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Two hearts as one

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Raya, a woman that was exiled for six years, has been in search of the dragon Sisu to restore back the people that have been turned to stone and her Ba too.


She was just a child when the gem was broken into five pieces. And her Ba sacrificed himself to save her. All because she tried making a new friend from the visiting Fang nations. That stupid backstabbing beautiful binturi.


And since, she's been alone.


Six years alone with only Tuktuk as her only companion. Always cautious of everyone she met.


And when she found Sisu, she met new people she thought she wouldn't make friends with, allies. And she also met old enemies again. That binturi. Showing herself after all this time and even hunting her down.


Just meeting her again sent her heart fluttering anew. 


She's grown more beautiful since they were little. Her chiseled face, her strong arms, and the side cut. 


But she would never admit it. So it was always back and forth banter and fighting with each other.


Until it wasn't, she believed her final moments to end in the pits of Fang surrounded by Druuns with Tong, Boun, Noi, the Ongis, and Namaari.


She threw caution to the wind and put all her trust in Namaari, her faith, her life, and her love. 


As she placed the gem shard in her bigger palms. She had leaned in surprising the warrior and placed a chaste kiss to her lips. Her heart felt like it would explode right out of her chest. It felt like fireworks going off inside of her. 


And as Raya pulled back and let the Druuns take her, she gazed at the Warrior one final time and her world turned dark.


Her stunned and disbelieved face.


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Raya gasped.


Feeling the raindrops cascade down her head, she laughs. That would mean everything had worked out. No more Druuns to fear about. Everyone had been set free of them.


Strong hands wrap around her waist and pull her close to the strong body of the Fang princess. Namaari's forehead is pressed gently against hers.


"Don't think I forgot what you did earlier, princess." She whispers, gazing deep into the hazel eyes of the heart princess.


"I would hope not. It would be a shame if you do." Raya whispers back. Looking from her eyes to her lips. Her hands played with the baby hairs on the back of the Warrior's neck.


Namaari cups the woman's cheek and leans in. And just as they were gonna kiss she stops.


"Can I kiss you?"


"Yes." Not needing any more permission, the Fang princess sweeps in.


It was amazing even from her second kiss.

They were so into the kiss that they didn't realize that they had an audience.


They pulled away from each other. Their faces flushed from embarrassment as the others watched on with smirks. And just like that their embarrassment went away. The sky exploded with many dragons, bringing back everybody and all life.


The waterfalls fell, roaring in abundant waves, cascading to the lake below and filling it up once more. 


The dragons all conjoined into one place and the gem guardian's heart gave a pang of guilt, remembering about Sisu's death.


She gasps when water begins to rise and form into an orb of water. The water disperses and she laughs to see her dragon friend is okay and alive.


After they all had a group hug in relief and everyone rejoiced we all went our separate ways.


But not before Namaari pulled her into a secluded spot.


It was really shaded that no one noticed them there.


The fang princess trapped the young woman against the wall. Their lips locked passionately, Raya moaned as Namaari's tongue slithered inside her mouth. Both fighting for dominance, but the warrior winning out because of more experience.


Raya gripped the taller woman's nape as she felt herself be pressed against her. She shifted slightly and heard the taller woman gasp in pleasure. The gem guardian didn't realize her leg had shifted and was pressed against the woman's groin.


She felt the area harden and Namaari froze when the smaller girl moved her thigh higher.


"I-i can explain…" Raya softly silenced her with her mouth.


Something stiff pressed against her upper thigh and almost touching her groin. Her right hand drifted down to press against the stiffness.


Namaari pulled back with a shocked gasp and her hips thrusted forward into her palm.


"Is that your knife or are you just happy to see me?"


She huffed at Raya's Teasing,"Really…? Of course, it's because of you. I've been thinking about this since I first met you. Wanted to do all these with you, but…", Trailing off at the end.


"It's ok, 'Maari. I forgave you, so you don't have anything to worry about. And I don't mind that you have an extra appendage. It's normal for some woman in Heart to be born with them. I'm not disgusted at all. In fact, it has the opposite effect." Raya purred at the end, giving the warrior's rigid appendage another squeeze.


"Ngh! You better be careful, dep la. Or I won't be responsible for what happens next." She threatens playfully, with a jolt of her hips.


"Mmm, as much as I like the thought of you taking me here and now right out in the open. I believe it should be saved for a later date. I still need to go back to Heart." Raya points out.


Namaari almost had forgotten they were out in the open, blushed. She's surprised no one had found them yet. "Oh uh- right, yes, of course. T-hat's really important. So you should probably do that now." Raya watched on with a soft smirk as the tall warrior stuttered.


She couldn't watch the older warrior go anymore red or she might hurt herself, so Raya decided to put her out of her misery.


"Breathe. I'll see you soon, Asmara." Raya kissed her cheek then her lips, bidding her farewell and left the dark hideaway.


The Fang Warrior gazed longingly at the woman's back as she left. She pressed her fingers gently to her lips. Her heart flutters at the thought of meeting her again. At what will happen when they meet again. The thought makes the hardness she has throb for the bronze girl.


She shifts uncomfortably from the hard appendage pushing against her trousers making a tent. She shifts it so it's not really noticeable and exits the spot to almost run into her mother.


"Ibu! What are you doing here? Are you ok?" Namaari questions her and would have said more if her mother didn't silence her.


"I'm alright, dear child. Fret not. But I believe an apology is necessary," Chief Virana raised her palm up to stop her daughter from speaking. "I would like to apologize, dear. For not trusting in your idea when you came back to notify me of Sisu's return in the mountains of Spine. And for how I acted towards you. I made a rash decision at that moment and it almost cost me our people and my daughter. Hush now and let me speak, child." She admonishes.


Namaari's teeth clicked together as she obediently closed her mouth.


"I also made the rash decision to make you help me steal the gem, believing it would help us. But not only did it fail and the gem broke, it released the Druuns into the world.


The darkness the world feared.


I also made you lose your first friend. Or was it a crush then? I watched you, after that day, sad and depressed. I never realized you fell in love at a first glance. I watched you grow into a strong and beautiful woman, but, I knew underneath it all you were still heartbroken without her. And now, after everything that has happened you are finally happy and your heart whole." She caressed her daughter's cheeks and wiped away the stray tears that fell.


"It seems fate brought you two together again. I'm proud of you, dear." She kissed her daughter's forehead.


"Now come, child. It seems like we have some Heart people to pay a visit to. Oh, also be a dear and take care of your little problem, will you? Wouldn't want anyone to see their princess in an unsightly manner now would we?" 


Namaari whipped her head down to see if her bulge was noticeable again. It wasn't.


"Excited?" Virana mused, watching her daughter strut away in embarrassment. 


"Namaari, dear!" She waited for her daughter to turn so she could finish.


"I approve."


Namaari blushed and scuttled away but not before giving her mother a grateful nod.


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


"I'm surprised you didn't die of embarrassment." Both women have been in a relationship for eight months now since they saved Kumandra and they're taking the next step in their relationship.


"I almost did. Now hush, this is no time for talking." Namaari pounced.


Raya squealed as she was pushed down to the bed.


She moaned afterwards when Namaari leaned down and kissed her. The warrior princess pressed her upper body against the smaller girl, leaving her hardening member untouched.


Lips pressed against lips. And tongues against tongues. Creating sensual moans in the room. Namaari slid her large palms on each side of the girl's waist and she felt her wrap her arms over her shoulders to bring her closer into their kiss.


Swift fingers took less time in taking apart the younger woman's loose clothings until she was fully naked to her eyes. She pulled away to gaze down upon the expanse of bronze skin littered with a few scars from her lone journey. They were beautiful. They showed the hardships the gem guardian went through to save kumandra. Raya grew nervous with the constant staring and was about to cover herself until a gentle kiss was placed over each of her scars that marred her body.


The gem guardian moaned after each kiss that was placed on her blemish. Loving how gentle and caring the warrior was to her. She felt every touch of her delicate lip placed on her and each time felt a tingle of arousal jolt to her groins. She could already feel how wet her thighs were and Raya couldn't wait anymore.


Raya yanked the warrior up and around until her back landed on the bedding and her head hit the pillows. 


Namaari gazed at her with startled eyes but then gulped at the look Raya was making. It seems the predator has become the prey.


"Keep your hands on the frame and don't touch anything." Namaari didn't need any more orders and placed her hands on the wooden bedframe.


"Good girl." Those words sent a jolt down Namaari's body and into her hardened member.


Raya looked up at the warrior's face when she gasped as the heart woman kneeled in-between her legs to come face to face with her clothed bulge.


Raya placed kisses along the clothed member and could feel every throb it made. She played with the base, palming it with her hand. As the other hand massaged her thighs. With each touch the girl made she could hear her lover's grunts and moans reach her ears.


Raya wants to see all of her.


Pulling away, she ignored the small whine the older girl made and pulled down halfway on the trousers setting free the stiff rod that was trapped in the material.


Raya gasped at the length. It was bigger than others she'd seen, not like there were many she was able to be with. The stiff cock stood to be about 8 or 9 inches long and the girth could've compared to her wrist. She wonders how the Fang warrior could hide this monster so well inside her trousers.


"What's wrong, dep la? Scared." Namaari, seeing her face, couldn't help but make a small jibe.


I'll show you scared.


Namaari choked in surprise as Raya took half of her member and began to bob her head. Namaari grunted, feeling the silky warmthness of Raya's mouth envelop her cock. 


Raya bobbed up and down the thick member with small difficulty. The bottom half of the member Raya used her left hand to fist the warrior. Glancing up, Raya saw Namaari's head pressed back in ecstasy, panting and moaning. She still had her hands on the bed frames but she could see how much she wanted to touch her right now with how her muscles flexed.


Getting an idea she never thought to do with other people, Raya removed her hand and loosened her throat to welcome the Fang princess's throbbing cock until her nose pressed against the trimmed hairs of the other warrior. A strangled noise reached her ears and she glanced up through her lashes to see the shocked face of her love. Her face was red to the tips of her ears. She could see her arms flexing and her hips spasming.


She took the length out, stopping at the tip, and slowly pushed it down her throat and stayed in place again just to hear the soft whine. She didn't want her fang lover to come right then and there in her mouth. Not until she was somewhere else inside of her.


Swiftly pulling the cock out, Raya didn't give Namaari time to react until her pussy lips were over the fang warrior's throbbing member. The tip at the opening of Raya's cunt.


"Shouldn't I take off my clothes first?" Namaari stuttered, her nails biting into the material of the frame as she looked at the feisty girl's cunt hover over her cock, pressing against her opening.


"I can't wait anymore, and besides you always look hot in your fang clothes." Raya gasped, gazing at her with a smoldering look and Namaari gulped. A bead of sweat sliding down her neck.


Raya lowered herself onto the shaft, both moaning as the thick head popped inside of her tight opening. She slid down a few inches and stopped to breathe for air. Namaari was too well endowed for her first time. Yes, the first time. She never went that far with anyone else ever. Always too scared. But not now and here with the fang princess. She was safe with her.


Raya could feel the head press against her virgin barrier and felt a small pang of fear.


"Namaari give me your hands. You can touch me." Raya pants, grabbing the older woman's eager palms and placing them on her hips.


 She leaned down and kissed her, holding her sweaty face in her hands. She took that moment to drop herself down on the member and she whipped her head back, gasping in pain. Namaari, seeing her pain, kissed along her chest and neck and up to her face. Making soothing circles along her hips and sides.


"You didn't tell me this was your first time. We could've gone slower." Namaari softly whispered.


"I don't want to be slower. I want you to fuck me. Make love to me hard." Raya looked down at her with tousled hair and a sensual look in her eyes. Namaari grunts, tightening her palms on Raya's waist as she feels her cock be squeezed in between hot velvet walls.


"I'm warning you, Raya. Think about it." The Fang princess warns her, her breathing coming out heavy.


"I want you to fuck me until I can't walk, Namaari. Don't you want me?" Raya whispers into her ear and bites at her earlobe when she had finished speaking. What feels like an arrow had shot straight through Namaari's heart.


Namaari's growling was her only warning before she landed on her back with the beast of the fang princess over her.


"You're gonna get it." Namaari hotly whispers.


"Gladly- Aah!" Raya shouts as Namaari shifts her hips to slam into her.


The heart princess held onto the older princess's broad shoulders for dear life as she was frantically jostled in place by the slamming hips of her lover.


Raya whipped her head back into the pillows behind her from a particular hard thrust that sends a jolt of pleasure coursing through her and making her toes curl.


Raya didn't last long and came all over her slamming lover's hips. The sound of wet slapping hips reverberates the room along moans, grunts and whimpering.


"Yes, yes, Namaari!" Raya whimpers, watching the Warrior's rigged cock disappear repeatedly into her cunt. She gasps when her arms are pushed into the bed by strong hands, trapping them.


"Look at me." Namaari growls as she never stops her fast thrusting. Making the younger woman shake with each thrust of her pelvis. Raya's legs weakly wrap around pistoning hips. Gasps and whimpers leave her lips as she looks into the fierce eyes of her fang lover. Never breaking even as she came again.


"Namaari." Was whispered like a prayer.


The Fang princess pulled out making her wet cock slap her abs underneath her top. She turned Raya over on all four and swiftly thrust her cock straight to the hilt. Raya cried out from the sudden intrusion and fell onto her elbows making her slant down and giving Namaari a better angle to bash against her g-spot.


Raya came again for the third time and she was beginning to feel tired out. Hands grab at her shoulders lifting her up and back onto the hard rigid cock of her lover. She palms the warrior's slamming hips behind her, her nails biting into the soft material of Namaari's clothes.


"Take it, Raya!" Namaari grunts feeling her cock throb furiously. She was so close to her release. Removing a hand from a shoulder, Namaari trails it underneath their sweaty moving bodies to find Raya's clit. And she knows she's touched it when Raya lets out a loud yelp. She plays with the bud between two calloused fingers and spreads her swollen lips as her heavy cum-filled balls hit the moaning girl's clit repeatedly.


Raya came again, squirting all over Namaari's hips and her pistoning cock. Namaari thrusts one more time and slammed her hips deep into the Heart woman's cunt, her cock head kissed the opening of the girl's womb and she ejaculated directly inside, coating the woman's inside a thick viscous white. Milking her tense balls for all the cum she had. A few stray drops of white cum escaped from Raya's stuffed cunt, dripping down her thighs to finally land on the bed. Namaari's hips jolted with each cum she spilled inside her lover, gasping when the walls milked her. She moans, panting. Finally finished spilling inside the younger woman's abused and swollen cunt.


Slowly pulling out, her cock still stands rigid and proud. Ready to go again. And as her cock leaves the woman's cunt, the cum that was inside of raya spills out with nothing blocking the opening.


They both moaned, one feeling the cum spill out and the other watching it with a pulsating cock.


Raya turns around to see her lover is still hard and ready to go.


"Still not satisfied? Even when you've filled me so much to the point you might have put a baby in me." 


"What can I say. You're beautiful to look at."


"Charmer. Lay on the bed. I want to ride you properly this time and you won't move." Raya leans up to watch Namaari lay down where she was before and nods but missing the mischievous glint.


Not wasting any time Raya mounts Namaari and takes her throbbing cock all in one go.


Moaning as she was filled once again. In this position she can feel her weight add more pressure to the opening of her womb. Placing her hands on Namaari's hard abs for leverage. She set a normal pace, feeling all the ridges and veins of Namaari's cock that she didn't feel before. With the added help of Namaari's hands on her hips, she bounced up and down the thick shaft. Hearing the squelching of their mixed cum escape Raya's cunt, aroused the both of them. 


Raya dropped herself harder onto the invading meat, panting with her eyes closed as she felt it bash against the barrier of her womb. 


"Why are you so big? It feels like you're gonna split me in half." Raya pants heavily, groaning when a particularly sharp thrust sends her over.


Namaari didn't answer, but she chose that exact moment that Raya dropped down to slam her hips upwards. Sending the gem warrior into another surprised orgasm making her cry out.


Namaari planted her feet onto the bed and proceeded to jackhammer herself into the younger girl's tight cunt, not letting the woman above have a breather.


Raya looked with watery eyes into the burning dark eyes of her lover as she was fucked speechless.


The squelching and wet slapping was the only noise aside from Namaari's growls and grunts. Raya felt like she was being played, thinking she had control this time but she guesses she never had it.


"You feel so good, Raya. So warm. Tight. And wet." She emphasized each word with a savage thrust, into the tight, hot canal. Watching the younger woman above fall apart by the seams. Raya whips back, her spine forming a bow as she squirts hard onto her lover. Her mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, as she was senselessly fucked into a stupor.


Raya's hands grew weak and she couldn't hold herself up anymore and so fell onto the older woman who wrapped her arms lovingly around her, but still kept up with her furious pounding. How Namaari can be a gentle and rough lover at the same time Raya didn't know.


She shoved her face into the crook of Namaari's neck and stayed there, whimpering in immense pleasure.


"Let go, Raya. Let go for me. I got you." Namaari's sweet words were all it took to make her orgasm so hard that she felt like she had blacked out for a second and died.


Namaari soon followed after her, holding Raya close as her balls tensed up and spilled into the Heart woman once again. Raya's insides squeezed around her girth, milking her. Filling her womb to the brim with her fertile seeds and feeling it leak on her pelvis again. She could feel her member soften inside of her. The fang warrior would be surprised if Raya was not pregnant after this.

She wouldn't mind having a mini Raya or Namaari running around. Her mother would probably enjoy having grandchildren to teach. 


"You're a jerk..." Raya weakly whispers into her ear.


"I'm your jerk, Asmara. Now sleep, you look wiped out." Namaari jokes.


"I wonder who's fault it is..." Her words trail off as she falls asleep with Namaari's member still inside her. 


Namaari lovingly kissed the top of her lover's sleeping head, and covered them both up with a sheet but not before taking off her slippers. She soon followed after her lover. Dreaming about the future with children.


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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