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Angel by The Seaside

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It was breathtaking. It was godly. People didn’t dare to move him even half an inch, afraid that they would ruin the marvelous sight. Even without barricades, no one stepped closer than 5 meters to him beside the authorities. They were nervous to move him into the van, and that was the slowest ride ever people could experience while they were in an ambulance. Just to let him have his peace.

Sukuna didn’t like this, the last time Ieiri Shoko called him was when Yuuji tried on his wedding suit, and suddenly wanted Sukuna to see it directly even though he refused when Sukuna asked to do so prior. And that was 5 years ago. Ieri never had any connection with him so besides Yuuji’s things, they don't talk.
Nobara hated this, she should have been more angry and forced him to do the plan she created to protect himself. This is not what she expected, worse if you will. Or just the worst. She knew, she saw it, but Yuuji was an angel.
Megumi never thought he would hate that white hair man. Sure, he didn’t like him, but hate was a different thing, it was much worse. And now, he thought he can use the word hate now.

Everyone reincarnated, it was weird that they all keep the same name and appearance. It was more weird that they remembered their lastlife and somehow found each one of them again in this life. Like fates, but that King of Curse is certainly weird to be reincarnated as Yuuji’s old brother. Oh wait, everyone remembered their past life, except Yuuji, they thought it was because he died without any trace left before. But somehow he still found the way to love Gojo Satoru once again.

He would have blended in with the white sand with his white, well tailored suit, with white veil on his sakura blessed head; if not for his hair and the dead, dried sunflower bouquet on his chest. He was divine. No one with at least a functional eye could deny that. A beautiful smile that everyone thought he was just a weirdo who wanted to go to the beach in an expensive suit. But nonetheless, the wave couldn't bear to bring him away. Just wet him and make his veil look like it was flying.

When they finally brought him to the specialist in the nearest city, with grace that they never thought they would do to someone who would never wake up again, the specialist just stood there and tears fell. He was put in a special room, with no one interfered; and a large bed to keep his posture like how they found him.

Gojo Satoru was happy, he didn’t think he could see his students again in this life. And even had one of them love him again like before. Of course he also loved him as well, but he didn’t expect Getou Suguru also existed in this world as himself. Quite late, after 5 years of happy marriage with Yuuji, he thought he could ignore this existence.
Oh how wrong was he, high school sweet heart was a thing that shaped a lot people, that included even the strongest. He remembered saying “my one and only” so proudly. He did feel guilty for thinking of divorcing after 10 years of love. He did, but his body said otherwise.
Simple first meeting in this life, coworker; simple meetup after work, sake like everybody else. But that walk into the hotel was not simple. He thought he had chosen the furthest away from where everyone he knew. But Nobara was never the one to stay put.

A little thing or two about Getou Suguru, he never knew Itadori Yuuji existed, not to mention Gojou Yuuji. The other second years from past life, sure; that first year Megumi, who doesn’t. So it’s certainly that white hair bastard’s fault, as Nobara said.

Lying on the beach, at midnight. Not any beach, it was where his wedding was; it was their first date from when he was 15. And his Satoru waited for him until he reached 25 to propose to him.
He knew that people thought he was the only one who doesn't remember his past life. He let them think so. But he knew, the moment he saw Getou in this life for the first time, he had lost Gojo-sensei once again. Just like how he was sealed back then by Kenjaku in Getou Suguru’s body.
But like back then, he couldn’t do anything, could he?

He was supposed to have a night shift today, but the station had some temporary transfers so he could have a break, or a movie night with his husband. And the name that came out from the house was not what he expected. He should have listened to Nobara, she was forceful, but only meant well. But again, it was not that unexpected, it just happened all the same as before with Yuuji too weak to be able to do anything.

They decided not to let Gojou Satoru know, he doesn't deserve that. Ieiri couldn't argue with that, at all. Because she certainly couldn't bear to hurt Yuuji anymore than this. And as the illegal boss Sukuna was, he had Yuuji’s signature, fingerprints and everything. Everything ready for the divorce that the main character no longer existed.
As happy as he was in love with his high school sweetheart, he didn't find this situation weird. Brother of your spouse came to give the divorce paper instead of himself. Two days later, his old students came to his house to take everythings that was Yuuji’s, or that had Yuuji in it; without ever saying a word to their old sensei. Included their wedding pictures. And a week later, Getou Suguru moved into that house which was bought by Gojou Satoru’s money only before.

They also decided to cremate Yuuji in his most beloved suit, yes, the wedding suit he suicided with the dead sunflower bouquet.

Since then, Gojou has never seen his ex-husband again. He thought that Yuuji could finally get over it and started somewhere far, far away where Gojou couldn’t reach. Not that he was wrong. But still, “good for him” was the only thing he thought.
Only two years later, he decided to propose to Suguru, using the same rings design as last time, even on the same date like last time. And a day before that, same as every year, his annual health check in Shoko’s office. And as an asshole he was, decided to look through Shoko’s works just for “fun.”
The “Itadori” caught his eyes, “Itadori Wasuke” then, because he hadn't heard that Don was dead. But, something in his guts told him to see that.

Itadori Yuuji, among the passed away files.

“What the fuck?” he couldn't help, could he? With no reply for that, he continued, “Shoko, are you preparing for the April Fool?” And still no reply. “What with this Yuuji file among these shit?” he tried to regain his composure.
Putting down the coffee cup but still didn't turn her face to see Satoru. Afraid that she might lose her professional attitude, “So they really decided not to tell you then.” Gojou Satoru was quite furious then, “fucking tell me what?” And oh how Ieiri Shoko wished he could also react like this when Sukuna brought him the divorce paperworks, “Itadori Yuuji died 2 years ago, estimated at midnight of today and tomorrow.”
The silence was suffocating, not for Shoko, she wasn't guilty. But Gojou Satoru, he didn't know that he was charged by Sukuna, Nobara and Megumi.“You fucking kidding, it isn't funny,Shoko” with full of warning, spat Gojou Satoru, the strongest who was in confusion. “Check the photos in that file by yourself then.”

And so he did, and never did he flee from Shoko’s office that fast to drive to Itadori house. The house that Yuuji refused to sell even if Sukuna wanted so. “It bears all of our memories with grandfather” or so he said.
When Sukuna opened the door, seeing a sweating Gojou Satoru, his face was emotionless, not full of venom like before anymore. And with a step or two inside the house, he was convinced that Shoko was joking. Sukuna could never clean, only Yuu--- and there was Itadori Yuuji’s portrait beside Itadori Wasuke on the family altar.
“So you just found out, huh?” Sukuna said it was something old, that Itadori Yuuji had died. “That was slower than I thought but still fast for an asshole like you.”
And after that? There are no tales. Those who know the stories can't bring themselves to hurt their angel anymore. Those who only know a side or only see a bit are the same. Those who don't know only see this as a random internet story that soon falls into the darkness.
There are rumours that Gojou Satoru remarried, there are rumours that he ran away to where no one knows. Nonetheless, it's a shame that these people couldn't protect their angel.
And a legend of someone so pure and godblessed that the wave refused to let him go into the salty place to hide his tears without anyone finding out. The angel deserves to being mourned properly.