before extending her hand to catch Kala's. She took a step to the medical part of the ship with her mother's hand firmly at her.

She can’t be pregnant.

She is finishing her painstakingly undergraduate degree in Journalism early at Metropolis University, she even has an internship secure in the Daily Planet as Junior that has nothing to do with Bruce intervention.

Which she appreciates his friend willingness to help but just because they are raising together a pre-teen, forming a League of Superheroes and playing with Gotham Elite by making them think he has a wife hidden in the manor, which all started because he brought Vicki Vale the first time without saying something to anybody and she saw her when she was putting Dick to sleep after a particular nasty nightmare.

Well, it just reinforces Vicki supposition the moment Alfred came in the hall calling her Mistress and hand her a warm drink of milk with honey for Richard. It’s possible that the entire Gotham Elite knows that Bruce Wayne not only has a wife, but he does not have the problem with him cheating on her.

Clara couldn’t stop laughing for hours at Bruce displeasure.

Either way, it was not just one time they had that problem.

Bruce just took this opportunity to start to change Brucie ways slowly to accommodate her which had serve him to stop trying to be stupid all the time and use them as his excuses. Like: “I’m sorry I have to go now my wife needs me at home now." and get away for that parties he hates unless they serve a specific purpose.

Clara would admonish him, but she was happy that he could be less Brucie there and more Bruce, her Bruce, in public. For the other side, she will always come by if Dick calls for her and obviously, she would be there for him even if she must disguise herself and wait for Richard after school to take him to places, like the mall, aquarium, zoo or parks.

She even takes him out of the country to fly through the globe and see places he had not seen before; Bruce is displeased because if he wanted, he could just use the jet and they could go in a vacation.

After all, Dick had asks her if he can call her Mom and she had said ok. The boy has lost his parents in a real traumatic way and, Bruce and her, had been looking for any photograph, video, poster anything they could find with the memory of John and Mary Grayson to have in the manor. So, when her child needs her, she flown to the manor and since when he was feeling scared or sad called her Daj in that soft tone heavy with his Romani native tone that laced his English and had been very clingy until she could make him sleep.

Bruce doesn’t need to take care of this too.

Holy Rao. She would love have kids, but a preteenager is one thing and baby is another entirely different.

She is just nineteen next week.

“Breath Kala.” The sound of Jor-El voice makes her painfully aware that she was spiralling in her own mind.

“Yes, sorry." She breath in and out. She remembers that she doesn’t need to breath exactly. “Let's do this.”
Lara had finished the test when Kala may have been panicking.

“You are not pregnant, Kala.” Clara breathes out more soundly before she can stop herself, relief is even more clear as she sat in the conjured chair. “Your body is just finishing maturing this usually takes more time.” Lara looked at her with a smile. “It supposed to finish when your child is at least two years because is the formation of an emotional bond to a child.”

Lara’s face brightened. Jor-El smirked and sit next to Lara, both were in front of Kala.

“Since our civilization stop having natural birth since long before your conception, our race formed a slow mental contact with our children.” She was out the chair frowning at her parent's holographic images.

“You are saying that I have been feeling Dick's feeling?” She was horrified for a moment, she always been protective and concerned about her boundaries with humanity since her powers are very invasive and now, she knows she may have been breached his own son’s privacy. She looked troubled.

“They are not feelings like you are thinking.” She said and made her sit again. “These are more like warning alerts for the physical and mental state of our children.”

“Like instinct but more accurate.”

“Most certainly”

“It happens with non-biological children?”

“Normally, you have to remember that our children are birthing from a birthing matrix” Jor-El said kindly “Adoption even for non-biological children are normal in our society.”

“It’s a fail-safe so parents always grown attached to their children.”

“Thank you for the information.”

“It’s our duty as your parents to prepare you for it.”

“Yes. So, how long it takes to the bond to form?"

“Until the child accepted their caregivers." Her heartbeat races a little quick at the tacit knowledge of being accepted as one of Dick foster parent, enough to let her biology take course and form a parental bond.

“Can he feel it?”

“We don’t know, after all he is human, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Richard is one hundred percent human."

“There you have it. Since normally the parent receive something like an alert if they are hurt or in danger, the kids feel usually safest near to their caregivers.”

“Should I have form one with Ma and Pa?”

“You have one." Lara said with certain.

“With your both set of parents." Added Jor-El softly.

“But I don’t feel differently?” She said confused.

“Didn’t your parent always know where to find you, how your general emotional state or your physical body is?”

She thought deeply about it.

About Martha Kent and her never ending kindness, always knowing how to make her feel better even if she was a thousand miles away.

Of Johnathan Kent and his unwavering trust that she would always do what’s is right.

“Yes.” She said brightly then she asked with joy “Does it matter the gender of the parent in the definition of the bond?”

“It doesn’t as marriage are usually a connection between minds and skills.”

“Not love?”

“Of course, love is important.” Jor-El said a little offended. “Love is finding someone who match you, complement you. I choose your mother because she matched my scientific mind with her engineer skills.”

“He was always very passionate for science.” She smiled. “He did blow the second lab in the academy to make a point to his brother.”

“The matrix of biological energies in the subatomic molecules would definitely blow in contact with a low-level gamma-ions." He said very promptly. Kala laughter thinking of how her life would have been had they have the chance to raise her.

“Yes, dear. You definitely showed him."

“Hey. Hang on, brother?” Kala looked at his father confused. “You had a brother?”

“I think we had neglected to teach you about your family history.” Both AI fell silence before Lara move her hand showing him a holographic form of tree. “These were your family and your ancestors.”

In the base it was a hollo picture of her, over her his parents, at his father right another older man. Zor-El, he looked serious and had the same patrician features that his own father had. At his side, Allura In-Zee was a beautiful blond-haired person with bright stormy eyes, under both Kara Zor-El, a little girl with the same blond hair as Allura but with bright blue eyes that were part of the house of El.

“Kara Zor-El?”

Lara face took a small nostalgic tint.

“That was your older cousin, she would have travelled with you but...”

Kala nods, they don’t need to explain. Let her go was his parents’ choice for her survival nothing assures them that it would work, and not every parent would have made that choice. It was a gambit.

She knows if Richard probabilities of survival were in stake, she and Bruce would had sent Dick away too.

Kala blinked as her new watch sounded, Bruce has had an apoplexy about what she did with the last one but since he doesn’t have any other way to track her, he gives her another one.

“Ok, I have to go. I have a trip to Smallville.” Lara and Jor-El give her a salute. “I’ll wait for the contraceptives and all information you have from Kryptonian reproduction.”

They nod before she vanishes from the Fortress of Solitude.


Kala walked fast inside the fortress.

Lara appeared in front of her when she arrived at the medial wing of the ship.

“Lara put the deep cryogenic sleep for him.” Kala still has a knock out Jason in her shoulder and level his body into the cryo-chamber with care.

Damian was strapped to her front.

“As you order, Kala.”

Her belly was big for one month's Kryptonian/human pregnancy, but she has not talked to anybody about the babies inside of her well except with Lois who clearly told her she is not interested in being a mother now.

It had hurt but she had loved Lois for who she was, and she has always loved to being a reporter, to chase the story and to feel the trill. She doesn’t want her to change and if this isn't something, she wants then... better know it now. Either way, that night Clara cried in her bed alone after reassure Lois they would still be friends even if their relationship ended and the babies were profoundly only hers.

It has been a lonely month for her, since she had taken her time to avoid anyone who could identify her status and it has been a blessing her highly trained bat-detective children and his superpowered ones have been clueless. She even saw Bruce avoid her for weeks, so she took it as a sign to not talk about her own situation.

Most of them have started to move out of the mansion or where to wrapped in their own lives. She doesn’t blame them; life has been very busy lately for everyone.

Kara has finishing her journalism degree in the Metropolis University and now she is making the final preparations to move to National City. Clara could not be prouder of her; she is making her path on life for her own and it’s time for them to let her go. Then Dick finally finished his degree in criminal psychology in Gotham University and now he is focus himself hundred percent in the Police Academy from Blueheaven, with that life has taken one of the meddling elder children out of home.

Of course, the triplets were still at home but at fifteen the three of them are making their own decisions just like his older siblings.

Martha is more in Wayne’s buildings than at home because she is working her ways slowly at all the different divisions, not only the Foundation but Wayne Enterprises has; a lot of people just underestimate her and think of her as a spoiled girl, but they don’t see the shark Bruce is raising there, except Lucius who is serious in training her in the company ways.

Christopher, for the other side, is making his GPA stay at 4.0 because he is fuelling his interest in medical knowledge, he is thinking in become a surgeon which is amazing especially because a lot university has been offering a full ride and early entrance but, Bruce and she, has been clear with all of them first you had to finish high school at home. So now he is politely sulking far away of his family and being Superboy at the west coast alternating with the Young Justice and the Titans.

Finally, Emilia was spending a lot of time with Alex Danvers after meeting her in some case she was working with Kara and took a special interest in the cases the DEO has been working with apparently intergalactic diplomacy is her new interest, that and being Supergirl has made her work more around the world and stay less time at home.

Meanwhile, with thirteen years old, Cassandra and Jonathan where the ones who normally spent a lot time at home but with Cass training hard for her ballet audition, her schoolwork and speech therapy, has asked for some time to spent at Stephanie’s house which Clara and Bruce gladly gives her because they wanted to make better connections with more people.

Lane, for the other side, wanted to take time to travel the world, especially with his sick health getting better but they had been clear, high school first then whatever you want to do. So, instant of sulk like his brother, he had taken training religiously under the red sun for different reasons, apparently for him training as human make him have a clear mind. Clara is just happy that he has a better outlet to let his feeling go. Like his father, punching the emotions in the face.

Their last child, the one they had slowly taking in after Jason death was Timothy, who is ten years old and is the last Robin Bruce has train and take in after a lot arguing from the entire family, that sometimes make Tim very insecure of what his place in the family is, especially after Janet and Jake Drake were mostly absent all the time.

That has been one of the reasons she has taken the child in when he appeared at their door after deducing their secrets identities, Clara could see the desperate need for attention, security and a place to belong the child was clearly not getting at home and her heart could not avoid a call for need.

Neither Bruce after all.

Now Tim is steady finding his foot in this family, since she has reassured the two absent parents and made quite the fuss every time they go away, insisting that Timothy should always come to live in the Wayne mansion if they are traveling. It's not surprising for the Waynes when the Drakes just accepted the arrange, after all if their son has better relationship with the heirs and heiress of Wayne Enterprise better for their own standing.

Either way, life has been quite busy for all of them but Clara’s life change after it took her less than a full minute to hear the beating heart of Jason on earth.

Her Jason was dead and now she is hearing for three full minutes his heartbeat even if it has taken her thirty seconds to recognize the sound she thought would never hear again. She doesn’t forget how the sound of the heartbeat of his children sounds ever since...

Ever. Since. Jason. Death.

And whoever had him dared to try to hide again but now that she has hear it, it took her even less to find the place where they have them and she found a warehouse with highly trained ninjas guarding it.

She knew immediately that it was the League of Assassins fault.

She leaves the place to fly to the Wayne Mausoleum and smells a faint trace of Talia’s custom-made perfume near to the discredited tomb of his beloved child then of course Clara knew she would have to search to the end of the earth for Jason.

She would not fail him again.

She took a page of Batman books and decide to use stealth over raw power. So, she changes her bright normal suit for the normally unused stealth suit to walk and inspect every hideout that belonged to the League of Assassins.

And she found it.

In the Sahara, for a moment if she had pay attention, she would have loved the magnificent of the view of the desert but this time she could not, because the place had hide for her his son in complete madness because of the effect of the Lazarus pit’s water.

A deep deponent emotion took over her, she wanted to destroy the facility, but she knows better than let her emotions cloud her judgment right now. She would not raise the alarm yet because they would try and probably use kryptonite to stop her from taking Jason.

Looking through the walls was when she saw him.

Alone in a soundproofing room, a room made exactly against her hearing but not her eyes and now that she looked, she could not unseen it. Crying at the top of lungs alone in that room with just a tag in the crib that say one word, Damian.

She knocked out Jason safety and took him with her to the now unguarded door. Clearly, they didn’t expect someone because it took her nothing to open the door without triggering any trap.

In the moment she enters the room she was mystified.

The tiny face of how his Bruce has looked at the age of three and she obsessively has memorised from the pictures that Alfred hides with fondness but this time, even at the distance she could see it clearly, it does not have Bruce deep intense blue ocean eyes but have a big watery greens eyes that were filled with sadness.

Talia’s eyes.

Clara floated to the crib before putting down Jason’s unconscious body in the floor and took her cape from the suit and made a Sling with it then took the child.

Damian. She thought softly.

She took Damian from the crib, he had stopped crying and looked at her with her wet big sad eyes, she smiled before kissing his crown softly, muttering a soft song in kryptonian and rocking his body to make him sleep.

nam alan ya 'amiri alsaghir*” She said now in Arabic. [sleep now, my little prince*]

She doesn’t know if it was because of the warm, of the safety, of the long-tired time of crying but the child was sleeping quickly in her arms. She smiled to herself and put the sleepy child in the sling she made, then uses her own power to navigate the labyrinth with a sleepy toddler in her right front and the teenager in her shoulder.

Clara left the base in the middle of the night and fly to the first city she found because it would be thoughtless of her to just fly with them through the artic. Now that she was feeling a little safe, her anger was coming back slowly and it’s meeting with her own version of Batman cold paranoiac logic voice in her mind.

You must leave this place. The Batman in his mind was quite brutal in his assessment. It’s unsafe and Talia probably has informants in the city.

Batman would be so proud of her control now because she just wants to destroy everything. She uses her watch to find the neatest Zeta Boom in the middle east that took them to the Fortress.

Now, Jason was in the Cryo-chamber sleeping and being watched by the most advanced AI of this part of the galaxy meanwhile Clara took Damian out of her improvised sling and walked with the sleepy baby in her arms.

She was a little enthralled by the soft baby smell that she never acquired before after all, her children had always been a little older when adopted but if she must guess Damian has at least three years old.

She caresses his plump cheek and kisses his forehead.

Damian unconsciously seeks Clara’s warm and put his tiny ear near her heart.

Her thoughts stray in the hundred ways she wants to punish Talia. She did to Bruce what Zod did to her, the betrayal she is feeling right now is numbing.

Talia knew about it because there was a time where she thought that Bruce and Talia would marry, and that would made Talia part of the family and accepted her as a sister but what broke her heart was not only the fact that Talia has used the knowledge of what Zod did to her, but that Talia had used Bruce’s love against him.

She used and abused the knowledge Clara and Bruce had for her. Now, she is so angry at Talia for thinking this is an acceptable solution to whatever shit she is planning.

Well, they know shit because Clara is going to find anything and everything they have from Bruce DNA and if they plan something else, she will know. If it was not because she has Jason back, she would have taken her time in destroying Talia and Ra's empire to the ashes.

Ukr.” Her Kryptonese was lovely as always and the form of Jor-El appeared at her command.


“I need your help Ukr.

“Whatever you need my child.”

She looked at him with such relive. “I need you to hack in everything the League of Assassins, Ra’s Al’Goul, Talia Al’Goul or Nyssa Al’Goul have from Bruce Wayne and Batman, and the Wayne children, Wayne Enterprise or our family, any whisper, any plan, any collection of DNAs they could have then...” She says in English then stops talking to the A.I to take her time in thinking what Batman would do. “Then made a copy of the information in an external untracked place in the fortress then put a track on information logs so we know who and when someone has access to it... and be ready to erase it at Batman commands.”

Jor-El looked at her daughter a little surprised before nodding.

“As you wish.”

"Thank you, father."

Then the interphase disappears.

She nods at herself before accommodating Damian body in his arms again.

Damian made a very Bruce frown in his sleep.

She smiled at that, like she would not recognize a Wayne when she sees one.

She walked through the halls of the ship after looking at the status of the cryochamber. She could not deal with Jason yet, she needs a little time and thinking in how to say it to Bruce. Now he probably is going to patrol Gotham and she has sent a text to the Justice League chat that she would need some time down so unless they have an alien invasion, she would be taking personal time.

The league has accepted it immediately, but Bruce has not contact her yet.

Then she asked J’onn and Kara to look after Metropolis, both has accepted the task like always. She was finishing reading J’onn message when Clara looked at Damian clever green eyes who started to wake up.

She mourned her own admiration for Talia, even as she often must fight her, she always thought that Talia Al’Goul has always been beautiful, elegant, with a sharp mind and... a magnificent enemy.

The little one looked puzzled at her before Clara kissed kindly the crown of his head and looking back at his sharp green eyes.

Marhabaan habib, 'ana Clara*” Clara’s Arabic is soft, kind, warm and made Damian raise her little hand to put it in her cheek enthusiastic. [Hello beloved, I'm Clara*]

“Klaraan.” He repeat with his deep Arabian tone even for someone so young.

Habib*” She said kissing again his crown. “Clara.” She said this time in English. [beloved*]

“Clara.” He repeats in English again.

“'Ahsant ya 'amiri alsaghir*” The child preened at her with such pride that Clara could not stop the warm feeling inside her and her bright smile in the toddler direction. [Well done, my little prince*]

Taeam*” [Food*] He said quite clearly for his three years old. “'Atamanaa altaeam**” [I wish food**]

'Iidha samahat*” [Please*]

The child looked confused.

'Amiri alsaghir, 'iidha kunt turid teamana felayk 'an taqul min fadlik*” She said kindly. [My prince if you wish for something you must said please*]

Clever little one who understood at once what Clara was asking for him.

'Urid taeam min fudlik*” [I want food, please*]

'Amnaytuk hi 'amri” [Your wish is my command*]

Then she looked at the face of the AI version of his mother who looked quite solemn as she walked to the kitchen, she long time has incorporated to the Fortress, especially since she has taken her time to bring his children here to know more about the universe. Normally when they try to hide from the world and don’t want to be coddle by their Kent’s Grandparents, they come to be coddled by their Kryptonians grandparent's AI versions.

She made a cut of fresh fruits and some Greek yogurt, then put the child in one of the old highchairs that probably belonged to Lane long time ago. “Hnak ladayk ya 'amiari alsaghir*” [There you have, my little prince*]

Alfakiha*” [Fruits*]

“Indeed.” She said in English looking at the child who curiously look at the fruits and eat one by one with so much wonder in his little face that made Clara's heart squeeze.

She has spent an hour explaining every fruit in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and English to see if he responds and the little genius respond to all the languages at the same time. She has cut it and put it in Damian’s plate to later show the information with the holographic interphase that she was surprised to see Lara at her side.

Damian made a surprised sound at the AI suddenly apparition, but he did not cry, Clara was impressed.

Éú*” She said in Kryptonese. [Mom*]


This time Clara was talking in Kryptonese to her mother AI. “This is Bruce’s son Damian Wayne, an ex-beloved tried to keep in secret from Bruce and had kept my Jason as a secret too.”

“I understand.” Lara said with a solemn tone that match her looks, in Kryptonese too. “Do you wish me to assess the health of all of them?” Said making a free movement to Damian and at her stomach.

She hides her tears so her little prince could not see it, this time she answers in English. “Yes, Mother.”

Lara smiled talking at her in English too. “Don't be afraid Kala, you are not alone.”

Clara cries a little and Damian made a gesture to be take in her arms again, then suddenly kissed her cheek. Clara smiled wetly at him before talking to her mother again. “Thank you, Mother.”

Bruce would have to wait a little she needs to talk so someone first.

Lucius Fox must still be at Wayne Enterprise Tower.


Her world is falling apart a little.

“YOU ARE NOT ALONE.” in every language in earth. She can hear all of it.

The sound of her people.

Creating fear in the heart of his home.

She is angry this is not what she wanted, she had given Ma and Pa a little information about herself or about her origins and even if it has been a year and a half since she found her spaceship, this was not the way she wanted to paint her entire race.

“Clara." Bruce voice sounded like an anchor to earth for her. She had seen red and that’s means she probably has activated her heat vision unknowingly.

“Bruce.” She uses her other sense to anchor herself to him, her island, hers... She breathes her anger out of her body.

All the screens of the computer started to show the image of a man with some otherworldly characteristics. The voice sounded harsh and grave with deep tones.

“My name is General Zod. I come from a world far from yours.” The images produced by the video are difficult to see correctly, the connection barely held together. “I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. For some time, your world has sheltered one of my citizens.”

Just when Clara sat next to Bruce in the cave, the children and Alfred came from upstairs.

Tyō kamabakhta gadhā*" Clara curse in Nepalese. She knows she and Bruce were the only ones who speaks in Nepalese. [त्यो कमबख्त गधा / That fucking asshole*]

The voice in the video crackle a little. The computer of the cave has better image than Dick phone, since last year Bruce has been integrating Kryptonian technology in the Batcave.

“I request that you return this individual...” The connection stopped before started again. “ my custody. For reasons unknown, she has chosen to keep her existence a secret from you.”

Kara was looking startled at the voice before putting one of her tiny hands in his mouth.

“He might as well give your identity up." Bruce grits his teeth in anger.

Clara took his hand and tangled their fingers.

The voice of Zod sounded in the cave again.

“She will have made efforts to blend in, she will look like you, but she is not one of you, to those of you who may know of her current location, the destiny of your planet rests in your hands.”

This time Bruce makes a slow growl. “To Kala Jor-El, I say this: Surrender within 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences.”

The transmission was cut.

The news was in now.

[“We hardly know anything about her, isn't that right?” The reporter said a little scared at his companion.

If she truly means us no harm, she'll turn himself in and face the consequences and if she won't do that then maybe we should...]

“Like hell we are going to give you up!” Dick voice has a childish conviction that makes Alfred heart squeeze in delight “Who the fuck does he thinks he is?!”

“Dick, language.” Clara said in absent tone concentrating in hearing around the world the responses.

Kara giggle in her hand a little. “His name is General Dru-Zod, he was sentenced to the Phantom Zone for treason to the high council of Krypton and murder of the brother of the head of the House of El, Uncle Jor-El.”

Bruce looked at Kara, Clara could see the plans taking form in his mind. Alfred knows they would do everything in their hands to protect earth.

[“The Daily Planet's Lois Lane knows who this woman is. She’s the one we should be questioning.”
“Hold on. You're saying Lois Lane...”]

“They are going to get the reporter girl who was stalking you.”

Clara rolls her eyes but smiled softly. “Bruce you made her chase her tail.”

Alfred has disappeared in the direction of the kitchen they probably would need his ability later for the moment they will need a light supper or a snack.

“... and she still wrote a piece of you.” He frowns annoyed. “Now she is probably in danger because of it.”

“Not all people are as cautious as you are darling.”

“That’s what’s kept us alive and like ghost for the public.”

“I know.” she smiled at him calmly. “They think Batman is a myth even if they had saw your symbol in the sky.”

Bruce makes a slow arrogant smile before Clara rolls her eyes at him.

“And they call you the red and blue blur to every mobile or camera that capture any image of you.”

Kara and Dick make a face to each other, they are so used to their little battle of wits that these days they just roll their eyes to them, especially because they seem to enjoy have a go to each other.

This time Clara looked at Kara.

“Apart of Kryptonite is there any other weakness you could think of Kara?” Kala’s voice was kind, she would do what is commanded to her, but they would not surrender earth neither humanity.

Kara seems to think.

“One of the most important flight Ukr and Éú had was about configuration the cryostat and the atmospherics program the ship to earth parameters.” She always talks about her life before arriving to earth in Kryptonese, Bruce nods kindly at her.

Dick hugged her and Kara just hug him back. Kala makes a move, so the two children now are sitting in her lap next to Bruce.

“That could mean our atmosphere could be toxic for them.” He makes calculations with the computer especially because they had the information from the fortress of solitude in the artic. “and Krypton had a Red Sun.”

Kala nods. “It's the yellow sun what give us...” Makes a motion to kiss Kara forehead who smiled at Bruce before doing the same to Richard who just wiggle in her lap before letting his head in Clara’s shoulder. “...our powers”

“Then I have a plan.”

Clara smiled at the Bat of Gotham. “That doesn’t surprise at all darling.”

‘Her Kryptonese is beautiful.’ Bruce thought fleetly for a second.

Bruce looked at the children smiled who smiled at him too and had the time to think of how lucky is to have so much sunshine in the deep of the darkness with him. He thinks in his parents and how proud would be of his little family now.


They were having a fight in the middle of the morning in Smallville at her parent’s barn in Kryptonian.

It almost sounded as the beginning of a bad joke.

“I have told you before, if you think this family would be temporal.” She breathes through her nose to not blow her anger at Bruce. “Then is clear that you don’t know me at all.”

“It’s not about knowing is about our future." Bruce was a little exasperated at her. “What if you decide to marry or fall in love with someone?”

“Bruce when that happen, that person would have to know everything about me even that I have children with my best friend!”

“I know.” He just started to pace around the barn. “but I should have been more careful in the beginning, any other man or woman would have to know about our secrets.”

“Bruce any hypothetical person has to pass your detective invasive less than appropriate investigation before even has a glimpse of the real life of our children.”

“And you have your powers but sometimes I think you trust to easily.”

“Not this again."

“Clara you told me you were an alien after see each other three times.”

“After three years of knowing each other, Bruce!” She shut her mouth before hiding her face slowly. “Yeah well...”


“... I don’t know how to explain to you."

“Is there something to explain?” Bruce tone change to a demanding one.

“If it can’t be measured you only dismiss it.” She said a little unkindly. “Bruce, I knew how you were in the moment you left the room the first time, you stopped a man trying to hurt others in that village.”


“I was hearing everything about the western boy who was helping at the village." she smiled. “but you didn’t tell anyone your name, so I follow the trail you left.”

“That’s...” Bruce hides his blush as he kept pacing in the barn. “They shouldn’t know.”

“And they didn’t, I took the precautions to hide your timely help."


“World finest, darling."

“God, I hate you."

“No, you don’t."

They stood there in silence for a moment before talking again.

“There’s going to be a thousand challenges in my future Bruce.” Clara voice was soft as she walked at Bruce side before she touches his arm. “but nothing scares me more that thinking about have to face them without you at my side."

Bruce sigh before looking at her eyes.

“There’s no-one who I expect to be at my side when things go wrong.”

Clara smiled.

“Well now you have an evening to sort with my parents.”

His face makes a weird tick before Bruce cross his arms to his chest.

“We were supposed to be here next week after you talk with your parents, that was the plan."

“And it would have happened is someone was not pussyfooting his way out of the deal."

“I beg your pardon...” His voice has a very British distaste. “I was not... backing out of anything."

“You were scared about the compromise.” Clara smiled. “Did Alfred tell you to woman up? Were you hiding in you man-cave brooding about it?”


“Oh my gosh, you were." Clara laughed at him. “Boy if you can’t handle me at my Metropolitan University student then you definitely can’t handle me at my Kansas Farmwoman.”
Bruce raised a little his nose and looked very posh in his three pieces suit.

“Let’s meet your parents and stop being annoying."



The Kryptonian woman blinked a little confused.

“These were your last project?”


“A tracking device and a communicator?”

“Indeed, Mistress Clara.” Alfred voice had a dash of exasperation in his voice. “Master Bruce has been really keen in finish these devices, Kryptonian technology has the limit of just imagination for him.”

She took a deep breath and her gaze pass Alfred first, who finishes to put two cups of tea with some chicken sandwich for them, to Bruce finally.

“Privacy is an empty concept to you, isn't it darling?”

She said in a blank tone.

“As is to you, dear.” Bruce frowned at her.

“I would protest.” Clara shrugged annoyed. “but now I don’t have to feel guilty for how I track all of you.”

“As you should.”

“Did you put these in all of you?”

Kara and Dick nod smiling and showing her their own marks. Clara makes an irritated sound and pry to Rao for patience if Zod doesn’t kill her might as well Bruce finish the job one day.

“Our children Bruce?!” She grits her teeth. “Without asking me!”

Alfred makes a face in Bruce direction that has a strong impression of an I-TOLD-YOU.

“You could use your powers I had to use our technology.”

“This is vengeance for the three watches that I broke, isn't it?”

“They worth half a million each one.”

“I knew you were just lying when you told me everything is fine.”

Bruce grunt before putting the device in a small machine like a gun, the thin needle was made from Kryptonite since it makes Kala a little dizzy.

“Come on sweetheart.” He smiled showing all his teeth. Like a wolf before going for the killer shot. “It's not going to be painful.”

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t."


When he chooses to come to the Gallery open that Stephanie wanted to visit, he did not expect the experience become an interrogation show. At least he thought it would not be about his relationships and more about Wayne Enterprises. The gallery was in Brooklyn, a beautiful renovate old building in a brand-new gallery.

“Mister Wayne! Mister Wayne! What do you think about the new acquisition Wayne Enterprises did from Surtech technologies?

The vultures were outside the gallery waiting for him to step out of the car. Stephanie, Tim and Cassandra were inside with another group of friends that they came to support.
He, for the other side, was still hiding in the car with Martha.

Père*” [Father*] Martha’s French like always made Bruce relax unconsciously. They are the ones who spend a lot of their time together in galleries, parties and charities works since Laura reached hers fifteen years old, after all the Kryptonian just decided she would not follow the family superheroes business, but she went for the more corporative one, and that’s means when she is feeling safe in a public space, she tents to speak in French. He fixes his collar and looks at his daughter outfit, today Martha is wearing a black dress with a long with coat and delicate diamonds set of jewellery. “Mamán ne sera pas en colère si vous sautez cette galerie, ni Steph, Cass ou Tim**” [Mamán would not be annoyed if you skip this gallery, neither Steph, Cass nor Tim**]

“I know Mars.” His own more comfortable style a more relaxed version of his traditional three pieces suits with dark blue Italian pants with a browns leathers shoes, make him look more in style as Laura said at home. “I would be more comfortable has you not choose a dress so short any less fabric and it would better come here naked.”

She raises a perfect outlined eyebrow. “Me défiez-vous, père? **” [Are you challenge me, dad? **]

Bruce narrowed his eyes at her daughter in distrust. “No, Sweetie.”

“Ok, papa.” She smiled beatifically with a touch of mischief there.

Now at nineteen, Laura Martha Wayne is leading Wayne Enterprise and Wayne Foundation with Tim at his side; but she also is one of the mayor trolls this family has and is probably because she always hides that part in soft bullying his brothers into better sleep, eat or take care of themselves that they forget that part of her, even him.

She looked exactly like Clara at that age that Bruce has a sort of deja vu by looking at the sharp dress woman in front of him. They looks might be the same, but Clara’s natural softness was replaced by a sharpness he usually sees in Damian or Tim naturally; or Jason and Dick when they are working on a case.

“Père.” Now Martha looked at him with a confusing expression at Bruce silence.

Bruce chuckle before making a movement to exit the car. “Better not make Cassandra and Stephanie wait.”

The shout of questions started the moment the car door opened.

“Mister Wayne, what about does your wife said about the photographs with hot brunet reporter from the daily planet?”

“Miss Wayne is true your affair with Thea Queen?”

“Mister Wayne how many times have you cheating on your wife?”

The flash of the cameras and the reporters that were making a fuss at outside of the car were removed by the security of Wayne Enterprise because not only the mayor shareholder was there, but the new CEO of Wayne Enterprise and the Vice-CEO of Wayne Foundations were in the Gallery show tonight.

They made a show for their cloths and their relationship, Martha may look like Clara if they look too closely, but she is Bruce Wayne’s heiress. They stopped at the middle of the red carpet and started to point the reporters who they will answer.

“Mister Wayne, Marcos Singer from the Dallas Christianity News, is true you have adopted the children because of the profit for it?” The blond reporter from the Dallas News was always trying to look for the worst part of the Wayne family ties, especially because they are old money and blood since a lot of Bruce adoptions were made to looks that he has fathering children and hiding they were biological his, but most of them were genetically Clara’s, that what Bruce is hiding and for that fundamentalist, ultra-left and conservatives' papers is always trying to sniff something in.

“I love my children Albert... Are they not a blessing from the whoever God you pray?” Bruce smiled with a hint of sarcasm and naming the journalist incorrectly just to piss him off. “I can afford them if is that what you are asking me.”

Then they move to the next one of the reporters.

“Miss Wayne, Deanna Winchester from WallStreet Journal, are you happy with your new position as head of Wayne Enterprise?” The WallStreet journalist at least has a little more professionalism at asking questions both Wayne made a sound of approval that would probably translate to in a private interview of with the new head indeed.

“Please call me Martha.” She smiled at Deanna, the cute brown-haired from the WallStreet Journal blushed at the attention. “Of course, is an opportunity and a privilege to being the head of Wayne Enterprise after all father is getting too old for this.”

“Martha!” Bruce pretends to be upset but kept himself at her line. “I’m in my prime.”

“Then let's not get a renovation for the subscriptions” She smiled when the journalist chuckle at them. “You the one on the back.” Laura made a signal to the next journalist, someone just at the right to the reporter from the Cosmopolitan who looked at her.

“Martha, Madge Powell from TechNews, is true that the designation of Timothy Drake to Vice-CEO of the Wayne Foundations was to take control of Drake BioSearch?” This made Bruce tense micro-gesture and Laura smiled sharply at the woman.

“My young brother...” She started and took a deep breath before letting it out. “Who my parents have raised since the tragic loss of his birth parents deserve everything.” She looked at the man with her teeth a little bared in her smile. “So is a testament of his own arduous work and dedication, being accepted not only by our family but by the Wayne Foundation board members who finally chosen as the successor of our father as the new Vice-CEO of Wayne foundations.”

It was not a textbook answer, but Bruce could see how her response not only reassure the decision of the board but as a member of the Wayne family too.

Bruce could not be prouder of his children protecting each other then he made a movement to another journalist. A tall dark-haired man with a bright and cleverest blue eye, for a moment

Bruce has another deja-vu at seeing him at his side a young blond-haired person raised her voice.

“Mister Wayne, Victoria Young from Gotham Gazette, what do you think about the last investment LexComunications is doing by making an offer for the Daily Planet?”

Bruce made an appalled face. “Well, good for Lexy. He likes to own the press.”

Martha suppresses her snorts at the words. Victoria kept talking. “But Brucie was there a second intention in you going personally to negotiate the purchase for the Daily Planet, does it have to be about you and the senior reporter Clara Kent?”

Now they looked at the woman a little bit startled before Bruce smiled and ignored just in the moment Martha pointed the new woman of the Seventeens.

“Martha, What’s your new relationship status?”

She made a little laugh behind her hand. “Single like the last five years since my father kept me working.”

“They going to think I only raised you to put you to work.” Bruce said rolling comically his eyes at the same time the reporters in the first rows laughs.

“I thought I was free labour?”

“You're my most expensive labour.”

“But I worth it!” She smiled and wink at the crew.

Bruce nodded before starting to walk guiding Martha through the aisle, she was holding firmly at his right arm so she could feel his Père tensing and relaxing at all the questions the journalist kept shouting. Laura was amazed at his control not only of his temper, but his own muscle reflex and she is fairly sure his Père is going ballistic at the incredible unprofessional and misogynist questions she is getting.

She just smiled and let them take photograph of them.

She internally praises her mother and Lois work ethic because these ones don’t have any of it. Finally, she prays that when they are together with his sister, they never make that kind of questions because his Père is probably going to kill someone.

Or his Mamán will, who knows.


They sat in the chairs the fortress has supplying them.

“He really hates me, Hm?”


“I feel so violated now."

“It was a violation.” His words were unkind, but his tone was soft for someone like him. Like he wants to wrap her in cotton blankets and hide her under the bed. “He took your DNA against your will and made them; under human laws you were raped."

She shivers even if she can’t feel the cold, this time Bruce moved to be sitting next to her.

“Kala... Clara, whatever you decide.” He looked at her. “I will always be here with you."

She took his hand and connected their fingers. They were in silence for a long time looking at the small spaceship in front of them.

The kryptonian pod who now was being checked by Lara and Jor-El.

“After Jason I had a moment to think about if we will adopt another one, you know."

Bruce nods. “I know, you had this... face when I brought in Jason.”

He softly smiles this time after all they were in the safest place in earth.

“We make a good team and well, Kara and Dick, are amazing” Clara nods at the absent-minded approval gesture Bruce did. “So, then I looked at Jason, I thought...” She stops for a moment.

“Rao, I thought... we didn’t totally screw the firsts we took in and Little Wing is doing so better now after two years.” She smiled at the memory of Jason. “That I thought maybe the next time we try again we can plan them better than you know... let’s wing it.”

“....” Bruce nods. “I thought about it too.” Then looked at the pod ship. “I knew after Dick that if I was to raise any child in this world, I would better be doing it with you.” She smiled at him shyly. “You make everything better.”

“Nothing would have happened if you were not there for me too.” Clara let her head fall in Bruce shoulder. “You make me believe I could be a better version of myself.”

Bruce kissed her hair before talking again but this time to the A.I in front of them.

“Lara, how many signatures inside the pod?”

“Three signatures, Batman."

“Could you identify if they are in distress now?”


“Are they in distress?”


“Could you tell me the gender of the signatures?”

“Two female Kryptonians and one male Kryptonian."


“Eight years old approximately."

Clara and Bruce looked at each other.

“How old they were when put in the Kryptonian pod?”

“The records of the ship registered them at five years olds.”

“How are they brain patrons?”

“Normal for a full Kryptonian in deep cryogenic sleep.”

“How long would it take it to mature to their respective ages?”


“How about their physical health?”

“Not anomalies detected.”

“Can they communicate with us even in cryogenic sleep?”

“No, they can’t.”

“What about the Kryptonian bonding with his parent, would they suffer any backlash for being out of Zod range?”

“They brain chemistry does not show any kind of parental bond that has been developed.”

Clara stood from her place and punched one of the walls, the Fortress vibrate with the force at the same time Bruce broke the tablet in his hands.

Bruce breathes in and takes Clara’s tablet this time.

“He has them for five years... five years without any kind of parental bond.” Clara wanted to destroy something else so much. “They could not develop properly even if they had not lived in deep cryogenic sleep for three years.”

Bruce grits his teeth at Clara’s words.

“Jor-El, show me the genetic map of them.”

“It’s in the tablet now, Batman.”

“Compare it to Kala and Zod genetic material too.”

The images show the genetic information for Kala, Zod and the three unknown kids in the pod. They were one hundred percent matches for both houses.

“Do you think he has more material to do it again?” Clara sorrows shows clearly in her voice.

“No, there was one shot to do this.” He looked at Clara determinate. “Kryptonian heritage is his pride, and your blood was his victory even if we defeat him.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because he sends them here.” He looked at her. “They are the next generation of Kryptonians, and he could not assure their survival next to him, but he sent them here, he knew they would die if they remained with him.”

“And that’s means, he doesn’t have the means or the materials to do more.”


“Could be a plot?”

“It definitely could.” Bruce voice was certain “But until then it’s up to us to raise them.”

Clara nods and this time, Batman took charge.

“Lara, how prepared are for contact to the earth atmosphere?”

“There is a period of adjustment for one month.”

Bruce nods at the same time Clara does too.

“Make the adjustment...”

“Done.” The voice of Lara sounded clear.

The two A.I has been hearing the information and looked like they were waiting for them to talk but Clara and Bruce were in silence again for ten minutes when she walked back to her sit next to Bruce.

“Christopher Thomas…” Clara’s voice was soft but decided and she took Bruce hand tightly, like she was afraid of his answer “Wayne.”

“Clara.” Bruce voice sounded surprised. “… Zod called him Lor-Zod, I think… I think his kryptonian name should be Lor-El."

“Bruce” She said with gratitude. Sometimes she wishes more people would have the opportunity to see this Bruce, but she knows that she does not only have the opportunity but the privilege to see it. “Laura Martha Wayne.”

This time there was a smile in her face.

“Clara—” Bruce painfully emotional voice just hide the little sharp intake of his breath. “Lara Dru-Zod said the register, now she will be Lara Kala-El."

Clara looked at his Kryptonian parents A.I who looked at her and smiled.

“We always had been an unorthodox family." Jor-El shrugged with a cheeky smile. “She still belongs to the House of El.”

“It’s an honour to have someone else bearing my namesake.” Lara Lor-Van A.I said proudly, like it was a great accomplishment.

Clara nods at them before saying the last name.

“Emilia Leslie”


“Mia.” She smiled. “I like it.”

“Emil Hamilton?”

“He has been really nice for the last years specially after I put the fear of the goddess on him.”

“Leslie would be excited.”

“I’m counting on it.”

“Her Kryptonian name is Cir Dru-Zod, from now Cir Kala-El would be her name.”

She let his hand go.

“How are we going to spin this?” Clara said calmly, Bruce was with her, they can survive this. Like always. “Because we been adopting one at time but three... that’s a hell of a suspicion.”

“I know, not to mention Luthor.”

“Shit, for a moment I totally forgot about him.”

“Well, Zod has been screw you more than him lately.”

Clara nods.


“Mmmm...” He thought for a moment before talking again. “Clinic sperms donor.”

“You are joking.”

Bruce shakes his head.

“I'm going to be called because the DEO has the match of my DNA and some unnamed woman.” He nods at his own words. “Who died in a crash.”

“They are eight years old.”

“DEO paperwork's.”

“They don’t have your DNA."


Clara saw the information in the tablet.

“...Bruce" She said clearly before she shakes her head incredulous. “The DEO is going to do a DNA match and find my DNA and yours, and that’s a hell of a suspicion because I suppose to be death and I would be very much alive.”

“Hm...” Bruce looked at the database of the DEO “No-one knows your DNA in the DEO."

“Yes, someone does.”


“The Danvers.”

“Wait, the Kara’s family from another earth.”

“Not that ones, the ones who works in the DEO of this dimension.”

Bruce blinked then change the DNA sequence of them from Clara to Kara. “and they don’t know about Kara DNA sequence in this one, isn’t it?”

“No, they don’t.”

Bruce nods. “Then I will use her DNA as baseline to match with mine... it could work after all the mother is supposed to be death and they just need to find the father” Bruce blinked and started to make the digital trail in the database. “They would have a ping for my DNA."

She nods a little tired.

“Six kids Bruce—” She looked at his hands like she was trying to see if she was dreaming. “Six.”

“Clara, we are twenty-five."

“I'm twenty-five, you are twenty-seven going to twenty-eight.”

“Well, we are less than thirty.” He looked at her. “We can do this.”

“Of course, we can.”


“Did Daj* put you all onto this?” [Mom*]



“You know is kind of insulting that you think...”

“It was mamá*...” [Mom*]

“Of course, it was mamán*...” [Mom*]

“She didn’t want you to be alone in this." Mia made a cute face at his eldest brother. Dick just rolls his eyes.

“Kara said sorry by the way, she has his two tests today.” Dick nods at Martha’s word from Kara.

Jason smiled a with mischief. “Who knows about Kara with the Luthor girl?”

“Oh, Rao not again!”

“Yes, again! Éú* and Ukr** are in shock.” Lane first bump Jason. [Mom* and Dad**]

“More like they were ballistic and tried to stop her for seeing her.”

“Then they realized she is moving to National City and they would not be all the way with her all the time.”

“A Luthor...”

“Oh, shut up it could be worst.”

“Like whom?”


“Shut up, Jason.”


“For the other news, Ukr is hiding somewhere like the creep he is...”


“Hey... world best detective and everything but that doesn’t take away he lurks like a creep.”

There was a silence between all the siblings and a consensus at Lane’s words.

“Mamán will come after she put some guy in jail because he was molesting a girl.”

“Mamá was furious.”

“So was Thomas it was amazing because he lost it and went all Superboy in the shit." Mia said with big bright eyes.

“shh...” Cassandra elbow Mia.

“We could have all be there, but it would be an overkilled so the first to arrive stay with mom.”

Mia says before letting Jason talk.

“Whatever… Dickster when the competition starts?”

Richard smiled at his siblings who were now looking at him enthusiastic.

Martha, Jason, Mia, Cass and Lane were today at his last gymnastics tournament he could go as student specially since next year he would be studying a degree of criminal psychology and then the Police Academy in Blueheaven.

He thought in going to the Gotham Police Academy, but he is a Wayne, even if he used his birth surname for all the entries, they would recognise him at once and that not what he wants. He wants to help people not being known as the first adopted ward of Bruce Wayne.

He shakes his head and put his mind in the competition.

His siblings were looking at him.

“First, find a place where to sit you have a better view and sleep if you get bored.”

“Yes!” Said Mia taking Cass hand and pull her.

“Mia chill, and ask Cass first don’t pull at her like she is a doll.” Martha voice was stern for someone with just eleven years, but her twin is eleven too and is always behaving like a child. Cassandra for the other side at his ten years old has an enormous tolerance for her older sister behaviour. Lane was in his mobile phone playing games and Jason was reading in his.

“Come on people! There is enough pretty girls and boys to look at!”

All of them just nods before giving Dick a gesture.

Mia wink at Dick in good luck, Martha smiled at him, Cass give him a thumbs up, Jason finger guns him and Lane smirk at his direction. Richard could not avoid the warm feeling in his chest at his sibling's antics, he nods before let a laugh out.

"Your siblings?” One of the competitors was at his side. Dick looks at the tall wide brown-haired person with big green eyes who smiled at him.

“Yes, all of them.”

“Big family I take it.”

“The biggest.”

After that Dick went to warm up and waited for his turn, he won't fail after all he has his family is with him.


Kala Jor-El descend from the sky to the military base where she knows Lois Lane is being held, this place is near to the limit of Gotham and Metropolis. Inside the US Air Force supervisor base, Clara could see hundred man of all different branches in the base. She could even see some of the C.I.A badges were there.

She looked at the sky before open the channel to the Batcave.

“Penny One, how is the sound?”

“Cristal Clear, Mistress” Alfred voiced sound like he was enjoying this.

“I need to find a new codename.”


“Less chat more moving—” The grunt from Batman’s voice makes her smile. “By the way, CK. Your uniform is… quite bright.”

“It was not made for stealth like yours, B."

“Clearly.” He makes a sound from where he been moving through Gotham. “And if you need stealth?”

“This is not the only one I have.” She talked quietly looking at everything. “I’ll show you later the black one.”

“I'll make space in the cave.”

She smiled.

“I won't trespass Gotham, darling.”

He grunted again this time with some humour. “Stay away from my city alien.”

She laughs before floating outside of the military building.

They know that the bases from all branches are in high alert this time; the plan was this one because it was easier to infiltrate since Bruce has the blueprints of the building and because it was near to both Gotham and Metropolis. Outside the building she was creating a big distraction after all, the cameras phones from the pedestrian and even some TV camera were pointing at her.

It took some time for a lot of men and woman were out of the building pointing guns to her too. She recognizes the leader of the base as a general because of the stripes of his clothes.

“All right. You've got our attention.” The General was a tall black man with intelligent eyes, Kala could see that he was paying attention to her and controlling his own fear. Kala must give it to him; the man has a spine of steel and she could see the name of the man in his clothes. General Swanwick “What do you want?”

The order was clear. You come by your own will or We will take you.

Kala hides her subtle smile and her Midwestern English for some toneless one.

“I would like to speak to Lois Lane.”

Now the public who has their phones on streaming this encounter and the cameras with high level microphone has videos with the information that Lois Lane was kept in a government facility and even if the military would not kill her, she is giving Lois a chance for the government to keep her alive, well another one than ‘because she belongs to a military family’.

General Swanwick look at her before start to looking around.

Clever man, he realizes at once what she did for Lois. “What makes you think she’s here?”

She smiled softly, her face normally kind is now like an otherworldly statue, like a marble statue that belong to a museum, her long black hair floating around her.

“General Swanwick, I would prefer if you don’t play games with me.”

His battalion of people around him tenses imperceptible, but they are at disadvantage since she can see and hear everything. The general pulse raises even if he kept a placid facade.

“How do you know who I am?”

Maybe she been giving him too much credit because she just blinked before pointing at him.

“It’s in your clothes, general.”

There was an embarrassing pause in the general and the entourage of military just look at each other’s.

“Americans.” Alfred in her ear could not stop his very dignified snorts.

Kala just suppresses her entertainment before talking again.

“I'll surrender, but only if you personally guarantee Lois's freedom.”

“Yes, I will.” The man quickly recovered from the embarrassing situation. “but why are you surrendering to Zod?”

She starts to descend and put her feet in the ground all the armed soldiers grip their guns better at their hands.

“You are mistaken General.” She stood there and rises his arms into the direction of the man. “I’m not surrendering to Dru-Zod. I'm surrendering to humanity.” The General blinked and make a movement so one of the private put her in handcuff. “That’s the difference.”

Another General order the people to surrender their phones but Clara knows they are now in the web with everything she said especially because she can hear it in some of the news.

About her surrender to humankind.

To humanity.

Bruce would be proud of her move.

They surround her when the handcuff was placed in her bare wrist. She follows the General with the same tranquillity that she arrives. The facility has at least forty floors that she can count and there were two hundred people some of them heavily armed. They guide her to an interrogation room this time the General was not alone, there were a lot of high ranked officials of government and all military branches.

She took a sit alone.

He could see how Batman was hidden in the building looking for information of the exact place of exchange, she is not naive enough to know they would not sell her to Zod immediately for their lives. She smiled to herself at least she is not doing this alone.

Alfred in her ear talked.

“Batman is on position Mistress and they are now leading Miss Lane to the interrogation room."

“Now they are going to think she is the best way to contact you.” In Batman’s voice they could here how annoyed was by the situation. “She is a liability.”

Clara just sighs. She knows he is right.

She could hear Lois walking escorted by another military soldiers. The woman came into the room without handcuff and clearly, she sat comfortable in the sit in front of Kala. Kala made a quick scanner and didn’t find any distress in her, so she assumes they had realized Lois does not have any information of her.

Lois Lane blinked at the bright alien in front of her. The reporter just sat in the chair in front of the alien took a bit of water from the bottle in front of her too. “You let them handcuff you?”

Kala nods.

“Wouldn't be much of a surrender if I resisted.” She move her hands to show the tingling handcuff “And if it makes them feel more secure, then all the better for it.”

She could see how the people outside the interrogation room move uncomfortable.

Lois looked at her.

“What’s your name?” She has paper and pencil in front of her if she wants to take notes, but now she is more interested in knowing about the alien woman in front of her. “Why every time I wanted to find you, I hit a death end?”

Kala breathes in before start to talking.

“I am Kala Jor-El.” Her face looked kindly at her, clearly avoiding the second answer. “As General Dru-Zod said we came from a faraway galaxy from a planet called Krypton, my people the Kryptonians are by not any way represented in their totally by General Zod but all planets have their own extremist ones.”

Lois nods. “That’s does not respond my second question.”

“Because I didn’t want to be found Miss Lane.” her answer was direct, she looked directly at Lois eyes. “I have a life that doesn’t mean being chased by a reporter.”

“Love the irony" Batman’s growl sounded in her ear. She resisted the childish impulse to stick her tongue out.

Lois looked at her with some sarcasm. “I suppose Zod ended your plans then.”

“Indeed, he put a bit of a damper on them.” Said gracefully.

“But you always help people don’t you want to be recognized for it?”

Kala blinked before frown in the reporter direction.

“What I do is not for fame, Miss Lane.” She said seriously. She corrects her posture by sitting better in the chair with her back strong and all around could see the true of her words. “I do what I do because it’s the right thing to do.”

Lois blinked a little surprise at her eloquence, and she is not the only one the people behind the glass looked spooked at her answer, clearly not something they were expecting for an all-powerful entity like a Goddess but now Lois needs to connect with her again, she looked at the alien clothes.

“What's the S stand for?”

Kala smiled sensing the change of topic.

“It's not an S.” Her tone was a little bit sorrowful. “Is the emblem of my family and on my world, it means hope.”

“Well, here it's an S.” She said like thinking about it. “How about...Super-"

Outside the room Clara could hear how the people start to talk between them. General Swanwick blinked at the man who came from the outside. The scientific who sends him the information about the alien ship outside the orbit of earth.

“Doctor, what are you doing here?”

“Generals, I think is a good opportunity for us to talk with a clear intelligent form life."

“Really, out of this right moment.”

“This time we have the unique opportunity to...”

Lois clears her throat making Kala put her mind back to the reporter and out of the conversation outside.

“Kala, right?”

“Indeed, Miss Lane."

“Call me Lois, please."

Kala just smiled.

“What can you do?”

“I can fly."

“What else?”

“Mistress be careful with your answers that would not only give them your powers but also any potential weakness too."

She hmm an affirmation.

“I’m quick."


She took Lois glass of water before drinking all and putting back in front of her.

Lois blinked and then looked at his glass when Kala points it.

“Oh. Quick I get it."

Outside the conversation start to heat it up.

“Sir, please let me talk to her” The scientist got around the microphone before the General finish his answer. “Hi... Hello Miss... my name is Doctor E-”

Kala smiled. “Doctor Emil Hamilton. Yes, I know.”

Hamilton blinked before talking again. This time the Generals stopped their hush discussion before looking at the doctor.

“How... do we know each other?”

The Kryptonian shake her head.

“I know because I can see your ID tag in your breast pocket. Along with a half-eaten roll of Lifesavers.” All around started to get nervous again, the glass supposed to be one side. “I can also see the soldiers in the next room preparing the best tranquilizing agent you have.”

The men in uniforms put their hands in their own guns clearly, they need it to feel safe.


The guns now where out for everyone but the General Swanwick.

“You won't need it.”

Her eyes were steady as her conviction she need him to know that she is not the enemy, but she won’t lay down and take it either.

“Madam, you can't expect us to not take precautions.” Kala really admires the temperance of a man that can talk to her even if his heart is racing like crazy. Doctor Emil Hamilton clearly has strong convictions. “For all we know you could be carrying some kind of alien pathogen.”

She can give it to him that’s a real fear but since she has spent a lot of time with the most highly paranoid deadly man in her life, she knows sometimes you must use misdirection.

Kala blinked in his direction making a slow grimace face. “Been here for years, doctor. Haven't infected anyone yet.”

“That you know of.” He said unkindly. “We have legitimate security concerns.”

“You are not the first scientific that I had contact with, and I know for a factual information that I have not an... alien pathogen.”

Alfred and Bruce snorted in her ear at the same time.

The General looked at Hamilton before talking again in Kala's direction.

“You revealed your identity to Miss Lane over there. Why won't you do the same with us?”

Kala raised an eyebrow at him with incredulity.

“I think you didn’t put attentions to our conversation because Miss Lane is clearly displeasure that she could not find me."

“But you give her indication of how to find you.”

“I most certainly did not." Kala felt that the conversation was distorted, and she must cut the chase.

Lois cannot hear what the other side were talking but she can make a correct guess by the woman answers... Superwoman.


Kala sigh.

“Let's put our cards on the table here, General.” She broke the handcuff like they were paper and stand in front of the glass where she knows is the general. “You're scared because you don't control me, new flash for you." She looked at the man eyes with honesty and convictions. “You can’t and you never will but that doesn’t mean I am your enemy.”

The overwhelming silence in the place was tangible and for an entire minute nobody moves an inch from their places. “Then who is... Zod?”

The intensity of Kala blue eyes and the slight displeasure showed in her mouth makes her answer clear. “That's what I'm worried about.”

General Swanwick frown in her direction. “I've been given orders to hand you over to him.”

She nods decide but even there a little disappointed. Bruce mutter at her about how to use fear with the Generals would not be a good long strategy.

“Do what you have to do, General.”


“Oh no."

“Dick, we have to run right now."

“Run?!” He said a little hysterical. “Are you crazy, Daj is going to kill us!”

“Clara? wait until we face Bruce!” She makes a love out of the way and an urgent sound trying to avoid his peer's ears. “Remember how the rules are not fight outside of our family business!”
Jason snort.

“Hey, well they deserve it!”

“Little Wing." Dick brings his brother to his side, the younger one looked still ruffled. They walked far away from the teachers and the gang of hurt children. “I know they deserve it, but you know we can use our training against civilians.”

“I know that... but you saw it Dick!” He was disheartened.

“Richard, Jason and Kara Wayne!” An incredible upset old teacher was walking rather quickly for his age approaching to the Wayne children. “Come immediately with me.”
Kara was the one who stand in front of his younger brothers.

“We will certainly follow you Vice Councillor Fidgertthon.” Kara’s impeccable manners make the old English teacher rage stop for a moment before nodding pleasing.

“Then follow me child.”

Kara made a signal to Dick to keep Jason silence. They don’t need the Wayne charismatic child, but the Kent manners honed by Alfred’s strict education. They were led to a room without anyone else nearby, Kara’s excellent use of her powers is what make her hear the old man that left them in there muttering about lack of breed, that makes Kara flush in anger.

Now they are alone in the room.

“We have to think in what we are going to say to Bruce.”

Dick rolls his eyes. “I will tell the true Kara; they were harassing you and Jason just punch the living hell out of them.”

“Yeah... and what do you think is going to happened then, Hm? That Bruce would put all the fear of...” she looked around and concentrate in hearing if someone was near and by not hearing anything kept talking. “...of Batman in them.”

“You are his daughter Kara.” Richards said sitting next to her. “He is going to protect you with everything he has.”

“Are you sure?”

Jason anger at the words were clear. “Hey, has he made you feel unsafe?”

“No, he has always been kind to me.”

“Kindness does not equality safety Kara.” Richard face was hard for his fifteen years old. “We must have this conversation at home, but we will tell Bruce that the fight was my fault and Jason.”

Jason shrugs before nodding.

“Boys...” Kara said kindly at his brothers and then just nods.

Jason looked at his older siblings. “Mamá said she would be in Seattle looking following a lead about money laundry from corrupt senators with Lane, you know.”

What they did not know is that Clara has always an ear in the heart of his children and when they spike at the same time, she at once put attentions at what’s happening with them. So, now she has heard not only the fight but also their conversation and when she would normally let them have their privacy but since the topic of this conversation was quite upsetting for her, then she hears it all.

She couldn’t appear in the school so suddenly after all she needs to finish the investigation, she has ongoing in Seattle, but she called Bruce immediately.

“And you are hearing their conversation now?” Clara just grips the phone in silence she knows what Bruce is doing but now is not the moment.

“Bruce...” Her voice wavers a little. “We have a problem.”

Bruce looks in his face went intense, and he just squeeze the mobile in his hand. He was sitting in the Wayne Tower and he knew that it would take him at least thirty minutes to be at the school the moment they call.

He texts her secretary for the helicopter be ready at ten minutes, apparently, he going to be raising hell in school.

“We do.” His voice heavy with deep feelings. “Let the school contact me, I'll deal with the school, the harass, the bullies, that professor and then we will deal with our children at home... together.”

“Yes, that’s for the better.” She sniffs a little. Her unwavering faith in that Bruce would solve any problem is quite vigorous for the man behind all masks. “And if you don’t do anything about the professor, I’ll take my children from that school and home-schooling them.”

Her threat is serious after all she has no problem in take them out if she feels the kids are threatened in that environment.

“As you wish, Clarabelle.”

She snorts at the nickname; Bruce always does that to distracted her.

“See you later, Beautiful."


It was early in the morning and Martha Kent was finishing canning the last jar of pickles when the sound of her daughter makes herself appear.

She had always known about how her daughter would be special but even after nineteen years of raise it would never cease to amaze her. It has been after three years of postcard from around the world, when Jonathan and she learned to be more conscious of their daughter boundaries. It's difficult to ground a girl who can go away before you finish a sentence, but Clara has always been kind.

After the Tornado, she had looked at Johnathan with so much terror.

“If you think for a moment that I would not trade my secret for your safety then you clearly don’t know me at all!” She had been crying at the same time she was yelling at him. Martha has only nod numbed at his daughter words before sitting alone in the kitchen.

Johnathan has been so close to death.

She had cry herself to sleep in her favourite chair in the kitchen and Johnathan had been sleeping alone in the bed upstairs for some time.

That week Clara makes a light pack and tells them that she needs to leave for some time, she promises to write but she needs time. Martha remembers the three years with heavy heart, but she came back and after a year and a half of that return her daughter is back with a mind full of stories, wisdom in her soul, determination in her eyes and a heart full of love.

And she looked especially beautiful in her Kryptonian clothes.

Kryptonian that the name of her little sunshine race. Martha makes a complicated face remembering the attack of General Dru-Zod.

World finest, that’s how they call the dynamic between Superwoman and Batman. Especially after they team up that made people aware of the fearsome Bat of Gotham, they had known a little bit of them specially because they took great risks to protect earth together.

They remember the last transmission before the spaceship were send to another dimension, they all thought Batman has lost his life for the people of earth and Superwoman grief was so disheartened in the screen of the transmission.

Superwoman, known as Kala Jor-El, that is the name her birth parent gives her. Martha smiled to herself, she knows there’s more that her sunshine has not tell them yet, they always had told her to keep her secrets close to her.

She knows Clara has learned to be cautious to anyone. It’s a lesson they and the world had taught her and like always she is an exceptional student.

“Hello there, my star child.” She let her go and put the Jar in the table. “It’s been a while, how is Metropolis treating you?”

She hugs her tightly.

“The city has been really nice like most of the world, apparently Superwoman is how they are calling me.”

Martha laughs a little before motioning her to sit in the kitchen with her.

“I read about it; the internet was clearly debating everything about you.”

Clara groan at her mother words.

“It’s terrible.” She nods. “B said that since I won't hide like him again then I need to control the information of me better.” She shrugged. “He has been really good at hiding himself even after the last encounter with hostile forces.”

“Well, B has a point.” Kindly, remembers about what her daughter said about this mysterious and enigmatic person better known as B. Clara has a lot of faith in him and she does with reason. “The internet went crazy and the TV too, especially since they have videos of you around the world helping people.”

She makes a shrug before touching her neck. The same movement she does when she is a little embarrassed.

“Every time wonder boy sends me a new favourite video, I remembered how happy I'm that I choose to use the pants and not the skirt for my uniform.” She laughs awkwardly before taking some of the bread and jam. “but between the classes and saving people around the world, my time has been full.”

“Clearly.” Martha remembers the last time she saw her was two months ago, but she calls at least twice a week.

“Sorry for make you worry.”

“Oh dear, I will always worry.” She smiled at her “It’s the burden of a parent.”

She makes a sound. “Yes, I get it.”

Martha blinked. The certainty in her voice was not fake, that was exactly what a mother would feel. She frowns a little but the sound of Jonathan entering the house distract them.

“Martha?” He looked at her daughter with surprise. “Clara!”

The girl stands up and quickly were to hug his father. He hugs her with a touch of desperation, after their fight and time apart make them realize how much they need each other especially after the lost and disappointing encounter with the last known Kryptonian. She smiled a little wobbly before letting him go.

“It’s good to see you, Pa.”

“You have no idea how much I have missed you.” She nods at her and sit next to him. Her entire shape itself to her father sturdy body. She had missed his hugs; the smell of earth and sunshine and cheap male fragrance always surround his father. The strong and secure heart with a small bip that she had be controlling since she realize that it was the seed to a future more dangerous problem.

“I think I have some idea.”

Martha went to put more water for tea, so they call an early dinner. Clara started to put the dishes and cutlery in the table, her careful construction of the full table makes Martha blink a little confused. “... then I was in Thailand when I realize how to safety change the course or decrease the dangers of the hurricane.”

“That sound really...” Johnathan was lost of words. Amazed at her sunshine abilities, he always knew she was special, and not just because she was an alien, but because after everything she makes the constants decision to protect people with her fantastic powers. "And you have been learning how to help people like that?”

She nods delighted.

“Yes, B said that I need to learn the limits of my powers, but we can't do much because it could lead to a catastrophic situation should the limit be too much destruction.” She said a little sad.

“For that he insists that I learnt to control my powers at the mayor scale I can if I'm going to keep helping people.” She took some a cup of tea, make a little face of surprise before taking another zip. “I been learning a lot about biology and physics since I break them all the time.”

Martha makes a hmm noise before eating.

“You been working a lot with this B.”

She smiled before nodding enthusiastic.

“Yes, after the Kryptonians we realize that working together makes everything easier.” John this time make a little sound. “And then we realize a lot of other superheroes started to appear in different part of the globe.”

“That’s sounds dangerous too.”

She nods.

“B isn't happy.” She said chewing her part of apple pie. “He is... concerned about how the government would react.”

Johnathan nods this time.

“It's a real fear, the government doesn’t take lightly any independent force.”

Clara hummed. “For that we been thinking in creating an entity like an agency where we can exchange information or help each other in different parts of the globe.”

“In space?” Johnathan said without thinking further. “Because if you use earth then any government of that country would want to have some input in your agency.”

The bip of Clara mobile phone distract her when a text appeared. Dick has put them in each other’s phone with ridiculous nicknames, so she just rolls her eyes at the latest nightmare of nickname.

Dark-among-usHubby: Your father has a point.

Sun-of-Waifu: Why are you texting me? Aren’t you supposed to be working in the appropriation of SttatterTrade for W.E?

Dark-among-usHubby: I am doing that, and I wanted to know about your work in California.

Sun-of-Waifu: Everything went ok. The governor is taking care of the other part.

Dark-among-usHubby: You know it was a government approval, the fire was not casualty.

Sun-of-Waifu: ...ugh... hate the establishment.

Dark-among-usHubby: either way, your father has a point.

Sun-of-Waifu: ok, then is a possibility construct a ship? Or re-utilize a big satellite to make a space headquarters?


Sun-of-Waifu: It was a joke.

Dark-among-usHubby: Let me see the numbers before we totally dismiss the idea.

Sun-of-Waifu: As you wish. By the way… stop listening my conversations it’s creepy.

His father voice distracts her from the text. “How have your classes been?”

She makes an animated noise, putting the phone in the table and making herself another bread with butter and jam.

“Excellent, they are so much that I want to learn.” She smiled her Midwestern accent heavy in her voice. “Between my major in Journalism and the minor in creative writing and my internship in the daily planet, I'm excited!”

They smiled at her enthusiasm. “We are so proud of you, sunshine!”

She smiled back eagerly before tilting her head.

“Give me some time there’s a dangerous fire in the Amazonia.”

Martha nods and make a gesture with her hand. Clara took that as a yes and made a gesture before disappearing for the other side Martha just takes the control to turn on the TV.
Johnathan looked at her from his coffee drink.

[And for more pressing news, there’s a fire in the forest of the Amazonian in Brazil. The local firefighters are making their appearance for a lot of parts of the country...]

“Does she sound more...” She didn’t finish her tense.

“Yes, I mean the last time she was like that...” Johnathan grinded his teeth at the memory. His dark coffee in the table with a napkin now. “Lex Luthor happened.”

Both Martha and Jonathan make a grimaced gesture. The TV showed Superwoman in the Amazonian forest for some time in Live.

[… from the forest of Brazil, we show you another feat for Superwoman. We will give you more information in the next minutes, go ahead studio.]

“He sounds better than him...” Jonathan makes a sound of annoyance.

“I think they are more than just friends...”

“Martha... “His voice has a tone of warning. “If she wants to tell us about it, she will.”

[Thanks for the report Harold, this is Iris West for the NSB channel. Now, for more local information the Multi-billionaire Prince of Gotham Bruce Wayne has made a twitter announcement…]

“Yeah, well I think she has a kid.”

“Wha... WHAT?” Johnathan was astonished. “Martha!”

[…His adoptive son and Gotham social media sensation Richard Wayne said: “I’m happy to have an adopted big sister.”]

“Well, it's... more like a feeling."

“A kid?! You think she would hide it from us?”

Martha makes a sad gesture.

“She would if...” She knows her little girl. “If the father asked her, she would.”

[The mysterious wife of the Prince of Gotham was not available for any comments, but Wayne Enterprise issues a statement of support...]

The sound of the door opened again and make them to desist of that topic.

“Sorry about it! The forest is better, and I had some time to rescue a lot animals and insects, even some native trees.”

She looked dirty and smelled like fire and disappears again through the shower since they hear the water running. Martha raises from her chair to make all of them more tea and coffee to drink and bring some cookies she been hiding.

Clara came down from the stairs in shorts, a Gotham Knight shirt and her comfortable boots, there was in her a brand-new watch in her wrist and her hair was tied in high ponytail.

“Like I said before sorry I’m late, but I had to take some time to plant them again. I asked the natives to yell for me to give me some update.”
Jonathan raised her cup of coffee.

“Good job, honey.”

“Yes, sunshine.” Martha said this time looking at her daughter better. “Clara... I think after a year and a half to give you space, I have to ask.”

[This time in Central City, STAR LABS has issued a conference for the shut down after the reactor explosion for the other side a new metahuman vigilante has appeared in the city. They had saw him in bright red suit and people around are calling him red blur. For more disturbing information Starling City Vigilante, The Hood has been involved in a case of an arsonist...]

Clara blinked a little confused.

“Is there something wrong?”

Jonathan groan in his cup, Martha just elbows him to shut him up.

“Honey, please sit.” She makes a gesture to the seat.

“Ma?” Clara takes a sit in front of her parents, “What happened?”

“Clara, I... we have been giving you space since the bad call we made when you were younger.”

She nods at her mother words; she is happy for their support even if it was to go to see the world alone. They at least have the tranquillity of she been mostly invincible.

“Ok, good,” Jonathan said between his clenched teeth.

Martha just rolled her eyes amused.

“Little Sunshine, I want you to be honest with me…” Clara nods eagerly at her Ma with her bright blue-sky eyes and open expression. “Are you married? Do you have a hidden family that we don’t know? Is this B your boyfriend, fiancé or husband?”

[… the congress for the other side is clear that they had to take in consideration the new movement of vigilantes but the increased apparition of super powered criminals...]


There was a clear sepulchral silence.

Clara mind was in blank for a whole minute before she opens her mouth.


“I said...”

“Yeah, I hear you Ma.” She blinked astonished. “Ok... wow.”

“... Clara.”

Clara sighs putting her hand in the bridge of her nose before starting to talk again. “I do have more family. One of the blessing of Kryptonian technology is that I can interact with the memories of my birth parents.”

Both parents' breath out in synchronously.

“Oh, sunshine I'm so happy for you.” She was indeed happy, not knowing his birth parent has always be heavy in her daughter heart. Jonathan nods at her side taking her daughter left hand and squish it a little.

“Thanks.” She looked at them a little troubled. “Sorry for not saying it before it took me a while to wrap my head in the knowledge that my birth parents, my family and world were destroyed so long ago.” This time she squishes her parent's hands. “but having the opportunity to learn from any form of them is a gift.”

Jonathan frowned in sympathy.

“We are very happy for you little star.”

Clara nodded before keeping talking. “Second, no I'm not married, and B is neither of that, he is my best friend.” She laughs a little. “but yeah, I suppose we are family too after all B and I are rising children together.”

Jonathan choked in his tea looking bewilder. “Children? We have grandchildren?”

“We were supposed to talk about this next weekend, he has been planning a vacation week for some time, he doesn’t like to leave anything to random.” Clara smiled brightly, there was a different light in her face. “Yes.” Her voice secure and unwavering. “We have a nine-year-old boy and two weeks ago we finish the adopting paperwork for my ten years old little cousin.”

[Washington D.C has a new heroine who called herself Diana of Themyscira a warrior princess in representation of the Amazonians...

“Yes, that Amazonia’s the myth is becoming a reality.” Said one of the reporters.

His partner looked a little surprised. “What’s next Olympus is real?”]

Martha was astonished at the information and didn’t know where to focus first, she drinks her cup before talking. “Cousin?”

Clara nods. “My Kryptonian uncles for my father side send my older cousin here.” She makes a gesture to encompass earth as general with her hands before touching his hair fidgety. “Her name is Kara Zor-El and she is ten. She was supposed to arrive soon after me but for the explosion of Krypton sent her ship through a magnetic field that hold her travel, so now she is my little cousin.”

“Kara Zor-El?”

Clara looked to something outside the house and her parents were expecting her to leave.

“Yes.” She smiled at his parents with affectionate. “Apparently she has heard me.”

“Hear you?”

Clara nods. “Her body has begun to absorb the energy of the yellow sun and started to develop her own powers.” She looked at his parents with a little uncertainty. “I been wanting to ask you about how you figured out how to help me, since she starts to develop slower than me, we are developing a training for her based on what you used to make me do.” She makes an apologetics gesture and blush a little. “B and I are glad for that because that’s means we can help her, and her powers won’t be too overwhelming to the point of make her lose control.”

“It was a touch and go sweetie.” Martha said kindly. “We have figured a lot by trial and error.”

“More error than trial.” Jonathan said under his breath.

Clara smiled at them before nodding.

“Would you mind if they come?”

Jonathan was the first in talk.

“Honey please tell them they are welcome to come anytime.”

Clara smiled before moving her wrist with a beautiful watch appear in front of his parents.

“I suppose you hear everything, isn't it?”

The watch makes a bip before the silk-ish grave voice came through the equipment.

“Yes.” The thick Gothamite east cost of Bruce sounded marvellous in Kryptonian, since they realize it would be better for them to talk in the only language that could serve them like a code. Before Kara’s arrive, they had spent hours in the Fortresses being tutored by Lara and Jor-El because Bruce has insisted on learning the language then at Kara’s arrive, the child has taught the cultural subtle better than the A.I's. Bruce has been so fascinated by it that has enforced the family would talk in it to deliver information daily at the beginning and later for a code, so nobody forgets it.

At the end Clara and Bruce have been taking to speak in Kryptonian a lot between each other.

“Like always, anyway the jet would be there with us in two hours?”

“Bring Alfred too!”

“Clara...” Bruce said softly before changing to a more neutral Kryptonian standard which tell Clara about what Bruce is thinking. “Are you sure about this?”

[“The less to say to about governmental politics about clime change the better is astonishing that there’s still people who don’t believe...”

The Brunette nods before talking at one of the other reporters. “I would love to interview Aquaman about his own views in climate change...”]

She frowns.

“If we are doing this Alfred must be here.” Her clipped Science Guild Kryptonian shows her discontent better than her face, since the sound of it makes a lot of difference between the emotions.

“...” The silence at the other side of the watch was telling even to the old couple who clearly doesn’t understand anything about what they are talking.

“This isn’t a maybe if situation.” Clara’s voice was hard. “If you don’t bring him, I will go to find him B, this is our family.” This time Clara was talking in neutral Kryptonian there was a breath inch from the other side of the watch. “so, before coming here I want you to sit in your cave and think clearly about what you want because I don’t commit at half, this family is not an in between, not because it’s easy. It's going to be hard we will fight and then talk about it because we are family.”

“This is a conversation that we should have in person.”

“I agree.” She breath in and then out. Her parents looked at her in concern. “Do you want me to go there?”

“No.” The word was clipped. “I’ll be there in thirty minutes... alone.”

Then the bip to finish the conversation.

“Everything alright?”


“Clara?” Martha’s tone makes Clara look around and see the worry in their faces.

“Oh—" Clara smiled. “I’m ok, Ma. He’ll come in thirty-minute tops."

“Thirty minutes?” Jonathan said confused. “From Gotham?”

“Is he like you?” This time Martha asked. “An alien?”

“No, he isn’t.” She smiled. “Maybe we need to think about lunch time, he is coming alone.”


“Yes, apparently we are going to have a really good talk."

“That sounds like a relationship problem.” Jonathan said quietly.

Clara smiled with a known face.

“For him every relationship is a problem.”

“That’s does not sound healthy.”

Clara just chuckles a laugh.

“Oh Pa. You have no idea."


Clara looked in silence at the disaster in the hall room.

She is happy this is not a budget meeting, or she would have to cancel the meeting just on principle. Today for the other side, they were supposed to decide from a plan about new recruitments for the league and between Arthur, Hal and Oliver the session looks less than a serious meeting and more a fraternity one. She is just happy that Barry is not here, and Batman is in a deep cover in Gotham for the last week or this would be ended as a massacre.

Canary cough in her hand. Kala just sigh.

‘Patience, Kala' She thought annoyed.

“That’s the last information we have from the new recruitment plan, I will take the points made to Batman and we will develop the budget plan for it.” Her voice a little tense.

Hawkgirl and Hawkman must give to Superwoman the praise she deserves because they would have killed them all before starting to try to reign in them. The second Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter just looked neutrally at the men’s making this conversation in an endless almost pointless reunion have Superwoman not steer them in the correct path.

“The next reunion would be involving the creation of a new group called the Titans, since a lot of young companions has been appearing then it’s our duty to provide a safe place for them."

“And a training one too.” The Martian nods at the plan Superwoman has send to their respective tablets.

Shazam blinked a little surprised, since he had told Batman and Superwoman privately about his identity he was put in reserve for a time, at the beginning he was really annoyed but later he understood why after all Batman and Superwoman has put him in training with the Robins and Supergirl. It has been a very illuminating session and he would never underestimate the birds training, neither Supergirl’s under the red lamps.

“Spooky wants them under his batwings." Jordan could not avoid putting his own impressions there. John Steward wanted to punch Hal in the head so they could just finish this and leave.

“And cameras.” Mutter Oliver. Dinah sends him a warning look. She will tell Overwatch about his annoying input of today, Felicity probably would talk about his behaviour.

“Boys, trust is a two-way street and Batman made a compelling argument about how many young heroes unchecked and untrained has started to appear.” Diana voice was clear, and a sense of strong judgment could be heard from it.

Kala isn’t normally paranoid, she let Batman be the paranoid from the relationship, but she knows why B wanted to create a safe place for their first little Robin. Dick is growing up and starting to expand his own wings, especially since Jason was adopted, and choosing a new identity and have a group of people where he can develop himself to his full potential... then Superwoman and Batman would do anything in their hands to making it happen.

And Batman would still have a Robin since Jason has long finished his year of training like Dick before him. They had been very excited about the new Robin debut and now is the debut of Dick’s new identity called Nightwing.

Kala almost cries when Dick came asking for permission to use it. Of course, she is proud of him and whoever identity he chooses to wear but having him to honour her culture make her even more proud then she saw the suit for it, Dick’s created based in one of the Flying Graysons had used, in honour of his late parents made her remembers how important family is for him.

Batman, for the other side, has not be very understanding in the beginning but Superwoman and he has a lot of conversations about growing up, personal choices and support before he left for deep cover investigation.

Alfred tea and scones has been used in every heavy conversation they had. She started to think that she may have been trained by the British man with tea and scone for difficult conversations because she has been doing what he usually does for them.

She moves her head and concentrate in finish the meeting.

“That would be all.” Said Kala at them forcing a smile.

Her friends start to vacant the place and Kala centre herself in clean the papers of the ideas and filled it in the black folder she brought to the meeting. When the last one left, she sat in her sit resting his eyes for a moment, she had lost herself inside her mind when a cough startled a little.

She opens her eyes and looks at Wonder Woman.

“Diana...” She raises from her sit and smiles at her friend. “Is there something you need?”

Diana looked at her with kindness noticing how Superwoman sounded a little troubled even if she tried to hide it.

“My friend I think spending time with you is not some kind of a shore.”

Kala smiled before sit again at the chair.

“Of course, not...” And made a movement so Diana takes a sit next to her.

Kala remembers how strong Diana aura every time she’s nearby, but everything disappears for some moments when they are together enjoying life.

The immortal warrior for the other side has always saw how grounded her friend is. Her sense of responsibility matches the man who is always beside her and makes her look like she could lift the problems of the worlds easily.

Kala raised again before she moved a high speed to bring some of the tea and cookies that she hides in the Watchtower and put the kettle hidden behind a shelve in the trapdoor.

“Sorry, I brought some tea and cookies.”

“Always so thoughtful and kind.”

“You flatter me Princess, but I think Alfred has stealthy brainwash me in the British way of hospitality.”
Diana laughs is like a boom in the empty room.

“He would do something like that."

“Indeed, he would.”

“How have you been, my friend?”

“Good, I think... I been a little apprehensive between Robin’s training, Nightwing debut and Supergirl’s powers.” She took a sip of her tea. Automatically relaxing at the flavour of her favourite tea, the smell of the leaves and the warm made her feel at home. “Both, Robin and Nightwing, had been fighting Batman, they are clearly growing up.”

She sighs a little gloomy. Wonder Woman could not avoid the chuckle at her face.

“All kids have to grow up, sister.”

“I know... I mean I think intellectually we know.” She bit her lip using the end of her cape to fidgety move it between her fingers. “It’s just, I think we would have had more time. You know.”

“I definitely don’t know more than what my mother has told me."

“You are enjoying my pain."

“Just a little.”

Kala sighs before smiling at her.

“Wonder Boy is now fifteen and is going with a new identity and Little Wing has been two years with us and had taken the mantel of Robin with grace.”

“It’s does looks like a challenge.”

“It is indeed.” She looked at the Amazonian who now is eating the fresh scones Kala had brought. “But let’s talk about you.” Her smile now is teasing in the warrior direction. “How are you my friend, I saw you with the liaison from Air Force yesterday?”

Diana blushed before rolling her eyes at her. She adjusts her position in the sit and took a sip from her tea.

Kala’s eyes shine with mischief at her friend.

“He is quite charming.”

“Indeed, if my type were blond.”

The laugh together and at the same time the cookies started to disappear. “No, I know for a fact your type is tall and dark hair.”

Kala blushed this time. “I think at this point he is the only one who he doesn’t know.”

She looks embarrassed.

“For being the most intelligent and clever man.” Diana said at the same time she accommodates in the chair. “He is not particularly intelligent about emotions.”

“Unless is for a case.” She snorts a laugh.

“Ah... how long have you two known each other?”

“Nine years.” Kala looked at the reflexion of the earth outside the window. “But don’t avoid talking about your fly man, what is his name?”

“Steve Trevor."

“Steve...mmm...” She raises an eyebrow.

“Come on!”

“Hey, I didn’t say anything.”


The violent movement of the Watchtower stop abruptly their conversation. The entire place shakes with the force of the crash and quickly they grip the table by instinct.
Kala raises instantly and at the same time all the speakers of the Watchtower start to send the same information.


Diana and Kala looked at each other before left the meeting room where they were having a conversation. Kala made a point to herself to talk to Bruce about the ship proximity sensors. They should not sound after any object collide; they supposed to sound before anything gets in the path of slam into the Watchtower. So, they need new parameters, new sensor or they malfunctioned and need a maintenance.

“What...the HELL?!” Hal voice came from far away in the hall.

Kala saw how the defence that Bruce has design for this kind of situations started to work at once, she always marvels herself in how creative Batman is even if most of it happen because his constant paranoiac behaviour.

The place seal itself from outside and quarantine the zone. Taking in consideration it doesn’t have any alive presence.


“Hey... is that a ship?” Dinah next to Oliver looked through the crystal of the quarantine zone.

The capsule destroyed a lot of windows in his landing and it looked vaguely familiar to her.

It’s been... it’s been ages since she saw one of that ships. After all they were both where Kara and she arrived at earth long time ago and now are hidden in the Fortresses of solitude.

Her thought had been so strong that J'onn J'onzz had hear her loud and clear even if he usually kept himself out of everyone’s minds. He looked a Kala for some minutes before talking. “Is a familiar ship to you?”

Superwoman took a time to recognise he was talking to her and the other members that came to see after the crash looked at her too.


Kala looked thoughtfully from Diana right side. “I think it could be... a Kryptonian pod ship.”

All around the heroes stood in silence, Krypton was destroyed a long time ago and any possibility of their leader having something from her home planet was treasure but at the same time a ship landing in the middle of the Watchtower raises a lots suspicion.

What Kala does not know is that Batman had implemented a specific protocol called KR for Kryptonian objects and people, after all the first public encounter with a Kryptonian was Dru-Zod and he had wanted to terraform earth into Krypton, for that Batman has created it and share it with key members.

Wonder Woman looked at Kala before raising her own voice. “Computers engage KR protocol.”


The other superheroes saw how the now quarantine zone started to show a red light and there was a double high-density glass.

It was a protocol that made a Kryptonian powerless under the yellow sun. Kala blinked surprised. “Is that a new protocol?”


“Wonder Woman?”

She just looked at Kala and smiled but her eyes showed a wisdom and a little regret then the voice of Batman sounded clear in the speaker.

“Computer seal the place voice activate 1-8-0-2-2-0-1-0”


“I’ll be there in five.” He hangs up and the sound of the speaker was cut.

Hal and Oliver both looked at Kala with apprehension.

“Spooky is coming so I am better out of this.”

“Damn, for a moment I thought this would be another alien invasion.”

Martian Manhunter blinked at them. “I suppose this has to do with the new protocol?”

“New? I did not know there was a KR protocol.” Kala looked at Diana.

“It was about you.” She said plainly. Kala blinked surprised. “The protocol is about you.”

“About me?”

“Hang on, there’s a protocol about her.” This time it was Arthur voice that make a sceptical sound. “Is there a protocol for all of us?

Barry appeared from the corner of the aisle. “Hey, sorry for been late to the meeting I was...” he blinked. “Why are you all outside?”

Hal walked enthusiastic in Barry’s directions. “Hey babe! There was a crash...” then he points the place completely sealed in high density crystal and soft red light inside.

“Wow, Is everyone all right?” Barry asked concerned around the heroes. Most of them nods in his direction.

Kala looked through everyone with her x-ray vision. “Yes. Apparently, the place has been vacant when the crash happens."

Barry nods and smile at Kala. The Kryptonian just nod in his direction before tilting her head.

“Batman is here.” Said to the heroes still at the hall.

“I’m still waiting for an answer.” Arthur said jokingly. “Does everyone have a protocol?”

“Only if you go rouge.” Batman voice sounded in the hall. The king jumped a little because even if they knew that he was coming he could not hear it.

“Batman." Diana nods in his direction. “There was a ship crash in the auditorium and Kala has recognised vaguely the ship as Kryptonian.”

He walks until it was at Kala’s left side. “Computer, scan the ship, what can you tell us?”


Batman looked at Superwoman with his cold tranquillity and hostile to others in general. The cowl doesn’t show anything more like a distant ambivalence, but Clara knows Bruce far too much to be fooled. She took the edge of the cape as always. Batman knows that she does this for two reasons. One, it gives her better access so she can scan him for any damage and two, because she is unsettled with the possibility of a new negative encounter with Kryptonians.

Kara was the only exception of that encounter and they kept her far out of the centre of the battle last time. This time Supergirl would not accept to be put aside.

“How was the investigation?”

“I got most of the information I need.” He said emotionless, his focus shifted from Kala to the ship on the other side of the crystal.

“The meeting was well, the next one would be about the Titan project."


“Robin decides to change his costume and name." Bruce tense for a moment. “He calls himself Nightwing."

“Hmm." The smirk in his lips appear as quickly as disappear but Kala was and expert in Bruce micro-expressions, specially at Batman ones.

“Are you hiding any wounds?”

Batman grunt before making a soft gesture with his left hand. Kala nods and the other superheroes were kind of creep out with the conversation not conversation happening in front of them.

“That’s good.” She smiled kindly in his direction. “Will you need more time to investigate or Penny One finally would make me less interesting food."

Bruce cowl hide the roll of his eyes to anyone but Kala, she can see through it.


“Conclusions." Batman said in Kryptonian, he could feel the anxiety of Kala even if she doesn’t show it. Her image of the goddess that had perfected over the years shows not a single crack, but the Dark Knight knows where to find the stress lines in her.

“The ship is Kryptonian in origins.” The computer said front the speaker. Kala breathes out softly and Batman hear it because she was beside him. “The energy of the ship is at five percent of his capacity and it seems to be at stasis mode incorporated, finally there are three sentient sleeping signatures inside the ship, Batman.”

All of them frown, they don’t know Kryptonian as Batman but being excluded means that their strategic leader has seen the opportunity of finding sensible information about Superwoman.

Their thoughts were correct at seen a shaky Superwoman breathes out for a moment.

“Computers identify the signature, are they in distress?”

“No, Superwoman." The computer said. “They appear to be in deep sleep."

Kala has an uncomfortable feeling. Batman frown in her direction.

“What are you thinking?”

“This is a pod ship, B." Kala blinked like she was trying not to cry. “The contents inside.... we will need the DEO.”

“Dear one...”

“I know. I know but if they are Kryptonians..."

Bruce nods.

“Then we will deal we it like we always had... like family."

Kala breathes out shakily again before the crystal of the quarantine zone lift, she walked in through the auditorium with security.

She touched the pod for a moment and the electronic voice sounded for her. “Activate voice code Kala Jor-El, daughter of the House of El."

Kala blinked a little confused, before nodding. “shahrrehth*” [Hope*]

“Voice code accepted; Kala Jor-El do you want the information pre-recorded?”


The holographic form of General Dru-Zod appeared in front of all of them. Superwoman sharp breath called their attention as everyone around her make the same sound at the sight of the first alien that threatened earth.

“Greeting daughter of the house of El, did you think I was dead?" The smirk of his face makes Kala tense and Batman frown under the cowl. “When you send us with our ship through the Phantom zone you forgot how much of you, we had taken.”

This time her face ashen at the meaning of it, there was a moment where she was unconscious in the ship without Batman at that time. Bruce understood too and his frown now was accompanied with the grit of his teeth.

“No..." Her voice shows her pain. She now kneels in front of the ship as her mind working quicker.

Batman walked at the pod too looking at the image of the Kryptonian general, he knows what they did to her. 

The voice of Dru-Zod sounded smug.

“The last birth of our race Kala, for five years they were with me, but I have to send them out.”

Kala suppresses the tears that want to show. “...”

“Our technology is poor now, so I don’t know how long it going to take the ship to get to you but...”

This time he was serious.

“I did what I could to make them survive, and I know you would not kill them." The holographic face of Dru-Zod looked at Batman this time like he knows that Bruce is there. “Protect them son of earth for in your hands are the last sons and daughters of Krypton."

The hologram disappeared and the people of the Watchtower looked at their leaders with apprehension.

Diana walked to Kala who was still in her knees. “Superwoman? Batman? Is everything all right?”

Kala raises before walking to the pod ship again, Bruce voice stop her. “Wait."

“Don’t stop me even if they are part of him...”

“Superwoman, they were not raised in our environment.” Kala stopped herself at Bruce command voice. “Remember how poisoning was earth for Zod, now we need them to acclimate to earth before we take them out of the pod.”

She nods a little numb.

“yes, you are right.”

“Remember you are not alone.”

She smiled. Remembering the Batman who always said he works better alone.

“Pod, do you have enough energy to one trip to these coordinates?” Kala writes in the pod computer the new coordinates.

“Yes, just one trip.”

“When you arrive to that place activate trespass of information and download it to the mayors A.I Lara Lor-Van and Jor-El.”

“Understood, any other order.”

“Connect your energy to the mainframe of the fortress and charge yourself, kept them in deep sleep until I arrive with further instructions.”


The ship raises and when to the glass, at the same time Kala moved all of them with super speed out of the auditorium and sealed the glass door.

“Wow... what happened?!” Barry blinked surprise; it’s been a lot of time that someone move him in a super speed without him seeing it. “Superwoman is so powerful.” He mutters to himself a little amazed by Kala’s abilities.

Different members of the league were talking at the same time.

“Where did the ship go?”

“Hey! Why are you send us out?”

“Well, that was uncomfortable.”

“And weird...”

Kala pushes down her emotions for later before looking at her friends. “The ship has some information that needs to be quarantine in a better environment, so I sent it to the Fortress, Batman and I are going to investigate it.”

Batman nods before walking out.

Kala just put a hand in the bridge of her nose before sigh loudly.

“Thanks all of you for your concern, but we will be ok."

After that she follows him.


Helena looked at the cat lady in front of her with suspicions.

“So, what do you want?” Her crossbow was at hand, since she has arrived at Gotham and finished her own kind of justice, she been waiting for the Bat of Gotham catch on her but apparently or the man has better things to do with the outbreak from Arkham or she isn't in his radar yet. What she did not expect was the famous Catwoman chasing her.

Catwoman looked at her with some weird expression. “Was that your last target?”

“Why do you care?”

“Because I'm asking.” She looked serious and the girl nods before shrugging. “Good because I know a man who is pretty dangerous here in Gotham if you keep killing your targets at all.”

Helena looked at her with suspicion.

“I was waiting for him to shows up.”

“He is not someone who you want to meet unprepared.”

“Are you going to teach me how to meet him?”

“Don't get cute.” She smiled was a little twisted. “How old are you either way?”

“Old enough to know how to shoot...” She moves the Crossbow to her shoulder.

Catwoman was perched in the structure of the ceiling before taking a step and fall gracefully at Helena’s right side.

“Oh... you have to teach me how to do that.”

Selina smiled. “Sure thing, kitten”

“No, she won't.” The dark figure of Batman now descended like an angry god in front of the woman and the young girl who quickly point him with the crossbow. “What are you doing here?” his rough words were perfectly clear in the warehouse. “I didn’t think you ever wanted to be involved with a murderer.”

Selina avoided his gaze before Huntress rolled hers. “Trained mercenary, thank you very much.”

“You killed eight people in my city kid, you are a killer.”

“I give them the courtesy they give to my parents.”

“This was not the way of honouring him.”

“They were massacred in front of me” She gazes at him furiously. “They deserved what they got.”

“This is not the way.” He said fervently, he knows about what he is talking after all. “No parent would want something like this for his children, believe me.”

“Well now they are avenged” She smiled cruelly at the man in front of her.

“Then I suppose I have to take you in.”

She smirked. “Do you best Batman...”

Then they were fighting each other in the warehouse, Batman was very aware of Catwoman troubled gaze in them that confused him.

Bruce knows Selina and if there was no gain then she avoided risks like getting involved with murderers unless the money was quite high or the treasure worth it but since he researched for this kid target, they were all killed because their involved in the massacre of the Bertilleni Family, so the killer has to be someone who survive but since she didn’t left any track except that she made the mistake of using the same vehicle for the murders and with a trace of DNA taking from the ride give him a name Helena Bertilleni.

There was a talk about the diamond of the Bertilleni family being back to Gotham but now is in the hands of Robin who’s taking it to the cave to be analysed and the kid was here, after finishing his last target Victor Zsasz and she is a good fighter in Batman books.

'She is young, a child still.' Thought Batman. 'I can help her.'

Then one moment, Selina fell from the ceiling again using for advantage the surprise of her attack to stop them physically.

“Enough! Both of you.”

Selina let them go and put herself at safety distance from them.


“Hey you!!” Huntress was angry. “Who do you think you are?!”

Selina made a gesture with her hand. “Kid I need some answers from you first and bats, slow down you will want to hear about this.”

“Why should I...”

“I said I need the answers kid, keep up.” Her voice was tense and a made Bruce have a bad feeling about this. “Are you the daughter of Camile Bertinelli?”

The kid anger started to bleed in confuse before she nods. “Yes, that was my mother.”

“You were the only daughter, right?”

Helena looked at Selina with suspicion before nodding again. “Yes, I just had Michael, my younger brother.”

“You are fourteen, isn't it?” She said a little desperate. “Born in... thirty-one of July of two thousand and three, right?”


Bruce was looking a little bewildered at the conversation because he can make a good guess of why Selina is going with this interrogation even if the kid had not catching on yet. “Selina, what’s going on?”

Selina looked at her like she saw a ghost. “I thought you die... your name is Helena.”

The kid blinked and nod. “Helena Bertinelli.”

“Kid I need you to not freak out right now.” Selina said looking at her, Helena for the other side made her posture a little defensive but it wasn’t out right trying to fight them.

“... ok.”

Then Selina started to talk just in the moment batman saw the opening. “I'm your mother.”

“You bitch!” Helena stilled a moment, and her crossbow was now in her hands before she has the time to shot Catwoman. “My mother is dead, and you want me to believe that you are my mother!”

Batman disarm her and had her in immobilized with her hands locked.

“Batman no!” Catwoman said.

Helena started to violently move in Bruce grip who just gripped her tighter. “She tried to kill you.”

“She deserves it! who does she think she is trying to disrespect my mother memories?”

“Batman, I said don’t!” Batman just were to knock her up before Selina tries to stop him again. “Bruce, she is your daughter too.”

Batman stilled and, in the millisecond, he was distracted Helena took a hidden knife and stab him in the shoulder. Bruce was confused and in pain, so he reacted by instinct and knock the girl quickly who just fell like a potato sack into the ground.

Batman looked at Catwoman in shock. “You better have an explanation because I will shoot you myself if this is a joke.”

Selina sighs.

“I know your super-bestie is hearing so.” She looked at Helena before talking again. “It was after the gang war in two-thousand and three—…”


Kala Jor-El wasn’t surprise where the place of exchange was in the middle of nowhere in the desert in Texas. She mentally clapped to the person in charge who choose the location, it would be a place that Batman would have choose.

It may have been Batman who choose it, after all, he has been in the building where the information has been analysed.

One of the spaceships landed in the earth with a smooth propulsion, then a woman walked from the ship. Her entire posture screamed as someone trained to kill, Kala could see how confident is in her abilities. At the same time Kala changes her own posture in response making herself look more regal. She does not want to be a fighter but a leader like the one who her birth family would have try to make of her.

She can hear the anxious heartbeat of all the people in uniform behind her. This can be an uncomfortable moment if some trigger-happy general tries to attack before peace talking start after all she was standing just in front of General Swanwick and his right-hand Coronel Nathan Hardy.

The woman now in front of Kala was shorter even if her spacesuit makes her bigger. They have a mask, like Bruce has deduced, earth environment must be dangerous to them.

“Kala Jor-El.” Her voice was cut and demanding, used as a woman whose order were never questioned, she and the generals behind her would go on like a house of fire if they were not the first to threat earth as a Hello. “I'm sub-commander Faora-Ul.”

“Sub-commander, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Kala’s face was pleasant and her voice steady, she does not bow neither she gives her hands, after all she should have used gloves as a woman of her status had Krypton lived. For the other side, she knows Batman is inside the ship now and with that she can relax a little. “You insisted in my surrender in exchange of the life of the people of earth.”

Faora-Ul glare in her direction.

“On behalf of General Zod, we extend you his greetings.”

Kala nods and see her start to walk to the generals.

“Mistress I don't think they plan to follow their first rules.”

“Kala, stop her.”

“Faora-Ul, as I’m the last daughter of the house of El.” Her Kryptonian from the science guild was flawless, the other Kryptonian stand still before bowing in her direction. “for one who speak as representation of this planet I demand you to not interact with them until I finish all negotiations with General Dru-Zod."

The sub-commander stopped her walk, Kala may not be the one who was raised in Krypton but between the extensive training of etiquette from both Kara and Alfred, she knows how she must behave. Sub-commander Ul was looking at the humans with some distaste before nodding at Kala’s orders.

Kala breathes softly without showing more, Kara has explained this to them last night.

As the last blood of Krypton every life is precious; but at both been the only women with the highest standing since they belong to one of the eldest houses of Krypton their words are powerful.

“So, you are kind of a princess?” Dick’s Kryptonian belongs to the House of El, for is the guild of Science, since Kala recognises him as son of his bond. Kara had been excited that her family bond can be manifest in human physiology because even if they are raised as siblings, Dick is now technically her nephew.

“Not quite the way you are thinking there wasn’t a monarchy like you had in earth, the rule council of Krypton is more like a mix of old houses and highest standing in their field.” She said at them after Alfred has given them supper. “It’s a rule of genetics, and our genes are so strong that every person of our family has always been desire and courted. The House of El. The ones who married for love, not duty.”

Kara’s voice was sad and fragile but has a shadow of steel behind. Richard just nods before talking again. "That’s means you are kind of a princess."

Kara shrugged before explaining that the Science Guild and the Military Guild were the strongest once that has been in Krypton and usually there had been interacting with each other for years. Before the fall of Krypton, the Houses of El and Zod has been allies for centuries and if Kala had been of age she would probably been married to that house, especially since uncle and Zod used to be friends.

“Ukr told me he used to always be annoyed by them.”

Kara has explained to them that she was supposed to be the one engaged to the house of Zod but as Kala has born as a daughter from the highest scientific mind in Krypton then she was the one who must had be engaged, but Krypton is death and so much of their traditions too.

“They broke the alliance when Zod killed uncle Jor-El.” Kara said sadly this time she looked at Kala with a little distress. “but to your advantage even if he is the commander of the ship and head of the military you are the Head of our family now.”

“What does that exactly mean?” Bruce voice was puzzled.

“They don’t know I'm alive, so they cannot ask for me.” she said quietly. “but if they could Zod could demand our hands by rights. The good part is that he broke the treaty between our houses because he killed someone of our blood, for the other side if he had some of Kala DNA or mine...”

Her silence was telling.

“Why is so important our blood?”

Kara blinked at Kala’s question. “Our blood is powerful, and they desire it because of our genetic, we were scientist first, but we were leaders of a lot of different guilds, or we supported a lot of them in our family, that’s our true power Kala... we create leaders.” Kara breathes shakily. “We are the descendants of Rao, of Nightwing, of Flamebird, every legends of our world had created the House of El.”

Kala nods, she understands a little what Kara is trying to say. Bruce for the other side doesn’t like the possibility of making Kala vulnerable to Dru-Zod.

That night Bruce obsessively made plans after plans so he would have at least five or six possibilities for Clara. After the children were to sleep, they kept talking and planning until both have at least an outlook of how it supposed to be their plan.

They plans worked at least for the moment.

Now in the desert of Texas, Kala looked at the sub-commander with grace before asking for a mask.

“Why would you need a mask Kala Jor-El?"

“The atmospheric composition of earth is different from Krypton I will need a breather if I go to your ship.”

“You are a Kryptonian." She makes it sound like an accusation.

“Yes." She said clearly in English her pose regal and proud, she is Kryptonian, but she was raised in earth. She is a child of two world. “But I have lived all my life in earth.”
There was a tense moment before the sub-commander gives her a breather with some reticence.

“They didn’t expect you to think, isn’t it?” Batman voice sounded kind of entertained. “I am inside, the copy Jor-El A.I version is in the main frame.” He said quickly. “It’s safe for you to aboard.”

The Hmm of Clara was the only answer.

They walked together through the ship.

She can still hear Bruce strong heartbeat and that makes her stronger.

Faora-Ul take her to the centre of the ship where Kala could see the crew. There were six man and the general, he can see Faora is one of the two women here.

Kala blinked a little surprised but kept her thoughts to herself. The man in the centre was not the tallest but his eyes held cleverness and ruthlessness that make her shiver a little. She assumed is General Dru-Zod as he starts to speak.

“You have no idea how long we've been searching for you. Daughter of the House of El"

She appreciates that the man is trying to make her comfortable by speaking in English. Don’t let anyone say that Kryptonians don’t have manners or that chivalrous is just a human trail.

“For me?” Her tone was pleasantly neutral. “I take it you are Dru-Zod?”

Faora growled. “General Zod, Our commander.”

Kala looked without a specific emotion in her face.

The general was a little amused and raised a hand to stop the warrior.

“It's all right, Faora.” He nods quietly. “We can forgive Kala for any lapses in decorum. She's a stranger to our ways.”

Kala blinked at him.

“Forgive my lack of manners then.”

Zod nods.

“You should not be punished for your lack of knowledge.” He said this time walking around, Kala never let any of them out of her eyesight, they were training soldier of her home planet and they have at least years of experience that Batman training could not foresight.

“Why are you looking for me?” She stands taller than before. “Krypton is death and you have come threatening my new home. I find that an irritating attitude.”

General Zod give her his back before talking again.

“This reunion should be cause for celebration, not conflict.”

Kala felt all of them relax at Dru-Zod words, but they stayed in a waiting position. Circling her, waiting like a pack of wolf until they find a weakness.

“That’s a really patronising attitude for the murder of my father.” She could not cut her remarks and she knew at the same moment she made a bad call. There was a silence in the ship. The earlier contempt changed clearly in hostilities and before Clara could react one of the Kryptonians took her breather and she started to feel dizzy.

“You've spent a lifetime adapting to Earth's ecology but never adapted to ours.” Zod voice sounded closer than before.

“B.” Her voice sounded strangled softly without raising her voice. “They took my breather.”



Her last thought was she hope that she had given Batman time to scape. In the moment she saw the edge of Zod boot everything goes black.