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When Din’s counselor told him that signing Grogu up for a sport he didn’t think that this would be the one that the kid would choose. Out of all the sports they had the normal: baseball, basketball, soccer, but his kid had chosen ice skating.  The building sat on the edge of town and surrounded by thick pines and a flower bed with tiny pink and blue flowers. The building itself with dark gray bricks with the words ‘Hoth Ice’ written in fancy neon lights that glowed a bright blue. Din pulled into the parking lot and found a spot before looking to the back to Grogu.

“You sure about this kid?” Grogu gave him an adorable smile and nodded as he practically bounced looking back out the window. Din tried not to sigh before unbuckling and grabbing the duffle bag. “Okay let’s do this.”

After gathering up Grogu they walked into the front doors into a lobby with a few other kids and their parents mostly mothers and a few families. The walls had art and photos of people that Din didn’t know on the side sat some trophies, which Din paid no mind to, ‘Maybe some local hockey team things.’ Grogu held tightly on Din’s hand looking around the room. “Hey,” Din spoke softly kneeling next to Grogu looking into his son’s big brown eyes. “It’ll be fine, you’ll do great.” When the kid gave him a soft nod, Din dug around in his pocket finding the paperwork, before pulling it out and scanning it for the name of the teacher, Leia Organa-Solo. Din glanced back to Grogu before leading the kid to the front desk. A man in a brown leather jacket glanced up to him as he walked over.

“Hey there,” the man spoke easily “new here?” as he leaned against the counter with a smirk.

“Yeah, we're here for the 5-year-old ice skating classes,” Din spoke glancing down to the paper then back to the man.

“Nice, well class begins in a few, I'm Han, Leia’s husband. So what’s the name?”

“Grogu Djarin.” Din glanced down t Grogu who looked up to him and gave him a soft smile. Before looking up to see Han cross something off a paper then walk over to a wall of colorful ice skates.

“shoe size?” Han called from the child’s section.

“umm, eleven.”

The man pulled out a pair of green ice skates before handing them to Din. They thanked him and lead Grogu to a bench and helped him switch from his shoes to skates. There were more people now and the room hummed with excited children and the chatting of parents, many of which seemed to already know each other. Din looked down to Grogu who was looking at the skates with big eyes and a smile, the kid really looked excited and it warmed Din’s heart at the sight.

“You must be Mr. Djarin,” Din looked up to see a shorted lady with dark hair and a soft smile and gave her a nod. “It’s nice to meet you, my name is Leia and I’ll be Grogu’s teacher.”

“Nice to meet you.”

“Do you mind if I say 'hello'?” she spoke kindly glancing from Grogu to Din.

“Yes, this is my son Grogu. Grogu, this is Leia, she’s your teacher.” She kneeled and greeted the boy. Grogu nodded quietly before giving her a small smile and looking back up to his dad. Leia stood before turning back to the main group announcing that they were going to start.


The ice rink room was a lot bitter than what Din was expecting, it defiantly could hold hockey games, and to the side sat a few metal bleachers, which was just as cold as Din hope they wouldn't be. The class had gone pretty well in Din’s opinion Grogu hadn’t fallen, which was great, and he seemed to get along well with Leia who was patent and encourage the kids without babying them too much. Han brought out coffee for the adults and hot chocolate which the kids drank happily. Even some of the other parents chatted with him about kids and jobs, Din nodded along and answered a few things here and there but mainly watched Grogu. The kid was shy but he seemed to be comfortable with a few of the other kids and seemed happy on the ice.

It was about 4:30 when the classes ended and Din started to pack up and helped Grogu take off the skates and switch back into his normal shoes. Most of the parents had already left as Han hung the closed sign the main lobby was quieter as Din handed Grogu a cup of water. “Did you have fun?” he asked taking the cup back and tossing it into the trash. “Yeah!” Grogu chirped happily and hopped off the bench and ran around his dad. Din laughed lightly before grabbing the stuff before they both went home.

The next couple of classes when much the same way, the kids learning the basics of keeping balance and learning how to move forward, stop, and other things. Din found himself becoming more relaxed and happier to see Grogu making friends with the other kids. He was still quiet but the other kids were nice and helped each other. It was about this time that Din noticed a guy in a black hoodie walking around, none of the others seemed to notice the stranger. The guy kept his distance and didn’t leave with the group, instead of slipping into one of the back rooms or the men’s locker room. He didn’t seem to be a threat but even Han and Leia didn’t seem to notice him. Din kept an eye out for the stranger and found that they usually showed up towards the end of class and would slip into a back room before Din could point them out. Han and Leia never brought it up and Din didn't feel like it was his place to ask who they were.

It was a few classes later that Din finally got his answer.

Han leaned against the counter looking over some paperwork and looked up when the bell rang. “Oh hey Djarin, early, as usual, just a heads up Leia can’t make it but Luke is stepping in to cover for her.” He looked back down and pulled out Grogu’s skates and passed them to Din.

“is Leia alright? And who is Luke?” Din spoke calmly as he took the skates.

“She alright, Ben, our son is sick, so she stayed home,” Han gave him a reassuring smile “Luke is Leia’s twin brother,” Han smirked and glanced to the glass doors that lead into the rink “he’s probably practicing if you wanna go check it out. Definitely a show.” Din gave him a questioning look before leading Grogu to the bench and glanced to his right to the glass doors.

A figure in pure black with a flash of rainbow spun high in the air before touching down gracefully and gliding behind the walls out of sight. Din felt his heart stop seeing how much air the guy got before being blocked by the wall. The man moved with so much speed it made Din dizzy watching him spin. Din looked back to Grogu and helped him put on his skates before looking back at the door.

“you can go in if you want, I'm sure he won’t mind.” Han laughed with the same smirk. Din looked to him and back to his kid before walking over to the door and opening it. The cool air ran across Din’s skin as the door opened but this time it felt different.  The figure in front of him flew past him before jumping and spinning the first jump was high and quickly followed by a smaller but equally as fast jump and spins. The man, Luke, was incredibly graceful almost as if the ice was made for him. The man let the extra speed glide him across the ice back to their side before coming to a quick stop and flashing them a bright smile.

“Hey!” the man called over his shining blue eyes and bright smile put the summer days to shame. It was definitely the fact that it was cold in the room that Din's face warmed up.

“I'm Luke, you must be part of Leia’s class, it’s nice to meet you.”